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(148.19 KB 428x640 books.jpg)
Reader Board owner 04/30/2018 (Mon) 23:01:51 Id: 3aeba1 [Preview] No. 8261 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Reader 02/27/2019 (Wed) 13:42:28 Id: bcf242 [Preview] No.14130 del
Main news poster: had a problem with an old modem, had to discard and replace it. I'm back online now and will be posting news later on today when I am in the mood to do so.

Reader 03/07/2019 (Thu) 11:18:50 Id: 516de5 [Preview] No.14155 del
You have a new BO now. George_Costanza.

Reader 03/07/2019 (Thu) 14:55:50 Id: e8ab77 [Preview] No.14157 del
Really? What happened to the old BO? Is he OK? Hope so...

I'm the main news poster, reason I haven't posted recently was because this site was very slow under DDoS attacks and the thread captchas would not reload either.

Reader 03/07/2019 (Thu) 17:46:01 Id: 516de5 [Preview] No.14160 del
I am the old BO and I'm alright. The past constant downtimes due to server problems and now recently the waves of DDoS attacks have driven away too many. The last few days, this site has seemed like it was in it's death throws. It's been going on for too long. G_C can be trusted.

Reader 03/16/2019 (Sat) 13:51:57 Id: 566aa8 [Preview] No.14204 del
Main news poster here. I'm kind of busy recently, got to tend to my garden and do some yard work this weekend. I might not be posting too much news the next couple days but I'll be back on soon. Hopefully others will continue to contribute content, and thank you for all who do.

Analyzing the Atrocious Acting at the Aftermath Reader 03/20/2019 (Wed) 22:28:03 Id: 73adf3 [Preview] No. 14226 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
"Our enemies are continuing to use this as proof as to why White people need to be shut up and disarmed, so my goal is to discredit their evidence in every way possible. We need to have the people who have been pulling off these staged events arrested and tried as terrorists, which is exactly what they are, even though no one appears to have been killed or injured during the filming of any of these events. Now let us get to the topic at hand for today – the absolutely atrocious acting at the aftermath of the second mosque shooting. It would be hilarious if more people were able to see this for what it is, and the situation for us was not so dire."

"You will notice that there are no people with actual injuries, just some blood splattered on them as they moan, acting confused and distraught. I assume this scene was intended only for photo ops and short video clips, and that perhaps this cell phone footage leak was not intended, since the mainstream media does not seem to be using it to push their narrative. Or who knows, maybe they just expect people to lap it up unquestioningly, despite all the absurdities. Then there is this photo for you to check out."

"A photo of a blood-soaked survivor acquired by Stacy Squires reveals a second man carrying a container of fake blood. This image was uploaded to CNN and other sources of state propaganda. If Trump is so good at spotting fake News why doesn’t he go on a tweet rant about this hoax? I think you know the answer.” ~Hsaive"
-Kyle Hunt of Renegade Tribune reports

Reminder: If you're in New Zealand, you face a potential 10 years in prison for possession of videos relating to the NZ false flag.

Reader 03/23/2019 (Sat) 15:13:36 Id: 19f99c [Preview] No.14240 del
I've only seen the leaked video, but how much MORE footage is really out there we don't know about? Perhaps thats the other reason they are freaking out. Thanks for linking to those clips, this does need to be investigated but obviously with the severe censorship they are making it harder to do that.

Reader 03/23/2019 (Sat) 22:40:34 [Preview] No.14242 del
Is this video supposed to be at the christchurch place? If so, it's not the same building. The floor is wrong. It's supposed to be green tile with prayer shapes. There also weren't any pillars in the actual shooting video. All this evidences is that newsfaggots are pulling random images out of their asses to drum up sympathy and outrage.
>inb4 not random, it's obviously connected somehow
Explain how that premade video would be related to the shooting if CNNiggers hadn't posted it at all. It may have been whatever was closest at hand to use for propaganda, not necessarily linked in the sense of "same actors/planners/producers." You know how lazy journalism has gotten, the photo could have even been (being generous here) ripped right from a google image search.

Reader 03/23/2019 (Sat) 23:18:17 Id: 73adf3 [Preview] No.14243 del
It's not the Christchurch incident. This is the "2nd mosque shooting". Actually check out the links I posted above you.

Parkland Shooting Survivors Happened To Visit New Zealand BEFORE Mosque Shooting Reader 03/19/2019 (Tue) 11:03:09 Id: e65842 [Preview] No. 14223 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A Teen Vogue article published last summer reported 28 students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida traveled to New Zealand to spread their “message of gun-violence prevention.”

