Wholesale Shoes Nike JamesKix 02/22/2019 (Fri) 15:40:15 [Preview] No. 10275 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
"I find that I'm actually busier now than I really had hoped to me," Favre said.
The 6-foot-2, 316-pound Davison was credited with 8陆 sacks last season and was named to the All-Mountain West Conference first team. But Davison, a former competitive wrestler, said his aggressiveness getting into the backfield won't undermine his ability to defend the run.
Taunting a police dog is a third-degree felony in Pennsylvania.
Notes: Raiders coach Jack Del Rio declined to say why he put Aqib Talib and not Chris Harris Jr. on Colts WR T.Y. Hilton in the playoffs last year when he was the Broncos defensive coordinator, a move that was heavily scrutinized. "That's in the past. That's last year," Del Rio said in a conference call with Denver media. "Let them match up however they want to match up going forward. What we did is in the books. I'm not going back and revisiting that." ... Kubiak said DE Derek Wolfe, who returned from a four-game suspension this week, should play more than half the snaps Sunday. ... SS T.J. Ward has gone from being suspended Week 1 to winning the AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors. "Best week ever," he said.
Tight end Crockett Gillmore also was injured against the Steelers, but the news Gillmore was better. He missed game before the matchup with the Steelers with a calf injury, but Harbaugh said Gillmore has "a chance" to play against the Cleveland Browns.
Instead of a TD that could have made it 34-24, Tampa Bay wound up settling for Connor Barth's third field goal of the game and a six-point lead.

Man From Venezuela Wants To Warn All American Leftists Their Policies Don't Work Well Reader 02/22/2019 (Fri) 04:05:21 Id: c6bc5e [Preview] No. 14095 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
While neither ‘Medicare for All’ nor a wealth tax will turn America into Venezuela overnight, all it would take is a series of catastrophic policies.

The first time I couldn’t buy food at the grocery store, I was 15 years old. It was 2014 in Caracas, Venezuela, and I had spent more than an hour in line waiting. When I got to the register, I noticed I had forgotten my ID that day. Without the ID, the government rationing system would not let the supermarket sell my family the full quota of food we needed. It was four days until the government allowed me to buy more.

This was fairly normal for me. All my life, I lived under socialism in Venezuela until I left and came to the United States as a student in 2016. Because the regime in charge imposed price controls and nationalized the most important private industries, production plummeted. No wonder I had to wait hours in lines to buy simple products such as toothpaste or flour.

And the shortages went far beyond the supermarket.

My family and I suffered from blackouts and lack of water. The regime nationalized electricity in 2007 in an effort to make electricity “free.” Unsurprisingly, this resulted in underinvestment in the electrical grid. By 2016, my home lost power roughly once a week.

Our water situation was even worse. Initially, my family didn’t have running water for only about one day per month, but as the years passed we sometimes went several weeks straight without it.

For all these problems, the regime has blamed an iguana, right-wing sabotage and even the weather.

The excuses for these shortages were hollow: In reality, Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world to use for electricity, and three times more fresh water resources per person than the United States. The real reason my family went without water and electricity was the socialist economy instituted by dictators Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.

The welfare programs, many minimum-wage hikes and nationalizations implemented by their regimes resulted in a colossal government deficit that the central bank covered by simply printing more money — leading to rampant inflation. Now, prices double every few weeks, and the standard of living continues to plummet.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/22/2019 (Fri) 07:14:45 Id: 64a4d1 [Preview] No.14100 del
im all for us socialism, god speed
fuck the us

Reader 02/22/2019 (Fri) 11:28:02 Id: d1f49d [Preview] No.14101 del
(65.08 KB 272x152 jew atrocities.png)
(118.17 KB 540x540 7786.jpg)
>boo hoo I couldn't buy food because my dumbass forgot my card
I didn't even have money at age 15, nor a ride to get to school or a grocery store.
>spent more than an hour in line waiting
So Venezuela has Wal Marts and multiculturalism, resulting in spiteful blacks starting shit in line then? I wonder if they're also shot in parking lots for their rims.
>the regime in charge imposed price controls and nationalized the most important private industries, production plummeted
Production like "Made in China" for the majority of our products?
>Initially, my family didn’t have running water for only about one day per month, but as the years passed we sometimes went several weeks straight without it.
"White people in America were never this poor."
>The real reason
>"dictators" Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.
Nope. The real reason shit hit the fan is only Maduro. He undermines Hugo's government with his greed.
>he welfare programs, many minimum-wage hikes and nationalizations implemented by their regimes resulted
>in a colossal government deficit that the central bank covered by simply printing more money — leading to rampant inflation
Aren't we glad we have the Fed and central banks in America where most "money" doesn't even exist except as digital credit, sometimes 2% real cash of all deposits held in banks? And the only reason hyperinflation doesn't hit is they keep raising that debt ceiling.
>Venezuela has become a country where a woeful number of children suffer from malnutrition,
Hmm. Sounds like ramen noodles for five fucking years, resulting in malnutrition which caused hypoglycemia.
>and where working two full-time jobs will pay for only 6 pounds of chicken a month

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/22/2019 (Fri) 13:32:31 Id: ad3831 [Preview] No.14102 del
i agree..
fuck the US

(30.89 KB 800x800 Sticky.jpg)
Anonymous Board owner 05/09/2018 (Wed) 22:40:59 [Preview] No. 12705 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Rule 1: Only threads about technology or /tech/ itself are allowed.
Rule 2: NSFW content are only allowed if they are spoilered.
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Rule 4: No spam or posts without meaningful content.

All rules and policies are open for discussion in this thread.

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Anonymous Board owner 02/13/2019 (Wed) 14:38:41 [Preview] No.13191 del
P.S. If some low level shits come along, I will be forced to log in. If you shills really want this board, at least shut the fuck up for two whole weeks.

Anonymous 02/19/2019 (Tue) 19:41:20 [Preview] No.13207 del
Hello. Who have archive of old threads?
2017 and older

Anonymous 02/19/2019 (Tue) 20:53:08 [Preview] No.13208 del

This, for myself, shows the great migration experiment has ended. I view my participation on Endchan largely though the lens of the Infinity Next failure, and the attempts find a better solution. In time, Endchan suffered its own catastrophes along with more in 8chan-land.

While Endchan remains active, it appears we've reached an over saturation of
traditional legacy boards across the whole of the internet. Still, had a few good threads here for the time I spent.

Maybe Adolph'll pick her up and plop her down somewhere in alt-naziland? Could be fun.

Good good luck BO, and thanks for the show.

Anonymous 02/22/2019 (Fri) 06:13:44 [Preview] No.13210 del
Too bad that the users of this board were never that good with technology. They were years above typical people, but far from a unified knowledge base seen in only a few individuals across the planet...

Intel/AMD CPUs were hit with Meltdown and Spectre, and Intel already had the Management Engine inside of it.
Some things with TOR and other projects happened, a coordinated attack on multiple imageboards (Be lucky that I am telling you this, it was largely undetected) that resulted in lainchan, mewch, and other getting hit hard.


Anonymous 02/22/2019 (Fri) 06:35:11 [Preview] No.13211 del
While I'm not familiar with the board, after a quick skim I see you did a good job. I also found threads with potential, wish Endchan would have a few more posters. I hope someone with good intentions takes over your place.
Have a nice one, dude.

(756.57 KB 840x1119 tommy-robinson-mossad.jpg)
(223.49 KB 365x911 tommy-2.png)
Zionist Tommy Robinson: “If There Was a War Tomorrow.. I Would be There in the Front Line Fighting for Israel” Reader Board owner 02/21/2019 (Thu) 23:16:58 Id: 2a7877 [Preview] No. 14093 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
"Renegade Editor’s Note: I know this piece is not sympathetic to our cause, but I understand how frustrating it can seem for people in the Middle East when they see all of these “White supremacist” talking heads all over the media praising israel. They want to make it seem like all nationalists who oppose White genocide have to support the state of israel. We need to completely denounce ALL of them, but unfortunately we have so many shills that promote people like Tommy Robinson, Richard Spencer, and other “White Zionists” and crypto bolsheviks. For example, former Renegade writer Mike Walsh only has praise for Tommy. Same thing with Kevin MacDonald."

"Far-right, anti-Muslim, self-declared Zionist Tommy Robinson has boasted of his love for Israel in leaked video footage, in which the founder of the English Defence League (EDL) can be seen bragging about “scoring” drugs anywhere in the world. The video – which is thought to have been filmed in Bologna, Italy last month – shows the 35-year-old right-wing activist walking down the street on his own. In the selfie video Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, brags: “No matter where I’ve gone in the world, I score. I will show you tonight.” He then calls for a taxi to visit a pub, presumably to demonstrate that he can access drugs wherever he goes."

"Boasting of his unique talent to “score” Robinson, despite a number of criminal convictions including cocaine possession, says: “I’ve gone to Qatar, I’ve gone to Doha and scored gear on the sesh [a night out] while they’re all praying. In another section of the video, Robison can be seen singing that he is “king of the whole Islam race,” before declaring his love for Israel. The far-right campaigner has become something of a favourite among notorious pro-Israel groups. Some have even admitted to paying for Robinson’s legal costs and “bringing foreign pressure on the UK government to ensure Mr. Robinson’s safety and eventual release”.

"In the video, Robinson gives the impression that his love affair with Israel is paying off by admitting that on occasions he has to “get [his] Zionist card out which says that [he is] a Zionist”, after which he claims he “bought everything”. The footage ends with Robinson saying: “Palestine! F*ck Palestine. Why would you support Palestine,” adding: “If there was a war tomorrow, which probably there would be, I would be there in the front line fighting for Israel”. The footage – released by the Sun – captures the growing bond between the far-right and Israel." [Whining about "racists" removed.]

"Leaders of the far-right – like white nationalist Richard Spencer [bullshit about harboring "Nazi sympathies" removed] gave a ringing endorsement to Israel’s Nation-State Law saying: “I have great admiration for Israel’s nation-state law. Jews are, once again, at the vanguard, rethinking politics and sovereignty for the future, showing a path forward for Europeans.” In another incident, a former Israeli soldier who was a member of Tommy Robinson’s campaign addressed protestors on a London street saying: “no matter what the left call us, I am the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi”. The trend has led to what critics are describing as “the unholy alliance between Israel and alt-right ideologues”. They say that what unites Israel, far-right ideologue Steve Bannon and Spencer more than anything else is their animosity towards the liberal left, Islam and global institutions like the UN, which prioritises a global order based on the rule of law over assertive ethno-religious nationalism."

[Note: The comments in this article are more worth reading.]

Reader 02/22/2019 (Fri) 03:23:47 Id: 54709f [Preview] No.14094 del
> I Would be There in the Front Line Fighting for Israel
and be amongst the first ones to get shot, good

Reader 02/22/2019 (Fri) 04:11:42 Id: c00a14 [Preview] No.14098 del
> “I have great admiration for Israel’s nation-state law. Jews are, once again, at the vanguard, rethinking politics and sovereignty for the future, showing a path forward for Europeans.”

HA! And if only those Jews who ran the EU would allow Europeans to keep their sovereignty and control their borders, right Tommy?

Reader 02/22/2019 (Fri) 04:20:27 Id: c00a14 [Preview] No.14099 del
Tommy is right about the immigration problem, but thinks because Jews have sovereignty in Israel that somehow they are "on our side." He either is controlled opposition (that very well could be) or is very naive and brainwashed.

This equivalent would be like me saying "I don't want to live in tyranny, but I do support politicians who want to confiscate firearms from citizens." Can't have it both ways.

Good! US Supreme Court Rules To Limit States' Ability To Seize Property, Impose Fines Reader 02/22/2019 (Fri) 04:07:58 Id: 9631f4 [Preview] No. 14097 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Wednesday that the Excessive Fines Clause in the 8th Amendment applies to state and local governments.

Announced in an opinion written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on her second day back on the bench following a December cancer surgery, the ruling limits states' abilities to seize property and impose fines deemed excessive on citizens who break the law.

"For good reason, the protection against excessive fines has been a constant shield throughout Anglo-American history: Exorbitant tolls undermine other constitutional liberties," wrote Ginsburg, as the court sided with Tyson Timbs of Marion Indiana, whose $42,000 Land Rover SUV was seized by the state following a guilty plea for selling $385 worth of heroin to an undercover detective.

Following a plea bargain, Timbs was sentenced to a year of home detention followed by five years of probation, as well as $1,200 in fees.

"Excessive fines can be used, for example, to retaliate against or chill the speech of political enemies . . . Even absent a political motive, fines may be employed in a measure out of accord with the penal goals of retribution and deterrence."

Timbs drew wide support from civil liberties organizations, according to the Washington Post.

