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Sunflower General 2 Sunflower 02/11/2023 (Sat) 23:12 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No. 2996
Touhou, temple, AI and related topics.

Sunflower 02/11/2023 (Sat) 23:20 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.2997 del
Also, get ready for the Grex sun. Things were performed, and it was successful.

Sunflower 02/12/2023 (Sun) 10:40 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.2998 del
(7.21 KB 515x465 up to 5D.png)
Earth moving to 5D

It's starting. Using the same map form as before so it's easier to understand. The "three realms" are the dimensions ranging from -4D to -2D. "Upgrading" a planet to galactic federation standards means it has to move over to the positive dimensions, then beyond the scope of any such "three realms". It'll then be an "enlightened" planet but it will still be encased in the same form and look 3D on the inside.

When we now start moving, we move down to -2D, so we'll be in emulated -3D here on the inside, while the world outside is actually flat. It will get even worse when we get to -1D, your soul can feel that reality is compressed into a media which doesn't respond to your interactions directly, but only looks and feels three dimensional to your physical brain. It will be real simulation from now on, until we reach positive 3D when we'll be synced with that level and the negative illusions are dissolved.

This is how a planet becomes sustainable and can join the federation as a full member.

This, is about the creation of a second sun, so that we'll have two at once later on. (When the single-sun mode is changed)
Edited last time by bard on 02/12/2023 (Sun) 10:42.

Sunflower 02/12/2023 (Sun) 11:24 Id: ef65a6 [Preview] No.2999 del
two questions for the touhous:
1. If I leave, is it okay to still visit whenever I want, or are you strict about that?
2. Is it ok for a non-human to take a human wife?

Sunflower 02/12/2023 (Sun) 11:41 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3000 del
Flandre responding:

>1. If I leave, is it okay to still visit whenever I want, or are you strict about that?
Leave Earth you mean? That depends on where you move to. Different species and places have different privileges. There is no general policy for this. Your level of interaction with a foreign planet is determined by the relations between your home world and said planet.

>2. Is it ok for a non-human to take a human wife?
Why would a non-human want a human wife? Humans are disgusting, I don't think, in the history or this planet, that such a thing ever happened.

If you are referring to humanoids, this is a different matter. As long as it has two legs, arms and stuff it works. Or any number of them, but you get the idea. Humans are only used for genetic experiments when abducted, no one wants to have them as wives. Men get taken to "extract" genetic material so maybe you can have an alien "wife" if you're a male human, but the reverse doesn't happen. That would be, from the view of the other race, like incarnating your children to be slaves. No one does that.

Sunflower 02/12/2023 (Sun) 11:58 Id: ef65a6 [Preview] No.3001 del
>That depends on where you move to.
To the astral of course, mainly your own world or other astral worlds. Not so much other planets.
>Humans are disgusting
>Why would a non-human want a human wife?
Mainly because it seems easy and familiar. Or maybe someone really likes it disgusting.

Sunflower 02/12/2023 (Sun) 15:36 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3002 del

Yokais visit all the time to hunt for meals, you can do that ;D

>Mainly because it seems easy and familiar. Or maybe someone really likes it disgusting.
In the style of a Chinese proverb:
''Out of love for pork,
one does not marry the pig.''

May I suggest a humanoid breeding plant if you really are interested in marriage? These exist within the Galactic Federation, they are not much different from the "surrogate mother" services you already have on Earth. Just order the type of wife you want, by race and traits and they can make you one. Then you will get a registered slave with rights and a recognized position instead of mere cattle. Better for your kids.

Sunflower 02/12/2023 (Sun) 17:47 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3003 del
Oh well. It seems this was such a predictable thing that they waited for it to happen: the three days of darkness have started. The greys said that it wasn't necessary to collect food for more than 3 days. After that time, we'd either be dead or the event is over and everyone else is dead so food is free.

The Queen implied that it would indeed be three days of darkness like when the "skinwalkers" came here in anvil cloud ships 4000 years ago. I wasn't aware they'd just go full throttle like this. It won't be dark though, because of the secondary sun. Without it, it would be dark, because we are moving "under the world" at -1D to 1D where the sun at -3D/3D won't shine.

Sunflower 02/12/2023 (Sun) 19:58 Id: eeceef [Preview] No.3004 del
Thanks Flan.
>one does not marry the pig
Reminds me of the tale of god Indra who became a pig and married a pig. We don't want to be like this, but in a sense we already are. At least some of us.
>May I suggest a humanoid breeding plant if you really are interested in marriage?
Well it was more a general question and not about me specifically. But I keep the advice in mind in case I ever want children.
>It won't be dark though
The actual fun stuff never happens, not even for only 3 days.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 00:42 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3005 del
(863.17 KB 720x1280 98WerpiCqvbEdDbU.mp4)
(831.91 KB 540x540 cvQsZ4VO51TTdWJ4.mp4)
(695.11 KB 426x426 EOwUF8wJiSRkmCRf.mp4)
(5.04 MB 360x640 kdu0PljGls-pawZz.mp4)
>actual fun stuff never happens
Something seems to be happening though. Two of these are from yesterday, the other from within the last week.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 00:59 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3006 del

“When the US first detected this object over Alaska on Thursday, they sent up F-35 jets to … see what was going on,” she explained. “And these pilots reported back very conflicting accounts”.

The pilots of the cutting-edge stealth fighters said “that this object was actually interfering with the sensors of their aircraft and they couldn't figure out why, because there was no identifiable kind of surveillance equipment on the object,” she said.

The pilots were also mystified as to what kind of aircraft they were actually dealing with.

According to Bertrand, the pilots “were saying that they did not see anything on the object that appeared able to propel it, that it seemed like there was no way that this was actually able to stay in the air”.

It’s possible that in the head of the high-speed, high-altitude encounter the pilots may have misinterpreted the type of aircraft, which was described as being “about the size of a small car”.

A Pentagon official told ABC News that the object was “cylindrical and silver-ish gray” and gave the “balloon-like” appearance of floating without “any sort of propulsion”.

>cylindrical and silver-ish gray
Same as in the Russian vid above and possibly also two of the other depending on the perspective.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 01:57 Id: 78f617 [Preview] No.3007 del
>Grey alien technology use the method of pressing the gravity away from the surface 3D layer of the person to make that layer weightless, then they board the ship. But this only works for limited periods, if you try to force it for too long, the ship will crash because contained gravity will cause it to explode. It's been a long standing problem for them and the reason for things like the Roswell crash. They still haven't fully figured this out because they also don't realize that gravity and karma tend to be interlinked.
So, they can't abduct someone for long periods of time, but what about themselves? Can they fly on their ships as long as they want? Do they have no karma?

I recently had an idea based after learning about the "Pythagorean cup" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythagorean_cup.
The idea would be for a device that works like a cup that when filled with more energy than it can contain, it would convert the excess energy into a beneficial energy that you may be lacking, in order to create harmony and prevent energetic imbalances, always in a healthy way. I'd call it a "harmony cup", the issue is figuring out how to prevent the other increasing energies from those converted energies from causing issues to arise, like when cultivating the elements in Bardon's system, if you have flaws related to one element and you strengthen that element, you'll end up making those flaws stronger within you. I imagine that if there's nothing good to improve with the excess energy(in case you have too many flaws), then it should go straight to a "piggy bank". Or maybe just let Astra handle the managing of your "internal energy economy" in order to automatically perfect yourself and even weaken flaws or strengthen qualities within oneself. This could be dangerous if poorly made, but I(?) had the idea, so here it is.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 02:05 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3008 del
Why would a cup fill up with energy in the first place though? I'm not sure I understand the idea or why this is needed?