Per the article: https://archive.fo/8peaQ

MSD students are returning to school next week. They will do so joined by a new freshman class, but without the beloved classmates and staff who were killed on February 14, when a gunman opened fire within the Parkland, Florida, school.

They spent their summer balancing life as regular teenagers with their new mission: spreading the message of gun-violence prevention, promoting voter registration, and sustaining the movement of youth activism that catapulted their school into the national spotlight.

A group of 28 MSD students recently traveled to New Zealand, where they not only spread their ideas about gun law reform but also absorbed new strategies for pursuing activism more generally.

After more than 14 hours of travel, the students were welcomed in Christchurch, New Zealand, on July 23. Wearing burgundy #MSDStrong T-shirts, the students were met by U.S. and New Zealand officials, who helped escort the group to a youth summit organized in collaboration with Nancy Gilbert of the New Zealand Honorary Consul for Florida, Education New Zealand, and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade.


Reader 03/19/2019 (Tue) 11:06:15 Id: e65842 [Preview] No.14224 del
Something really is fishy about this. Note that the shooting video showed no signs of bullet wounds or blood AND the fact that it was revealed - much like the Parkland shooting - the police and ambulances were told to stand down... something suspicious about this is going on.

Reader 03/20/2019 (Wed) 20:07:16 Id: 9e4588 [Preview] No.14225 del
I agree. Going to make a thread about it.

Reader 03/22/2019 (Fri) 12:21:40 Id: a1d7be [Preview] No.14232 del
is a (((mossad))) false flag

Reader 03/22/2019 (Fri) 18:55:17 Id: 9e4588 [Preview] No.14233 del
(40.27 KB 300x371 michael-kinsley.jpg)
Of course. On 8ch.net's /pol/ there was a massive flood operation where thousands came in to shill for jews and Israel, defend the shit out of Tarrant's slaughter of Muslims, and insist this is "good for white people". It's not good for us. This only one of a million narratives used to paint us as the villains. See faggots.jpeg at this post >>14226 Why would Slate be so anti-white? It's all about who founded them.

Reader 03/23/2019 (Sat) 15:07:07 Id: ee3999 [Preview] No.14239 del
Didn't it come out that Tarrant was born from a Jewish family? I haven't kept up with all of this but it is very odd, and 8ch/pol/ is stupid as hell to think this was a "good" thing, this gave their enemies all the reason to red flag them, lock their supporters up, completely censor the internet (now happening in NZ) and roll out gun confiscation. And yet these idiots cheer at all their loss because a few dozen nobody Muslims died. Doesn't make sense at all. Actually it makes perfect sense if 8ch/pol/ is run by PSYOPS, perhaps thats the case.

Warning Mindless Consumers: Aspartame Proven To Cause Strokes, Dementia Risks Reader 03/23/2019 (Sat) 14:57:09 Id: dc8afb [Preview] No. 14234 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The most popular yet infamous artificial sweetener on the market just got tagged by two highly credible science studies as being correlated with accelerated brain aging. On the hook for causing smaller overall brain volume, a significantly smaller hippocampus and poorer memory, not only was aspartame implicated in the science studies, but “regular” soda also. Most people know that soda is loaded with sugar but did anyone know their brains were being damaged, or could they even realize it themselves? This mind-blowing research reveals that these soda and diet soda consumers, who drink even just two of these drinks a day, were nearly three times as likely to have a stroke and develop dementia than people who already know better and avoid sodas in general.

Aspartame is made in a laboratory using genetically modified bacteria that causes brain damage and dementia.

Americans consume more than 10 million metric tons of sugar every year. Millions of consumers believe the only way to get their sweetness without sugar is to consume artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose and sorbitol, but there’s a steep price to pay for all this “sweet misery.” Now, new research shows that fructose and aspartame are both health criminals that do much more damage to the brain than the brain-damaged consumers can ever imagine.

Of course, no one or two clinical studies are the “be-all and end-all” of the conclusion about these toxic products’ effects on the body and brain, but let’s be honest with ourselves – filtered water and organic tea are safer than consuming any drinks made by corporations in laboratories using genetically modified corn sugar and genetically modified bacteria. Certainly the CDC is not interested in protecting Americans from soda or diet soda, or they would step in and conduct further scientific studies like these two.

