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CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a HIGH ENERGY cyberpirate audio adventure through the Darkest parts of the internet.

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☠ #17 | CaptainBlackbeard Radio | The Seven Who Stole CaptainBlackbeard's Treasure ☠ Anonymous 02/18/2023 (Sat) 00:24 [Preview] No. 192
☠ #17 | CaptainBlackbeard Radio | The Seven Who Stole CaptainBlackbeard's Treasure ☠

CaptainBlackbeard Radio New Episode!
Feb. 28th
#17: The Seven Who Stole CaptainBlackbeard's Treasure

Ahoy Mates!

We are so excited to bring ye this new episode which is going to be one of the most humorous and impressive productions we have ever released! A take on the classic "Dirty Dozen" genre of action stories. Elon Musk gathers seven of the worst of the worst to pull off one of the biggest heists of all time while settling old scores!

This episode is also a throwback to our earlier episodes as this one will feature tons of different comedy sketches and little segments on top of the main story. Having been bringing ye these pirate radio broadcasts for a few turns around the globe now. The production and technology of this one is far beyond anything we done before and would have been unthinkable not long ago. The future is incredibly exciting!

Deepest thank ye to Kingdom Market for supporting us in every way imaginable. Every interaction with The Great Kingdom has been exceptional. We did extensive research and signaling before we decided to bring a new sponsor before ye wonderful lads and lasses who have kept us afloat. The Great Kingdom is exceptional in every area and has one of the strongest passions to be the best on the Dark Seas.

Thank ye so much for all the support! Ye all keep CaptainBlackbeard afloat! We have received so many warm and positive messages. Especially asking when the next episode is coming out. This is the most fun thing in the world to make these pirate radio shows for ye, mates. It is the best feeling to know ye are out there enjoying them!

Thank ye, mates!!!!!!!! Yaaaaarrrrrrrr! xD

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