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(175.10 KB 1024x1280 1648843113848[1].jpg)
Eboys Anonymous 04/01/2022 (Fri) 20:53:37 [Preview] No. 11461
LETS VOTE ON OUR FAVORITE R9K EBOY! Ladies, what say you? which of these fine young gentlemen would you let breed you?

Anonymous 04/01/2022 (Fri) 21:22:01 [Preview] No.11464 del
This gay shit doesn't belong here

Anonymous 04/01/2022 (Fri) 23:04:43 [Preview] No.11465 del
(1.63 MB 3264x2448 20220402_000258.jpg)
I am prettiest r9k boi.
Now show me Asterias tits

Anonymous 04/01/2022 (Fri) 23:25:06 [Preview] No.11466 del
isn’t this her 30 year old bf?

Anonymous 04/02/2022 (Sat) 16:26:07 [Preview] No.11472 del
>two are mugshots, one from a murder charge

Anonymous 04/02/2022 (Sat) 19:22:49 [Preview] No.11476 del
literally one of these guys looks normal

Anonymous 04/03/2022 (Sun) 07:33:25 [Preview] No.11509 del
Girl here

Anonymous 04/03/2022 (Sun) 19:32:59 [Preview] No.11514 del
A motley crew of junkies, murderers, sociopaths, and drug dealers.

Anonymous 04/04/2022 (Mon) 04:52:18 [Preview] No.11533 del

Anonymous 04/04/2022 (Mon) 06:55:04 [Preview] No.11534 del
I'm a HOMOSEXUALE man and based on that picture alone (I got no idea behind the history of those guys) I would go for Marc, Seymour and Chris (in that order).

Anonymous 04/04/2022 (Mon) 22:58:48 [Preview] No.11568 del

Anonymous 04/05/2022 (Tue) 01:26:56 [Preview] No.11571 del
(3.30 MB 576x720 1648574535179.mp4)
Fag thread.

Anonymous 04/05/2022 (Tue) 03:05:00 [Preview] No.11572 del
I have always thought Seymour was cute. I was afraid to tell him on discord because he might get a little too weird and get banned over it but I would totally let him do things to me. He is really sweet and thoughtful. Such a shame he is still a khv. I am sure there is some girl where he lives that actually likes him and he doesn't even know it because he acts so weird. Act like a big boy you sissy cuck and maybe big boy things might happen to you ;)

Anonymous 04/05/2022 (Tue) 03:51:18 [Preview] No.11573 del

and you are ciara or sunny i guess...

Anonymous 04/05/2022 (Tue) 11:46:43 [Preview] No.11589 del
I vote for Greeble

Anonymous 04/05/2022 (Tue) 16:50:56 [Preview] No.11595 del
Redpill me on Gribble

Anonymous 04/06/2022 (Wed) 16:30:59 [Preview] No.11607 del
Never seen a guy who looks like Greeble in my entire life, he looks like he was made with the Demon's Souls character creator

Anonymous 04/06/2022 (Wed) 16:33:39 [Preview] No.11608 del
He's an /r9k/ poster
He was named by the board

Anonymous 04/12/2022 (Tue) 20:01:20 [Preview] No.11766 del
Vincent is the only r9k guy I've seen who actually looked decent

Anonymous 04/13/2022 (Wed) 13:05:17 [Preview] No.11791 del
He made the chart and this thread. I think he has an eating disorder because he's into thinspo and pro-ana shit, and he looks emaciated in some selfies.

Anonymous 04/13/2022 (Wed) 13:35:10 [Preview] No.11792 del
what's up vinny. maybe hide your profile pic next time before posting screenshots. wonder how many of the posts here are just you talking to yourself across devices

Anonymous 04/13/2022 (Wed) 14:29:34 [Preview] No.11797 del
(434.48 KB 1080x1344 1644596679629.jpg)
I didn't make this thread, Seymour did, but yes I made the chart, pretty good huh?

And no I don't have anorexia, I'm just a natural ectomorph who needs to exercise and put on more weight because I look like a Tim Burton Character.

