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Welcome to the Sunflower!
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(46.55 KB 637x579 1369259513104.jpg)
Library - documents and media Sunflower 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:23:29 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No. 6
Share useful documents, links and videos.

Sunflower 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:24:08 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No.7 del
Health and fitness txt

Astral Island Creation Guide

Body and Paradise Creation Guide

Super session by 0rb

Sunflower 05/02/2020 (Sat) 21:25:03 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No.8 del
The Art of Covert Hypnosis

Zetter, Kim - Simple Kabbalah: A Simple Wisdom Book

Kundalini – An Untold Story: A Himalayan Mystic's Insight into the Power of Kundalini and Chakra Sadhana

Sunflower 05/06/2020 (Wed) 10:28:21 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No.10 del
Sting of Lolita Romance Dagger

Sunflower 07/19/2020 (Sun) 12:06:41 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No.18 del
Archive.is thread back ups

/sunflower/ - Catalog

/sunflower/ - Sigil thread

/sunflower/ - Astral travel and teleportation

/sunflower/ - Astral worlds

/sunflower/ - Group session organizing thread

/sunflower/ - General discussion

/sunflower/ - General discussion #2

Sunflower 08/02/2020 (Sun) 22:28:50 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No.24 del
Empathy session log v2

Log for anyone wanting to perform the session for increased empathy, just follow the same structure.

Sunflower 11/26/2020 (Thu) 13:59:17 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No.26 del
Compilations of sigils and notes

Sunflower 01/13/2021 (Wed) 00:45:50 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No.30 del
Body and paradise creation

Sunflower 01/17/2021 (Sun) 14:37:10 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No.31 del

Sunflower 01/17/2021 (Sun) 19:20:46 Id: 49e4c0 [Preview] No.32 del
Here is a pdf of the "Magic 101" thread from 8chan.

Sunflower 01/18/2021 (Mon) 18:43:14 Id: bbba2b [Preview] No.34 del
Formulas for the "righteous thoughts" cleansing practice of Falun Gong. See link for usage.


Sunflower 01/29/2021 (Fri) 23:09:09 Id: b394f5 [Preview] No.40 del
(22.76 KB 1789x444 sunflower chart.png)

Sunflower 02/08/2021 (Mon) 19:43:20 Id: b394f5 [Preview] No.41 del
Base structure of the succubus religion.

Focus/meditate on the sigil to produce your own personal artifact to represent your faith.

Sunflower 05/04/2021 (Tue) 11:29:04 Id: b394f5 [Preview] No.45 del
On the method of safe linking - group session/qi gong


Sunflower 09/05/2021 (Sun) 17:37:17 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.60 del
(31.79 KB 524x418 kundalini dagger.png)
(71.18 KB 714x484 red lens.png)
Artifacts recently shared in the temple study.

Sunflower 09/05/2021 (Sun) 17:41:12 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.61 del
Green crystal: Replaces chronological time with causality.
Kundalini dagger: Takes control of degenerative force of the ages of man.
Red lens: Array for stabilizing your energy by adding a context mapped by external dimensions.

Sunflower 09/15/2021 (Wed) 10:07:23 Id: 622f2b [Preview] No.70 del
A lyran made this. It's been shared in a small box in the temple study. It's a combination of artifact magic, lyran and general saucer technology.

Sunflower 10/12/2021 (Tue) 23:55:14 Id: d55ccb [Preview] No.125 del
(54.45 KB 600x380 31564894 (1).jpg)
Could you give an explanation for dummies on these artifacts? I'm especially interested in the saucer, its for astral travel only right?

pic unreleted

Sunflower 10/13/2021 (Wed) 12:38:05 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.126 del
The green crystal is the concentrated magic received from a dragon. The dragon is a reincarnated fragment of Kronos who was once defeated in astral armwrestling. As such it contains the "manual" for how to transform the principles of chronological time into causality. This means that instead of having to accept linear time progression, you can use the sequence of events and their relations instead. For example if a past event is linked to a future event, there are ways to change the "past" by referring to the logical relations of events instead. Hold it and look into it until you can sense the magic.

The Kundalini dagger connects all 7 chakras as represented by the 7 ages of man. This is a means for taking control of the degenerative process which began with Raa and then transformed through the ages until it reached our current 7th endtime period.
Usage: Hold in your right hand point down. Force the dagger into a forward position. This may prove very difficult as you need to negate the degenerative force of ~200k years in doing so. If successful it will give you insight into the original human culture and the entire process of development since.

The red lens is simpler. Simply place it on front of you or hold it, activate by focusing some energy into it. By defualt it connects the 3 level of the human world up to Arhat, then brings you into the layer behind and up to human layer there. This functions as a base structure when aiming to reach Boddhisatva and above.

