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2023, halfchan mods still braindamaged

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Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 19:55:33 [Preview] No.6931 del
bonbi is cute <3

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 19:59:02 [Preview] No.6932 del

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 20:00:38 [Preview] No.6933 del
(403.08 KB 720x1280 mp4.2.mp4)

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 20:03:45 [Preview] No.6934 del

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 20:09:05 [Preview] No.6935 del
(3.99 MB 576x1024 asmr stream.webm)

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 20:17:48 [Preview] No.6936 del

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 20:32:51 [Preview] No.6937 del
(5.65 MB 1280x720 lullabies.webm)

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 20:41:27 [Preview] No.6938 del
(3.54 MB 540x960 1568859395263.webm)

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 20:52:10 [Preview] No.6939 del
(2.19 MB 202x360 redbi_extended.webm)

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 22:04:20 [Preview] No.6942 del
(437.59 KB 1920x1080 BonbiCollection.png)

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 22:13:41 [Preview] No.6943 del
(2.57 MB 1920x1131 15544017524551.jpg)

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 23:08:09 [Preview] No.6945 del
(1.21 MB 540x960 boxxy squint.webm)
I wondered why last thread got so quiet lol

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 00:13:05 [Preview] No.6946 del
why a new thread so early? isn't the limit 1000 posts?

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 00:15:10 [Preview] No.6947 del
It's so sad she gets a pixie cut, then goes on hiatus. We need more pixie Bonbi!

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 00:27:56 [Preview] No.6948 del
I agree with the new thread
it was getting too cluttered

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 03:21:42 [Preview] No.6949 del
I am Roxy Bon's baby

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 04:22:12 [Preview] No.6950 del
These threads are kind of dead, doesn't matter.

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 04:23:27 [Preview] No.6951 del
She got a coke nail in that strawberry pic

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 04:58:14 [Preview] No.6952 del
Now that this scared little girl no longer follows me wherever I go, I miss her, I do, because there are things I want to tell her - to relax, to lighten up, that it is all going to be okay. I want her to know that meeting people who like you, who understand you, who actually accept you for who you are, will became an increasingly rare occurrence. These people who contributed to who I am, they're with me wherever I go, and as history gets rewritten in small ways with each passing day, my love for them only grows. Because the truth is... it was the best of times. Mistakes were made, hearts were broken, harsh lessons learnt, but all of that has receded into fond memory now. How does it happen? Why are we so quick to forget the bad and romanticise the good? Maybe it's because we need to believe that the time we spent together actually meant something, that we were there for each other in a time in our lives that defined us all.

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 06:06:34 [Preview] No.6953 del
(569.87 KB 383x287 10a8h.gif)

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 06:20:43 [Preview] No.6954 del

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 06:21:42 [Preview] No.6955 del
(3.75 MB 540x960 HAppyBobbon.webm)

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 07:37:08 [Preview] No.6956 del
>bonbi does well in quickplay
>goes to competitive and gets curbstomped

Big oof

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 08:40:45 [Preview] No.6957 del
Ranked play in games like Overwatch and LoL is a numbers game unless you are really fucking good at it.

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 10:05:58 [Preview] No.6958 del
>bonbi does well in quick play
overbuff is kind of misleading as it doesn't track quick play losses

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 11:01:34 [Preview] No.6959 del
qp is completely different from competitive

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 19:34:25 [Preview] No.6964 del
Is she gone forever lads?

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 19:41:31 [Preview] No.6966 del
(3.99 MB 295x445 jiro stream shrug.gif)
"quite some time"
whatever that means in bonbispeak

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 19:47:05 [Preview] No.6968 del
I mean, if she can play like a dozen games of Overwatch a day and more, she could just as well put on some makeup and a cute outfit to dance around in front of the camera a bit...

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 19:56:25 [Preview] No.6969 del
(969.40 KB 526x640 Depressed.gif)
>tfw no weekly dose of cutie dancing in front of the camera

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 21:28:04 [Preview] No.6974 del
she does, but not for bad internet meanie incels but for her totally chad, cool guy bf instead

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 21:32:00 [Preview] No.6975 del
(2.84 MB 540x960 1541976912097.webm)
Basically what I'm trying to say
Stop caring about bonbibonkers, Roxybon is all you need

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 21:41:11 [Preview] No.6977 del
Holly Based

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 22:36:19 [Preview] No.6978 del
So it turns out Seth’s 1725 name is wrong, according to his time zone since he’s an hour ahead of bonbi time. So shouldn’t it actually be 1825? Or maybe, just maybe he doesn’t exactly live in Kentucky after all!

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 23:26:54 [Preview] No.6979 del
have you been smoking crack again?

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 23:46:14 [Preview] No.6980 del
Anon this uh stays between me and you, but roxy was the first one I sacrificed my cummies to. Hell I didn’t even know who bonbi was! Now that being said roxy doesn’t have the all time cummie sacrifices though, that belongs to another bon......

Anonymous 03/01/2020 (Sun) 23:56:07 [Preview] No.6981 del
(1.73 MB 576x1024 melanie creepy.webm)
I think we know which one

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 00:27:45 [Preview] No.6982 del

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 09:55:34 [Preview] No.6987 del
She looks so adorable and innocent in that Rin pic.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 12:01:56 [Preview] No.6989 del
i agree, looks cute

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 12:09:27 [Preview] No.6990 del
she looks adorable in this tok too

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 12:52:02 [Preview] No.6992 del
Based Rin's Bon.

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 12:53:05 [Preview] No.6993 del
(644.09 KB 564x846 15728009533413.png)
(2.18 MB 2189x2825 15575762440040.png)
(202.80 KB 1200x800 1568427258022.jpg)
cool bluebon art

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 13:00:26 [Preview] No.6994 del

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 13:07:19 [Preview] No.6995 del
(12.37 MB 540x960 1582929669090.mp4)
are there any similar edits anon? really like this one

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 13:19:58 [Preview] No.6996 del
(3.94 MB 460x960 1572735334084.webm)

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 13:25:42 [Preview] No.6997 del
(4.31 MB 540x960 1572623582749.webm)
idk if this is similar but its gopnico

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 16:35:30 [Preview] No.7001 del
(1.89 MB 1080x1350 Natsuki.png)

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 16:49:59 [Preview] No.7002 del
(4.45 MB 270x480 1572898612152.webm)

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 16:53:13 [Preview] No.7003 del
(1.49 MB 1920x1080 g1wpiCx.png)

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 17:14:45 [Preview] No.7005 del
(4.47 MB 3840x2160 wallpaper2.png)
for ultrawide/4k chads

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 17:32:36 [Preview] No.7006 del
(3.84 MB 602x1080 ygyl3.webm)
(1.85 MB 604x1080 ygyl4.webm)
(3.87 MB 540x960 Бонбишка.webm)
yeah, I like this one too, especially for introducing me to a great track

those are great too

here's some more

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 18:45:53 [Preview] No.7008 del
(1.69 MB 2160x2698 1528035973854.png)
nice roxybon art

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 18:47:48 [Preview] No.7009 del
when was this posted? the file name starts with 152 was that super early?

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 19:16:04 [Preview] No.7012 del
(614.62 KB 2560x1080 bonboychik wallpaper.png)
thanks, this is is a mega wide wallpaper too

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 20:08:37 [Preview] No.7016 del

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 20:13:37 [Preview] No.7017 del
(5.24 MB 540x960 1569786815130.webm)
cool ones, i like this edit too

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 20:16:50 [Preview] No.7018 del
RIP ferrets

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 20:27:54 [Preview] No.7020 del
Soonie soon soon......

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 20:29:43 [Preview] No.7021 del
(1.89 MB 640x1136 1578927942095.webm)

Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 22:09:39 [Preview] No.7023 del
Is this one from the russian pack?
I don't remember seeing it in the threads

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 08:29:39 [Preview] No.7030 del
(3.48 MB 540x960 1569785579093.webm)
i found it in the regular mega pack under "single cosplay edit" or something like that

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 08:52:41 [Preview] No.7031 del

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 09:20:27 [Preview] No.7033 del
i love strawbi so much

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 10:56:04 [Preview] No.7034 del

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 16:36:51 [Preview] No.7036 del
(3.54 MB 540x960 1568859395263.webm)

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 16:47:39 [Preview] No.7037 del
(3.72 MB 540x960 steal me long.webm)

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 17:09:21 [Preview] No.7038 del
(5.26 MB 894x1120 strawberrybonbi.png)
strawberry boncake

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 18:37:22 [Preview] No.7039 del
(1.69 MB 1080x1327 15640990838770.png)

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 18:57:07 [Preview] No.7040 del
I love my bonbibros.

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 18:59:56 [Preview] No.7041 del
(7.79 MB 540x960 stan intro.mp4)
comfy edit

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 19:00:51 [Preview] No.7042 del
(401.86 KB 350x720 ily.webm)

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 19:23:52 [Preview] No.7043 del
>tfw /ttg/ is filled with natposters rapidly cycling through the early stages of interest / limerence / obsession / doxxing
It's like watching a pale imitation of /bbg/ striving for life, but without any of the edits or creativity that actually made it worthwhile

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 19:47:25 [Preview] No.7044 del
wouldn’t it be amazing if ttg gets banned for doxxing nat

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 20:09:50 [Preview] No.7045 del
They'd just blame /bbg/ for it anyway lol
It would be ironic, but probably unlikely
((someone)) only cares about removing *specific* posts

Anonymous 03/03/2020 (Tue) 22:36:28 [Preview] No.7046 del
(1.55 MB 1320x679 1.png)
(53.06 KB 356x216 2.png)
really makes a nigga think

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 01:06:34 [Preview] No.7047 del
fucking kek

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 02:28:41 [Preview] No.7048 del
(1.55 MB 382x678 john huh.gif)

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 04:21:49 [Preview] No.7049 del
(108.69 KB 1080x1080 2019-03-16 convention3.jpg)
(258.03 KB 654x272 Capture.PNG)

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 07:24:08 [Preview] No.7051 del

Stop doxxing ya brainlets. Not to protect him but god damn. Call the cops already.

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 10:00:32 [Preview] No.7052 del
(204.32 KB 960x1280 TbG7JHt.jpg)
That poor horse has no idea what's about to happen to it

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 10:47:36 [Preview] No.7053 del
Wdym its about to get laid

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 20:22:01 [Preview] No.7055 del
Please stop I can't take the dogpill on a bonbi thread.

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 22:02:15 [Preview] No.7056 del
(2.32 MB 203x360 doggo.gif)
You just KNOW

Anonymous 03/04/2020 (Wed) 23:42:14 [Preview] No.7057 del
(2.18 MB 951x1250 15833577909590.jpg)

Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 06:54:26 [Preview] No.7059 del
(3.99 MB 540x960 ochaco_superstar.webm)
i don't think natposters were the ones doxxing, there is few natposters anyway and the one doxxing hate nat and natposter

Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 12:48:46 [Preview] No.7060 del
holy cute.

Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 18:45:32 [Preview] No.7065 del
(1.82 MB 810x720 1583344808759.webm)

Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 22:55:05 [Preview] No.7066 del
Nice schadenfreude.

Anonymous 03/06/2020 (Fri) 03:46:03 [Preview] No.7067 del
not nearly as cute.

Anonymous 03/06/2020 (Fri) 16:04:02 [Preview] No.7073 del
Janny applications are now up. Someone should apply and bring back the BBg please. I'm not good at technology.

Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 03:21:58 [Preview] No.7076 del
(900.57 KB 1000x640 zonbizonkers.webm)

Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 10:27:22 [Preview] No.7079 del
Was this shit down for a bit or is it just me?

Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 10:42:09 [Preview] No.7080 del
.net fucks up sometimes

but .org always works fine

Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 14:41:16 [Preview] No.7084 del
well lads looks like our last hope is that coronavirus kills seth before they meet and fuck

Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 14:58:15 [Preview] No.7085 del
I'm so sorry lad.

Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 21:19:25 [Preview] No.7088 del
(5.61 MB 888x500 bonemotion1.webm)
(5.15 MB 888x500 bonemotion2.webm)

Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 21:22:10 [Preview] No.7089 del
(5.47 MB 888x500 bongangstawalk.webm)
(5.98 MB 1280x720 spacebon.webm)
(5.77 MB 540x955 sdufhsidufhis.webm)
Just dumping recent OC

Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 22:06:48 [Preview] No.7091 del
wish I knew how to do something like that but for roxy

Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 22:25:34 [Preview] No.7092 del
thoughts on this quite convincing left leaning tik and tok artist?