I can't even lie guys, I fucking love it when you guys talk about me, it's a terrible addiction choking me from the inside.

I'm going to use this post as my personal blog for a second.

Basically the reason I came to /agatha2/ is because I'm a dorky nerd, who's not quite a normie or Chad irl, but I know that I'm better than most of the people in these parts of the internet, so a certain selfish part of my being admits that I came here to feel good about myself and be a big fish in a little pond. But that's over now, I recognize my flaws and after a few days of me just checking this thread for (you)s, I'll be leaving this place, and all r9k related bullshit in the past, for good.

Anonymous 04/13/2022 (Wed) 18:24:40 [Preview] No.11816 del
If you need to come here to feel good about yourself, maybe consider that you are, in fact, not better than most of the people in these spaces.

Anonymous 07/04/2022 (Mon) 17:44:26 [Preview] No.13694 del
touchstone mogs them all

Anonymous 07/04/2022 (Mon) 19:38:44 [Preview] No.13696 del
>decent enough
even tho spencer is balding, and brendio is a fat, long hair disgusting retard, they can fix themselves.
>normal/slightly bad looking dude
>retard face/ ugly fucker
>dont want them close to me/ shooter vibes
>worst shit i've ever seen
>too old to rate
>i dont know if this is a real person or a cgi render

Anonymous 07/04/2022 (Mon) 20:25:11 [Preview] No.13697 del
Do people actually like Picard? He's fucking annoying

Anonymous 07/04/2022 (Mon) 22:22:23 [Preview] No.13700 del
>two of these are mugshots


Anonymous 07/10/2022 (Sun) 19:49:32 [Preview] No.13823 del
kinda weird kinda autistic kinda retarded but also funny and nice.
would bully
cringe but nice and sweet. was fun to bully
omegalul unironically very nice and based. a good e-friend to gorewatch with. i hope he has stopped giving his money to egirls but probably not.........

Anonymous 07/11/2022 (Mon) 04:17:56 [Preview] No.13838 del
Yeah, it's wild that two of them are mugshots, and one of them is for MURDER. All of them could have done something for themselves but instead chose to be dealers or weirdos or murderers.

Anonymous 07/12/2022 (Tue) 13:27:36 [Preview] No.13875 del
Seymour looks like a pedrophile that is dumb enough to have a couple of gigs of forbidden on his computer.

Isn't he in his mid 40s and still pursuing these girls? Last I saw he was in a marky stream a year ago.

Anonymous 07/12/2022 (Tue) 14:33:27 [Preview] No.13878 del
lel I'm 37 but at most I just shit post about these sluts on agatha2. I keep my distance.

Anonymous 07/12/2022 (Tue) 16:30:47 [Preview] No.13881 del
Yeah I only ever talked to ciara and Erica.
Ciara killed herself and erica ended up moving to Minnesota to live in her bfs parents house, she cut contact with most guys during this time. She eventually messaged me when she broke up with him and moved back to Indiana but I didn't respond.
I don't want to talk with these girls anymore, I am just here to see the train wrecks.

Anonymous 07/16/2022 (Sat) 22:18:22 [Preview] No.14003 del
(30.24 KB 480x480 1509074849010.jpg)

murdered whom?

Anonymous 07/16/2022 (Sat) 23:16:49 [Preview] No.14004 del
Brandon "Shorty Boy" Taylor is Bianca Devin's murderer.

Anonymous 07/16/2022 (Sat) 23:29:56 [Preview] No.14006 del
does he kind of remind anyone else of the villain from Mulan. that's all i can think of everytime i see this pic of him.

Anonymous 07/17/2022 (Sun) 08:52:55 [Preview] No.14010 del
Sorry, I don't watch trash.

