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(207.86 KB 1024x707 12.jpg)
(39.68 KB 818x72 q.png)
Bill Cooper Mystery Babylon Hour of the time Anonymous 05/05/2018 (Sat) 07:46:10 [Preview] No. 1793

Bill cooper really is under-rated when it comes to people like art bell and alex jones.He always got back to the point of it all. I heard the other day a show he did in 2000 where he was getting angry that the news was lying about how a plane was missing he said there will be a lot more plane incidents and it was so obvious. He knew about 9/11 and he knew about the school shootings beforehand.

milton made the elite so mad they killed him. Yes he was murdered and alex jones said (and I am paraphrasing here)he was "a drunk lunatic who kept harrasing me after I let him on my show a couple of times" after he was murdered. Alex jones is profiting off of what would have been bill coopers take on the world. They had officers on the roof of his home who hit him with bullets fatally. How could it have been like the mike brown situation when he was being shot at so much a cop on the roof of his house shot him? He had meticulously broadcasted things that I even speculate and do not triple fact check. He was the american man when you hear him talk to listeners it reminds you of the good old days that may have really existed. When he talks about how people are afraid and uninformed and his rage at talking to a sleeping world he richeously coined the term sheeple. He was also apparently part of naval intelligence because he was a demolay and checked freemason in clubs on a military application. Recently Q had dropped hints of bill cooper being part of the great awakening movement within the intelligence community. He had CAjI the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence. He had people infiltrate lodges and even had a 3 hour interview with a 32nd degree mason who confirms masonic guillotine depopulation plans by freemasons. I feel obligated to go back and listen to him every now and then and what he was was a man in control in a crazy world. This thread is to post good clips and anything Hour of the time related.

Anonymous 05/05/2018 (Sat) 07:55:14 [Preview] No.1794 del
I've always considered Mr. Cooper a hero.

Anonymous 05/05/2018 (Sat) 08:06:29 [Preview] No.1795 del
Found this rare interview he did in 1993

Absolutley. He encourages self research and empowers his listeners instead of lording over them.

Anonymous 05/05/2018 (Sat) 22:45:43 [Preview] No.1797 del
(3.69 MB 396.mp3)
I didnt even finish the episode BIG FIND

Anonymous 05/06/2018 (Sun) 00:36:17 [Preview] No.1798 del
Any reasons in particular why Bill saying 'pizza and a coke' there would be a reference to pedophile rings? I'm not getting it.

That being said Cooper knew much more than what he included in his book and Mystery Babylon. Can't recall which HoTT it was but I've even heard him talking about megalithic structures as pieces of advanced technology even back then. What is more he criticized a notion of them being truly good and beneficial regardless of them being used so far by the druids and the others.

Anonymous 05/06/2018 (Sun) 02:33:38 [Preview] No.1799 del
The cannabilism. He says he likes sheeple then orders a dozen sheeple with chili sauce on them that is a hot dog reference. He interjects the pizza and a coke to later call back to it when he talks about onion rings and later CALLS THEM CLINTON ONIONS. 100 POUNDS OF ONIONS WHAT ELSE WEIGHS 100 pounds? How old where you when you weighed 100 pounds? THERE WILL BE THE CINTON ONIONS AT THE DNC '94. WHen he talks about the saxman he is reffering to bill clinton then says to look out for hillary IN THE TABLOIDS IN THE FUTURE. Listen to the episode and its obvious. He plays that song "Sitting on lala waiting for my yaya" LALA CULT CODE WORDS. He is not allowed to say pizza so thats why he says hamburgers. How can you not understand it did you listen to the first 30 minutes of the episode? I cant be the only one hearing this. He said a pizza and a coke out of place during the metals exchange while doing A WILD VOICE. He was trying to be edgy and remember when he said "I got to go there is a little girl pulling at my pantleg" He then dances with his daughter poo.

Anonymous 05/06/2018 (Sun) 02:35:35 [Preview] No.1800 del
Also he is intentionally going HA HA HA like the Royal order of jesters ritual laugh.

Anonymous 05/06/2018 (Sun) 11:43:26 [Preview] No.1801 del
>to look out for hillary IN THE TABLOIDS IN THE FUTURE
I might have to relisten it but wasn't that something like 'he's not playing for Hillary that's for sure but whoever he plays for, look out for her in the tabloids in the future'?
The way I understood it it out of place as a joke, similar to more recent 'you want some fries with that?'. He put up that character so mimic some famous mason, that's why he was calling himself a wolf (he explained in MB why masons consider themselves wolves), maybe that laugh was also that personality's gimmick but that doesn't really collide with what you're saying either way.
I'll try to listen to it again keeping in mind things you noted.

