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2023, halfchan mods still braindamaged

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Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:06:02 [Preview] No.2100 del
i think you might be right

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:07:10 [Preview] No.2101 del
(1.26 MB 900x900 02 smile.webm)
lol for a minute I thought it was a link to a new 4chan thread
This is good too.

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:07:55 [Preview] No.2102 del
(123.05 KB 875x911 A3LKWiILmn.jpg)
(1.79 MB 913x907 AF6yWFyt9q.png)
(1.79 MB 807x844 65SFGXZ7mi.png)
(410.70 KB 409x431 CskG5NZP4w.png)

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:09:18 [Preview] No.2103 del
(2.21 MB 639x787 1574648892876.webm)
(3.88 MB 500x464 bonboychik.webm)
If you're ever sad, just watch your videos. They're be there for you, ok?

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:10:11 [Preview] No.2104 del
(51.81 MB 1600x960 fallinginlove.mp4)

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:14:26 [Preview] No.2105 del
(30.35 MB 1600x1200 shattered dreams.mp4)
dumping OC

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:17:07 [Preview] No.2106 del
(35.38 MB 1280x544 bonbidrive.mp4)
(40.56 MB 1920x800 bonbi_archive.mp4)

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:19:35 [Preview] No.2107 del
>putting this disgusting nigger close to Bonbi
You should be ashamed.

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:21:35 [Preview] No.2108 del
(1.11 MB 300x300 momobon05.gif)
(5.58 MB 382x678 nico_dance_2.gif)

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:42:43 [Preview] No.2109 del

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:48:08 [Preview] No.2110 del
Reminder that bonbibonkers is not real

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 02:53:38 [Preview] No.2111 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Q9D2pKS1yX8 [Embed]
someone post the edit with this music,it was from the view from a car in japan

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 06:44:24 [Preview] No.2113 del
(5.89 MB 640x360 1513439771316.webm)

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 07:19:01 [Preview] No.2114 del
(4.25 MB 468x472 boop1.gif)
(794.51 KB 280x285 boop2.gif)
(3.77 MB 476x476 boop3.gif)
(2.46 MB 284x284 boop4.gif)
I love Bonbibonkers!

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 08:14:36 [Preview] No.2117 del
god I want to lick her nose

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 14:56:43 [Preview] No.2120 del
thank you

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 17:43:36 [Preview] No.2121 del
(9.72 MB 1280x720 Untitled.webm)

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 18:02:21 [Preview] No.2122 del
>the third one
she C H O N K

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 18:14:34 [Preview] No.2123 del
(3.73 MB 1280x720 fattybonkers.webm)
cutest C H O N K in the universe!

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 18:33:42 [Preview] No.2124 del
Just kidding. I really never saw her as being anywhere even close to overweight.

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 20:10:38 [Preview] No.2126 del
For comparison

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:34:43 [Preview] No.2127 del
(18.67 KB 379x411 Sunny (133).jpg)
janny banned me for avatarfagging for 3 days...

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:37:58 [Preview] No.2128 del

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:42:57 [Preview] No.2129 del
(31.73 KB 443x704 Sunny (373).jpg)
its not funny anon.
this is a great injustice !!!

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:44:25 [Preview] No.2130 del
ngl thats kinda funny, but holy shit what a nigger

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:51:10 [Preview] No.2131 del
i reported you. get fucked retard

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:58:02 [Preview] No.2132 del
global rule 13 you dumb twink

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:59:24 [Preview] No.2133 del
>Lime banned for avatarfagging
>armpit cunny and I just want to cum inside her guys not banned for spam
>I was banned for "spamming" for posting the grooming recap a few months ago

good thing they got their priorities straight

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 22:59:54 [Preview] No.2134 del
(155.80 KB 1280x720 Sunny (214).jpg)
every bonbinigger that does nothing but spam bonbi videos should be banned too.
I bet you're such a fucking beta irl dude. The kinda type to beg the janny for help when he sees something he doesn't like on the internetz is always a autistic beta faggot.
Applies to bonbi niggers too, retard.

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 23:06:56 [Preview] No.2135 del
(73.62 KB 613x606 471.jpg)
i agree hate hate bonbispammers/niggers. but i also hate sunny and thats why i report you. nothin personnel kid. i get banned all the time but im back after 5 mins. i believe you can be too if youre not completely retarded like you pretend to be

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 23:14:03 [Preview] No.2136 del
(178.61 KB 719x1278 Sunny (334).jpg)
Resetting my router is effort for me though you faggot.
Jesus christ i actually hope you go to fcuking hell when you die. I try to not be a cunt and yet i need to share a planet and general with degenerates like you. When you're at the fucking gates of heaven, jesus is gonna rock up to meet you with the fucking book of life and you reporting me is gonna be the 2 fucking points that put you into the negative and you're gonna suffer an eternity of pain with people deserving of your company. enjoy being bumraped by satan and judas you ABSOLUTE FAGGOT

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 23:20:15 [Preview] No.2137 del
Sorry to hear that.
I guess the difference is that lots of people are posting Bonbis, so it's not really avatarfagging, plus she actually makes tiktoks.
Still a stupid reason, but I assume that is janny' rational.

Can't you just use your phone ?

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 23:36:10 [Preview] No.2138 del
>posting the same videos of the same girl over and over again 24/7
>not avatarfagging


Honestly, I ship me and Sunny together. Shame she's got another pedo boyfriend again.

Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 23:52:55 [Preview] No.2139 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=m10rby5UtSk [Embed]

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 00:26:16 [Preview] No.2140 del
wtf i love janny now

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 01:41:43 [Preview] No.2141 del
>Shame she's got another pedo boyfriend again.
What happened? I heard of Sosa, but there's another now?

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 03:00:46 [Preview] No.2148 del
What happens when she needs to poop?

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 03:34:17 [Preview] No.2149 del
Bonbi why hast thou forsaken us?
Doesn’t thou knowest ye filleth thy cup of wrath? I beseech thee to stop this pitiful madness lest ye be swallowed whole by thy righteous right hand of vengeance.

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 03:35:30 [Preview] No.2150 del
m8 only thing ur "right hand of vengeance" is gonna swallow is ur load

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 05:11:20 [Preview] No.2151 del
Bonbi going to gargle that mayonnaise (;

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 08:54:04 [Preview] No.2153 del
>Bonbi is going to gargle that sandwich :^)

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 08:59:01 [Preview] No.2154 del
(2.30 MB 370x388 1555580135175.gif)

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 11:09:32 [Preview] No.2155 del
(56.40 KB 901x676 SAM_0689.jpg)
[autism] Different guy this time. I think his names Austin. The guy's 28.
Sunny seems to think the guys a normie. So even if he is a nonce, atleast he's probably worlds apart from Sosa. Hopefully atleast. [/autism]

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 11:17:23 [Preview] No.2156 del
I don't think I've ever noticed her legs before and I gotta say, they're cute and stumpy. would fondle/10

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 11:55:04 [Preview] No.2157 del
(155.53 KB 1280x720 Sunny (123).jpg)
Sunny's floor-arms are not for seksual anon. They are for walking.
Not to mention she'd have been 14/15 in that.

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 12:39:51 [Preview] No.2158 del
>They are for walking
yes, all over me. dominant lolis are the best

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 12:50:58 [Preview] No.2159 del
(9.65 MB 1280x720 HD Sunny.mp4)
Whatever you say Seth...

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 13:07:42 [Preview] No.2160 del
Do you know his last name? Myspeld follows an Austin Gillman on keybase.


obviously this is wild speculation and a shot in the dark, just wondering.

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 13:17:29 [Preview] No.2161 del
Ofcourse they're not the same person anon...

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 13:21:35 [Preview] No.2162 del
got any more/better sunny buttshots lime?

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 14:11:26 [Preview] No.2164 del
(722.21 KB 639x772 Sunny (423).png)
Sunny is not for sexual. Lewd Maddie if you wanna sexualise any underage child anon.

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 14:22:56 [Preview] No.2165 del
>underage child
>poses with a bottle of alcohol
she doesn't seem all that innocent, cmon I bet she has a cute butt

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 16:05:25 [Preview] No.2166 del
(1.02 MB 300x300 Bonellope grimace.gif)
Stop shitting up bonbi thread with stupid goblina

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 18:12:50 [Preview] No.2168 del
Under one of the new Insta posts

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 19:14:44 [Preview] No.2169 del
She furried.

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 19:22:32 [Preview] No.2170 del
Three wolf moon shirt cosplay when?

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 19:53:16 [Preview] No.2172 del
god, she's so P R E T T Y

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 20:01:55 [Preview] No.2173 del
(3.36 MB 540x960 gothlarp.webm)

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 20:09:38 [Preview] No.2174 del
>tfw no gothbi to bully you every day and steal your lunch, not even to eat it, just to watch you squirm and make sure you stay a runty nerd that she can bully forever
it hurts lads

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 20:35:56 [Preview] No.2175 del
(685.46 KB 540x960 gothbi_okBoomer.webm)

Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 22:35:40 [Preview] No.2176 del
Since it's December...

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 02:28:07 [Preview] No.2178 del

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 13:25:51 [Preview] No.2187 del
lol when she said im sorry

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 19:46:31 [Preview] No.2195 del
Oh nononononononono
If you ever watch Bonbi's stream, you might have seen a guy named "Greg Russell", who is also a patreon, donate to her.
Well, this guy apparently did a duet with Bonbi...

Is this the "new fanbase" Bonbi was talking about?

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 19:57:55 [Preview] No.2196 del

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 20:19:31 [Preview] No.2197 del
regardless of tho that may or may not be, that's painful to watch

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 20:20:02 [Preview] No.2198 del

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 21:38:38 [Preview] No.2202 del
(24.68 KB 128x127 Sunny (416).png)
Even my duet wasn't as bad.

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 21:55:03 [Preview] No.2203 del
(1.72 MB 288x388 1531033721844.gif)
Dear Janny,
Please ban the stupid nigger posting Sunny.
Have a Jiro in the meantime.
Thank you.

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 22:35:54 [Preview] No.2205 del
>my duet
post it

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 22:58:53 [Preview] No.2206 del
jesus christ

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 00:34:01 [Preview] No.2207 del
(99.06 KB 283x273 bon.png)

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 01:14:54 [Preview] No.2208 del
Where is this picture from?
I don't think I've seen this before

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 02:40:56 [Preview] No.2209 del
In front of women one is silent just as one is silent in contemplation of the world's secret essence. But where the latter is unfathomable infinity, the former is simple mystery, in other words, void. Not greatly disjoined from life, woman is a temporary salvation for those on the heights of despair, because through her a return to life's unconscious and innocent pleasures is still possible. Grace, if it has not saved the world, has saved its women.
- Emil Cioran, On the Heights of Despair

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 03:00:45 [Preview] No.2210 del
a few minute before i posted it save it from 2ch

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 03:36:49 [Preview] No.2212 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=hb0Gwrz5i1M [Embed]
i started watching Gurren Lagann and really felt that scene
is edit requests a thing here because can somebody make an edit when yoko is alone it's the witch kiss blow and than when he say
>It's none of my business
it's the leaks,here some: https://imgur.com/a/LhMflyI https://imgur.com/a/N5h8VtD

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 03:46:09 [Preview] No.2213 del
thanks. seems to be quite the rare pic. it's not in the chronology pack either

the first public occurrence of this pic I could find is from May 11th, 2019 at 16:54 UTC on the devil town server, posted by a user called bilbin#2316
no clue who that is or how he got it though
if anyone knows more I'd be interested

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 03:52:50 [Preview] No.2216 del
(152.47 KB 640x1136 58.mp4)
It's in the chrono pack, it's a cropped insta story from 2019-03-02

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 04:01:14 [Preview] No.2217 del
nice. some of this stuff is so rarely posted in the threads that I don't even remember it
mystery solved. thanks a lot lad

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 08:50:04 [Preview] No.2220 del
Poor Bonbi, so many followers but all the male fans that reveal themselves to her are ugly and creep her out

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 08:58:54 [Preview] No.2221 del
Did she comment on it? I can't bring myself to watch that, I actually feel bad for him

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 17:13:18 [Preview] No.2234 del
(146.11 KB 1280x720 Sunny (30).jpg)
I dont even have it saved anymore.
Im sure someone else does though.
Except me. Though im not a fan anymore.

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 23:04:07 [Preview] No.2245 del
If this is lime then yes she is creeped out by you

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 23:40:41 [Preview] No.2246 del
(3.09 MB 3456x4608 IMG_20191013_235059.jpg)
(140.99 KB 1280x720 Sunny (138).jpg)
Im not ugly though.

Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 23:57:05 [Preview] No.2247 del
(13.41 KB 362x346 1573254002268.jpg)
youre a 4/10 max friend. and thats probably a cherrypicked good photo of you too so im lowering your score to 2/10

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 00:04:06 [Preview] No.2248 del
Kapellka is a good example of namefag that is very attractive, Id like to see bonbi edate the Russian chad

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 04:05:19 [Preview] No.2252 del
(259.28 KB 1440x2562 bonbi.jpg)
why i find this image hilarious? i can't stop laughing

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 08:08:08 [Preview] No.2253 del
So what was the original image for that himiko toga everyone said was sexualized, and faked or was it actually real?