Anonymous 07/23/2022 (Sat) 23:36:05 [Preview] No.14193 del
marc obv

Anonymous 07/29/2022 (Fri) 00:20:38 [Preview] No.14298 del
no way hes ugly

Macccc 04/18/2023 (Tue) 02:25 [Preview] No.21373 del
Really fucking sad story we all know it’s been 3 years rip bianca

Anonymous 09/03/2023 (Sun) 20:29 [Preview] No.30020 del
stfu. girls are cringe. eboys are the new egirls
i want to send money to him, how can i do that?

Anonymous 10/05/2023 (Thu) 04:19 [Preview] No.33038 del
I love attention :^3

Anonymous 10/06/2023 (Fri) 11:21 [Preview] No.33149 del
they're all hideous. where is samson and eggman? why isn't vyro on there? he was a bit crazy but kinda cute, my personal r9k favorite.

Anonymous 10/06/2023 (Fri) 11:55 [Preview] No.33152 del
Vincent mogs him

Anonymous 10/09/2023 (Mon) 11:07 [Preview] No.33341 del
t. vincent

Anonymous 10/26/2023 (Thu) 12:33 [Preview] No.36098 del
Mmmm all of them i’d slurp them up like soup those dang sexy e boys mmm

Anonymous 10/28/2023 (Sat) 06:16 [Preview] No.36422 del
I’m best e boy

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 06:59 [Preview] No.39490 del
(1.71 MB 2316x3088 IMG_7722.jpg)
(1.17 MB 1262x868 69123.png)
Samuel is schizo posting himself on pol
i need someone to love me as much as he loves lara.

homer simpson Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 00:33 [Preview] No.39966 del
(14.39 KB 253x258 Screenshot_110.jpg)

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 01:12 [Preview] No.39969 del
They're all 80I

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 01:13 [Preview] No.39970 del
They are all 80IQ queers. They might as well be niggers.

Anonymous 11/29/2023 (Wed) 18:33 [Preview] No.40060 del
(63.35 KB 686x1024 vincent mugshot.jpg)
Vincent mogs.

Anonymous 12/02/2023 (Sat) 15:44 [Preview] No.40333 del
(5.86 MB 1280x720 sin_from_lookism.mp4)
Sin from Lookism

Anonymous 12/02/2023 (Sat) 16:11 [Preview] No.40335 del
What happened to Vinnie? Is he in jail and for what?
I haven't seen him in any e-harem in a while.

Anonymous 12/02/2023 (Sat) 17:18 [Preview] No.40339 del
He went to jail for like a night for street racing and this happened some time ago.
>what happened to him
He said he got a job or something. He moved on with his life ig. It will eventually happen to most of us.

Anonymous 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:40 [Preview] No.43827 del
Gribble mogs

Anonymous 12/26/2023 (Tue) 19:41 [Preview] No.44196 del
i wanna know the gribble lore

Anonymous 12/29/2023 (Fri) 07:32 [Preview] No.44583 del
kek. i remember him. he was a good mod tbh

Anonymous 01/12/2024 (Fri) 17:59 [Preview] No.46568 del
(307.98 KB 701x875 1700957085591050.jpg)
I saw him on fit and k yesterday, hes everywhere.

Anonymous 01/27/2024 (Sat) 23:30 [Preview] No.47580 del
(102.47 KB 1080x1349 Samuel.jpg)
Samuel has ascended !

Anonymous 02/08/2024 (Thu) 02:03 [Preview] No.48385 del
Where those guys even come from?

Anonymous 03/19/2024 (Tue) 00:34 [Preview] No.56241 del
(95.32 KB 579x386 marc.jpg)
bee made this I saw it floating around in a few servers

Anonymous 03/19/2024 (Tue) 01:42 [Preview] No.56258 del
Good question. This list has a bunch of literal whos "I posted on r9k once" when theres plenty of actually noteworthy characters.
Obviously Samuel wins the attention whore Olympics though, this thread is gay and OP is a faggot for creating it.

Anonymous 03/19/2024 (Tue) 01:56 [Preview] No.56259 del
(139.16 KB 960x720 1707694053984.jpg)
Sosa is kinda cute but he cheats on Bee so he is F tier

Anonymous 03/19/2024 (Tue) 12:52 [Preview] No.56320 del
This thing is cute to you?