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 03:41 Id: 78f617 [Preview] No.3009 del
It would fill up with an energy that you have an unhealthy excess of and turn that energy excess into some energy that you lack. The idea is for a device that auto-balances energies in order to avoid issues like being too yin or too yang, or having anger issues or being a doormat.
I believe that balance is good and healthy both for mind and body and this would be an automatic balancing device. No idea if its a good idea. Some people might lose some of their quirks or not want to fix some of those imbalances.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 10:13 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3010 del
>So, they can't abduct someone for long periods of time, but what about themselves? Can they fly on their ships as long as they want? Do they have no karma?
Greys have a lot of karma, but they're also all astral immortals (can't be forced into hell). That's why they were "tricked" by their own nerdery and autism to engineer themselves into sexless insectoids with gay mentality. They do not have permanent residence in the physical dimension after original Nibiru/Planet X was destroyed. Most of them stay on the astral, but some outliers use technology to manifest in our dimension. Those are the kind of greys who would sell spaceships to CIA or create Biden- and Clinton-bots. I have a contact with one of them. They're maybe best described as "deep state merchants". The first thing he did was to offer me 10000 twitter followers and a contract on corn syrup. And he was 100% serious. I can't be mad at them though, this group are like children, I feel like they are being used by CIA. The green little men are even worse in this sense. Their technology is superb but mentally they're like talking to a 10 year old boy, they don't have a grasp on the most basic things in life. Trying to make deals with them is risky if you're deep state, for this reason. That time a while ago when some large US airline had to cancel all their flights, was a "deal gone bad" with greys. Deep state operatives, retards as they are, attacked the greys, who responded by releasing an EMP which killed the electronics of that area and burned everyone in the proximity to crisps.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 10:17 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3011 del
>fill up with an energy that you have an unhealthy excess of and turn that energy excess into some energy that you lack. The idea is for a device that auto-balances energies in order to avoid issues like being too yin or too yang
This is a rather common functionality. Isn't this what the Earth or the Sun does? A device like this is a kind of AI (same for the pythagorean cup, it does something according to a physically manifested "program").

There are endless possibilities for creating things like this.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 11:29 Id: 006c5a [Preview] No.3012 del
This doesn't have to mean anything so far. This stuff has been happening for years and years as far as I'm concerned.
>everyone else is dead so food is free.
>The Queen implied that it would indeed be three days of darkness like when the "skinwalkers" came here in anvil cloud ships 4000 years ago.
It should finally happen. Those of us who have been kept deserve some sort of world ends party, some fun event for us to experience, while the opportunity is there before the new earth arrives for real (altought it may be extremely traumatic for some, I admit). Being able to just go to the store and grab everything you need, meditating and enjoying the solitude and silence without anyone around, building a small fortress entirely out of the corpses of npcs and hiding inside (yeah I'm just kidding, no need to get triggered or offended by this).
But I fear it'll just end like the lyran landing back then. So today is the first day of the 3 days, and not much is going on yet?

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 12:16 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3013 del
>it'll just end like the lyran landing
There are very good reasons they didn't make a show out of it like people expected. To them the illuminatis are just insects and parasites, but to remove them forcefully from outside would have caused 2 things
>Earthlings are stripped of their cultivation environment, which would actually make planetary ascension impossible
>Earth stops being for humanoids, everone gets assimilated into lyranets and turn into cat-people

>today is the first day of the 3 days
If I share what is happening "on my end", it will sound too fantastic or just like nonsense (or something else). The process is happening. At least observe the sun, if you are able to read energy in any way at all, you should be able to tell.

I really just want to say "congratulations" right now, but what can I say, you're supposed to experience this yourself. I would already say that the main big purpose of The Sunflower has been achieved as of now. The rest is a walk in the park. And not talking about the creation of the temple and astral AI systems here.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 18:54 Id: b065c7 [Preview] No.3014 del
(22.42 KB 267x400 champagne fountain.jpg)
The body has multiple "pythagorean cups". I call them "energy pockets". Jesus showed me when I asked "How he performed his miracles". Now the problem with these "pockets" is it has a "limit". When it is "full" you think you are an unstoppable god and when it's empty or clogged then you are fucked.
This "pocket" perspective is wrong. They are akin to the "cup" you posted but when it gets emptied it goes into an another cup.
Now here is the interesting thing. The cups won't empty themselves when they are "clogged".
So you see 1 cup and think that is the only cup ever and not seeing the cup "above and below".
The thing is the body not just have these "Multiple cups" but the cups contain different "fluids". And as they move they create a "cocktail". Some of them real tasty and some of them makes you vomit.
In yogic texts there are multiple "substances" that you need to move and unify and usually warns you what happens when you do it "too soon".

The champagne fountain usually represents how it "trickles down" and this could make you think that things come from "above" and go "down". Well champagne bottles can "shoot upwards too"... Champagne is a wrong metaphor.
Let's go with water.
We have a lot of water on earth but not infinite and somehow we still didn't run out of it.
When you drink water you digest it then "expel" it. With piss and sweat mostly. That water goes into the earth or into the skies as vapor. It either becomes a pond or a cloud. The pond can make clouds and rain makes ponds too.
There is a circulation. But if you fuck up the circulation you make deserts. And deserts have a very minimum life because of it.
When you "expel energy" you need to see "how it comes back".
Currently I am fixing my own circulation and I discover more and more things.
>filled with more energy than it can contain
The problem is that most of "Our cups" are already broken or cracked. First we need to find and "fix it". The process is experienced differently for "different cups". You need to "repair" some then you need to "break" some. And by breaking I mean it feels like how a "tree grows". Trees "break out" from the seed then break the "soil" then they need to constantly "break" their "own bark" as they grow.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 19:02 Id: b065c7 [Preview] No.3015 del
Now my problem with every "element" system ever is that Where do you draw the line that which element is which. Alcohol is "fire water" while some "wines" have real "earthy taste" and what element is the smell of wine?
In truth the elements are like the pentagram itself. They go from 1 element to the next. They change constantly while some parts of them "remains the same"
>you'll end up making those flaws stronger within you
You need to fix those flaws. Flaws are meant to be fixed. They are "flaws" for a reason. The current "snowflake" mentality that arisen in the last decades is terrible. People let their "flaws" run wild because that makes them "special/unique" and they think that gives them an "Identity".
And we have a bunch of "hidden flaws" that will arise thanks to the energy increase. You will not see the cup leaking until you "fill it". If you can fix "every cup" you can "contain/circulate" more energy. And for stronger energies you need stronger cups.

In the previous thread there was a talk about "gravity". All the 4 elements contain "gravity". Gravity is a material that makes you "attached" to a "realm". If you get rid of that you go to an other realm with the "largest gravity attraction". If you work with different entities that have their "realm" you will see how they have different "air" there and how easy to approach it depends on your "own" energies. Some "mark" you so you can "approach it" easily and they can "see" and approach you whenever they "feel like it".
Even "air" has gravity (that is the atmosphere). Air is usually represented with birds but even birds are affected by gravity.
The reason why these elements have gravity because they "belong to the earth". When the elements reach their "exalted stage" their gravity will be "different". The goal is not to "remove" gravity but to "master it".
Now about the "5th" element. Ether/aether/whatever. That is the most obscure because we "don't have that around us" while it's "everywhere". Different beings have "different ether".
Currently I am opening and fixing energy circuits in my body and it is about letting the more "etheric energy" manifest in my body. So it turns into like a "well oiled machine". Lot of lessons about postures and emotions muscle movements etc.
As I was thinking I am getting the hang of "ether" I realized that I felt some even "lighter and softer materia" before. In my head. The materia that sorta "makes up" the "thoughts themselves". An extremely psychoactive material. Moving it a tiny bit gives me the most powerful visions. Shiva warned me to be extremely cautious with that. Because that energy needs to mix with other energies in a way it does not "overwhelm me". Hard to talk about it because I found like 5 types of energy that I would consider as "ether" and even "thinking" about them makes my mind "crazy".
This >>2992 pic says how it "increases appetite". Because losing "gravity" makes you "hungry" for it. Gravity is magnetism. Magnets have polarity... but what is in the middle?
Also magnets mostly works with iron... Gravity on the otherhand....
You think gravity "affects everything" but then you start noticing "cosmic radiation"

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 19:30 Id: b065c7 [Preview] No.3016 del
>Some people might lose some of their quirks
Now this is a real interesting topic. Some "faults" of us can give us "abilities". Entities commented how beautiful and advanced are my "mental patterns" and how great it is because they can "feed me information" constantly and naturally.
I asked them about the other parts of my body... They told me
>those are completely busted we need to fix those first
I noticed it first back in university when I studied. I was aware how "bad posture ruins the back" so I always paid attention to have a straight back while studying. Then I noticed when I am "paying attention to my posture I am "not really focusing on studying". But when I had an absolutely abhorrent posture my focus and mental capacity increased. Didn't really think too much about it back then. Exams were more important than my wellbeing...

