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(266.35 KB 177x133 ice cold.gif)
Anonymous 04/13/2017 (Thu) 13:14:40 [Preview] No. 256
Honestly is there a pilot in mecha that has done any of the insane feats Uso has done in V Gundam? Gif related, one of the craziest stunts he did. For those who have not seen the show this is what's happening.

>he split up his Gundam into 2 parts, fighter jet and torso
>he proceeds to fight enemies with both the Gundam's empty torso and the fighter jet mode at the same time

Anonymous 05/06/2017 (Sat) 02:37:06 [Preview] No. 257 del

Anonymous 09/19/2017 (Tue) 15:40:28 [Preview] No. 275 del
give it some time

Anonymous 09/19/2017 (Tue) 17:21:00 [Preview] No. 276 del
Well ...

They have not had a pilot pull a porno pass yet.

Just you wait and see.

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