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(745.91 KB 2835x2043 duyrat.jpg)
Obari Thread Anonymous 02/12/2016 (Fri) 07:55:39 [Preview] No. 95
Simply put: Obari thread.

Post images that has to do with him and his stuff. Yeah he's a washed up clown now, but man was his stuff cool way back when.

Anonymous 02/12/2016 (Fri) 07:57:35 [Preview] No. 96 del
(115.71 KB 1000x709 61winQOkh8L.jpg)
(117.14 KB 422x750 ffrg656b.jpg)
(863.06 KB 1228x1752 img_0002.jpg)

Anonymous 02/12/2016 (Fri) 07:58:02 [Preview] No. 97 del
(476.57 KB 1590x1291 this.jpg)

Anonymous 02/12/2016 (Fri) 07:58:29 [Preview] No. 98 del

Anonymous 02/12/2016 (Fri) 20:07:24 [Preview] No. 99 del
(1.27 MB 4479x1512 1317779449543.jpg)
(408.68 KB 1110x2037 1335662857508.jpg)

Anonymous 02/20/2016 (Sat) 17:38:34 [Preview] No. 118 del
That is the worst Katoki tutorial ever. It pales in comparison to the original this is based off. Which is, how to draw 2hus like Zun.

Anonymous 03/30/2016 (Wed) 03:49:35 [Preview] No. 132 del
(134.97 KB 832x640 1336723541205.png)
(358.18 KB 1024x768 1336724313412.jpg)
(50.77 KB 300x588 1349073068307.png)
Dug up some more stuff

Anonymous 04/03/2016 (Sun) 09:57:55 [Preview] No. 134 del
Wow a videogame? I'm going to check that one out.

Also that looks like Platinum Hyugen Ordion in the last one, did it get a game too?

Anonymous 04/03/2016 (Sun) 15:28:53 [Preview] No. 136 del
(8.58 MB 480x360 bariarm.mp4)
I the Ordion one is just pixel art someone made. But Bari-arm is a legit Sega CD shoot em' up.

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