Sunflower 02/12/2023 (Sun) 17:47 Id: e6bf8f No.3003 del
Oh well. It seems this was such a predictable thing that they waited for it to happen: the three days of darkness have started. The greys said that it wasn't necessary to collect food for more than 3 days. After that time, we'd either be dead or the event is over and everyone else is dead so food is free.

The Queen implied that it would indeed be three days of darkness like when the "skinwalkers" came here in anvil cloud ships 4000 years ago. I wasn't aware they'd just go full throttle like this. It won't be dark though, because of the secondary sun. Without it, it would be dark, because we are moving "under the world" at -1D to 1D where the sun at -3D/3D won't shine.