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To finish the timeline switching, a Galfed gunship is now patrolling the Earth, in a reversal of the previous state where the NWO gunship was terrorizing the population. For those who forgot, this ship was built/bought by the western NWO (USA deepstate) with the help of alien traders. Its capture by the lyrans in 2021 is a main reason for the world events that has since upset the previous order.

The new ship is slightly better than the old. It has full gravity control, better AI for the defense and the cannons are AI controlled (vs manual on the NWO ship). This design choice was made to make it acceptable within Earth technological standards, so that it can exist physically without crashing the timeline. It's a balance act to bring higher tech into a timeline, go too high and it will be treated as divine and will get pushed to higher dimensions, go too low and it won't function as the spearhead of the world order. The state has been achieved where this small ship can play the role of the "police baton" keeping delinquent nations in check. It has some "ancient" weapon technologies such as high precision flechettes for assassinating world leaders if they misbehave. Silent and effective. We can expect things to start calming down very soon.

The Earth babel's tower installation has also spread its nanobots into the central position needed to gain full control (central Europe) in the past few days. As most of the population now consist of zombies/NPCs it will be easy to control their behaviour and correct the functioning of society. The tower will handle the karma collectively for those who do not intend to rise up spiritually. This will create the proper "electric fence" effect where karma is unleashed on those who misbehave, effectively blocking unwanted social movements. Governments who do not apply the correct policies will lose support or face rebellion. All of this will appear silent and organic without a trace.
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