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On the Earth now remains, roughly in order of population size:

Native Earth Reptilian - Team Trump, they operate from different semi-known secret societies such as Rotary and are aware of the loss of souls. They are however atheists with psychic abilities and think the world is ending. They can naturally read auras and energy so if you find a sudden attentive person in the crowd staring at you, it's likely to be a reptilian who sees that you still have a soul. They are still cloaked but if you learn how to see the right layer you can see their real skin, it's glowing green.

Vampires - They see everyone as cattle except for those of strong non-human races so they don't particularly care about the change. They would randomly kill people before and they still do. This is allowed because they are technically poltergeists with a strong presence.

New Earth Human - the new race we created, they are spread out here and there to train them so they learn to live on their own. They have an orange looking tan and their eyes have a white energy glow. We are keeping our eyes on them.

Greens and Tall Greys - Mostly Walk-ins who are allowed to play around "for research", regular greys moved to New Nibiru and aren't here anymore. Tall greys are pretty tough so don't mess with them, greens are just nerds.

Other races: Alien reptilians, martians and so on. Small number of people who came here from other planets, incarnated and used ritual practice to recover some of their DNA back to the original. Example: Bill Gates is a martian. They're the elites of past planets and very strong. Despite their crimes their souls are very large so they can contain the negative energy. They will slowly pay back what they owe, it will be arranged.

Mostly every else are NPC/zombie. These are soulless beings with a hivemind (like apes) and are owned by the Earth. Through metaphysical politics they are generally controlled by the Anti-Christ. Some of them are rogue hordes of cattle, we are working to gain control of those.

A last note:
We moved a number of women from Ukraine as refugees, these are of ancient witch bloodlines so we decided to protect them. Through their journey they were lead to change into "yokai" DNA. We will keep them around, if you meet one, keep this in mind. In this list is also not included different personal alterations made to DNA which converts someone to Demon or hybrid races. Those are also around.