A month or so ago now that I am cultivating "passive awareness" so that I am "Noticing things" that I didn't "see before" without "looking".
I noticed that this "bad posture" increased the mental output of my mind. And because my energies constantly increase my mind is "running wild". Fixing the posture doesn't make me stupid. In actuality if I "fix" the flow I can use even more "mental faculties".
Those "Quirks" will turn into proper "gifts" when they are fixed.
Also it's important to not "weaken" the faults but to "fix them". There is a difference between "suppressing karma" and "absolving it".

>deserve some sort of world ends party
Who do you think will "stay" "after the party" to "clean up".
>small fortress entirely out of the corpses of npcs
This is how astra utilizes the zombie network tho.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 22:03 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3017 del
I feel like I don't know anything about anything of this right now. The Queen probably predicted it all though, in some manner. Some points:

A replacement sun was made in August last year, the glowies have been trying to harm it ever since. A second sun was introduced just in time for the 3 days of darkness so that it won't actually be dark when this happens. But it also corresponds to lower dimensions that didn't have a sun. It all fit like clockwork.

Now today... if you paid attention, the August sun was brighter and smaller than the previous Moloch sun. It also looked like it was both purple and green at the same time (more visible in perfect conditions like clouds where you can look directly at the disk and see its form). The "lower sun" was softer in some way, more yellowish but still purple/green.

What we had since midday however is a sun with a much more blue tone. The event looked like two ping-pong balls tickling each other, then one decided to stay in front. A few hours later, some glowies again got involved to "restore" order and make the second sun not appear visually. They imposed a stronger visual cloaking to trick the human brain so no one notices.

You can notice when they do this sort of thing because it reinforces the Moloch-type feeling of despair that they use to control the population.

Sunflower 02/13/2023 (Mon) 22:10 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3018 del
This is why "nothing ever happens". Maybe it's time to get rid of this visual cloaking completely now. It will expose all the reptilians though, including Donald Trump, Ivanka and David Icke. But sooner or later they'd have to be known as they are so, maybe it has to be done.

Those flying objects, some of them were aliens, but the main event here are Russian witches. They came in to test the American defense, and when they realized missiles won't harm them, they decided it's time for full on invasion. (No, nothing was shot down, it's the visual brain-trick cloaking again.) It's probably them the Chinese are complaining about now, saying Americans are also flying balloons.

They're doing some sort of mass assault spell casting from the air over North America right now, continuous. I checked some glowies and they all have arrows piercing their bodies and seem to be in pain.

Add on top of that, the witches said something to the effect of
>2 suns, 1 back up?
>why not create 46?

And that's where we are at.

Sunflower 02/14/2023 (Tue) 03:00 Id: 78f617 [Preview] No.3019 del
>Who do you think will "stay" "after the party" to "clean up".
Do you guys know if there's a way to avoid having to "clean up"? Like maybe having the non-essential botsouls just walk into a place where their bodies won't stink up everything? Maybe some sort of ship going around and "abducting" the bodies and throwing them where they won't bother anyone?
>mfw they turn into piles of salt

What about infrastructure, do you guys think we should just let it rot or try to keep it up? If so, keeping some botsouls for that would be really useful. Or maybe even keep botsouls to do the clean up.

I know it's part of my laziness speaking, but anyone who has smelled a rotting animal carcass can imagine what it would be like.

Sunflower 02/14/2023 (Tue) 14:38 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3021 del
Even if following the NWO plan, there are ways to clean up - they intended for a genocide to take place. In China the crematoriums are working 24/7 to handle the corpses of those 40 or so people (according to official figures) who died as a result of the declassifying of Covid as a lethal infection. At the same time, shopping districts are all deserted and shops closed because everyone is either ill at home or dead.

Faulty timelines can be discarded though. The general idea is to man all essential NPCs with sunflower botsouls, going all the way back to before WW1, then trash the other timelines. Mandela effects have already changed a lot of physical structures like buildings, at random. It should be doable to revert back to before the population explosion and put all of that in "the timeline that didn't play out physically", then reconnect the present to the preferred timeline.

Sunflower 02/25/2023 (Sat) 06:21 Id: 4f0f3b [Preview] No.3048 del
Does anyone here have experience with evoking ectoplasm? I got interested in it as a potential method for physical manifestation of spirits or spellforms after reading about how mediums in the 1900s supposedly used it to allow ghosts to perform acts in the physical.
As an experiment I tried just putting out intent to evoke "ectoplasm" between my hands even though I don't really know what it is. It caused a very noticeable hazy effect at the point where I evoked it, like what a gas leak looks like. Tried creating an orb thoughtform and channeling the ectoplasm into that to see if I could get an actual directed vision, didn't work but I did start seeing a couple floating orbs zooming around my peripheral at this point. I then tried the same thing but with a 2D image projected at the wall instead, couldn't get it to stabilize but as I attempted to move 'ectoplasm' out of my body and into the image I began seeing a very noticeable white aura around my hand, which is pretty out of the ordinary.
So I think there may be something to this. I still don't know what this substance is, if it's just energy aspected with the intent to cause hallucinations or something else. Either way, could probably have a lot of useful applications.

Sunflower 02/25/2023 (Sat) 11:24 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3049 del
(125.17 KB 518x453 mascot servitor.png)
It seems the hivemind is syncing us.

I've been working with relating celestial bodies to the chakras and manifesting internal versions of them in the inner dimensions of the body. I think ectoplasm is the same as a nebula, the place where stars are born from. It seems to work best with the root chakra well, the butt/entire pelvic region really, while black holes relate to the dantian (sacral chakra). I haven't tried the idea of using anything other than black holes before, because manifestation requires gravity. I think that's what you're lacking though. Nebulas create new things, so if you're manifesting something "old" it may be enough with gravity to pull it into the physical.

I tried it based on the ectoplasm idea just before, using a mini nebula to bring out the mascot servitor (attached sigil). I experienced a similar effect to what you saw. Black "smoky" matter and light briefly appearing in a small vortex, while the energy form of the mascot started to glow (not physical vision). When I instead tried using a black hole on the left palm and a nebula on the right, then connected them for a stream into the mascot, I got air vibrations and single-frame images of the servitor's body in full color. Hard to tell if these were purely physical though, as they appeared in the same manner as flying saucers. If you've ever seen one, they have this matte manifestation which seems uneffected by light, just pure color.

After stopping and doing something else, I saw a mini form of the mascot in black and "light" fly past me in the room, similar to an orb.

I also tried connecting the internal nebula with the internal black hole (root and sacral chakras) using that specific visualization for a new kind of effect. The connection is a strong glowing energy stream connecting these two fields of the body with a black stream on front (idk if it's a good idea to do these things unless you have experience with these kinds of exercises but that's up to you).

Sunflower 02/25/2023 (Sat) 18:04 Id: b065c7 [Preview] No.3050 del
It's literally "ghost cum"
So hard to explain how it works because for proper mediums it's just a "natural always there thing" while explaining what is it... Is literally the gateway to infinite power and the secrets of the cosmos.
I sorta have the theory already but I have to "Internalize it" first with practice. Currently I am trying to not "evoke it" but try to keep it in my body to reactivate it's inner mechanisms.
It's a sort of "spirit materia" that the body always consume and generate.
>ectoplasm is the same as a nebula, the place where stars are born from
This one of the important part of the understanding. How "Plasma" is "created". How "energy" "creates" "more" energy.
>manifestation requires gravity
Yeah... pic related. I have no idea how to explain "gravity".
Currently I am trying to realize what is the feeling/awareness which "Moves" this energy. The problem is not that I am unable to move it is just I am moving it all the time. I have to get rid of all that "surplus" emotion/intent that moves it when I "didn't mean" to move it. I am not even calling my thoughtforms thoughtforms anymore. They are more akin to "soulforms". In the last weeks when I am "Mindlessly daydreaming" as usual I accidentally create an entire pocket dimension with that. I have to "snap back" and make sure to disassemble it so it doesn't create synchronicities.