The author of the two scientific studies on soda and diet soda found multiple signs of cognitive decline and accelerated brain aging – all risk factors for early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans and cognition tests of 4,000 people who drink soda, fruit juice or diet soda regularly, researchers found these consumers to have smaller brain volume and three times higher risk of stroke and dementia. This figure includes people who drink just one diet soda per day for 10 years.

Surely age, poor diet quality and other factors (like smoking) factor into these dire health results; however, preexisting conditions can’t wholly explain the new shocking findings regarding brain size reduction and severe deterioration of memory and learning.

The link between diet soda consumption and dementia was not previously known. It’s also possible that artificial sweeteners are transforming gut bacteria and altering the brain’s perception of what food is actually “sweet” or not. The body could be getting tricked into ingesting and utilizing carcinogenic material that it would otherwise discard as unusable. Consumers would be wiser (literally) to avoid soda, diet soda, artificial sweeteners and conventional sugar altogether.

Big Food America often tricks consumers into believing there are only two or three choices out there – all of which are toxic. This is called “close by choice” and it’s an insidious sales tactic used by marketing professionals focused on their corporations’ bottom line. Should you drink regular soda, diet soda, or sports drinks? Which one does your favorite celebrity or sports hero drink? The answer is none. Go organic.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Consequences Of Lost Global Reserve Status Reader 03/23/2019 (Sat) 14:58:23 Id: dc8afb [Preview] No.14235 del
Consequences Of Lost Global Reserve Status


The gold suppression game appears finally to be coming to an end. A Perfect Storm is hitting the gold market, with an internal factor (QE), an external factor (SGE), and a systemic factor (Basel). All three forces are positive in releasing gold from the corrupt clutches of the Anglo-American banker organization. They have been willing to destroy the global financial structure and many national economies, in order not just to maintain the political power, but also to continue the privilege of granting themselves $trillion free loans. In the last ten years since the Lehman Brothers failure, all systems have undergone the same reckless treatment that the mortgage bonds endured. They saw corrupted underwriting, corrupted title database, rigged market pricing, and corrupted demand functions. Slowly the realization is coming to the fore, stated by a few astute analysts. In the last decade, the US-UK banksters have created the USTreasury bond as the global subprime bond. This is the result of astounding persistent magnificent QE abuse and hidden corruption. The so-called financial stimulus is actually hyper monetary inflation, which has destroyed the bond market.


The perfect financial storm will be three to five times worse than the 2008 financial crisis that engulfed the subprime bond market. The corporate bond market is turning gradually into a $trillion BBB junk bond field and broken bone yard, after years of abused bond issuance devoted to share buybacks and executive options. The malinvestment and self-dealing has been atrocious, with a business impact. It can be stated with accuracy that the entire global bond market is subprime, led by the USTBonds. In the last ten years, absolutely nothing has been fixed, no remedy even attempted, while all the errors, crimes, and reckless monetary policy that created the Lehman fiasco with the Global Financial Crisis, have been repeated on a global scale. The great unfolding crisis will engulf sovereign bonds, national banking systems, and major corporations. For the last ten years, the USD-based money supply has almost tripled. The process created a coiled spring. The gold price is due to triple in compensation. Much lost time will be made up for. It just needs some internal, external, and systemic pushes. The Gold market will never let a crisis go to waste. Financial analyst Rob Kirby has recently identified the great gold supply shortage, and described what comes as a Roman Candle with the gold price shooting up an order of magnitude.

Reader 03/23/2019 (Sat) 14:59:06 Id: dc8afb [Preview] No.14236 del
The unfolding global crisis will expose the USTreasury Bond as toxic, the new subprime bond. It will struggle to maintain the safe haven status, but lose the battle. Gold will assume the safe haven status, along with other undetermined hard assets. Attempts by the Basel bunch of uber-bankers, who have no official authority over the Western central banks, will change the course of banking history. That gold is made a risk-free Tier-1 asset will put forth a direct challenge to the USTBond in banking reserves. The Basel or IMF attempt to make a new gold-backed SDR bond will fall on deaf ears and doubtful eyes. In effect, Basel will become pitted directly against the Wall Street bankers, as great adversaries during the Global RESET. Let us lay out the sequence of powerful factors which come in the lost global currency reserve for the USDollar. It is certain bring about the following powerful events and effects:

to remake the global financial system with greater non-USD platform volume
to cause major shock waves in financial markets (stocks, bond, currency, LIBOR)
to pressure the London LBMA gold market toward default
to introduce the Gold Trade Note, used as crude oil payment initially
to affirm the regional financial systems within the Dual Universe
to lead to accelerated dumping of USTBonds held in reserve
to kill off certain insolvent big Western banks
to amplify central bank monetization of sovereign bonds (i.e. USTBond, EuroBond)
to initiate new programs to monetize assets such as SIFI big banks
to destroy the Wall Street financial derivatives once and for all
to begin the long process of USGovt debt default (i.e. debt restructure)
to initiate grand battles to capture regional resources (Africa, South America)
to trigger terrorist events from Langley spooks toward non-compliant allies

Reader 03/23/2019 (Sat) 15:00:05 Id: dc8afb [Preview] No.14237 del

Two important effects are soon to hit in force. The oil trade will continue to see much greater volume of payments outside the USDollar. So far those such nations have been considered terrorist nations beyond the King Dollar Court. But now Germany seeks to buy energy products from Iran using the new SPV called Instex. Furthermore, member nations in the European Union seek to make energy payments in Euro currency terms. More will follow. Bear in mind that the German defiance includes France and England, all of whom are US allies. The Russian sanctions and threatened retaliatory action against German firms participating in Nord Stream-2 are backfiring in a big way. Following the oil trade outside the USD will be agricultural trade and commodity trade, like grains, beans, cement, lumber. Following these will be vehicle shipments and container vessel trade, like with boxes of home electronics. These will increasingly be done outside the USD in final payment. Lastly, the international consulting trade will be completed outside the USD. Think in terms of say, Indian InfoTech work done in Saudi Arabia, a favorite Jackass example. Contracts soon will no longer be written in USD terms for settlement.

The big enchilada is the Gold Trade Note. If the USDollar is not used in trade payment any longer on a universal basis, then something must take its place. It will be the Chinese RMB currency on a caretaker basis, in the Jackass opinion. Then soon afterwards will come the Gold Trade Note. It is rumored already to be in usage, but in secrecy. It would involve a gold equity like with 5% placed, made final by a gold transfer upon satisfaction of the contract delivery. Of course, bilateral accounts could be settled on a quarterly basis. By that is meant that for instance, Qatar and Germany could settle on a net basis every three months with gold bullion transfers, after accounting for German equipment exports and Qatari energy exports over the time period. The Gold Trade Note would become the first gold instrument to challenge the USTreasury Bill for its 45-year supremacy in trade payment. Recall first in crude oil, then in grains & commodities, finally in bulk shipments (vehicles, containers) and later in consulting work.


With less USD usage in trade payment, less requirement will be felt for holding USTreasurys in the many national banking systems. This is precisely where the USD will be discharged by central banks, in favor of acquired gold bullion. The RESET will have gold used within the banking systems. The Basel Rules change to make gold a Tier-1 asset assures the transition. Nations will not need large tracts of USTBills held in their banks as reserves, in order to guarantee payment for oil, grains, containers, and contract work. The great jettison of USTreasurys will begin, with gold demand increasing by a big order of magnitude. With trade payment and bank reserves management changes, the Gold Standard will finally have a solid foothold. The catalyst for making the banking system transformation will be the urgent need to render the franchise central banking system solvent again. They are all zombie entities now. As present, the group of majors is badly insolvent after years of serving as buyers of toxic sovereign and mortgage bonds as last resort. The central banks will deploy the Basel long-term revitalization plan put forth by former Chairman Jelle Zijlstra and chief economist William White. To restore solvency, the central banks must discharge sovereign bonds and buy gold bullion in great volume. Their demand will become more publicly known, adding to the demand and rising price effect. Then they will permit the gold price to rise five to ten times. Poof! Restored bank solvency!