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 09:44:41 [Preview] No.2254 del
(55.08 KB 1331x504 1575452251436.gif)
ask anonce, he might know :^)

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 10:21:15 [Preview] No.2257 del
Already posted this in /ttg/, but one of the new Rose videos is gone for me in the app. Same when I click the tiktok link in the OP.
Any clue why it got removed? It's the Lana Del Rey song, so it could be copyright, but there are lots of other toks (including ones by Bonbi) that use her songs.

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 10:41:39 [Preview] No.2258 del
But wait, ...why does bonbi love bonbi so much??????

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 11:17:47 [Preview] No.2259 del
Does bonbi love bonbi though?

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 14:19:14 [Preview] No.2261 del
(501.01 KB 949x718 still there.png)
(531.96 KB 739x946 only 6.png)
Have you checked with your browser at your pc? I checked and it's still there. maybe it's location dependent. Weird. Also that audio has only 6 tik toks.

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 16:12:32 [Preview] No.2264 del
Can confirm that I see the same thing on my PC.
When I use a VPN though, I can see the video. Might really be location based.
Not that it's a big deal, I was just wondering.

>Also that audio has only 6 tik toks.
I didn't mean that specific audio as much as Lana Del Rey in general. You would think that a copyright strike would affect all songs by her and not just this one audio. I can, for example, still see Bonbi's Lana Del Rey cosplay that uses audios from her.

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 20:03:51 [Preview] No.2266 del
I respectfully disagree. I do not think im a 4/10.

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 20:16:38 [Preview] No.2267 del
you're a pasty twink faggot, fuck off

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 20:19:52 [Preview] No.2268 del
Post face faggot.

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 20:23:09 [Preview] No.2269 del
don't you have any girls to harass until they hate your guts?

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 20:27:05 [Preview] No.2270 del
(4.59 MB 3456x4608 IMG_20191204_202341.jpg)
No. I only interact with girls irl currently and they all seem to like me.
I took another picture just now for you.

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 20:40:26 [Preview] No.2271 del
you turning 16 soon?

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 20:56:28 [Preview] No.2272 del
I wish anon. There's so much i'd have done differently. Its not that im not happy now though.

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 21:17:14 [Preview] No.2273 del
you should try gay bars

Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 21:22:39 [Preview] No.2275 del
Endchan is an adult site. GTFO

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 03:53:43 [Preview] No.2291 del
That guy has posted a lot of 2 March insta story crops, don't be fooled by the stuff he posts.

Chrono pack isn't perfect but there's only one image that I know for sure is missing. But its kept out on purpose though

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 03:54:52 [Preview] No.2292 del
> But its kept out on purpose though

And why is that?

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 04:22:36 [Preview] No.2293 del
(35.71 KB 529x529 dabi.jpg)
Is it this one?
Looks like another story crop, but I can't find the corresponding story
Does the text contain potential dox or something?

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 05:08:28 [Preview] No.2294 del
Ah you're probably correct about that image not being in the pack - I don't know where its from, either - but its not the one I was thinking of. The one I had in mind was probably found around this time a year ago - during the hard times - on a facebook page. Recognize what I'm describing? If not, its probably for the best.

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 05:22:25 [Preview] No.2295 del
I don't, but now you've made me really curious lol
Presumably it was something identifiable / uploaded by someone she knows IRL that could lead to dox?

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 05:34:34 [Preview] No.2296 del
lol wait, is this where the "she held a black boy's hand" meme came from? XD

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 06:49:14 [Preview] No.2300 del
Going back through old archives and I found this interesting conversation relating to the *** shutdown back in Oct 2018


Apparantly two photos were provided with timestamp at the time - presumably they never surfaced
blambidonkers must be sitting on a veritable treasure trove of rares

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 09:27:05 [Preview] No.2310 del
(375.30 KB 480x852 1478998812864.mp4)

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 17:04:12 [Preview] No.2318 del
Man it's been a long time since she's done anything hasn't it? Assuming the tiktoks were made the same day as the stream and she dyed her hair the day after? No stories or anything too, right?
Wonder what she's been up to...

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 17:04:13 [Preview] No.2319 del
I think you're full of shit
I've read every post in every thread and never heard of this image or facebook page

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 18:08:53 [Preview] No.2320 del
(6.92 MB 1272x720 milf.mp4)
Post it. If the russians and *** circles already had it then nothing is going to happen.

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 21:21:40 [Preview] No.2321 del
Nah, that was all debunked a couple days later. General consensus is that blambi made the bonbi contact up just to stir up drama

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 21:49:44 [Preview] No.2322 del
>Presumably it was something identifiable / uploaded by someone she knows IRL that could lead to dox?
yeah, its on the girl-who-was-in-bonbis-early-videos' facebook page
Checking it now, the pic is still there. Also looks like the lass has since got a bf irl. Looks much happier than bonbi tbqh.
completely unrelated
If what you say is true then you'd probably recognize it when you see it.

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 22:41:26 [Preview] No.2324 del
just post it or give some info instead of this bullshit

Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 23:47:29 [Preview] No.2325 del
This. Leave the secrecy faggotry for ***

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 00:32:58 [Preview] No.2326 del
(12.15 MB 540x960 15597554199170.mp4)

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 01:23:22 [Preview] No.2327 del
Ah right, I vaguely remember it being mentioned, don't recall if I ever saw the picture though
How did the friend even get doxxed anyway?

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 04:50:19 [Preview] No.2330 del
(358.16 KB 448x561 rose0bestpicture.png)

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 07:48:34 [Preview] No.2335 del
(201.64 KB 838x767 1575618510355.jpg)
(898.46 KB 672x1121 1575618510960.png)
(349.60 KB 346x547 1575618511094.png)
(280.08 KB 568x568 1575618511219.png)
(208.57 KB 360x640 1575618511345.png)
wake up
>think about her
go about my day
>think about her
go to sleep
>dream about her
It's been like this for a while. Just looking at her makes me so happy. And so sad.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 10:18:30 [Preview] No.2339 del
Can someone post the recent con pics?

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 10:47:14 [Preview] No.2340 del
fucking same man
it's fucking crippling at time

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 10:52:31 [Preview] No.2341 del
there aren't any recent con pics. The last ones with these

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 11:38:30 [Preview] No.2342 del
Oh so hat’s why there was radio silence it was a con

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 11:41:17 [Preview] No.2343 del
No i was looking for >>2341 also I was looking for the others as well

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 12:48:25 [Preview] No.2344 del
Sadly I've never dreamed about her, but other than that accurate.
In a way it's nice to care about something this deeply again, even if it's inevitably going to end badly.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 15:58:46 [Preview] No.2347 del
> Sadly I've never dreamed about her, but other than that accurate.
Trust me when I say you don't want to.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 16:07:24 [Preview] No.2348 del
(2.22 MB 1280x544 Drive.webm)
I feel ya.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 22:04:06 [Preview] No.2352 del
anyone have Bonbi sneeze meme? can't find it in the files

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 22:05:48 [Preview] No.2353 del
(1.42 MB 900x900 autisticsneezing.webm)

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 22:10:12 [Preview] No.2355 del
no it was the same clip but with an explosion when she sneezed

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 22:32:12 [Preview] No.2357 del
Thanks, cute cosplay

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 22:46:25 [Preview] No.2358 del
(268.54 KB 600x600 ooc parrot surprise.webm)
(358.38 KB 600x600 ooc parrot umm.webm)
(651.68 KB 600x600 ooc parrot hair.webm)
Accidentally posted these in the drama thread, but at least now everyone will have them lol

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 22:57:38 [Preview] No.2359 del
(5.88 MB 600x600 1496950683579.gif)
(4.82 MB 600x600 1496920704346.gif)
(3.32 MB 600x600 1446163249604.gif)
made them into gifs

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:03:06 [Preview] No.2360 del
How is it possible for one person to be this cute?
Almost hurts to look at her, even without audio.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:05:09 [Preview] No.2361 del
(4.02 MB 2784x2984 1421619979461.jpg)
It's unreal.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:09:38 [Preview] No.2362 del
Need I remind you Bonbibonkers is not real?

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:12:09 [Preview] No.2363 del
retard she is a fucking pedoloving whore. you are beyond help you ultra cuckold. pathetic faggot

Anonymous Board owner 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:20:50 [Preview] No.2364 del
(28.63 MB 1280x720 im_gonna_sneeze.mp4)
kek i made that way back
here u go lad

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:32:38 [Preview] No.2365 del
Somebody this cute couldn't possibly be real.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:39:06 [Preview] No.2366 del
Btw, Bonbi uploaded a Rose pic to Patreon and a new Ariel to tiktokt. Maybe more to come.
I am not a Patreon and don't know how to download Tiktok videos though, so somebody else will have to upload it.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:48:06 [Preview] No.2367 del
(7.06 MB 1440x1280 6767471943827426566.mp4)
(705.48 KB 1080x1410 20191206_161820.jpg)

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:48:46 [Preview] No.2368 del
based paypig

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:50:26 [Preview] No.2369 del
(1.00 MB 900x900 rawr.webm)
Thank you, king.
I'm sure Bonbi is happy to have great fans like you.

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:53:07 [Preview] No.2370 del
nice filenames

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:55:35 [Preview] No.2371 del
dollchan paranoia on my part

Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 23:55:47 [Preview] No.2372 del
fuck bonbi

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 00:08:02 [Preview] No.2374 del
damn bonbi getting more busty, thats hot. cant even hide it soon!
also seth thanks you for your donations towards thenew couch. or maybe he will buy new horse dildos for bonbi so she can make more hot videos for him. or for the new apartment fund so he and bonbi can move in together and fuck and make kinky porn vids every day, eitherway thanks for your monthly cuckbux

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 00:37:00 [Preview] No.2375 del
(3.39 MB 300x300 rose cute.gif)
Thanks lad
Despite the concerns about what bonbi's patreon might be funding, I'm glad we still have people on the inside
If I had the funds I would consider doing it myself, just to keep sharing the bontent with my bros

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 00:47:19 [Preview] No.2376 del
(3.42 MB 270x480 1545077078219.gif)

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 00:53:52 [Preview] No.2377 del
>funding the actual pedophile grooming the girl you "love"
>imagine being this cucked

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 01:02:49 [Preview] No.2378 del
I just want the bontent, bro

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 01:05:43 [Preview] No.2379 del
Are you poor?

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 01:09:19 [Preview] No.2380 del
>supporting an actual pedophile with monthly donations for some shitty pictures of a whore to share with your homosexual anonymous internet "bros"
imagine being this stupid

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 01:11:26 [Preview] No.2381 del
I don't have the disposable income to justifiably waste on a teenage e-thot and her pedophile boyfriend.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 01:14:58 [Preview] No.2382 del
>trolling a vietnamese ricepicking forum's nuclear bunker to get a few (You)'s from some anonymous internet nobodies
Imagine being this seething

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 02:06:15 [Preview] No.2384 del
(839.89 KB 300x300 1468247189324.gif)
I didn't choose my retarded brain.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 03:16:12 [Preview] No.2385 del
who makes these color corrected (or whatever you call it) gifs? they're my favorite.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 03:37:04 [Preview] No.2386 del
My insider source tells me they were made by Anon, anon

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 08:36:37 [Preview] No.2387 del
(54.16 KB 720x661 bruh.jpg)
>getting a week long ban because a janny got offended
You really are better than the faggots at /bbg/...

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 08:37:59 [Preview] No.2388 del
what did you do, lad?
poop in his mayonnaise?

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 08:43:06 [Preview] No.2389 del
Wrote this >>1720
Also good to know jannies are /pol/tards. I fucking swear, people who are janitors and actively pursue it (for fucking free) should get the wall

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 08:46:16 [Preview] No.2390 del
(277.83 KB 601x694 Polyphemus00.PNG)
(268.54 KB 605x893 Polyphemus01.PNG)
(232.10 KB 601x844 Polyphemus02.PNG)
Always fun when Bonbi randomly pops up on my Twitter timeline.
I legit didn't even do anything... none of these tweets are mine.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 08:48:08 [Preview] No.2391 del
I got Bonbi sent to me in a whatsapp group. Fucking weird feeling.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 08:51:20 [Preview] No.2392 del
These DMs with anon really show how immature Bonbi really is. It's like a literal child first heard of sex.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 09:17:18 [Preview] No.2393 del
lmao. If somebody I knew irl somehow brought up Bonbi, I wouldn't even know how to react. It's weird enough seeing her in non-Bonbi places brought up like that.

It's the sort of stuff that a hentai-addicted coomer would type.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 11:16:35 [Preview] No.2394 del
I've seen more than general public and I agree with this. She's incredibly childish when it comes to sex stuff to the point when she's actually really fucking degenerate. She just spews total nonsense thinking it's "hot".

