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(22.38 KB 206x244 1412296780904.jpg)
Interested in making a MG RPG Violated Hero 01/03/2016 (Sun) 23:41:51 Id: a6e77b [Preview] No. 67
Okay, fuck it. Since Josh cannot computer, I'll blow my load and post this while we're stuck here.

I made a thread a few days ago where I said I wanted to create a MG fantasy setting to compare with MGE. At first I was thinking it would all be conveyed as a book, but now that I think about it, Monster Girls are still a bold new frontier that can be explored in many different ways. So instead, I want to try something else.

A game. Specifically, an RPG in the vein of something like Shin Megami Tensei. You would play a male character with a party consisting entirely of monster girls (you yourself don't fight, because fuck RPGs that force a main character to stay in the party) and pick up more girls as you progress through the main quest and do side quests. It would have a romance system that lets you get closer with the girls and unlock lewd scenes with them, eventually leading up to a sex scene.

I can make the game itself (RPG maker is piss-easy to use) and write all the dialogue. All I would need is a drawfag or two backing me up.

Violated Hero 01/03/2016 (Sun) 23:42:18 Id: a6e77b [Preview] No. 68 del
Here's the premise I've come up with: Thooooousands of years ago, monsters were angry bastards who served their patron deities. The human deities had been killed by the others, because fuck humans. However, the trickster god kept fucking with everybody's shit. He especially loved boning the neglected wives of clerics and having them join his personal harem. The other gods get so sick of his cuckold crusade that they all team up to get him back for it. They invade his realm and through magical means, they turn the trickster god into a woman.

Trickster god thought this was so fucking funny that she laughed so hard she exploded. Her laugh echoed throughout the universe and turned all the gods' monsters into cute girls who want to have sex instead of kill things. The only ones spared from this were the humans, and so every other race now depended on the proliferation of humans for the proliferation of their own kind. The other gods were immensely fucking salty over this. Also, they were trapped inside the trickster god's dead realm, being unable to do anything about it.

Violated Hero 01/03/2016 (Sun) 23:42:31 Id: a6e77b [Preview] No. 69 del
Cut to present day. Relations between humans and monsters are shaky. Many monster societies rely on capturing men, but it's getting to the point where some men will flat out seek monsters to be with instead of human women.

You play a guy who loves monsters, in more ways than one. Your dream in life is to write the most detailed book on monster girls ever written. You also want to include the details of sex with monster girls, because very few books actually delve into the subject. Alas, you are a bitchboy betamale too nervous to interact with the few cute monster girls who live in your town.

That is until a DARK WIZARD appears and begins AWAKENING THE ANCIENT EVILS of the old gods, who are kinda pissed at what their lovely world of destruction and carnage has become, so they create a whole new batch of their oldschool monsters and loose them upon the world to wipe the slate clean.

You are not having any of this shit, and so you get caught up with the monster girls in your town and set out on adventure. Your goals are clear: Save the world and fuck bitches. Not necessarily in that order.

Violated Hero 01/03/2016 (Sun) 23:53:12 Id: f8b4db [Preview] No. 70 del
(449.89 KB 3999x2305 1423979788410-1.jpg)
neat idea, but could there be an option for true romance path? I never much care for the style of play where you just sleep with every girl you come across. I'm fine with it being in the game, I'd just like the option to avoid it personally.

Violated Hero 01/03/2016 (Sun) 23:55:38 Id: a6e77b [Preview] No. 71 del
The scenes are all completely optional. You can focus on one girl and completely disregard all the others.

There could also be an option at the end that lets you decide which girl you want to marry.

Violated Hero 01/04/2016 (Mon) 00:06:41 Id: f8b4db [Preview] No. 72 del
(362.26 KB 1835x1573 1428728366094.jpg)
yeah that could work. A fun combat system isn't too too difficult to make, but character dialogue and development would be the big seller for me on such a game, that and good porn scenes.

Violated Hero 01/04/2016 (Mon) 00:31:17 Id: a6e77b [Preview] No. 94 del
Well for overall design, here's what I've come up with so far:

Each girl has their own set of passive traits and active abilities. As they level up individually, they unlock new traits and abilities unique to them.

There would be a "Party Level" independent from character levels that always obtains experience from fights. As the party level rises, the stats of all your girls go up, regardless of whether or not they were in combat. This is so your party members will never be so underpowered that you would have to go back to a low-level zone to grind them.

Equipment is universal. Instead of buying steel swords for each party member, you would instead unlock steel swords and allow anyone capable of equipping one to do so. There could be unique equipment that can only be used by one party member at a time, but not for mundane equipment. Managing equipment for that many monster girls would be insane.

There would be special equipment called "charms" that aren't universal and can be carried by any character, each character able have have three at a time. Charms give benefits and changes to the wielder and there are a bunch of different ones with abilities that go well with certain girls. This is where the actual character customizations takes place. It's simple, but allows for a lot of interesting variety depending on how you structure your party.

Violated Hero 07/18/2016 (Mon) 11:43:01 Id: 293887 [Preview] No. 989 del
actually not a bad idea bump

Shilar 11/15/2016 (Tue) 14:57:36 Id: dc291d [Preview] No. 1061 del
(236.74 KB 800x600 00110.jpg)
I actually had an MMO idea that involves monsters, including monstergirls. It would involve being 3D, and only non-monster race would be human... but there would be a lot of monstergirl races. Set in a future.

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