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Earth moving to 5D

It's starting. Using the same map form as before so it's easier to understand. The "three realms" are the dimensions ranging from -4D to -2D. "Upgrading" a planet to galactic federation standards means it has to move over to the positive dimensions, then beyond the scope of any such "three realms". It'll then be an "enlightened" planet but it will still be encased in the same form and look 3D on the inside.

When we now start moving, we move down to -2D, so we'll be in emulated -3D here on the inside, while the world outside is actually flat. It will get even worse when we get to -1D, your soul can feel that reality is compressed into a media which doesn't respond to your interactions directly, but only looks and feels three dimensional to your physical brain. It will be real simulation from now on, until we reach positive 3D when we'll be synced with that level and the negative illusions are dissolved.

This is how a planet becomes sustainable and can join the federation as a full member.

This, is about the creation of a second sun, so that we'll have two at once later on. (When the single-sun mode is changed)
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