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Hide User Posts Anonymous 08/21/2021 (Sat) 23:48:41 [Preview] No. 11748
Can you fix the [Hide User Posts] option so that it works please.

Anonymous Admin 08/22/2021 (Sun) 07:10:54 [Preview] No.11749 del
It works. If you mean the cursor doesn't show as pointer on hover, that will be fixed.

Anonymous 08/23/2021 (Mon) 02:57:22 [Preview] No.11750 del
Whenever I use it I still see the users post.

Anonymous 08/24/2021 (Tue) 22:09 [Preview] No.11753 del
It does this all the time.

Anonymous Admin 08/25/2021 (Wed) 09:40 [Preview] No.11755 del
Gonna look into that.

Anonymous 03/22/2022 (Tue) 03:52 [Preview] No.11971 del
Have you looked into fixing the [Hide User Posts] problem?

Anonymous 01/21/2023 (Sat) 09:09 [Preview] No.18348 del

Anonymous 01/25/2023 (Wed) 18:06 [Preview] No.18354 del
need more details? Which board? Which ID? which browser?

I tried hiding users on yuri. Once from board thread list and then from an individual thread. Everything seems to be in order.

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