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 11:17:17 [Preview] No.2395 del
I don't think she had the brainpower back then to think of that herself, she probably just copy pasted what seth told her to, or seth had control of her account at this point and just did it himself.
Now though, they don't even need to type it out, you know she's telling him how to jerk off in VC.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 12:01:28 [Preview] No.2396 del
As I said: like some teenager accidentally clicked on /d/ once and started reading the wrong doujins. It's almost cute in a way, if it weren't for the actual pedophile taking advantage of it.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 12:22:53 [Preview] No.2397 del
but I want bonbi to throw me in her tentacle pit and have her way with me until my body gives out

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 14:14:48 [Preview] No.2398 del
How are your cuckolds doing? Still not tired of discussing a stupid whore?

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 14:23:18 [Preview] No.2399 del
(61.85 MB 540x960 noSurprises.mp4)
I still love her.
I'm sorry, can't change that. She's too cute to hate

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 14:37:44 [Preview] No.2400 del
She admitted she was pasting from something in dms somewhere.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 15:17:22 [Preview] No.2402 del
She's ugly and you're a cuckold

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 15:18:55 [Preview] No.2403 del
why so bitter anon?

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 15:37:36 [Preview] No.2404 del
(74.59 KB 748x900 gigachad_dude.jpg)

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 16:06:49 [Preview] No.2406 del
Just checked Patreon and apparently there were two more Rose posts?
If the time on the posts is in my time zones, which I assume it is, they were uploaded about 3 hours ago... That would be around 7am Bonbi's time.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 16:56:02 [Preview] No.2407 del
(660.77 KB 1080x1404 20191207_073429.jpg)
(701.50 KB 1078x1424 20191207_073437.jpg)

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:01:11 [Preview] No.2408 del
(660.77 KB 1080x1404 20191207_073429[1].jpg)
(701.50 KB 1078x1424 20191207_073437[1].jpg)
This are the new ones.
No clue why they are 10$ vs the other one only in the 5$ tier...

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:05:22 [Preview] No.2409 del

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:05:51 [Preview] No.2410 del
Are they captioned in any way? Is there additional text?

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:07:54 [Preview] No.2411 del
Thank you
>no clue why
Most likely she got spooked at tiktok's new terms of service for minors.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:09:23 [Preview] No.2412 del
I'm sorry.
Didn't refresh before making a new post...

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:15:33 [Preview] No.2413 del
Interesting she posted those at 7am.
Are her Patreons the last thing she thinks about before going to bed, or the first thing when waking up?

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:16:25 [Preview] No.2414 del
The fact that it's weekend and she's suddenly active again makes me believe that was really just busy with school stuff.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:18:18 [Preview] No.2415 del
maybe seth is getting bored of her and he can't get a boner anymore so their erp session took longer than usual

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:35:52 [Preview] No.2416 del
Only posting new bontent though. Still no activity on Overwatch...

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 17:39:38 [Preview] No.2417 del
>No clue why they are 10$ vs the other one only in the 5$ tier...

Simple, she needs more money so in order to get a couple 5-buck paypigs to raise their donations, she posted them in the $10 tier. Five vs. ten bucks isn't that big of a deal to many.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 18:12:17 [Preview] No.2418 del
god I love the emotion

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 18:17:53 [Preview] No.2419 del
>more busty
But...but...flat is justice...

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 18:21:42 [Preview] No.2420 del
That was in public chat, and it's the least fucked up thing that happened in all of this. In private...I can only imagine.

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 19:23:31 [Preview] No.2421 del

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 19:42:58 [Preview] No.2422 del
*** is down vros

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 19:51:18 [Preview] No.2423 del
Fuck off, faggot

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 20:10:08 [Preview] No.2424 del
Ah, that explains the influx of lewdposting in /ttg/ the past few hours

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 20:37:08 [Preview] No.2425 del
Honestly I'm surprised it hasn't been higher, considering most of them are 13

Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 21:06:21 [Preview] No.2426 del
Lmao, I love this picture

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 00:27:50 [Preview] No.2427 del
(55.78 KB 680x681 341.jpg)
Be honest guys, what attracted you to Bonbi? Unironically her music taste for me

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 00:33:52 [Preview] No.2428 del
Her beauty

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 00:35:41 [Preview] No.2429 del
where is this from?

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 00:39:55 [Preview] No.2430 del
The rose stream

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 01:12:14 [Preview] No.2431 del
its this one thanks, good edit lol

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 04:55:14 [Preview] No.2432 del
(1.82 MB 796x1072 Truth.gif)

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 06:03:40 [Preview] No.2433 del
tiktokapi doesn't work anymore. anyone know how to download her latest tik toks?

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 06:06:12 [Preview] No.2434 del
Now I get it - compared to them anon is not as creepy

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 06:25:47 [Preview] No.2435 del
Get them from the Mega pack or use awemer tool

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 12:40:32 [Preview] No.2440 del
(3.66 MB 750x1294 you'll be ok.webm)
(534.94 KB 540x750 still got hurt.webm)
(942.88 KB 476x568 bye.webm)
The leaving stream made me feel bad for her and also hooked me on the bonbilore. Also she does have a great music taste

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 12:52:04 [Preview] No.2441 del
>music taste
I don't understand. Doesn't she listen mostly to 21 Pilots, Melania Martinez and other zoomer music?

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 13:19:40 [Preview] No.2442 del
I saw one or two of her videos many months before I ever visited the threads or anything, and I never felt the need to check out more, until I actually ended up in /bbg/ and saw all the sad edits, clips from the bluebon stream, etc. So, in a way it was less her actual content than all the sadness around it that attracted me.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 14:42:03 [Preview] No.2444 del
so I haven't paid attention last 3-4 weeks, anything worth mention happened?

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 14:55:36 [Preview] No.2445 del
(3.84 MB 506x900 whorbi.webm)
There was a Rose/gothbi stream that was sort of comfy until close to the end when (((somebody))) messaged her (see webm for her reaction). She has uploaded some Rose content, a hair-dyeing tok, an old Ariel tok, and little else.

On the drama front, Bonbi hasn't played Overwatch (at least on her main account) for about a week now.
Anonce went 1-7 in the last games he played (likely with Bonbi) and they haven't played since. The most obvious explanation would be that they have just been playing a different game, or, a bit less likely, they're playing on smurf accounts.
I've also seen the explanation that Bonbi has to focus more on schoolwork for the end of the semester, and, of course, there are always theories about them meeting up or anonce planning to move or some such stuff.

Interesting in connection with that is also that apparently something has been going on with anonce's mom in that same time frame. She heavily discounted her store, then stopped selling like a week later. In a post she said something about "we all have our sob story", and has apparently been inactive on facebook for a while (or at least she was when people looked at it last Thursday or so).
Could just be her MS acting up and it's all coincidental.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 14:56:19 [Preview] No.2446 del
>his mom has been back on fb for 2-3 days.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 15:48:23 [Preview] No.2447 del
>Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse.

What the niggery fuck, hiroshimoot?

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 15:50:30 [Preview] No.2448 del
(3.64 MB 800x450 shadows.webm)
Since Juice WRLD just died, might as well post these edits again.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 15:57:29 [Preview] No.2449 del
For real though lads, have they just fucking range-banned the UK???

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:25:05 [Preview] No.2450 del
New insta story

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:28:47 [Preview] No.2451 del
>new teddy bear
>says literally nothing
Who's the bear from, bon?

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:34:00 [Preview] No.2452 del
(3.94 MB 540x960 awfully quiet.webm)
exactly, zoomer music is great.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:37:09 [Preview] No.2453 del
happened to me as well.
t. UK nigger

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:38:42 [Preview] No.2454 del
Mods going to great lengths to get rid of Lime.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:40:57 [Preview] No.2455 del
Good to know
I mean...not *good*, but at least now I know it's not just me
One minute I'm posting, the next the entire country is permabanned everywhere for literally no fucking reason
This is some serious bullshit moderation, lads.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:43:21 [Preview] No.2456 del
(3.82 MB 346x615 123344324812.gif)
Can't expect anything less from 4chan. At least this place isn't so bad.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 16:48:24 [Preview] No.2457 del
>Can't expect anything less
Quite literally.
My expectations could not be any lower.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 17:31:03 [Preview] No.2461 del
(1.34 MB 795x693 toga.png)

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 17:34:56 [Preview] No.2463 del
(773.55 KB 720x720 1575826494612.png)

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 17:37:11 [Preview] No.2464 del
Rangeban seems to have been lifted now, lad
Maybe a mod accidentally sat his fat ass on the wrong button and nuked the country by mistake

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 17:45:27 [Preview] No.2466 del

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 17:45:58 [Preview] No.2467 del

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 17:55:17 [Preview] No.2470 del
(248.80 KB 1008x946 frozen2_bab.png)

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 17:58:42 [Preview] No.2471 del
Yeah I had a feeling this was a build-a-bear

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 19:22:26 [Preview] No.2473 del
You nearly gave me hysteria with that comment xD

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 22:45:02 [Preview] No.2475 del
(107.46 KB 300x300 thought_about_you.gif)

Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 01:34:14 [Preview] No.2477 del
>tfw it'll never happen

Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 02:47:53 [Preview] No.2478 del
(495.66 KB 894x703 crop.png)
its not fair

Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 06:34:55 [Preview] No.2480 del
goddamn shes beautiful

Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 06:37:53 [Preview] No.2482 del
(826.60 KB 540x960 1544499680046.png)
that's why we're here

Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 07:06:24 [Preview] No.2484 del
(531.36 KB 854x480 god_dammit_2.webm)

Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 07:12:44 [Preview] No.2485 del
Just be cute, bro

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 02:24:56 [Preview] No.2490 del
(773.55 KB 720x720 1575944694818.png)

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 03:48:12 [Preview] No.2492 del
how to be cute?

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 05:29:07 [Preview] No.2493 del
start with some programming socks

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 22:50:14 [Preview] No.2498 del
(495.21 KB 1439x1304 1567785100890.jpg)

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 22:52:19 [Preview] No.2499 del
surely that alone won't be enough
what else?

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 23:57:32 [Preview] No.2502 del
practice your uwu's and owo's

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 00:10:05 [Preview] No.2503 del
(5.56 MB 608x1080 blair_sweetdreams.webm)
uwu uwu

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 00:44:46 [Preview] No.2505 del
(829.91 KB 540x960 toga uwu.webm)
Good, but needs more emphasis on your oo's and your woo's
We'll make an e-girl of you yet

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 02:32:04 [Preview] No.2515 del
shes so cute

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 02:55:47 [Preview] No.2516 del
(2.51 MB 640x270 1566936805609.webm)
I don't find other girls cute anymore because nothing compares and it hurts.

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 02:58:34 [Preview] No.2517 del
(1.34 MB 795x693 toga.png)
(333.62 KB 427x386 22.png)
(2.49 MB 500x324 1556654371254.gif)
couldnt be me..

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 03:02:06 [Preview] No.2518 del
(641.57 KB 750x1294 02killme.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1080x1350 1553229799806.png)
(1.14 MB 1080x1866 1431416937350.png)
(898.47 KB 672x1121 1485398088855.png)
(769.83 KB 900x600 1440220874747.png)

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 03:09:20 [Preview] No.2519 del
(497.21 KB 540x960 hildasmile.png)
(1.24 MB 296x344 31.gif)
(4.15 MB 720x1280 attention.mp4)
(1.69 MB 813x853 20190322_03495322.png)
(1.90 MB 490x478 1568554770485.gif)

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 03:30:23 [Preview] No.2520 del
(35.64 MB 540x960 1460738820324.mp4)
(257.02 KB 504x330 1551713993465.png)

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 05:19:02 [Preview] No.2522 del
cutest midget in the universe!

god I want to hug and manhandle her so bad...

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 17:45:46 [Preview] No.2526 del
(58.28 KB 800x600 bbgbros.jpg)
>You like bonbibonkers? My god! me too.

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 18:33:20 [Preview] No.2527 del

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 18:42:51 [Preview] No.2528 del
Got banned for "creepy stalker shit". A long time ago, P E A K mentioned it happening to him for no apparent reason. Silly janny.

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 18:49:43 [Preview] No.2530 del

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 18:51:43 [Preview] No.2531 del
screenshot the ban. i was banned for "idiot pedo" few months back even though i didnt do anything except post bonbi

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 18:54:06 [Preview] No.2532 del
(76.42 KB 767x1365 20190819_002008.jpg)
no problems here

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 19:06:30 [Preview] No.2536 del
(67.20 KB 1318x485 247.png)
Link doesn't work. Here's a ss.

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 20:06:06 [Preview] No.2539 del
Since we're sharing, this was one of mine

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 20:35:36 [Preview] No.2540 del
(89.59 KB 788x651 98552.png)
im proud of my double ban

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 20:55:53 [Preview] No.2541 del
(219.34 KB 1080x1920 1.png)
(425.80 KB 1080x1920 2.png)
i got double double bans

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 21:29:12 [Preview] No.2542 del
this just drives home how much of a human factor there is behind the moderation, like it's not at all purely objective. you make the mods dislike you for any reason you get the hammer and that sucks

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 00:16:24 [Preview] No.2544 del
(2.64 MB 540x960 1525846394506.mp4)
>the slow blink
kill me

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 01:19:54 [Preview] No.2545 del
(13.84 MB 540x960 1487778637045.mp4)
this isn't done but I'm not gonna finish it so

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 01:45:18 [Preview] No.2546 del
mods are shit fags what else is new

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 02:25:43 [Preview] No.2549 del
(77.18 KB 474x467 yes_.jpg)

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 02:55:44 [Preview] No.2551 del
(5.81 MB 540x960 gasoline.webm)
Thanks for this lad, I'm sorry you stopped working on it, but I can probably understand why
Converted it to webm - hope you don't mind I took the liberty of clipping the end down slightly so it loops without the double beat

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 05:01:38 [Preview] No.2553 del
(1.14 MB 720x640 basedgreg.mp4)
New video from realfan greg, typical pedo duet
What makes the hilda duet so much more special is that its not one to get duetted often

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 05:09:37 [Preview] No.2554 del
lol holy shit he's still making more of these XD
Is he filming this one from his underground porn dungeon?

