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(18.75 KB 480x282 ElyEbjAU4AATved.jpg)
(92.78 KB 915x458 1529257428045.jpg)
Make Ligma Great Again Donaldo Trumpetas 11/03/2020 (Tue) 18:48:55 [Preview] No. 3578
CHillacucks not allowed

#paIZ1n 11/08/2020 (Sun) 05:47:46 [Preview] No.3699 del
(80.57 KB 975x594 1604026731142.jpg)
(84.39 KB 420x487 1411731045993.png)

Anon 11/08/2020 (Sun) 05:59:29 [Preview] No.3701 del
H-Hold the line, bros!!! Fight just started.

Anon 11/13/2020 (Fri) 09:04:02 [Preview] No.3802 del
Keep holding the line, amigos.

masher 11/14/2020 (Sat) 04:57:38 [Preview] No.3809 del
(320.85 KB 1692x1284 1395899126690.jpg)
(96.28 KB 816x566 1562558881557.jpg)
the dream is over

Anon 11/14/2020 (Sat) 05:31:13 [Preview] No.3810 del
Not true, Don Trompetas will keep saving ud 4 years more.

Anon 11/14/2020 (Sat) 16:19:09 [Preview] No.3816 del
There is still some hope anon, don't let them get to you.

Watch these and be hopeful

https://youtube.com/watch?v=Hf9fGM5Rw6A [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ti7ABVBgnHs [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=pa3QhY4rz3U [Embed]

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