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Welcome to /pukara/

Welcome to /pukara/, a sanctuary for those obsessed with the smol gamer Internet angel, Pukara.

Have fun pukaraposting, shitposting, cuteposting and more without the worry of being hassled by the absolutely retarded mods at agatha2.
Other niche egirls are allowed to be posted here too.

- no lewding
- no doxing
- no bullying
- no spamming

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food thread

Pukara likes to have a good meal, so I thought I'd add this thread here.

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I hunger for a new Pukara video

I need a new pukara video now or I'm going to kill myself

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anime girls

post waifus (no nsfw)

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/pukara/ General

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Post cute and beautiful animals

pukara loves animals :D so post em!

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post ponies


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suggestion: add this board to

what do you think? lets get more users

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/pukara/ meta

>pukara exists
>we think she’s cute
>we don’t lewd her
>we post about her on agatha2
>roasties are angry she steals their attention
>roasties proceed to dox her
>board volunteer on agatha2 lets roasties dox her but bans non lewd pukara posts
>what are the implications of this?

Also, please feel free to post banners itt the current ones are 550px x 119px. picrel provided by BO

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i miss when i wasn't banned everywhere and people could talk to me

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gordo saturno

can you post that gif of pukara doing the peace sign? i lost it

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pukara drawings thread

holy shit, anyway...
pukara, if you're around are you taking requests?

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Im a big fan I love the cheems burger video and cookie one youre so adorable I wish you did another video of you drawing or do challenges like 5 sec drawing to 10min drawings or favorite shows or asmr of playing with stim toys or something