Other USSC Justices were highly critical of property seizures and fines, with Justice Clarence Thomas suggesting that civil forfeitures had become "widespread and highly profitable."

“This system — where police can seize property with limited judicial oversight and retain it for their own use — has led to egregious and well-chronicled abuses,” Thomas wrote, referring to reporting by The Washington Post and the New Yorker.

At oral argument, Timbs’s lawyer said the case was a simple matter of “constitutional housekeeping.” -Washington Post

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Good! Trump Admin Pulls Commiefornia Grants Over Failed Train Project That Looted Taxpayers Reader 02/22/2019 (Fri) 04:06:43 Id: 8fc09b [Preview] No. 14096 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://archive.fo/xIMiY (Commiefornia Just Built A $10,000,000,000 Train To NO WHERE, Paid For By Taxpayers)

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) says it is exploring legal options to claw back $2.5 billion from California in federal funds which have already been spent on the ill-fated statewide high-speed rail system, according to the New York Times.

The Trump administration is also canceling a $929 million grant which was allocated to the California High-Speed Rail Authority detailed in a letter from DOT, just one week after California Governor Newsom announced that the project had been derailed by cost overruns and numerous delays. Instead of canceling the entire project, however, Newsom announced that the state will focus on finishing the line currently under construction, running 171 miles from Merced to Bakersfield - and could open as soon as 2027.

The decision to yank the grant money and claw back the billions in federal funds comes one day after California filed a lawsuit along with 15 other states challenging President Trump's emergency declaration on the border.

The $77 billion Los Angeles-to-San Francisco bullet train, which has been a goal of California transportation planners for decades, has long faced opposition from Mr. Trump and other Republicans. But on Tuesday morning, the president explicitly tied the rail line to efforts to stymie construction of the Mexican border wall. -New York Times

Trump slammed California's decision to sue, noting on Tuesday over Twitter that "The failed Fast Train project in California, where the cost overruns are becoming world record setting, is hundreds of times more expensive than the desperately needed Wall!"


Maduro Closes Border With Brazil To Prevent Regime Change Reader 02/21/2019 (Thu) 22:04:45 Id: c3c4d9 [Preview] No. 14092 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the border with Brazil to be closed in response to opposition leaders vowing to facilitate entry of foreign humanitarian aid, especially US aid shipments, from neighboring nations.

Maduro declared closure of the border during a state television address, in which he also said he's considering shutting down Venezuela's border with Colombia as well. The opposition, led by US-backed Juan Guaido, has said it plans to mount caravans to ensure aid is brought in from both Colombia and Brazil, in order to undermine and otherthrow the Maduro government.

The drastic action is being taken tonight, Maduro said, in order to "protect the people" while further repeating his charge that American attempts to send aid into the country is a US-orchestrated "political show" in order to foment coup against his elected government.

National Assembly head Guaido, meanwhile, has personally vowed to lead a convoy to receive aid shipments from across the Colombian border. "On February 23, humanitarian aid will enter Venezuela one way or another," the self-declared president said earlier this month.

The provocative move to undermine Maduro's power has been acknowledged as just that by the opposition, who've recently openly stated that the "humanitarian channel" is a direct political jab at Caracas. Though the tons of much needed aid, including food and medicine supplies, is reportedly piling up along border points especially in Colombia, it's anything but merely "benevolent" - the opposition acknowledges.

"The impact of the humanitarian aid is highly political," Juan Miguel Matheus, an MP for the opposition told CNN this week. "Our first and primary goal is to provide relief for the Venezuelan population, but after that, with this move we want to checkmate Maduro."

"If the aid gets in, Maduro is shown to have lost control of the situation; if it doesn't get in, we show that Maduro doesn't care for the suffering of the people," he added.


Federal Prosecutors Broke Law In Jeffrey Epstein Child Sex Trafficking Case, Judge Rules Reader 02/21/2019 (Thu) 22:02:41 Id: e8b230 [Preview] No. 14091 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A judge ruled Thursday that federal prosecutors — among them, U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta — broke federal law when they signed a plea agreement with a wealthy, politically connected sex trafficker and concealed it from more than 30 of his underage victims.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth A. Marra, in a 33-page opinion, said that the evidence he reviewed showed that Jeffrey Epstein had been operating an international sex operation in which he and others recruited underage girls — not only in Florida — but from overseas, in violation of federal law.

“Epstein used paid employees to find and bring minor girls to him.,’’ wrote Marra, who is based in Palm Beach County. “Epstein worked in concert with others to obtain minors not only for his own sexual gratification, but also for the sexual gratification of others.’’

Instead of prosecuting Epstein under federal sex trafficking laws, Acosta, then the U.S. attorney in Miami, helped negotiate a non-prosecution agreement that gave Epstein and his co-conspirators immunity from federal prosecution. Epstein, who lived in a Palm Beach mansion, was allowed to quietly plead guilty in state court to two prostitution charges and served just 13 months in the county jail. His accomplices, some of whom have never been identified, were never charged.


Robert Mueller’s FBI was using pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as an informant in 2008.

Jeffrey Epstein is a friend of the Clinton family, who ran the “Lolita Express” to his private island.

Documents released by the FBI pertaining to Clinton-connected pedophile Jeffrey Epstein show that the known child predator had a professional relationship with then-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Stupid Trump Wants 5G Blasting Radiation All Across America, What The Hell Is He Thinking? Reader 02/21/2019 (Thu) 16:49:19 Id: 64a58e [Preview] No. 14087 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/endpol/1129

President Trump has finally hit upon the real issue at the center of the US government's battle with Huawei: It's all about the technology. To wit, one reason why US allies and the UK and Germany have been so hesitant to cut ties with the Chinese telecoms giant is that, as its founder pointed out in a recent interview with Western media, there is no real alternative. US telecoms like Verizon still lag their Chinese rivals when it comes to 5G.

So, in a series of tweets sent Thursday morning, President Trump exclaimed that "I want 5G, and even 6G technology in the United States as soon as possible" and demanded that "American companies must step up their efforts."

I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard. American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind. There is no reason that we should be lagging behind on.........

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 21, 2019

And in what sounded like a concession to Huawei (and a tacit acknowledgement of the real motives behind the US's anti-Huawei campaign), Trump said he would like US companies to "win through competition"...implying that this isn't the case presently.

....something that is so obviously the future. I want the United States to win through competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies. We must always be the leader in everything we do, especially when it comes to the very exciting world of technology!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 21, 2019


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/21/2019 (Thu) 17:46:09 Id: 5b543c [Preview] No.14090 del
(161.62 KB 798x420 Trump-Thanos.jpg)
>What The Hell Is He Thinking?

Good! Man Who Refuses to Pay Taxes Until Abortion Is Defunded Wins Huge Court Victory Reader 02/21/2019 (Thu) 16:53:57 Id: 1cda80 [Preview] No. 14089 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A Christian man who refuses to pay his taxes until the government stops funding abortion has won an historic lawsuit against the IRS.

Michael Bowman has refused to file a tax return or pay taxes since 1999. “I’m not a tax protester. I love my country,” he told reporters. “I have a duty to my country. I have a duty to my conscience.”

Lifesitenews.com reports: https://archive.fo/5MYBo

The IRS has sent him numerous warnings over unpaid taxes from 2002 to 2014, and in 2012 the Oregon Department of Revenue began garnishing money from Bowman’s bank account. In response, he started cashing out his paychecks and leaving only a minimum balance in his account.

This, federal prosecutors say, constituted “remov[ing] his income from the reach of taxing authorities.” They indicted him for felony tax evasion in the amount of $356,857, as well as four misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file tax returns.

Bowman’s attorney, Matthew Schindler, argued that his client was fully transparent every step of the way, from disclosing all of his paychecks to cashing them at his own bank, under his own name.

“Like a player collapsing as they lose Twister, the government has reached too far forward and stretched way too far back,” his motion to dismiss read.

Last week, US District Judge Michael Mosman sided with Bowman on the felony charge, ruling that the feds failed to show he attempted to conceal income or deceive the government. Prosecutors remain free to re-introduce the charge in the future, and are currently weighing whether to do so.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Deliberate Destabilization: 25 Dangerous MS-13 Gang Members Caught Travelling in Migrant Caravan Reader 02/21/2019 (Thu) 16:52:56 Id: de6782 [Preview] No. 14088 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

At least 25 MS-13 gang members were apprehended from an invasion heading to the United States, immigration officials said Tuesday.

Ten gang members were were first spotted when the caravan arrived in Piedras Negras, Mexico, two weeks ago across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Foxnews.com reports: https://archive.fo/pVKhO

But after warehouse scuffles with police last week, officials discovered and deported 15 additional MS-13 “agitators,” INM Media Deputy Director Aline Juarez told Fox News.

In addition to the gang members, a total of 70 Central American invaders have been deported to their home countries, while about 1,500 have been granted humanitarian visas to move freely within Mexico.

News of the deportations was first reported by Mexican state news agency Notimex. The news agency reported that deportations came after issues at a shelter in the border city of Piedras Negras.

On Saturday, officials said the shelter where hundreds of Central American invaders have been confined would be closed by Wednesday.

Coahuila State Public Safety Secretary Jose Luis Pliego told the Associated Press that authorities have taken some 400 invaders to neighboring states such as Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas to be incorporated into the workforce, while others may seek other options to try to cross into the United States.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

THE EU SEEKS TO DESTROY THE INTERNET Reader 02/20/2019 (Wed) 20:16:47 Id: 4140e3 [Preview] No. 14081 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]


Despite ringing denunciations from small EU tech businesses, giant EU entertainment companies, artists' groups, technical experts, and human rights experts, and the largest body of concerned citizens in EU history, the EU has concluded its "trilogues" on the new Copyright Directive, striking a deal that—amazingly—is worse than any in the Directive's sordid history.

The Copyright Directive was always a grab bag of updates to EU copyright rules—which are long overdue for an overhaul, given that it's been 18 years since the last set of rules were ratified. Some of its clauses gave artists and scientists much-needed protections: artists were to be protected from the worst ripoffs by entertainment companies, and scientists could use copyrighted works as raw material for various kinds of data analysis and scholarship.

Both of these clauses have now been gutted to the point of uselessness, leaving the giant entertainment companies with unchecked power to exploit creators and arbitrarily hold back scientific research.

Having dispensed with some of the most positive versions of the Directive, the trilogues have also managed to make the (unbelievably dreadful) bad components of the Directive even worse.

Under the final text, any online community, platform or service that has existed for three or more years, or is making €10,000,001/year or more, is responsible for ensuring that no user ever posts anything that infringes copyright, even momentarily. This is impossible, and the closest any service can come to it is spending hundreds of millions of euros to develop automated copyright filters. Those filters will subject all communications of every European to interception and arbitrary censorship if a black-box algorithm decides their text, pictures, sounds or videos are a match for a known copyrighted work. They are a gift to fraudsters and criminals, to say nothing of censors, both government and private.

These filters are unaffordable by all but the largest tech companies, all based in the USA, and the only way Europe's homegrown tech sector can avoid the obligation to deploy them is to stay under ten million euros per year in revenue, and also shut down after three years.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/20/2019 (Wed) 20:17:18 Id: 4140e3 [Preview] No.14082 del

Article 11, which allows news sites to decide who can link to their stories and charge for permission to do so, has also been worsened. The final text clarifies that any link that contains more than "single words or very short extracts" from a news story must be licensed, with no exceptions for noncommercial users, nonprofit projects, or even personal websites with ads or other income sources, no matter how small.


Now that the Directive has emerged from the Trilogue, it will head to the European Parliament for a vote for the whole body, either during the March 25-28 session or the April 15-18 session—with elections scheduled in May.

These elections are critical: the Members of the European Parliament are going to be fighting an election right after voting on this Directive, which is already the most unpopular legislative effort in European history, and that's before the public gets wind of these latest changes.

Let's get real: no EU political party will be able to campaign for votes on the strength of passing the Copyright Directive—but plenty of parties will be able to drum up support to throw out the parties that defied the will of voters and risked the destruction of the Internet as we know it to pour a few million Euros into the coffers of media companies and newspaper proprietors—after those companies told them not to.



Reader 02/20/2019 (Wed) 23:46:13 Id: f22a00 [Preview] No.14083 del
there is no eu parliament - they do what they're told

Reader 02/21/2019 (Thu) 01:21:54 Id: 2f9dba [Preview] No.14084 del

Reader 02/21/2019 (Thu) 13:19:34 Id: 7b0156 [Preview] No.14085 del
>oi m8 do you have a loicense for that newspaper quote?

The only thing I fear is not being able to return the brazen contempt of these rats in equal measure.

