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Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 17:36:39 [Preview] No. 32517
Sub the rest of Fart Show

You don't even need to know japanese, you can just google translate the french closed captions from youtube.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:03:21 [Preview] No. 32524 del
(345.71 KB 1280x720 farts.jpg)
well if it's 3 minutes per episode and the content doesn't go into crazy SF lingo or whatever other crazy shit that's hard to figure out without transcription then I can translate but I'll need someone to check on the English later.
This won't be memetranslation though, just a plane translation, so I don't know if anyone else would be interested in a serious project like that.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:13:49 [Preview] No. 32525 del
I am French too, I could help a bit.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:23:49 [Preview] No. 32526 del
(326.62 KB 1280x720 french military.jpg)
frog pls I was talking about translating Japanese directly

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:25:00 [Preview] No. 32527 del
For comparison then, honhon.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:28:21 [Preview] No. 32528 del
no problem with that, bunny buns

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:37:20 [Preview] No. 32529 del
(280.52 KB 680x961 03.jpg)
(397.66 KB 680x961 03v2.png)
Anyway my point is I can translate but I can't do anything else.
I could do elementary editing for speech bubbles (03.jpg) but just look at the difference it made when a typesetter got his hands on it (03v2.jpg)
I can only imagine how hard subbing an episode properly would be.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:38:41 [Preview] No. 32530 del
(644.91 KB 640x1917 02.jpg)
(824.65 KB 640x1917 02v2.png)
meant to post 02, oh well

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:44:06 [Preview] No. 32531 del
I can help for that too, don't worry.
We can post .txt so that would easy enough.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:56:16 [Preview] No. 32532 del
(306.53 KB 680x961 06.jpg)
Just tell me what you need, I've only done that once so far and that was for an assignment so it could be bare text with no annotations when the line is spoken.

I can start with the 7th episode even today, no strings attached, no obligations. If it doesn't work for us we'll just stop.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 18:59:42 [Preview] No. 32533 del
>could be bare text with no annotations when the line is spoken.

That works.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 21:04:53 [Preview] No. 32536 del
All I really know about subbing is that timing is real bitch work.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 21:40:07 [Preview] No. 32537 del
(2.78 KB ep7.txt)
Bretty gud. Only two places I couldn't hear what was being said but I somehow figured them both out after relistening n times. This shit is so much easier with a transcript.

Anyway at first I thought the Onara was supposed to act as family name but not even once there was Onara-san used on it's own. When name appeared it was always with Onara at the beggining which leads me to believe the meaning is that the characters aren't Makoto Surname or Tsubasa Surname (the people) but fart versions of themselves of which they're constantly reminding viewers about so Fart-Makoto and Fart-Tsubasa seemed like the right way to go.

Natives do tell if some part of the text feel wrong.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 21:55:34 [Preview] No. 32538 del
Ok, that should take some hours for me to deliver it.

Will do in mp4 first, we can debate things after.

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 22:33:01 [Preview] No. 32539 del
godspeed, this might be a birth of something nice

Anonymous 10/08/2016 (Sat) 23:46:49 [Preview] No. 32541 del
Rendering now, count some more minutes.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 00:19:56 [Preview] No. 32542 del
(46.16 MB 1280x720 Fart7.mp4)
A bit jaggy with squares but I'll do better next time, let's criticize now.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 00:50:15 [Preview] No. 32544 del
(128.93 KB 1280x720 -kun.jpg)
(162.79 KB 1280x720 memesubs.jpg)
(283.75 KB 1280x720 proofread1.jpg)
(165.48 KB 1280x720 proofread2.jpg)
Your hard work is greatly appreciated. I'll try to provide some proof-reading.

