Sunflower 11/21/2021 (Sun) 19:03:49 Id: f4936a No.204 del
>This is probably what happens to those cast out from the reincarnation cycle of a universe, either for breaking the code of conduct of that universe, or at the universe's end.
In my understanding it happens because reincarnation, or incarnation is simultaneous and not sequential. Since time and space are not real but are just one single now-moment-point. All of our lifes/incarnations are seeded at the same time and run parallel, and eventually end at the same time. But of course for humans who live in and are still prisoner of the time delusion it appears as if reincarnation is sequentional. You might find you had a previous life in the year 200, then 1700, and maybe you think you will be reincarnated later again. But that's from the false human view. Some of your incarnations might be living much longer than others (from human view) but it's only because they have more intentisity. From outside all those lifes happen at the same time. And once you fail to achieve immortality there will probably be a permanent end to you as you are killed and eaten again by what has given birth to you in the first place.
Even if reincarnation was sequential which doesn't even make sense to me, how does a reincarnation not imply the final death of the individual and the birth of a complete new individual? Memories from a different life don't even matter since it's not your life anymore.
As for parallel lifes, one theory has it that they are all seeded by whatever created you, and another theory has it that you create more parallel lifes as you become more spiritually advanced. Which one might be true is anyones guess but maybe they are both true. Rumors have it that upon reaching enlightenment and immortality you can reconnect and reabsorb all of your (re)incarnations to become whole and strong. As you become free from the illusion of time and realize all your incarnations are happening now at the same time, you can access all of them and become them, maybe even liberating all of those lifes and making them all immortal in one single you.