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Reader Board owner 04/30/2018 (Mon) 23:01:51 Id: 3aeba1 [Preview] No. 8261 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Reader 04/30/2019 (Tue) 15:16:23 Id: 7a4c7e [Preview] No.14611 del

Reader 04/30/2019 (Tue) 21:09:11 Id: 516de5 [Preview] No.14615 del
From what exactly?

Reader 05/21/2019 (Tue) 19:02:56 Id: 516de5 [Preview] No.14746 del
(5.34 MB 1920x1080 Jim the jew.webm)
Special announcement: Spread this webm on 8chan. Jim is a kike.

Reader 05/22/2019 (Wed) 13:23:53 Id: edc184 [Preview] No.14749 del
Yes, I saw that, and it didn't surprise me one bit either. To be fair, many people are brainwashed from decades of propaganda, I too used to think this way until I was informed it was not true at all, and took a look at some of the evidence that disproved what really happened in Germany. Its sad, a lot of people have been spoon fed lies over many decades and just believe whatever lies they were told. I wouldn't call Jim a Jew, he was working for the CIA so he was heavily brainwashed in that environment.

Reader 05/22/2019 (Wed) 15:55:02 Id: 516de5 [Preview] No.14752 del
That's what jews do, bringing up "evil Nazis" out of the blue for unrelated subjects. Elle Reeve the jew intrudes into his home, and that's "brown shirts"? No non-jew is going to make the false connection.

NOT A JOKE: Democrats Want To Ban The Words 'Man' and 'Woman', Outlaw Gender Identity Reader 05/22/2019 (Wed) 16:47:20 Id: 36dae9 [Preview] No. 14753 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
One of the first things Americans need to understand about Democrats is that virtually every piece of legislation they propose is misnamed.

For instance, Obamacare — officially called “The Affordable Care Act” — made healthcare unaffordable for millions of Americans and far more expensive than it previously was for tens of millions more.

And the recently-passed “Equality Act” is not about ‘equal rights.’ It is actually about creating inequality among Americans by conveying extra rights onto a small subset of people who are already protected under the civil rights laws…at the risk of rights of the vast majority of all other Americans.

Last week, all Democrats in the Dem-controlled House, along with eight Republicans, voted in favor of the Equity Act. By a vote of 236-173, the act, if it passes the Senate and is signed by POTUS Trump (neither of which seems likely), will “broaden the definition of protected classes to include sex, sexual orientation and gender identity,” according to a tweet from Roll Call.

As reported by TownHall, if a person only read the title of the legislation, passage would seem like a shoe-in. But once you dig deeper into the bill, as many Republicans did, you discover:

The legislation would add sexual orientation and gender identity to characteristics protected by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. To Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the bill is “a top priority because equality for the LGBTQ community is a top priority” for the party.

The GOP disagrees, however. The bill will mandate “top-down, government-led discrimination against all Americans who hold a differing view of human sexuality and gender,” Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) said at a press conference on Thursday.

Thus, a vote for the act “is a vote against parents, it’s a vote against women, it’s a vote against doctors, it’s a vote against educators, it’s a vote against children.”

“The Equality Act represents the absolute worst of the radical-left’s pro-infanticide, anti-conscience agenda,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) said in a statement. “By amending the definition of ‘sex’ in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this legislation codifies a fundamental right to an abortion up until the moment of birth. It also ensures that American taxpayers foot the bill for these abortions by effectively eliminating Hyde protections – protections I recently pledged to uphold in a letter to Speaker Pelosi.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 05/22/2019 (Wed) 18:36:51 Id: ae6d40 [Preview] No.14755 del
>that image
I don't find it difficult to hate the "Democratic or Republican" systems at the same time, at all. This is because I'm aware it's an illusion. Historically. They originated as the Democratic-Republican party. At least the ObamaCare penalty was rescinded.
^This law right here. Interesting. So you can't stereotype sexual orientation or "gender identity". I'm a straight white male. That's my identity. I think I'll call the cops whenever I see someone talking shit about white people and/or men. That is when it passes the Senate and is signed by the fat orange kike.
>and the recently-passed “Equality Act” is not about ‘equal rights.’
It wasn't recently passed, OP. Not yet.