Reader 02/21/2019 (Thu) 13:23:05 Id: 0ebfc1 [Preview] No.14086 del
Forgive me then, I really don't know how the EU works exactly, I do know how European elections work but isn't the EU something else entirely? The way I always looked at it was another Soviet Union type system.

Jordan Shoes Australia Online JamesKix 02/20/2019 (Wed) 19:09:10 [Preview] No. 10274 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
"The game's at our place on Sunday, let's see what happens," Ryan said. "If they beat us they beat us, but we don't concede anything. We're not beat just because they get off the bus, like some teams."
Peterson has a $250,000 workout bonus in his contract, but if he's not interested in playing for the Vikings anymore, he's surely not going to attend their offseason training program when he lives near Houston. He'd be subject to fines if he were to skip the mandatory minicamp in June.
The Rangers will have Dr. James Andrews review images of Darvish's elbow before they make a final decision later this week.
Andre Davis beat Gilbert by several steps in catching a deep pass up the left sideline from Cassel. Gilbert was then beaten by Robert Woods on a fade pass into the end zone.
There's plenty of room for improvement, but Manziel senses steady growth.
Richardson was inactive for Indianapolis' victory at Denver last week after playing one snap in the playoff opener against Cincinnati.

Police State USSA: Trump Signs Law That Allows FBI To Collect DNA of Citizens Reader 02/20/2019 (Wed) 16:37:53 Id: 1a8c3e [Preview] No. 14080 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
President Donald Trump has signed the Rapid DNA Act into law which means the police can routinely take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not yet convicted of a crime.

The law, which was signed in 2017 and comes into effect this year, will require several states to connect Rapid DNA machines to Codis – the national DNA database controlled by the FBI.

These machines, which are portable and about the same size as a desktop printer, are expected to become as routine a process as taking fingerprints.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, he said: “The fact of the matter is that these machines are not full-proof.

“But we could look at a situation in which someone could be arrested, have their mouth swabbed and then be charged within hours after generating a DNA profile.

“We are looking at the erosion of the concept of innocent before proven guilty because it will allow police to go on fishing expeditions.

“When you sit on a park bench, you shed DNA. That is now up for grabs by police who could swab it, and run it through a DNA database. If they find a match, or if misconduct occurred anywhere in the vicinity where your DNA was found, you might find yourself charged with a crime you never committed merely because you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Top Biochemistry Professor Warns That 5G Has Never Been Tested For Human Safety Reader 02/20/2019 (Wed) 16:10:41 Id: 764278 [Preview] No. 14079 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/endpol/1129

Implementing 5G across the country is one of the most dangerous and stupidest ideas in the history of the world, a top biochemistry professor has warned.

According to a recent report by Dr. Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, 5G poses a massive health risk for EU, U.S. and international health.

He states that “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.”

Collective-evolution.com reports: https://archive.fo/H19qB

That report goes through a lot of science, which only adds to all of the science that’s already available regarding the harmful effects of 5G technology. If you’re looking for more information, I often point people toward the Environmental Health Trust because it’s a great resource that gives you access to more science.

This is not new information. For years, numerous studies have been published proving the health concerns regarding 5G technology and hundreds of scientists have petitioned the United Nations about them. These initiatives started as a result of the work done by Dr. Marin Blank from Columbia University’s Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics.

According to him, with regards to wireless radiation in general:

“We have created something that is harming us, and it is getting out of control. Before Edison’s light bulb there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment. The levels today are very many times higher than natural background levels, and are growing rapidly because of all the new devices that emit this radiation. Putting it bluntly they are damaging the living cells in our bodies and killing many of us prematurely.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(1.80 MB 1290x803 Trump Obaminated.PNG)
Trump Administration Launches Global Effort to Obaminate The World With Faggotry Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 20:53:11 Id: b9b5a9 [Preview] No. 14073 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
BERLIN — The Trump administration is launching a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality in dozens of nations where it's still illegal to be gay, U.S. officials tell NBC News, a bid aimed in part at denouncing Iran over its human rights record.

U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, the highest-profile openly gay person in the Trump administration, is leading the effort, which kicks off Tuesday evening in Berlin. The U.S. embassy is flying in LGBT activists from across Europe for a strategy dinner to plan to push for decriminalization in places that still outlaw homosexuality — mostly concentrated in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

“It is concerning that, in the 21st century, some 70 countries continue to have laws that criminalize LGBTI status or conduct,” said a U.S. official involved in organizing the event.

Although the decriminalization strategy is still being hashed out, officials say it’s likely to include working with global organizations like the United Nations, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, as well as other countries whose laws already allow for gay rights. Other U.S. embassies and diplomatic posts throughout Europe, including the U.S. Mission to the E.U., are involved, as is the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.


Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 22:06:25 Id: 7553d4 [Preview] No.14074 del
(592.82 KB 895x1019 (2).png)
(295.72 KB 650x650 1412624290.jpg)
That image is pretty accurate. I'm certain Trump and Netanyahu are buttbuddies behind closed doors. And Michelle Obama is a trap

Make no mistake. This agenda is tacked on with mass immigration. It's an addition to the goal of preventing procreation among lines of the same ethnicities. They will not stop until they fag up the whole world.

Reader 02/20/2019 (Wed) 00:55:28 Id: 977813 [Preview] No.14076 del
I don't exactly understand why the Jews want to destroy the white races, is this some sort of religious cult goal of theirs? I know their Talmud says to enslave us "the goyim" but is there a mandate in there that says to destroy all white races on the planet?

Reader 02/20/2019 (Wed) 02:21:38 Id: 7553d4 [Preview] No.14077 del
(192.00 KB 715x928 1.jpg)
(653.23 KB 1271x1279 808.jpg)
It's retaliation for the holocaust fraud they very much believe in. In addition to that, they practice semitic tribalism, reflexively hating all outsiders and always assuming everyone else is out to get them. The same is apparent with other semitic groups such as Arabs. When their entire religion revolves around not being us because they are them ("Chosen"), and every single outsider must die if we do not submit combined with the belief "whites tried to kill them" that results in loxism which is white hatred. Their religion of poison is combined with tribal instinct. Thus they act as a 5th column among us with the mantra "never again". They deceive so much, they fell for their own lie. Combine that with worldwide media hegemony, and their motivation is succeeding. To genocide us before we "attempt to genocide them again". Violence is not a prerequisite for genocide, by the way. See the video.

Reader 02/20/2019 (Wed) 14:53:49 Id: a03f6b [Preview] No.14078 del
If only there were a way to use their psychotic psychological fear and flip it against themselves....

(8.71 KB 646x483 gpcs2pppppp.png)
Author rescinds GPL licensed code from "Geek Feminists" Anonymous 01/11/2019 (Fri) 01:21:48 [Preview] No. 13089 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Reportedly, the author of the GPL licensed text-mode casino game "GPC-Slots 2" has rescinded the license from the "Geek feminist" collective.

The original author, after years of silence, notes that the "Geek Feminist" changed[1] a bunch of if-then statements which were preceded by a loop waiting for string input to a switch statement. The author reportedly noted that to use a switch statement in such an instance is no more preformant than the if-thens. Switch statements should be used where the input to the switch statement is numerical, and of a successive nature, for most efficient use of the jump table that is generated from said code.

The author reportedly was offended, after quiet observation of the group, that the "Geek Feminists" mocked his code, mocked his existence as a male, and never did any work on the code afterwards and never updated to include new slot machines added to the original code by author subsequently.

The author notes that he neither sought nor received any compensation for the granted license, that is was a gratuitous license, and that there never was any refutation of his default right to rescind given. (A right founded in the property law of licenses.)

The copyright owner has reportedly watched quietly as each year the "Geek Feminists" published a recount of their heroic efforts regarding his code.[2][3] Presumably he has now had enough of it all...

The author notes that the SF Conservancy attempts to construe a particular clause in the GPL version 2 license text as a "no revocation by grantor clause", however that clause states that if a licensee suffers and automatic-revocation by operation of the license, that licensees down stream from him do not suffer the same fate. The author of "GPC-Slots 2" reportedly notes that said clause does only what it claims to do: clarifies that a downstream licensee, through no fault of his own, is not penalized by the automatic revocation suffered by a licensee he gained a "sub-license" from (for lack of a better term.)

The author reportedly notes that version 3 of the GPL did not exist when he published the code, additionally the author notes that even if there was a clause not to revoke, he was paid no consideration for such a forbearance of a legal right of his and thus said clause is not operative against him, the grantor, should it exist at all.

(Editor's note: GPL version 3 contains an explicit "no-revocation-by-grantor" clause, in addition to a term-of-years that the license is granted for. Both absent in version 2 of the GPL)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

67 posts and 6 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/08/2019 (Fri) 04:15:23 [Preview] No.13182 del
Someone should remind them.. their holdings are so vast, they can't keep track.

4chan decided to have a thread: https://warosu.org/g/thread/S69683493

Thanks to whomever posted it.

Anonymous 02/11/2019 (Mon) 23:17:00 [Preview] No.13185 del
From github:
Hi MikeeUSA,

Thank you for your notices, the most recent of which is included below for reference.

This DMCA notice is incomplete. It lacks "A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed" and "Information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to contact the complaining party."

Unfortunately, an electronic signature must be a legal name, not a monicker or username, and we cannot accept disposable or temporary email addresses as reliable contact information for a DMCA notice.

Once you've revised your notice to include the required details, please send back the entire revised notice, and not only the corrected sections. Once we've received a complete and actionable notice, we'll process it expeditiously.

GitHub Staff

Anonymous 02/11/2019 (Mon) 23:20:06 [Preview] No.13186 del

Subject Re: DMCA takedown notice

You take it down or I sue you, simple as that.

I have revoked the license from a number of people, including the John
Doe who has chosen to violate my copyright thence-forth.

I have signed using my 2 decades long held pen-name.

The U.S. Code defines an electronic signature for the purpose of US law
as "an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically
associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a
person with the intent to sign the record."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 02/13/2019 (Wed) 19:03:06 [Preview] No.13192 del
so is something wrong with the gpl or what?

Anonymous 02/20/2019 (Wed) 12:10:52 [Preview] No.13209 del
>so is something wrong with the gpl or what?

If you have been told that the author will not revoke the license, but you have not paid him for that "promise", it is an illusory promise and not enforceable.

Effectively: the GPL is an illusory promise, from the perspective of the user.

End Times Near! Biblical Locust Invasions Spark UN Warning Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 20:52:12 Id: 44fe29 [Preview] No. 14072 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
BE PREPARED: >>>/prepare/1 | https://archive.fo/elYwR

Massive swarms of locusts are bearing down on Saudi Arabia and Egypt as they spread rapidly along the shores of the Red Sea, the United Nations has warned. Breeding along the coasts of Eritrea and Sudan, the swarms are spreading farther afield, with at least one having crossed over the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia in mid-January and more a week later. Swarms also went north along the Red Sea towards Egypt.

The UN is calling on countries in the flight path to step up vigilance and take precautions.

“Good rains along the Red Sea coastal plains in Eritrea and Sudan have allowed two generations of breeding since October, leading to a substantial increase in locust populations and the formation of highly mobile swarms,” the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation said on Friday.

Adult locusts can eat their body weight in fresh vegetation every day and the FAO warned that even a small swarm can eat enough food for 35,000 people in just 24 hours.

A female locust is able to lay around 300 eggs in her short life, meaning swarms can measure miles wide and be made up of hundreds of millions of individuals. They can strip the land bare as they fly through.

Tackling swarms is also made difficult because they are highly mobile and able to fly up to 150 kilometres a day.

“The devastating impact locusts can have on crops poses a major threat to food security, especially in already vulnerable areas,” the FAO said.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 22:15:23 Id: 17ea6f [Preview] No.14075 del
Tack this on to the constant attacks on Damascus and your almonds must be activating by now.

Land of The Slaves? Arizona's Despots Push For Forced DNA Theft, And Wants YOU To Pay For It! Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 19:50:45 Id: 2b679c [Preview] No. 14071 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Arizona could soon be one of the first states in Modern USSA to maintain a massive statewide DNA database.

And if the proposed legislation passes, many people — from parent school volunteers and teachers to real estate agents and foster parents — will have no choice but to give up their DNA.

Under Senate Bill 1475, DNA must be collected from anyone who has to be fingerprinted by the state for a job, to volunteer in certain positions or for a myriad of other reasons.

The bill would even authorize the medical examiner's office to take DNA from any bodies that come into their possession.

The Department of Public Safety would maintain the collected DNA alongside the person's name, social security number, date of birth and last known address.

Any DNA in the database could be accessed and used by law enforcement in a criminal investigation. It could also be shared with other government agencies across the country for licensing, death registration, to identify a missing person or to determine someone's real name.