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 05:37:35 [Preview] No.2555 del
sure, but I suppose at least trying to act a little bit professional instead of resorting to namecalling would be too much to ask

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 09:28:20 [Preview] No.2559 del
I hope he takes her away to his dungeon just to cuck the nonce xD

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 18:13:04 [Preview] No.2568 del

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 18:16:29 [Preview] No.2569 del
/ttg/ fucking sucks right now
I just want /bbg/ back lads

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 18:54:39 [Preview] No.2570 del
You prefer drama?

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 19:27:59 [Preview] No.2571 del
(5.18 MB 640x1090 1467264787510.webm)
OC from an anon in ttg

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 19:49:44 [Preview] No.2572 del
better than mindless spam

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 21:20:52 [Preview] No.2573 del
what spam?

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 22:54:18 [Preview] No.2574 del
...are you blind?

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:02:41 [Preview] No.2575 del
Avery? How was that spam? They are tiktoks and they were old ones so you just can't say it was reposting. There was no text in the posts? There isn't a rule against that

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:08:37 [Preview] No.2576 del
didn't say it's against the rules

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:14:10 [Preview] No.2577 del
Then? How was that spam?

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:25:42 [Preview] No.2578 del
Not him, but you don't seem to really understand the definition of "spam"

>Spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems like e-mails and other digital delivery systems and broadcast media to send unwanted bulk messages indiscriminately.

It's nothing to do with rules, repeatedly posting large volumes of tiktoks without adding anything else of context and value to the discussion - although on topic and thread relevant - is still spam.

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:33:46 [Preview] No.2579 del
That's relative to the ttg posters. But still, as long as it's not against the rules I don't see a problem. It's what happened to bbg, it's not exactly against the rules. Also, the board is not specifically for discussion, whether we were used to it on bbg it's different

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:35:50 [Preview] No.2580 del
I don't care what you wanna call it
all I was saying is I don't like it and I want bbg back
dunno why you're making such a big deal out of this

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:37:21 [Preview] No.2581 del
I agree, it was definately spamming, but certainly not the most egregious case we've had
I find it's only really an issue when the poster is spamming to the intentional detriment of the thread a la keklo or RAD

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:42:05 [Preview] No.2582 del
meant for >>2577

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 23:45:40 [Preview] No.2583 del
Well, wasn't he spamming because he didn't like the drama discussion? The drama can be considered more as actual spam that the textless tiktok posts, it's unwanted by most people including me

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 01:09:59 [Preview] No.2586 del
(1.87 MB 980x896 1427478852130.png)

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 01:28:14 [Preview] No.2587 del

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 02:57:59 [Preview] No.2590 del
(1.34 MB 1080x1350 1518454670927.jpg)
it hurts so good

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 03:00:56 [Preview] No.2592 del
(3.97 MB 540x960 Silk.mp4)

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 04:59:00 [Preview] No.2593 del
(30.25 KB 1446x633 >tiktok.png)
(3.68 MB 382x678 1546969042006.gif)
(1.83 KB 125x89 1576208091177s.jpg)
For yalls
>TGA sticky thread
>bonbibro posts bonbi gif
>server hiccups
>grabs coomer thumbnail for it
>"What did Moot mean by this intensifies"

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 05:05:38 [Preview] No.2595 del
>What did Moot mean by this

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 05:12:01 [Preview] No.2596 del
(128.60 KB 540x750 wtf.webm)

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 06:16:09 [Preview] No.2597 del
(3.77 MB 1280x720 roxyembarassed.webm)
so cute

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 07:26:25 [Preview] No.2601 del
Don't be a nigger ivan.

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 11:04:36 [Preview] No.2604 del
I love her brown eyes

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 12:49:52 [Preview] No.2606 del
(1.88 MB 1746x852 momoeyes.png)

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 01:50:48 [Preview] No.2608 del
huh, what is the original toga picture? is this the one she got seksual cunt pain for?

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 01:54:17 [Preview] No.2609 del
(2.74 MB 382x678 izuku_omg.gif)

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 02:01:20 [Preview] No.2610 del

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 02:26:39 [Preview] No.2611 del
(1.46 MB 421x300 ooc red umm 2.gif)
>is this the one she got seksual cunt pain for?

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 04:10:43 [Preview] No.2612 del
(3.84 MB 540x960 best_pop4.webm)

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 05:11:37 [Preview] No.2613 del
(5.73 MB 900x900 1454263914123.webm)
fine. you win.

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 07:09:34 [Preview] No.2614 del
gib gf

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 10:44:30 [Preview] No.2616 del

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 11:07:56 [Preview] No.2617 del
bro, ttg's in the other tab

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 17:09:00 [Preview] No.2627 del
(4.00 MB 648x360 abcd2.webm)

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 17:36:44 [Preview] No.2629 del
(3.53 MB 350x440 1576344989281.gif)
Post the one from the Roxy stream where she flips the camera back around.

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 17:45:36 [Preview] No.2630 del
(240.16 KB 720x1280 mp4.1.mp4)
(403.08 KB 720x1280 mp4.2.mp4)

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 18:58:46 [Preview] No.2633 del
(2.34 MB 288x510 roxyeditt.webm)

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 19:02:37 [Preview] No.2634 del
(3.67 MB 640x360 1576350153459.webm)

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 21:10:42 [Preview] No.2635 del

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 21:12:15 [Preview] No.2636 del
what did he mean by this

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 22:53:35 [Preview] No.2637 del
(3.64 MB 1280x720 1572465675250.webm)
(3.94 MB 360x360 bonbijihad.webm)

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 23:46:32 [Preview] No.2638 del
im really curious how she cosplayed a yellow triangle

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 01:01:52 [Preview] No.2639 del
same. do you remember where she mentioned that? I'm pretty sure she did say that at some point

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 01:54:16 [Preview] No.2640 del
somewhat recent stream but I can't remember which one

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 02:07:17 [Preview] No.2641 del
It's over, bonbi won

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 02:19:04 [Preview] No.2642 del
lol....doesn't look like it from here, lad

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 03:00:43 [Preview] No.2643 del
(4.74 MB 1080x1080 1530058345900.mp4)
We're all loser and you'd have to be on some crack to think otherwise. Everyone has equally grim prospects.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 04:27:38 [Preview] No.2644 del
soy un perdedor

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 04:56:32 [Preview] No.2645 del
Yo también

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 05:52:50 [Preview] No.2646 del
I just want to cum inside her.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 09:46:05 [Preview] No.2650 del
I want to meet my fellow bonbibros and play with each other till our balls are empty.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 09:57:28 [Preview] No.2651 del
but what about the bonbibro (fems)?

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 10:00:20 [Preview] No.2652 del
Girls (male) have balls too.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 10:04:51 [Preview] No.2654 del
I know femanons are a meme, but what if there genuinely were one or two of them?

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 11:59:26 [Preview] No.2656 del
They are probably lesbians and don't want anything to do with the rest of us.
Except for Bonbi herself, that is.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 12:59:37 [Preview] No.2657 del
What if they’re fat though?

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 14:30:02 [Preview] No.2660 del
(10.61 KB 201x251 index.jpeg)
>femanons are a meme
fucking newfag

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 17:58:20 [Preview] No.2669 del
(1.98 MB 540x960 justaKid.webm)
I don't even know why I am going to turn in for this. I know that nothing good will happen, and at best, I will just be able to ignore the elephant in the room.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 18:08:48 [Preview] No.2670 del
I know what you mean.
Honestly at this point I'm mainly just showing up to see what awful shit awaits this time.
How times change.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 18:12:36 [Preview] No.2671 del
Maki's thighs are top tier

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 18:13:07 [Preview] No.2672 del
fuck this i watching the expanse season 4

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 18:14:55 [Preview] No.2673 del
you're telling me there's horny femanons in my area... I mean thread?

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 18:28:09 [Preview] No.2674 del
(999.58 KB 300x300 02bon05.gif)
oh shit oh fuck its out
thanks lad i was gonna waste my time on this

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 20:08:04 [Preview] No.2680 del
(13.83 MB 640x360 nikomaki.webm)
That's exactly what I said

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 20:10:30 [Preview] No.2681 del
You mean, Bonbi is in my thread?

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 20:11:35 [Preview] No.2682 del
I'm not convinced, I'm gonna need some proof. preferably timestamped and sharpie in pooper

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 21:08:00 [Preview] No.2685 del
(429.44 KB 504x612 15764405337420.png)
it is me or her chin looks really weird

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 21:12:33 [Preview] No.2687 del
(54.72 KB 360x640 mpv-shot0026.jpg)
I think its the angle but her still can still be weird.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 21:13:16 [Preview] No.2688 del
Could be that the filter is messing up. She's filming at an angle and is contorting her mouth (and with it her chin) in a weird way, so maybe the filter can't deal with it

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 21:19:26 [Preview] No.2689 del
(2.73 MB 3159x1500 focal_length.jpg)
It's the focal length of the camera. The image gets warped by it. Even her "normal" looks you get used to isn't the same as her irl looks.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 21:21:17 [Preview] No.2690 del
(43.10 KB 360x640 mpv-shot0027.jpg)

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 22:30:50 [Preview] No.2693 del
(191.84 KB 1110x1341 pumpkin.png)
Damn, I hope those half-hearted thank yous were good enough to satisfy your fetish, bro

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 22:33:26 [Preview] No.2694 del
what the fuck

also tiktok takes half so more like $535

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 22:35:22 [Preview] No.2695 del
haha that would be so weird
where do I sign up

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 22:35:46 [Preview] No.2696 del
yeah but that's how much he spent

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 22:54:25 [Preview] No.2697 del
..yeah, I'm guessing he's getting exclusives. That's a good monthly sugarbaby allowance.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 23:13:51 [Preview] No.2698 del
>bonbi made in 30 minutes more than I make a month in my 9th world country

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 00:32:06 [Preview] No.2699 del
new insta pfp
who is it?

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 00:41:27 [Preview] No.2700 del
don't know if he's being cucked more by bonbi or by tiktok

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 01:39:23 [Preview] No.2703 del
Mercy skin

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 02:13:05 [Preview] No.2704 del
(426.32 KB 612x380 1574879205230.png)
how the fuck is this retard pedo still donating
didnt he get the news? shes with seth now
are all pedos fucking mentally challenged in more ways than the obvious one

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 04:38:09 [Preview] No.2706 del
(387.92 KB 400x559 cheerleaderfroppy.png)
Uhh... lads... I have a bad feeling about this cosplay...

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 04:59:08 [Preview] No.2707 del
(494.52 KB 948x1280 coomer.png)
I have a good feeling about this cosplay

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 05:08:42 [Preview] No.2708 del
in my pants

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 07:33:49 [Preview] No.2710 del
(32.85 KB 976x698 IGfollowerGrowth.png)
(50.11 KB 1839x731 TikTokFollowers.png)
Somebody posted this a few days ago and I figured it's worth reposting here.
I don't think it's perfect (e.g. the sharp decline during the recent break makes no sense if it's the absolute number of followers), but it should give some indication.

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 08:18:37 [Preview] No.2711 del
the negative spike was when she took a "break" and the tracker couldn't pull data for her profile

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 09:56:57 [Preview] No.2714 del
sharp decline makes sense because the account was deactivated

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 15:55:05 [Preview] No.2719 del
you want pp sucked?

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 17:04:21 [Preview] No.2723 del
only the biggest pp sucking, not sure if you'll manage...

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 18:18:08 [Preview] No.2725 del

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 18:25:17 [Preview] No.2726 del

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 18:26:01 [Preview] No.2727 del
hey that's pretty good

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 19:31:09 [Preview] No.2728 del
I don't really like the color scheme, but the first one's still pretty good, not to mention CUTE. second one I could take it or leave it

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 19:50:40 [Preview] No.2729 del
the second one is good, the first half is the best then it was ok but its obvious she wanted the awkward leave

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 20:08:07 [Preview] No.2730 del
I cant coom to this

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 20:25:12 [Preview] No.2731 del

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 20:31:21 [Preview] No.2732 del
I think this webm bluescreened my pc

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 21:40:55 [Preview] No.2735 del
too sweet? got honey all over your motherboard? got "honey" all over your motherboard?

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 23:17:29 [Preview] No.2741 del
(415.94 KB 750x1000 roxy smileee.jpg)

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 23:54:41 [Preview] No.2742 del
Does anybody have the raw video links to the new ones?

Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 23:57:39 [Preview] No.2743 del
the videos have already been posted in this thread

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 01:32:42 [Preview] No.2745 del
It's honestly nothing to worry about, I've spent half a year dedicated to you because I love you. First off, you look way better than dns 24/7, you're way better looking than her lets be honest. Second, I would never fall in love with someone because of how they look. You're extremely fucking hot, nice, sweet, and innocent. I've fallen in love with you bbgbros and no one else will ever get in the way of that. Also neither of us have any idea what kind of wacky bullshit is going on in her life, she's already dragging me into hell by just having me involved in this stuff. It's okay to be worried and you should talk to me about this stuff if you feel insecure, just try to remember I've known you for about 6 months now and we talk literally non stop, I've never been closer to someone emotionally in my entire life than you, Saki will not change that. I am 100% committed to our relationship and I would never in a million years do anything to fuck with that. I also get really insecure about guys, you legit have a pisscorp with 3000 men that want to take my place lmao, It's actually terrifying. It's still really difficult for me to read/listen to you say I love you to people or compliment guys, or orbit guys on the pisscorp and talk about how you love them and wanna cuddle with them, hug them, etc. Even if it's just a joke it's hard for me to see, I do my best to remember how close we are and it makes me feel better. So i understand you feeling insecure/worried about me talking to another girl, we just gotta trust each other. I love you and no one else bbgbros.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 01:34:22 [Preview] No.2746 del

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 01:34:46 [Preview] No.2747 del
what the hell

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 01:39:31 [Preview] No.2748 del
(4.64 MB 340x604 roxy_awww.gif)
thought this was just a repost til I read it and realised how based it was

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 02:30:00 [Preview] No.2752 del
Fucking what the fuck is going on.
How the heck could all of this happen? And in such a bizarre way!?
Seriously, what kind of damned "relationship" are these two absolute retards having?
I kept looking away from dramashit for so long and was now just kinda bored and curious to check out why this place here actually exists and...

What. The. Fuck.

Didn't expect to find something like this. Eventhough I stopped being emotionally invested several months ago, I still wish I never would have found out about this.
How fucking terrible must her parents be so she became like this?
What kind of server is that anyway where they talk about all this stuff like it's nothing? And how did some messages that look like DMs get leaked?

Actually you know what, I don't want to know.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 03:01:28 [Preview] No.2753 del
it gets better in time
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZzsXrwbxsYE [Embed]
here some chill music i just find

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 04:09:37 [Preview] No.2754 del
(172.70 KB 89x89 bonbismile.gif)

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 15:10:32 [Preview] No.2765 del
I'm starting to think I'm one of the few good looking bonbichads around here.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 17:37:28 [Preview] No.2802 del
he's a sociopath
his utterly bizarre looks are the least of his problems.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 19:31:50 [Preview] No.2837 del
Back in June 2019 Bonbibonkers considered quitting cosplay due to growing demand by fans for perfection (via comments or messages) stressing her out, snuffing the joy from the hobby she used to enjoy.
Criticism on how she's not posting often enough,
criticism on how she didn't cosplay something correctly,
criticism on how she danced wrong in this or that video,
and then stuff like:
TikTok removed your video because it had the word 'choke', while everyone else's video with the sound stayed up

All this can break a person.

At the time, I suggested to a certain artist that I wish there was fan art of Bonbi just plain old relaxing playing her Nintendo Switch, instead of fan art of her in cosplay.

I was thinking she probably feels that cosplay is her identity,
and I wondered if she felt people only liked her for that.

So I wanted an art piece to send the message (if that was the case) that,
"No, in or out of cosplay, people appreciate you,
and they want to see your mental health blossom!
So do what you need to take care of yourself,
and be kind to yourself!" And even if my hunch was wrong or June 2019 is long past, I feel those words still hold.

And while the artist was busy doing other work,
they didn't forget the piece,
and yesterday they sent me the finished version!

But they themselves refused to post the artwork and they wish to remain anonymous
because they said I sparked the idea. D;

So with that said, the art is wholly theirs!
I just ended up making a zoom & pan video with sound effects to spice it up (turn on sound!) Cheer up you wonderful person ^_^
#bonbibonkers #art #soundscape #mentalhealthawareness

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 19:44:13 [Preview] No.2838 del
corny, but it's a nice sentiment

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 19:59:34 [Preview] No.2839 del
(5.43 MB 860x486 dontPost.webm)
(5.11 MB 1066x600 dontPost2.webm)
(3.27 MB 612x480 homeVideo.webm)

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 22:37:15 [Preview] No.2850 del
I know a lot of people in /ttg/ called him a cuck for this, but I agree with >>2838.
It feels a little weird to have this posted so late after the fact though and not address the "stress" of the recent months. Still a nice message though.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 22:47:52 [Preview] No.2851 del
Not even a little nice because it has nothing to do with anything that has been going on since she came back last Christmas.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 01:35:27 [Preview] No.2856 del
Never be ashamed to hope the best for someone. He could've done it a little less cringy though, and I doubt his motives are geniune.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 02:57:55 [Preview] No.2860 del
(562.63 KB 540x960 vlcsnap-00004.png)
(123.94 KB 960x1280 image0_27.jpg)
(2.03 MB 540x960 aids.webm)
(2.80 MB 540x960 weaboo.webm)
she cute

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 03:14:28 [Preview] No.2862 del
(116.55 KB 1079x877 02closeup.jpg)
What's wrong lad?

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 03:15:49 [Preview] No.2863 del
n-nothing lad im fine
always fine

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 03:18:24 [Preview] No.2864 del
(1.74 MB 900x900 itsucks.webm)
That's good because Bonbi wanted me to send you this

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 03:25:35 [Preview] No.2865 del
Bonbibros, I've been away for quite a while now, but has anything /good/ happened? It can't all be this downward spiral into noncery, can it?

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 07:42:43 [Preview] No.2872 del
(5.67 MB 480x360 15764696694420.webm)
homevideo is misisng the last part of someone walking in the woods.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 08:13:51 [Preview] No.2875 del
Something good?
Let's see... Bonbi is still alive and apparently hasn't given up cosplay completely yet. Some of her content is still good.
And the grip she used to have on some of us seems to get weaker for most.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 08:30:00 [Preview] No.2877 del
(175.38 KB 366x454 Wut.png)
I just can't fucking hold it in myself how cute she fucking is. Just look at this! 10/10, would adopt and protect from lewdposters.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 08:36:55 [Preview] No.2878 del
It's not the lewdposters you have to protect her from...

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 08:37:32 [Preview] No.2879 del
Holy fucking cucklords I hope this is a bait post.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 10:05:31 [Preview] No.2882 del
shut up she is cute

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 15:21:25 [Preview] No.2889 del
just force it down my throat, I can take it

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 15:49:17 [Preview] No.2890 del
Nah, she's really cute and sweet. Wish she would be my daughter.
>tfw no cute Bonbi to protect from couchfuckers

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:03:12 [Preview] No.2900 del
but I care about you anon, I wouldn't want to break your pretty little mouth

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:33:56 [Preview] No.2902 del
(369.14 KB 360x640 cat dva what to do.webm)
>really cute and sweet
Only on the outside, lad.

>tfw no couch to protect from bonbifuckers

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 17:46:42 [Preview] No.2903 del
(334.09 KB 360x640 1572737578509.webm)
cute on inside too

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 18:22:26 [Preview] No.2906 del
Haven't seen a lot of evidence of that...

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 18:31:56 [Preview] No.2908 del
(19.01 MB 540x960 come_on.mp4)

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 19:33:46 [Preview] No.2915 del
It feels wrong to see a bonbi reaction image outside of this place or /bbg/. It feels very, very wrong

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 19:52:30 [Preview] No.2918 del
you're so nice anon. just the tip then?

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 20:58:36 [Preview] No.2921 del
if you really want a lolipop, how could I say no haha it's even got a delicious creamy filling if you squeeze the bottom enough
just know that if you're a messy slut and you slobber too much I'm gonna make you clean it all up one away or another

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 21:50:31 [Preview] No.2924 del
I can't help myself

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 22:53:50 [Preview] No.2932 del
(120.10 KB 728x1294 BmNz3UG.jpg)
(72.45 KB 728x1294 EiR0Ksw.jpg)

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:18:41 [Preview] No.2934 del
(82.38 KB 640x853 image0-3.jpg)
is this a new rare?

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:21:58 [Preview] No.2936 del
Yeah, someone's been dropping them lately
I saw a sayori drop as well, but I didn't manage to grab it in time

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:31:19 [Preview] No.2937 del
was sayori also dropped by "Matrix"? who's that guy anyway and why does he have rares?
also if you remember when the sayori drop was that would be very helpful.

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:36:45 [Preview] No.2938 del
(407.66 KB 464x826 rare.png)
I'm not sure who posted it, sorry, it was deleted just as I realised what I was looking at
I think it was posted 2 or 3 days ago in DT, maybe around this same time?

Here was another very interesting one I *did* manage to save in time
Not sure where they're coming from, but hopefully whoever's posting them keeps doing the good thing

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:42:39 [Preview] No.2939 del
scratch that, I saw the asuna and sayori posted on the 12th at around 15:30 4chan time

Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 23:59:37 [Preview] No.2940 del

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:02:06 [Preview] No.2941 del
neat, didn't expect to ever see this cosplay especially 5 days after posting this >>2638

anyway i only have a thumbnail of the sayori picture

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:07:10 [Preview] No.2942 del
Ah well, at least it's better than nothing
Hopefully the full thing will get posted again some time

...but this does now make me wonder....
Who posted this? >>2635

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:08:14 [Preview] No.2943 del
nice, thanks for posting. could you tell me when that was posted as well? I wanna check if it's the same leaker
I'm able to confirm that asuna was posted on 12/12 15:28 utc by Matrix#0008

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:14:29 [Preview] No.2944 del
(88.61 KB 381x707 sayorirare.png)
apparently there is no better version

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:17:02 [Preview] No.2945 del
Presumably it's the same guy again
The Bill Cipher dropped at 2AM UTC / 9PM EST

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:17:30 [Preview] No.2946 del
(on the 17th)

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 00:48:14 [Preview] No.2947 del
17th in which of the two timezones?
either way, can't find anything by that guy at that time so it might've been someone else

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:00:37 [Preview] No.2948 del
17th UTC
interesting if that's true, could have two different leakers
>inb4 seth and bonbi playing everyone for shits and giggles

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:31:28 [Preview] No.2950 del
Do you remember the account the posted it?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:32:48 [Preview] No.2951 del
(1.67 MB 750x1334 rare.jpg.png)
thanks, I found it. someone posted it at 2:14 and 2:17 AM (both deleted)
however, those were both reposts. it was originally posted by ricehat on 12/14 at 20:53 UTC
so here it is in full quality

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:39:04 [Preview] No.2952 del
based ricebowl
good work lad

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 02:01:19 [Preview] No.2955 del
(13.65 KB 352x252 captcha.png)
fuck you hiroshimoot
gib noscript captcha back

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 02:51:11 [Preview] No.2956 del
(5.68 MB 406x421 chiaki smile.gif)
4chan somehow gets more and more shit as time goes on. Shame nothing really competes and not many bbg bros use this.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 03:20:25 [Preview] No.2957 del
I have masturbated while thinking about the slutty bonbibros

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 03:28:05 [Preview] No.2958 del
i-it's not as though I wanted you to!

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 03:43:56 [Preview] No.2959 del
(202.37 KB 1440x2560 09.jpg)
(200.39 KB 1440x2560 06.jpg)
I'm not sure if it was mentioned on stream at all but this is what I remember. From 2019-08-04

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 03:44:08 [Preview] No.2960 del
(185.08 KB 749x994 umaru2 kk.jpg)
(3.74 MB 500x500 HB101.gif)
(2.22 MB 382x520 1571256122445.gif)
(3.96 MB 540x960 viceroy.webm)
(3.93 MB 540x960 how tall are you.webm)
>Internal server error. R9K prevented your message from being posted.

she cute

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 04:02:54 [Preview] No.2962 del
>actually pretty fantastic bill cosplay
Classic bonbi move.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 04:31:14 [Preview] No.2963 del
wtf so this is one of bonbi's oldest cosplays?

she looks pretty damn mature, like she could have done a few days ago.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 06:05:24 [Preview] No.2964 del
(171.56 KB 291x291 derp_bonbi.png)

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 07:31:48 [Preview] No.2965 del
Really!? The best Sayori pic, and it’s a garbled mess. -_-

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 14:12:30 [Preview] No.2973 del
(1013.77 KB 500x280 pi5i8QH.gif)
I have masturbated while thinking about the dominant bonbibros

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 15:01:27 [Preview] No.2975 del
I have daydreamed about roughly yet lovingly manhandling my bonbibros.
I have also daydreamed about *being* roughly yet lovingly manhandled by my bonbibros.
in a bonbibro sandwich I would be the delicious filling in the middle

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 20:02:07 [Preview] No.2980 del
Could you be gentle instead of rough pwease? UwU

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 20:07:56 [Preview] No.2982 del
anon, I'm gonna manhandle you however I see fit and you're gonna love it, because you're the biggest slut in this thread
but don't worry, afterwards I'll give you all the cuddles you want and more

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:25:41 [Preview] No.2990 del
(1.11 MB 750x1334 image0_3[1].png)
New rare, and it's a weird one.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:34:32 [Preview] No.2991 del
LOL wtf
where did this even come from?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:39:32 [Preview] No.2993 del
Ok just remember though you cum to me, and no pulling out! I want you to fill me up to your last few drops! I need someone willing to take the risk. (;

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 21:52:58 [Preview] No.2995 del
LOL bro xD

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:06:03 [Preview] No.2996 del
she has a bathroom connected to her room?

