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Keep all critique request here. Do not create threads for critiques unless that thread is created for the purpose of discussing specific technique/genre. Before asking for a critique, ask yourself two questions.

1. "Is this the absolute best I can do?" If it's not, you are wasting everyone's time, and the critique will be worth very little to you.

2. "Do I want critique?" If you can't handle critique of all forms, you are wasting your time and everyone else's time.

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1. Don't make me make more rules.
2. Keep shit posting to designated shitting threads.
3. Keep critique request in the critique sticky. Feel free to break rule #2 if someone doesn't.

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We have an art board now, yay!

I love supporting drawfags/artfags. If you want me to plug your projects, kick starters and work, just post your links in this thread and I'll try and help get the word out.

Pic is some fan art I got.

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target of fifty thousand dollar gross monthly

if you have to gross, fifty thousand dollar plus a month, with art, animation or something

what would you do? hang yourself and stab your anus with a long pike?
how much will you do? what are they? where would you target that much of sales? what are your predictions so that these things definitely sell? pls advice

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mona lisa

lets talk about the greatest fucking masterpiece of all time, the mona lisa.

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So I guess moho 12 is the new adobe flash animation program.

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4chan’s /mlp/ just made an album full of horse music

Here’s the Bandcamp link for free download (if you decide to pay, all money goes to the Autism Society of America) –

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r8 / 10

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Game Art Collab

Board Owner Here:

Should we do a cross-collab for game-art design and visual elements with /adgd/?

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The Painter in Oil

All aspiring artist, especially painters, should read this work.

It is old, but still relevant in most ways. It also presents some good arguments for traditional methods over whatever art has become.

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>not shilling best pyxel editing tool ever

Post your best pixel art, go!

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*This* is a nice addition to Endchan. Exactly the board we needed.

Thank you, BO.