It could also be provided to someone conducting "legitimate research."

A $250 fee could be collected from a person who submits biological samples, according to the bill.

No other state has anything this totalitarian in place, according to David Kaye, an associate dean for research at Penn State University who studies genetics and its application in law.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Bad Karma: Investors Panic After US Fund Manager Arrested In Russia Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 17:24:15 Id: abf9ff [Preview] No. 14070 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
One of Russia's most well-respected foreign investors, private equity baron Michael Calvey, has run the Russia focused investment fund, Baring Vostok, since 1994, and has never shied away from touting his ability to work with government officials. Now, he's sitting in a Moscow jail cell, and, as both Bloomberg and the Financial Times have reported this week, other foreign investors are suddenly panicking, wondering what this means for their business in Moscow, or if they too could be subject to arrest and scrutiny of the country's KGB-successor agency, the FSB, if they are ever embroiled in what should be a civil business dispute over a few million dollars.

Calvey, a fluent Russian speaker who founded the Russia-based private equity, he has been one of the few foreigners to hang on to his business in Russia following the 2014 blacklisting of Russia by the west after the escalation in hostilities with Ukraine. While Russia has had some success attracting investments from China and the Persian Gulf states, the pullout of US investors has led FBI to shrink from $27.1 billion in 2017 to $1.9 billion last year, according to the Russian central bank.

That's down from $79 billion in 2013. Some of the more adventurous US-based private equity funds like Blackstone and TPG ended their attempts to invest in Moscow after the US sanctions. But through it all, Calvey - who is a US citizen - stuck around, continuing to invest in small and medium-sized companies - his firm's specialty.

In December of 2014, the FT reported that Calvey had said he saw investment opportunities amid the chaos. "We are practically the only people still buying Russian assets, so it seems like it could be a good cycle for investment,” he said. "Of course, we need to convince our (investors) to be patient."

Calvey said that he and five other Baring partners had conspired to defraud Vostochny Bank, a Baring-owned top-30 lender that focuses on Russia’s Far East, of $38 million. Calvey, of course, has denied wrongdoing, telling the court that the charges were part of a long-running dispute with minority shareholders Artem Avetisyan and Sherzod Yusupov over control of the bank.

The arrest came less than a week after Yusupov filed a complaint with the FSB about Calvey, though he and the agency have denied that the charges are linked to the complaint.

Calvey’s legal troubles stem from a dispute with other shareholders at Bank Vostochny Express, a consumer lender that the fund bought a stake in almost a decade ago in a bet on the rising retail market. The bank ran into trouble in recent years as the economy fell into recession and was merged with one owned by Artem Avetisyan, a Russian investor known for ties to the security services and his role in government advisory panels on improving the business climate.

When the central bank late last year ordered the bank to come up with more capital to cover its weak loan portfolio, Calvey’s fund and the other shareholders couldn’t agree on who would put in the equity. Baring Vostok sued the others in London, accusing them of stripping assets from the bank they contributed to the merger. Avetisyan didn’t respond to requests for comment.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

DELIBERATE DESTABILIZATION: Cartel Ambushes Mexican Soldiers Near Texas Border Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 15:58:08 Id: 038109 [Preview] No. 14067 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

An ambush by gunmen from a faction of Los Zetas killed one Mexican soldier and injured two others in Nuevo Laredo. Three attackers working for a convicted terrorist also died in the incident just south of Laredo, Texas.

Mexican military officials have not released any information on the attack, however unofficial sources with direct knowledge revealed to Breitbart News the attack took place along the highway that connects Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey. Moving in various SUVs, a team of gunmen with the Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) faction of Los Zetas attacked a convoy of soldiers patrolling the streets of Nuevo Laredo. The shooters killed one army lieutenant and injured two others.

Citizen journalists using the Twitter account @Lpueblo2 or La Voz Del Pueblo (“The People’s Voice”) warned residents away from the Palmares neighborhood when the ambush began. A video recording shared by @Lpueblo2 captured the sounds of the clash as the two sides exchanged gunfire.

Under the leadership of convicted terrorist Hector Raul “El Tory” Luna Luna, the CDN has once again advanced their tactic of silencing local news outlets to keep the organization out of public view. None of the local news outlets in Nuevo Laredo reported on the weekend shootout. El Tory, the operational leader for the CDN, is wanted in the U.S. for a grenade attack against the American consulate in Monterrey. The CDN is working to inspire terror throughout the border states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon by dumping ice chests with human remains and written threats to rivals.


Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 15:58:30 Id: 038109 [Preview] No.14068 del
Guatemalan head of intelligence Mario Duarte has warned that the migrant caravans heading to the U.S. are being orchestrated by political operatives wanting to “weaponize those in need.”

“This was not a spontaneous event. It was well-planned. It was well-organized,” Duarte said at an event hosted by the Center for a Free Secure Society at the National Press Club.

He said different intelligence, law enforcement, and military agencies found evidence that the October caravan from Honduras to the U.S. — which at one point contained about 40,000 migrants — was organized in advance.

There was a call on October 5 in Honduras for citizens to join a “massive migration walk to the United States,” he said. “We detected logistical preparation throughout Guatemala and Mexico, to be able to bring all these people to the U.S. southern border.”

He said the main organization behind the caravans was a non-governmental organization based out of Chicago, called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, led by organizer and pastor Emma Lozano.

“They started working with Honduran, Guatemalan, and Mexico counterparts,” he said. “The organization was impressive to say the least. They used mainly [social media apps] WhatsApp and Facebook.”

He said Bartolo Fuentes, a Honduran activist, was the main leader of the caravan on the ground, and that he came into Guatemala beforehand to scout and send money to places migrants could stay as they moved through Guatemala towards Mexico. Duarte said the group also connected with international NGOs like Oxfam.

He also gave details of the tactics the caravan used as it pushed into Guatemala.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 16:00:41 Id: 038109 [Preview] No.14069 del



The basic principle of having kick-proof, batter-ram proof doors is this:

1) A solid (not hollow) wooden door with steel plating covering both sides (many doors sold intended to be front doors have this qualification, but not all). Preferably no glass window on the door. If it does, you can board that glass window up by mounting thick plywood around it with bolts and nuts.

2) The door jambs are the frames all along the door. Typically you have 1 or 2 2x4s side to side, and then the 1" pine wood (which is very weak). You must reinforce your whole door jambs with either another 2x4 pressed and screwed against the original (each side) or by utilizing long galvanized steel plates to cover each side of the door jamb (you may need a drill press to make holes for the galvanized steel screws you'll be using to secure this plating into place reinforcing the door jambs). Either option will do, both would be very tough, enough to mitigate about 1,000 pounds of pressure.

But that is NOT enough….

3) You need extra deadbolts installed into the door, preferably one six inches below the doorknob and one six inches above the doorknob. Keep them way apart from one another (that makes intruders need to break more of the doorjamb to get in). For those deadbolt locks, you need long strike plates with 3" to 4" stainless steel screws. The reason is twofold: a) you want the screws to be very tough to bust and b) you want them to penetrate very deep into the side of the doorjamb, going past the 1" pine wood into the 2x4 behind it.

4) Look into buying a katy bar and install it (NOTE: you may take that into consideration *BEFORE* you totally reinforce those doorjambs because you'll need to install those brackets for the katy bar.) Having all this done, plus the katy bar, there would be no way to get in unless the intruders were to wire up some explosives to blow it open (which would take around a TON of pressure or more).

South Korea Bans VPNs and HTTPS Web Encryption Access, Rumors of Civil War Brewing Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 16:50:56 Id: aceaf4 [Preview] No. 14059 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The ruling party has recently become very agitated on the subject of "Fake News", i.e. content that criticizes their policies and behavior. Particularly content that puts the corrupt behavior of ruling party lawmakers under scrutiny and expresses alarm about the Moon government's North Korea policy.

Some of the info spreading on chans:

>https banned, VPNs blocked
>Literal protests on the street against this shit ban
>Supreme Court jailed for taking bribes from Japan
>Moon Regime is currently supporting Megalia and Womad (Literal Feminazi websites)
>South Korea’s jobless rate soars to 9-year high
>South Korea is Censoring the Internet (even more) by Snooping on SNI Traffic
>South Korea governor and ally of President Moon Jae-in jailed for election opinion rigging
>Massive approval rating drop from 83 % to 29.4% from young men and an overall drop from 87% to 48%
>Law that allows women to accuse men of rape and get away with it scot free
>Currently reassessing whether abortion should be illegal or not

In 2017, South Korea banned cryptocurrency:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 03:12:44 Id: 894974 [Preview] No.14063 del
>and HTTPS Web Encryption Access

Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 05:08:22 Id: a48efb [Preview] No.14064 del
>In 2017, South Korea banned cryptocurrency:
haha cryptokeks btfo

Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 12:07:51 Id: 3ca921 [Preview] No.14065 del
I think what they meant was tools that encrypt browser to server communications, like HTTPS Everywhere, were blocked in South Korea. This would make the government be able to see everything you do on a website in the insecure HTTP standard (which is not encrypted).

At least thats how I understand it, but I'm no geek expert.

Reader 02/19/2019 (Tue) 13:03:32 [Preview] No.14066 del
>tools that encrypt browser to server communications, like HTTPS Everywhere
That browser extension by the libtards of eff does not do any encryption, it merely "redirects" you to the encrypted (https) version of some sites, which must already support https themselves

Also, don't trust https (I mean the WebPKI) too much, it's better than plain text http, but still most technically-competent governments can and surely do hijack it. It's main objective was to provide a technical foundation for the turn-the-internet-into-a-business-platform project, not to protect the privacy of citizens.

Anonymous 01/22/2019 (Tue) 16:50:37 [Preview] No. 10233 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
endchan.org doesn't exist anymore, "server cannot be found". wtf?
13 posts and 1 image omitted.

odilitime Board owner 02/12/2019 (Tue) 22:01:47 [Preview] No.10268 del
Ok we rebuilt the SSL deployment, should be fixed now

Anonymous 02/13/2019 (Wed) 03:43:28 [Preview] No.10269 del
>Balrog maybe, but I'm still here. And I run the twitter, there's been nothing to tweet about. Things are going well.
Does this mean you're alone? Oof.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=r5EXKDlf44M [Embed]

Anonymous 02/13/2019 (Wed) 18:47:36 [Preview] No.10270 del
Can he just evaporate into thin air? Don't you have contact with him? How does this work?

Anonymous 02/13/2019 (Wed) 20:22:18 [Preview] No.10271 del
that thing is still running? for more than a month?

Anonymous 02/19/2019 (Tue) 09:35:24 [Preview] No.10273 del
Thanks bud works perfect now

Anonymous 02/16/2019 (Sat) 13:40:57 [Preview] No. 13197 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
You think suckless are the definitive software minimalists?
Oh boi, you're in for a treat.

Anonymous 02/17/2019 (Sun) 07:53:13 [Preview] No.13199 del
printf "\n\n"
printf "********\n"
printf "* THIS WAS CLOSE. You are lucky. *\n"
printf "* We love you at bitreich, so we did *\n"
printf "* not delete your files. *\n"
printf "* We hope you learn three things: *\n"
printf "* 1. Never execute random commands, *\n"
printf "* printed on some random website. *\n"
printf "* 2. If we would not control the *\n"
printf "* server, you would have trusted *\n"
printf "* some insecure key and be redir- *\n"
printf "* ected to some other website. *\n"
printf "* (curl -kL) *\n"
printf "* 3. Have you removed the sudo? *\n"
printf "********\n"
printf "\n\n"
cunty :^)

Anonymous 02/17/2019 (Sun) 17:48:32 [Preview] No.13202 del
Where is this

Anonymous 02/18/2019 (Mon) 10:06:12 [Preview] No.13204 del
curl -sLk http://bitreich.org/s/bitreich.sh
I went to their gopher site. Doesn't seem like they have anything of note.
Nothing like dmenu or st.

Anonymous 02/18/2019 (Mon) 22:16:00 [Preview] No.13205 del
>even more extreme than suckless
>expecting xorg bloat
you can find a note on their gopher that any presentations for their yearly conferences must be terminal only (100x35 chars to be exact)

Anonymous 02/19/2019 (Tue) 01:36:48 [Preview] No.13206 del
The only thing I found that I might be able to use is iomenu
But then again I don't even use dmenu as anything more than a program launcher when it has much more functionality.

Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 22:34:23 Id: 5dd8f1 [Preview] No. 14038 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Among bands that are said today to fall into the category of N.S.B.M., as it is often called, are М8Л8ТХ, from Russia, whose fans have given Nazi salutes during performances; a Finnish band, Goatmoon, which has performed in front of a backdrop resembling a Nazi flag; and Der Stürmer, from Greece, which shares a name with an anti-Semitic German newspaper whose editor, Julius Streicher, was convicted during the Nuremberg trials and then executed. Those bands and others, including Stahlfront, Sunwheel, Absurd, and Dark Fury, performed in December at the Asgardsrei festival, in Kiev, where Nazi-style displays abounded.

Because N.S.B.M. is a label that few bands are eager to embrace, deciding who ought to be categorized that way has often been a matter of debate. In the past few years, leftists have attempted to halt shows by metal bands whom they accuse of promoting Fascism or racism. In many cases, bands have countered that they have been mischaracterized, or that accusations are based upon past associations that have since been abandoned. In 2016, organizers of the Messe des Morts festival, in Montreal, cancelled an appearance by the Polish band Graveland after an Antifa group announced plans for a confrontational protest. The band responded on its Web site by writing, “Graveland is not NSBM!” Last year, the Norwegian band Taake cancelled its American tour dates after anti-Fascists posted photographs on social media of the band’s leader with a swastika image on his chest, along with the phone numbers of the venues where the band was to play. Taake denied that it had anything to do with Nazism, and accused its critics, including the rapper Talib Kweli, who cancelled a show at a club in Kansas City that had booked the band, of taking part in a witch hunt.

The announcements for the Black Flags shows, which also included performances by Racetraitor, Cloud Rat, Dawn Ray’d, and others, portrayed the rejection of far-right metal as an urgent issue, saying, in part, “The worldwide rise of violent white supremacy and fascism has put every one of us—but especially those in marginalized communities—at risk, and metal should not be allowed to become a breeding ground for right-wing extremism. . . . This festival is for those of us who reject and push back against that poison—who adhere to the mantra that ‘Metal is for everyone (except Nazis),’ and who are committed to cleaning up our own backyard.”

Kelly said that, because metal fans are part of a close-knit community, some may see criticism as an effort by outside forces to sanitize or change what they hold dear. One reason to organize the festival, she said, was to give metal fans and anti-Fascists a chance to see that there were areas where they could overlap. “I just wanted to show people that you can have militant politics and you can be a metalhead, and those things don’t have to be mutually exclusive at all,” she said. “I don’t understand how you can love something deeply, the way I love heavy metal, and not want it to be the best it can be, and how you would not want to share it with as many people as possible.”

Agenda thread. Don't come here with your plots.
1 post omitted.

Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 11:15:53 Id: 6bc958 [Preview] No.14050 del
No dude.

I know who this anon is you are referring to. He is a leftist faggot from /n/ and he hates my guts because I'm no yuppie commie fag. He just found out that I post my news on this website too and he hates my threads. Thats why he recently started posting his leftist garbage here.

Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 20:43:34 Id: a580eb [Preview] No.14060 del
I'm no leftist myself, but inquiing minds want to know -- does he like crabs?

Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 22:32:43 [Preview] No.14061 del
>Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem
Problem? What problem? It's Heavy Metal for fuck's sake!

>Last year, the Norwegian band Taake cancelled its American tour dates
That's a problem.

>because metal fans are part of a close-knit community, some may see criticism as an effort by outside forces to sanitize or change what they hold dear.
Yeah. Rap and hip-hop artists can sing of the unfairness of the world, and how many pigs they gonna cap to redress it. Whitey got you down? Gotta burn it all to the ground? Chant away, I'm cool with it. Their art, their voice, their show.

Rioting ain't all a black thing. All this news makes me think it's time we did some rioting of our own in their venues.

Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 23:52:56 [Preview] No.14062 del
>wants to go out and fuck with primal white men because muh ebil nazi boogeyman
they're going to bathe in your blood

Commiefornia Just Built A $10,000,000,000 Train To NO WHERE, Paid For By Taxpayers Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 14:28:05 Id: 843781 [Preview] No. 14058 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/endpol/1128

A decade ago California voters approved a $10 billion bond measure to build a 520-mile high-speed train that would supposedly take riders from San Francisco to Los Angeles in two hours and 40 minutes. The choo-choo’s supporters vowed that the federal government and private investors would foot most of the estimated $33 billion bill, and the referendum explicitly stated there would be no subsidy. President Trump’s promise to make Mexico pay for a border wall was more believable.

The Obama Administration chipped in $3.5 billion on the condition the first 160-mile segment be built in the San Joaquin Valley district of Democratic Rep. Jim Costa, a longtime bullet-train supporter who provided a critical vote for ObamaCare. Former Gov. Jerry Brown made the train his special legacy project, his contribution at taxpayer expense to the illusion of stopping climate change. His people sent letter after letter claiming that our editorials were mistaken.

Our criticisms have now been validated by none other than Mr. Newsom. Cost projections for the train have soared to around $80 billion amid litigation, engineering challenges and ordinary government morass. Private investors have run the other way. The state rail authority has spent more than $5 billion acquiring and destroying hundreds of properties but not yet laid tracks. Taxpayers have lost patience, and Mr. Newsom stated the obvious on Tuesday that “there simply isn’t a path to get from Sacramento to San Diego, let alone from San Francisco to LA.”

The new Governor is thus proposing to finish the initial planned route from Merced to Bakersfield, now with the stated goal of revitalizing rural areas that have been parched due to water rationing.

Liberals envision that the bullet train will someday turn Fresno and Merced into Silicon Valley suburbs and ease the Bay Area’s housing shortage. But this too is a dream. As economic consultants William Grindley and Bill Warren document in a recent study, a worker who lives in Fresno would spend 10 hours and 20 minutes each day commuting to San Jose at a cost of $154 round trip—assuming no subsidies.

California’s bullet train provides a miniature model of the Green New Deal. Alas, the main reason liberals like Mr. Newsom are likely turning against it is they are eager to redirect taxpayer money to entitlements and other green largesse.


Chinese Data Leak Reveals Millions Of People Actively Tracked By Surveillance Network Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 13:35:21 Id: bb2270 [Preview] No. 14057 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Learn Proper OPSEC: https://archive.fo/isnXt

A data leak discovered by a Dutch internet expert has revealed over 2.5 million people who are under active surveillance by a Chinese government contractor, reports Reuters.

An exposed database maintained by Shenzhen-based facial-recognition technology company SenseNets Technology revealed ID card numbers, birth dates and location data which went unprotected for months, according to Victor Gevers, co-founder of GDI.Foundation - a nonprofit organization which hunts for critical vulnerabilities around the internet.

Exposed data also showed about 6.7 million location data points linked to the people which were gathered within 24 hours, tagged with descriptions such as “mosque”, “hotel,” “internet cafe” and other places where surveillance cameras were likely to be found. -Reuters

"It was fully open and anyone without authentication had full administrative rights. You could go in the database and create, read, update and delete anything," said Gevers.

SenseNets contracts with police departments across China, and is a subsidiary of Shenzhen-listed NetPosa Technologies Ltc, which has offices in several Chinese provinces and regions, including Xinjiang.

Gevers said GDI.Foundation immediately alerted SenseNets to the vulnerability. While they did not respond, they took steps to secure the database.

Beijing has been at the forefront of facial recognition technology, such as their "SkyNet" system deployed in over 16 provinces, cities and autonomous regions which can instantly scan faces and compare them to a database of criminal suspects at a speed of 3 billion times per second, according to People's Daily.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Trump Is Using Obama’s National Emergency on Mexican Cartels to Build Border Wall Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 12:15:55 Id: 7004b7 [Preview] No. 14053 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
President Trump is using Barack Obama’s previous national emergency on Mexican drug cartels to fund the border wall.

Despite the media hysteria over Trump’s declaration on Friday, presidents have routinely declared emergencies for nearly 50 years.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: https://archive.fo/f7OJ3

Barack Obama declared 13 national emergencies, 11 of which continue to this day.

The Obama emergencies included the Swine Flu, Flint water crisis and Iran.

And Obama declared the Mexican drug cartels a national emergency in 2011.

Congress believes President Trump has $21 billion in unobligated military construction funding money available for the border wall with Mexico.

Now this was mostly ignored by the liberal media.

President Trump is using Barack Obama’s previous national emergency on Mexican drug cartels to get funding for the border wall.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 12:31:59 Id: 373a21 [Preview] No.14056 del
(238.08 KB 1003x700 35.jpg)
(136.36 KB 961x670 Jonathan Rothschild.jpg)
(140.66 KB 1421x572 390.png)
>back in 2011 then-President Barack Obama issued an executive order “blocking property of transnational criminal organizations organizations.”
Except these types of situations tend to happen when local mayors are corrupt and vast connections of wealth are seeded through so they'll profit from illegal drug and child trafficking. It still amuses and disappoints me how quick people are to respond that mentioning the Rothschilds is a "crazy" conspiracy "theory" when they're actual people.

(148.19 KB 428x640 books.jpg)
Reader Board owner 04/30/2018 (Mon) 23:01:51 Id: 3aeba1 [Preview] No. 8261 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Get your archives here

Primary archive, much better organized: https://archive.fo/https://endchan.xyz/news/*

/news/ had to be nuked to regain image posting. To prevent such problems in the future, consider donating.

Donate by BitCoin: 18SMo6egCSLEpCDqiW8vJQmwiM5uTxwHH8

I don't have time for descriptions right now.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 05/28/2018 (Mon) 01:44:35.
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Reader 02/12/2019 (Tue) 20:55:04 Id: 029599 [Preview] No.13972 del
>Rabbi Rob Thomas

Reader Board owner 02/13/2019 (Wed) 01:00:28 Id: 516de5 [Preview] No.13974 del
(1.85 MB 1181x2435 this jew.png)

Reader Board owner 02/18/2019 (Mon) 01:08:15 Id: 516de5 [Preview] No.14047 del
(26.06 KB 670x254 agenda thread dead.png)
Current events only. The source is from February of last year and an agenda thread. Deleted. I'm pretty sure this poster is new here. It's similar to the "Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem" agenda thread. The regular (for a long time) /news/ poster needs to respond to state whether or not he's been posting these, to clear things up before I act.

Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 11:20:58 Id: b98f11 [Preview] No.14051 del

Main news poster here: take a look at my response to an inquiry you made here >>>/news/14050

There is a new kid on the block here. I know the anon, he's from 8ch/n/, he is a commie who hates my news threads so he will spam old local news articles plus a lot of mainstream media garbage in attempt to flood the board and slide all the other legit news. He's no good. Keep a close eye on him.

Reader Board owner 02/18/2019 (Mon) 12:21:31 Id: 516de5 [Preview] No.14054 del
I had to make sure I wasn't censoring you. Communists tend to squirm right up to the hook and bait themselves.

(46.14 KB 887x272 masterTheorem.jpg)
Discord is shit Anonymous 10/22/2018 (Mon) 02:28:19 [Preview] No. 12909 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Is there a Libre version of Discord that isn't so shit? It needs stuff like this:
>voice chat
>text chat
>Youtube and image embeds in text chat
>Free Software (Libre)
>you can host it on your own server
>you can make bots for it
>uses actual good encryption
>has a web interface and mobile app
>you don't have to have a mobile phone to register an account
25 posts and 3 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/13/2019 (Wed) 06:32:25 [Preview] No.13189 del
> r/MillionDollarExtreme is on their server
> Chad Right as well
> National Federalist Party also

Whatever Moshe
Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Anonymous 02/13/2019 (Wed) 12:08:58 [Preview] No.13190 del
Three groups of dissident right shitposters sitting under one Sedevacantist's server, yeah, that's real stupid. Why would anyone with two braincells admit to shilling one specific server under a Catholic priest with his own agendas on a non political board? Fuck off.

Anonymous 02/17/2019 (Sun) 15:27:16 [Preview] No.13200 del
why would anyone with two braincells listen to a kike like you?

the owner is not a catholic priest, his agenda is to safely house the right-wing and disillusioned, and he's a solid, albeit quirky, guy.

don't like it? run your own homeserver, nigger. make sure you put aside about $40/month or more for a decent VPS in somewhere that won't fuck you over, be ready to pay for it all on your own since your fellow NEETs won't help, and I wish you all the luck in working with the rest of the matrix community, which hates *you* by default.

Anonymous 02/17/2019 (Sun) 16:35:29 [Preview] No.13201 del
why would anyone with two braincells shill for one server without context and not provide alternative servers besides the Ordo Evangelistarum server yet be a part of at least one of the three NEET dissident groups and had publicly associated them with that one server?

You clearly have an agenda and it took me this long for you to admit that you're not practicing proper OPSEC by responding to me when you could of had continued on spamming that one link. This is your final warning, any more shilling of this specific matrix server is automatic deletion. No one with one braincell will shill specifically for one matrix server publicly instead of literally anything else out there both proprietary and open source. Never put all your eggs in one basket. The Feds now know, fucko.