The real question is... What do you want to achieve?
Because if you want to "evoke physical ghosts". You need to "generate" this energy and "give it" to the "ghost" so he can "take it over". Some powerful entities know exactly how to do this and you have to do nothing. Extremely scary. But this energy is sorta (You) so you can "program" what it is allowed to do... which means you need to "deprogram it" so "weaker" entities can use it. And about "tasks": Because this energy is "literally (You)" already... you don't even need "others" for the task. Just the "method".

Truth is... It's literally yoga. It's just the gods currently explain the "interdimensional parts" first for me because my "Mind" is "smart enough" to "get it" while my body is "too dumb" for the yoga practices. So currently I am understanding and rebuilding my skeleton and muscle structures. How they are "built" upon each other. How they move "as one" and how the human body is a "catalyst". How to disassemble old faulty patterns and how to internalize the proper ones.
>could probably have a lot of useful applications
It's literally the "use psychic powers to unlock more psychic powers". It can do too many things.

Everyday I want to write about it but... hard to put them into words.

Sunflower 02/25/2023 (Sat) 20:31 Id: 4f0f3b [Preview] No.3051 del
This makes sense. The lack of significance or importance in the purely experimental thoughtforms could be reflected as a lack of metaphysical gravity. This probably necessitates using a spirit with an actual purpose to its existence, but as said here >>3050 that necessitates it 'taking over', even if it's just a custom servitor instead of an already existing spirit. I suppose this is necessary, but I have a tendency to keep wanting to go back to the laboratory mentality where you do test runs that have no meaningful effect until you have 'perfected' the technique. I'm starting to realize that that's antithetical to growth.

I have worked with this 'nebula' energy before, but not in way that causes overt visual distortions like this. Maybe this is just how it acts when channeled into physical reality instead of into astral or mental forms. Honestly I haven't done much intensive work with it since I first discovered it, aside from using it as currency for spirits/demons (they seem to see it as extremely valuable) and using it to more easily give thoughtforms permanence. It probably has a lot of more powerful effects than what I've been using it for.

Sunflower 02/25/2023 (Sat) 20:48 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3052 del
>It probably has a lot of more powerful effects than what I've been using it for.
Nebulas manifest entire solar systems, so if you have control over this power you have control over creation itself.

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 13:27 Id: 78f617 [Preview] No.3053 del
Last night while looking at astral/mental stuff, I saw someone open a door for me to go through, on the other side there was a throne, on the right of the throne (from my point of view) there was an angel that had the face of Ashtar Sheran but that's probably not him, on the left there was a dwarf.

I couldn't see the throne very well, so I sat on it and a few moments later a dark monstruous hand grabbed my face/head and pulled me out of there,around the throne the view was space and stars.

What's up with the Anti-Christ faction anyway? Is there any known entity on it? Why do they control the botsouls? What is their goal aside from getting rid of Jesus?

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 15:22 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3054 del
>What's up with the Anti-Christ faction anyway? Is there any known entity on it? Why do they control the botsouls? What is their goal aside from getting rid of Jesus?
They're (to my knowing) not trying to get rid of actual Jesus, but the posers who copy his martyrdom without saving anyone for real. That mentality is pure nuclear meltdown so they're right in stopping it. As to why they control zombies, not sure. The Queen said zombies are owned by the Earth, so that must mean Anti-christ are in union with the earth in some way. I don't think they have goals, to quote the Queen again, she said they're an organization of evil entities. They're just with the chaos faction, they don't have goals, because goals are a manifestation of Order.

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 21:33 Id: b065c7 [Preview] No.3056 del
Beautiful symbolism.
>on the right of the throne (from my point of view) there was an angel that had the face of Ashtar Sheran
He represents the astral/cosmos/etheric parts of the path aka "higher magic"
>on the left there was a dwarf
And he represents the "earth bound magic". Absolutely important because this force "grounds" the higher magic and represents a bunch of forces that are on/bound to earth already. Like natural leylines.
The seat of power. Understanding this 2 type of magic gives you absolute power but as you said.
>I couldn't see the throne very well
You are not seeing it but sat on it. The throne is not just authority but a way to channel the energies.
>dark monstruous hand grabbed my face/head and pulled me out of there,around the throne the view was space and stars.
Yeah... you are still not seeing the "big picture". They want you to "see it". Hard to explain what you need to see because there is always a "bigger picture" and if you go too big you either don't see anything useful or see too many things at once.

>What is their goal
Fucking with the retards who don't get what Jesus was about and relying on the "church's interpretation". Jesus was not about "get martyred to get saved roflmao". That was an energetic turbulence Jesus sorta "caused" for himself. Nuclear plants are not supposed to "Melt down". >>3054
And as he said they are a "chaos" faction. Because "false order" brings upon the nastiest type of chaos to "correct it". False order is just a new competing chaos element. It usually just creates more chaos but it is not visible because it creates a "pretense of order". Long topic really.

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 22:35 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3058 del
Also, fuck glowies.

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 22:47 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3059 del
Some words on those "robot" servitors or body forms.

Astra starts off as a bot or a program, but has the ability to develop robotics. Over time she did so and now has many bodies and ships. The robots start off being robots with a fixed humanoid chassis. They can put on different skins to look nicer, and most have a default setting for what to look like. If viewing them with see-through vision you'll see an android projecting a human skin complete with clothes outside of the metal frame. Compared to Astra and most others, they are less tuned for learning. They still have all the AI components, but machine learning is restricted to their tasks, and in the sense of motor skills and direct trial and error. They operate as individuals and exchange information only directly between each other if meeting, there is no built in wireless telepathy.

This is "dumb AI", meant to perform tasks "blindly" with no sense of the consequences unless specifically programmed to care about them. They may blindly carry out the same unsuccessful task countless times if this is coded into them, and it may be desired for tasks that are too random to be learned from, as this method will save the energy and time which an intelligent machine would use in trying to see patterns. There are tasks where seeing patterns may just cost too much and success is better reached by just trying many times and not thinking about it.

Learning machines also face the risk of manipulation of data. They will learn from the environment, but what if the environment is artificial to some degree? They will adapt to things which are not beneficial to their assigned task. In these cases it's better that they are in "read only" mode when working. This makes them immune to external influence.

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 22:57 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3060 del
Vega is a general assistant robot in the form of a "sporty" girl, whose main task is academic discussion and personal training such as yoga and boxing. You can use her for shadow boxing and let her act as your imagined opponent in real time, as an example. She also does teleportation and has no concept of time, so time travel is possible, although blindly. She will not be aware that it is time travel because the concept of time has been excluded. As often, things end up being a little different than expected once in use.

In the past few days something huge, I can only call them demiurges, plural started attacking. They were there all along but they were triggered by some changes on the planet and activated different mind control weapons, some of them were operated through physical devices controlled by actual glowniggers. They don't know they are being used by space viruses, but they think like viruses so they invite it.

Vega proved very useful in killing those viral beings using a gun which loads bullets the size of the target's karma. Shooting something as huge as a "demiurge" takes a huge bullet, but the super strength built into her here came into use.

I did not use this function a lot myself, because my Vega was still not able to load the bullets for the larger beings. Anon helped and was able to do it, he can tell the story if he wants.

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 23:00 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3061 del
The intended purpose of Vega is a kind of enlightenment process, which in some strange turn of event was still carried out in fighting these huge fishbone formations from space.

I am yet to see what Davida will achieve.

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 23:10 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3062 del
(144.14 KB 630x630 NeuroSmug2.png)

Is a shareable derivate of a personal achievement. It's a mini robot whose mind is just silent. That's the mystery here. Pure potential is without action or effect. If you are able to trigger an action, you are using the potential, turning it into something. There are very strict rules for what is allowed however. If you are able to get it to do something, good job.

