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(5.90 MB 3000x2497 AJ_bikeroutwest.jpg)
(162.24 KB 1200x800 AJ_DivesIcewatr.jpg)
(447.38 KB 1603x2046 CowgirlFluttershy.jpg)
(793.06 KB 1200x1200 MakIEponDef.png)
(1.29 MB 975x1300 TakingFlight.png)
Anon 07/29/2021 (Thu) 05:58:53 [Preview] No. 7734

But obviously we don't need to duplicate the storage actions of Derpi, Twibooru, et al, but ...
What images stopped you, as you scrolled by?
What images haunt you, when you think of pony at work or school?

In short, show us who is best pony by virtue of having the nicest images in your local cache of mlp-themed art.

Anon 07/29/2021 (Thu) 06:02:30 [Preview] No.7735 del
(3.60 MB 1900x1080 SteampnkRoseluck.png)
(130.39 KB 900x593 NMMconsiders.jpg)
(2.93 MB 2696x1516 Stalkerloo.png)
(800.42 KB 3840x2160 KingThorax.png)
(79.33 KB 1024x576 NLR_insig.jpg)
Alternately, I suppose you could just show us what images you've used as your desxtop's wallpaper image.

Anon 07/29/2021 (Thu) 06:08:21 [Preview] No.7736 del
(306.88 KB 418x368 Derpmuffins.gif)
(286.72 KB 550x400 RD_Studies.gif)
(2.14 MB 853x480 ScotaTree_anim.gif)
(204.92 KB 300x220 PPplaysBall.gif)
(222.58 KB 550x400 BoltActionPony.gif)
Or we could go the funny-gif route but those can be pretty easily converted to .webm with FFmpeg, and shared in the video thread.

Anon 07/29/2021 (Thu) 06:22:07 [Preview] No.7739 del
(109.53 KB 800x500 Chryssy_Krull.jpg)
(126.77 KB 575x800 Chrysalis_mad.jpg)
(2.33 MB 1859x2257 FlufflesToybox.png)
(934.86 KB 765x1080 ShutterbugAllAlong.png)
(701.37 KB 800x1132 QueenRealHorsBug.jpg)
I seem to have a few angry equine pictures.
Here's Chryssy, as you might see her in the wilderness.
Or Flufflepuff's coat. You might find her there, too.

Anon 07/29/2021 (Thu) 06:46:30 [Preview] No.7742 del
(427.69 KB 600x3700 MLP_LikeParty.jpg)
(819.41 KB 1070x5040 PoniesMustBeMetal.jpg)
(589.82 KB 764x4300 MagiUncured_comic.jpg)
(4.45 MB 2000x7000 Comic_HauntedMn.png)
Here's a few for those who turn their monitor sideways.
I'd also post "never forget, and never understand" but ... the feels in that one are heavy. Luna dates, falls in love with Pipsqueak, who grows old and dies.
Yeah, that's a sideways monitor sized comic.

Anon 08/06/2021 (Fri) 06:25:11 [Preview] No.7765 del
>What images haunt you
Well, for that question, I have to say finding random images I downloaded and have little memory of what I was doing. These five I found in a old USB with a mix of random webpages and other junk. I think back and the only one I can recall was the Twilight one which I used for a edit test of somesort, but the others, don't know. As small as it is, it is kind of haunting to me.

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