1. You left in an 'r' on the 'you' there

2. I checked and apparently 'noone' is an acceptable way of writing 'no one' but you might get shit for that

3. Left in a honorific in there when you didn't use them anywhere else

4. You might get shit for using memes

Again great job I assume it's a good enough translation.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 00:53:05 [Preview] No. 32545 del
(54.08 KB 234x298 heavy breathing.jpg)
0:31 should probably be broken into two lines
0:39 I'll remind you that I'm not sure what she says in the background, it's what I was able to reconstruct from the words I heard clearly but this might be something else
0:52 "your lack delicacy far too much" that "your" was a leftover from previous version of the line, my bad, it's really hard to notice mistakes in one's own text
1:18 I will contest that addition of "are you" to "going out with" it's not in the original and it's not really needed in the subs because the pause is short
1:27 I feel the text dissapears a bit too fast, there's good half a second more it can stay around
1:44 good addition, I missed that stutter
1:50 "mooo" well we'll have to do something with that, I thought that the "so much" bit covers it but the "so" should be "soooo" in that case
maybe there's a good translation for もう in English I missed though
1:54 I don't know what I was thinking, it worked well in my head, but the hyphen will have to go
2:04 that eh dissapears too fast but it's not exactly a proper line of dialogue so I guess we can do it that way

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 00:55:18 [Preview] No. 32546 del
I implanted memes because I know it wouldn't be final and to make people pay attention to details, all keikakuued.

Alright then, all noted.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 01:08:49 [Preview] No. 32547 del
I just realized another possibility for that Pollock Roe - Mentaiko Roe - that way it'll be clear it's food-roe but at the same time the peculiarity of mentaiko is retained.

>I assume it's a good enough translation.
If by good you mean faithful then it is aside from that background dialogue that I couldn't pick up completely. The 'fluidity' might leave something to be desired but I'm not a native speaker, there's only so much I can do to make it sound natural.

>3. Left in a honorific in there when you didn't use them anywhere else
fuck me, totally missed that

So which way do we go? I think not adding honorifics in English subs at all works for most cases but I'm not exactly a purist that gets triggered by elements of Japanese language in English.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 01:16:55 [Preview] No. 32548 del
Rolled 2 = 2 (1d2)

>So which way do we go? I think not adding honorifics in English subs at all works for most cases but I'm not exactly a purist that gets triggered by elements of Japanese language in English.

Flip a coin on it

1. honorifics
2. no honorifics

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 01:26:58 [Preview] No. 32549 del
(47.09 MB 1280x720 Fart7.mp4)
2nd prototype ready.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 01:38:05 [Preview] No. 32550 del
>dying inside

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 01:44:20 [Preview] No. 32551 del
(166.34 KB 1280x720 memesubsyetagain.jpg)
(157.51 KB 1280x720 vrrrr.jpg)
Cheeky cunt. I see you went with 'noone' and there are encoding errors.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 01:44:26 [Preview] No. 32552 del
(2.10 MB 455x432 2goestosleep.gif)
1:23 I'll have to think of something else for ぜっ全然そんなんじゃないです the line takes too long to read but I'm "temporarily" braindead and gif related

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 01:49:11 [Preview] No. 32553 del
Don't worry, final product will be a .mkv without a bloated filesize full of vaporwave glitches.

So if it's just a "noone vs no one" debate, I'll do the real stuff next time.

Alright, will your gif related too.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 03:26:09 [Preview] No. 32554 del
(283.90 KB 1479x1100 Guts.full.1147092.jpg)
(128.76 KB 1920x1080 takao.full.1147092.jpg)
(395.35 KB 1479x1100 dog.full.1147092.jpg)

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 03:28:34 [Preview] No. 32555 del
Peter Noone loves you and his word is that of the heavens. Don't worry son if you accept his word, you will make it to heaven.

dsfghjkl sdfgyuio 10/09/2016 (Sun) 04:04:09 [Preview] No. 32556 del


Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 09:49:51 [Preview] No. 32558 del
You guys are great.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 14:55:40 [Preview] No. 32559 del
As promised, here's the mkv.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 17:37:20 [Preview] No. 32560 del
Holy shit it happened. I actually participated in doing something that works and doesn't look like I participated in doing it.

