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Welcome to /agatha2/

This is the successor of the former 8chan board and it's antecedent, /agatha/.
The general purpose of this board is to serve as a place for the discussion of e-girls and any orbiting related topics.
If a thread for the e-girl you wish to discuss does not exist feel free to make one. When making a thread be sure to include the name and image of said girl in the OP.
Please try to keep to one thread at a time for each individual e-girl. When bump limit (350) is reached you may make a new thread. Threads made in addition to a still active thread may be deleted.
Any images containing nudity must be spoilered.

General Rules:
-Do not post, request, discuss, or in any way attempt to facilitate the sharing of illegal content
-No overtly lewd images or depictions of persons underage
-No doxxing
-Follow global rules at all times

Any user who violates these rules will be banned.

You may leave any suggestions/questions/comments/complaints regarding the board in this thread.

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Ciara Thread #2

R: 315 / I: 39 / P: 1

Kennedi thread #3

R: 288 / I: 42 / P: 1

Marky Thread

thread for beautiful angel marky

R: 50 / I: 10 / P: 1



How did he do it? What was his secret?

R: 98 / I: 15 / P: 1

Sunny Thread #4 - Graduation Edition


R: 248 / I: 47 / P: 1

asteriaa thread

post some rares

R: 32 / I: 5 / P: 1

Any new news from Kennedi?

I really miss her,since she left I feel like something died inside me.

R: 71 / I: 50 / P: 1

British cutie Lily

R: 119 / I: 29 / P: 1

Kasper Thread

Thread Dedicated to Monkey Rat Angel Kasper

R: 183 / I: 37 / P: 2

Tahlia General

what happened to her?
does she have a new youtube channel?

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 2

Culture discussion

What happened to the chan orbiting culture? What was the death of it, including most recent examples of it happening and how that compares to its peak, which I would argue was peak Ciara Mantras era chan orbiting, maybe Rose, Boxxy etc, but they were less contained in comparison to what was a little more recent. Will it ever return or is it gone forever, a memory of the golden age of internet?

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 2

I love women so fucking much, bros

Imagine a world without their beauty.
It would be hell on earth. They give life meaning.

R: 159 / I: 43 / P: 2

Bianca / Brandon

Now that we've had two years to reflect on it, let's settle this question once and for all: who was in the wrong here?

R: 90 / I: 8 / P: 2

Kate/Ann Gen

I desperately need your ann frank rares and selfies. All of them. All. Ill trade rares

R: 360 / I: 82 / P: 2

Do you still have any hope Ciara is actually alive?

Or when do you gave up?

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 2

A lot of flirting goes on in these servers... a lot of e-dating goes on. sometimes one party uses the other as a lolcow. There's plans to meet up but the meeting doesn't happen.

The e-boys and e-girls both do this weird internet harem shit. sometimes one of them takes it seriously and freaks out about their "partner"'s other lovers.

From being a insider in this, everyone was to blame. Everyone was responsible. they all acted like children and made things public when it should have been kept to dms.

R: 165 / I: 18 / P: 2

Avery Thread

thread for avery

R: 21 / I: 0 / P: 2

Ken come back please.

I miss your autistic pics and your Mao Commiephrases, also I did this to you in picrew.

R: 33 / I: 17 / P: 2

What happened?

What happened to orbiter culture? Why'd it all just fall off of a cliff?

R9k is dead, this board seems barely active, and there hasn't been a new e-girl in literally almost 2 fucking years.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 3

Its pathetic and ridiculous you guys ever think you have a single chance of even a glance from one of these egirls.
The only thing you do is look at their face and decide oh I love her. Compare their faces on a chart or something. Maybe you collect a bit of info like "omg shes British! OMG shes a whore OMG she did cocaine"
That is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic and low. And what do you have? Maybe 600 in your bank and a fucking neckbeard.
Get over yourself you retards. This is why you have no girlfriend. I garuntee with not only your face but much more importantly your mindset, that you're 1000 times too ugly for even r9ks fattest tranny.
You don't even try to know them, be their friends, see how they think and how their mind and heart works.
You would maybe text them for half a month before incel sperging out and being put on the block list of 1000 other retards like you but it wouldn't even be real, you'd just be pretending to be their friend in hopes of a picture of some tits the WHOLE time.
Read this shit and tell me again why girls are so privileged.
You guys are fucking disgusting dogs ruining these girls brains. Fucking neck yourself my God

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This video, from where is it?