Reader 03/23/2019 (Sat) 15:00:26 Id: dc8afb [Preview] No.14238 del

The next stage for global finance will incorporate regional structures and platforms. The entire community of nations is making major adjustments as preliminary preparation to the Global RESET, in order to minimize the shock, disruption, and potential chaos. Expect regional themes to dominate, as the Dual Universe comes into form. The East will prefer to trade in Chinese RMB terms, and often in Euro terms. The West will prefer to conduct trade in USD terms, but also British Pounds in trace amounts within the old colonies. A dichotomy has formed with great geopolitical division amidst hostility and trade friction. The entire USFed QE initiative, coupled with unbridled $trillion USGovt debts, has fostered a rebellion. The rest of the globe sees how the USGovt uses the USMilitary as a predatory device, funded by free money secured at the King Dollar trough. The disdain for the King Dollar is not just in Asia, but also in the Middle East, in Europe, and even in Africa. The transition period will involve the two dominant currencies at work: the USD and RMB. The USDollar will not go away quickly or easily. It is well rooted in trade payments systems, in credit systems, in banking systems, and more. The entire Langley seven silos of corrupt illegal enterprises (narcotics, weapons, human trafficking, human organs) are based in the USDollar, with gargantuan savings accounts and business investments. They will not go away anytime soon, which dictates an interim period. The Dual Universe has been born, without much fanfare. The Chinese RMB is to be the designated caretaker, used for ushering in the Gold Standard.

In the meantime, the United States will face an acute risk for the transition. It must assure import supply. The USTreasury Bill will no longer be trusted, or even accepted, following the RESET. Entirely new trade payments systems are coming, and the US will lose its privilege of paying for hard goods with phony money and IOU coupons. The USTBill has a fraudulent backing, an unlimited supply, fraudulent masters, and is coupled with massive debt which is widely seen as unpayable. The US must adapt to the Gold Trade Note in usage. It must contend with shortages and rising prices. It must share global power, while losing the exceptional status. It must ward off isolation. It must reindustrialize. It must pay down the $22 trillion debt. It must source gold for the new currency. It must face the risk of a stark reality in the New Scheiss Dollar, a Third World conception, provided the USGovt resorts to its usual fraudulent finances.

Good! More And More County Sheriffs Standing Up For 2nd Amendment In Face of Tyranny Reader 03/22/2019 (Fri) 08:29:02 Id: 43a144 [Preview] No. 14230 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A growing number of states, counties, cities, and towns are declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” and are refusing to enforce gun-control laws that infringe on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

While adopting ordinances and resolutions to defy gun laws isn’t a new tactic, momentum is rapidly building – likely in response to increasing calls for more gun control at state and federal levels.

Sanctuary counties and towns are passing resolutions that state no funding will be used to enforce unconstitutional laws and that the sheriff will uphold his oath to the Constitution instead of enforcing laws that violate the Second Amendment.

County sheriffs are - legally speaking - the last line of defense in the battle for gun rights:

Federal agencies do not have state powers. Due to the Constitution’s structure of dual sovereignty, the feds have no authority to enforce state laws. Furthermore, states cannot be compelled to enforce federal laws.

Here’s a rundown of the states with jurisdictions that have adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions.


In Colorado, 23 out of 64 counties have adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, and others are considering implementing similar resolutions. Legislators and sheriffs in the state are pushing back against House Bill 19-1177, a red flag bill that will likely become law soon.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Google Bans VPN Ads On Behalf of Tyrannical Governments Reader 03/22/2019 (Fri) 08:27:51 Id: b2d3ba [Preview] No. 14229 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Alternatives To State-run Social Media: https://archive.fo/53IjY

Google is once again helping the Chinese government and its Orwellian control over the flow of information.

Earlier this month, evidence emerged suggesting that Google has continued to develop the "Dragonfly" censored search engine despite claiming they had abandoned it after an internal revolt.

Now, ZDNet reports that Google has banned ads for virtual private network (VPN) products targeting Chinese users - citing "local legal restrictions."

VPNs are the only way Chinese users can circumvent draconian internet filters which have blocked sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, WhatsApp, WikiLeaks, Google and Gmail. Blocked news websites include Zero Hedge, BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, WSJ, NYT and Business Insider.

"It is currently Google Ads policy to disallow promoting VPN services in China, due to local legal restrictions," Google said in a Wednesday email.

The email was received and shared with ZDNet by VPNMentor, a website offering advice, tips, and reviews of VPN products.

The company said Google prevented its employees from placing Google search ads for the Chinese version of its site. -ZDNet

In January 2017, Beijing cracked down on VPN services - requiring that all providers active in China register for authorization from the CHinese government. In July, China forced Apple to remove all VPN apps from its App Store. After that, a "full-out ban on all VPNs was imposed on March 31, 2018," according to ZD - though some apps continued to function regardless.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 03/22/2019 (Fri) 09:57:09 [Preview] No.14231 del
>draconian internet filters which have blocked sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, WhatsApp, WikiLeaks, Google and Gmail. Blocked news websites include Zero Hedge, BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, WSJ, NYT and Business Insider.

utter drek, except for wikileaks and 1 or 2 more

Chinese-Americans Worry As They See Communism, Tyranny Rising In The USSA Reader 03/22/2019 (Fri) 08:20:31 Id: 4d8bb8 [Preview] No. 14228 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
When Saga Zhou first moved to the United States from China in 2009, she steered clear of politics. The Communist Party rules supreme in China, so most Chinese immigrants bring a built-in aversion to political involvement.