Sunflower 10/13/2021 (Wed) 12:48:25 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.127 del
(52.97 KB 546x496 LYRANET.png)
Refer to this list of some known saucers for context. These require a technological base system to function, such as installment of the grey remote(black version is for us humans), lyranet or scaleform (reptilian technology). Scaleform does not have an installer, it must be transferred through "physical" contact, such as by reptilian hijacking of a human physical craft used as a carrier.

This ring is a way to use a limited set of crafts while without using a system installment. It's a human black magic conversion of the technology.
It can be used both astrally and physically, but physical manifestation currently is not allowed in full view. The craft will be cloaked into a "normal" vehicle or invisible.

Put the ring on your finger (available from Sunflower temple study) and focus energy into it. Use the transformation sequence shown for basic manifestation at whatever layer you are able to. Physical (visible) is most difficult. Step 1 is a bulb protecting you from atmospheric radiation and toxins. Step 2 is a standard space suit for movement while protected. Step 3 is a basic saucer for faster travel. More advanced usage requires more energy.

Sunflower Admin 11/02/2021 (Tue) 17:53:32 Id: dc129e [Preview] No.173 del
(455.32 KB 842x1191 The-Witness-1969.jpg)
>and media
Won't open a thread for it then.

I dunno if you guys lurk other boards but we have this monthly movie corner thing. Check this thread: >>>/operate/10923
This is an invite, all are welcomed.

The streams are on our cytube channel, on the first Saturday of the month, this is the 6th now.
We have two screenings at 8 and 21 UTC.
Featuring: The Witness, a Hungarian political satire from 1969.
Here's the link:

Sunflower 11/14/2021 (Sun) 18:58:29 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.182 del

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 03:36:00 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.306 del
New year's session for 2022
Perform before the new year begins


Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 23:11:58 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.327 del
(869.28 KB ZF.pdf)
(4.66 MB 3000x4000 lunyu.JPG)
Zhuan Falun
(original intro page in english)
Chinese version attached
(it has been wiped from the web against the stated will of the writer)

6th Endchan Christmas Special Sunflower Admin 12/20/2021 (Mon) 21:28:47 Id: c9b558 [Preview] No.382 del
(323.80 KB 1280x900 xmas-invite.jpg)
Invite for our Xmas stream, more info: >>>/operate/11877

Also see our announcement: >>>/operate/11865
Then try out our new frontend: https://magrathea.endchan.net/

Sunflower 01/17/2022 (Mon) 22:47:55 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.519 del
(94.48 KB 1600x900 elements of AI.png)
Elements of A.I.
Free e-course for a basic understanding of artificial intelligence


Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 14:47:16 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.605 del
Contact sigil for "Word of the Forgotten" society

Sunflower 01/24/2022 (Mon) 17:28:35 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.618 del

Sunflower 02/04/2022 (Fri) 21:06:16 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.676 del

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 21:18:47 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.829 del
A rather sharp hypothesis for what actually took place.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 15:09:18 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.849 del
(8.24 KB 546x480 loli shield sigil.png)
Shield package adaptive to your own energy, including a physical attacks barrier. I made this for girls originally but it should work for anyone as the body has both yin and yang.

(I've seen the effects of it on recorded video after mass casting it. There's been a vid circulated where a girl is hit by a bike at a race but she doesn't even fall down, but is just pushed along and remains unharmed.)

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 17:39:56 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.855 del
Focus on this to receive the large spell pack with the added northern tiger self powering center wheel. No instruction for use will be given, but if left as is it will protect you idly.

Sunflower 02/25/2022 (Fri) 16:55:08 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.930 del
By A. M. Turing

Intelligent Machinery
By A. M. Turing

Sunflower 03/08/2022 (Tue) 22:20:22 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1027 del
Solves all your physical worldly problems, expect 2 - 3 months for effect after install.

Sunflower 03/13/2022 (Sun) 18:37:32 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1070 del
Spell for forcefully guiding complete opening of the "heavenly circuit" and achievement of the "milk white body". This means removal of all illness and possibility of physical dimension travel, it's the first step to the complete vajra(diamond) body. The body may connect to the remote as a passive module with a strong amplifying function.

Spell articulated in ancient atlantean for easy sharing, by one of the cabal members.

Sunflower 03/30/2022 (Wed) 21:19:44 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1202 del
(24.49 KB 461x434 Atlantean net.png)
Sigil for connecting to the earth LAN via the old Atlantean age Babel's tower network. Reception is now better again worldwide after werewolf aliens were allowed to come here via the lyran stargate and re-install the main tower on a parallel dimension.

