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CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a HIGH ENERGY cyberpirate audio adventure through the Darkest parts of the internet.


Thank ye EndChan for hosting /CaptainBlackbeard/!

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#10 | CaptainBlackbeard Radio | CaptainBlackbeard's 12 Inches Of Damning Evidence Anonymous 10/18/2021 (Mon) 01:33:29 [Preview] No. 36
Ahoy Mates!

Enjoy The Zen Of Number Ten!

October 17th
CaptainBlackbeard Radio
CaptainBlackbeard's 12 Inches Of Damning Evidence

The Finest Sounds Around From The Under Ground Returns!
New CaptainBlackbeard Radio: CaptainBlackbeard's 12 Inches Of Damning Evidence

October 17th, CaptainBlackbeard Radio invites you to one of the wildest adventures ever attempted in Dark Seas history.

100 PACKED MINUTES OF PURE RED HOT SEXY ACTION! Episode Ten brings ye CaptainBlackbeard sailing to the rescue yet again as the government is scanning everyone's phones for unbelievable taboo illicit items. They claim it's to protect children... but what are they really doing?


The Red Bull Extreme Challenge! EXTREME!!!

The original psychedelic radio spectacular returns with the finest humor, music and culture for the lads and lasses of action across the Dark Seas!

CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a wild audio roller coaster of interweaving stories, humor & music unlike anything ever created ye won't hear anywhere else!

Join yer host, the ship's doctor and yer right hand man, Seaman Filthy Fingers for a psychdelic sound experience through the Darkest Parts of the internet.


Royal Deluxe
Red Ryder
Silversun Pickups
Geto Boyz


CaptainBlackbeard Radio Would Like To Thank

Versus Market, not only the premiere Dark Seas anonymous market but the number one arts & entertainment Dark Seas destination. CaptainBlackbeard Radio humbly thanks Versus for everything they have done for us and encourage ye all to check out the best project on the Dark Seas.

Visit the good mates @ /d/versus

Versus Market, everything ye ever wanted! Versus Market

Darknet-Inside, CaptainBlackbeard's preferred source of everything Dark Seas. By the Dark Seas, for the Dark Seas. The best source of information, news and culture from every corner of the Dark Sas. Darknet-Inside!

Vist Darknet-Inside by checking out their sub-dread @ /d/darknetinside

Kaizushi, the absolute best Dark Seas web guru for all of yer hosting, e-mail or technical needs. One of the best minds with the best reputations across the Dark Seas who can help ye with virtually any Dark Seas technical need or question.

Visit Kaizushi's sub-dread @ /d/klohost for more information

Dark.Win, yer start page for the Dark Seas! Direct yer TOR Browser to Dark.Win to start your Dark Seas adventures!

Tor.Taxi, yer ride to the Dark Seas! Tor.Taxi! Direct yer TOR Browser to Tor.Taxi for yer ride to the Dark Seas!

/d/DankNation, CaptainBlackbeard's home port on the Dark Seas. One of the oldest and highest communities on the Dark Seas. /d/danknation

/d/DarkNetMarkets, /d/cafedread and /d/Pygmalion

All of our previous customers, our former brethren of the coast, all of the moderators & admins who have helped us over the years, the people reposting & talking about the shows and all of our well wishers across all Eight Seas!


Thank ye, mates!


Blue Skies and Calm Seas.

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