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ask this dude

Ask this dude about everything his name is jessie Fedeliza gedion

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ask this dude

Ask this dude about everything his name is jessie Fedeliza gedion

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How to use Physics for destruction?

im in physics right now, but i want more, i want to learn how to create devices of destruction or use my knowledge for destruction in some way. where can i start on this path?

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What are the best porn sites on .onion? You always hear about these celeb nude rings and what not, but even basic level porn seems to be hard to find on here

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Greatest book I have found online.

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is homosexuality a mental disease. I assume yes because most homosexuals I meet have a bad past like all molesty and shit from uncle cock holster. so I tried to do research and all I could find was "Perspectives" of doctors. but I want the black and white. yes or no. and if so why.

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How do you go about finding women who are into pedophilia or incest nowadays? Fanfiction and RP sites used to be a frigging goldmine, but it's much harder nowadays with the fanfic trend being blown over by other online media, and RPers being increasingly secluded and divided between many platforms, often hard to navigate.

Also both fanfic and RP communities have been hampered by increasingly restrictive sites, both anti-"illegal" and anti-sex overall, and many former writers/dedicated RPers have just went along with it or disappeared. For those few remaining souls who dare, there are few active havens left, especially now that 8chan is gone too.

I know women into these things are out there in larger numbers than it seems, but i come across them way too seldom nowadays, and the ones i do really aren't interested in a relationship, especially with someone living far away, so what's your secrets? Any tips?

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Fix this and repost

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Welcome to /spoon/, a board consecrated to the exploration of the web and sharing knowledge.

Everything that can help others on any subject is welcomed.

Rule : No spamming.

Post anything meta related here.

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ET Contact


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anarchist cookbook

> 6dvj6v5imhny3anf.onion/get-yer-cook-books-here-just-in-case/

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wholesale online onlineer

achat online express

e4fd free trial sample online

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Greetings, /spoon/. I was wondering if any of you could write up a tutorial on how to make this.
Also general DIY pipe guns thread.

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For more tips, check out the survival thread @ >>>/endtimes/7 |

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Youtube announced an attack against us earlier this year; read here: and here:

Here is a list of alternatives to the state-run corporate social media platforms: >>>/endtimes/34 |

These videos will soon be posted to alternative video sites as well as P2P networks. Enjoy!

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Post censored/deleted/banned files or documents from other boards here!

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haha hey so ive been gone for a few months hahah plus my laptop got stolen with all the board history hey so what is /sp/ again lol i forgot?

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Post censored/deleted/banned files or documents from other boards here!

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Industrial/Mechanical shit

Lets get some some eng hard-ons going on here

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Youtube Censorship Continues, Banning Firearm Videos

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Official /spoon/ Cooking Thread

Post cooking videos in this thread.

I am mirroring these videos from another board in which the BO was locking up threads for no apparent reason.

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/fringe/ General

All things fringe.

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What's a thing that makes money and doesn't require a 4 year degree I can't afford

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The Money Masters

Calling attention to this documentary, which sets out to tell the history of private central banking in America. It documents the different ways it can be established, the tools it uses for control, how it took over America, after most of the world. And it presents the alternatives that have been repeatedly suppressed by international banking cartels for hundreds of years.

Big props to Bill Still for making this. He still makes videos on his YT channel on a regular basis (he supports Trump btw).

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Anime artwork

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Hosting sites


おはよう! (Ohayo!)
*Try and get the vector on the background

lewd file hosting
*meaty info on the homepage

*It's possible to set longevity of the upload



*Virus scan


*Record a voice file
*'Drop Your Fire, fam'

Generic File Host
*Upload with hpost using [...]
*Upload with curl using [...]
*Upload with ShareX using[...]

Generic File Host
*Upload with hpost using [...]
*Upload with curl using [...]
*Upload with ShareX using[...]

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>leave endchan for a week.
>Suddenly this board is top dog.
what happened?

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oss projects and big list

This is a fun project with a Raspberry PI:
1 post ommited.
For new friends
how to break out of the prism
im going to link to ton of shit that give good consumer advice yes im being a faggot. (headphones) (keyboards or anything geeky) (good alternative to imdb) (better alt to mal but seriously just use a txt file use these services to find anime etc)
Also one of the best Open Source software available. For free TV get Kodi:

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Strange Web

It just exist.

Starting with :