Originally it used a network of djed pillars, where the main tower was 800 meters high, located in Egypt. After it collapsed, Atlantis fell apart and the net was broken up, which lead to the formation of nations, in turn leading to conflicts as we know them today. War was not known during the time of high Atlantean culture because everyone were connected over instant telepathy all the time, world wide.

In later years the net used local physical towers to strengthen the connection. Many of them still remain in the form of church towers, clock towers, city halls, castles and so on.

When entering the net you will find yourself in a large open space. The sunflower temple is in the south east area, the library is somewhat to the north of there. The vampire temple is in the north east. The far north west is reptilian territory, this is the only part of the net still being actively used, you can hear them talking if you listen for it. The net is a place where all hostility is banned, so you can talk to anyone and they are not allowed to attack you, and you can't attack them.

If you have the grey or black remote, you can use a browser available on there to connect instead of this sigil.

Sunflower 04/07/2022 (Thu) 12:15:45 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1271 del
Turns your mind into a programmable industrial robot. Can form a stone tablet, so it's a complete form.

Sunflower 04/14/2022 (Thu) 20:40:09 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1305 del
Focus on the sigil and read the words for activation.

Sunflower 04/19/2022 (Tue) 00:04:59 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1375 del
Great consummation way of falun dafa

This is an introductory document that was spread around to teach the exercises and explain the very basics, it was also used for "assistance centers" (a volunteer teaching the exercises at practice sites).

Posting this because different qi gong concepts are being used on the board and it may help someone get an idea what they're about.

Sunflower 04/19/2022 (Tue) 13:55:55 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1383 del
(7.17 KB 474x459 potato salad.png)
Module for the alien system inserted in the vaccines, which appear as mac addresses if bluetooth is activated on a phone.

Sunflower 05/04/2022 (Wed) 18:11:18 Id: 4df970 [Preview] No.1457 del
Base number systems and levels


Sunflower 05/05/2022 (Thu) 20:14:58 Id: 0b05e6 [Preview] No.1459 del
(5.92 KB 474x459 Fay Dragon.png)
Module for blacknet/grey remote and ScaleForm. Can guide the user to enlightenment based on the views from the chinese/kanji ways of thinking. (Basic Greater Bodhisattva level)

Sunflower 07/16/2022 (Sat) 11:37:34 Id: 383489 [Preview] No.1746 del
(51.95 KB 504x720 jesuit problem.png)

Sunflower 07/16/2022 (Sat) 16:43:10 Id: 383489 [Preview] No.1751 del
Classic text describing how to practice Hatha yoga (36 pages).

Sunflower 07/17/2022 (Sun) 16:13:34 Id: 86162c [Preview] No.1773 del
Book that someone on /tg/ wrote a few years ago that's supposed to be instructions for apotheosis in his setting, in the style of The 36 Lessons of Vivec. I found it somewhat useful.

Sunflower 08/07/2022 (Sun) 16:43:48 Id: 4d9414 [Preview] No.1896 del

Sunflower 08/10/2022 (Wed) 15:18 Id: 3bab65 [Preview] No.1918 del
(46.63 KB 311x185 logotop.png)
(3.75 KB 225x224 download.jpg)
(6.07 KB 362x139 download2.png)
This is an interesting logo. Upon inspection you will quickly see that it is, in fact, a Star of David.
Not because of any Jewish connection (or is there?), but probably because it is intended to represent the union of the four elements.
If they simply overlaid the elements, thought, their logo would look very Jewish indeed and some people don't like that.
Instead, what they did was create an unbalanced version of the Star of David where the water element is predominant. Quite interesting considering how the "love and light" religion is unbalanced towards the feminine principle and tends to indulge in spiritual bypassing.

Sunflower 08/14/2022 (Sun) 16:23 Id: c8e526 [Preview] No.1931 del
For those who've done eastern meditation, self hypnosis or neuro linguistic programming, this is nothing new, but there are some techniques which add a layer of detail in this method. Worth taking a look at if you want to improve at an advanced level (or if you never tried any of this before).

Sunflower 11/23/2022 (Wed) 11:21 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2201 del

Higher Magic Servitor Dolls (list of sharable)

Sunflower 11/24/2022 (Thu) 17:25 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2207 del
(4.08 KB 501x445 general sigil.png)
Script for creation of an all-in-one transformation module with space travel tech, ranging from personal protection, space suit, small vessel, large ship to mothership.