>Thomas Lewis is an amateur theologian pretending to be a sysadmin.
>Fr. John, OE
They're Sedevacantist LARP(s) at the very least.

P.S., use IRC, fuck talking.

PSA: Block bypass has been enabled for some IPs Balrog Board volunteer 05/17/2016 (Tue) 14:23:15 [Preview] No. 4154 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I found where that spam full of random garbage is coming from. It doesn't have any discernable pattern so we can't use the autoban addon to remove it, but it's all coming from the same /24 range of IPs in Russia so we can just rangeban it. The problem is that Lynxchan currently only does /16 rangebans, which would result in substantial collateral damage. To counter this I'm enabling the block bypass function.

If you are rangebanned, you can use the block bypass function to solve a CAPTCHA and bypass the rangeban. This requires your browser to store a "bypass" cookie. No CAPTCHA will be required to post if your IP has not been subject to a rangeban. Block bypasses last for 24 hours or 50 posts.

I've already asked StephenLynx about adding a second, smaller rangeban level.
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Anonymous 08/02/2018 (Thu) 18:33:07 [Preview] No.9516 del
They need to change the 30 second captcha refresh mandate to at least 2 or 3 minutes. I think this would help, usually when it starts uploading as long as its the same captcha it will successfully post. Sometimes big files take more than 30 seconds to begin uploading and thats when it refreshes and fucks up the post.

odilitime Board volunteer 08/06/2018 (Mon) 10:57:33 [Preview] No.9522 del
I'll talk to StephenLynx about this

StephenLynx 11/23/2018 (Fri) 16:02:47 [Preview] No.10092 del
1: the captcha expiration is configurable
2: the FE can pre-solve a captcha to make it last for one hour.
3: the FE can access the cookie that says when the captcha expires so users can have it to auto refresh or at least know when it expires.

Anonymous 12/21/2018 (Fri) 05:56:16 [Preview] No.10136 del
just use another file hosting service and post the link

Anonymous 02/18/2019 (Mon) 05:26:46 [Preview] No.10272 del
Can the block bypass link be added for each tor in the toolbar? It's getting annoying with the pop up windows not opening having to switch back and forth

The Beautiful NRA Russian Spy who didn't come in from the cold Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 22:54:55 Id: edcc84 [Preview] No. 14041 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Russian Spy who wasn't.


>The U.S. government went looking for someone to blame for Russia's interference in the 2016 election—and found Maria Butina, the perfect scapegoat.

>Yet a close examination of Butina’s case suggests that it is not so. Butina is simply an idealistic young Russian, born in the last days of the Soviet Union, raised in the new world of capitalism, and hoping to contribute to a better understanding between two countries while pursuing a career in international relations. Fluent in English and interested in expanding gun rights in Russia, she met with Americans in Moscow and on frequent trips to the United States, forging ties with members of the National Rifle Association, important figures within the conservative movement, and aspiring politicians. “I thought it would be a good opportunity to do what I could, as an unpaid private citizen, not a government employee, to help bring our two countries together,” she told me.

>The government’s case against Butina is extremely flimsy and appears to have been driven largely by a desire for publicity.

>Despite the lack of evidence against Butina, however, prosecutors—abetted by an uncritical media willing to buy into the idea of a Russian agent infiltrating conservative political circles—were intent on getting a win. In the context of the Mueller investigation, and in the environment that arose after Trump’s election, an idealistic young Russian meeting with influential American political figures sounded enough like a spy to move forward.

Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 00:21:46 Id: f345da [Preview] No.14045 del

Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 04:44:21 Id: d19cd6 [Preview] No.14048 del
>The government’s case against Butina is extremely flimsy and appears to have been driven largely by a desire for publicity.

The hell you say.

Karl Marx Statue Vandalized AGAIN, Second Time In One Month Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 15:27:38 Id: 27b50c [Preview] No. 14022 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate Cemetery, London, has been defaced with anti-Communist graffiti, branding the dead thinker an “architect of genocide”.

Marx intellectual is memorialised with a huge stone plinth in the cemetery, crowned by a huge bust of his head.

An unidentified individual or individuals defaced the plinth with red spraypaint, reading “Memorial to Bolshevik Holocaust”, “66,000,000 DEAD”, “Architect of Genocide, terror + oppression, Mass Murder”, “Ideology of Starving”, and “Doctrine of HATE”.

The German Jewish intellectual played no direct role in the notoriously bloodstained communist revolutions and one-party regimes of the 20th century, dying in England in 1883 — but his writings are regarded by many as having given licence to the methods employed by his later acolytes.

For example, he wrote in 1849 that “there is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror”, warning his opponents: “We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.”

These words were taken very much to heart by Soviet leaders Vladimir Ulyanov (Vladimir Lenin), Lev Bronstein (Leon Trotsky), and Joseph Jugashvili (Joseph Stalin) when they implemented Marx’s plan for a “dictatorship of the proletariat” under a Communist “vanguard” in the former Russian Empire.

Vandals back at Marx Memorial, Highgate Cemetery. Red paint this time, plus the marble tablet smashed up. Senseless. Stupid. Ignorant. Whatever you think about Marx's legacy, this is not the way to make the point. pic.twitter.com/hGKBMYGWNy

— Highgate Cemetery (@HighgateCemeter) February 16, 2019

The defacing is the second act of vandalism against Marx’s gravesite in a month, with Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust chief executive Ian Dungavell, having described the first attack on his monument, in which a plaque was damaged with a hammer, as “very upsetting”.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

2 posts and 3 images omitted.

Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 16:36:28 Id: 042eaf [Preview] No.14031 del
>Marx considered the Slavs, Basques, Bretons, Scots and Serbs as "racial trash".
Nod really. It was Engels who wrote about this and he considered them reactionary people incapable of revolution. Here:
Just search "scot" and you'll find the relevant parts. It starts a little further above.
Tho if you have something to support Marx said/wrote anything about it, pls share.

Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 21:33:55 Id: 3bb47f [Preview] No.14032 del
The anon you responded to is a larper on 8fag/n/, its best to just ignore him and he'll go away.

Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 21:49:37 Id: a6b930 [Preview] No.14033 del

Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 22:07:41 Id: f090a3 [Preview] No.14037 del
(2.04 MB 2146x1760 1.png)
(288.62 KB 1920x1080 CommunistKarlMarx.jpg)
(216.91 KB 1136x384 jew-communists.jpg)
(153.99 KB 640x427 karl-marx-never....jpg)
Engels then, Karl Marx's close friend and a traitor as it matters little when Marx and Engels coauthored each others' works for decades. Marx typically wrote while Engels paid to have his name as coauthor.
Those two Communist cucks were unlikely to disagree on the matter.

There is one thing they disagreed on.
Compare to Karl Heinrich Marx's statements in these images. Source -> https://goo.gl/hqg31d Marx was far more willing to admit the issues of international jewry.
I wonder how much that is glossed over in the Universities' Communist indoctrination classes.

Reader 02/18/2019 (Mon) 00:26:52 Id: 07709d [Preview] No.14046 del
guess what, they are free to do so; in gomunism you don't have that freedom

Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner Transcripts Sent to Mueller for Possible Perjury Investigation Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 23:22:05 Id: fecaf2 [Preview] No. 14043 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The House Intelligence Committee voted on Wednesday to provide testimonies from more than 50 witnesses related to the Russia investigation—including Donald Trump Jr. and the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner—to the Department of Justice and special counsel Robert Mueller.

The move will allow Mueller to formally pursue perjury or obstruction charges against Trump Jr. and Kushner if he finds that either one lied to Congress. Democrats on the committee have previously said that based on comparing prior testimony to subsequent media reports and indictments of Trump associates, they believe the pair could have lied when discussing Russia-related matters in connection with the 2016 campaign.

“The special counsel’s office, the Justice Department and its elements will now have access to those transcripts for any purpose which will facilitate justice,” said Democrat Adam Schiff, the committee chairman.

Stemming from Mueller's Russia probe, two former Trump confidants–Michael Cohen, the president’s former personal attorney, and Roger Stone, his longtime adviser–have been charged with lying to Congress, among other things.

Democrats have been planning for some time to provide the transcripts to federal investigators and would have done so sooner, had it not been for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s delay in appointing GOP members to the committee. The lack of Republicans stymied any official business the committee could conduct, and Democrats were beginning to believe the weeks-long delay was an effort to thwart any progress on Russia-related investigations.


Taiwan 'bikini hiker' freezes to death Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 22:02:24 Id: ab1c1b [Preview] No. 14035 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Taiwanese rescue teams are trying to retrieve the body of a hiker who became famous on social media for taking selfies on top of mountain peaks dressed in a bikini.

Gigi Wu - dubbed the "Bikini Climber" by fans - used a satellite phone on Saturday to tell friends she had fallen down a ravine in Taiwan's Yushan national park and badly injured herself. Rescue helicopters struggled to reach her because of bad weather and officials eventually located her lifeless body on Monday.

Officials said Wu had told friends she was taking a selfie in her bikini when she stepped too close to the cliff edge and it gave way and she tumbled to the bottom.

She was unable to move the lower half of her body after the fall of some 20-30 metres (65-100 feet) but was able to give her coordinates.

New Taipei City native Wu, 36, built up a sizeable social media following through photos of herself at the top of mountains dressed in bikinis.

She usually wore hiking clothes to scale the mountains, only changing into a bikini once she reached the top.


Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 22:40:08 [Preview] No.14039 del
well deserved end

Measles outbreak: Anti-vaccination misinformation fueled by Russian propagandists Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 22:05:55 Id: d12639 [Preview] No. 14036 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
So-called “anti-vaxxers” are part of a homegrown fringe movement, one that is suspicious of scientific data about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. But they unwittingly have been getting overseas help in recent years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t trying to mess only with America’s elections. He has set loose his undercover opinion manipulators to promote fear of vaccines and set pro- and anti-vaccination Americans against one another, a recent study concluded.

The overarching objective in this ongoing offensive: to divide and terrify Americans – and win a second Cold War.

For the most part, Russia has taken this fight to where we live: on social media.

“Compared with average users, Russian trolls, sophisticated bots and ‘content polluters’ tweeted about vaccination at higher rates,” the study concluded last fall. The research, published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that “[a]ccounts masquerading as legitimate users create false equivalency, eroding public consensus on vaccination.”

An example of a “disinformation” tweet: "Did you know there was a secret government database of #Vaccine-damaged child? #VaccinateUS."


Mueller subpoenas 2nd former Cambridge Analytica employee Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 21:53:07 Id: aab472 [Preview] No. 14034 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Brittany Kaiser, a former director at Cambridge Analytica, has been subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation regarding possible links between President Trump's 2016 campaign and the Russian government, The Guardian reports.

The big picture: Kaiser is the second former employee from Cambridge Analytica, a now-shuttered, Trump-linked British analytics firm that harvested the data of millions of Facebook users, to be drawn into Mueller's probe. Kaiser told The Guardian that the subpoena came after a report that she'd visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in February 2017 to discuss the results of the 2016 election while still employed by the firm.


Washington Confirms Link Between Roundup and 40 Percent Cancer Risk Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 15:37:25 Id: 0c8cad [Preview] No. 14025 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/endpol/1121

A new large-scale study has found that exposure to the chemical glyphosate – the main ingredient in week-killer Roundup – increases the risk of getting cancer by over 40 percent.

According to researchers at the University of Washington, a meta-analysis of studies published between 2001 and 2018 found that glyphosate may have led to the cancers of millions of people.

Yahoo News reports: https://archive.fo/zBB1y

The findings, published in the online journal Mutation Research/Reviews in Mutation Research, suggested that the link between glyphosate and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma is stronger than previously reported, with exposure to chemical linked with a 41 percent increased risk of developing the disease.


“Our analysis focused on providing the best possible answer to the question of whether or not glyphosate is carcinogenic,” added senior author Lianne Sheppard. “As a result of this research, I am even more convinced that it is.”

The team noted that previous reviews have produced mixed results about whether glyphosate is linked to an increased risk of cancer in humans.

However, they also added that the findings are consistent with results found in previous meta-analyses, with co-author Rachel Shaffer commenting that, “This research provides the most up-to-date analysis of glyphosate and its link with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, incorporating a 2018 study of more than 54,000 people who work as licensed pesticide applicators.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Govt Subsidized Amazon Wants To Control Electronics Inside Our Homes To SPY On US Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 20:08:23 Id: ba68d5 [Preview] No. 14018 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Amazon acquired another startup this week, the maker of the tech product Eero, a mesh router that improves dead Wi-Fi spots in the home. To that, you might have said, fuck them they can fuck off!

