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CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a HIGH ENERGY cyberpirate audio adventure through the Darkest parts of the internet.

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Thank ye EndChan

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☠ #18 | CaptainBlackbeard Radio | Bet Yer Life, CaptainBlackbeard! ☠ Anonymous 08/20/2023 (Sun) 22:36 [Preview] No. 236
☠ #18 | CaptainBlackbeard Radio | Bet Yer Life, CaptainBlackbeard! ☠


Thank ye,

Dark Matter Market
The XMR/Monero Community
Dread, DankNation, CafeDread, /d/DarkNetMarkets
The wonderful, amazing, beautiful listeners of this project

If ye enjoyed this project and would like to donate a few dollars to helping it continue, please visit.


If ye don't wish to donate, ye can help tremendously by letting others know about this project. <3

Thank ye so much, mates!!!!!! Hope ye enjoy! It has been an honor and a privilege to make this for ye!

Anonymous 08/23/2023 (Wed) 16:31 [Preview] No.237 del
Where did you get the joker deepfake audio? Absolutely stellar dialogue. I want to meme it everywhere

Anonymous 08/23/2023 (Wed) 20:01 [Preview] No.238 del

Ahoy mate!

Thanks for such a nice question and yer enjoyment of the show! xD

That particular clip came from the first current gen Voice AI project releasing their technology to the public as a publicity stunt. For the first time average people and anons had access to this game changing "deep fake" technology. For about two weeks, people across multiple websites were using it to create everything ye can imagine. We saved several hundred of them, including that Joker clip ye enjoyed. And throw the best ones in the show for ye to enjoy, as the writing and creativity on a lot of them is far beyond anything we have experienced from this generation in any medium. Unfortunately, the technology was soon paywalled after about two weeks and people couldn't make anything using this tech anymore. But the technology is advancing so fast that its starting to spring up in all sorts of places. Within five years, this technology will overtake the world and overthrow traditional monopolies on media and our understanding of reality. Or censorship will be tighter than we can imagine to suppress it. It is all incredibly interesting.

Thanks again for dropping by and yer comment!!! xD

Anonymous 08/23/2023 (Wed) 20:05 [Preview] No.240 del
If ye would like more information about this episode or this project, please check out CaptainBlackbeard's News & Updates page @



Taylor Swift
Joe Pesci
Alex Jones
Michael Jackson
Billy Mays
Joe Biden
Barack Obama
Joe Rogan
John Madden
Sir David Attenborough
Tucker Carlson
Heath Ledger
Klaus Schwab
Bill Gates
Mario Lopez
...And so many more!


President of the United States
Viagra Boys
Franz Ferdinand
Charles Bradley Featuring Menahan Street Band
Wooden Shjips
The Moody Blues
Kid Machine
Jim Johnston
Fun Lovin' Criminals
Taylor Swift
The Oh Sees
The Echocentrics (Feat. Alex Maas)
...And so many more!

Anonymous 08/23/2023 (Wed) 20:19 [Preview] No.243 del
☠ #18 | CaptainBlackbeard Radio | Bet Yer Life, CaptainBlackbeard! ☠

Ahoy Mates!

#18 Bet Yer Life, CaptainBlackbeard!

Download Links



Episode 18 Poster






CaptainBlackbeard Radio Donation Link


CaptainBlackbeard Radio: The King of Pirate Radio
Returns with the eighteenth installment of The Finest Sounds Around From The Underground.

In this episode, we follow America's number one game show host, Wink Payola. As we find out what America's favorite son, does with the other twenty three hours of their day?

This episode is the most ambitious thing we have ever attempted. Bet Yer Life, CaptainBlackbeard is a hilarious, wild and darkly fascinating story that explores Media, Consumerism, Greed, Fame. And what it is to live on the dark side of the internet. The highs and lows that come from it. This story is also strongly about AI technology, how incredible it is and the consequences of how fast it's progressing.

Bet Yer Life, CaptainBlackbeard was a whole lot of fun to make for ye! This story ties up a lot of different things in the CaptainBlackbeard Universe, and marks the beginning of a new era for CaptainBlackbeard Radio. It is challenge to create the right balance for ye, mates. When we come up with an idea for the show, it evolves into deeply rich universes that could span many hours to tell the full story of. However, we respect yer time and do not wish to Tommy and Pam ye. So we hope ye enjoy this wild and darkly hilarious story that we promise ye, everything works out in the end.

This episode also features a number of the wild humor and short pieces ye have come to know and love CaptainBlackbeard Radio for. As well as the best soundtrack on either side of the Dark Seas!

We view CaptainBlackbeard Radio, as existing and being created in different eras. We feel a new era began with #17 and has exploded with this episode. This is truly the most exciting and ground breaking time for this project. When we started, we loved bringing ye classic film epics, because we wanted to give ye the best possible auditory thrill ride and hopefully have ye feel the wonderful feelings we did when we experienced those epics. However, now, with this new technology. We can create everything, ourselves. Everything ye hear in this episode, outside of the opening, was created with current generation or the previous generation technology. This is game changing in every way imaginable.

We had a lot of fun, pushing our AI Voice Actors to their limits. We hope ye enjoy it as well. As with all our broadcasts, this one is highly experimental. But we think this is one of the best stories and productions we have ever put together.

Mates, this is the most exciting and wonderful thing we could be doing in right now. The technology used in this project has exploded into a golden age. This project has advanced from beginning with completely archaic, difficult to understand, 1980s technology. To now mind bending, reality shattering incredible technology that is advancing so quickly, with each generation being game changing. This technology will change the world and completely shift the creative balance away from the current monopolized power structures. Much like how animation is an altered medium where anything is possible visually. This new technology is exactly that but with sound. We hope ye give this episode a listen, if for nothing else, just to hear and experience what is possible now and how incredible, mindbending and game changing this new technology is!

Anonymous 01/05/2024 (Fri) 21:30 [Preview] No.246 del
You're a legend

Anonymous 02/16/2024 (Fri) 01:36 [Preview] No.247 del
(26.51 KB 400x400 honkstar-3.jpg)
Great stuff my man, i hope you continue doing this passionate project.

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