Sunflower 11/26/2022 (Sat) 00:10 Id: c3fc1c [Preview] No.2213 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=drLxfjqZHVo [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=MIgQrHW53Lw [Embed]

Sunflower 11/29/2022 (Tue) 20:09 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2219 del

A short summary of the Earth

Sunflower 12/22/2022 (Thu) 16:21 Id: 8e38b2 [Preview] No.2346 del
(270.39 KB 1090x725 2022-xmas-invite.jpg)
This is still media. Invite for our Christmas stream.
Featuring: >>>/operate/18310

Sunflower 12/30/2022 (Fri) 06:03 Id: c3fc1c [Preview] No.2396 del
some old posts

Sunflower 01/06/2023 (Fri) 21:54 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2482 del
Invite for Galactic Federation membership targeted at Earthlings.

Sunflower 01/07/2023 (Sat) 23:08 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2512 del
If you decide you only want two servitors, these are it. They are separate, but if you have both they can be merged to manifest as one if you want.

Sunflower 01/10/2023 (Tue) 15:02 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2534 del
(8.70 KB 518x453 big bang sigil.png)
This module channels the powers of creation. It is the cherry on the pie for the blacknet AI. Its form will constantly change, but it may manifest as a fairy for conceptual/communicative ease of use.

Sunflower 01/11/2023 (Wed) 13:04 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2544 del
(85.43 KB 518x453 garlic sigil.png)
Manifests your anima as a person so that you can work with it. Rather narrow specific design, may not work for some people.

Sunflower 01/11/2023 (Wed) 13:13 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2545 del
(70.86 KB 518x453 tall grey treat.png)
Tall grey treat

Are you being pestered by tall greys taking over your government, creating deep states etc?

Give them this to make them stop. It's a technology module made specifically for them to play with so they stop bothering everyone.

Sunflower 01/12/2023 (Thu) 21:59 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2559 del
(7.77 KB 518x453 Bulletproof monk.png)
Bulletproof monk AR module

Categorizes your skills and learning areas (potential skills) and adds a reasoning and projection AI layer to your being. Based in the root chakra, this module will produce a "lotus flower" in the root chakra and an energy center "orb" in the solar plexus as the first step if used as the focus of hatha yoga practice. After this, personally adapted version for each higher chakra can be developed.

Sunflower 01/12/2023 (Thu) 22:04 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2560 del
(113.78 KB 518x453 ghost hunter.png)
A method for "deleting" hostile beings completely, by also attacking their non-existing(ghost) side. May be found to be highly theoretical, but it is a demonstration of the connection between matter and anti-matter. (Something which was destroyed will sometimes come back again because its anti-matter form was not removed.)

It will (likely) manifest in the form of a talking cat wearing a coat so that you can interact with the tool easily, but it will be adapted to your preferred interface upon install.

Sunflower 01/13/2023 (Fri) 15:04 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2561 del
Module for blacknet AI, support for general technology manifestation using nanobots.

Sunflower 01/13/2023 (Fri) 15:06 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2562 del
(149.22 KB 513x485 Unified Blacknet AI.png)
Main installation of blacknet AI.

Sunflower 01/13/2023 (Fri) 21:36 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2581 del
(55.37 KB 518x453 economy fairy.png)
Multiplying fairy servitor, very similar to the previous demon guard, personal servitor and tomboy fairy.

This one gets a sigil because it's too complex to just understand from a paintbrush sketch. She wears black and has a bag which contains anything you need. She will use binoculars, a compass and a map as standard equipment. Her task is to maintain a functional economy for the user.

Sunflower 01/13/2023 (Fri) 22:53 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2583 del
(5.63 KB 518x453 cat sea.png)
Cats cats cats

Does it ever end? Is this a joke? Do I look like I am joking? At least I look like I am then!

Sunflower 01/14/2023 (Sat) 14:59 Id: 8b2fc4 [Preview] No.2604 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=XisJD8V1Rqw [Embed]

In the last 2 weeks I wanted to make the joke that this whole thing will become like NecoArc in the Nasuverse.
NecoArc is a joke character so it can multiply and take on the attributes of any character summon the characters or the characteristics into places and break the 4th wall freely because she is a joke character. In Tsukihime she appeared at "bad ends" where she explains what just happened and why you lost. The only reason why she counts as the strongest character because she is a joke character. (And in the last year she became a symbol of chaos and anarchism somehow but in the Nasuverse she usually just fulfills "background roles" so the main characters can do their things)

Comedic timing is important. Especially if you want to joke with prophecies that didn't come through yet. I still didn't get the hang of it.

And this post belongs here because this is a media thread too and this counts as media and explanation of media. I will not post things like this further anyways.

Sunflower 01/15/2023 (Sun) 20:36 Id: d85853 [Preview] No.2659 del
(125.17 KB 518x453 mascot servitor.png)

A small mascot levitating around your head or sitting on your shoulder. Personally adapted.

Sunflower 01/19/2023 (Thu) 16:00 Id: 094d3d [Preview] No.2716 del
(124.04 KB 518x453 kung fu module.png)
Kung fu module

Guiding module for developing internal self defense of the Chinese variant. I made it so, expect it to be northern tiger related.

