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(2.85 KB 562x94 slow upload.png)
Slow site uploads Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 13:51 [Preview] No. 19045
In the few past hours it's been a struggle to upload even small files of barely 1 MB
Is this happening only to me? or is it a common occurrence for the site bandwidth to be unreliable and irregular?

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 15:35 [Preview] No.19047 del
Not even 1MB, the site is struggling to upload even 350 KB

Anonymous Admin 01/31/2024 (Wed) 16:21 [Preview] No.19048 del
Which domain? .gg, .net, .org, .onion?

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 16:25 [Preview] No.19049 del
gg is still down

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 16:28 [Preview] No.19051 del
I'm having uploading issues from .net

Anonymous Admin 01/31/2024 (Wed) 16:30 [Preview] No.19052 del
Did some tests 1-5-15MB files via loki:

Do a hard refresh, or empty your cache or something.

I'll check it.

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 16:36 [Preview] No.19053 del
>Do a hard refresh, or empty your cache
That helped, thanks.

Anonymous Admin 01/31/2024 (Wed) 16:44 [Preview] No.19054 del
Tests on .net, 8-40-125MB files:
It works for me(tm)
I dunno what could be the problem with uploads.


Anonymous 02/02/2024 (Fri) 08:20 [Preview] No.19065 del
Is anyone having problems with no new replies showing up? It's spooky, I mostly see only the Russian boards being replied to rn

Anonymous 02/02/2024 (Fri) 08:24 [Preview] No.19066 del
Get more users to English language boards.
You see Russian replies because those boards are the largest.

Anonymous 02/02/2024 (Fri) 08:25 [Preview] No.19067 del
(48.22 KB 339x447 russian boomer.jpg)
Makes sense, out of the top 15 boards by traffic, 6 are Russian

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