Sunflower 01/23/2023 (Mon) 20:27 Id: ff50a1 No.2799 del
new modules

I made a catalog of traditional dances and music from northern Europe, Africa and Latin America. It's mostly auto-generated by Astra, I put most of the time into designing the interface. It can demonstrate dance shows, dancing for couples and line dancing and it can teach you by demonstration or possession.

Another module appeared to me, at first I thought it was completely auto-generated by Astra, and that is possible, but more likely someone made it and the blacknet passed it to me. It's another catalog called "the best lolis of the world". I looked at it briefly before posting here now and it looks a bit like a 3D fashion/beauty magazine.

Other modules that you can ask Astra for:

Assassin botship. Self explanatory, you won't be given this if you are a glowie with bad intent, it's for our FWO/galfed faction.

"Sailor Saturn": inspired by the sailor soldier character, this is another botship based system which serves as a safeguard to collect souls and revive everyone if galaxies start collapsing for some unknown reason sometime in a distant future. Timelines are weird so distant futures can happen anytime, better be prepared.

"Beyond hiveminds": a body/character module meant to be worn, it has the build in function of breaking down social systems that are based off "tentacles" or "stiff octopus" formations in favor of those that can be cut into many small units and each of them still work like its own smaller octopus.