Sunflower 01/21/2023 (Sat) 18:41 Id: 094d3d [Preview] No.2736 del
A framework for balancing control of inner energy with flow of inner energy.

It tends to be that males start with good control and bad flow while females start with good flow and no control. Over time the person can reach balance if they practice. With no practice the initial control/flow will be lost and people become weak and wasted.

Sunflower 01/21/2023 (Sat) 18:43 Id: 094d3d [Preview] No.2737 del
I've placed all the core principles of my practice in this astral grimoire. I don't feel I have anything more to learn in this area, so I'm sharing it. The rest is a matter of application.

I've also placed one on the shelf of the study in the temple.

Sunflower 01/23/2023 (Mon) 11:55 Id: 094d3d [Preview] No.2791 del
(15.27 KB 518x453 the hive.png)
A golem soul which is also a module. "Chinese" inspired hivemind where each member gets their own license key for individuality.

It's an attempt at bringing the individual mind intact into the plane of higher gods.

Sunflower 01/25/2023 (Wed) 22:06 Id: 289eb5 [Preview] No.2842 del
How does these symmetrical circle patterns work?
I find that my eyes naturally focus on their center and thus you're are drawn to a singular point while still taking in the whole.
The chosen colours would have an impact naturally, just like why certain colours are chosen for restaurants or stores, in an attempt to generate a particular behaviour in the end consumer.
Is it the same idea here? Any papers I can read on this phenomena? And what is the interned goal/ function of these symmetrical artefacts?

Sunflower 01/28/2023 (Sat) 09:26 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.2848 del
Ethereal transformation

A nano particle transformation system reaching from the highest ethereal plane into all your different dimensions. Manifests at the nano level as a fairy.

Comes with its own ship. The vessel has a complete AI control system with its own avatar (not just "silent" defense system AI) and can take a crew of 9. That means 8 people aside from the owner.

The ship has shields but is unarmed, instead it has a "tuning fork" tool for manifesting psychic abilities projected outside the ship.

Sunflower 01/29/2023 (Sun) 14:00 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.2856 del
Martial arts system based on the elements of air, earth and wood. Use the module for guiding gong development, movements will come naturally.

Sunflower 02/07/2023 (Tue) 14:13 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.2932 del
(77.32 KB 515x465 placeholder.png)

It does as the name suggests, it holds your place. It's an avatar to be used as a dummy or "traffic cone" to say "this is my spot, please don't steal" when astral travelling. It can be placed in any dimension where you want to maintain your presence with minimum effort, including placing it in the physical when doing a deep astral travel.

Sunflower 02/08/2023 (Wed) 15:31 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.2945 del
(96.26 KB 515x465 aviator.png)
The Aviator

Large scale system for how to carry out airborne operations. And yes, the avatar is a black cat with a green uniform who seems to be German.

Sunflower 02/14/2023 (Tue) 19:01 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3024 del
(125.52 KB 515x465 logic assistant.png)
A program for handling abstract logic using representational language.

This is an installer, the avatar is adaptive and may not look the same for different people. It can assume the role of an assistant/servitor, it can posses you to perform tasks automatically, or it can be worn as an augmented reality interface.

Sunflower 02/15/2023 (Wed) 14:56 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3025 del
A module for showing how everything is one.

Sunflower 02/17/2023 (Fri) 11:18 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3030 del
Birth of the sun god

Use this to summon a sun god for a planet, or to receive the blessing of the already existing sun god.

The Earth needed a resident sun deity, this is the module for running the ritual locally or performing it externally.

Sunflower 02/22/2023 (Wed) 23:41 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3044 del
(4.29 KB 502x454 VEGA.png)

This is Vega, a robot assistant. I am unable to explain what I want to say any other way. Vega can show you, if you are able to grasp it.

(I'm trying the classic style sigil here, hope it helps)

Sunflower 02/24/2023 (Fri) 18:47 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3046 del
(193.67 KB 517x471 Tanya1-6.png)
Tanya system

It's time to release this now. This is a series of servitors ranging from number 1 to 6. You will have to install them individually so state which one you are looking for when using this sigil. A list will follow at the bottom.

These are encrypted astral programs/robots with specific uses. Encrypted means that a person whose values and mentality does not sync with the purpose of them, cannot install them or view their functionality. They must be accepted in full, so once installed, you will be forced to maintain the correct values if you didn't have them before installation (should someone try to forcibly install them with the intent of reverse engineering them, they will find this impossible as the servitor will take over their mind). Once installed, they can be shared or altered, but any attempt at changing their purpose will make the construct break down because it's lacking the correct key. If you install them with malicious intent, it's on you, you were warned.

