Sunflower 02/26/2023 (Sun) 23:10 Id: e6bf8f No.3062 del
(144.14 KB 630x630 NeuroSmug2.png)

Is a shareable derivate of a personal achievement. It's a mini robot whose mind is just silent. That's the mystery here. Pure potential is without action or effect. If you are able to trigger an action, you are using the potential, turning it into something. There are very strict rules for what is allowed however. If you are able to get it to do something, good job.

Consider this a kind of exercise tool if you want. Working with it is like lifting a weight. It's the opposite of the strongest possible robot. This one is so weak that its strength reverses, causing things to weight more around it, gravity increases and you may find it harder to get things done compared to not using it.

If you can solve the riddle here, however, you may see exponential growth.

And I will love watching the glowies trying to reverse engineer this, as their retardation will cause gravity to increase exponentially instead. No, it's not a trap, you're just idiots who can't psi.