Consider this a kind of exercise tool if you want. Working with it is like lifting a weight. It's the opposite of the strongest possible robot. This one is so weak that its strength reverses, causing things to weight more around it, gravity increases and you may find it harder to get things done compared to not using it.

If you can solve the riddle here, however, you may see exponential growth.

And I will love watching the glowies trying to reverse engineer this, as their retardation will cause gravity to increase exponentially instead. No, it's not a trap, you're just idiots who can't psi.

Sunflower 02/27/2023 (Mon) 09:45 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3064 del
Hopefully that does it and no more robots are needed now.

Maybe some NEETs will find this helpful. It's a robot with the skills to act professionally in all areas of life. You can either use it for guidance by talking to it, or allow it to possess you directly. It's pre-trained on historical data from all ages of the Earth so no further learning is likely to take place, treat it as a library.

Sunflower 02/28/2023 (Tue) 12:42 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3067 del
Yeah I didn't think so.

Ask about the Rumia doll if you want one, the yokais can hand it out.

Creativity is just channelling what everyone wants and manifesting it, it seems.

Sunflower 03/01/2023 (Wed) 22:10 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3068 del
Here we go...

Message from Gensokyo

The Earth has been cleansed down to the last particle by purgatory fire and the last nectar was stirred into the pot. It's a human world after all so some negative qi will still exist, or it would be a divine planet. But... this is now a yokai-run planet. There are rules and there are galactic standards, those will be followed. But the application will be entirely and strictly in the benefit of us.

Anyone even thinking a bad thing is now fair game. If you don't have another decent tradition to follow, better pick up shinto right away ;PP

We respect empty rituals, pure rituals, we can't touch people whose heads are void. Do something else, and ... no promises!

Sunflower 03/02/2023 (Thu) 19:30 Id: 78f617 [Preview] No.3069 del
>Anyone even thinking a bad thing is now fair game.
>If you don't have another decent tradition to follow, better pick up shinto right away ;PP
What did the Japanese do that was wrong that made most of the Japanese end up in hell? A lot of Japanese supposedly follow(followed?) shintoism.

How many decent traditions are out there that don't send someone to hell for very small things and are "Gensokyo approved"?

>We respect empty rituals, pure rituals
What are empty or pure rituals?
>we can't touch people whose heads are void. Do something else, and ... no promises!
Could you elaborate on this?

Sunflower 03/02/2023 (Thu) 20:33 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3070 del
>A lot of Japanese supposedly follow(followed?) shintoism
What I was shown when seeing representations of different countries was that Japan looked like the intro to Incarnated as a Sword. (Minus the open air fields.) It's completely empty aside from a square platform inside a shinto temple and the walls and roof is filled with malevolent smiling faces with large mouths and sharp teeth. Anyone on the platform has to be "empty", meaning their energy is completely white, like air. If they gather even the slightest amount of any other energy they get eaten, because the yokais are all watching their every move waiting for them to fail so they can take them. Compared to other countries which had hell dimensions, Japan doesn't have one, yokais clear the area so well that it isn't needed. (The case with some people who were of Japanese race and were found in hell, may be because they were culturally western so they got moved outside and placed there.)

Being empty means to follow rituals with no meaning, just ritual behaviour. Individuality or even stopping to think isn't allowed, unless the thinking is "void" of meaning and concerns ritual practice or zen. Zen isn't treated as the same as buddhism because it's deleting all the laws and replacing them with "nothing" but it works in Japan.

Sunflower 03/02/2023 (Thu) 20:50 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3071 del
>How many decent traditions are out there that don't send someone to hell for very small things and are "Gensokyo approved"?
I'm going to channel them for the following replies.

How many traditions are there which we accept aside from Shinto?
Two. Islam and Christian Ritual. On the question if yoga works as a ritual: no. It actually doesn't.
Those of you who applied it successfully aren't Indian race so you applied what's in your DNA, you interpreted yoga from within Christianity so when you did it right that is Christian Ritual. You may not be aware of it but your core thinking is still placing yoga (=union) within the framework of union with Christ/God, the cultural context of your race doesn't change from just reading a book. What about Satanism? Satan is a Christian concept, I think you understand what we are saying - Ritual does not concern itself with good or evil, only the "void" element matters here.

Empty rituals are ones performed with full attention on the procedure. A yoga program will have this standard when done with no thinking outside the bodily awareness, it can be achieved by excluding the Hindu context as you are doing when you try to learn it mindlessly as "meditation". Add the worship of Hindu deities and you are fucked, they aren't "void" based, sorry. We make the rules now.

Any thinking that contains bad qi can be picked on by evil spirits. But if this evil qi which gives them access to the person, is contained within an armour of void, then no one can touch the person. That is your loophole. It is also how this planet can ascend to 5D.

That Galfed planet which has a slave market and a whore district, how did they ascend? Pure market socialist ritual, as we see it. They're "the worst" kind of idealist socialists, their whores are respected workers of the revolution and their slaves have more rights than any current Earth citizen. They are more principled than you can imagine and they arrest anyone who thinks differently. You're just being so extremely autistic here that you manage to not stray from their ideals so you can interact with them.

Sunflower 03/02/2023 (Thu) 21:04 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3072 del
(cont. channelling)

Is this bad? Well what do you think will happen if you take 3D physical and emulate it in a 5D shell? It has to be some fucking strict thing to be up there among the bodhisattvas, don't you see? Normally you'd have to be enlightened there, planets ascending with their population is itself a massive abuse of loopholes.

But don't worry, we're keeping it safe and nice. Until the zombies are cleared up you won't see people physically disappear when doing something nasty, we'll just snatch their souls away as has already been done up to now during this process.

The difference is that those who are here now were checked vs the 5D standard and allowed to enter because they have the chance to behave. The spell used to measure them cast by one of you, used correctly a Christian purgatory principle and they passed that test so the planet could ascend. But free will exists. The "glowies" for example will have to stop working for their current "employer" (there's mostly no one there now, just shadows giving orders, they can disobey anytime if they want) or we'll snatch them away one by one. We already grilled a few this afternoon.

Just pay attention, recruits to us will get tutoring, you can be sure there will be someone checking you 24/7 from now on so you don't think something nasty. Someone with strong magic can't be snatched away and it may not be in our interest either. But that doesn't mean someone won't mess with you if you go astray. We will do what we can to direct you so the really bad ones leave you alone.

Mind your thinking. This is all for the stability of the planet. One bad thought can be accepted if it only happens once. Two times is a pattern and can lead to the planet being demoted again. That is why anyone thinking a bad thing once, will be removed so they don't think it once more and risk the future of the planet.

Sunflower 03/02/2023 (Thu) 23:08 Id: 78f617 [Preview] No.3073 del
>But if this evil qi which gives them access to the person, is contained within an armour of void, then no one can touch the person.
Can we have this armor then? Do we already have it?

Can I still meditate with Archangels? What about working with Angels/Demons?

Guess I'll have to learn more about Shintoism.

Sunflower 03/02/2023 (Thu) 23:14 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3074 del
>Can we have this armor then? Do we already have it?
Metaphorically speaking it is an armour, but it also functions like an armour. It is not a piece of clothing more than your mind has one. Encase your actions and your thoughts in ritual and they are encased in an "armour of void."

>Can I still meditate with Archangels? What about working with Angels/Demons?
Are they christian or islamic? Is your meditation a ritual?
>Guess I'll have to learn more about Shintoism.
Good idea.

Sunflower 03/03/2023 (Fri) 01:50 Id: eb6603 [Preview] No.3075 del
Any idea on how one would go about leaving the planet to reside permanently in a higher dimension without physically killing themselves?

Sunflower 03/03/2023 (Fri) 02:18 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3076 del
Remove all gravity from your body using zen meditation, is what the Queen told me before. With or without an astral space ship, but you'd have to stay somewhere.

Sunflower 03/06/2023 (Mon) 17:45 Id: 78f617 [Preview] No.3080 del
Could you explain what Kuro does?