But Zhou’s interest in politics was piqued as she began to see the American Left embracing policies that reminded her of those she’d fled in China.

One such policy was the Left’s support for late-term abortion. When she lived in China, Zhou, like many young Chinese, didn’t consider abortion to be a big deal. But her view changed after moving to America, getting married, and bearing two children.

“After I became a mother, my understanding about life fundamentally changed,” she told me when we met at a Panera Bread in Irvine. “Now I am totally a mother.”

Zhou said her heart broke upon learning about a Virginia bill to loosen restrictions on late-term abortions. Appearing on a radio show as the bill was being debated, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam pledged to sign the legislation, even suggesting it would sanction infanticide.

The proposed law hit especially close to home for Zhou, whose mother became pregnant with her just as China’s government began implementing its brutal one-child policy.

The policy prohibited most couples from having more than one child. Women who became pregnant with a second child were often forced to undergo sterilization; sometimes their babies were killed in the womb. Though she was her mother’s second child, Zhou escaped death because the one-child policy had not yet been implemented in her city.


Good! Supreme Court Upholds ICE Detention For Illegals Who Commit Felony Crimes Reader 03/22/2019 (Fri) 08:18:02 Id: c9e8fe [Preview] No. 14227 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Illegal immigrants with serious criminal records can be held without bail while awaiting deportation even if ICE didn’t immediately pick them up when they were released from prison or jail, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

The 5-4 decision marked another rejection for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the liberal panel that covers the country’s West Coast, and that has tested a number of legal theories on immigration law.

In this case, the 9th Circuit had ruled that under the law, if U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement immediately arrested someone released from a federal, state or local prison, they could be held without bond in the immigration detention system. But if ICE didn’t immediately arrest them, the migrants must be given a chance to make bond.

The case turned on a phrase in the law that says the no-bail determination applies to someone picked up by ICE “when the alien is released” from prison or jail.

The lower court ruled “when” must mean the day of release.

But Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., writing the majority opinion, said that could create a new loophole for sanctuary cities, which often refuse to alert ICE officers when releasing people from their local prisons and jails.

“Under these circumstances, it is hard to believe that Congress made the secretary’s mandatory-detention authority vanish at the stroke of midnight after an alien’s release,” he wrote.

He said it made more sense that “when” means at some point after the release, not at the exact moment of it.

While many illegal immigrants are released while they await their immigration court proceedings and possible deportation, Congress has deemed some serious criminals to be such safety risks that they must be held by ICE while their cases proceed.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Massive HAARP Weather Warfare Against America Underway By Treasonous Despots Reader 03/18/2019 (Mon) 16:43:00 Id: 1fa95c [Preview] No. 14219 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A few days ago, there was a bizarre weather anomaly, which the media is calling a 'Bomb Blizzard'…

before I tell you the strange circumstances revolving the weather anomaly, let me Begin by telling you that right now Nebraska and middle America are completely flooded, with lots and lots of people missing. What's really strange is that Nebraska is wide open and flat, but somehow there is flooding that reaches over the tops of buildings…

Our demonic treasonous government is using the Trillions they got from the recent budget KILLING more Americans off via chemtrails & HAARP weather warfare!!! Hey, they can't grab the guns, right? Why not flush away everything and kill some of us off then!? DESPOTS!!

This particular weather system was unlike any seen before. I saw a map of the jet stream and wind currents across the entire United States, and from all four corners, the winds were being pulled into the center of the country, and that's where a giant whirlpool vortex was located.

There were absolutely no normal jet stream wind currents, and all of the wind was being pulled directly into the center of America.

Imagine a gigantic whirlpool made out of air.

Nebraska is wide open and flat… But it's deep underwater right now.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 03/18/2019 (Mon) 22:03:57 Id: 2bf6bc [Preview] No.14220 del
(30.65 KB 600x574 1302025284001.jpg)
Is this supposed to be a parody of our paranoia?