Anonymous 05/06/2018 (Sun) 12:24:03 [Preview] No.1802 del
In that part you are referring to at 3:07 in the webm of >>1796 He says "you betza" or "you besta" or some kind of pizza wording right there in itself.He says in the show later on "i need a few more of those sheeple and a coke" so he literally called back that to mean pizza as the sheeple. Beyond that its the only reason in my opinion that he sang that creepy song to poo at the end he goes on about a coyote man watching her as she sleeps and a bear coming to sleep with her. He would never joke about that sort of thing unless it was his way of exposing it at 17:12 -17:29 in the mp3 in >>1795 he is (in my opinion) self censoring himself from calling them pedophiles. He says creepos. Now even I thought yea they stab people in the woods but they arent like kidfuckers maybe there is a real problem with that in masonry today and since a long time and you think of sex cults all the symbols in masonry revolve around sex..All the sex cults use masonic imagery.He moans coming into a song like he is getting blown and says "thanks anne" or other girls names. I strongly believe he was aware of the clintons for sure Bill clinton allegedly referenced Bill as "the most dangerous radio host in america" Kind of like how they are trying to do that to all of us with the blanket fake news stamp.

I think he said pizza & a coke to redpill people that pizza is a code word for something on the black market like coke is a code word. Not coca cola but cocaine. coke is apparently called "white girl" by some dealers and that is extremely suspicious in regards to human trafficking. But I tried to think that it was like "fries with that" until he said "I'll take 3" right after he orered a dozen boys or hot dogs. He is ordering a fucking pizza and that is seen in he documentary "boys for sale" is how the call boy groups operated like ordering a pizza. THat was filmed in 1982 about 12 years before that broadcast.

Anonymous 05/07/2018 (Mon) 19:14:35 [Preview] No.1804 del
rip bill cooper

Anonymous 05/29/2018 (Tue) 20:01:07 [Preview] No.1873 del
(4.98 KB 220x159 billy boy.jpeg)
Looking for the photo of bill shirtless steering a boat in the coast guard or navy or whatever bill cooper on a boat in color looks like it was took in the 1970s. You will see it on the yt videos of the hott every now and then.He had been beaten in the early 80s or late 70s and had to have facial reconstructive surgery.but that photo of him on the boat shows a completley different looking handsome man and I want to use that photo when using clips in my compilations in the future. Its kind of shallow considering the knowledge this man gave but the default photo of bill is this photo and I deliberately disregarded his shit when linked on /pol/ or whatever until after I heard his voice. When your talking about the legacy of this man I think him steering the damn boat in the navy is more suitible than this one which I am sure he would not choose as the photo he is known as how people picture him.With him on the boat its like that glp jfl meme.

Anonymous 05/29/2018 (Tue) 20:06:16 [Preview] No.1874 del
(19.35 KB 480x360 truf.jpg)
I assumed it was some boring shit not disregard him based on his appearence. That would go against his motto and the motto of this board. pix related is the motto