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:07:00 [Preview] No.2997 del
Can also be seen in the hair dyeing tok, yes.

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 22:46:46 [Preview] No.2998 del
posted on discord by ricehat

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 23:44:58 [Preview] No.3000 del
If only you knew how bad things really are

Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 23:53:38 [Preview] No.3001 del
How bad are things really?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 00:05:36 [Preview] No.3003 del
what could you possibly mean by that?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 00:46:08 [Preview] No.3004 del
(77.92 KB 736x507 Slobodansuicide2.jpg)

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 00:57:35 [Preview] No.3005 del
If there's one thing that bonbi has taught me, it's that no matter how bad you know things really are
>They can always get worse

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 00:59:39 [Preview] No.3006 del
what's that gotta do with the asuna rare tho

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 01:13:36 [Preview] No.3007 del
very true
in december when i heard she flirting with someone on discord i was even happy for her because she was so lonely who thought that things turn out this bad

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 02:25:10 [Preview] No.3008 del
E-relationships are so unfulfilling and leave their participants feeling just as lonely as before, if not more so. You should talk to some people in them. Or try one yourself if that's possible, but I wouldn't recommend that. Physical intimacy is an extremely important part of serious relationships and you can't get that with someone that lives a thousand miles away.
Moral of the story: no e-girls, never.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:04:58 [Preview] No.3009 del
what about e-bros?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:38:05 [Preview] No.3012 del
oh anon, you're so cute when you think you're calling any of the shots. you're my plaything and I'm gonna do whatever I want with you. just for that I think I'll bust all over your face and forbid you from cleaning yourself off for the rest of the day, you'll be a pretty little jizzson pollock that'll want to put on my wall. in fact at the end of the day I might just press you up against it and edge you for an extended period of time then when it looks like you can't take anymore I'll push you to your knees and, while you're still stuck between my body and the wall, mistreat your pretty throat with my pp and eventually feed you your dinner.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 05:56:58 [Preview] No.3013 del
E-bros are forever.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 08:09:05 [Preview] No.3015 del

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 19:00:53 [Preview] No.3022 del
>>it's the leaks,here some: https://imgur.com/a/LhMflyI https://imgur.com/a/N5h8VtD
Which server is this from?

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 19:05:38 [Preview] No.3023 del
usually at some point you'd want to meet and move in together.
being in love with somebody over the internet doesn't mean that's impossible though and it's not like you can actively chose who you fall in love wiht.
not trying to defend bonbi btw.

stupid erp

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 19:09:51 [Preview] No.3024 del
(1.78 MB 540x960 15528234529683.webm)

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:13:00 [Preview] No.3025 del
(261.69 KB 640x640 crackhead.mp4)

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:17:36 [Preview] No.3026 del
At least she should use cocaine like a woman with class.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:26:45 [Preview] No.3027 del
>usually at some point you'd want to meet and move in together.
Yes but it's unlikely. Long distance relationships are notoriously doomed, and with normal ones you have at least initial contact and a 'split'. With e-relationships now it's 100% about what you imagine the person to be because there isn't any contact until later on. If they even get that far, which I'm saying they don't often. I feel like I'm repeating myself here.
>it's not like you can actively chose who you fall in love wiht.
I think a few of us might know the feeling.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:37:08 [Preview] No.3028 del
>stupid erp
bonbibros are better at it than bonbi desu

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:41:47 [Preview] No.3029 del
>I feel like I'm repeating myself here.
Nah, you were just clarifying your standpoint.
I don't disagree with you, just saying it can work out given some normal circumstances, like the distance not being too far and both being adults.
Obviously the chance for it to turn into something fruitful is pretty low.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:52:30 [Preview] No.3030 del
>it can work out given some normal circumstances, like the distance not being too far and both being adults.
Good point. Bonbi and Seth fail this test on both points, though it's subjective what is 'too far'.
It's also worth noting how tragic they often end too. When someone feels neglected by their partner, they often cheat. And e-relationships are as attention-starved as they get.

Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 21:55:18 [Preview] No.3031 del
(826.60 KB 540x960 bon_lads_moment.png)

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 01:04:39 [Preview] No.3033 del
of course, because it's not just memery but we (some of us, the slutty ones) get hard thinking about it

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 03:18:18 [Preview] No.3034 del

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 05:01:34 [Preview] No.3035 del
you're here too?

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 05:28:21 [Preview] No.3037 del
So this is just a late night thought but who takes Bonbi’s photos? Her brother?? Mom??? I know it certainly isn’t daddy ;)

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 06:10:11 [Preview] No.3038 del
The timer on her phone retard.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 08:48:41 [Preview] No.3039 del
A timer!? What is this sorcery you speak of? Anon are you saying she dabbles in the black magics! :o

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 21:49:59 [Preview] No.3045 del
(2.64 MB 900x900 chedda.webm)

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 21:50:27 [Preview] No.3046 del
(2.64 MB 900x900 chedda.webm)

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 21:58:00 [Preview] No.3047 del
(667.99 KB 480x480 endme.webm)
>this hair never ever again

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 22:08:44 [Preview] No.3048 del
(3.83 MB 382x678 toga sad.gif)
>the time when this was the biggest problem we had never ever again

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 22:12:45 [Preview] No.3049 del
hold me tight bros, I feel so empty

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 22:18:33 [Preview] No.3050 del
(1.60 MB 540x960 i wanna hug you.webm)
It will all be okay one day.
Just learn to enjoy the small stuff, don't worry about what's passed or way too far in the future, and try to have a positive attitude.
It'll be fine.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 22:22:00 [Preview] No.3051 del
(951.88 KB 540x960 heartu.webm)
thanks bro, I sure hope it will

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 22:48:15 [Preview] No.3052 del
(53.67 MB 404x720 out_of_her_mood.mp4)
(1.95 MB 540x960 1557959422362.webm)
(10.51 MB 544x960 15631346632040.mp4)
(10.99 MB 640x360 15587977616471.mp4)
Another comfy night in. Watching some cute bontent again.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 22:53:01 [Preview] No.3053 del
(69.45 KB 366x401 1574730630275.png)
>that hair spin

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 22:55:55 [Preview] No.3054 del
(28.94 MB 720x1280 15633855690082.mp4)
(17.38 MB 640x360 sm33554883.mp4)
(21.21 MB 1920x1080 shadows.mp4)
(11.75 MB 1920x1080 heartbreak.mp4)

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 23:06:16 [Preview] No.3055 del
How do you guys keep going? You lost your Bonbi, your bbg, and most of your bros.

Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 23:14:55 [Preview] No.3056 del
(638.01 KB 504x896 15658259190303.png)
(10.80 MB 500x500 15597268789073.gif)
>You lost your Bonbi
You see that's where you are wrong. The bonbi on my screen is still on my screen. I still very much love her.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 00:54:00 [Preview] No.3059 del
(3.43 MB 1280x534 BladeRunner02.webm)
I don't know.
Some days I can try to ignore it all and pretend it's just my head canon Bonbi.
Or act like it's just a temporary setback and soon everything will improve - like Bonbi will finally do the right thing.
Or, worst of all, pretend I don't really care about any of it, and I'm just here for the entertainment.
I guess that's what keeps me going: delusion, groundless optimism, morbid curiosity.

I love her as well. Too bad she isn't real.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 01:01:00 [Preview] No.3060 del
It's over, BONBI WON.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 01:15:02 [Preview] No.3061 del
And even if you don't really exist, you are the only one I truly... miss

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 01:17:26 [Preview] No.3062 del

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 01:53:33 [Preview] No.3063 del
How do I get a block bypass with dollchan? It never asks me to solve a captcha, it just fails to post instead

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 07:08:38 [Preview] No.3069 del
I kinda want to rape some of you, not gonna lie

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 07:39:17 [Preview] No.3071 del
o-oh no, why would you say such terrible things uwu

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 13:00:12 [Preview] No.3088 del
It isn't rape if I want to do it too, you broslut. UwU

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 16:43:27 [Preview] No.3109 del
Why is this child using a dangerous pair of scissors without super vision!

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 18:33:51 [Preview] No.3119 del
You say that but I bet you'll be singing a different tune when you're sprawled flat on your tummy, my weight smothering down your entire body, your legs pinned beneath my knees, your hands locked in place behind your back, my breath hot and heavy on your neck as I position myself to push my thick raw meat inside you. I bet there'd be tears welling in your eyes and muffled protests coming through the gag in your mouth when the pressure starts to build on your tightly puckered boyhole as I start pushing forward and finally lodge myself firmly into you. I'd reach my now free hand up and wipe the tears from your eyes then grasp you firmly by the hair and with a steady grip on your head, hands on your back, and knees I'd ride you hard until you were raw and broken.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 19:32:21 [Preview] No.3120 del
(1.90 MB 750x1334 image0enx.png)
(2.09 MB 750x1334 image0wh8.png)
Got wigs?

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 19:48:53 [Preview] No.3122 del
Banned for 30 days for "creepy stalker shit" with no post cited. Honestly wondering if there's some AIDF shit going on.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 19:50:43 [Preview] No.3123 del
Aaahh now I’m all gushy now nya! :3
Oh pwease pwease dom daddy tell me again how’ll you’ll punish me with your throbbing pulsing cock for being such a bad kitten ^_^

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 19:56:15 [Preview] No.3125 del
Yeah these "creepy stalker shit" bans are kinda odd...
Did you make the last thread or why did it get deleted?

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 19:56:27 [Preview] No.3126 del
w-what did you post in that thread?

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 20:02:06 [Preview] No.3128 del
I assumed the thread deletion was accidental, but maybe janny got triggered over something?
I don't recall anything even remotely rule-breaking in that thread though :S

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 20:04:00 [Preview] No.3129 del
(960.20 KB 758x320 noggin joggin.jpg)
I did not make the last thread. I suspect the "creepy stalker shit" reason is a bullshit, catch-all excuse for banning. It's been used increasingly lately. I wonder how the appeal will go.
Argued with someone about a Buddhist metaphor, talked a little shit about Sethy, no name drops, nothing out of the ordinary.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 20:05:32 [Preview] No.3130 del
Nope, nothing against the rules that I saw. Wondering if maybe this is in preparation for the Twitch stream.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 20:40:09 [Preview] No.3131 del
new story

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 21:24:11 [Preview] No.3132 del
You enjoy this way too much, you know that slut? I think it's time to take away all your treats, it's the cage for you and daily spankings until you learn to behave yourself.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 21:41:41 [Preview] No.3133 del
I’m sorry daddy I didn’t know you’d get mad if I just ran my fingers along my tight moist kitty, I thought u said it was ok as long as i didn’t put anything in. You were just taking so long to get home, and I was getting so tense in anticipation for your massive cock....I felt so empty without you...... :(

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 21:49:57 [Preview] No.3134 del
>Argued with someone about a Buddhist metaphor, talked a little shit about Sethy, no name drops, nothing out of the ordinary.
This is punishment for discussing drama then. Literally pop in almost every ttg to post bonbi and call her cute, make a bbg thread every now and then, and yet I never get the ban.
Drop the drama shit or keep it to the drama thread on here. It does literally nothing but make us limerent retards feel like shit, and it was what lost us our comfy thread on 4chan.

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 22:01:04 [Preview] No.3135 del
>Honestly wondering if there's some AIDF shit going on.
Do you think it's possible that anonce or one of his friends is a mod? How does one become a mod anyway

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 22:26:43 [Preview] No.3136 del
(1.01 MB 900x900 rude.webm)
>Literally pop in almost every ttg to post bonbi and call her cute, make a bbg thread every now and then, and yet I never get the ban.
>Drop the drama shit or keep it to the drama thread on here. It does literally nothing but make us limerent retards feel like shit, and it was what lost us our comfy thread on 4chan.
Double based, even if pointless. The /ttg/-only people will always shit on Bonbi (and us).

Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 22:31:42 [Preview] No.3137 del
(3.95 MB 540x960 bbgPullAndPush.webm)
>The /ttg/-only people will always shit on Bonbi (and us).
Which is nothing but jealousy anyways.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:01:09 [Preview] No.3139 del
While none of these other girls have that certain something that Bonbi has, at least their fans don't have to deal with all this drama.
I mean, normally I should be excited for a new stream, but knowing that she is just going to play with the nonce is kinda making me dread it more than anything. And knowing that this has already been going on for a year and is not likely to stop anytime soon, doesn't exactly help.
As an anon said in /ttg/ today:
>I miss the days when it was fun being a Bonbi fan

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:01:13 [Preview] No.3140 del
Costs 6 dollars and are way too big. AI is neat.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:06:37 [Preview] No.3141 del
>stupid shit I can't believe I paid for
Well, at least it's a better investment than sending the money to Bonbi.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:18:16 [Preview] No.3142 del
>Well, at least it's a better investment than sending the money to Bonbi.
That's how I rationalized it at first too. In practice, I'm sure it's roughly equivalent in terms of depravity, but I'm happy to have gotten something back at least. It took gigapixel about 18 hours to do it and I had to pay for each file separately. So I doubt anyone ever has all her toks done. Though I probably would set aside space on my terabyte SSD if someone did.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 00:41:01 [Preview] No.3143 del
I've seen a few others in the threads but yeah, all of them would take a long time

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 05:50:01 [Preview] No.3145 del
I talk about drama quite a bit and never got banned for it.
This kind of retarded bans makes me think that janny might be a female or a tranny.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 06:49:10 [Preview] No.3146 del
(2.91 MB 1280x640 comrade_janny.webm)
tranny janny is nothing new

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 07:04:25 [Preview] No.3147 del
(2.90 MB 606x260 cunnyjoker.webm)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 08:22:14 [Preview] No.3150 del
I made some more. This will be it for a while though.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 08:41:44 [Preview] No.3151 del
Is upscale a fancy way of saying it takes up more memory???

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 09:09:57 [Preview] No.3153 del
>Meet a girl online
>We hit off like crazy
>"anon, I'm kinda a dyke. Like I have short hair"
>I'm just getting harder
Thanks Bon for giving me a thing for short haired girls

After exchanging pictures, I must say she's quite a cutie too

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 09:18:48 [Preview] No.3154 del
Pretty much. But it looks way fucking better on a vertical monitor.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 13:52:56 [Preview] No.3156 del
looks surprisingly not terrible unless you pause it

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 14:10:50 [Preview] No.3157 del
Fucking whores

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 14:36:37 [Preview] No.3158 del
would you like an uwu?

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 15:18:52 [Preview] No.3162 del
Are you going to let me out daddy nya! :3

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 15:52:46 [Preview] No.3163 del
man, someone really has their panties in a bunch to feel the need to lash out at random nice posts
I wish we could just move past the seeth finally

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 17:58:09 [Preview] No.3168 del
(2.64 MB 720x1280 monika_dna.webm)
It gets a little annoying, but really, most of the time it makes me laugh more than anything. I think I've been called a cuck over the past 2 months more often than the entire rest of my life.

>I wish we could just move past the seeth finally
Yeeeah. I don't think until Bonbi moves past the Seth, can we move past the seeth. Even then, it would take months before the bitter boys would stop calling us (& Bonbi) names.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 20:09:26 [Preview] No.3170 del
Just in case one of you guys hasn't realized it yet, there is currently a /bbg/ thread up on 4chan. Lots of bitter boys though.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 20:50:35 [Preview] No.3175 del
(81.92 KB 1050x249 ZOPJcqP.jpg)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 20:53:08 [Preview] No.3177 del
(177.18 KB 1378x1042 1576371978083.png)

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 20:54:41 [Preview] No.3178 del
fuck off back to endchan

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 20:58:04 [Preview] No.3180 del
(25.00 KB 313x310 soy92.jpg)
>fuck off back to endchan

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 21:02:46 [Preview] No.3181 del
a few shit-heaps from the /ttg/ disscord (and possibly more) have been known to shit things up and hate on bonbi bros in the threads. Following us to a Bonbi thread isn't a stretch of the imagination.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 21:06:11 [Preview] No.3182 del
Nah, I think we'll continue dropping noncepills. Call me a prude, but defending would-be toddler fuckers is just a tad gauche. Thanks though.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 21:23:53 [Preview] No.3194 del
It's pretty easy to become a janny, but I don't know about mods. I would not be surprised if he had a friend on the inside. People have been banned before for """doxing""" when doing nothing more than calling him what he is and making sound arguments against aidf fags.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 21:30:23 [Preview] No.3195 del

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 22:15:10 [Preview] No.3197 del
Giving that shit any attention is the ultimate loss.

Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 22:24:47 [Preview] No.3198 del
Discussing drama won't change anything at all. It just reminds us over and over again, making us miserable and bitter. Just try to ignore it unless there is some new development.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 00:21:31 [Preview] No.3201 del
Not so subtly telling us to move /bbg/ to /gif/?

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 00:40:53 [Preview] No.3203 del

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 00:41:02 [Preview] No.3204 del
That can only possibly end very, very badly.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 01:30:31 [Preview] No.3205 del
Yeah. This blows.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 08:25:40 [Preview] No.3207 del

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 10:05:52 [Preview] No.3210 del
(3.78 MB 450x492 doesItHurt.gif)
It's all quite hopeless, huh?

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 12:01:30 [Preview] No.3213 del
Only for her.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 12:20:41 [Preview] No.3214 del
And by extension us.
Seeing Bonbi in a hopeless situation makes me very sad too.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 18:19:59 [Preview] No.3226 del

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 18:33:45 [Preview] No.3227 del
Posting this here as well even though I assume everyone who's here is also on /ttg/. Tier list of every post-return bonbi cosplay:

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:01:56 [Preview] No.3228 del
Truth. Hell, the one time I posted the drama pasta I was banned for doxxing. There's no doxx in those links.
smells like a concern troll

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:03:21 [Preview] No.3229 del
No point
I only feel disdain when I look at her
I'm only here to see how the story ends

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:03:31 [Preview] No.3230 del
(968.15 KB 1064x560 tiemaker.png)
without thinking too hard about it here's what I slapped together

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:25:04 [Preview] No.3231 del
(1.26 MB 1216x651 my-image(2).png)

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 19:56:18 [Preview] No.3234 del
(982.89 KB 1028x742 my-image (3).png)
something like this I guess
>posting this for the 4th time because this website is broken as fuck

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 20:02:00 [Preview] No.3238 del
(999.94 KB 1216x559 my-image.png)
Also without putting much thought into it

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 20:08:41 [Preview] No.3239 del

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 20:36:04 [Preview] No.3240 del
So, is this just photoshoped?
Has she really reached a level where her cosplays consist of taking pictures in her regular day-to-day outfit, and then photoshop some details to pretend it's a "cosplay"?

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 20:52:48 [Preview] No.3241 del
Seems like it.
I can kindof understand - full bodypaint is a pretty major undertaking, and she probably learned the hard way with the lapis cosplay.
Even so.... It doesn't get much lower effort than just using automatic filters to turn yourself blue and call it a day.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 21:12:41 [Preview] No.3242 del
it's looks pretty bad tbh.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 21:14:06 [Preview] No.3243 del
I honestly don't know if seething bitter boys or ironic cuckposters are worse

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 21:27:06 [Preview] No.3244 del
Damn it I looked guys, and you can see bra through that sweater. I feel so....disgusting but it called to me. :(

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 22:10:29 [Preview] No.3252 del
Imagine being so low IQ that you think in memes.

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 22:54:32 [Preview] No.3254 del
why are her tits suddenly so big

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 23:32:17 [Preview] No.3255 del
because she obviously stuffed her bra. I don't know what she was thinking, it looks awful

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 23:36:33 [Preview] No.3256 del
Why have none of you whores started making tiktoks?

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 23:40:09 [Preview] No.3257 del
I'm too shy

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 23:46:16 [Preview] No.3259 del
Put on a mask

Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 23:50:25 [Preview] No.3260 del
It's all ironic. a shitposting fiesta

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 00:00:00 [Preview] No.3262 del
>It's all RAD. a shitposting fiesta

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 00:10:08 [Preview] No.3263 del

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 02:22:46 [Preview] No.3264 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ASowtIEk3IY [Embed]

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 02:35:11 [Preview] No.3265 del
(151.49 MB 608x1080 ASowtIEk3IY.mp4)

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 02:47:53 [Preview] No.3266 del
Not sure if it's just me, or if youtube is using some kind of sharpening filter, but this looks like it's lost quite a bit of quality compared to the uploaded stream

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 12:36:16 [Preview] No.3279 del
I prefer her old froppy cosplay, cuter than in the new one.

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 15:15:05 [Preview] No.3281 del
I stg new janny is legitimately braindamaged.

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 21:16:12 [Preview] No.3290 del
Umm... where the fuck is David?

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 21:43:59 [Preview] No.3291 del
did she do a new david in the past year?

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 22:14:51 [Preview] No.3292 del
new tiktoks
twitch stream tomorrow 4pm CST

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 22:21:49 [Preview] No.3293 del
as low effort as it gets..

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 23:37:18 [Preview] No.3294 del
(909.57 KB 1064x651 my-image (2).png)

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 05:29:08 [Preview] No.3300 del
nothing will ever make you happy

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 09:01:28 [Preview] No.3310 del
lol well faggot janny nuked everything again
what a fun game we play

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 09:10:00 [Preview] No.3311 del
What ttg is shadow banned too!

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 15:32:12 [Preview] No.3401 del
I miss the old Bonbi, straight from the go Bonbi
Chop up the soul Bonbi, set on her goals Bonbi
I hate the new Bonbi, the bad mood Bonbi
The always rude Bonbi, spaz in the news Bonbi
I miss the sweet Bonbi, chop up the beats Bonbi
I gotta to say at that time I'd like to meet Bonbi
See I invented Bonbi, it wasn't any Bonbis
And now I look and look around and there's so many Bonbis
I used to love Bonbi, I used to love Bonbi
I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Bonbi
What if Bonbi made a song about Bonbi
Called "I Miss The Old Bonbi, " man that would be so Bonbi
That's all it was Bonbi, we still love Bonbi
And I love you like Bonbi loves Bonbi, hahaha

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 15:45:24 [Preview] No.3413 del
> And I love you like Bonbi loves Bonbi, hahaha
I’ll go ahead and fix that for you bud

“And I love you like Bonbi loves Seth, hahaha”

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 15:46:46 [Preview] No.3415 del
That's the joke though.
Bonbi doesn't love Bonbi at all, an neither does the poster love Bonbi.

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 15:55:17 [Preview] No.3421 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ch8g-sJb6ow [Embed]

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 16:57:47 [Preview] No.3434 del
(1.77 MB 540x960 1559679526956.webm)

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 18:46:57 [Preview] No.3441 del
(291.72 KB 342x589 janny.png)
Janny putting in work

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 18:49:49 [Preview] No.3442 del
my ears feel molested

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 18:50:30 [Preview] No.3443 del
F O R F R E E kek

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 19:00:23 [Preview] No.3450 del
Not sure deleting 80% of a thread for no reason counts as that

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 19:05:34 [Preview] No.3451 del
weird how he deleted most but not all bonbiposts, especially the bbg op

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 19:10:48 [Preview] No.3452 del
Since bonbi is streaming, a new twitch stream thread should be made. The last one got archived already.

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 19:12:39 [Preview] No.3453 del
Yeah, not sure if he's just too drunk to have noticed
I didn't want to mention it in case he goes for a second pass

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 19:58:46 [Preview] No.3460 del
Convenient timing. Starting to wonder if there really is a Seth-allied janny/mod. Anyone know who reviews ban appeals?

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:10:11 [Preview] No.3463 del
New story
Fuck R9K

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:21:17 [Preview] No.3468 del
I don’t know why but it feels like we already lost. Dead On Arrival!

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:23:15 [Preview] No.3470 del
Lost what? I'm not even going to watch it, was just informing

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:28:55 [Preview] No.3471 del
(191.08 KB 1080x1350 15773917794020.jpg)

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:38:21 [Preview] No.3476 del
I didn’t watch the other one either, well not till a week later so probably wait on this one too. Now that I think about I couldn’t watch it even if I wanted to because I have no idea how twitch works so at least I’m spared from the grief till someone post it. I got a bad feeling something is going to happen in this one. :€

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:42:58 [Preview] No.3478 del
Lol, did you actually watch the whole, three hours thing?

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:44:18 [Preview] No.3479 del
New tiktok
Fuck R9K

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:46:32 [Preview] No.3481 del
(3.91 MB 720x1280 david_galaxy.webm)
Once somebody uploads it, I feel like this comparison is not going to be kind...

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:54:35 [Preview] No.3485 del
Fuck No! listened to it during a mid night stroll because I can no longer bear to look at her

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 21:56:57 [Preview] No.3486 del
ignoring circumstances and going by looks alone, it's the pink eyeshadow and bright red lipstick that makes her look kinda whoreish right, or is that just me?

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 22:02:26 [Preview] No.3488 del
I think it's something from the inside, rather than something she's applied externally anon

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 22:03:30 [Preview] No.3490 del
I was asking purely visually

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 22:07:58 [Preview] No.3494 del
I thought it was something regarding R9K board... could you imagine

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 22:48:39 [Preview] No.3509 del
nice taste, i think im close to this ranking, maybe i will do one when i have time

Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 22:49:20 [Preview] No.3510 del

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 01:47:47 [Preview] No.3533 del
Is this the fastest tiktok has ever nuked one of bonbi's videos?