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 03:26:11 [Preview] No.7093 del
man, discord really ruined 4chan across the board, didn't it, first the anons, then the mods
moot why did you leave us

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 03:42:28 [Preview] No.7094 del
It's sadly what happens when a new generation of normie retards is given the power to make impactful decisions regarding things they don't understand or care about
Many such cases

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 06:54:20 [Preview] No.7095 del
care to elaborate on what changed?
I started using the site in 2017 but I am all about respecting and preserving the culture even if I wasn't there to start it

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 09:55:27 [Preview] No.7096 del
(1.09 MB 300x300 Nico03.gif)
my wife

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 10:43:31 [Preview] No.7097 del
cute. I think I'll beat my meat to her

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 11:10:28 [Preview] No.7098 del
Uh oh

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 11:23:17 [Preview] No.7099 del
don't @me, it said wife not husband

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 15:24:23 [Preview] No.7104 del
community changed
before discord it was 4chan where all retards "hang around", after it you could slowly witness how instead of "4chan retards" there were lots of different discord retards that happen to post on 4chan. Once mods and jannies also became it's own discord things went downhill even more, which you could witness yourself with random and sudden anti /bbg/ vendeta
And I know it's all about discord, because I witnessed it slowly creeping in. It probably happened everywhere, but as I was mostly on /vg/ it's there where I noticed it. During the span of one online game, I witnessed how my 4chan "guild" turned into "4chan guild and discord part of it". If you didn't used it - you weren't "in". Obviously many tried to deny that, while many tried to retaliate, that's where the "why do you hate discord? because it's new?" meme came to life. Clear division started to form, there was 4chan and then there were discords that used 4chan. Obviously by the nature of it, it's discord that were always layer "above", simply because it was 2 places instead of one.
I can vividly remember the point in the same videogame that we used ingame text chat to talk, the text chat was at some point much slower, even sometimes abandoned suddenly by half the "guild" that clearly was still playing. How come all of sudden I couldn't get the same banter in chat that I could before, how was that that all of sudden instead of "question->response" chain, half the times there was nothing following the question. Either you suddenly get ignored because everyone is busy talking on discord, or whoever asked the question on ig text chat got their answer from someone on discord that they happen to be on. I was watching half the conversations in the game and was wondering "who the fuck you're talking to". And at the time I was confused, because just few months back the "guild" did not had discord and it didn't used to be the case.
And as I hopped from one general to the other I noticed that people hating on discord because of division it created was universal, not only on /vg/ but literally across the whole site.
You can say "well, mods always had irc" and sure, there always were rogues, there always was division, but I can bet my ass, that as that irc became more mainstream in the shape of discord, and as you ended up with even more divisions, it did impaced the resulting 4chan staff.
When wt snacks went rogue it was simple - 4chan faggot decided to fuck with 4chan.
Now you have "x discord, x community faggot" times y, that clearly results in less care for 4chan itself, because it's that discord community that matters first. You end up with one of those faggots in mods and janny crew? His community doesn't like something, or maybe likes something and forces it down everyone's throats? You gonna have board/general flooded with their shit, or as in case of /bbg/ outright deleted and banned. You can't get single fucking intervention anywhere, your reports mean nothing, yet there's always someone making sure that /bbg/ is deleted.
Yes, lot's of my own experience in here, but I'm fairly confident in claiming it isn't just me and just what I noticed, because it's very easy to see that every board and many generals suffer, because of discord communities that surround it. It's in the nature of that division - when you have one community "above" other, in this case many discord communites that originate(most probably not even in whole now) from one community, you gonna end up with situation where that discord community will be able to fuck with the community it originated from, simply because this community that is "below" doesn't belong to it and thus is not aware of anything that community does. And if you take into accout that all those discord communities consist of usuall retards surrounding 4chan, you can bet your ass they gonna be autistic about whatever they try to do and their shit will be seen all over the place, 24/7.

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 18:39:37 [Preview] No.7105 del
Kek, based

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 20:43:02 [Preview] No.7106 del
cute nico, i love nico bon

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 21:01:40 [Preview] No.7107 del

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 21:23:44 [Preview] No.7108 del
(782.44 KB 1280x715 God damn it 2.png)

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 21:26:30 [Preview] No.7109 del
(883.75 KB 331x276 ms bonkers wild ride.gif)

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 21:54:18 [Preview] No.7110 del

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 21:55:21 [Preview] No.7111 del
wow thanks for delivering
I guess I have seen similar things to that happen

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 22:13:31 [Preview] No.7112 del

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 23:24:18 [Preview] No.7113 del

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 23:24:54 [Preview] No.7114 del

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 23:48:25 [Preview] No.7115 del
Holy fuck this is genuinly lewd as fuck. Bonbi is gonna be an actual onlyfans whore when she turns 18,if pedofagget has his way probably before that

What a sad end

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 23:48:47 [Preview] No.7116 del
This one is cute. Don't care much for the other two tiktoks tho
Here it is in higher res

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 23:51:19 [Preview] No.7117 del
lol wtf
janny just nuked both /ttg/ threads
this might be where it ends boooooooiss

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 23:55:38 [Preview] No.7118 del
It's almost
As if befriending another groomed ethot did absolutely nothing other than teach her all the tricks necessary to be even more of a fully groomed ethot
Really makes you think

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 00:03:06 [Preview] No.7119 del
(438.24 KB 720x540 boing.mp4)
(448.42 KB 720x540 boing_sound.mp4)
which one?

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 00:05:01 [Preview] No.7120 del
Make one of her thighs

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 00:05:26 [Preview] No.7121 del
I think the one on the left loops less annoyingly

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 00:18:08 [Preview] No.7122 del

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 00:20:00 [Preview] No.7123 del

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 01:24:12 [Preview] No.7124 del
(1.74 MB 608x1080 ahri - poisoned.mp4)

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 02:09:09 [Preview] No.7125 del
lewdposters were right, as always
we can expect selling nudes and bathwater in not so distant future
after all, bitch got two mouths to feed now, her own and her boyfriend's

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 02:13:29 [Preview] No.7126 del
the sad, but universal truth.

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 03:25:22 [Preview] No.7128 del
Never gonna stop loving her lads.

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 03:38:25 [Preview] No.7129 del
Oh yeah I forgot to post but..NEW VIDEOS

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 03:55:37 [Preview] No.7130 del
(2.12 MB 1236x1236 Безымянный.png)

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 04:07:28 [Preview] No.7131 del
thanks ivan, we already know she's flat as a pancake

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 09:48:48 [Preview] No.7133 del
someone upscale these new ahris for the love of fuck

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 12:22:25 [Preview] No.7134 del
(3.72 MB 340x204 1583720808705.webm)

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 12:49:49 [Preview] No.7136 del
(10.05 MB 720x1280 6760027292430257414.mp4)
i love bonbi, her new bontent is great and i will not call her a whore for a thigh

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 12:50:25 [Preview] No.7137 del
explain where is the ttg thread, why is no one making new, another janny faggotry?

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 12:52:49 [Preview] No.7138 del
(7.64 MB 720x1280 628.mp4)
i love her

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 14:20:13 [Preview] No.7139 del
(1.71 MB 608x1080 bobe3.mp4)
(3.46 MB 608x1080 bobe2.mp4)
(3.46 MB 608x1080 bobe2(1).mp4)
(4.96 MB 404x720 bonbiari.webm)

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 14:21:58 [Preview] No.7140 del
(80.30 KB 1024x1024 1582563529308.jpg)
This is better than porn tbh.
You can just upload these straight to the lewd thread, no editing required.

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 14:24:06 [Preview] No.7141 del
were these more patreon videos?
I'm not seeing any new posts

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 14:29:46 [Preview] No.7143 del
(266.44 KB 750x979 bobe1.jpg)
(175.02 KB 620x813 bobe3.jpg)
thanks lad, but where did the links come from?

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 14:33:25 [Preview] No.7144 del

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 16:00:55 [Preview] No.7145 del
Well at least I'm glad, that it seems like she dropped the anorexia thing she was doing like a year ago

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 16:44:22 [Preview] No.7146 del
Compare her saki con thighs to the new vids

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 17:06:44 [Preview] No.7148 del
(101.39 KB 720x1560 incel.jpg)

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 17:12:34 [Preview] No.7149 del
boy she sure showed all those incels

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 17:34:18 [Preview] No.7150 del
>can I have sex now, my queen?

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 17:36:51 [Preview] No.7151 del
(79.04 KB 570x640 incel.jpg)
Have this, always a good reply.

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 18:27:43 [Preview] No.7152 del
I think whore poster died because he was tired of being right.

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 18:46:04 [Preview] No.7153 del
(5.07 MB 540x960 agony.webm)
how can i upload a large file (250MB)? it always says connection failed.

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 18:49:26 [Preview] No.7154 del
you could upload it to mega or streamable and post a link?

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 19:32:33 [Preview] No.7155 del
it's weird. now it uploads the file but then it just stays at the reply file. anyway, here's the spacebon in 1080p:

streamable link for backup, but this is further compressed by the site

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 19:32:51 [Preview] No.7156 del
(1.32 MB 404x200 1000.webm)
(3.72 MB 340x204 1583720808705.webm)
(4.08 MB 648x576 1583780087813.webm)
(1.94 MB 608x608 1583780357592.webm)

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 19:47:53 [Preview] No.7157 del
Anyone has apllied to become Jannitor?

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 19:50:34 [Preview] No.7158 del
(2.64 MB 540x480 1573329426072.webm)
she is cute and i love her

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 19:52:27 [Preview] No.7159 del
good idea, or at least not delete ttg version b

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 19:54:53 [Preview] No.7160 del
used to be

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 19:56:53 [Preview] No.7161 del

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 20:01:07 [Preview] No.7162 del
Based lad

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 20:01:49 [Preview] No.7163 del
(7.64 MB 720x1280 628.mp4)
still cute

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 20:20:16 [Preview] No.7164 del
that bulge

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 20:40:07 [Preview] No.7165 del
Holy based, I'm gonna touch myself tonight

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 20:40:28 [Preview] No.7166 del
shes a just another pedowhore now

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 22:06:58 [Preview] No.7167 del
(5.34 MB 720x1280 620.mp4)

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 22:56:44 [Preview] No.7168 del
(2.26 MB 540x960 ooc_boomboom.webm)

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 23:01:27 [Preview] No.7169 del
(8.22 MB 720x1280 621.mp4)

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 23:06:03 [Preview] No.7170 del
(2.09 MB 640x480 don't care.webm)
new old edit

Anonymous 03/09/2020 (Mon) 23:13:11 [Preview] No.7171 del
ttg everytime the same shit happen again

Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 04:51:09 [Preview] No.7174 del
that ahri tiktok gave her 10+ new patrons

Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 05:00:46 [Preview] No.7175 del
Yeah, sounds about right
I hope she enjoys her nice new fanbase of "real fans", consisting exclusively of simpering coomers
She'll be able to buy that swamp shack for seth in no time!

Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 16:29:52 [Preview] No.7179 del
I disagree. Fat thighs are disgusting

Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 17:34:29 [Preview] No.7181 del
don't you wanna rest your head on a pair of cushy thighs while the girl strokes your hair, anon?

Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 18:02:52 [Preview] No.7183 del

Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 18:27:16 [Preview] No.7185 del
I just want to groom a girlie

Is that too much to ask for?

Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 18:34:48 [Preview] No.7186 del
god imagine haing your own personal cumslave that bends to your every whim haha that would be so weird

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 00:20:52 [Preview] No.7196 del
>Gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe ?

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 00:31:19 [Preview] No.7197 del
hm, I don't see that fence on street view
could she be at seth's place?

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 00:37:26 [Preview] No.7198 del
who knows? it looks like it was taken around the time she posted the "lord farquad hair" insta story

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 01:37:52 [Preview] No.7199 del

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 01:57:50 [Preview] No.7200 del
(247.11 KB 1440x2562 1 (4).jpg)
(174.95 KB 1440x2562 5.jpg)
this one from 25/08
the second was from 23/10, and looks longer than in that photo

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 03:28:19 [Preview] No.7201 del
what are you talking about I see it

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 06:49:19 [Preview] No.7205 del
cute bonpics, that red dress is cute

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 06:53:15 [Preview] No.7206 del
the picture of her half naked laying on the floor is cuter

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 06:58:07 [Preview] No.7207 del
both pictures super cute

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 08:02:28 [Preview] No.7208 del
I swear something about that picture looks off as fuck but I don't know what it is.

It makes me feel strange.

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 08:08:06 [Preview] No.7209 del
Is that a cosplay? Who is it?

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 11:34:58 [Preview] No.7211 del
i don't know, it could be a character but i think its just an outfit

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 16:52:09 [Preview] No.7216 del
(5.63 MB 424x283 violentCrimes.webm)
Amazing new edit posted in ttg today

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 16:52:54 [Preview] No.7217 del
(3.69 MB 2144x1052 YOUR FAULT.png)
Thanks a lot, MEANIES!

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 16:54:14 [Preview] No.7218 del
Nooo, we turned Bonbi into a whore

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 17:21:54 [Preview] No.7220 del
which picture are you talking about?

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 17:23:57 [Preview] No.7221 del
>referencing the worst meme in bbg history
it's shit

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 17:33:49 [Preview] No.7222 del
>the worst meme in bbg history
which one? bonbi?

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 17:48:27 [Preview] No.7224 del
Was the new round of videos to much for pack anon to handle? The last update on the source was her hair cut one, none of the new ones made it in.

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 18:03:19 [Preview] No.7225 del
you must have got the wrong place
there's no fence on any side of the property
the street view images are pretty old though so maybe it was built later

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 21:19:36 [Preview] No.7226 del
>the street view
give a negroe a hint here

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 21:42:31 [Preview] No.7227 del
(5.07 MB 540x960 ITSOVER.webm)
(5.63 MB 424x283 1583910908599.webm)
(2.71 MB 720x1280 Ora.mp4)

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 22:14:31 [Preview] No.7228 del
ok so first you go to google maps and enter her address
then you drop the little yellow man on the street in front of her house

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 22:43:23 [Preview] No.7229 del
It's a shame she cuts her hair to look like a pixie, then does cosplay in long wigs. I want pixie bonbi, dammit.

Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 22:53:35 [Preview] No.7230 del
(17.84 MB 1280x720 phantombon_endchan.webm)
i want bluebon, only bluebon

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 00:50:15 [Preview] No.7231 del
Myspeld is the only one who knows her address, everyone else is larping.

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 01:27:49 [Preview] No.7232 del
wait...does bonbi not even know where she is right now? :o
that poor retarded bean.... :(

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 05:14:13 [Preview] No.7233 del
Why are her instagram photos always more lewd than her pateron post? I don’t think she realizes how this stuff works.

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 05:15:41 [Preview] No.7234 del
because more people will see her instagram.
she does it for the attention, lad.

