Sunflower 11/21/2021 (Sun) 17:42:39 Id: e03f19 No.202 del
My view is that galaxies and Empusas are both the largest kind of known beings, and they have a black hole in their midst. Not center because they still have 7 chakras and the black hole is at chakra 2, corresponding to the womb or dantian, which is a representation of the source of creation ("isha" in yoga).
>The black hole in the center of the galaxy pulls at the individual and slowly dissolves it until the mind arrives directly at the black hole and is destroyed for good since the remaining energy of the individual being is ripped to shreds and stretched into oblivion. Only the subconcscious can pass through the black hole to the "source" since it's finer than the normal energy and the mind and therefore can pass through the black hole. The black hole in essence being our "source".
This is probably what happens to those cast out from the reincarnation cycle of a universe, either for breaking the code of conduct of that universe, or at the universe's end. While the universe is up and running and they're adhering to its standards, they'll be incarnating by the black hole of the universe, which is at the top of the formation (because universes only have two dimensions, chakra 1 and 2, unless you count 0.) All "higher" dimensions seen in a universe are reversed karmic dimensions or "qliphothic", so it's correct to say whatever you see is an illusion. The higher truth does not exist inside the universe, it's on the galactic plane.

I should probably point out that this last part was not something I had though to elaborate myself, but as I was typing this out one of my contacts with the Galfed filled in for me with their view.