Can anybody upload this video?

R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 3


I love her and I'm tired of pretending I shouldn't.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 3

Video review thread

ASMR SHORT - Staring Contest
The good:
In this video, she interacts with the audience a LOT. I really like the interactivity, it feels like you're right there playing a game with her.
>she touches the camera a lot, trying to distract the audience
>she tries to hypnotize the audience with her pendant
>she says stuff like "Jinx jinx jinx." and "You're going to lose. Lose lose lose."
>in one of the rounds, she stares at the camera for a full 25+ seconds
>that part where she struggles to get the camera to focus for like 2 minutes
>her hair looks nice
The bad:
>her clothes are rather bad, she has that stupid "shirt falling off of shoulder" thing
>she wears makeup in this vid, which Im personally not a fan of
>she is overly soft spoken outside of an ASMR context, Id like to hear more of her real natural voice
>there's some minor ASMR in there too, nothing great though
In conclusion, the whole video is strangely entertaining, I felt like I had spent a nice afternoon having fun with Agatha.
I give this video an overall rating of 7\10.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 3


Gribble thread?

Yeah we're doing a gribble thread, gribble worship happens here

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 3

Anyone have Ciara's myanimelist anime list? It was on her old devient art but I have no idea what the username for that was

R: 85 / I: 9 / P: 3


What's the latest news on Aggie?

R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 3

Kane Gang

Who else a fan of this autistic jewish girl?

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 3

Depression / Feels Thread

let's hear your stories, bros. here's mine

>be NEET
>start orbiting e-girls when I was 15
>I'm now 30
>still NEET
>completely alone

boring I know but I wonder if anyone relates

R: 21 / I: 2 / P: 3

Leave me alone

I'am not your queen, I'am just a person. Stop idealizing complete strangers on the internet just because you see their picture. I do not want your affection or your attention. I do not want anything from you weirdos. Leave me alone.

R: 11 / I: 2 / P: 4

lol this board is basically for men hahah faggots kill your selfs now you don’t even have good taste. glad you got your little pedophile den deleted repeatedly so now your community is dead af

R: 50 / I: 47 / P: 4

Does anyone have Erica's videos from 2016?

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 4

Endchan Movie Corner

Hello there!
Here's an invite to our next movie night on our cytube channel.
We stream a movie on these occasions, the next is on February 6th. Featuring: Four Lions
At 8:00 and 21:00 UTC.


R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 4

Arkansas Josh

Where is he now?

R: 16 / I: 7 / P: 4

Alina Lorena

What's the deal with this chick?

R: 15 / I: 15 / P: 4

#E-girls from

R: 366 / I: 31 / P: 4

Kennedi Thread #2

R: 56 / I: 59 / P: 4

Misc E-girl thread

R: 397 / I: 76 / P: 4

Sunny Thread #3 - Literal Nazi Edition

R: 17 / I: 0 / P: 4


Does anybody know anything about the ever elusive Bunni? Or, at least, what she looks like? She's quite notorious on /r9k/, yet nobody seems to know what she looks like.

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 5

Muffy thread

Rumor is she has a new instagram and streams on twitch

R: 24 / I: 11 / P: 5

BO if you were from the orignal /agatha/ you should know how fun posting pretty much made that board
It wasn't creepy and overly serious, reading your rules about please be civil and not to engender and negativity on the board is real faggot shit
Take it from the original board /agatha/ on how to run it properly, shit was fun and was a power house of content and memes, even going as far as going up against /asmr/, even that time Franz hacked Sunny's board /orbg/ and directed it traffic to /agatha/ and taunted her
It had a real sense of community unlike so many other boards on 8ch and I implore you to aspire to similar heights for the communities sake so it doesn't breed this cut off musky atmosphere that all the later iteration of the /agatha/ board had

R: 415 / I: 131 / P: 5

kennedi thread

post and discuss kennedi

R: 669 / I: 122 / P: 5

Audrey Thread

post/discuss audrey

R: 360 / I: 84 / P: 5

Sunny Thread #2 - Built for BBC Edition


R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 5

The civil war was a kike trick.
Niggers surfed it, niw, must pay.
All the southern dead boys were wrong
Shoulda eradicated the nigs.
Now, internet kiked and shat upon
You will pay for disrespecting the white race.

R: 379 / I: 91 / P: 5

Sunny Thread

post/discuss Sunny