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 10:48:11 [Preview] No.7235 del
almost made me cry. pretty cringe NGL

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 15:01:39 [Preview] No.7239 del
i'm unironically not larping but there's no way for me to prove i know her address without simultaneously leaking it

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 16:47:57 [Preview] No.7240 del
Is it the one in L--------n?

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 21:36:36 [Preview] No.7249 del
(103.58 KB 993x1405 1573437324607.jpg)

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 22:05:25 [Preview] No.7250 del
cutest 6ft9 ever

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 22:16:31 [Preview] No.7251 del

Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 23:07:50 [Preview] No.7252 del
Imagine being from Europe and bragging about knowing the address of a girl who has no idea who you are and lives 5,000 miles away. Creepy vibes.

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 00:22:22 [Preview] No.7253 del
imagine making assumptions about the physical location of a poster on an anonymous basket weaving forum. creepy vibes.

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 00:25:12 [Preview] No.7254 del
like i said, i'm not going to leak her address (or parts of it)

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 00:38:33 [Preview] No.7255 del
(1.82 MB 1820x1024 corona-bon.png)
if she's still going to that comicon this weekend more like coronabi amirite?

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 01:07:33 [Preview] No.7256 del
(90.47 KB 291x448 1581712483880.gif)
oh shit i hope she goes with a hazmat suite on

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 01:53:10 [Preview] No.7257 del
(2.81 MB 540x960 catnoir_toocold.webm)
love her eyes

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 02:04:57 [Preview] No.7258 del
She's planning on going as Mercy, so I think she's going to have her work cut out for her lol

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 02:28:14 [Preview] No.7259 del
she isn't going, it has been canceled

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 02:31:46 [Preview] No.7260 del
oof, I was wondering when that was going to happen
probably for the best, though I'm sure seth will be disappointed he won't be getting his planned camera time </3

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 02:52:08 [Preview] No.7261 del

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 02:53:06 [Preview] No.7262 del
google it

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 02:53:32 [Preview] No.7263 del
oh duh, I thought you meant Bonbi canceled

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 03:02:16 [Preview] No.7264 del
(5.24 MB 540x960 1569786815130.webm)

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 03:04:08 [Preview] No.7265 del

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 03:14:37 [Preview] No.7266 del
sad coraline hours

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 03:23:56 [Preview] No.7267 del
I’m calling it now, the coronavirus is going to kill bonbi’s boomer parents giving her the perfect opportunity to move in with Seth.

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 03:34:16 [Preview] No.7268 del
(3.77 MB 540x960 1574184938551.webm)

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 03:38:53 [Preview] No.7269 del
(5.90 MB 270x480 bonbisong.webm.webm)
i love bonbi

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 04:03:12 [Preview] No.7270 del
You actually could
Im not trynna convince you to do anything but if you wanted to prove it you could post a cropped piece of the streetview that has some landmark we are already familiar with

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 04:25:34 [Preview] No.7271 del
doxing is gay

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 05:28:24 [Preview] No.7272 del
imagine you are anonymous on an anime image sharing site
blessed bonbibro

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 10:27:18 [Preview] No.7273 del
You don't have to say anything but I have a question: She isn't living in french settlement, right?

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 10:44:39 [Preview] No.7274 del
Where will they meet up now that the con is cancelled?

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 13:00:03 [Preview] No.7276 del
You shouldn’t say those things anon. Your going to make her mad, causing her to post more lewd bontent.

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 17:07:45 [Preview] No.7277 del
am i not? tell me who i am then

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 18:24:41 [Preview] No.7280 del
that fence is obviously new
also, it could just be any place, doesn't have to be hers

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 18:42:27 [Preview] No.7281 del
I haven't been following the story recently. Did she say that she was going to con?

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 18:44:18 [Preview] No.7282 del
yeah there was one this weekend but it got cancelled by corona-chan
wonder if we'll get an update or insta story from her acknowledging it

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 18:47:49 [Preview] No.7283 del
The virus is trying to tell us something.....

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 22:32:01 [Preview] No.7288 del
thanks lad
how come the resolution is back down to 576x1024 tho?
is it something tiktok have done?

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 22:36:32 [Preview] No.7289 del
idk, that's what awemer grabs for me

Anonymous 03/13/2020 (Fri) 23:09:12 [Preview] No.7291 del
>purposefully covering her armpit
bonbi you bitch

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 00:30:15 [Preview] No.7293 del
Cutie bonbi with the coronavirus hashtag

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 01:38:09 [Preview] No.7295 del
Why did she cover her armpit? Does she know?

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 01:45:50 [Preview] No.7296 del
They always know, anon.

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 02:08:09 [Preview] No.7297 del
(551.88 KB 720x1280 img_20200313.jpg)

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 02:21:45 [Preview] No.7299 del

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 03:10:04 [Preview] No.7301 del

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 03:17:56 [Preview] No.7302 del
(36.43 KB 500x437 tra2.jpg)

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 03:38:35 [Preview] No.7303 del

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 05:08:29 [Preview] No.7305 del
The fox spirit is an especially prolific shapeshifter, known variously as the húli jīng (fox spirit) in China, the kitsune (fox) in Japan, and the kumiho (nine-tailed fox) in Korea. Although the specifics of the tales vary, these fox spirits can usually shapeshift, often taking the form of beautiful young women who attempt to seduce men, whether for mere mischief or to consume their bodies or spirits."[1]...
Based Bonbi.

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 08:36:17 [Preview] No.7307 del

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 12:58:00 [Preview] No.7308 del

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 13:40:50 [Preview] No.7309 del
(36.43 KB 500x437 tra2.jpg)

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 18:28:30 [Preview] No.7313 del
>She is 18 years old and was born on February 6, 2002 in Indiana. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius.

This changes everything

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 21:12:40 [Preview] No.7317 del
No she can’t be a hoe, tell me it ain’t so! :(

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 21:16:24 [Preview] No.7318 del
its just a meme, she is cute

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 22:40:25 [Preview] No.7319 del
(123.50 KB 1080x1350 2019-04-21 shortcake2.jpg)
(5.26 MB 894x1120 strawberrybonbi.png)
one of the best cosplays

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 23:00:08 [Preview] No.7320 del

Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 23:09:33 [Preview] No.7321 del
(2.64 MB 540x480 1573329426072.webm)

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 00:53:13 [Preview] No.7325 del
>that hand
spic detected

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 01:46:17 [Preview] No.7326 del
Base on the outbreak of the Coronavirus.Anons please wear medical face mask and wash your hands regularly. If you feel sick or not well,please contact to health facilities. Hope we can safely walk through this Nightmare...

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 01:55:20 [Preview] No.7327 del
lol no

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 02:13:31 [Preview] No.7328 del
Whose hand is it anyway?

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 02:42:04 [Preview] No.7330 del
(79.35 KB 750x1334 zerotwo2.jpg)
bonbi has the best hand

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 02:55:33 [Preview] No.7331 del
(1.78 MB 750x1334 zerotwo2b.png)
her other one is pretty good too

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 03:24:31 [Preview] No.7332 del
(1.44 MB 255x255 nico.shrug.gif)
oh forgot the other hand which is equally good

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 03:36:58 [Preview] No.7333 del

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 04:28:14 [Preview] No.7334 del
(4.91 MB 720x1280 02_materialgirl.webm)

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 04:41:42 [Preview] No.7335 del
(3.77 MB 540x960 1572359118775.webm)

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 18:43:26 [Preview] No.7338 del
Is it Bonbi's hand, anons?

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 18:45:03 [Preview] No.7339 del
idi nahui

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 18:51:08 [Preview] No.7340 del
For some reason I didn't even consider that.
Is it from an old story?

I can't imagine that somebody here would just randomly go to her Wal-mart then post a pic of it only on endchan (not linked in ttg, not on discord, no IG account I know of...)

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 20:47:20 [Preview] No.7341 del
(213.04 KB 1440x2562 1 (4).jpg)
(1.66 MB 1080x1350 15842968791960.jpg)
(146.41 KB 1004x1252 15841773240970.jpg)
>Is it from an old story?
I'm pretty sure that's the joke

I don't think so, skin looks too dark and fingers look too short
Whoever it is though knew the exact spot this particular photo was taken, meaning it's either a local autist that willingly walked around the entire walmart looking for a specific patch of ground, or it's *someone that was there with her at the time the original photo was taken*

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 21:00:19 [Preview] No.7342 del
Who's the guy pictured? Is he her dad?

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 21:02:49 [Preview] No.7343 del
it is pretty easy to find that spot, ive found it on google maps b4

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 21:02:56 [Preview] No.7344 del
He's not old enough to be her dad anon, that's her brother

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 21:48:57 [Preview] No.7345 del
That's obviously her brother

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 22:14:16 [Preview] No.7346 del
her nose isn't normal

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 22:21:44 [Preview] No.7347 del
Thks for Your answers, guys.
Are there hairs on the middle finger or should I start worrying abt my vision?

Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 22:36:45 [Preview] No.7348 del
It could be, or could just be the skin, it's a bit too blurry to tell
Actually quite difficult to tell clearly if it's a male or female hand tbh - if it's a dude they must be quite young with very slender hands

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 00:30:25 [Preview] No.7349 del

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 00:32:29 [Preview] No.7350 del
I'm aware of that, just suggesting it might be slightly autistic to purposefully search for satellite photos of the store your 16yr old egirl waifu buys her pizzas at lol

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 00:34:51 [Preview] No.7351 del
Not as autistic as actually going there and taking a photo

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 00:51:24 [Preview] No.7352 del
bonbi has such a dedicated fanbase <3

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 01:30:48 [Preview] No.7353 del
Is this shaggy?

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 03:19:07 [Preview] No.7354 del
Oh shit, but how do you guys know that he's her brother?

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 03:38:17 [Preview] No.7355 del
family time at the convention

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 04:02:36 [Preview] No.7356 del
Has bonbi cried since the twitch streams?

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 04:17:55 [Preview] No.7357 del
no, she's a STRONG and EMPOWERED woman now

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 04:32:06 [Preview] No.7358 del
Both of those are worthless without BRAVE, so I must assume she’s been balling tears then.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 04:50:26 [Preview] No.7360 del
(738.95 KB 800x800 armpit cunny.png)
Why the fuck did she cover her armpit cunny?

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 04:52:44 [Preview] No.7361 del

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 05:05:01 [Preview] No.7362 del

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 06:05:45 [Preview] No.7363 del
Y’all been very bad anon and now it’s time to be punished.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 06:09:05 [Preview] No.7364 del
Uuuh, this isn't the lewd thread, you know.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 06:25:38 [Preview] No.7365 del
I wasn’t being lewd, your creepy incel mind made it that way all on its own.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 13:27:51 [Preview] No.7370 del
'cause your'e all so fuckin' weird about it.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 13:31:51 [Preview] No.7371 del
Nothing weird about wanting to bury your face in a smooth, clean, warm, slightly moist armpit pussy, anon.
It'd be weirder not to.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 13:32:58 [Preview] No.7372 del
It's her you incels.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 13:42:41 [Preview] No.7373 del
her skin isn't that dark you incel

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 15:35:39 [Preview] No.7374 del

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 16:04:51 [Preview] No.7376 del
prove it

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 16:07:12 [Preview] No.7377 del
Would Bonbi really just take a picture at her Walmart, just for us?
She didn't post it on IG, or even link it in ttg or someplace else - just on some weird *chan offshoot to tease a few dozen weirdos?

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 16:08:20 [Preview] No.7378 del
(3.72 MB 540x960 steal me long.webm)

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 16:37:17 [Preview] No.7379 del
(3.88 MB 540x960 1564601183048.webm)
i love 02

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 16:42:40 [Preview] No.7380 del

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 16:43:53 [Preview] No.7381 del
(4.91 MB 720x1280 02_materialgirl.webm)

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 18:44:27 [Preview] No.7382 del
The better question to ask is why don’t they help bonbi instead of flexing

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 19:24:27 [Preview] No.7383 del
how do you propose helping someone that doesn't want to be helped?

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 19:56:10 [Preview] No.7384 del
Through Fear and depravity. You must first crush her spirit. I don’t expect her groomed mind to be wholly compliant, but It should be a simple task to get her to submit.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 21:16:00 [Preview] No.7385 del
fuck off you sound like a jew
>we must ruin your country and kill your children to make you submit to our jew god

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 21:42:21 [Preview] No.7386 del
(75.77 KB 1080x993 destroy_her_enemies.jpg)
this is what they want. humiliating her and calling her a whore. they don't want to help her, they want to crush her spirit for being in a discord chat or playing a video game, even if she did a crime she is the victim. fuck off and die.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:01:41 [Preview] No.7387 del
No one is trying to help her because she doesn't want help and has isolated herself to a very small group.

The only loser is Bonbi for dating an actual loser.

Seth is the only winner, he never had a chance at dating even an average looking girl let alone Bonbi.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:11:06 [Preview] No.7388 del
Uh-Oh Retard Alert, RETARD ALERT EVERYONE!!!!!! Some one get the dumb dumb balloon.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:12:08 [Preview] No.7389 del
only person who is losing when exposing bonbi or doing a soon project is bonbi, he will not be affected by any attempt of "help" or humiliating ritual

you people are worse than seth calling her a whore and wanting to crush her spirit for nothing

she played a game and talked on discord for fucks sake don't act like its prostitution

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:15:38 [Preview] No.7390 del
>don't act like its prostitution
He doesn't know

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:18:21 [Preview] No.7391 del
She deserves much worse than whats she’s getting, how else is she going to learn? You see you sir are part of the problem, doing the same shit the discord did and acting like it’s no big deal. If this was nipped in the bud like it was supposed to it would never of gotten this out of hand.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:21:52 [Preview] No.7392 del
>She deserves much worse than whats she’s getting
she didn't do anything. you say she is groomed, will you punish someone for being a victim wtf is wrong with you

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:25:11 [Preview] No.7393 del
ill just sit here and masturbate while seth fucks her, just like u suggest

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:28:35 [Preview] No.7395 del
Are you seriously that fucking dense?