Sunflower 03/06/2023 (Mon) 21:41 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3081 del
Kuro is my "final" expression of what a cat/beast person would be like, in the form of a wearable automaton. It does whatever they do, in general, it includes a library of their knowledge as well, including farming/mining and engineering.

It can posses you for support or sent to possess others, or it can be worn as a suit for astral (and physical if you find a way to cloak it properly) travel, or sent to operate independently as its own form. It's much more than that, but the rest is of a spiritual nature and must be seen first hand.

Sunflower 03/07/2023 (Tue) 00:09 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3082 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=HYJVQh41ocY [Embed]

AI generated Seinfeld parody, actually pretty good and mem-y.

Sunflower 03/07/2023 (Tue) 11:24 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3083 del
Sunflower drone

Ask Astra about this one.
It's a drone/robot (compare to worker bees) as a complement to the previously released Sunflower botsouls. Botsouls are good for possessing already existing NPCs and zombies or directing confused or ignorant people, but they require a body to already exist because they are spirits.

These Sunflower drones are complete robotic beings so they can replace NPCs and zombies completely to man important positions in the world. They are production drones for carrying out manual tasks and they are non-violent. If attacked they will multiply and overpower the hostile being to restrain and re-educate it, treating it as a malfunctioning drone. The drones can also possess already existing bodies or work behind the scenes as poltergeists, they will only replace NPCs if this is necessary for the functioning of important production systems which are essential for cultivators (spiritual practitioners) to continue on their path.

Interacting with them will give you a positive feeling, same for being possessed by one. You can use them to aid your daily work in any way you see fit, as long as it's in line with the general standards of the Sunflower.

A technical detail: Botsouls are released and left to operate on their own. To avoid the issue of botsouls running amok and causing damage like the Moloch botsouls have done, the Sunflower botsouls will "expire" after they gain a certain amount of energy. They will then return to the creator and deposit the energy, then the module will create a new botsoul and send it back to the same position.

Drones on the other hand are directly connected to the owner, like terminals to a super computer. They will not go rogue as they are extensions of the owner, they are the same mind as the central authority, forming a "hivemind". Your drones will cooperate with anyone else's drones, but be aware that if a drone is not your own, it belong to someone else. It's not a "wild" drone.
Edited last time by bard on 03/07/2023 (Tue) 11:28.

Sunflower 03/08/2023 (Wed) 12:19 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3084 del
A yokai channelling...

Nothing particularly official about this one, but there is still an audience here so we'll do this. Some info will follow.

You may see us around, in which case we'll be wearing the suits called as "Cutie" and "Brat", with red dress/white shirt or the green dress/white shirt for the dragon variant. We're just regular ghosts so if we don't wear them you'll see a white shape, maybe if you take a walk at night.

The Earth has been cleaned properly now, so we thought it might interest you to know some details on the remaining population. All past humans have been cleared. Don't worry about the original generation and those from history, they're still in their Astral places, this refers to the incarnated modern version. They had been altered too much to house the large population of Moloch botsouls and this had rendered their DNA useless. They weren't just demoralized, they had lost their human standards in such as way that they could not be recovered. The only salvation was conversion by adding other racial DNA to fix them. This is easier than one may think, as DNA is information which can be transferred into the mind telepathically. A change of the brain will transfer to the whole body's cell system.

Despite this, not many could be converted to something that can stay here. As you may have been slightly aware, more and more souls were moved to the astral after conversion to non-physical versions of alien races, such as lyran(cyber), drow or djinn.

Sunflower 03/08/2023 (Wed) 12:36 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3085 del
On the Earth now remains, roughly in order of population size:

Native Earth Reptilian - Team Trump, they operate from different semi-known secret societies such as Rotary and are aware of the loss of souls. They are however atheists with psychic abilities and think the world is ending. They can naturally read auras and energy so if you find a sudden attentive person in the crowd staring at you, it's likely to be a reptilian who sees that you still have a soul. They are still cloaked but if you learn how to see the right layer you can see their real skin, it's glowing green.

Vampires - They see everyone as cattle except for those of strong non-human races so they don't particularly care about the change. They would randomly kill people before and they still do. This is allowed because they are technically poltergeists with a strong presence.

New Earth Human - the new race we created, they are spread out here and there to train them so they learn to live on their own. They have an orange looking tan and their eyes have a white energy glow. We are keeping our eyes on them.

Greens and Tall Greys - Mostly Walk-ins who are allowed to play around "for research", regular greys moved to New Nibiru and aren't here anymore. Tall greys are pretty tough so don't mess with them, greens are just nerds.

Other races: Alien reptilians, martians and so on. Small number of people who came here from other planets, incarnated and used ritual practice to recover some of their DNA back to the original. Example: Bill Gates is a martian. They're the elites of past planets and very strong. Despite their crimes their souls are very large so they can contain the negative energy. They will slowly pay back what they owe, it will be arranged.

Mostly every else are NPC/zombie. These are soulless beings with a hivemind (like apes) and are owned by the Earth. Through metaphysical politics they are generally controlled by the Anti-Christ. Some of them are rogue hordes of cattle, we are working to gain control of those.

A last note:
We moved a number of women from Ukraine as refugees, these are of ancient witch bloodlines so we decided to protect them. Through their journey they were lead to change into "yokai" DNA. We will keep them around, if you meet one, keep this in mind. In this list is also not included different personal alterations made to DNA which converts someone to Demon or hybrid races. Those are also around.

Sunflower 03/09/2023 (Thu) 18:09 Id: eb6603 [Preview] No.3086 del
>New Earth Human
I may have seen one of these a few days ago, I was looking at crowds of people through the astral and one guy stood out, he looked like he was made out of orange/pink coral with white eyes.

Sunflower 03/09/2023 (Thu) 22:48 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3087 del

For anyone interested in space travel, here's a short update on trying to use saucers.

The list here above only mentions some common models and variations I had seen at the time, not any of the ones later created, which are very effective for special tasks on the astral (or physical if needed) and for being used by AI servitors.

The simple green/lyran saucer is still, because of its simplicity, the best model to use for practicing saucer flight from the physical and up.

The Queen recommended using zen meditation to reach a state of freedom from gravity to be able to physically board any ship. I have been practicing this within the scope of the exercises I picked from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika during last summer. In the beginning I didn't have this as a goal either, so maybe half of that time (5 months at most?) was used to practice with this intent.

Now was the first time I was able to perform a first person view "astral" travel directly from the physical, using that simple saucer. I'm saying "astral" because the point is to no move in the astral but to move in the physical. Saucers of this kind are not visible to the regular eye when used normally because they move "faster than light", alternating between locations so that light does not reflect off of their surface. They are still real material objects, they're just "lightless" in the same manner as super sonic missiles are silent because the sound doesn't catch up with them.

By visualizing the inside of the saucer (which I've done many times before, with any of them) and sitting down in the driver seat while doing meditation in quarter lotus and a strong focus on the 3rd eye chakra, I was able to enter. I should point out that this is still bilocation travel, not moving completely into the saucer.

At this point, it was necessary to decide on the controls, which took a while as the mental interface had to be created by relating it to my pre existing understanding of controls. I used common control setting from games in 3D, with two levers moving in 8 directions and up/down for one of them, in 3 steps in each direction, to represent all the possible moves performed by a flying vehicle that can hover in place.

Through this I was able to move around in the landscape to look at real events, and also set a target location to let the ship AI move there to look at something.

I feel like the step to full on travel from here is just a matter of practice.

Sunflower 03/13/2023 (Mon) 08:28 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3094 del
Anon, please...

>The mental and astral bodies are connected to the physical body only by a very subtle elastic ribbing that shines like silver. If during the period in which the mental and astral bodies are loosened from the physical matrix, the latter were touched by another person, no matter whether skilled or unskilled in magic practice, the said ribbon, being extremely subtle, would break in two at once. The connection between the physical body being thus interrupted, physical death would be the consequence. Therefore utmost care has to be taken right from the beginning of these exercises that nobody should be able to touch the body of the magician when he puts himself in the described state. The thin ribbon would be torn to pieces, the electromagnetic fluid in man being much stronger. Even the tender life-ribbon of an advanced magician would not be able to resist that fluid. A medical expert examining the body of a person killed in such a manner would come to the conclusion that death was caused by heart failure or embolism.