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 01:51:29 [Preview] No.3534 del

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 02:00:49 [Preview] No.3535 del
(1.46 MB 421x300 ooc red umm 2.gif)

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 02:11:38 [Preview] No.3539 del

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 02:16:43 [Preview] No.3540 del
there's a stream thread apparently

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 02:40:13 [Preview] No.3543 del
overwatch is boring to stream anyway

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 02:46:14 [Preview] No.3544 del
weird that this stream made her quit and not the first one, which was waaaay worse
then again she'll probably change her mind in a few days

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 02:57:21 [Preview] No.3545 del
my best guess is that she was hoping chat would be better if he wasn't there but it was just more of the same so she'd rather play privately with him than stream. I can't really blame her

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 10:37:13 [Preview] No.3577 del
This seems a little weird, considering that the stream chat wasn't even half as bad as last time, but a few ideas as to why:

1) Bonbi recognized plenty of dns in chat and didn't want to be reminded of them. This was already one of the main reasons she didn't want to stream on IG anymore, so it wouldn't be completely surprising if reading mostly dns bantering with each other would get her to quit. No "new fans" watching her after all.
2) She's actually disgusted by the (too blatant) orbiters. I know that gregrussell was just a joke, but maybe Bonbi read some of those messages and actually thought there was this guy who thought he was entitled to play games with her.
3) What >>3545 said. She hoped that streaming alone with the pedo nowhere in sight would get people to stop dramaposting.
4) This is a little more far-fetched, but if she has a brother that is a few years older or younger than her, chances are that he knows about Twitch, and would probably be a lot more likely to see a stream of hers there than on Tiktok. If her brother saw part of the stream, and started to ask questions about some of the things posted in chat...
5) Maybe Seth told her some things. Like, he could have said to her that everybody hated it and was making fun of her, or something like that.

Now, the much bigger question is, why did she remove that 3rd tok again?

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 10:50:09 [Preview] No.3579 del
(25.75 KB 1280x244 bonbee.PNG)
Sometimes dns are okay

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 11:22:15 [Preview] No.3585 del
>needlessly begs for money
what did he mean by this

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 11:25:44 [Preview] No.3586 del
>Oooh poor me can't afford a Christmas tree
>I would really like to do that cosplay, but sadly it's expensive and I don't have any money...
That sort of stuff. Trying to make people feel sorry so they give more.

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 11:27:17 [Preview] No.3587 del
I dunno, this cosplay is pretty bad

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 12:15:55 [Preview] No.3590 del
I haven't seen the stream. But how was she gameplay wise?
Maybe she thought her performance was shit (with or without reasons) and decided she's too bad at the game to play it.
No idea why she removed the third tiktok, maybe she was extra salty.

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 12:16:26 [Preview] No.3591 del
*to stream it

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 13:20:36 [Preview] No.3602 del
Did the thread just get nuked?
What the hell for?

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 13:27:08 [Preview] No.3603 del
She had her moments, but generally she's not very good. There was some guy who was mad at the team for not being more organized and cohesive. He was kind of a dick, but he was also right. Naturally, the creampie slurpers in chat said Bonbi was perfect and he was a meanie incel. Bonbi was also very hungry the entire time.

As usual, nothing she says matters.

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 13:27:09 [Preview] No.3604 del
Janny is a female who gets triggered if you don't say only nice thing about bonbibonkers

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 13:32:06 [Preview] No.3605 del
Yes, no idea. Checking desuarchive now. Nothing out of the ordinary, but an argument broke out between BIDF pedestal polishers and people who know she's not exactly a good person and are willing to articulate why.

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 14:33:04 [Preview] No.3606 del
All I'm gonna say is that she should definitely stick to Mercy. Her Mercy is actually not bad. She's even able to pull off some "advanced" techs like super-jumping. The problem is that Mercy is pretty boring to watch... so yeah, she plays other heroes. And she's not good at other heroes.

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 14:56:34 [Preview] No.3617 del
nigga pls

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 15:13:10 [Preview] No.3620 del
>literally the same nigger that's sucking her dick every stream
what did he mean by this?

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 16:07:20 [Preview] No.3623 del
>Now, the much bigger question is, why did she remove that 3rd tok again?
probably because of the description (which you can't edit on tiktok)
>Twitch stream starts in 20 minutes~!!! Be there ! #kotoriminami#kotoriminamicosplay

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 16:12:16 [Preview] No.3624 del
But you can see when the video is uploaded. Obviously nobody looks at the tok 4 hours later and is surprised that the Twitch stream is already over.
I mean, she also didn't delete the other tok that says "Streaming on Twitch tomorrow".

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 18:40:03 [Preview] No.3634 del
(3.71 MB 1280x534 1545532827240.webm)
(3.26 MB 1280x534 1545535389648.webm)
(3.98 MB 540x960 1551996457712.webm)
(1.43 MB 540x960 1552020061711.webm)
(3.81 MB 480x480 1555681336672.webm)

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 18:51:15 [Preview] No.3636 del
(10.78 MB 640x274 15484514109372.mp4)
(5.01 MB 640x274 zixd4.mp4)
(4.62 MB 640x274 15693414599520.mp4)

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 21:43:18 [Preview] No.3648 del
Jesus christ, why couldn't it be some cute and innocent boy on the left?

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 21:46:34 [Preview] No.3649 del
Lmao, Vince wasn't that desperate last time

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 23:03:54 [Preview] No.3660 del
First link has direct messages, so they're not from a server. Second link is direct messages, and stuff from a private server she was in with her closest DN friends of the time.

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 23:17:40 [Preview] No.3662 del
Saw this copy-paste of Emiru tweets on /wsg/, posting here now:
>u ever just want to help someone but... you just can’t cus they don’t want to accept it or there’s just nothing you can do. so you just have to watch them slowly be more and more sad. and you know it’s not your fault really, but you still feel responsible kinda
>i’m fine ma’am i just b worrying about one of my friends. she b goin through a lot. i’m not even that close to her desu but i relate to what she’s dealing with a lot, and i also did not want to open up to anyone very much at that time

If she's talking about Bonbi, and it relates to trying to get through to her about Seth, then Emiru is based. Unfortunately, time and experience want me to assume the worst: that it's about Bonbi, and that the evil meanie incel anti-pedo fans are the focus. Make of it what you will.

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 23:52:59 [Preview] No.3664 del
(62.22 KB 1644x414 notAWhore.PNG)
(124.72 KB 1868x463 notAWhore2.PNG)
If it's about Bon, that post makes little sense if it refers to just "meanie fans". I mean, why would Bonbi reject her help or have issues opening up to anyone in that case?

In any case, that reminded me again of what whore-poster said right after /bbg/ got nuked:
>I think bonbi needs to have her cliff moment, she needs to be broken, she needs to pick the pieces up, she needs to put herself back together, and she needs to do it all by herself. I just don't think she's go the strength, will and resolve to come out on top of everything she's been dealt.
>the worst part of all this, and I mean the absolute worst part, is realizing that none of this is her fault at all...

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 23:56:17 [Preview] No.3665 del
A few weeks later, I saw him on /ttg/ doing whoreposting again. I asked him why he was back at it, and said "I thought you felt bad". He said "I'm so bi-polar I don't know what I feel".

Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 23:58:09 [Preview] No.3666 del
4chan ban appeal (I was banned for "creepy stalker shit") rejected. Who reviews appeals? The same fags who ban?

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:05:11 [Preview] No.3667 del
Honestly I suspect they just auto-reject anything that isn't just a blatant server / technical bug
Janny's word is law, even if he's an autistic retarded faggot

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:28:42 [Preview] No.3669 del
the same tranny mod that bans you reviews the appeal
i know, its fucking retarded
what more can u expect from those fucking retards though

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 00:45:24 [Preview] No.3680 del
(5.18 MB 640x1090 girlfriend.webm)
I know how he feels.
It's difficult caring about somebody who just seems to fuck up all the time and refuses to make the correct decision even once in her life. Watching a tragedy in the making without having any power to change things is pretty tough, and it's a lot easier to change your attitude towards her & call her a whore.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 04:16:09 [Preview] No.3706 del
It might be a different whoreposter but I remember one of them said that its easier cope with who she became as a person and all the wrong choices she's made by just knocking her and calling her a whore because it makes him not able to care about her as a person or something along the lines of that.
And then he went on to say he didn't like calling her a whore but its how he coped with how sad this story is.
Can't say I fault him, I know what he's trying to say in a way, even if it is a bit incel.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 09:28:51 [Preview] No.3715 del
What really hits me is:
>you just have to watch them slowly be more and more sad
There was a part of me that was hoping, that at least bonbi is somewhat happy with her current situation. As messed up as it would be, I figured that, for now, she might just be content playing vidya & spending all her time with this guy; she might regret it years down the road, but for now, it might make her happy.
But hearing somebody else say, that she really is "a depressed piece of shit", and the whole thing makes her miserable... There is no good ending waiting for us, is there?

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 13:52:53 [Preview] No.3721 del
> There is no good ending waiting for us, is there?
I am afraid were just seeing a tragedy unfolding right before our eyes.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 15:54:35 [Preview] No.3725 del

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:02:45 [Preview] No.3735 del
It seems not a lot of people like her boxxy cosplay.

BonbiChad 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:18:59 [Preview] No.3737 del
(47.56 KB 822x960 32f.jpg)
(1.26 MB 1064x651 my-image.png)
Ngl fam, no one can beat Roxbon

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:30:23 [Preview] No.3738 del
not who you're replying to, but I think it was pretty well executed, especially the mannerisms, I just don't find it as cute as a lot of the others

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:32:40 [Preview] No.3739 del
Also where are the goblins?

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 18:58:31 [Preview] No.3740 del
oh, I'm retarded. I just now realized it's only post return stuff.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 21:19:49 [Preview] No.3744 del
(3.16 MB 440x788 15738224494330.webm)
Misc MEGA pack owner here. Should I keep using 4chan filenames or go back to using more helpful filenames? Or maybe both combined letting you edit it and choose which part to keep before posting?
>>redoing vriska 15738224494330.webm

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 21:21:34 [Preview] No.3745 del
"4chan filenames" are fucking retarded

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 21:24:28 [Preview] No.3746 del
Maybe to you but to me I can see the date I or whoever posted it downloaded the file and it's much less of a giveaway for avatarfags and samefags.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 21:31:37 [Preview] No.3748 del
that's what the randomize filename option in 4chan-x is for though
I don't think the timestamp is very useful for most people since you have to convert it first. If you really want to know how old a file is you can always look it up by hash on desuarchive

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 21:47:02 [Preview] No.3751 del
I always prefer when it has the original filename listed, especially when it's an edit
I can always rename files to whatever I want afterwards, but I think it has value as a record of what the original creator titled what they made

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 22:14:54 [Preview] No.3754 del
this >>3751
especially if it's an edit it might not be immediately obvious from the thumbnail, so it's nice to be able to tell what it is at a glance from the filename

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 22:20:38 [Preview] No.3755 del
You pick it up from being on 4chan
October 2018
November 2018
February 2019
May 2019
Any time midsummer 2019
October 2019

That's why randomised filenames make you easier to spot than samefagging with the same filenames because few anons use the randomised filenames.
Noted. That's what I was doing before by using 4chanX to download with the original filename. I like the bragging rights the numbered filename gives showing that I downloaded a file a while ago but that sacrifices information.
I was saving two copies of each edit for a couple of months; One with the filename uploaded or a helpful one and the other with the numbered filename for anonymity and date.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 22:23:36 [Preview] No.3756 del
Alright I think what I'll do is copy the edits folder and keep the numbered filenames in my personal folder and only use title filenames for the one in the pack.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 00:51:15 [Preview] No.3770 del
(361.92 KB 1888x887 EM4ObN7XUAAUJCR[1])
(65.96 KB 1599x1000 EM4OcOkWkAEkdPI[1])
(205.50 KB 1419x733 EM4OcniWwAEfrly[1])
(249.02 KB 1400x680 878[1].png)
(864.59 KB 2000x1200 1533950371771[1].png)
I just randomly came across some of those "Pretty Princess points" memes again, and it hit me that, if this isn't Bonbi right now, it's probably her future.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 00:53:05 [Preview] No.3771 del
>You pick it up from being on 4chan
>I like the bragging rights the numbered filename gives showing that I downloaded a file a while ago
imagine being this autistic

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 01:16:59 [Preview] No.3775 del
>bragging about file names and epic 4chins
>Shooting mosque.webm
I really wonder who this is.......

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 01:24:12 [Preview] No.3777 del

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 13:28:37 [Preview] No.3826 del
You're right that was a terrible post. I'm cleaning up all the filenames in the pack.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 16:43:22 [Preview] No.3849 del
(3.94 MB 360x360 bonbijihad.webm)
add this please, on edits or memes

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 21:48:36 [Preview] No.3861 del
(207.37 MB 540x960 lkkkkkkkk.mp4)

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 21:54 [Preview] No.3862 del
This is a beautiful mess anon

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 22:12 [Preview] No.3864 del
thanks bro

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 22:17 [Preview] No.3865 del
That's a high effort edit

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 23:59 [Preview] No.3885 del
new bread

Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 00:01 [Preview] No.3887 del
not high enough effort because i wont finish a 2019 recap this year

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