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:28:35 [Preview] No.7394 del
better than your lies. you want to hurt her because of muh cucks and muh seth. you are no different than him.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:30:22 [Preview] No.7396 del
this one wish he is the groomer, so he spends time fantasizing about groom fantasies and cringe up every thread

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:41:15 [Preview] No.7397 del
Oh Im sorry, I guess you were suggesting to sit here while seth fucks her WITHOUT masturbating. I can do that too

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:45:38 [Preview] No.7398 del
>muh seth muh fucking
again with the groom fantasies

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:46:45 [Preview] No.7399 del
I don’t think they meant that for you and if so I don’t see how that’s relevant to what you said.

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:47:45 [Preview] No.7400 del
is this not what's gonna happen? Does noticing patterns make you uncomfortable? All your posts are cope

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 22:56:56 [Preview] No.7401 del
so if im not buying your groom fantasies im coping? im not going to want to humiliate her for nothing >>7385

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 23:03:16 [Preview] No.7402 del
>guys just dont do shit
How convenient for the groomer, you really make me think. Btw yes, you getting upset at me pointing out the simple truth that it's all gearing towards a groomer winning, or seth fucking bonbi, makes you a big coper

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 23:10:41 [Preview] No.7403 del
>>guys just dont do shit
>How convenient for the groomer
what you want to do is crush her spirit >>7384 that is convenient for the groomer retard

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 23:11:55 [Preview] No.7404 del
There's a drama thread, fuck off

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 23:14:12 [Preview] No.7405 del
Shitting on her relationship is not the same as shitting on her. She is bigger then the relationship

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 23:19:30 [Preview] No.7406 del
This a distinction aidf doesnt want to see

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 23:27:01 [Preview] No.7407 del
they just target her. calling her a whore and memeing seth fucking her and shaping her mind. then they want to target her more to humiliate her and "crush her spirit" like they said

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 23:38:51 [Preview] No.7408 del
How else do you expect to undo the damage? Is this what you want instead?
>Oh yes Bonbi your relationship is not only normal, but the best possible one. Please keep making mediocre e-girl thot videos there just so much better. You can say or do whatever you want too, you can do no wrong it’s just everyone else’s fault, and you hold no accountability for your actions. Your doing great just keep up the good work UwU

Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 23:44:35 [Preview] No.7409 del

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 00:16:56 [Preview] No.7410 del
you are right. i try to ignore but i can't ignore it sometimes when they come to a non drama thread with the same bullshit

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 01:43:06 [Preview] No.7411 del
bonbi is drama

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 02:15:16 [Preview] No.7412 del
(5.65 MB 1280x720 lullabies.webm)
bonbi is perfection

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 02:50:45 [Preview] No.7413 del
(2.95 MB 540x960 pidge_lunch.webm)

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 02:53:41 [Preview] No.7414 del
(2.79 MB 540x960 keith_gayfrogs.webm)

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 09:51:37 [Preview] No.7420 del
wondered why there were no new posts in /ttg/ for the past 3 hours
thought it had finally succumbed to corona-chan
anyone else getting connection errors?

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 10:12:15 [Preview] No.7421 del
Mine too.

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 10:25:47 [Preview] No.7422 del
Seem like 4Chan is down!!

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 10:34:04 [Preview] No.7423 del
Did nu-janny push the wrong button again?

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 17:39:41 [Preview] No.7429 del
She posted a very similar insta pic when she was at the convention. Not many know where this walmart is. The few who do, and I asked, said it was not them. Signs point to her.

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 17:41:17 [Preview] No.7430 del
Ignore these retards. She was groomed. She's the victim. End of story.

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 17:42:39 [Preview] No.7431 del
Crushing the spirit of a 16yo cosplayer. These people are fucked in the head.

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 17:49:49 [Preview] No.7432 del
doesn't mean shit, you don't know everyone that knows

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 18:00:57 [Preview] No.7433 del
they think and act like groomers. they are either motivated by hate or by wanting to be the groomers themselves. because all they want is to hurt her.

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 18:08:01 [Preview] No.7434 del

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 18:10:22 [Preview] No.7435 del
(1.72 MB 540x960 todoroki_bible.webm)

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 18:12:47 [Preview] No.7436 del
(1.17 MB 540x960 natsuki_rules.webm)

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 18:27:02 [Preview] No.7437 del
>bonbi don't date a pedo
these white knights/ aidf are making me cringe
>if youre upset over her dating a pedo you're the pedo
close the tab

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 18:56:54 [Preview] No.7438 del
God, Natsuki is so pretty

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 19:16:36 [Preview] No.7439 del
You act like the good guy wanting to save her from the pedo while everytime you show up with the aidf memeing you want to call her a whore and meme her getting fucked and lewd her being fucked by seth

You are just another groomer wanting to hurt her but somehow you are the good guy

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 19:20:23 [Preview] No.7440 del
You're not even wrong but...
Shut the fuck up fart head.

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 19:22:02 [Preview] No.7441 del
is farthead rad? they both shitpost and samefag in the same style

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 19:23:46 [Preview] No.7442 del
They're equally annoying is all that matters. But it wouldn't surprise me if they're the same person.

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 19:25:33 [Preview] No.7443 del
(2.81 MB 540x960 natsuki_petite.webm)
she pretty

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 19:30:17 [Preview] No.7444 del
i know im annoying but i don't want them to come here in a non drama thread saying fucked up shit and lewding her. they have there threads but im sorry i will try to ignore.

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 19:31:54 [Preview] No.7445 del
>calling her a mean word makes you just as bad as a manipulative groomer
close the tab

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 19:36:39 [Preview] No.7446 del
i love natsukibon

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 19:49:07 [Preview] No.7447 del
stay on ttg nigger

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 20:28:58 [Preview] No.7448 del
(5.73 MB 360x640 lying to me.webm)

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 20:32:20 [Preview] No.7449 del
(5.41 MB 720x1280 d.va_suitingup.webm)
black dva is pretty

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 20:43:38 [Preview] No.7450 del
(8.26 MB 576x1024 bon haircut.mp4)

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 20:44:16 [Preview] No.7451 del
i love bonbibonkers so much

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 21:04:07 [Preview] No.7453 del
(3.94 MB 720x1280 todoroki_anaconda.webm)

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 22:31:41 [Preview] No.7456 del
And you’ll love the memory of her even more.

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 22:54:14 [Preview] No.7457 del

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 22:57:06 [Preview] No.7458 del

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 23:02:49 [Preview] No.7459 del
(2.44 MB 540x960 coraline_goaway.webm)

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 23:46:22 [Preview] No.7461 del
(1.51 MB 540x960 rin_takethelead.webm)

Anonymous 03/17/2020 (Tue) 23:47:19 [Preview] No.7462 del
best natsuki tok for me

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 00:58:46 [Preview] No.7463 del
So sweet...So innocent....So pure.......

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 01:07:21 [Preview] No.7464 del
(885.90 KB 558x982 eating ass.webm)

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 03:32:28 [Preview] No.7467 del
(5.72 MB 536x960 1584238183888.webm)

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 14:44:16 [Preview] No.7469 del
I miss abbles

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 15:21:29 [Preview] No.7470 del

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 15:22:50 [Preview] No.7471 del
what you talkin' bout?

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 15:24:36 [Preview] No.7472 del
That's what I think too. Why they want to hurt her is beyond me.

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 17:28:42 [Preview] No.7473 del
You do realize other people reddit space right?

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 17:29:09 [Preview] No.7474 del
Fart is not RAD

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 17:52:01 [Preview] No.7475 del

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 20:22:58 [Preview] No.7477 del
Bitter, Guilty, and Corrupted. Oh she will be more than hurt, she must be crushed. She seems to think it can’t get any worse, only she just forgot the thoughts of what terrible things could happen to her. She will be made pure by the hatred, and vengeance. Everything must be purified with blood, for without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 21:06:51 [Preview] No.7478 del
fuck off with your jew shit, go to a drama thread we won't discuss crushing a spirit of a girl because she got groomed wtf

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 21:16:15 [Preview] No.7479 del
(4.74 MB 720x1280 02_oneside.webm)

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 21:25:48 [Preview] No.7480 del
(4.91 MB 720x1280 02_materialgirl.webm)

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 21:35:28 [Preview] No.7481 del
This person is mentally challenged. I guarantee it.

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 21:43:41 [Preview] No.7482 del
(3.70 MB 304x544 1539093374324_1_1.gif)
he is

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 21:46:17 [Preview] No.7483 del
(3.36 MB 540x960 mean goth girl.webm)

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 21:47:52 [Preview] No.7484 del
"are you sassing me? like no" cute bully

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 22:04:44 [Preview] No.7485 del
(3.77 MB 540x960 1574184938551.webm)

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 23:07:35 [Preview] No.7486 del
(3.95 MB 540x960 cottoneyejoe.webm)

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 00:11:01 [Preview] No.7487 del
(2.30 MB 608x1080 1581201688221.webm)

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 02:28:53 [Preview] No.7494 del
(4.91 MB 720x1280 02_megafaggot60.webm)
02 is easily in the top 5 cosplays

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 03:28:13 [Preview] No.7499 del
(1.25 MB 936x834 my-image.png)

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 03:31:58 [Preview] No.7500 del
good ranking, i like natsuki more than yuri too

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 03:57:42 [Preview] No.7501 del
roxybro will put only roxy in S and thats it. i wonder if he likes any other cosplays

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 04:12:05 [Preview] No.7502 del
There are many Roxybros

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 05:01:48 [Preview] No.7503 del
true but there is that one roxybro that is the biggest roxybro of them and i wonder if he like other cosplays

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 06:09:36 [Preview] No.7505 del
the rabbit one is super cute

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 07:12:58 [Preview] No.7506 del

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 07:17:41 [Preview] No.7507 del
Mercy belongs to the lord, for the depravity of man knows no bounds.

Why is it mentally challenging to understand this? It’s a perfectly normal response from perfectly normal people, in fact there are many such cases of women being dealt with barbarous cruelty due to their conduct, she is no exception.

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 07:19:06 [Preview] No.7508 del
(50.21 MB 1156x480 bonmissionfull.webm)
Someone from /ttg/ recommended me posting my edit here because file size limit is higher.
This is a timeline where bonbi embraced 4chan instead of discordfags and together with Ricardo she scours timelines in order to correct them.
Original music video is Carpenter Brut - turbo killer

Even though I picked up the "drama" as a theme for this edit I don't really care or know much about it. Not my business really. But the phenomena about the whole character is quite interesting. There's whole creative community surrounding it and it seems like a lot of people use this e-character as some sort of tulpa, or some sorts of source of nostalgia and melancholy.

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 07:54:43 [Preview] No.7509 del
kek, great edit, one of the best ever. glad you are still around.

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 08:08:58 [Preview] No.7510 del
>in fact there are many such cases of women being dealt with barbarous cruelty due to their conduct, she is no exception.
only in a unnatural setting where they stone women for being raped or groomed. in a NATURAL setting a woman family and those who loves her will not stone her for being hurt by someone. only civilized domesticated people will allow that.

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 09:15:25 [Preview] No.7512 del
exceptionally based

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 09:45:50 [Preview] No.7513 del

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 09:46:57 [Preview] No.7514 del
fucking nice

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 11:17:56 [Preview] No.7516 del
you do realize some of the worst, and heinous murders happen in what you call a NATURAL setting.

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 17:54:47 [Preview] No.7520 del
>N A T U R A L L Y H E I N O U S

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 19:09:13 [Preview] No.7524 del
you think and act like a groomer. Youre just kissing her ass to get closer to her. Next thing you know, she's sucking your dick while you isolate her from these "bad, hurtful" people that are warning her. just yikes, youre a psycho pedo, would be groomer

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 19:33:43 [Preview] No.7525 del
(115.01 KB 1116x960 twins.jpg)
cant be the only one

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 19:40:59 [Preview] No.7526 del
Kek, come on

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 21:29:35 [Preview] No.7528 del
Most heinous murders happen in an unnatural setting like what the christian did to the “witches” or what the empires did to torture and kill people. In a natural setting killing happen to defend your family or when you want to eat or defend territory like animals

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 21:37:28 [Preview] No.7529 del
Heinous murders may happen in nature but the most heinous is defiantly happening in the unnatural civilized world

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 21:55:54 [Preview] No.7530 del
What bonbi is going die!!!!!!

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 21:56:32 [Preview] No.7531 del
(4.74 MB 720x1280 02_youdeserveit.webm)

Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 22:20:53 [Preview] No.7532 del
(2.75 MB 540x960 mabel_unicorns.webm)

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 03:22:47 [Preview] No.7533 del

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 04:58:34 [Preview] No.7534 del
(14.66 KB 336x359 p071.jpg)
(36.43 KB 500x437 p072.jpg)
(142.26 KB 572x480 p075.jpg)
(1.62 MB 346x616 p070.mp4)

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 15:21:42 [Preview] No.7540 del
>mental illness

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 16:40:31 [Preview] No.7544 del
Ok but what coraline had to with it

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 20:31:44 [Preview] No.7549 del

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 21:04:58 [Preview] No.7550 del
This belongs in the lewd thread

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 21:14:32 [Preview] No.7551 del
A little awkward how much she pads her breasts (again), but other than that the cosplay is fine.
The tok is okay, but not amazing

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 21:17:04 [Preview] No.7552 del
bro she's a growing girl, naturally her bobbies will be a bit bigger than you remember. besides, the shading on the bodysuit definitely doesn't help depth perception

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 21:21:59 [Preview] No.7553 del
Come one, son.
Just compare that cosplay to Ahri, and you can clearly tell how her breasts have magically grown by several cup sizes from one week to the next.