I'll get to translating ep 8 in an hour or so if you're in.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 17:38:45 [Preview] No. 32561 del
Ok, will wait.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 21:27:12 [Preview] No. 32563 del
I'm stuck.
1:05 ここまで◯◯◯◯が侵蝕していては除去するのは不可能です

I keep hearing shuugyou but I can't find anything that would fit the context.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 21:33:19 [Preview] No. 32564 del
Okay I slowed it down and it might just be 腫瘍 shuyou (tumor) but hell if I wasn't hearing a 'g' there.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 21:33:29 [Preview] No. 32565 del
You sure it's not shigyou?

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 21:35:45 [Preview] No. 32566 del
Well shit, I heard that 'g' too.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 21:40:16 [Preview] No. 32567 del
I haven't considered SHIgyou but I've just checked it and there was nothing applicable I could find. Encroaching tumor fits.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 23:25:27 [Preview] No. 32569 del
I've worked out the names of the politicians after some trouble but no idea what 蓮 and 中 are there for. I tried various combinations and the name couldn't find shit for options with those two included.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 23:27:25 [Preview] No. 32570 del
>and the name
name dictionary*

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 23:35:50 [Preview] No. 32572 del
Ok, doing it.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 23:38:19 [Preview] No. 32573 del
>Gorou: Huh? You are... Fart=Diet member! Your condition already improved?
Left in an equal sign there.

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 23:39:47 [Preview] No. 32574 del
shouldn't be there ofc my bad

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 23:41:49 [Preview] No. 32575 del
You're fired, find me another translator to work with!

Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 00:14:04 [Preview] No. 32576 del
(167.93 KB 750x1120 promotion.jpeg)
Hello there, I'm Anonymous. Your previous translator, Anonymous, referred me here. I'm looking forward to our professional cooperation.

Oh, and don't mind the name similarities, purely coincidental.

Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 01:36:29 [Preview] No. 32579 del
Based on the responses I got elsewhere I think the surnames should be changed to Hasuyamada for the first one and Nakaono for the second.

Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 02:10:00 [Preview] No. 32580 del
(31.52 MB 08.mkv)
1st prototype.

Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 02:27:00 [Preview] No. 32581 del
(24.02 KB 300x291 rumors.jpg)
Well that's just unprofessional, he isn't running this time around.

Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 02:40:39 [Preview] No. 32582 del
It worked out somehow. I'm glad it worked out somehow.

Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 02:52:41 [Preview] No. 32583 del
Noted >>32579 for next time as I train my editing skills.

Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 14:35:35 [Preview] No. 32589 del
But this is what they are saying.


どうにかなった。 どうにかなってよかった。

It's roughly the same phrase. You can use some other phrase but it still has to be repeated 3 times by doctor and nurse.

Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 23:48:07 [Preview] No. 32594 del
(1.80 KB ep9.txt)
Looked scarier that it was. There's one line I'm not sure I've translated correctly but other grammatical options didn't make sense.

Anonymous 10/10/2016 (Mon) 23:52:35 [Preview] No. 32595 del
forgot "we" in
"There's been a popular rumour recently about "MR FART" so we might be able to give her a scare."

Anonymous 10/11/2016 (Tue) 15:27:43 [Preview] No. 32601 del
Will do but for the moment, I learning about subtitle editing so don't worry about me not posting mkv right away.

Anonymous 10/11/2016 (Tue) 16:21:36 [Preview] No. 32602 del
Just let me know when you're done. No point translating further eps before you finish this one. Maybe I'll try doing ED in the meantime.

Anonymous 10/27/2016 (Thu) 18:30:11 [Preview] No. 32665 del
Guy who does the encoding must've traveled to hades to get back guy who posts a lot of cocoa.

Anonymous 11/12/2016 (Sat) 20:47:24 [Preview] No. 32730 del
Okay a month has passed. We should probably send out a search party.

Anonymous 11/12/2016 (Sat) 22:03:52 [Preview] No. 32731 del
(90.31 KB 1200x1200 1461084587982.jpg)
At this point archeologist expedition might be better suited.