Anonymous 07/05/2018 (Thu) 18:02:59 [Preview] No.2092 del

Anonymous 07/08/2018 (Sun) 00:07:20 [Preview] No.2096 del
I may be wildly off but didn't Bill with his Project redlight tapes along with the lectures/luxor hotel/Deely plaza videos... - Didn't he create the genre of conspiracy documentary? True alternative media long form expose's on specific conspiracies like who killed JFK and area51(he claimed to have introduced the public with the location and lore of area 51).
I can't think of anything aside from the patterson Bigfoot footage walking in the woods of anything before that. By the way he kind of with his basically pirate short wave radio program and his videos and series. I believe he changed the rhetoric of conspiracy completely by initially the ufo nonsense. Ufos and aleins are one of the largest psyops done to the public. He established credibility in that field and single-handedly proved how it is a deception. Did Bill Cooper create the format of conspiracy videos? Well he made it so that cable-TV at the time and the controlled opposition step up from their usual servings of Elvis faking his death, Bigfoot, and of course aliens. Isn't is convenient how Bigfoot and Elvis and extra-terrestrials have absolutely no impact on anything in real life? He changed to tone and beyond that I believe with the masonic expose's it lit up something in the heart of the nation. We then saw the "satanic panic" of the early 90's. Interesting that the "satanic panic" followed after his mystery Babylon series. Almost as if people where throwing themselves at being suicided to go on daytime tv and beg for people to understand that their kids where being taken to rituals and abused by luciferians. The blue house case in Evansville Indiana sparked David Carrico to publish the Egyptian satanic masonic connection.
The "satanic panic" was basically pizzagate but with hundreds of children and distraught families supporting the children who did not know each other claiming all over the world that they where being sra'd .basically they called it fake news with the false memory syndrome and by calling it a hysteria. They stopped it and shut it down when the consensus began to come out that it was freemasons and "secret societies like the oto" and though they where forced to blame their masonic abuse on things set out for them to blame like michael aquino - through tremendous shilling they insisted it was masonic covert satanism and thus it was no longer a satanic panic but the victims where simply having false memories" the fake news'' of the 90's.in the 90's soccer moms where going public supporting their childrens testimony and many families where suicided by "satanists". A lot of people a lot of dirty masonic law enforcement people have blood on their hands since then trying to steward the conspiracy narrative. A lot of "normal" people too like jim and every mason personally would insist in things like how the cult they are in is not alive anymore as a secret society that its historically known as. Lying to your face about that shit and acting like talking about aliens is like riding a ferris wheel. Bigfoot is fun to discredit controlled violence without repercussion. So then when youtube emerged we saw the symbolism videos and the Illuminati. Thats when alex jones comes in and mentions masonry lesser and lesser but implying it (not specifically) with words like "globalists" "banksters" and "deep state". It doesnt end there oh no have you has anyone seen any kind of thread about organized satanism on 8chan in the last year or so? How many fucking times do these freemasons have to insist its the fucking kikes like I am gonna have to respect the kikes as if its like some fucking praise kek nonsense? I have to praise kike and call everyone a kike and only focus on kikes as masons are fucking acting like snowglobe shakers and hidden hand circle jerks?? Because of that specifically because of the moderate in frequency occurences of freemasons blaming jewish people on anything at all I can never respect the kike theory. I am not a retard I do not let kikes in media in anything tell me anything just like I can not afford to do the same with

Anonymous 07/08/2018 (Sun) 00:08:47 [Preview] No.2097 del
I am not a retard I do not let kikes in media in anything tell me anything just like I can not afford to do the same with the lying freemason spook fake ass nazis that control and orginize discussions in the "alt right" Its all a bunch of half truths. Its a judeo masonic faction. They ignore the masonic aspect I am not going to fucking jigaboo dance with a schlomo puppet in my hand trying to convey a conniving jew as if we are not aware of that in our lives to begin with. Let alone a freemason describing a jew like himself to taunt the uninitiated. They even call them goyim.goyim and nigger are used by masons to hide in this fake language we have been psyoped into.

This of course goes back to the photo/quote from >>1874

Not a chance in hell.

The real truth can be conveyed. We all can make videos/media to expose this.

Anonymous 07/08/2018 (Sun) 00:21:44 [Preview] No.2098 del
>Not a chance in hell.

I was referring to the psyop to convince people (not convince but peer pressure) and coerce people into having to just call them the globalists. To blame aliens and to overtly use red herrings and ignore the masonic part of the judeo power base to convince me of anything. I was not saying "not a chance in hell" to the motto of the board to "Read everything , listen to everyone.believe nothing unless you can prove it." rather to the point of getting lead astray with popularism and viralism into having to think in the kike alt right mindbox. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL. LIBERALS AND FAKE ASS MASON "PATRIOTS" are the SAME thing. Antifa and the kkk ARE BOTH CULTISTS. ESPECIALLY ALL MEDIA PEOPLE AND MASONIC FAMILY PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO BE NON-PARTISON or "LOVING THE POLITICAL SHOW SITTING BACK FOR THE RIDE" THEY DON'T THINK IN WHITE AND BLACK BUT IN RED AND BLACK THEIR MASON SKULL MASK MOSH PIT OF THE ALT-right AND THE FAGGOT LEFT. YOUR NOT CONTROVERSIAL YOUR MASONS PLAYING POLITICS TO SOW CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS SO THEY LE DARK PREISTS CAN DO MASONIC LUCIFERIAN GAY MANNERISM BENEDICTIONS IN MASKS WITH GUILLOTINES.

Anonymous 07/18/2018 (Wed) 23:28:57 [Preview] No.2135 del
Was gonna use in a video but its too long,

Anonymous 03/27/2021 (Sat) 19:07:29 [Preview] No.4321 del
(67.71 KB 680x387 bill.jpg)
bumping for posterity

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