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 21:23:56 [Preview] No.7554 del
they all do, at this point forward

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 21:24:21 [Preview] No.7555 del
well she must've been getting a lot of protein then

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 21:56:45 [Preview] No.7557 del
high res

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 22:26:00 [Preview] No.7558 del

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 22:28:23 [Preview] No.7559 del
Muh lewd body suite, as if dva didn't exist.

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 22:29:52 [Preview] No.7560 del
is she prangent

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 22:46:35 [Preview] No.7561 del
Just an unfortunate angle.
If you look at her at the beginning of the video, she looks normal

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 23:23:16 [Preview] No.7562 del
yes, she's preggo

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 23:24:04 [Preview] No.7563 del
yes anon, and rin was just as lewd as ahri there is no old bonbi etc
keep on coping

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 23:46:25 [Preview] No.7564 del

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 23:47:57 [Preview] No.7565 del
oyy vey body suite. see this is what i mean goyim, lets crush her spirit.

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 23:50:36 [Preview] No.7567 del
don't be a nigger lad, the body suit isn't the problem and you know it.

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 23:52:17 [Preview] No.7568 del

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 23:53:42 [Preview] No.7569 del
oyy gevalt is that devil horns!! this is the problem she is not acting very christian! we need to crucify her goys.

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 00:03:07 [Preview] No.7571 del
(3.63 MB 540x960 jade_galaxy.webm)

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 00:08:26 [Preview] No.7573 del
oh muh thighs muh skirt :(. this is it from now on everything is lewd you guys!!

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 00:25:27 [Preview] No.7576 del
(1.72 MB 540x960 todoroki_bible.webm)

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 00:40:48 [Preview] No.7578 del
(3.28 MB 540x960 hanayo_cadillac.webm)

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 01:29:32 [Preview] No.7584 del
gGod I just fucking love how she's showing off her tight and fuckable 16 year old body in all her new toks lately.
I wish she started earlier, but I'm still glad I'm here to witness the depravation of bonbibonkers by sethy.
I even wonder if XXX content of her will be leaked before she's 18...haha just imagine...

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 01:35:49 [Preview] No.7585 del
muh deprivation muh seth. the only thing deprived is your mom and her faggot husband.

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 01:57:16 [Preview] No.7586 del
Stop being so rude, bonbi

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 01:58:17 [Preview] No.7587 del
nigger that doesn't even make sense

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 02:14:34 [Preview] No.7588 del
so does your groom fantasies

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 02:15:59 [Preview] No.7589 del
(291.41 KB 576x1080 fuckyou.webm)

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 05:50:53 [Preview] No.7602 del

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 11:46:27 [Preview] No.7603 del
Bonbi really doesn't understand what her appeal was. I guess she can't act cute and innocent anymore anyway.

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 18:29:38 [Preview] No.7613 del
her appeal was always displaying her unfiltered self without caring about what others thought about her. she still is like that. it's just that she is almost 17 and naturally starts to explore her sexuality.

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 23:29:12 [Preview] No.7615 del
True, I suppose. Too bad it gives all these lewders so much ammunition to keep on with their perverted bullshit.

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 00:29:09 [Preview] No.7616 del
(548.56 KB 720x1280 15848363618720.webm)
Hate to see her go but I love to see her leave

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 00:40:07 [Preview] No.7617 del
>always displaying her unfiltered self without caring about what others thought about her. she still is like that
is that why she hides her relationship with the pedo groomer?

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 00:53:32 [Preview] No.7618 del
i hate my retarded bonbibros

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 00:55:11 [Preview] No.7619 del
I love my coombibros

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 00:59:35 [Preview] No.7620 del
coombros lewd the shit of her then start groom posting and schizo posting after they coom

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 01:08:33 [Preview] No.7621 del
nigga, she's currently smashing through her puberty. she's already too old for pedophiles. hate to say it, but it's over for pedo-posters

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 02:04:45 [Preview] No.7623 del
(7.25 MB 720x1280 samus 2.mp4)
kinda funny that lewd edits are getting posted before the actual source at this point

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 02:13:29 [Preview] No.7624 del
(2.30 MB 608x1080 1581201688221.webm)

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 02:14:32 [Preview] No.7625 del
is there are better source for this?

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 02:17:36 [Preview] No.7626 del
(583.61 KB 720x1280 158483636187200.webm)
I don't see how that's funny at all

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 02:18:22 [Preview] No.7627 del
no i think this is the best one but i kinda remember someone poste another version

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 02:18:53 [Preview] No.7628 del
cute and pretty

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 02:19:47 [Preview] No.7629 del
but this is the best one

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 02:28:57 [Preview] No.7630 del
less funny, more ironic

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 04:09:48 [Preview] No.7633 del
I would fuck the shit out of her ass

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 04:17:03 [Preview] No.7634 del
i would fuck the shit out of your ass

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 04:20:25 [Preview] No.7635 del
i would fuck the shit out of your ass

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 04:27:35 [Preview] No.7636 del
i would fuck the spit out of your mouth

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 04:59:30 [Preview] No.7639 del

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 05:03:27 [Preview] No.7640 del
(3.99 MB 540x960 ochaco_superstar.webm)

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 05:08:02 [Preview] No.7641 del
(4.77 MB 1080x960 toga_imyou.webm)

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 05:20:34 [Preview] No.7642 del
(1.51 MB 540x960 rin_takethelead.webm)

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 07:00:33 [Preview] No.7645 del
(4.69 MB 720x1280 toga_uwu.webm)

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 07:39:08 [Preview] No.7647 del

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 15:07:26 [Preview] No.7649 del
is it underpants or a suit like that?

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 16:03:07 [Preview] No.7652 del

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 17:20:16 [Preview] No.7653 del
Do any of you believe she does it for the money?

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 17:41:43 [Preview] No.7654 del
Yes, I believe that.

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 17:54:26 [Preview] No.7655 del
Can you explain why? I think if she did it for the money she'd advertise her patreon more and do more lewd stuff. I'm sure she doesn't even like cosplay anymore but I don't think she's in it for the money

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 18:09:39 [Preview] No.7656 del
>and do more lewd stuff
Have you not been watching her content recently?

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 18:25:28 [Preview] No.7657 del
But is it that much lewder than before? She's shown her thighs and wore bodysuits too

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 18:47:59 [Preview] No.7658 del
Honestly I don't. Girls on Instagram seem to be often approached by potential sponsors, I've seen countless times accounts with only a couple hundred or a couple thousand followers get sponsors. Yet bonbi doesn't seem to promote a product/company in her posts consistently. Think about it rationally, if you were in her place and you wanted to make some cash every post would be a sponsored post, and you'd also try to post very frequently, like multiple times a week.

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 19:00:56 [Preview] No.7659 del
look at this dude

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 19:28:19 [Preview] No.7660 del
>patreon is a comfy passive income >sponsored content requires an actual effort (deadlines ans shit)
>bonbi is a lazy bitch
I mean it's not that hard to figure out why she doesn't do this kind of stuff.

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 19:31:14 [Preview] No.7661 del
Or is it the audios?

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 22:18:12 [Preview] No.7663 del
I hate dramaniggers and discordniggers

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 00:11:52 [Preview] No.7664 del
(138.48 KB 1080x1350 2018-05-16 natsuki1.jpg)
(118.85 KB 1080x1350 2019-02-09 yuri1.jpg)
(1.65 MB 1080x1350 2018-05-16 natsuki4.jpg)

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 00:15:46 [Preview] No.7665 del
(123.50 KB 1080x1350 2019-04-21 shortcake2.jpg)
(5.26 MB 894x1120 strawberrybonbi.png)
(100.09 KB 1080x1350 2019-04-21 shortcake5.jpg)

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 01:40:44 [Preview] No.7666 del
I hate cucks but I cant stop you from posting

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 01:56:18 [Preview] No.7668 del
Dilate, tranny

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 02:12:37 [Preview] No.7669 del

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 02:18:21 [Preview] No.7670 del

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 05:05:51 [Preview] No.7672 del

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 09:22:03 [Preview] No.7676 del

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 10:52:14 [Preview] No.7678 del

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 10:54:41 [Preview] No.7679 del
i think redbon is better than bluebon, red is better on her

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 11:17:01 [Preview] No.7680 del
(12.78 MB 540x960 15639836878822.mp4)

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 12:04:15 [Preview] No.7681 del
Nice edit lad. Do you have a full song version?

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 13:01:23 [Preview] No.7682 del

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 15:30:04 [Preview] No.7683 del
(5.54 MB 500x500 wew lad.gif)
(1.36 MB 300x300 lips.gif)
Alright, I'll break it down for you.
>she's shown her thighs
Yes, and Ahri was more than thighs. Basically a Playboy bunny costume. And don't forget the shot in gif related. She herself knows what she's doing, knows it's a new level for her, and she told everyone herself with her comments on IG when she posted that Ahri pic.

>wore bodysuits
Yes, but
>Froppy and Dva were not skin-tight
>ZS Samus is. Accentuated/padded bust, every curve is hugged. Walk-away booty shot. That's a sexy strut meant to emphasize and exaggerate hips and ass, not a normal walking stride. Same as the walk-away in that one Sailor Moon tiktok.
>Froppy/Dva were non-sexual in disposition
>ZS Samus is clearly amorous in disposition.

Funny how people would praise her tiktoks and meticulously note every little micro-expression and editing trick and talk about how deliberate and dedicated she was....but now we're supposed to believe getting lewder is somehow unintentional or all in our heads.

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 15:44:08 [Preview] No.7684 del
Her appeal was creativity, cuteness, and hating lewders and pedophiles.
>she still is like that
In what timeline?
>she is almost 17 and naturally starts to explore her sexuality
Everyone knew she would grow and change. It was baked into the cake. Growing and changing does not entail becoming another cosplay thot. That's a false dichotomy.

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 16:04:52 [Preview] No.7685 del
Fart head/redditspacer is supposedly in Canada. RAD claims so many different things that I don't know what to think, but he sounds Californian (lots of show business talk, degenerate as fuck, etc)
You're in the Bonbiverse. "Drama" is part and parcel of the experience. There is no a la carte menu here.
Pedophiles are rarely exclusively attracted to pre-pubescent kids, they're often attracted to adults too. Being attracted to bonbi doesn't undo his pedophilia. This card never works, don't bother playing it again.

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 16:06:51 [Preview] No.7686 del
Go back to discord or at least fuck off to your containment thread

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 16:10:34 [Preview] No.7687 del
(1.49 MB 225x300 yeah nah.gif)

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 16:26:35 [Preview] No.7688 del
>We are bonbibros we support child rape we hear and see no wrong with it

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 16:43:38 [Preview] No.7690 del
Just something for you to think about anon, but why did she choose Ahri over Elizabeth? Could it be bonbi is still self-conscious about something in particular....hint hint, padding won’t help her with that cosplay.

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 17:00:17 [Preview] No.7691 del
Elizabeth cosplay is closely associated with Deepsauce for some reason. There ya go. Cope.

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 17:07:15 [Preview] No.7692 del
Was she wearing padding with the Ahri cosplay?

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 17:30:09 [Preview] No.7693 del
Thats bs because she was actually going to do it but decided against it making up another excuse. If anyone’s coping it’s her, she’s still very self-conscious despite what she tries to leads on.

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 17:41:37 [Preview] No.7694 del
But where? Looking at the gif above doesn't look like she's wearing any

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 17:57:17 [Preview] No.7695 del
it's arcane lore but yeah she did Elizabeth for deep. I'm not seeing padding in that totally accidental downblouse shot btw.

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 18:16:56 [Preview] No.7696 del
I think it might be the cosplay itself that's slightly padded
N-Not that I was looking obviously don't be weird

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 19:45:37 [Preview] No.7699 del
Same, I could never do that. ^_^

Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 20:14:50 [Preview] No.7701 del
That and for attention. Probably a major reason why she keeps going.

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 02:34:17 [Preview] No.7709 del
(8.12 MB 540x960 15785917881863.mp4)
for me its redbon

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 02:45:12 [Preview] No.7710 del
i liked the edit too, i don't remember seeing full song version

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 02:49:44 [Preview] No.7711 del
(5.19 MB 720x1280 1584251764834.webm)
best one out of ahri toks

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 02:55:58 [Preview] No.7712 del
(2.40 MB 540x960 ooc_seeyouagain.webm)

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 05:09:06 [Preview] No.7715 del
(940.70 KB 400x400 1555137096760.gif)
redbon best bon

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 06:22:15 [Preview] No.7717 del
Wait a minute I'm confused, why did she cosplay zero suit samus in the first place? She a smash bros fan or is this just another of seths recommendations or..?

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 06:22:38 [Preview] No.7718 del
it wasn't in her cosplans video I think too

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 10:20:36 [Preview] No.7720 del
I don't think Bonbi plans means a lot though

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 13:59:38 [Preview] No.7722 del
How can a person be so beautiful

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 14:06:05 [Preview] No.7723 del
Could be just to piss people off. I mean, we know she likes doing it. I was hoping for the Meulin re-do but after the shot-for-shot Rose re-do feeling so hollow (and pointless) and these thot costumes I don't think I care anymore. I feel like she's in a Sunset Boulevard phase and wants to get sexy to get another shot at the greater level of fame/recognition she always wanted.

