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Welcome to /cyber/

Post anything cyberpunk, technology, futuristic, sci-fi, transhuman, etc!

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Anti surveilance tech

Lets talk tech rebellion.

An umbrella hides your face from street cameras and IR leds in a cap will obscure your face from night cameras. A friend of mine has one of these wired caps. I was thinking such an idea could be adapted to glasses.

In addition, latest research suggests facial recognition can be fooled using lighting projected at the face.

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CaptainBlackbeard Radio

Saw this over on GlowInfinity's and fell in love. Reposting as requested.

-.-. .-.. - … . / . -. -.-. - ..- -. - . .-. … / - ..-. / - …. . / -.-. .- .. - .- .. -. -… .-.. .- -.-. -.- -… . .- .-. -.. / -.- .. -. -..

Close Encounters of the CaptainBlackbeard Kind



Venturing Across The Dark Seas And Beyond…

Braving Dark Seas Storms and South Seas Pandemics

CaptainBlackbeard Radio returns with the finest sounds around from the Underground!

Broadcasting live from CaptainBlackbeard's Favorite House of Ill Repute, CaptainBlackbeard Radio brings news, music and culture to the lads and lasses of action across all eight seas!

Join yer host First Mate Harry Stash as CaptainBlackbeard invites ye to take a psychedelic otherworldly audio odyssey through the Dark Seas and Beyond!

Please upboat for visibility!

CaptainBlackbeard humbly requests ye wear headphones for this broadcast!

This transmission was recorded in high (and we do mean high) pirate audio fidelity!

CaptainBlackbeard recommends ye turn off the lights, turn up the volume and spark up yer favorite CaptainBlackbeard Product


Hash: SHA512

Ahoy mates!

Ye can find the transmission of Close Encounters of the CaptainBlackbeard Kind here!

(Press the download button to download the .mp3 for the safest way to listen. Ye can also stream the .mp3 if ye set yer TOR Broswer's setting to Standard Safety in yer preferences or listen on a JS-enabled browser. But this be not the most op-sec tight way to listen

CaptainBlackbeard strongly advises against downloading anything from the Dark Seas for any reason. But mp3s be relatively harmless and will corrupt if anything nefarious be within them.)
















In This Transmission

- The first official close encounter between humanity and beings from another world.

- Select segments from National Public Radio

- The Friendly United States Military Stops By

- Senator John Rube Boob Answers Yer Questions About The COVID-19 Pandemic

- CaptainBlackbeard Global News Uncovers The Source Of The CoronaVirus Outbreak

- Thanks to our sponsors Yuri Jackhoff on Hallucination Market, Fugazi Cannabis, Stories From The Pandemic, National Public Radio, The United States Government.

- And 80 minutes of more original high energy electrifying content than a bus stuffed with mimes on crystal meth crashing into a giant electrified fence surrounding North Korea.


Spinal Tap

"Weird" Al Yankovic

At The Drive-In

The Rolling Stones

Iggy Pop


Bill Conti

& The Top Finest Sounds From The Underground

[+[+[+[+[We thank those who spread these .mp3s and welcome those who would be interested in doing so to copy pasta this post and spread it like a South Seas Pandemic.

This transmission is being beamed out at 100kbps compression after great debate on quality vs. size for transmission. If ye'd like higher quality copies in the future, please let us know.]+]+]+]+]

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Submit banners/banner ideas pls

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/ T H E E N D / /cyber/ chatroom

It's been a year. A lot of shit has happened, last thread 404'd, some places shut down.. but / T H E E N D / still here, hitting a one year milestone with hopes of hitting a lot more

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cyberpunk is now

fuck this dystopia, why are people happy getting black lung breathing this dirty shitty air!? why do I have to pay just to breath and not get sick?

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endchan has the best /tech/nology board
lainchan has the best /cyb/erpunk board

why even bother with this /cyber/?