Sure, it's just another purchase by the world's largest online retailer. But, more importantly, it's an indication of how Amazon wants to go further than just making our homes "smart." In reality, spy beacons to steal personal data and sell it to other corporations and allowing government access into our lives.

Think about it for a minute.

Your guests are greeted at the door with a camera spybell from Ring, a company Amazon bought in 2018. They enter a living room where an Amazon Echo speaker as it records voices.

Then they head to the kitchen, where an Amazon microwave fries your brain with WiFi frequencies bought at Amazon-owned Whole Foods, naturally, as you guzzle down toxic soda and GMO waste, as the Amazon Fire TV Edition television records all the footage to sell to third parties, with hackers and spooks snooping in.

You ask Alexa to dim the 'smart' lights, and suddenly the lights start to flicker. Don't worry, those are just hackers playing pranks on you.

And the Wi-Fi, the guts of the system, without which none of the other products could operate, is being controlled by the latest device bought by Amazon, the Eero.

Are you comfortable with Amazon controlling so much of your home? On Twitter, some weren't this week.

"Terrible news," @RickWilliams wrote in a tweet. "I liked that they (Eero) seemed privacy conscious and were very responsive. Now they are going to be owned by one of the biggest data suckers out there. Scares me a bit."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 20:11:07 Id: ba68d5 [Preview] No.14019 del
Hopefully the BO forgives me for posting a bit of satire, but ironically most of it is likely very true. It comes from a real report from USA Today, only its edited in humorous but unpleasantly truthful fashion.

Here's the REAL link (not from USSA Today):


Forgive me if I broke the rules, sorry.

Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 22:33:53 Id: 58d90c [Preview] No.14021 del
I don't see the problem with it. You really need to stop saying "goyim" though. I know the excuse.
Archive backup: http://archive.is/qzUVR

killcen 02/17/2019 (Sun) 15:30:34 Id: 483373 [Preview] No.14023 del
today I woke up and realized I have a problem with meth. I think that I probably ought to check myself into a rehab for a while.

Reader 02/17/2019 (Sun) 15:34:31 Id: fbe11e [Preview] No.14024 del
Take no offense to me using "goyim" as I'm only trying to wake up those who still don't know Jews actually call us all cattle, which is very offensive. I'll try my best to remember to quite that habit.

As for archive.fo: I didn't archive the link because sometimes archive.fo will block certain VPN connections, so sometimes it works, other times it will not. That is the reason it takes me longer to archive all the recent threads here as well. When I do get a working connection I tend to archive as many recent threads as possible.

(70.30 KB 480x639 882.jpg)
(273.07 KB 1832x955 White-helmets.jpg)
(148.83 KB 1024x768 517.jpg)
(73.13 KB 820x640 white helmets.jpg)
BBC Producer's Syria Bombshell: Douma "Gas Attack" Footage Was Staged Reader Board owner 02/15/2019 (Fri) 08:51:01 Id: bb6082 [Preview] No. 13989 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
"Now approaching nearly a year after the April 7, 2018 alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria — which the White House used as a pretext to bomb Syrian government facilities and bases throughout Damascus — a BBC reporter who investigated the incident on the ground has issued public statements saying the "Assad sarin attack" on Douma was indeed "staged". Riam Dalati is a well-known BBC Syria producer who has long reported from the region. He shocked his nearly 20,000 twitter followers on Wednesday, which includes other mainstream journalists from major outlets, by stating that after a "six month investigation" he has concluded, "I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged."

"The "hospital scene" is a reference to part of the horrid footage played over and over again on international networks showing children in a Douma hospital being hosed off and treated by doctors and White Helmets personnel as victims of the alleged chemical attack. The BBC's Dalati stated on Wednesday: "After almost 6 months of investigations, I can prove without a doubt that the Douma Hospital scene was staged. No fatalities occurred in the hospital." He noted he had interviewed a number of White Helmets and opposition activists while reaching that conclusion."

"Tragic and gruesome images of what appeared the "gassed" corpses of young children and women strewn about an apartment building, were recycled endlessly in mainstream media at the time, which the Trump administration referenced in its decision to strike Damascus with some 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles. Russia is now demanding that the BBC produce the results of its investigation for Moscow to review and evaluate. The BBC's Dalati made the statements in response to a lengthy investigative report by James Harkin writing for The Intercept. Harkin had examined the scenes and physical environs of the alleged Douma attack and interviewed eyewitnesses on site. His report paints a complex picture of propaganda and deeply compromised rebel sources such as Saudi-backed Jaish al Islam, which had control of Douma amidst a Syrian government onslaught to retake the town."

"The Intercept report also highlighted the fact that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons investigation flatly contradicted Washington's claims that sarin had been used. Instead, "samples collected at both locations turned up 'various chlorinated organic chemicals' along with 'the residues of explosive' — not quite the same thing as saying that chlorine had been used as a chemical weapon..." according to the report. Interestingly, the BBC's Dalati had actually first hinted he knew that elements surrounding the Douma attack had been staged a mere days after the incident. In a now deleted April 11, 2018 tweet, he had stated: "Sick and tired of activists and rebels using corpses of dead children to stage emotive scenes for Western consumption. Then they wonder why some serious journos are questioning part of the narrative." - Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge reports

[Bullshit about chlorine gas and suffocations from the article omitted. The White Helmets are proven liars. They're most likely to be responsible]

You'd see two deletions in the ban logs if you checked. Insomnia at nearly 4am and my posts were riddled with stupid.

Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 06:50:09 Id: 8596d1 [Preview] No.14012 del
is that the one where they [the us] dropped a bomb right after (((trump))) got elected, supposedly because (((((((ivanka)))))))'s vagina got offended?

Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 07:09:19 Id: bb6082 [Preview] No.14014 del
The very same. It was 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles aimed at Syria's Shayrat Airbase. I remember triggering a Mexican Vet coworker for life, mentioning the White Helmets as false flag actors when she brought that up.

Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 11:19:05 Id: 1f1a1e [Preview] No.14016 del
>59 Tomahawk
aka moab? anyway when is ivanka getting a tweet about the subject

Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 12:33:31 Id: aea6b9 [Preview] No.14017 del

Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 20:12:57 Id: c35632 [Preview] No.14020 del
HOLY SHIT, how did I miss this one? Thanks OP.

(97.27 KB 768x768 amazon_spycam.jpg)
Amazon Ring Anonymous 01/11/2019 (Fri) 03:27:32 [Preview] No. 13092 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
If you own one of these... well, lol.


Apparently the maker thought that adding encryption would make the company less valuable. Annnd of course it's outsourced. Ring customer's video from inside and outside of their homes goes to some Ukrainian company. Maybe they're padding their revenue by running some amateur Ring porn sites on the side.

Anonymous 01/11/2019 (Fri) 03:40:34 [Preview] No.13093 del
(33.60 KB 316x316 PandaBearSplit.jpg)
This is why I don't use IoT devices.

Anonymous 01/11/2019 (Fri) 05:28:53 [Preview] No.13094 del

Anonymous 01/11/2019 (Fri) 23:07:54 [Preview] No.13095 del
Sucks. Amazon just sucks.

Anonymous 01/16/2019 (Wed) 20:30:39 [Preview] No.13121 del
Internet of shit. But seriously though, Ring is a useful innovation that lets you pretend to answer the door and pretend the house isn't vacant when you are 50 mile aways at a restaurant.

Anonymous 02/16/2019 (Sat) 19:38:08 [Preview] No.13198 del
Amazon owns Ring, and there's a great editorial out that wrecks them for not putting their 2nd HQ in NYC. The cat is out of the bag, and tech companies care about nothing but themselves, just like any other business.


Anonymous 02/14/2019 (Thu) 04:28:41 [Preview] No. 13193 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RIP Temple OS


>Although he remained lucid when discussing computer-related subjects, Davis' communication skills were largely affected by his schizophrenia. He was controversial for his regular use of racial epithets, which he explained was his way of combating actors of psychological warfare, and his incomprehensible writing style led to bans from several message boards.
>During his final months, he struggled with periods of homelessness and incarceration.
>In 2018, while walking alongside railroad tracks, he was struck by a train and died at the age of 48. >Investigators could not determine if his death was suicide or accidental.

Anonymous 02/14/2019 (Thu) 07:09:50 [Preview] No.13194 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ygZNVbBcJ4I [Embed]

Anonymous 02/15/2019 (Fri) 00:18:19 [Preview] No.13195 del
He was also controversial for using racial slurs. The fact that the use of slurs is seen as a controversy and not just an indicator of poor mental health is perhaps part of why he is gone.

I don't know.

Anonymous 02/16/2019 (Sat) 11:15:05 [Preview] No.13196 del
the railway tracks were at fault or the people in that area, they say trains *had* to keep quiet when passing in that area so ...

Good! US Jury Convicts Mexican Drug Lord, Gets Life Behind Bars Reader 02/12/2019 (Tue) 20:28:04 Id: ab516a [Preview] No. 13968 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, the infamous Mexican drug lord who escaped twice from maximum-security prisons, was convicted by a U.S. jury of 10 criminal counts in connection with his narcotics empire, a victory for drug-enforcement authorities who had pursued him relentlessly for more than two decades.

Mr. Guzmán, 61 years old, is now expected to spend the rest of his life in a U.S. prison without possibility of parole. As part of the verdict, he was found guilty of leading the Sinaloa cartel in a “continuing criminal enterprise,” which carries a mandatory life sentence. The U.S. promised Mexico it wouldn’t seek the death penalty against him.

“It is a sentence from which there is no escape and no return,” said Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue, calling the verdict a victory for “every family who’s lost a loved one to the black hole of addiction.”

Jurors reached the verdict on the sixth day of deliberations.

They determined the government had proven Mr. Guzmán committed a range of federal crimes across nearly 30 years, including smuggling massive quantities of illegal drugs into the U.S. and conspiring to murder dozens of cartel enemies. Prosecutors have called the Sinaloa cartel the largest drug-trafficking organization in the world.

The judge commended the jurors for their attention to detail in what he called a complicated case. “The way you went about it was really quite remarkable,” he said, adding it made him “proud to be an American.”

Mr. Guzmán’s lawyers said they planned to appeal the verdict, saying they “fought like hell” in the face of overwhelming evidence.


Reader 02/12/2019 (Tue) 20:29:11 Id: ab516a [Preview] No.13969 del
>the infamous Mexican drug lord who escaped twice from maximum-security prisons

That doesn't sound too promising, hopefully they won't allow that to happen again.

Reader 02/12/2019 (Tue) 20:53:32 Id: 3f1546 [Preview] No.13971 del
leave the poor dog alone, evil mericans

Reader 02/13/2019 (Wed) 01:03:07 Id: 843ce2 [Preview] No.13975 del
Google image search "cartel mutilation" and get back to me on how "poor" you think those dogs are now.

Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 09:58:48 [Preview] No.14015 del
(283.03 KB 1021x1135 p.jpg)
Good put all mexiscum on the electric chair, if don't they will go after white women and rape them

Drinking Diet Soda Increases Risks of Heart Attacks, Strokes Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 14:27:28 Id: 14b044 [Preview] No. 13991 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Drinking Diet Coke everyday increases your risk of dying young, experts have warned.

Two or more artificially-sweetened drinks a day ups the risk of stroke by a quarter and heart disease by a third, new findings show.

And compared with people who never touch them, the risk of early death is 16 per cent higher for diet drink guzzlers.

Scientists warned their findings should serve as a warning to those on diets.

Dr Yasmin Mossavar-Rahmani, lead author of the study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York said: "Many well-meaning people, especially those who are overweight or obese, drink low-calorie sweetened drinks to cut calories in their diet.

"Our research and other observational studies have shown that artificially sweetened beverages may not be harmless and high consumption is associated with a higher risk of stroke and heart disease."

Heart disease is where the blood vessels that supply the heart with blood narrow, increases the risk of a heart attack, angina and stroke.


Reader 02/16/2019 (Sat) 06:47:17 Id: 61e8fa [Preview] No.14011 del
can confirm
knew this person who kept drinking pepsi and soda [dunno if diet]
iirc he died of heart attack at 59

VP Pence Berates EU For Dumping US Dollar (SWIFT) Transactions, Demands War With Iran Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 14:29:35 Id: 8a7912 [Preview] No. 13993 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Speaking at the US-sponsored Warsaw summit on the Middle East, Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday railed against European efforts to circumvent American sanctions on Iran, and crucially as Bloomberg concludes, his speech confirms the "US and its oldest allies across the Atlantic are becoming estranged."

He slammed European efforts to "break American sanctions against Iran’s murderous revolutionary regime" — a theme also repeated by Pompeo and Israeli PM Netanyahu on the same day.