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 14:53:30 [Preview] No.7725 del
Well she won’t get that greater recognition, since she’s missing two major things. ASS AND TIDDES, oh and she’s getting fat too so that’s not helping her either.

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 16:03:34 [Preview] No.7726 del
How is she fat? Are you dumb?

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 16:44:21 [Preview] No.7728 del
How is she not fat? Are you blind?

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 18:01:49 [Preview] No.7730 del
Why is this garbage site so slow, why the fuck did they give such big file sizes and make all the gifs autoplay if they don't have the bandwidth for it.
4chan has many limitations but at least it's decently fast most of the time

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 18:18:03 [Preview] No.7731 del
i don't mind the slowness, i check twice a day so its good for me. its only fast when a new tik tok is dropped or a stream happened. endchan is cool at least i don't have to solve captcha every couple of post, here i can post a file even if my internet is shit

Anonymous Global volunteer 03/24/2020 (Tue) 18:39:05 [Preview] No.7732 del
If you are experiencing problems with the site post it on >>>/operate/ preferably in a related thread.

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 21:09:12 [Preview] No.7733 del

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 21:38:53 [Preview] No.7734 del
(5.45 MB 720x1280 1585085756760[1].webm)
New video

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 21:40:38 [Preview] No.7735 del
>you know who you are

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 22:16:07 [Preview] No.7736 del

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 22:30:52 [Preview] No.7737 del
nice birb nice sound and cute bonbi, nice tok

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 23:04:16 [Preview] No.7738 del

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 23:06:15 [Preview] No.7739 del
It’d be a real shame if a tv fell on him. (;

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 23:12:10 [Preview] No.7740 del
The only thing heavy enough to kill that bird, is bonbi body slamming him with her muffin top.

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 23:19:32 [Preview] No.7741 del
Don't you guys think it's funny that we're in the middle of a pandemic and the economy is failing but bonbi still has 69 patreons?
I'm glad people's priorities are where they are.

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 00:49:31 [Preview] No.7742 del
Its logical, if people think the economy will fall then money will lose value, better spend it now

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 02:35:22 [Preview] No.7744 del
Who is she talking about?

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 04:40:54 [Preview] No.7747 del
mr black I think

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 05:14:26 [Preview] No.7748 del

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 05:38:51 [Preview] No.7749 del
source mp4 for this

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 05:39:59 [Preview] No.7750 del
(7.94 MB 720x1280 samus ok boomer.mp4)
forgot to attach lol

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 10:17:11 [Preview] No.7752 del
I can't watch it, itš so fucking bad

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 10:31:20 [Preview] No.7753 del
>4chan down
so it begins

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 10:40:47 [Preview] No.7754 del
That doesn't make any sense. Black is completely removed from all the backroom stuff, he isn't involved in anything and does not give a fuck about Bonbi. Would be really weird for Bonbi to dedicate a tiktok to him like that. Unless she and Seth are both paranoid as fuck and think that Black is still pulling the strings.

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 11:15:56 [Preview] No.7755 del
(7.25 MB 4800x2700 bonbi wall.jpg)
Made this wallpaper for my high res bros :)

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 11:58:57 [Preview] No.7756 del
only the rin pic is good, but it is extremely good.

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 12:20:50 [Preview] No.7757 del
Has anyone made an OC to David Bowie's "'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore"
I got that idea but I will not e xecute it because I love bonbi and contrary to popular belief she is NOT a whore

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 12:32:01 [Preview] No.7758 del
Good idea, you should make it
I love bonbi and contrary to popular belief she IS a whore

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 14:02:28 [Preview] No.7759 del
>she’s missing two major things. ASS AND TIDDES

can someone explain to me this idea that you need a big ass and huge tits to be considered sexy enough to make money off your sexuality? Thin, petite women are always in demand.

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 14:39:50 [Preview] No.7760 del
It's probably directed toward the pedo hating meanie incels in general. It's not worth thinking about.

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 15:17:42 [Preview] No.7762 del
They are all good.

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 16:09:50 [Preview] No.7763 del
Well, since she said "you know who u are", and I don't know who she is talking about, and neither do you or seemingly anybody else here - I just assume that she is not talking about any of us?

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 17:29:13 [Preview] No.7765 del
she does this stuff all the time, if she doesn't name someone it's always related to her pedophile boyfriend and the drama surrounding them.

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 17:36:07 [Preview] No.7766 del
(3.39 MB 300x300 rose cute.gif)
why would she be talking about us, her loyal and trusting fanbase?

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 17:43:58 [Preview] No.7767 del
are you trying to destroy her self-image again?

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 18:14:32 [Preview] No.7769 del
What kind of shit are you smoking, they are not in demand.
I’m certain she can do that all on her own anon.

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 18:49:00 [Preview] No.7772 del
>What kind of shit are you smoking, they are not in demand.
Where do you live, and why are only phat ass titcows found attractive there?

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 21:02:47 [Preview] No.7777 del
Welcome To Earth

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 21:13:29 [Preview] No.7778 del
I still love Bonbibonkers, btw

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 21:43:33 [Preview] No.7779 del
She doesn’t love you dude get over it.

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 22:35:29 [Preview] No.7782 del
(3.81 MB 540x960 1573331561666.webm)
i still love her too

Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 22:43:46 [Preview] No.7783 del
looks awesome, i have jiro as wallpaper now >>7005

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 03:37:05 [Preview] No.7786 del
Someone is definitely pulling strings but I don't think they know who it is yet.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 03:57:10 [Preview] No.7787 del
(5.72 MB 536x960 1584238183888.webm)

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 04:53:15 [Preview] No.7788 del
(2.19 MB 202x360 redbi_extended.webm)

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:11:36 [Preview] No.7789 del
God I want to play Overwatch with bonbi, this is how I imagine it going
>Hi cheesehead!
<Hehe hi
>Let's go qp classic yes?
*enter queue*
>I'm actually super nervous
<Haha no don't be! I won't bite
>Heh I just admire your content a lot
<Aw thank you so much!
>You know I get very into some things or people, it's an autistic trait
>And you're one of my so called "special interests"
<Oh I know someone with autism!
>Well I don't exactly have *autism*, I have Asperger's Syndrome which is autism without an intellectual disability
<I did not know that, that's cool
*enter game*
>Who's gonna pick Mercy the fastest hmmm!
<Hey I want Mercy!
>You gotta be faster than me!
*picks Mercy*
<Awww maaan gimme Mercy
>Ok cheesehead
<Thank you
>Say thank you uwu
<Hahaha I'm not saying uwu
>Ok egirl
<I'm not a egirl!
>But you cosplayed as one!
<Okay fine hahaha
>It's one of my favorite cosplays you've done btw
<Aww thanks, I really liked cosplaying as an egirl even though I'm NOT an egirl
>Sure sure
<Hahaha aaaargh

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:12:15 [Preview] No.7790 del
>Can you guess my favorite cosplay you've done?
<Uuuhhhh there are sooo many, I'd never guess
>It's one of the new ones
<Let me guess, Ahri
<People really seem to like that one, I got like 10 new patreons when I did that cosplay
>And I'm one of 'em
<Awww thank you so much!!
<...what do I call you?
>Just my username is fine!
<Ok just my username
>What a comedy genius
<I know
>Ah I need healing behind you
<Oopsie poopsie, I don't have eyes behind my back
>Thank you
>How are you? Like really, how are you?
<Uhhhh I'm not sure
<Nobody really asks me that
>Don't you have friends?
<I mean a few online friends
>Me too
<Well I feel pretty stressed
>What's stressing your cheese head?
<Hahaha just...
<*sigh* I don't know it's stupid
>No way it's stupid
<Well, do you know 4chan?
>Yea I do
<Well, they say all kinds of things about me.. and it really gets to me
<What kinda things?
<Like ooh bonbi is a whore and ooh I wanna lewd bonbi
<I just don't know how to handle it
>Well... I don't really know the real you, but nothing I've seen you do indicates that you're a whore
<That's what I'm thinking! Like what did I ever do?
>It's just incels in their moms basements writing all kinds of silly mean things about you
<'cause you're a meanie
>I gotta admit that I found you through 4chan, but I never made nasty comments about you, I just watched your content
<Oh... I never would've guessed you're a 4chan user because you're so nice
>4chan is a diverse group of good people and bad people
<I guess so...

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:12:56 [Preview] No.7791 del
>Need healing behind you again
<I gotchu
>Thanks Bonnie
<You're welcome just my username
>You know what makes your tiktoks special?
<*British accent* I's got no idea, I's just messing about in front of a camera
>*British accent* well I'll tell ya, it's your facial expressions
<*British accent* oi sod off there's nothing special aboot that
>*British accent* oi, OI!
<*British accent* Oi oi!
>Your face is very expressive, it's a gift, you should cherish it
<Aaaawh makin' me blush, noone's ever said that about me
>It's the truth man!
<Thank you so much man!
>So, do you have plans for the next cosplay if you're making one?
<Ahhh yeah I'm making one... but
>Butt what?
<It's gonna get a lot of opinions
>Bad opinions?
>Well what's wrong with it?
<It's just uhhhh, can I show you? On discord?
>You wanna add me on Discord?
>Oh my god I can't believe I'm about to have the one and only bonbibonkers on my Discord friends list
<Hahaha it's no biggie
>It's a huge for me, a fan interacting with his idol
<Pffff shush, what's your Discord?
>It's Blade Runner#2049 with a space and capital first letters
<Okaay give me a second
>I'll give you two
<Pft very funny
>I am funny
<So here's one picture...
>Oh wow.. OH WOW.. that's hella cute but I can see why someone would have negative opinions about it
<Yeeeaaa it's kinda ... like that
*game ended*
>Dang we lost, better luck next time
>I think I'll actually go for now, it's pretty late, I go to bed early
<Okay! I had fun time playing with you!
>Maybe play another time?
>And uhhh I think you should go ahead with that cosplay, a lot of people will like it
<Yeeeeeah I don't know...
>Do what feels right
>Goodnight cheesehead!
<Goodnight Blade Runner, whatever that means
>Hah, byebye
<Byeee uwu

The end.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:37:10 [Preview] No.7792 del
(2.24 MB 540x960 1572785889094.webm)

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:42:11 [Preview] No.7793 del
You know the most ironic thing about this is??? She couldn’t even tell you shit for this, because she’s dating a literal pedophile and fell for the most brain numbing pick up lines.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:42:25 [Preview] No.7794 del
(3.02 MB 402x720 sosi hui.mp4)

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:48:45 [Preview] No.7795 del

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:52:37 [Preview] No.7796 del
(2.95 MB 540x960 pidge_lunch.webm)

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 05:55:14 [Preview] No.7797 del
fuck off drama thread, they enjoy stalking there daddy seth and his games

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 06:08:28 [Preview] No.7798 del
(2.04 MB 540x960 through my head.webm)

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 06:36:38 [Preview] No.7799 del
Uh oh! A comfy cuck got cucked by a drama chad yet again. All you can do is bitch and moan while your thread gets fucked by drama chads.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 06:42:51 [Preview] No.7800 del
all you can do is muh cuck muh seth while writing an entire essay about seth cum

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 06:58:25 [Preview] No.7801 del
drama fags will write novels about there groom fantasies and pedo tactics then call people cucks for wanting it to stay in its thread

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 08:01:14 [Preview] No.7802 del
just accept your fate as cucks of drama chads

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 08:16:40 [Preview] No.7803 del
muh cuck again

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 09:27:45 [Preview] No.7804 del
>muh "muh cuck" again
You bugmen deserve to get cucked. you don't even have enough braincells to scroll past the posts you don't like

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 09:51:59 [Preview] No.7805 del
>muh muh muh cuck again
i will reply to what i want

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 09:57:13 [Preview] No.7806 del
(1.07 MB 720x1280 aw yeah.webm)
this is bonbi thread, you can talk about your favorite chad seth in the drama thread.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 12:39:45 [Preview] No.7807 del
I'll talk about my favorite whores life in any thread I want
and theres not a thing you can do it about it but get cucked

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 12:51:00 [Preview] No.7808 del
funny how they say they want to protect bonbi from muh groom while they call her a whore and want to re-groom her and play there fantasies about "hacking her brain and change her personality"

we will not subscribe to your groom fantasies >>7384 and we will not want to crush the spirit of a girl for playing a game and having a discord chat

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 13:12:16 [Preview] No.7809 del
Janny do your job please.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 13:49:30 [Preview] No.7810 del
I dont wanna groom her I wanna unwhore her

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 14:21:18 [Preview] No.7811 del
I know who you are
please stay on ttg

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 14:36:44 [Preview] No.7812 del
cuckspamming belongs in ttg. im anti cuckspam.
no you revealed your plans here, you want to groom her after crushing her spirit so you make her "spergy cute" again fuck you

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 14:39:12 [Preview] No.7813 del
Please bitch, no one wants to groom a whore, I have better targets who arent whores like avery

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 14:48:32 [Preview] No.7814 del
stop posting youre a retard

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 15:21:58 [Preview] No.7815 del
I can't stop pooosting, if a retard comes here acting retarded i will fucking reply and poost

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 15:26:40 [Preview] No.7816 del
She's a whore tho

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 15:40:40 [Preview] No.7817 del
weren't you the one calling her whore? you are redditspacer right? maybe you just act like that fucking dipshit unintentionally. if thats the case im so sorry.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 15:45:45 [Preview] No.7818 del
redditspacer also got caught lewding, it's him samefagging as the whoreposter. He's arguing with himself

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 16:00:55 [Preview] No.7819 del
I only reply to him here, he can go to the drama thread or lewd thread and whorespam all he want or talk about seth all he want. This thread is about bonbi (new bontent, edits, photos, new news, insta post and stories)

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 16:08:42 [Preview] No.7820 del
>i only take baits in one thread
Congratulations retard. I told you to stop posting but i cant stop you from embarrassing yourself

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 16:22:23 [Preview] No.7821 del
Why won’t stop poosting and stop falling for my baits too? You just said im the same guy who posts in all these threads including ttg! Now who is embarrassing himself

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 16:23:31 [Preview] No.7822 del
epic reddit moment

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 16:25:37 [Preview] No.7823 del
You kept asking for it

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:41:36 [Preview] No.7824 del
uhoh looks like /ttg/ got cancelled

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:41:45 [Preview] No.7825 del
Kek, is ttg banned now too?

