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Anonymous 01/03/2016 (Sun) 17:59:29 [Preview] No. 1
>Follow the Global Rules, Use the global report function for reporting illegal content.
>Follow the Thread Theme, basically don't derail threads, the same goes for off topic dice rolls too.
> If you are new, learn how to lurk first. If you're confused on how things work ask on the QTDDTOT thread or the meta thread.
>Check the catalog before making a thread, so the board wont get clogged up with duplicate threads.
>Meta topics, 8chan topics, board friendship requests, questions pertaining to the board, and meta posts, stay on the meta thread.
>no discord links you will get banned for linking them.
>Hide threads, posts and content you don't like, do the best you can to self moderate. This does not mean you are free shit up the thread like you would on a bigger 8chan board with no active moderators.
If you find a rule violation, do not go on a tirade, report it and move on. If I catch you making a rant pertaining to the reported post which helps to derail a thread, you will get a month long ban.
>Impersonating a /monster/ board volunteer is strictly forbidden
>NO FURRY, GORE, KEMONO, OR MLP (if it has a snout its out) Subsequent posting on how furries should be included or accepted on this board, or a "anthro related taste argument" will lead to a ban. Posting a picture of a furry will get you a weeklong ban so make sure you're not posting furries.
>ON CYOA'S dice rolls should always be saged regardless of thread. If you are a participant and not the content creator of a CYOA then remember to sage. Respect the authors choice to use or not use dice, and their decisions.
>High quality posts are welcomed, heavier shitposting will be counted as derailing and has a chance of becoming unfunny so don't overdo it, this also includes NTR.
> keep dice rolls on diceroll threads or cyoas that allow for them.
>All thread topics must relate to Monster Girls in some way
>Monster Boys, Hermaphrodites and shemales go to >>>/chaos/
>/monster/ is not a place for drama. ronery r9k bullshit stays on its board not on this one, nobody cares or owes you shit get over it. posting unneeded drama or using this board as your personal blog will result in a ban that will last for 14 days and will lead to a month long ban if you repeat this offense.
3dpd are not important here, complain about them elsewhere. If you got burned out by a woman then its your fault for having shit taste.
Keep your crossposting to yourself, having another board leak in here is rapefugee tier, every board has their mannerisms, this is /monster/ lets keep it that way.

If it's not against the rules, you're allowed to post it.

Second bunker hub:

Writing advice and tips:

Monster Girl Resources:
http://8-booru.booru.org/ has /monster/ artwork
http://touchfluffytail.org/ (caution it has beastiality content/ also a known drama magnet)
Image archive of old MGE wiki

Steam Group for /monster/:
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