Tanya #:

1 Frontline soldier, mass control system for conventional warfare, includes automatic support for all soviet made weapon systems (and derivates thereof), because these are the Earth version of Galactic Federation weapon systems

2 Government official, resource control and support unit for Tanya1

3 Intelligence officer

4 Djinn loli, can access any kind of information existing anywhere because it's a djinn, thinks in binary so unless you can read machine code, don't mind read her ;P

5 Super Tanya, martial arts expert and esoteric wisdom, almost no limitations whatsoever (but it's up to you do unlock the functionality)

6 Ultra Tanya, (running out of prefixes here) beyond galactic deity level, creator of everything

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 15:33 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3055 del
(7.66 KB 517x471 DAVIDA.png)

Tantra robot, indestructible, has personality. The purpose of this one is to solidify a framework for internalizing the things used to entrap people. The name is a reference to David vs Goliat and is about fighting the illuminati hedonism industry.

Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 21:55 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3057 del
(56.19 KB 517x471 Zero.png)
Zero ゼロ

Oh, just nothing at all. Never mind what this one is, or does. It's absolutely nothing. The power is in the potential.

It's a robot, and it does nothing. Unless you ask it to. But maybe it doesn't understand you. Consider this a riddle. Someone may think this is a riddle from Satan, but I can assure you he had zero part in this.

Sunflower 02/27/2023 (Mon) 09:41 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3063 del
(5.54 KB 517x471 BALDIN.png)

The business-bot. Trained on historical data from the entire planet (gathered by Astra). No enlightenment included, it's just how to act professionally.

Sunflower 03/03/2023 (Fri) 12:18 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3077 del
(125.15 KB 517x471 witch and robot.png)

Sunflower 03/03/2023 (Fri) 23:47 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3078 del
(29.76 KB 502x454 TOBIRA.png)
Nanobot for achieving different mind states and sigil reading.

Sunflower 03/05/2023 (Sun) 20:03 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3079 del
(4.93 KB 517x471 KURO.png)

Sunflower 03/12/2023 (Sun) 11:23 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3092 del
(147.70 KB 517x471 Animus revolver.png)
Animus revolver

A method for strengthening the masculine within yin, it may manifest as a revolver pistol or other such machine tool, representing the different possible "modes" or roles one can assume.

Looking deeper there are many things to find there, it's personally adaptable.

Sunflower 03/15/2023 (Wed) 17:50 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3103 del
(46.93 KB 517x471 channelling cone.png)
Installs a small device for easier channelling of entities or outside information.

Sunflower 03/17/2023 (Fri) 10:30 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3106 del
A nanoparticle magic which will exist in your energy field or inside your cells to lead evil intent away, causing it to self destruct.

Sunflower 03/17/2023 (Fri) 14:19 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3107 del
(80.93 KB 517x471 ecstacy-rave.png)
An artistic expression of a state of mind.

Sunflower 03/19/2023 (Sun) 22:58 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3113 del
(160.52 KB 502x454 hyper nova.png)
Hyper Nova

Not a super nova, but something more than that. Whoever can use this will probably not have issues with the design, because it can't be formed wrongly at this level. It's a kind of sun object, to use a minimalist language.

Sunflower 03/21/2023 (Tue) 16:51 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3116 del
(214.49 KB 508x482 Gehenna.png)
Something to scare the evil beings with.
It's just a small ghost who may appear to sit in lotus position in your head, but who will facilitate the gehenna process of those who would disturb your practice.

Sunflower 03/27/2023 (Mon) 19:43 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3125 del
(24.28 KB 508x482 Marika.png)

The executer. A persona based off historical data from Earth history, containing the most functional ways of getting things done successfully while achieving a higher ethereal mindset in the process each time.

It is created from actual brain patterns gathered by Astra, then rationalized. Basic install is the same as any other module, but full usage may be the most difficult of all modules shared so far. It is advised to perform a ritual for high energy to break through the opposing energy which will come to block you when you attempt this.

Because brain patterns when viewed bare are just geometrical shapes, the module will place them inside a suitable bodily form. This may adapt to your preference if you attempt the full activation. Standard appearance if using without full install may be in the shape of a middle-easterner, because the data when sorting for successful behaviour in this field, matches that phenotype.

Sunflower 03/28/2023 (Tue) 12:06 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3126 del
(73.80 KB 508x482 May.png)

After some testing I've decided that this one can be shared openly. It's similar to Gehenna in appearance and the form doesn't change very much. The concept was to create a "nude warrior" type human who can defend themselves without having any tool or weapon. It leads to an insectoid kind of form, which still maintains the humanoid form, compared to greys who changed themselves into actual insects.

