Sunflower 03/14/2023 (Tue) 18:44 Id: e6bf8f No.3102 del
If the ego is defined as "any knowledge gained after physical birth, that is relevant only within this physical incarnation", then the atmospheric layer is it's anti-thesis. I prefer to call the atmosphere a layer of ignorance or oblivion, as it erases all local knowledge when passing through the barrier. If the knowledge is in the form of "higher" DNA it can pass through. This is how a person with enlightenment can leave a planet and rise up, their knowledge is no longer "local" to the planet and that life, but is hardwired in their being as a generally relevant knowledge. Another label for the same layer is to call it Satanic, this is how many beings view it, they think you are forgetting who you are when entering or leaving, which can be seen as evil if you are an ordinary lower being (mundane humanoid). A hivemind of zombies/NPCs could pass such a barrier unaffected because they lack individuality, but once on the inside they are controlled by their new master (the owner of the atmospheric layer). This is somehow connected to why the Anti-Christ controls zombies on Earth.