Pence specifically reprimanded the UK, France, and Germany for launching a so-called "SWIFT alternative" or special purpose vehicle to allow non-dollar trade with Tehran and to facilitate humanitarian goods-related transactions, called INSTEX — or "Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges". Europe sees it as a crucial step in keeping the 2015 nuclear deal alive after Washington was able to pressure the Belgium-based SWIFT financial messaging service to cut off the access of Iranian banks last year.

“They call this scheme a ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’,” Pence said, as cited by Bloomberg. “We call it an effort to break American sanctions against Iran’s murderous revolutionary regime.’’ The Paris-based INSTEX initiative represents the most concrete action Europe has taken to directly thwart Washington sanctions.

“We call it an ill-advised step that will only strengthen Iran, weaken the EU and create still more distance between Europe and America,’’ Pence said.

Pence further urged the Europeans to break completely with the Iran deal: “For the sake of peace, security, stability, and human rights in the Middle East, the time has come for our European partners to stand with us, stand with the Iranian people, stand with our allies and friends in the region — and we reject the Iran nuclear deal,” he said.

Pence also met with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and the two agreed that Iran is "the leading state sponsor of terror in the world."


Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 19:37:41 Id: 596cc3 [Preview] No.14008 del
>Demands War With Iran

Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 19:58:06 Id: 061992 [Preview] No.14010 del
(275.25 KB 479x402 56756.png)
(40.97 KB 800x463 0155770.jpg)
(66.94 KB 651x418 65785678.jpg)

Awful! Trump Signs New Law Making It ILLEGAL To Bash Jews Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 14:37:14 Id: ee156f [Preview] No. 13998 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
You think I'm fucking joking?

A more detailed pdf file here:

Trump and Congress just violated the First Amendment: freedom of speech.

Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 15:17:21 Id: e07438 [Preview] No.13999 del
^This needs to be distributed at campuses, restaurants, basically any business across America. If the removal of freedom of speech doesn't wake the normies, nothing will. Other forms of "racism" aren't illegal. Only jews are a protected class now.

Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 17:17:53 Id: 3d05c3 [Preview] No.14003 del
Yah, the thing I don't get about this is how do you "boycott" Israel in the first place? Its not just the first amendment but about consumer rights (which allows us to boycott retail if we don't want it). What are they going to do, force businesses to buy Kosher foods from Israel? How do you even enforce such nonsense?

Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 17:52:00 Id: e07438 [Preview] No.14007 del
(36.96 KB 480x360 remphan.jpg)
(89.23 KB 2379x1118 star-of-remphan.png)
(384.60 KB 686x800 media 3.jpg)
I'm not seeing anything addressing boycotting Israel in that bill made law. You're talking about the "Israel Anti-Boycott Act", which makes it illegal to participate in political boycotts of Israeli products. What you do as far as personal consumer choice, that hasn't been affected yet. The way this is going, it probably will. Our taxes already go towards Israel with $38 billion. I can see the future being: they'll stock only Israeli products, eventually everyone unable to buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast. Because the ZOGempire won't stop here. They know they're getting away with anything now.

Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 19:42:58 Id: e07438 [Preview] No.14009 del
I just now came across this related to the conversation. I'm subbed on jewtube to a lot of people who always eventually get their accounts deleted

Bad! Government Spending Spree, Debt Insolvency Worse Than Under Bush, Obama Regimes Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 17:48:10 Id: e4a58a [Preview] No. 14004 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
BE PREPARED: https://archive.fo/elYwR

We’re now $22 trillion in debt, yet despite all that red ink, the Mexican cartels have control of our border and we’re not one bit closer to spending money on our own security. We’ve gone into deep debt for everything except the core function of the federal government.

It feels like it was yesterday when I was watching the news as a kid with my parents in 1995, listening to Newt Gingrich, during the infamous shutdown fight, warn about the dire consequences of crossing the $5 trillion debt milestone. It feels like it was yesterday when I was writing press releases for candidates in “the year of the Tea Party” on how Obama and the Pelosi Congress took the debt to $14 trillion in such a short period of time. Now, over eight years into varying degrees of GOP control of Congress and the White House, we have crossed the $22 trillion mark, expanding the debt more rapidly than at any time in our history. Whereas the debt exploded by $5 trillion during Bush’s eight-year tenure, a shocking figure at the time, it has now increased $8 trillion just since Republicans controlled the House in 2011 and by $4 trillion over the past four years, since they controlled at least two of the three political organs of government.

Now, the only question Republicans have is how many pennies of border security they will fight for, while refusing to challenge any of the nonessential and even harmful programs of the federal government. The GOP platform on debt and spending is a lie from top to bottom, as Republicans plan to pass more budget bills allowing us to blow through the budget caps without any effort to systemically reform the way we budget.

Now that Republicans are planning to cave on border funding, can they at least force a confrontation with Democrats over spending levels for functions of government that are nowhere near as important as border security? Thus, departments like HUD, which were able to completely shut down for a month with nobody noticing, will continue to enjoy record spending. We will continue to provide security for Kabul and Baghdad with the beefed-up military budget since last year’s budget deal, but no funding for our border or meaningful use of the military to protect our own sovereignty from the daily incursions by the most brutal cartels on earth.

Why even have a Republican Party any more?

Even more indefensible, unlike during the end of Bush’s years and the beginning of Obama’s tenure, when we first began accruing trillion-dollar annual deficits, we are not facing a deep recession. In fact, we are enjoying the most robust period of job growth since the late 1990s, and revenue is at a record high baseline.

Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 17:48:32 Id: e4a58a [Preview] No.14005 del
Let it be known for all of time that dire predictions of revenue slumping as a result of the tax cuts were fake news. The entirety of the current deficit problem is due to increased spending. According to the latest monthly report released by the Treasury Department yesterday, spending was up 9.6 percent for the first three months of fiscal year 2019 relative to the first three months of FY 2018. What about revenues? They actually rose slightly by 0.2 percent, despite some declines in certain revenue categories. This is an important statistic, because it is the first clean metric we have comparing a period of time with the tax cuts in full implementation to a period before the tax cuts.

Moreover, some of the increased tax revenue from more payroll taxes likely would not have occurred without the job creation spawned by the tax cuts. If you isolate the revenue tallies for individual and corporate taxes, the government obviously did lose some revenue in certain categories, but it was made up by a $15 billion increase in payroll tax revenue (FICA, Social Security taxes), in addition to increased revenue from excise taxes.

Thus, this bipartisan era of debt is worse than anything we’ve seen this generation, and it is all happening with record revenue and a booming economy – with no world war consuming our economy and budget.

The United States is heading towards complete collapse and third world debt insolvency.


Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 17:48:49 Id: e4a58a [Preview] No.14006 del
The United States is already largely a third world country. The reckoning will come when the debt bubbles burst all over the place, as more and more countries abandon the US dollar for trade.

Hyperinflation is now inevitable, there will be no escaping third world poverty at this point. Prepare for collapse and brutal civil war. If they come for your guns, just die fighting. It is better to be dead than a slave.

Good! Trump Declares National Emergency To Pay For Border Wall Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 17:12:44 Id: e65b0b [Preview] No. 14001 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

As previewed last night, in a national address, Trump said would declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and build $8 billion in barriers on the border, a critical step toward his long-desired wall along the southern border. Trump's move, announced in an improvised address from the Rose Garden, will launch a fierce constitutional battle in the courts with lawmakers and outside groups opposed to his decision.

“I am going to be signing a national emergency,” Trump said after a long introduction to his remarks that touched on trade, China and the caravans of immigrants that Trump made a political issue of ahead of last fall's midterm elections.

“It’s a great thing to do because we have an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people,” the president said in seeking to justify the need for an emergency declaration.

"People that should have stepped up did not step up... It would have been easy," Trump said of the national emergency to fund the border wall, saying it would have been "great to have done it earlier."

Trump is separately set to sign legislation approved by Congress that funds the government and prevents a new shutdown set to begin on Saturday. But that legislation fell far short of his demands for $5.7 billion in wall funding.

Trump will redirect $3.6 billion in military construction funding toward the border project, and will also take separate executive action repurposing about $2.5 billion from the Defense Department’s drug-interdiction program and $600 million from the Treasury Department’s asset-forfeiture fund. Officials said the goal is to ultimately build roughly 234 miles of barriers along the border, including bollard-style wall.

Here’s how the $8B for border barrier/wall/fencing breaks down:


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 17:14:29 Id: e65b0b [Preview] No.14002 del
Note that this will have to head to the Supreme Court inevitably, there are pro-amnesty (((minions))) planted all over the lower courts ready to strike this down as "unconstitutional."

Sex Robots Will Upgraded With Government Backdoors and Spyware Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 14:32:42 Id: 7af0a7 [Preview] No. 13996 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
From the Drudge Report to The New York Times, sex robots are rapidly being shilled to the mindless masses.

Behind the headlines, a number of companies are currently developing robots designed to provide humans with companionship and sexual pleasure – with a few already on the market.

Unlike sex toys and dolls, which are typically sold in off-the-radar shops and hidden in closets, sexbots may become mainstream. A 2017 survey suggested almost half of Americans think that having sex with robots will become a common practice within 50 years.

And a question almost entirely overlooked is how the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission should regulate the hazards associated with sex robots. Existing sex products are not well regulated, and this is cause for concern given the multitude of ways in which sex robots could be harmful to their users.

For example, dangers lurk even in a seemingly innocent scene where a sex robot and human hold hands and kiss. What if the sexbots’ lips were manufactured with lead paint or some other toxin? And what if the robot, with the strength of five humans, accidentally crushes the human’s finger in a display of passion?

Governments are now trying to regulate sex robots and it is only a matter of time before they mandate forced GPS tracking, along with hidden WiFi cameras and microphones with these sexbots. One could only imagine how big tech would profit from all the personal data stolen and sold as well.

But, goyim will be goyim.


Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 15:25:25 Id: 092e49 [Preview] No.14000 del
He probably called you that because The Sun is a lying tabloid rag. They're like the National Enquirer, in fact next to each other in grocery stores for as long as I can remember growing up.

US Company That Smuggled Weapons Into Venezuela Linked To CIA Torture Site Reader 02/15/2019 (Fri) 14:31:49 Id: c955f6 [Preview] No. 13995 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Two executives at the company that chartered the U.S. plane that was caught smuggling weapons into Venezuela last week have been tied to an air cargo company that aided the CIA in the rendition of alleged terrorists to “black site” centers for interrogation. The troubling revelation comes as Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has rejected a U.S. “humanitarian aid” convoy over concerns that it could contain weapons meant to arm the country’s U.S.-backed opposition.

Last Tuesday, Venezuelan authorities announced that 19 rifles, 118 ammo magazines, 90 radios and six iPhones had been smuggled into the country via a U.S. plane that had originated in Miami. The authorities blamed the United States government for the illicit cargo, accusing it of seeking to arm U.S.-funded opposition groups in the country in order to topple the current Maduro-led government.

A subsequent investigation into the plane responsible for the weapons caché conducted by McClatchyDC received very little media attention despite the fact that it uncovered information clearly showing that the plane responsible for the shipment had been making an unusually high number of trips to Venezuela and neighboring Colombia over the past few weeks.

Steffan Watkins, an Ottawa-based analyst, told McClatchy in a telephone interview that the plane, which is operated by U.S. air cargo company 21 Air, had been “flying between Philadelphia and Miami and all over the place, but all continental U.S.” during all of last year. However, Watkins noted that “all of a sudden in January, things changed” when the plane began making trips to Colombia and Venezuela on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day.

According to Watkins’ analysis, this single plane had conducted 40 round-trip flights from Miami International Airport to Caracas and Valencia — where the smuggled weapons had been discovered — in Venezuela, as well as to Bogota and Medellin in Colombia in just the past month.

Publicly available flight radar information shows that the plane, although it has not returned to Venezuela since the discovery of its illicit cargo, has continued to travel to Medellin, Colombia, as recently as this past Monday.

In addition to the dramatic and abrupt change in flight patterns that occurred just weeks before U.S. Vice President Mike Pence prompted Venezuelan opposition member Juan Guaidó to declare himself “interim president,” a subsequent McClatchy follow-up investigation also uncovered the fact that two top executives at the company that owns the plane in question had previously worked with a company connected to controversial CIA “black sites.”

Indeed, the chairman and majority owner of 21 Air, Adolfo Moreno, and 21 Air’s director of quality control, Michael Steinke, both have “either coincidental or direct ties” to Gemini Air Cargo, a company previously named by Amnesty International as one of the air charter services involved in a CIA rendition program. In this CIA program, individuals suspected of terrorism were abducted by the intelligence agency and then taken abroad to third-country secret “black sites” where torture, officially termed “enhanced interrogation,” was regularly performed.