Anonymous 11/14/2016 (Mon) 06:16:29 [Preview] No. 32735 del
(189.50 KB 734x591 thief.png)
Looks like some guy stole the mkvs from this thread and uploaded them to nyaa with the subtitles edited and some words changed

Dear guy, if you're reading this

I want to commend you for following the teachings of our board

But if you're to deface the subs we made include more spelling errors and put it in that yellow font that videotapes used to use

Anonymous 11/14/2016 (Mon) 06:27:46 [Preview] No. 32736 del
(28.17 KB 234x102 theseeyes.png)
Though you can't rule out that this might be a trap to figure out our ips remember to use a vpn or something

Anonymous 11/14/2016 (Mon) 12:55:16 [Preview] No. 32739 del
Well it's not technically a lie since it was submitted by Anonymous and Anonymous did translat it for fun.

Anonymous 11/15/2016 (Tue) 16:10:16 [Preview] No. 32744 del
I'm always using at least three VPN's but that's just because it's NSA policy.

Anonymous 12/11/2016 (Sun) 23:14:58 [Preview] No. 32839 del
Hot, but her orgasm looks kind of fake.

Anonymous 12/21/2016 (Wed) 14:59:29 [Preview] No. 32912 del
(53.87 KB 641x338 Hachiko.jpg)

Anonymous 12/21/2016 (Wed) 23:07:36 [Preview] No. 32913 del
Funny you should post that, while grave robbing I came across some canine-like remains, and clutched between its phalanges was this text file.

Anonymous 12/21/2016 (Wed) 23:30:54 [Preview] No. 32914 del
(551.35 KB 1280x716 smug face.png)
>where is ep9,10,11,12? im at the point of learning japanese myself due to all these half-assed lazy fansubbers being unable to translate something this short. smh

Anonymous 12/21/2016 (Wed) 23:41:09 [Preview] No. 32915 del
The economy is hitting hard. Japanese textbooks are hard to come by. But you do what you can.

Anonymous 12/21/2016 (Wed) 23:55:04 [Preview] No. 32916 del
(30.85 KB 300x300 1370906679463.png)
Uuh I was just being smug about [Double]'s inability to deliver and anti-smug about someone's ideas on why that might be.

Anonymous 12/22/2016 (Thu) 00:18:07 [Preview] No. 32917 del
Ah I see. But learning the japspeak yourself is still a good idea I should probably get on that.

Anonymous 12/22/2016 (Thu) 00:38:26 [Preview] No. 32918 del
(439.79 KB 1280x1837 japanese07[1].jpg)
There was a "ITT we're pretending we're learning japanese" thread but I was afraid the format wasn't clever/funny enough and no one replied when I issued exercises so I figured I might be the only one interested in having that thread around so I cut it short but I can repost it and make new lessons if there's interest.

Anonymous 12/22/2016 (Thu) 00:46:16 [Preview] No. 32919 del
I would occasionally go on it and ask you questions about Jap grammar you lying cunt.

Anonymous 12/22/2016 (Thu) 01:01:20 [Preview] No. 32920 del
(76.21 KB 396x691 1355061186158.jpg)
So you did but then you stopped and I thought you fucked off someplace else and others got bored. Well it didn't help that there was a flood heavy season back then and I wasn't in the mood to repost all lessons every week or so.

Anonymous 12/22/2016 (Thu) 03:11:26 [Preview] No. 32921 del
(1.51 MB 288x270 asuka sex.gif)
Sorry senpai, I was just too busy with Jewniversity to shitpost. Now a days during the break I'm spending my days jacking off and drawing, mostly jacking off.

Anonymous 12/22/2016 (Thu) 17:50:46 [Preview] No. 32924 del
And why would I want that?

Anonymous 01/15/2017 (Sun) 12:20:16 [Preview] No. 33019 del
(34.90 KB 537x623 dde.jpg)

That's my hobby

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