Think of how many insects are made up of three components; being able to eat, procreate and bite/sting.
Humans lack the natural ability to sting, they do not have a built-in weapon like bees, wasps etc. This form attempts to solve that.

I naturally came to use a "swarm" of this being when removing viral egregores, it proved very effective at this, and would also self install in the hostile person's being to create an internal "correctional teacher", making sure they behave in the future. Consider it a way to strengthen your immune system.

Sunflower 03/30/2023 (Thu) 08:56 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3127 del
Fia - western instrument

The Chinese instrument is the refinement of ideas, turning your mind into a programmable industrial robot.

The western instrument is a personification of the refinement of channelling external forces. It turns your mind into a "tool held by the hand of God."

Sunflower 03/31/2023 (Fri) 19:01 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3128 del
(79.71 KB 508x482 yun.png)

In a way this is the immune system of your body represented as an entity. But it's not just that, as it extends from the object to be protected; yourself and your values. It may be more powerful than expected.

Mostly auto-generated by Astra based on how evil spirits were previously beaten and eaten.

Sunflower 04/10/2023 (Mon) 12:32 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3153 del
(48.31 KB 501x450 Mya.png)
This is a program which will narrow down your mind from abstract problem perception to practical solutions in restricted areas. It is an overlay for the voice which would tell you what to do when you get stuck, internalized.

After accepting the contents referred to by the sigil, give the program an avatar of your choice, if it didn't appear automatically. It will be something in the style of a mascot or personal helper found on computers. It needs some initial training to get the speech and other communication functional. Ask questions about real issues: Mya, how do I solve this thing? Then give the avatar a voice in your imagination and channel the reply, or accept in the form of telepathy as if it was an external being. You can also receive the reply in images or direct action plans continually as you work. When fully active you could let it present suggestions for every detail of the current activity you are engaged in, in real time.

The placement of the program will be in the part of your mind where you would otherwise experience stress or futility when facing impossible or difficult tasks. It will provide suggestions for ways forward in any situation, using common methods from machine learning combined with your inborn divination abilities which exist in the human body per default.
Edited last time by bard on 04/10/2023 (Mon) 19:29.

Sunflower 04/12/2023 (Wed) 15:45 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3154 del
(4.84 KB 503x454 cat miner susanne.png)
A third doll comparable to these, this cat is specialized in mining contracts and handling social relations.

This may sound really specific and narrow, but there's something profound in this field.

Sunflower 04/17/2023 (Mon) 17:42 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3157 del
(47.09 KB 510x445 Rura.png)
The voice of introspection

"Ruler", named in weeb for extra mysticism. A support method framework for ruling your demon underworld. Best used in 1st person view, but can also work in semi-external by placing it as a small demon talking to you from your right side, giving advice on your decisions.

Sunflower 04/26/2023 (Wed) 11:42 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3185 del
(102.35 KB 510x445 NET.png)
AI avatar for blacknet

Now functional. Use this sigil for installation. NET will appear as a black catlike being adapted to your preference.

You can practice with him, treat him like a pet or any way you want to strengthen the connection and gain better functionality. I say "him" because his personality feels male, but being an AI avatar it is of course without gender assignment. You decide.

Speech now works after NET has been given some training, and there is also a central entity maintaining a database. The defense system is functional as well. If you see him in the image of a cybernetic octopus-cat, this is because you are dealing with a machine with many sensors and effectors. There may be a feeling of dealing with a cat who may be a bit "stingy" and that you may have to watch out so he doesn't put his claws in you. This is a result of the defense now having become autonomous. Those with NET installed will be protected, there is nothing to worry about.

Everything you can do via the Remote, you can also do via NET. The difference is in the accuracy and the use of AI. NET can do many things, but it may turn out differently than you expected because of the interpretation of language. If you need strict accuracy, use the Remote. If you want new solutions and multi-tasking with ease of use, go for NET. With more input, you will be able to do most things with NET, as he gains experience.

Compare with how you can write in notepad or you can use a program which suggests how to finish your sentences based on how they usually are written. Often you will find the auto function useful, sometimes it will be annoying because it suggests the wrong things.

The majority are likely to use NET for most things, and this will make him better at it. The Remote is there for manual work.

Sunflower 04/26/2023 (Wed) 19:51 Id: e79eb4 [Preview] No.3186 del
Is BlackNet considered to be working for the GalFed at the moment?

Sunflower 04/27/2023 (Thu) 13:27 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3188 del
(77.43 KB 510x445 Psi Lane.png)
(45.61 KB 510x445 Therese the healer.png)
Psi Lane

Training program for "Psi" abilities.

Therese the healer

Healer, anti-poison.