Anonymous 03/19/2024 (Tue) 18:03 [Preview] No.56454 del
(1.04 MB 640x1136 1513719616069.png)

Anonymous 03/19/2024 (Tue) 18:10 [Preview] No.56458 del
(970.04 KB 2076x2913 Screenshot_01840.JPG)
Dildo Diddled David

Anonymous 03/19/2024 (Tue) 19:08 [Preview] No.56493 del
why does serene look asian? also he banged with kasper he was very lucky to go on a date with her

Anonymous 03/19/2024 (Tue) 21:53 [Preview] No.56600 del
Isn't he a jew that converted to catholicism?

cian 03/23/2024 (Sat) 02:49 [Preview] No.57754 del
(344.47 KB 1242x2208 IMG_4178.jpeg)
(344.47 KB 1242x2208 IMG_4178.jpeg)
i was told to post here if i wanted to be an eboy

Anonymous 03/23/2024 (Sat) 02:51 [Preview] No.57755 del
Ur mid

cian 03/23/2024 (Sat) 02:52 [Preview] No.57756 del
yeah but am i officially an eboy yet

Anonymous 03/23/2024 (Sat) 02:56 [Preview] No.57757 del
its official you made it

Anonymous 03/23/2024 (Sat) 02:56 [Preview] No.57758 del
More like official retard!!!

Anonymous 03/23/2024 (Sat) 02:56 [Preview] No.57759 del
no but you are offically a retarded faggot haha

Anonymous 03/23/2024 (Sat) 03:03 [Preview] No.57760 del
fucking loser lmfaooo

sage sage 03/23/2024 (Sat) 04:29 [Preview] No.57768 del
broccoli head shitskin, perfect match for these negresses shitting up this board. you shitskins can go back to Africa and invent the wheel

Anonymous 03/23/2024 (Sat) 07:16 [Preview] No.57781 del
we need nudes

Anonymous 03/24/2024 (Sun) 12:02 [Preview] No.58156 del
(108.37 KB 1531x1247 image0.jpg)

LC 03/24/2024 (Sun) 14:24 [Preview] No.58184 del
god i legitimately hate this faggot. You bring out a rage in me that pathetic men feed into.

Anonymous 03/24/2024 (Sun) 14:37 [Preview] No.58191 del
why are you posting literal whos

Anonymous 03/25/2024 (Mon) 20:24 [Preview] No.58445 del
Umm anon you look dead. What's up with your undereyes...?

Anonymous 03/25/2024 (Mon) 20:48 [Preview] No.58452 del

Fuck you normalfag.

You newfags ruined the board.

Anonymous 03/25/2024 (Mon) 21:32 [Preview] No.58465 del
its eyeliner

Anonymous 03/25/2024 (Mon) 21:44 [Preview] No.58472 del
(324.83 KB 1324x729 20240325_164324.jpg)

Anonymous 03/25/2024 (Mon) 21:49 [Preview] No.58475 del
I am the best eboy because I am a woman

Anonymous 03/25/2024 (Mon) 21:51 [Preview] No.58477 del
Why so many larping men in a wig as of late?

Anonymous 03/25/2024 (Mon) 21:52 [Preview] No.58478 del
Nigga I am not a tranny I do not support trans rights

Anonymous 03/25/2024 (Mon) 21:59 [Preview] No.58481 del
(84.21 KB 630x716 1675607019828092.jpg)

Anonymous 04/05/2024 (Fri) 11:20 [Preview] No.62146 del
gay as fuck

Anonymous 04/22/2024 (Mon) 09:28 [Preview] No.64759 del
Havent heard from any of the eboys in a long time. Where is dead and lautrec?

Anonymous 04/23/2024 (Tue) 04:22 [Preview] No.64942 del
(301.02 KB 1063x1921 lautrec r9k.jpg)
im going to kms i shouldnt know these names.