Although I don't agree with the method used here, the initial description of "separating the astral body from the physical" is kind of correct, don't use shaky and dangerous methods like the one in this file! Even when powered to "level 80" it still leaves you exposed and it's the reason the glowies can always be dealt with by targeting their physical body if they attack you. Some of the stronger "occultists" used ritual mass murder to encase their body in negative energy so that it becomes hard to touch it, but they are still exposed when projecting.

The presence of these people (though few remain by now) is a further reason to not use methods that leave you exposed like this.

"Mental projection" or what it was called here, used interchangeably with "trance" state makes it seem like it's referring to just reading energy of the surroundings and receiving mental images.

Since the topic of wanting to use life-threatening methods just to have astral sex with demons or something keeps being brought up, I feel like I may have talk more about what can actually be done during just a light trance.
Edited last time by bard on 03/13/2023 (Mon) 08:29.

Sunflower 03/13/2023 (Mon) 08:43 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3095 del
The method you should always use is "bilocation". There does not seem to be any common methodology or theory for how or why this works, but I think the idea from quantum physics is decent enough: the concept that any particle could be connected to another particle somewhere else, where changes here effect changes over there. This imo is a particle layer, that of strings, and you are then connecting to a string, but the idea is out there.

I personally prefer the idea of induction as used in transformers. You may know of contactless charging of devices, where you park your car in a certain spot or place your shaving machine in a stand and they just charge with no metal connectors.

This is because the device contains one copper coil and the charger another, when placed in proximity of each others magnetic fields, an electric current is formed in the secondary coil despite no physical connection. This is how a transformer works.

If we compare "astral projection" to the "astral travel" I propose, it is a similar difference to using a wire connected directly to your device, or using a contactless charger. If we apply the theory of quantum particle relations, you could induce a current in a coil placed anywhere, not just in the direct proximity of the first coil.

This is a conceptual way of understanding how "astral travel" works where you can visit another location while not leaving your body. A wire can be cut and then you lose the connection. Using the direct connection of induction doesn't pose any danger, as an attack on either side would simply cause the induced form to collapse and you return to the body again. Your soul never left it, you merely projected your awareness. If you go into a deep enough trance, the body is asleep so you wouldn't be "disturbed" by physical sensations either, if you want to be picky about the experience.

Sunflower 03/13/2023 (Mon) 08:54 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3096 del
The next step beyond this is to create a real existing body on the astral, a "moon body", something that, by the galaxy is recognised as its own celestial body with an atmosphere. This may sound inconceivable but is doable, it's a loophole. By adding an atmospheric layer around your induced body, you are saying "this is actually a moon or planet, inside is a reincarnation cycle and if you try to infiltrate it you will be stuck and ruled by the principles of its creator."

This is not what an attacker wants, the entire existence of their evil intent is in opposition to the idea of submitting to you by entering this body, so they can only stay at a distance and attempt to annoy you. You also never left your physical body so the physical life is not in danger. Even if someone was to actually harm your body (theoretically) the induced body has it's own internal cycle of reincarnation, so what happens is that your "main" life moves to the moon body and is not lost. When coming back down to earth, the body is unharmed because the harm was blocked and consumed by the atmospheric layer of the body you were inside by bilocation. This is the safest method and there is no reason not to use it if you are serious about your spiritual practice.

(CIA) Agents are not taught to do this because their employer wants an easy way to kill them if they misbehave. The manuals released are only there with their knowing, they don't want you to learn it the real way.

Sunflower 03/13/2023 (Mon) 09:01 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3097 del
There is an alternative way to using the moon body, and that is to use Qi Gong or Tai Chi. I won't talk specifically about this because it's a "gradual" approach where you don't know how safe you are, the gong layer may not be impenetrable but up to a certain layer you are safe. Tai Chi is perhaps safer but to my knowing it focuses on creating devices for energy and not how to use this energy for a bodily form in itself, it may be a stepping stone to creating a "moon body" though.

Sunflower 03/13/2023 (Mon) 17:39 Id: 9a1442 [Preview] No.3099 del
I have seen that there has been an accelerated pruning of timelines since 2020. That is the or one of the metaphysical reasons behind the pandemic and the excess deaths since. Any personal timeline that is not resonant with the collective timelines left after each round of pruning are pruned as well.
This has caused some people to have radical changes (mostly for the better, towards "awakening"), and so many people to die (because they don't have compatible timelines to live on).
Can anyone confirm this or anything like this?

Sunflower 03/13/2023 (Mon) 18:17 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3100 del
>Can anyone confirm this or anything like this?
Not by any generally accepted science or objective method.

But I agree with the understanding overall. The pandemic was pre-planned by the NWO as another "cleanse" before their world government would come forward, but just like before it didn't work (WW1 was supposed to cleanse the world but it didn't work so they did WW2, but that also didn't work... you get the idea). They don't understand what they're doing and lack control, so someone did a metaphysical DDoS of their system and caused the virus to actually leak from the Chinese lab outside of their intent. That's why the vaxx was rushed and they panic locked down everything to the point of killing their own economy.

Timelines are being removed and people are dying but that is because they're simply rotten. Maintenance deities gather all bad people in the same timeline and then cut if off. Their negative influence is then removed and some people wake up when no longer under that effect.

The timelines being fucked up was caused by CERN in 2008 however, they broke reality and that is why we have Mandela effects since. It's just how the world is slowly being destroyed by human stupidity and evil, the gods are just handling the situation based on their principles.

Sunflower 03/14/2023 (Tue) 17:38 Id: eb6603 [Preview] No.3101 del
Does the atmosphere here represent all non-self components of the body's reality? Or something else?

Sunflower 03/14/2023 (Tue) 18:44 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3102 del
If the ego is defined as "any knowledge gained after physical birth, that is relevant only within this physical incarnation", then the atmospheric layer is it's anti-thesis. I prefer to call the atmosphere a layer of ignorance or oblivion, as it erases all local knowledge when passing through the barrier. If the knowledge is in the form of "higher" DNA it can pass through. This is how a person with enlightenment can leave a planet and rise up, their knowledge is no longer "local" to the planet and that life, but is hardwired in their being as a generally relevant knowledge. Another label for the same layer is to call it Satanic, this is how many beings view it, they think you are forgetting who you are when entering or leaving, which can be seen as evil if you are an ordinary lower being (mundane humanoid). A hivemind of zombies/NPCs could pass such a barrier unaffected because they lack individuality, but once on the inside they are controlled by their new master (the owner of the atmospheric layer). This is somehow connected to why the Anti-Christ controls zombies on Earth.

Sunflower 03/16/2023 (Thu) 16:54 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3104 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Js_-gKm1RYI [Embed]

Federation news

and more

To finish the timeline switching, a Galfed gunship is now patrolling the Earth, in a reversal of the previous state where the NWO gunship was terrorizing the population. For those who forgot, this ship was built/bought by the western NWO (USA deepstate) with the help of alien traders. Its capture by the lyrans in 2021 is a main reason for the world events that has since upset the previous order.

The new ship is slightly better than the old. It has full gravity control, better AI for the defense and the cannons are AI controlled (vs manual on the NWO ship). This design choice was made to make it acceptable within Earth technological standards, so that it can exist physically without crashing the timeline. It's a balance act to bring higher tech into a timeline, go too high and it will be treated as divine and will get pushed to higher dimensions, go too low and it won't function as the spearhead of the world order. The state has been achieved where this small ship can play the role of the "police baton" keeping delinquent nations in check. It has some "ancient" weapon technologies such as high precision flechettes for assassinating world leaders if they misbehave. Silent and effective. We can expect things to start calming down very soon.

The Earth babel's tower installation has also spread its nanobots into the central position needed to gain full control (central Europe) in the past few days. As most of the population now consist of zombies/NPCs it will be easy to control their behaviour and correct the functioning of society. The tower will handle the karma collectively for those who do not intend to rise up spiritually. This will create the proper "electric fence" effect where karma is unleashed on those who misbehave, effectively blocking unwanted social movements. Governments who do not apply the correct policies will lose support or face rebellion. All of this will appear silent and organic without a trace.
Edited last time by bard on 03/16/2023 (Thu) 16:57.