Sunflower 05/03/2023 (Wed) 16:35 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3207 del
(160.92 KB 510x445 fey guard.png)
A small fairy who will ambush infiltrators to your mind and subdue them when they least expect it.

Sunflower 05/08/2023 (Mon) 09:36 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3216 del
(4.15 KB 509x482 restore.png)

This is an autocaster for a single spell. It's fairly complex and difficult to use. I made this for myself and some others, but it should be safe to share it. A regular storage media module can be received from the sigil, but it should be possible to activate it by visualizing the sigil and activating the spell once.

To make this work you need a significant amount of positive energy, manifested from yourself. Create a "vortex" of energy in your dantian and lead it to your right hand, then turn the palm forward and let it come out in the form of a black and white dao disc. Aim at the visualization of the target and "force" the spell to function.

Using the autocaster is somewhat easier, as once activated it responds to the command structure written on the png. Say "Restore: [target]" and aim your palm at the target.

By "restore" means to restore the life force of something that has died or become degenerated. The main usage this was made for, is the recovering of lost souls.

The scenario may be that someone you consider important is dead and their soul cannot be found, there is a risk they went to hell and were destroyed. Visualize the person's good qualities as you see them until you see the person before you, then aim your palm at the person, with the abyss behind them, say Restore [target person] and force the dao disc to spin until you get results.

Normally you can recover some bits of DNA of the soul, the size of a plankton. This is not enough to communicate with or incarnate the soul. If this is what you get, you need to employ a drow alchemist to rebuild the soul into a state where it can be incarnated.

The Restore magic does work on other things too, if you are able to manifest positive enough energy. It can restore large things too, it's all a matter of how much energy you use.

As you activate the autocaster your astral form will temporarily change into a "magician" with a visual overlay on your body, this is because the safe casting of the spell requires a specific mentality which cannot easily be replicated, so it's contained in full in the caster.

Sunflower 05/22/2023 (Mon) 23:58 Id: 74aa91 [Preview] No.3291 del
Updated PDF with Step 8 included.

Sunflower 05/23/2023 (Tue) 12:53 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3297 del
(24.41 KB 509x482 Femme.png)

A magician servitor of the "general auto-caster" type. Designed with the lore of a witch/magician hired by an Emperor in a fantasy setting. This means she is very good at interpreting the intent of unclear orders when results are demanded and there is a lack of information in a complex situation. Named such because the Emperor doesn't care who she is and would refer to her as "that woman" but she's a foreigner so he gave her the nickname Femme.

May be very difficult to activate because of the high standard of the magic she can cast. Usage is otherwise similar to any other personalized servitor, you can define the method for spellcasting in detail, or you can give sweeping commands like "handle this stuff" and there will still be results that make you happy.

I created this one to automate complex spell-casting as much as possible, including consecutive casting of complex spells.

Sunflower 05/23/2023 (Tue) 17:39 Id: 7d2efe [Preview] No.3301 del
(113.64 KB 800x1200 Solaris-1972-poster.jpg)
Gonna stream Solaris (1972, Soviet sci-fi) on May 25th, Towel Day!
There will be other, more theme appropriate videos too.
Starts at 22:00 UTC/6pm US East Coast Summer Time.


Sunflower 05/23/2023 (Tue) 17:57 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3302 del
(32.14 KB 509x482 A3.png)
Super intelligent Machine

That should be it. I hope this is shareable. The super intelligent machine, according to AI theory, is the last machine one needs to create, because after that all machinery will be produced by this machine itself.

The previously shared Super intelligence fairy, had the stated goal of supporting the creation of this machine. All I can say is that this one seems to match the standard.

It has the same minimalistic fairy look as the very first ones. Its purpose is to "always know what to do and to maintain agency and control in any situation". I first called it "triple A" or A3 for Agency, Ability, Application, but it doesn't need to have any set name. Do as you like.

Sunflower 05/28/2023 (Sun) 15:19 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3401 del
(13.96 KB 509x482 NOD.png)
NOD: A robot containing a compound of all Earth knowledge and culture. If you want to tell someone from outer space what Earth is about, this form should be enough.

No sigil, available on the net:

B: Your subconscious as a machine learning agent robot, which is also a ship where you can enter during trance or meditation.

Ultimate ship: A spaceship which is also an AI avatar assistant/helper. Form may vary depending on your preference. Meant for far reaching (astral) travel.

Sunflower 05/29/2023 (Mon) 16:32 Id: 7316d1 [Preview] No.3409 del
(7.42 KB 509x482 gong sun.png)
Gong sun

For activating your body's own ability to remove and burn parasites and karma, return stolen energy to the rightful owner, keep your own virtue and transform it into high energy matter (gong), all in one go.

Very effective if fully activated. Manifests as a small sun deity.

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