Anonymous 04/23/2024 (Tue) 04:27 [Preview] No.64944 del
these are actually my 2 fav eboys (dead only because he gets beaten by his gf) my 3rd is this guy that made schizo cartoons and makes the rate and assume threads on soc

Anonymous 04/23/2024 (Tue) 07:51 [Preview] No.64957 del
kek this guy

Anonymous 04/24/2024 (Wed) 02:37 [Preview] No.65075 del
(228.54 KB 719x1176 1712888383779.jpg)
can somebody give me the lowdown on sosa's arrest?

Anonymous 04/24/2024 (Wed) 02:47 [Preview] No.65079 del
Lmao finally. Anyone got any idea who the victim was? "Under 14" is a new low for him, doesn't have the whole "erm it's not pedrophilia it's ephebophilia" excuse anymore. Also not a CP charge so safe to assume he actually fucked a child.

But real talk, why does his skin look so shitty? Cystic acne so bad it looks like hives. Whole damn face is read.

Anonymous 04/24/2024 (Wed) 02:52 [Preview] No.65080 del

Anonymous 04/24/2024 (Wed) 03:56 [Preview] No.65112 del
he isn't even in jail

Anonymous 04/24/2024 (Wed) 04:50 [Preview] No.65126 del
So he's out on bail/bond and awaiting trial?

real nigga 04/25/2024 (Thu) 15:24 [Preview] No.65338 del
(172.17 KB 932x507 Sosa indictment.png)

Anonymous 04/25/2024 (Thu) 15:27 [Preview] No.65339 del
fake and gay

real nigga 04/25/2024 (Thu) 15:34 [Preview] No.65340 del
call the McAllen Municipal Court if you are in doubt :D

Anonymous 04/25/2024 (Thu) 16:16 [Preview] No.65349 del
>someone made me suck their cock 8 years ago

ok good luck proving that one in court, lmao. he's def getting off

Anonymous 04/25/2024 (Thu) 16:29 [Preview] No.65352 del
holy shit

Anonymous 04/25/2024 (Thu) 17:27 [Preview] No.65367 del
Not if they subpoena and get access to his electronic devices.

Anonymous 04/25/2024 (Thu) 18:21 [Preview] No.65379 del
i hope he kills himself

Anonymous 04/25/2024 (Thu) 18:28 [Preview] No.65382 del
he was kinda based wasn't in any pedro servers

Anonymous 04/25/2024 (Thu) 20:44 [Preview] No.65403 del
The most recent incident was only five years ago, and it's very likely that his electronics will be seized, especially if family cooperates with authorities at all.
Literally her brother. Not only is it incest, but she was 8 when it started. Don't forget how harsh Texas is with any kind of prosecution. He will not get off easy. He's fucked.

Anonymous 04/25/2024 (Thu) 20:48 [Preview] No.65404 del
Also if possible someone should send the county court whatever they can on Mikey grooming kids over the years, now that there is an open ongoing investigation on him.

sage sage 04/26/2024 (Fri) 08:34 [Preview] No.65458 del
Sosa is guaranteed to rope, no way he's gonna stare down 20+ years in Texas as a child molestor. I can't wait to take a big steaming shit on his grave!

Anonymous 04/27/2024 (Sat) 23:16 [Preview] No.65617 del
(53.43 KB 881x658 1586249992122.jpg)
really warms your heart to know mikey will be beat in prison if justice prevails, feels good

Anonymous 05/19/2024 (Sun) 13:19 [Preview] No.68768 del
(3.42 MB 2316x3088 image0.jpg)
(110.13 KB 1296x972 cachedImage.jpg)
this fucking paki is secretly stealing half the egirls here so far hes bagged Bee, Vamp, Ika, Wren, Fawn, Fia and even Iris, wtf is happening. i thought women hated brown men.

Anonymous 05/20/2024 (Mon) 01:25 [Preview] No.68821 del
brandon is by far the worst eboy already balding at his late 20s lolz

Anonymous 05/20/2024 (Mon) 10:37 [Preview] No.68837 del
He is huge

Anonymous 05/20/2024 (Mon) 10:38 [Preview] No.68838 del
Love Jihad

Anonymous 05/20/2024 (Mon) 20:22 [Preview] No.68884 del
proof hes been with iris??

