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(117.58 KB 1000x901 GLCompleteBluRay.jpg)
Anonymous 01/24/2016 (Sun) 22:50:22 [Preview] No. 69
For as great a show was, Gurren Lagann didn't have the greatest designs. It was too organic, too cartoony, and it was because it was Getter.

Anonymous 01/24/2016 (Sun) 22:52:36 [Preview] No. 70 del
(1.08 MB 1920x1082 311836.jpg)
(2.45 MB 2500x1301 516245.jpg)
(815.95 KB 1440x900 uE1c8KK.jpg)
Some images

Anonymous 01/24/2016 (Sun) 22:58:58 [Preview] No. 71 del
(406.47 KB 1500x1011 91Klwalk5XL._SL1500_.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1920x1080 161552.jpg)
(175.78 KB 1280x800 maxresdefault.jpg)

Anonymous 02/12/2016 (Fri) 20:34:02 [Preview] No. 101 del
(295.85 KB 580x690 1331301195614.jpg)
>and it was because it was Getter.
It was Zambot

Anonymous 02/12/2016 (Fri) 22:35:32 [Preview] No. 103 del
Jokes aside it was getter, where as EVA is devilman.

Anonymous 02/14/2016 (Sun) 13:40:05 [Preview] No. 106 del
It was a lot of things, not just Getter.

Anonymous 02/16/2016 (Tue) 02:36:12 [Preview] No. 110 del
I never saw a lot of the older mecha shows from the mid 70s. What are all the influences it has, would you say?

Anonymous 04/10/2016 (Sun) 02:52:48 [Preview] No. 145 del
I didn't like the Arc Gurren Lagann or the TTGL.
STTGL was fucking insane, but I guess at that point its not a mech, but instead a being of pure energy made of mechs.

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