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Anti-zionist here(under duress) Anonymous 01/15/2022 (Sat) 00:45:25 [Preview] No. 38138
I am in the U.S. being oppressed by the zionists.
Is there anyone out there?

Anonymous 01/15/2022 (Sat) 02:04:57 [Preview] No.38139 del
We got some zionists. Care to chat?

Anonymous 01/16/2022 (Sun) 06:41:02 [Preview] No.38155 del
(14.06 KB 320x238 death to zog.jpg)
We had zionist mercenaries openly murdering people in 90s. Now I just don't know, it seems they have means to torture and butcher people for organs quietly on industrial scale, and completely cover it up, smearing with meaningless noise.

Anonymous 01/16/2022 (Sun) 14:55:18 [Preview] No.38158 del
(18.97 KB 220x220 jew.jpg)
i am a zionist, i'll stop oppressing you if you give me $20

Anonymous 01/17/2022 (Mon) 05:33:12 [Preview] No.38168 del
Don't trust him, for your money he'll only hire more mercs to murder people, we went through it.

Anonymous 01/17/2022 (Mon) 09:47:24 [Preview] No.38170 del

Anonymous 01/17/2022 (Mon) 16:31:34 [Preview] No.38176 del
>I am in the U.S. being oppressed by the zionists.

Hahaha! Did some boys with funny hats and little curly sideburns call you a sissy and take your lunch money? Maybe you should hit the weights and stop being such a whiney little faggot.

Anonymous 02/01/2022 (Tue) 22:15:17 [Preview] No.38373 del
Zionists be evil.

Anonymous 02/18/2022 (Fri) 02:02:14 [Preview] No.38587 del
Still here, where are the others?

Anonymous 02/20/2022 (Sun) 18:53:29 [Preview] No.38633 del
Lucky you i'm in Israel right now, otherwise i would crack your skull open, you filthy evil piece of shit.

Anonymous 03/12/2022 (Sat) 15:21:10 [Preview] No.39020 del
IS OP still here?
OP you need to fight back!

Anonymous 03/28/2022 (Mon) 22:12:10 [Preview] No.39187 del
That's mean.

Anonymous 05/27/2022 (Fri) 11:06:06 [Preview] No.39797 del
When this happen?

Anonymous 06/17/2022 (Fri) 19:40:11 [Preview] No.39900 del
Posting this is like bleeding in the water, it just attracts more Sharks.
Does anyone really ever get help?

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 05:42:32 [Preview] No.39904 del
>Lucky you i'm in Israel right now

in NeoKhazaria, anon. Neo-Khazaria, not Israel. You, Khazarians, have Z-E-R-O links with the tribe of Israil (aws) and that land. Your land is so called "ukraine". Your phenotype is Khazarian, not Semites. GTFO back to your shitty ukraine.

Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 00:33:50 [Preview] No.39986 del

Anonymous 06/25/2022 (Sat) 01:21:12 [Preview] No.40110 del
What a big nose

Anonymous 06/27/2022 (Mon) 04:45:53 [Preview] No.40128 del
Americans used to be moral.

Welfare then started.

Now robots exist.

Welfare and technology can give you an easy life, but you become dependent and lose your freedom.

Anonymous 07/01/2022 (Fri) 10:50:40 [Preview] No.40157 del
Americans used to be so moral, that they forgot about slavery when building their land of freedom. Or more like stealing it from genocided natives.

Anonymous 07/07/2022 (Thu) 01:37:29 [Preview] No.40215 del
Americans say that the US is the land of the free, but North Koreans also believe that North Korea is a free country.


Anonymous 07/20/2022 (Wed) 00:54:20 [Preview] No.40325 del
It's all based on lies

Anonymous 07/20/2022 (Wed) 23:23:19 [Preview] No.40335 del
Americans are committing collective suicide.

The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state, but no one cares because the elites are increasing the debt to dole out welfare and inflate the stock market.

There is no way 9/11, 2008, and this virus will end well.

Raising the debt is all fun and games until inflation hits 1 million percent, everyone is eating out of trash cans, and Americans are sent to the concentration camps.

In an environment like this, the most reasonable response now for freedom-lovers is to drop out, go Galt, and go off the grid.

Living in a police state means that your life duty is to escape and evade.

Look for loopholes.

Become a nameless and stateless nomad.

Use agents to buy property.

Ask friends to rent rooms for you.


Boycott businesses that require your temperature, masks, vaccines, ID cards, fingerprints, or DNA.

Don't pay taxes.

Don't carry a mobile phone around.

Don't get driver licenses, fishing licenses, or business licenses.

Withdraw from the system.

Buy guns, gold, and food.

Stay near borders.

When dealing with Gestapo, smile, pretend to be stupid, remain silent, and don't consent to searches. Pretend to be deaf or not understand English if pressed.

Work off the books

Use the black market.

Use cash.

Pass the word.

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