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:45:58 [Preview] No.7826 del
Has she even streamed since the doomed January 1st stream?

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:48:10 [Preview] No.7827 del
Please I just want to post about my whore on ttg

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:57:48 [Preview] No.7828 del
new jannys just got approved
bonbi is a janny

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 17:59:05 [Preview] No.7829 del
poor girl probably isn't even deleting the threads on purpose
someone show her where the right button is

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 18:34:01 [Preview] No.7830 del
I heard bonbi got a treadmill ^_^

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 18:37:27 [Preview] No.7831 del
Dilate tranny

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 19:41:11 [Preview] No.7832 del
WTF? I love Janny now!!

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 19:48:57 [Preview] No.7833 del
Well I guess the faggots banned tiktok lol

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 19:53:02 [Preview] No.7834 del
it's kazisho having a meltdown

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:04:06 [Preview] No.7835 del
>make a post outside /ttg/
>banned for spamming

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:05:50 [Preview] No.7836 del
i fucking hate how you're not even allowed to complain, because the same mod just bans you for any bogus reason with no way to report him

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:11:56 [Preview] No.7837 del
wsg moderation is a sad joke unfortunately

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:15:06 [Preview] No.7838 del
endchan's ui is so shit

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:19:28 [Preview] No.7839 del
anyone contact mods on irc yet? I really don't want to stay here, endchan fucking sucks

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:20:26 [Preview] No.7840 del
Write a CSS ask BO to use it for the board.

>I really don't want to stay here
Then don't.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:20:39 [Preview] No.7841 del
Probably won't do anything or find a shit reason to explains why a single general triggers them so much

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:24:27 [Preview] No.7842 del
(27.05 KB 426x125 spam.png)
I just got banned within literal seconds for this one post - "spamming/flooding"

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:36:03 [Preview] No.7843 del
he banned everyone who posted in the nyannyan thread it as well, just before he archived it

also are new posts bugged for anyone else here, with `post content appearing to the right of the header?

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:37:31 [Preview] No.7844 del

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:44:56 [Preview] No.7845 del
he is absolutely not off the hook, he can still post em here

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 20:58:54 [Preview] No.7846 del
Looks like they're really going all out
I guess they finally decided to kill off the board

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 21:00:28 [Preview] No.7847 del
not to worry, they have many other interesting threads like "penis music" and "webms with sound for other boards"

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 21:01:36 [Preview] No.7848 del
Can we move on to /gif/ now?

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 21:04:10 [Preview] No.7849 del
Links in case someone's looking for them

Profile Downloader: https://mega.nz/#F!A1NWwYyK!YJIRtAL3poXAuuoXO2jd6Q
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Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 21:06:46 [Preview] No.7850 del
Give it a try

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 21:08:17 [Preview] No.7851 del
(583.75 KB 360x640 cat dva awkward.webm)
/gif/ is literally just a porn board and despite the trajectory we appear to be on I'm not sure we're quite there yet

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 21:08:30 [Preview] No.7852 del
Tik Tok General /ttg/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Ma9GNBT

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 21:26:17 [Preview] No.7853 del
yeah that happens to me, only on firefox tho

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:10:07 [Preview] No.7854 del

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:16:49 [Preview] No.7855 del
Fair enough IMO, I was wondering why they didn't ban it as soon as the Nat shit started being posted

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:23:05 [Preview] No.7856 del
is this the new ttg

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:25:54 [Preview] No.7857 del
if their reasoning is that creepy / lewd / obsessive posting is the problem, why have they never bothered trying to actually actively moderate that content?
why is the first stage of their plan to ban entire generals outright?

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:34:55 [Preview] No.7858 del
this. surely there must have been some janitor applications for wsg? 1 or 2 ttg residents would have been enough to keep the threads clean around the clock.
and spamming has never been an issue, its all over 4chan all the time. and there were times it was much much worse in ttg

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:36:00 [Preview] No.7859 del
is there any other chan we can go to? endchan is probably the worst I've seen yet

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:44:23 [Preview] No.7860 del
Your going to run? Why don’t you show them what real spamming and circle jerking looks like by completely taking over other threads.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:48:41 [Preview] No.7861 del
i dont want a fight man, i just want a place to talk with my ttgbros

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:53:16 [Preview] No.7862 del
we could go here


it has a cool system, the posts are all typed up live

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 22:57:38 [Preview] No.7863 del

here, i made a 2chen thread for bonbibros

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 23:02:40 [Preview] No.7864 del
there's only two boards though, kpop and vidya

what about 8kun? it seems to be the best maintained board after 4chan and the foreign ones

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 23:03:39 [Preview] No.7865 del
>Twitch streamer egirl and ex-TikTok celebrity

wut are you doin

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 23:08:43 [Preview] No.7866 del
bbg is banned from being created on 8kun and they don't respond to emails about it.

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 23:14:56 [Preview] No.7867 del
lollll what? truly bonbiposters are the most marginalised people </3

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 23:20:06 [Preview] No.7868 del
They must really be afraid of her being murdered, and are definitely covering their asses huh?

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 23:22:11 [Preview] No.7869 del
they're literally the garbage dump of 4chan, hard to believe they ban anything at all. we could still try ttg there

but this shit's pretty awesome too

Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 23:23:26 [Preview] No.7870 del
I like endchan i don't want to migrate, now people can visit here and we can have faster threads after ttg got banned

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 00:31:14 [Preview] No.7871 del
I think endchan should at least remain active irrespective, there's a lot of content and nonce-lore already posted here

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 00:32:08 [Preview] No.7872 del
Lmao it was fun while they lasted

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 01:23:25 [Preview] No.7873 del

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 01:50:38 [Preview] No.7874 del
(411.73 KB 576x1024 princess peach lips.png)

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 02:17:47 [Preview] No.7875 del
She is beautiful, but still doesn't look good with makeup

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 02:42:16 [Preview] No.7876 del
She would if she’d have her natural hair color not to mention she only seems to want to do her makeup flawlessly in cosplays. Her rin(not contest) Mabel and strawberry are really great, but look at all her ooc makeup. She looks appalling when she dyed her hair pink, and that family dinner she went to was also really bad too. It’s like she tries adding a lot of reds and pink they don’t go well with her.

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 02:52:20 [Preview] No.7877 del
i like the new hair tbh, maybe better than pink

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 03:15:50 [Preview] No.7878 del
I think it was more the haircut rather than the color, a fringe cut looks really bad on her.

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 03:18:30 [Preview] No.7879 del
she needs to show off the goods

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 03:29:24 [Preview] No.7880 del

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:25:48 [Preview] No.7881 del

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:27:00 [Preview] No.7882 del
Thread was moved to https://2chen.org/tv/33103 because admin created a board for us


Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:29:29 [Preview] No.7883 del
god I fucking hate this challenge
nice to see her new hair again though, it's cute

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:31:40 [Preview] No.7884 del
2chen? don't care i'm afraid

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:45:54 [Preview] No.7885 del
I think it has some teething problems, but what's there seems pretty promising tbh
I'm on board with it as the current /ttg/ at least
I'll still be using this place as well tho

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:48:39 [Preview] No.7886 del
i will consider using it when they remove the live preview thing

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:51:15 [Preview] No.7887 del
yeah that's the first thing I hope gets patched out or solved by an enterprising anon
It's an interesting dynamic but I can only see it causing issues down the line

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:55:42 [Preview] No.7888 del
would an opt-out suffice?
or are you saying it causes problems other than it just being personal preference

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 04:58:01 [Preview] No.7889 del
idk if it causes any problems, I just don't like it

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 05:14:03 [Preview] No.7890 del
I think so, I'm not against the live post updates as much as being forced to use them, it feels a bit invasive and something I'd prefer to post without
Aside from that it could potentially cause problems with people accidentally typing private information into the chat, or simply be abused by trolls
The site seems like a good foundation, but is probably ill-equipped for the shitshow it's about to host lol

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 05:18:58 [Preview] No.7891 del
Can we at least keep /bbg/ just on endchan? I don't want to check 3 different places

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 05:57:14 [Preview] No.7892 del
i agree, this place works and people already know it.

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 05:58:54 [Preview] No.7893 del
hair is super nice

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 06:36:42 [Preview] No.7894 del
Just became her patreon bros!

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 06:53:52 [Preview] No.7896 del
I love Bonbibonkers.

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 08:12:43 [Preview] No.7897 del

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 10:07:46 [Preview] No.7898 del
Yes an opt-out would be enough. Idc what people I just don't like it when I am writing

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 14:28:21 [Preview] No.7902 del
Natsuki is so pretty

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 14:39:57 [Preview] No.7904 del
It's too expensive and you barely post

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 16:52:34 [Preview] No.7906 del
Completely Shitposting, Advertising and Spamming posts.>> Janny do nothing? Lol

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 17:06:36 [Preview] No.7907 del
I will not give money, Im not cuckold, let her boyfriend provide

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 17:08:01 [Preview] No.7908 del
>muh janny
holy cringe

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 17:12:53 [Preview] No.7909 del
He's working very hard, grooming is a 24/7 kind of job. It doesn't pay the bills though. Give bonbi social security checks via patreon, she's starving:


Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 17:18:51 [Preview] No.7910 del
>she's starving
that's probably a good thing, have you seen how big shes getting?

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 17:20:18 [Preview] No.7911 del
I want fatbon to sit on my head

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 17:22:46 [Preview] No.7912 del
Life's worth living
Please get help

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (US):

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 17:42:21 [Preview] No.7913 del
Is that why she’s getting fat?

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 17:50:09 [Preview] No.7914 del
She isn't getting fat she's getting thicc if anything

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:23:34 [Preview] No.7915 del
All this discussion about her being fat... So what? I love bonbi for the obese fat whore that she is

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:24:32 [Preview] No.7916 del
She's only fat in the right places

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:25:48 [Preview] No.7917 del
Agreed the all the fat goes to her belly and the upper back, perfect places

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:28:16 [Preview] No.7918 del
You wish, it all goes to her beautiful thighs

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:28:17 [Preview] No.7919 del
Give me a webm showing how fat Bonbi has become

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:38:28 [Preview] No.7920 del
Check the Ahri tiktoks

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:45:34 [Preview] No.7921 del
Don’t forget about Seamus’s gut in the new ones. ^_^

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:46:47 [Preview] No.7922 del
Wrong, I've observed bonbi coochie for a long time. It wasn't fat before ahri. That's where all the fat is going. Now she has a Fat Fucking Pussy, she does

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:49:25 [Preview] No.7923 del
Her belly only looked fat in one frame
That's just probably the costume

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:53:03 [Preview] No.7924 del
No one had a problem with baby fat bon, so why is she getting hate for having real fat now?

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 18:59:06 [Preview] No.7925 del
It looked fat through the entirety or are you going to say that was the cosplay too?

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 19:02:42 [Preview] No.7926 del
>It looked fat through the entirety
What are you referring to?

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 19:03:07 [Preview] No.7927 del
why is she doing sex appeal stuff? isn't she 16?

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 19:07:36 [Preview] No.7928 del
No age requirement to be a whore

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 19:11:11 [Preview] No.7929 del
She's an empowered young woman

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 19:11:36 [Preview] No.7930 del
Is she really doing this to own haters? Sometimes I wonder what goes through her demented little mind.

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 19:16:17 [Preview] No.7931 del
Why hasn't she uploaded the insta pics?

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 19:26:34 [Preview] No.7932 del
too ashamed of the fat she gained

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 19:29:05 [Preview] No.7933 del
She isn't fat, fag. Stop it

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 20:39:09 [Preview] No.7935 del
(3.73 MB 1280x720 fattybonkers.webm)

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 20:39:55 [Preview] No.7936 del
She’s fat dude, just accept it.

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 20:40:32 [Preview] No.7937 del
(1.94 MB 608x608 ahri thighs 2.webm)
before all the fat went to her cheeks
now it's all gone to her lips

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 20:57:28 [Preview] No.7939 del
She isn't fat you fucking retards, she's just developing

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 21:30:15 [Preview] No.7940 del
chubby cheeks are cute
"thicc" thighs aren't

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 21:33:55 [Preview] No.7941 del
Look anon she’s fat and a whore, but that doesn’t matter as long as she isn’t ugly. Granted you could say these alarming new additions are really weighing her down.

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 21:45:46 [Preview] No.7942 del
....in her pants

Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 22:59:48 [Preview] No.7944 del

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 03:08:14 [Preview] No.7945 del
my god yall probably think that Eugenia Cooney is fat too

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 03:55:21 [Preview] No.7946 del
(3.21 MB 576x1024 nico_kitai.webm)

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:33:42 [Preview] No.7947 del
New Bonbi is so sexy like what

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:35:39 [Preview] No.7948 del
(4.46 MB 576x1024 nico_cooking.webm)
i love nicobon

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:37:15 [Preview] No.7949 del
i think i will stay here in endchan, unless most bonbibros are elsewhere

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:39:55 [Preview] No.7950 del
Why not both?

