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/m/ is under new management and the scope of the board is expanding a little, to better reflect its roots and be a proper legacy board.
You know what we talk about, don't you? If it has giant robots (super or real), power armor or a mix of both, then it's /m/-related enough to be here.
Tokusatsu in general is allowed since most of it falls into one of the above categories.

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What happened to creative /m/ stories? :^3

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Computer domination

Looking for someone to test and ruin my PC and make it as your own

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So then who's looking forward to all the rage and tears of the next FMP season? I already read the books long before the manga, because honestly, fuck waiting all those fucking years. And yes I shit you not, if the anime adaptation is as faithful as TSR, Fumoffu and Season 1 were there will be rage and tears.

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And gundam fights will become real

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Honestly is there a pilot in mecha that has done any of the insane feats Uso has done in V Gundam? Gif related, one of the craziest stunts he did. For those who have not seen the show this is what's happening.

>he split up his Gundam into 2 parts, fighter jet and torso
>he proceeds to fight enemies with both the Gundam's empty torso and the fighter jet mode at the same time

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The Iron Giant Replaces Ultraman In Ready Player One

My blood pressure rose a unit in maybe ten seconds, but then I settled on that I really see no problem with that. Iron giant already elegantly represents the Toku giant alien robot because both were based on the early 1900's sci-fi boom. It kinda feels like complaining Mickey Mouse being replaced by an off-brand but accurate Felix the Cat, so I won't.

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bundle thread

>implementing servos


get with the times

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Anorexia in Mechs

What are the causes of this ongoing problem?

How can we prevent it?

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08Th MS Team is probably on of the most cherished an enjoyed Gundam entry in the Western world. It speaks to us in the way it is so down to earth and lacks fantastical things that we do not have such as easy space travel and laser weapons. As an American it speaks to me because we are use to our families and history being involved in warfare on a personal level.

Here's to what I think is your favorite show too.

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Just tried to watch Macross 7...

The first episode turned me off from the series to be honest. This absurd obsession of Nekki's to fight the Ayylmaos with music seems retarded. Do they ever break his retarded pacifistic concepts about war?

The original Macross showed us that war can be bloody as shit, no matter how short lived it is or the reasons behind the resolution.

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Dead board is dead, nothing left but me, a zombie who refuses to see it die.

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Have you ever watched this version of Giant Robo?

Has anyone?

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Mecha Vidya Thread

List some good vidya /m/echnuts that are worth playing and respect the robot!

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im anime robot

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ITT Protagonists who got cucked hard or just had a shitty life for no good reason. Note, they do not have to be the MC.

Anyhow, this guy, his life was nothing more but autism and suffering.

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Is this a mecha?

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A message was mandatory

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Are you actually deep into mecha or just filthy madas all around? Because if you're resonating with general genre faggotry I might start posting here about b-movie tokushitsu cheese and JDF membership even when it has nothing to do with rowbits, but if you're just gonna be all
>but muh on-topic
then what's the fucking point.

There should be a board for mθcha latte stuff but it's too broad to name a specific subboard on. It can exist if people are silently agreeing on a certain broad generalization.

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Anybody watching this? Should I even try it out?

I'm expecting the worst. The worst possibly imaginable.

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Here's some shit I dug up

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Remember this game :^)

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This is one of the more interesting mecha designs I've seen in a while. It's pretty unique how the lines are. Most of the mechanical design in the show is this kind of crude block like structure but that's oddly refreshing.

I'm hoping to see more. Possibly a mid-season or cour 2 upgrade to it like in other shows. I'd also like to see a figure come out and not just our usual hollow plastic model kit.

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I can't wait until we get some super dramatic incredibly high tense action show again like Fafner. Either season.

I've yet to see the new movie though, and I'm a bit afraid to look in to it. Is it any good? Is it just a compilation of S2?

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I'm uploading some videogame stuff for no reason.

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I've been watching Ando Lloyd, it's so cheesy but I can't stop watching it...

These tropes I love them too much, but when the show tries to be meta I want to cringe and turn off my PC. It's an addictive kind of torture, but it's not quite like watching a train wreck. It's something I can't put into words, but if I were to have to pick them, I wouldn't pick good, or awful.

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Check this out

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There are 3
Count them 3
Non-Gundam Mecha shows next season. Anyone excited for:

Macross Delta

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Anyone know why Overman King Gainer had consistently good to even awesome animation despite it not being Gundumb?

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LAME Protags

I'll start with the worst. In typical fashion this crybaby is a pacifist inside a giant deadly robot complaining that war is bad while he kills things. He also has no redeeming qualities unlike Amuro, Kamille, or Rola Lola.

I can't stand this about Japanese culture. Too many characters in shows are like this, and most of them are in mecha if not Gundam exclusively.

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For as great a show was, Gurren Lagann didn't have the greatest designs. It was too organic, too cartoony, and it was because it was Getter.

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Obari Thread

Simply put: Obari thread.

Post images that has to do with him and his stuff. Yeah he's a washed up clown now, but man was his stuff cool way back when.

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On a scale of Eh to "I'd rather watch Patlabor" how much does Active Raid suck?

Bear in mind, 3DCG is pretty much a given in this day and age, no point in complaining about that.

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Battletech Thread

Time for a Battletech Thread /m/echeads!

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Does he respect the Robot?

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What are somg of the best ships from shoot 'em up games?

Axelay is by far my favorite. It's because I like seeing to huge boosters slapped on a tiny ships. The fastpacks in macross are some of the coolest things to me.

I'll tack on Manbow because it's wild and goofy, even though it looking like a tuna. Also despite the gimmick for aerobot transformer in Guardian Legend the ship mode looks pretty cool!

I love the mechanical design in Gleylancer but man is the ship pretty lame.

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Just taking some time to post some Mecha Musume.

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I just picked this up today and for some reason it has an American vibe to it. Kinda like the old Phantom 2020 or Aeon Flux for some reason. Doesn't help that it plays old music like you only seem to find in Fallout anymore which are US games.

It's pretty cool but the drumming MC gets on my nerves. I was never the greatest fan of naturally talented drummers and that's how they usually act.

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Mech with Chainsaw Penises

Pic Related.

I am surprised you don't see more mechs with crotch mounted weapons. It provides good coverage down below and protects a vital blind spot.

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Anyone here make these ridiculous models?

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Great mecha show or greatest mecha show?

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Some of my favorite designs come from Studio Nue. It's a crying shame that only Kawamori is really associated with them in name anymore. I'll have you know that back in the day the gentleman behind dirty pair and a few other artists were in this awesome design studio. Wiki says it's Naoyuki Kato, Kenichi Matsuzaki, Kazutaka Miyatake, and Haruka Takachiho were included in it back in the day.

I'll post a few designs they did that I like and leave it up to you to represent your favorite designs. Not including this one of course.