Anonymous 05/21/2024 (Tue) 01:39 [Preview] No.68916 del
(35.39 KB 1088x593 IMG_9039.webp)
(51.05 KB 1178x306 IMG_9036.webp)
(62.14 KB 273x593 IMG_9038.webp)
(219.52 KB 605x397 image.webp)
Rene curtis is a pedrophile

Anonymous 05/26/2024 (Sun) 20:48 [Preview] No.69564 del
Probably the most handsome 4chan user lmao.

Anonymous 05/27/2024 (Mon) 19:27 [Preview] No.69702 del
Does anyone have pics or info on the game serene was working on for 3 years while Marky was in brazil?

Anonymous 05/27/2024 (Mon) 21:15 [Preview] No.69708 del
Was he connected to the game her and cuckberto worked on or are you talking about a different game? This is the game marky slaved for while in Brazil https://store.steampowered.com/app/780700/Ninja_Bricks/

Anonymous 05/27/2024 (Mon) 23:37 [Preview] No.69737 del
that wasn’t serene lol, that was roberto, marky has never talked to serene. the game was ninja blocks 2

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 11:30 [Preview] No.78316 del
(539.12 KB 1079x1106 1683697105358.jpg)
How does he do it?

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 11:36 [Preview] No.78317 del
wdym? they are looksmatched tbqh

Anonymous 07/08/2024 (Mon) 18:02 [Preview] No.78368 del
Is this a fake profile? Rene Carlos Curtis was never married so not widowed, and he has never had kids. He also didn't go to Harvard. He did attend one school (not Harvard, it was for music) for a brief period but was kicked out at the beginning of his time there because he fought another student.

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 18:44 [Preview] No.78520 del
Update teh e-boys page to include his mugshot. All these boys eventually end up in prison eitehr for drug dealing of screwing little girls.

>his sister

wtf? Fucker started young and couldn't even keep his hands to himself!?

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 18:45 [Preview] No.78521 del
Make sure to go to the way back machine and save the entire pdfs and court documents from the site.

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 18:55 [Preview] No.78524 del
(150.91 KB 1080x810 1483241158289[1].jpg)
>little sister aged 8-10

Okay this reminds me. There was some talk that Ciara would go to places to recruit little girls around that age range to be redirected to Sosa. It's why Ciara was on Omegle so often.

Most people didn't pay attention to this rumor as it was just one rumor in the sea of noise that was Ciara's life. Most know Sosa was into teenage girls, but we're talking like 14-16. This just opens up a whole other angle that Sosa has likely been trying to groom even younger girls.

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 18:57 [Preview] No.78525 del
Here is one 2023 post that said as much:

> Michael Sosa and his groomer friends blackmail young girls and turn them into children recruiters. Ciara used to find under 10 children on Omegle for them


Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 19:03 [Preview] No.78530 del
Who's this and wheres the proof? Looks like a shitskin just trying to validate himself with fake rumors

Anonymous 07/09/2024 (Tue) 22:05 [Preview] No.78546 del
(549.05 KB 902x1454 1686072180453[1].jpg)
Didn't Sosa make some dumb bitch pregnant? So daddy's going to jail?

Anonymous 07/11/2024 (Thu) 07:27 [Preview] No.79540 del
They’ll probably plead out but he’ll get a couple of years for sure and be labeled a sex offender.

Anonymous 07/14/2024 (Sun) 05:22 [Preview] No.79888 del
How many years will sosa get?

Anonymous 07/15/2024 (Mon) 19:25 [Preview] No.80306 del
Sosa going down will make the world a safer place.

Anonymous 07/16/2024 (Tue) 20:28 [Preview] No.80730 del
Ciara dead. Sosa going to jail. Sunny gone in hiding. Agatha insane. Feels like the end of an era.

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