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:41:39 [Preview] No.7951 del
i can do that. im just not used to check 2chen. i only check here and on ttg

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:47:21 [Preview] No.7952 del
(7.01 MB 2160x3840 img0001 (1).png)

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:50:34 [Preview] No.7953 del
(6.56 MB 2160x3840 img0001 (2).png)

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 04:57:46 [Preview] No.7954 del
awesome cosplay

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 05:05:29 [Preview] No.7955 del
Best tiktok she's ever made:

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 05:24:59 [Preview] No.7956 del
bit underrated desu

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 05:34:20 [Preview] No.7957 del
Very, it's her magnum opus

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 05:49:01 [Preview] No.7958 del
(1.30 MB 1080x1350 2018-03-16 meulin2.jpg)
(1.34 MB 1080x1350 2018-08-05 meulin3.jpg)
(100.02 KB 1080x1350 2018-04-16 aradia1.jpg)
i like demoness bonbi

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 08:38:42 [Preview] No.7959 del
2chen have 13 ip and here its maybe the same but 2chen have a lot of posts compared to here. some from ttg but most are bonbibros.

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 08:52:10 [Preview] No.7960 del
I think the ip count is only showing currently connected ips in thread
not sure how many there've been total but it seems like a few
/ttg/ basically died lol

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 09:39:31 [Preview] No.7961 del

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 17:33:48 [Preview] No.7962 del
Already got banned from 2chen. Nigger mods was sperging because she blacked meme

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 18:08:23 [Preview] No.7963 del

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 18:13:40 [Preview] No.7964 del
2chen? Im thinking it's based

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 18:18:32 [Preview] No.7965 del

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 18:22:49 [Preview] No.7966 del
(((2chen))) is cringe
join discord instead

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 18:44:29 [Preview] No.7967 del

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 20:49:31 [Preview] No.7968 del
yeah there are a bunch of really questionable deletions happening tbh
why are jannys always retarded bros?

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 20:51:26 [Preview] No.7969 del
>kicked out from everywhere
>jannies are the problem

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 21:04:40 [Preview] No.7970 del
>janny incapable of setting out clearly defined rules to moderate responsibly and efficiently
>janny repeatedly having temper tantrums and power-flexing like an incompetent baboon
>janny wonders why all the threads turn to shit
Many such cases.

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 21:14:08 [Preview] No.7971 del
Think ricehat will make another video for bonbi's 17th birthday? lol

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 22:00:45 [Preview] No.7972 del
I remember Redditspacer/fart head getting banned on /wsg/ a long time ago. A ton of lewd posts were deleted at the same time. Make of it what you will.

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 22:42:06 [Preview] No.7973 del
Congratulations! You became a Real Fan™! Thank you for facilitating the relationship between a mentally unwell young woman and her unemployed, poorly groomed...but expertly grooming...pedophile boyfriend!

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 22:44:40 [Preview] No.7974 del
how do bans work on that site anyway?
can you skip them by refreshing IP like you can on redditchan?

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 23:04:15 [Preview] No.7975 del
He definitely won't. This year there's gonna be no joined community effort at all. Maybe I'm an evil fuck, but I'm kind of enjoying the thought of Bonbi being little heartbroken on her birthday because of that. I mean one year you get at least 50 people coming together, making something for you and next year you get... nothing. That's gotta sting at least a little.

Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 23:34:33 [Preview] No.7976 del
Between the mods on redditchan and bonbis own actions she's successfully managed to demolish a huge chunk of her fan engagement and community
From here it'll just be a slow decline into obscurity and irrelevance
I hope she looks forward to being nobody again, she's earned it

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 00:10:47 [Preview] No.7977 del
As if she cares what a bunch of incels think or do for her, when she has an army of simps to tell her how great and beautiful she is in the comments.

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 00:22:08 [Preview] No.7978 del
Good thing she has all those Real Fans to reinforce all the bullshit s(he) wants to convince herself of

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 00:33:06 [Preview] No.7979 del
I can’t want till she’s 18 and thinks it’ll be ok to bring him out into the open, because if she thought it’s been bad up to now OH BOY she’d better be ready for that category 5 shit show.

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 01:27:05 [Preview] No.7980 del
I mean that's basically what she did with the twitch reveal
Drama surrounding the pedo was at it's lowest in a long time, so perhaps she thought she could get away with the flex
Part of me thinks she even may have done it intentionally to revive her own controversy for all that sweet sweet attention she needs

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 06:48:25 [Preview] No.7982 del
Don't even start this shit with me cunt.

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 06:49:35 [Preview] No.7983 del
Scuse me, I check out this shit periodically. I am not here enough to argue or contribute anything. But carry on speculating.

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 07:52:41 [Preview] No.7984 del
What happened to bonbi....3 months....really 3 months, was all it took.... :(

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 08:11:26 [Preview] No.7985 del
(228.06 KB 750x1334 Bon.jpg)
She complained in a story because she feels like no one likes her anymore and that the world is out to get her.

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 09:39:37 [Preview] No.7987 del
She's a pretty mean person, she spends most her time with Myspeld so..

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 09:44:53 [Preview] No.7988 del
that actually gave me feels.

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 12:57:03 [Preview] No.7989 del
hard to catch up with 2chen, maybe thats a good thing for some i remember someone complaining that endchan is slow, i like slow threads tbh.

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 12:58:47 [Preview] No.7990 del
but when im bored fast threads are cool.

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 18:40:05 [Preview] No.7991 del
Can someome post the newest patreon pics please?

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 18:47:58 [Preview] No.7992 del
the ahri ones? scroll up

Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 18:49:33 [Preview] No.7993 del

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 01:06:48 [Preview] No.7994 del
Since everyone seems to have left for the new site just want to ask, is someone still going to post new tiktoks, pics, news etc. here?

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 01:11:34 [Preview] No.7995 del
I'm still here, it's just quiet because there's no bontent to post and 2chen has more active posting
endchan is still a better chan for archival atm, 2chen seems a bit haphazard in whether posts actually exist or not lol

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 03:55:03 [Preview] No.7997 del
nice, this one is good

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 13:15:28 [Preview] No.7999 del
(915.49 KB 512x480 lipstick.mp4)
2chen fags are cucks

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 13:16:02 [Preview] No.8000 del
I wonder who installed that idea in her head.

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 16:11:59 [Preview] No.8003 del
Well I wonder....

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 16:58:30 [Preview] No.8004 del
(96.65 KB 856x1012 15855812001761.jpg)
(110.65 KB 1094x964 15855812001762.jpg)
(169.45 KB 1484x1468 15855812001773.jpg)
(54.83 KB 636x636 15855812001784.jpg)
some upscaled stuff I saw on russia chan

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 17:02:51 [Preview] No.8005 del
(429.91 KB 1500x2668 15853812709161.jpg)
(376.40 KB 1216x2160 15853938984800.jpg)
(245.24 KB 1062x1894 15849758862040.jpg)
(435.61 KB 1440x2560 15853817798260.jpg)

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 20:02:36 [Preview] No.8014 del
I think she should just delete the app and dump his bf's ass. Being nobody is better than attracting thousands-millions of horny degenerates.

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 20:43:35 [Preview] No.8015 del
why not both?

Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 23:37:48 [Preview] No.8017 del
I will continue to post here and on 4chan and ignore the new site entirely

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 03:08:23 [Preview] No.8019 del
in what way is her nose so pretty? she doesn't need plastic surgery

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 03:13:22 [Preview] No.8020 del
(3.61 MB 540x360 enduring love.webm)

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 03:15:50 [Preview] No.8021 del
(6.00 MB 1080x1920 Yuri.webm)

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 03:19:33 [Preview] No.8022 del
(5.99 MB 1080x1920 Yuri2.webm)

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 03:21:44 [Preview] No.8023 del
(5.97 MB 1080x1920 Yuri3.webm)

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 03:25:17 [Preview] No.8024 del
(5.96 MB 1080x1920 Yuri4.webm)

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 03:25:59 [Preview] No.8025 del
Lower-tier cosplay.

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 03:31:07 [Preview] No.8026 del
(5.97 MB 1080x1920 Yuri5.webm)

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 03:38:43 [Preview] No.8027 del

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 10:08:30 [Preview] No.8028 del
(546.69 KB 608x1080 15853897221620.png)
Guys, why not to try to get shelter on 2ch? There is nice (but dead) thread abt our Goddess:

You can revive it. Moderators don't often care about situation on the int board, and Russian trolls will not be a problem due to low English speaking skills.

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 10:44:12 [Preview] No.8029 del
Tried 2ch when original /bbg was nuked. Place was a ghost town.

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 11:07:18 [Preview] No.8030 del
That's what I say. You can try to breathe life into it. I mean, if local inhabitants afraid of brutal moderation, 2ch can be a good option.

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 12:58:22 [Preview] No.8032 del
What are you talking about? Most people has moved to 2chen

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 14:11:18 [Preview] No.8033 del
4chan still works fine. I don't see a need to move anywhere

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 15:17:13 [Preview] No.8035 del
4chan isnt the issue, the site is aging, but functional and established
The problem is the intentionally petty and ineffectual moderation

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 16:01:51 [Preview] No.8036 del
Anyone else wondering how literally 100% of shitposting seems to have dried up overnight?
Maybe every single spammer suddenly decided to behave after months of dedicated autistic shittery?
>Or maybe the aidf mods just decided they didnt need to falseflag the general any more

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 16:38:29 [Preview] No.8038 del
it's not a big enough problem to make me move to another site

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 16:48:04 [Preview] No.8039 del
Given that the alternative is just another fallout bunker like this one without the established board traffic of 4chan, it probably isnt a viable long term option if new posters cant find their way to the board
Its just frustrating when threads/posts are regularly interrupted or erased entirely for seemingly arbitrary reasons on the whims of a moderation team that appears personally invested in being as disruptive as possible to a specific subset of site posters

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 17:39:05 [Preview] No.8042 del
What kind of shitposting?

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 17:54:06 [Preview] No.8043 del
Notably cuckposting, sethposting, rad's usual level of spam, and pretty much all the "weird creepy shit" the general was supposedly banned for

Maybe janny somehow managed to ban every single low quality spam poster out of existence, they don't appear to have migrated anywhere else
Just odd how curiously effective janny's temper tantrum seems to have been

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 18:14:04 [Preview] No.8044 del
There has been a lot more radposting than usual in the last few days

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 18:15:00 [Preview] No.8045 del
>cuckposting, sethposting, rad's usual level of spam
I think those were all the same dude, the cuckposter. The RAD from bbg shitposts in a different way. And the creepyposting seems to have died I guess since most people moved to the new site

Anonymous Global volunteer 03/31/2020 (Tue) 18:22:08 [Preview] No.8046 del
Since someone here is stirring shit about moderation, here's a protip: the link to the logs can be found on the home page. All bans and deletions gets logged there.

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 18:27:27 [Preview] No.8047 del
(3.20 MB 280x500 mei nod.gif)
We were discussing 4chan moderation not endchan, but thanks that's good to know

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 18:29:10 [Preview] No.8048 del
Damn, she cute

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 18:32:34 [Preview] No.8049 del
It do be like that sometimes tho

Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 20:26:46 [Preview] No.8051 del
>It do be like that sometimes tho
Nope. All the time.

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 01:18:45 [Preview] No.8058 del
From bonbisnakememes on Instagram

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 01:19:37 [Preview] No.8059 del
3 cosplays over the last 3 months
are we nearing the end?

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 01:33:43 [Preview] No.8060 del

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 01:37:37 [Preview] No.8061 del
(1.27 MB 237x237 bonpink.gif)
the end of something, maybe
what happens next remains to be seen
the season finale has been very entertaining so far though

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 02:07:07 [Preview] No.8062 del
Such an utterly beautiful girl...

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 06:53:05 [Preview] No.8065 del
im guessing the people managing the mega folders are on here now so. i found 52gb of bonbi stuff that i just kept downloading from mega and dropbox since before her first disappearance but the folders are fucked and some files either corrupted or probably lower quality versions of current stuff. would you autists want me to upload it for you to go through and see what can be added and whats trash?

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 12:50:27 [Preview] No.8067 del
(24.67 MB 4320x5400 2019-02-09 yuri1.png)

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 17:20:46 [Preview] No.8074 del
if there's stuff in there that isn't in any of the packs I'd say it's worth looking through, sure

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 18:11:27 [Preview] No.8076 del

Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 19:04:57 [Preview] No.8080 del
cute! much better than samus and ahri

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 07:42:48 [Preview] No.8085 del
April fools....I get it now..

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 10:38:25 [Preview] No.8086 del
new tok

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 14:25:35 [Preview] No.8089 del
its april and she hasnt streamed this year but she streams for you know who everyday

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 17:23:04 [Preview] No.8097 del
Wait since she’s fat now does that mean she can cosplay a canonical Ochako?

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 17:29:41 [Preview] No.8099 del
No but she can do a bonpotamus though

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 18:26:32 [Preview] No.8104 del
And you wonder why bonbi blames y’all

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 18:54:35 [Preview] No.8106 del
(2.34 MB 1280x1707 asuna rare.png)

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 19:50:30 [Preview] No.8108 del
blames us for what

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 20:32:45 [Preview] No.8109 del

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 20:38:33 [Preview] No.8110 del
source is bonbi bonkers

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 20:41:10 [Preview] No.8111 del
Deep fake obviously

Anonymous 04/02/2020 (Thu) 21:01:59 [Preview] No.8112 del
I think you're right. The costume and wig look slightly different and the face seems to be from here https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt4SB-zAGXv/

Anonymous 04/03/2020 (Fri) 00:22:40 [Preview] No.8116 del