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Anonymous 08/04/2016 (Thu) 20:50:30 [Preview] No. 218
ITT Protagonists who got cucked hard or just had a shitty life for no good reason. Note, they do not have to be the MC.

Anyhow, this guy, his life was nothing more but autism and suffering.

Anonymous 08/04/2016 (Thu) 21:25:29 [Preview] No. 219 del
(195.46 KB 715x1000 cashan.jpg)
(430.89 KB 1238x1750 nomiko.jpg)
>they do not have to be the MC

But being touched by Tomino at some point usually qualifies. Or being a poor bastard stuck in a dyke show.

Anonymous 08/04/2016 (Thu) 21:42:35 [Preview] No. 221 del
Maybe I should have used the word lead characters. Regardless

>that dyke mecha show

Oh god man, just god that poor guy and that shitty ending too, it's why I avoid shows with gay or lesbian undertones. I tried it again with Samura Gaymenco and at least that was done so comically I didn't rage too hard.

>being touched by Tomino at some point usually qualifies

Also I don't know man, just look at King Gainer. Hell Uso Webbing didn't have that much of a shitty life either. Sure he had to face many traumas early in life...

Agh, who am I kidding? Uso has a shit ending, he ends up with Shakti, who is a god damn dumbass.

Anonymous 08/04/2016 (Thu) 22:16:49 [Preview] No. 222 del
"Usually" being the key word here. You have to have the shit luck of catching the bad end of his mood swings. King Gainer was made when he was already too senile to go full killemall. The Zambot kids say hi.

Anonymous 08/04/2016 (Thu) 22:33:07 [Preview] No. 223 del
He died following his dream. We should all be so lucky. Those who have no dreams are dead already. For me to count a man as my friend, he should always make things better if he was there.

Anonymous 09/06/2016 (Tue) 00:28:59 [Preview] No. 229 del
What dream? The guy was dragged into battle unwillingly more than once. Hell the only reason why he continued to fight is because he knew he had to finish his fight.

Anonymous 09/06/2016 (Tue) 01:51:56 [Preview] No. 230 del
He got to stick it to Char and show everyone his gundam's not just for show, that's gotta count for something.

Anonymous 09/25/2016 (Sun) 15:43:04 [Preview] No. 231 del
I suppose.

the official derailment post Anonymous 09/25/2016 (Sun) 17:40:17 [Preview] No. 232 del
>inb4 Guts

Griffith was the only person deserving a shitty life, literally everybody else deserved a shitty death in early childhood (or earlier). Which Griffith didn't force on them, so his bad I guess.

Anonymous 09/25/2016 (Sun) 18:47:33 [Preview] No. 233 del

Literally the only thing /m/ about Berserk is Guts' arm.

Anonymous 09/25/2016 (Sun) 20:17:24 [Preview] No. 234 del
If you don't want /b/tards to get triggered by your niche circlejerk forum leaking onto the overboard, you can always sage your every post.

Anonymous 09/28/2016 (Wed) 03:47:16 [Preview] No. 235 del
This board is dead sadly it's only me and its owner.

Anonymous 09/28/2016 (Wed) 20:34:42 [Preview] No. 236 del
(43.45 KB 640x480 ooh.jpg)
Anon, I don't know how to tell you this but
>/m/ - Mecha claimable

Going back on topic, how about Hikaru(or his voice actor at least)?

Anonymous 09/28/2016 (Wed) 20:46:49 [Preview] No. 238 del



Nah, on both the shitty movie version, and the anime he ends up with the best girls. Oddly enough the movie version of Minmei really is a 3.14 qt I would love to protect. Anime version she really is the worst girl and I'm fucking glad she suffered the way she did. What really shocked me though is that Misa really put up with his bullshit even after Minmei made it clear she didn't want anything having to do with Hikaru.



Poor guy, everyone he loves as more than a friend dies.

Anonymous 09/28/2016 (Wed) 21:05:42 [Preview] No. 239 del
I guess, but his VA seems to have gotten a shitty deal considering he killed himself.

That aside, yeah, Macross protagonists usually come out on top.

>Misa really put up with his bullshit
Old ladies don't have much bargaining room

Anonymous 09/28/2016 (Wed) 21:15:09 [Preview] No. 240 del
>was barely 19 at the time of Macross

Maybe by anime standards she's old, but by Jap standards she's well below the requirements for Christmas Cake status.

Anonymous 09/28/2016 (Wed) 21:19:10 [Preview] No. 241 del
Fuck I'm so scatterbrained today...

His VA was really a dumbass for obsessing over Mari Iijima. I mean yeah she was a beautiful woman, and even know hasn't aged poorly... But come on, he was a seiyuu! Aren't seiyuu jobs really well payed over there?

He could have landed shitloads of other qts in the biz or outside of it.

Anonymous 09/28/2016 (Wed) 21:29:52 [Preview] No. 242 del

Now, not know, now, fuck me man I'm so sorry.

Anonymous 09/28/2016 (Wed) 22:20:45 [Preview] No. 243 del
If you wanna get technical about it, the old lady bit comes from the gap in perceived maturity between her and Hikaru, seeing as she works a high-profile job and he's some punk kid in a fighter plane.

As for why she stuck with him, consider the following: by the end, who did she have to choose that wasn't
already banging someone
or dead?

Anonymous 09/29/2016 (Thu) 00:02:14 [Preview] No. 244 del
Well Hikaru moves up the ranks though, specially thanks to Focker's death...

All things considered though, I guess it goes to show just how strong of a woman Misa is. In the face of Armageddon she does not act like a strong independnut womyn who don't need no man. She buckles up and does her duty for mankind, plus throughout the series she really did help out Hikaru on maturing too I guess.

Off tangent here, but Misa just reminded me of another strong, but non-cunt woman, Chidori Kamane. I'm really looking forward to the new Full Metal Panic. Even though I know it's probably going to be CGI bullshit.

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