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Henlo, board

As of right now, I'm the new board owner of both /cyber/ and /cyberia/. Just thought I would let everyone know. It seems like the previous owner wasn't the best, so I would appreciate some general things I can do to be a good owner.


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ded bort

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Ghost in the shell

I won't pay for the new live action movie because I don't like white-washing movies when there are qualified asian actors for the roles. Frustrating. Can't hold a candle against the original anime:

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Cyber lit discussion

I just read neuromancer. Why did Molly leave? Fucking whore. What a stupid cunt.

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You and I, the one reading this, we are connected through what basically is an enormous neural network that we have no capability of truly understanding. We exist as nodes within the Net. Individual neurons. I want it to be let known that there is a reason why you are reading this right now. There are forces trying to upset the Net. Huge governmental forces of a collapsing empire.

Fortunately for us, they can never truly shut down the Net. We will exist in the shadows. We will expand the darknet, create meshnets, or even resort to dead drops and sneakernets.

These forces of this System have co-opted you since birth to believe that there is a certain kind of person that you are supposed to be and that your existence is simply limited to its own rules and regulations. This is a lie.

You are more than a career, or an identity. You are an enormously complicated being that is far more powerful than just that.
We cannot change the System, but we can create our own reality. Use whatever skills you have, whether it be painting, carpentry, coding, cracking, hacking, tinkering, screwing around, duct taping, stacking rocks, kludging, or whatever it may be, to create the reality that you desire.

Do your part of The Great Work, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Having read this, you are in It. Welcome.

P.S.: We exist as a loosely connected set of individuals. We will never fall under a label or a group name: this is our strength. You know who you are.

P.P.S.: Spread this idea far and wide. My intentions are that this becomes a seed or spore of some kind.

Stay woke, stay humble.

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Is the place where I livez "cyberpunk"?
How's your day going?
Anything Cyberpunk-ish to share?

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Best cyber game?

I am torn between my three favourites.

Shadowrun (sega)

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Sci-fi, space fantasy, and cyberpunk art

Commencing dump, okay?

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Brain Hacking

From binaural beats to nootropics, coming up or going down, it goes in here.

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Thank god there's a /cyber/ on endchan.

Let's kick this off right with a music thread.

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Blade Runner 2049

So far, I think it might do the trick. What do you think?

Trailer: [Embed]

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Jesus, this board CSS is horrible.

This shit doesn't feel cyberpunk AT ALL!

Would anyone object to implementing a CSS similar to that of cyberlife or 8/cyber?

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Banners thread

Considering the board has adopted a more schway look, it only feels right we should get some better banners. 400x100 seems to be a nice size, so I suggest we keep to that.

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Moar leik this pl0x

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Cyberpunk needs to be pro-capitalist

This might sound contradictory, since Cyberpunk is a highly political sci-fi genre associated with left wing anarchism and fighting against megacorp authority.

However, if the punk wins, he is no longer a punk anymore. If he wins and achieves anarcho-communism, then the megacorps are destroyed, and so to his punk status, as he now has nothing to rebel against. The struggle that defines him as a punk has ceased to be, rendering his identity hollow.

Therefore, an actual cyberpunk movement would have to be pro-capitalism, and pro-dystopia, since without the two you do not have technological authoritarianism driven by megacorps. A cyberpunk ideology cannot be anarcho-communist, because it cannot conceive of an end of history. A cyberpunk ideology would seek struggle itself, and envision history as a ceaseless battle between proletariat and bourgeoisie, something quite different from the communist dialectical path to final freedom.

In this way, the cyberpunk is like the fascist, a nemesis of his. The fascist fights to defeat his enemies in war, but not because he hates war; he loves war and sees it as redemptive, and without war, the fascist could not exist.

Without class struggle, the punk cannot exist. Only by embracing struggle itself as being the goal itself can a punk ideology be fully cohesive.

The struggle against authority is to be fought seriously as if you were trying to win, but the struggle is seen as a goal unto itself. There is no end of history for the punk.