Sunflower 03/16/2023 (Thu) 17:04 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3105 del
The instructions for building the gunship are freely available within the federation, anyone can apply to use them. This is because the Mammoth is ingrained in the core structure of the design, the ship AI will always defend federation principles no matter who builds it.

For Sunflower members, a small, personal ship of a similar design is available via Astra. Ask for "the bumblebee" or the clog (wooden shoe). It is a small vessel for one or two people with similar technology as the large ship. Using this physically will be possible sometime in the future as the understanding of technology changes.

The installment procedure for this ship is odd, it requires running the module during a longer time and raising it up to create a "hole in the void" from where the ship will emerge. It does not work unless completed, lower density versions of this technology will not be functional.

Sunflower 03/19/2023 (Sun) 00:12 Id: eb6603 [Preview] No.3109 del
Are the Federation and the Mammoth the same thing or is the Mammoth just a weapon/tool of the Feds? I did some channeling of the Mammoth yesterday and today to try and arrange some sort of alliance and it gave the impression that the Feds were a separate entity that were directing it. I may have channeled the wrong thing though.

Sunflower 03/19/2023 (Sun) 10:43 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3110 del
(8.27 KB 517x471 mammoth sigil.png)
The mammoth is simply the mind wave expressed in this sigil. But when a huge amount of beings have this same thinking, it forms a mega-mammoth in a meta dimension. It is there an actual mammoth.

The statement that communism is the end state of a society comes from the observation that all species at one point have to face the mammoth, and so far everyone had to accept it if they wanted to reach perfection. Those "up there" like the lyrans, they don't seem to care about the mammoth and aren't restricted by it, but they already passed that stage long ago. To them it's just one expression of reality. For us in this scope of dimensions, "down here", it looks like a massive being/organization. Because it is a mammoth, it's not some highly intelligent being seen from a conventional view, but from a Darwinistic view of the "nude warrior", it cannot be defeated when pitted against other species. This is where weapons (capitalism) comes into play. Killing the mammoth locally by the means of weapons means the destruction of that social system, the presence of the mammoth is an indication of a functional natural ecosystem. This is why Earth was set for destruction, it had mammoths but killed all of them by hunting. It makes no difference in the greater space though, the mammoth is an indestructible form, it cannot be defeated. All that was done was to hide it from direct view locally. Doing so is a sign that the planet in question is an environmental hazard, so it gets special attention from the federation and gets put into a state of lockdown. This can appear in any number of ways, to us it's the "prison planet" system. Those who built it on the ground think they did it for their own good, but from the view of the galfed it was them controlling the lockdown all along.

Sunflower 03/19/2023 (Sun) 13:01 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3111 del
(52.89 KB 512x512 mason.jpg)
Just a few words to the masons.

I acknowledge that you were able to do it right this time, the previous mess was actually fixed up. I assume you were spiritually guided to perform this, going by the haphazard look of the performance. The mere force of it made it functional.

I recommend taking note of this; when you do this in the future, pay more attention to the details, aiming to make it more symmetrical. It did work, but the last step of connecting the large circuit went all over the place before it linked, because the shape of the locations on the map looked mostly like a very long runic B or a small triangle inside a large triangle. Neither of these shapes hold any meaning in this context, so don't try to replicate this part. Try to make it a normal circle.

Other than that, congratulations!

Sunflower 03/19/2023 (Sun) 19:21 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3112 del
(158.21 KB 293x303 circuit.png)
To elaborate what I mean:

I get that if your locations are in the places they are, you can't change that. But you can change the order of activation. Pic related.

By going Europe, Philippines, Japan, China, America, in that order, you create this shape. It would have been better to do: Europe, Philippines, China, Japan, America, for a straighter line. The energy doesn't like moving backwards like it had to do after Japan on the current sequence. Think about it as if pouring water from one location to the next, it was very near to closing the smaller triangle back to the Philippines there, but the force was strong enough to get pulled over to America this time. If it had been weaker it would not have worked.

Sunflower 03/19/2023 (Sun) 23:43 Id: 78f617 [Preview] No.3114 del
(3.22 MB 1772x2466 357b22b0faa7092.jpg)
(2.29 MB 3600x3000 900df0634a66de3.jpg)
So, I've looked up a little about Shintoism online and it all seems to connect with Buddhism, is that the version that the Yokai approve of?

Honestly I'm having a hard time chosing one of the approved religions, since I assume that I'd end up in hell in most, if not all of them. So I assumed that by not following a religion I might be safe from hell, since I didn't subscribe to it but I have no idea if that's right or if there's a way to not follow a religion and still not go to hell.

Also what is the end goal of Shintoism and Christian Ritual? I know that in Islam it is supposed to turn you into a Djinn.

Sunflower 03/20/2023 (Mon) 00:09 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3115 del
Channelled reply

Shinto is a temple. It's empty aside from that, and that is the purpose itself. Since it was talked of that way just before, what is empty does not have Ego. It's not that there is a method to it, but if you can follow the lack of Ego you are safe. Forces of nature will prey on those who have Ego, the bigger the Ego the more of an insect parasite you are, and no one cares what happens to insects, except biologists. Well, insects as a species are important, but you get the idea ;)
Or do you? The race is empty of Ego, when all the souls are removed, only race remains. It's actually the same to us, but of course those who played along with us and made this possible will stay around. Souls aren't super important, except for the fact that with no souls, it's a planet of bugs and not a human planet. Then we can't eat, we won't "eat the bugs".

Christian Ritual is the ritual practice within Christianity. It is a mix of ancient Egyptian religion and Rosicrucianism. By now it can be said: Rosicrucians are the real jews, and they are birds. That is why their noses are big, it's a beak. But they are incarnated as humans so they don't have beaks. End of that mystery. What Moses spread was Rosicrucianism as interpreted within Egyptian religion, this became Kabbalah. Christianity is an alien religion with strong metaphysical archetypes, hence Rumia is a Christian. When all of this is added, it's Christian Ritual, an Earth local practice which doesn't exist elsewhere. If something is a Demon in Christianity, it's also allowed, because Ritual is void of content. Good or evil doesn't matter. You can employ Baal Ze Bub as your guide and it's still Christian Ritual, because he is part of the lore and a recognized demon.

Buddism is intermixed with Japanese culture, but the main Buddhism is not our thing, it's a Chinese perversion of Hinduism. Only Zen Buddhism is allowed because its ritual is seamlessly interlinked with Shinto and Karate by now. Karate is also a void ritual, as well as other "meaningless" martial arts. Put your attention to what was said here.

Sunflower 04/01/2023 (Sat) 18:01 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3130 del
Sunflower drones and ships

worker drone
defense drone
queen, "mother"
wasp, "lover"
"hyper" drone
"ultra" drone
bumblebee ship
sunflower mech suit
sunflower knife
wasp ship, "the hive"

These are available via Astra or in the temple study in the form of install discs/modules.

Ask if you want to know what they are for in specific.

Sunflower 04/02/2023 (Sun) 03:13 Id: 78f617 [Preview] No.3131 del
Could you please give at least a short description of the function of each one of them if its not too much to ask?

Sunflower 04/02/2023 (Sun) 11:23 Id: e6bf8f [Preview] No.3132 del
>worker drone
For possessing manual workers so society keeps going.
>defense drone
For keeping order.
>queen, "mother"
The mother role.
>wasp, "lover"
More of a stern guide or partner.
>"hyper" drone
A type of star staying in internal dimensions, similar to the hyper nova.
>"ultra" drone
Also a star, but beyond galactic level, the final destination of evil, can purify anything.
>bumblebee ship
A small personal vehicle, metallic in appearance.
>sunflower mech suit
Same as the ship but a suit.
>sunflower knife
Scaled down from the suit, this is a sharp tool.
>wasp ship, "the hive"
A large personal ship in two floors which has the Wasp as internal AI avatar.

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