Reader 03/19/2019 (Tue) 04:30:53 Id: bc0ee5 [Preview] No.14221 del
middle-American checking in. Not sure where I'm at, please send help.

Reader 03/19/2019 (Tue) 10:57:11 Id: 01563f [Preview] No.14222 del
It's a Johnny thread. I thought some of the info may be relevant, due to severe storms. Not too sure about the HAARP attack though, who really knows?

Deliberate Destabilization: After Mosque Shooting NZ Despots Censoring Internet, Banning Guns Reader 03/17/2019 (Sun) 14:36:08 Id: 9c949d [Preview] No. 14210 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Less than a day after a terrorist attack at two mosques that left 49 people dead and several fighting for their lives, New Zealand Prime Despot Jacinda Ardern said she will change gun laws of the country, with the prime minister noting that the New Zealand government is now looking at banning semi-automatic weapons (regardless the shooter somehow got a hold of and used a full auto).

“While the nation grapples with a form of grief and anger that we have not experienced before, we are seeking answers,” Ardern said during a Saturday morning news conference in Wellington, cited by Bloomberg. “I can tell you one thing right now, our guns laws will change."

"While work is being done as to the chain of events that lead to both the holding of this gun license and the possession of these weapons, I can tell you one thing right now. Our gun laws will change." Ardern said adding that


New Zealand authorities have reminded citizens that they face up to 10 years in prison for "knowingly" possessing a copy of the New Zealand mosque shooting video - and up to 14 years in prison for sharing it. Corporations (such as web hosts) face an additional $200,000 ($137,000 US) fine under the same law.

Copies of Tarrant's livestream, along with his lengthy manifesto, began to rapidly circulate on various file hosting sites following the attack, which as we noted Friday - were quickly scrubbed from mainstream platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Scribd. YouTube has gone so far as to intentionally disable search filters so that people cannot find Christchurch shooting materials - including footage of suspected multiple shooters as well as the arrest of Tarrant and other suspects.

On Saturday, journalist Nick Monroe reported that New Zealand police have warned citizens that they face imprisonment for distributing the video, while popular New Zealand Facebook group Wellington Live notes that "NZ police would like to remind the public that it is an offence to share an objectional publication which includes the horrific video from yesterday's attack. If you see this video, report it immediately. Do not download it. Do not share it. If you are found to have a copy of the video or to have shared it, you face fines & potential imprisonment."

Along with the censorship of online materials and investigation of content sharing platforms such as BitChute and 8chan - where the shooter posted a link to the livestream of his attack, social discussion service Dissenter has been blocked in New Zealand. Created by the people behind Twitter competitor Gab.ai - Dissenter is a browser extension which pops up a third-party comments section for any website where people can discuss content outside of the control of the website owner.

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Reader 03/17/2019 (Sun) 14:38:34 Id: 9c949d [Preview] No.14211 del
The banned video is on TPB right now, so before you ask for it, just get any P2P client or look on the torrent sites and you can find it.

I'll link a magnet for it (for those who wish to see it):

Reader 03/17/2019 (Sun) 18:45:10 Id: 3a17d8 [Preview] No.14213 del
(630.48 KB 1200x3000 1552702607862.jpg)
(30.70 KB 504x226 077.png)
(19.34 KB 835x121 Breivik.png)
(6.35 KB 538x44 Trump.png)
(511.49 KB 1311x1305 Anders Breivik.jpg)
According to his manifesto, the shooter was pro-Trump, pro-Freemason, pro-Israel. Here's that gun he used, by the way.

Reader 03/18/2019 (Mon) 02:11:27 Id: 26da3f [Preview] No.14215 del
I'm wonder why it could be they really want that video banned over there? Maybe it exposes something most have not caught onto yet? Not sure, haven't had the time to dig into this too much. But there is some fishy things going on no doubt and the government is having a field day with this censoring alternative news, social platforms and imposing new gun laws. This have their government every reason they wanted to act like pricks.

Reader 03/18/2019 (Mon) 07:31:33 Id: ef9973 [Preview] No.14216 del
Anyone that uses that link to download that deserves what they get. Absolutely anyone could be watching that torrent.

Reader 03/18/2019 (Mon) 13:47:03 Id: c59387 [Preview] No.14218 del
As far as I know it is illegal to download or watch in New Zealand. The reason I linked it was because I do not think that footage of a crime scene should be banned. What purpose does it serve to cover-up such an incident? You are right though, spooks are likely monitoring the torrent files being shared.