Reader 05/22/2019 (Wed) 23:37:11 [Preview] No.14757 del
Yes, yes, let hate be your guide.

Couch your consideration of all proposed legislation in terms of your hatred for others.

Oppose policies that benefit those you hate.

Reader 05/23/2019 (Thu) 00:36:15 Id: ae6d40 [Preview] No.14758 del
Why would I consider any proposed legislation? All they're going to pass is constant bills for Israel, made jews a protected class with HR672, and typical jewish subversion like the homosexual agenda they're trying to pass making criticism of faggots and dykes illegal. I see no reason why I shouldn't base my decisions off of hate for the political swindle. Supporting any of these current ZOG puppets is a complete waste of time.

Reader 05/23/2019 (Thu) 04:24:47 Id: bcf906 [Preview] No.14762 del
The pic was just a meme I found on the internet and I decided to just go with it, rather than dig up a pic of crazy leftists at some university as I would normally do for something like this. I know this legislation never passed yet, but it is one of their crazy Marxist subversion tactics and it should be called out.

Scientists Expose China - NOT The USA - As The Number 1 Biggest Polluter Reader 05/23/2019 (Thu) 04:20:39 Id: 3cc514 [Preview] No. 14761 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
It's been exactly one year since US scientists reported a mysterious surge in ozone-destroying chemicals, known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Banned in 1987 under the globally signed Montreal Protocol, there was only one explanation: somewhere out there, in an unknown location, someone must have gone rogue, setting back progress on the ozone hole by a decade or more.

After much speculation, the whereabouts and magnitude of these harmful emissions has been confirmed in scientific research. As earlier reporting in The New York Times had already suggested, they seem to be coming from the northeast coast of mainland China.

Since the Montreal Protocol was declared a success in 2013, this highly industrial region has continued to emit, whether accidentally or not, CFC-11: the second most abundant chlorofluorocarbon in the atmosphere. Between the periods of 2008-2012 and 2014-2017, in fact, CFC-11 emissions increased here by roughly 110 percent.

"This increase accounts for a substantial fraction (at least 40 to 60 per cent) of the global rise in CFC-11 emissions," an international team of researchers writes in a new report.

"We find no evidence for a significant increase in CFC-11 emissions from any other eastern Asian countries or other regions of the world where there are available data for the detection of regional emissions."

These violations are likely going unreported because even though CFC-11 is illegal, it is also one of the cheapest ways to produce new foam insulation in refrigerators and buildings.

After tracking down documents and international sources, journalists at The New York Times and independent investigators discovered that in some factories in China, illegal CFC use has been slipping through the cracks for years.

The examples given are based in Xingfu, a rural industrial town in China's Shandong province, and incidentally, that is the very same province that the scientists landed on too.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

NO! The Economy Is NOT 'Booming', Government Lies, Thousands More Jobs Being Lost Reader 05/23/2019 (Thu) 00:51:57 Id: daef94 [Preview] No. 14760 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
If the U.S. economy is “booming” and very bright days are ahead, then why are many large US corporations laying off thousands of workers?

Layoffs are starting to come fast and furious now, and this is happening even though the government denies the US is in a depression or great recession. Of course many are convinced that we are actually in a recession at this moment. In fact, according to John Williams of shadowstats.com if the government was actually using honest numbers they would show that we have been in a recession for quite some time. But the narrative that the mainstream media keeps feeding us is that the U.S. economy is “doing well” and that the outlook for the future is positive. Well, if that is true then why are big companies laying off so many workers right now?

Let’s start by talking about Ford Motor Company. On Monday, they announced that they will be laying off approximately 7,000 workers…

Ford Motor said Monday that it is laying off about 7,000 managers and other salaried employees, about 10% of its white-collar workforce across the globe, as part of a restructuring plan designed to save the No. 2 automaker $600 million annually.

The cuts, some of which were previously announced by the company, will be completed by August, Ford CEO Jim Hackett said in an email to employees Monday.

Another large firm that is laying off thousands of workers is Nestle…

Nestle SA’s U.S. unit will dismiss about 4,000 workers as it stops delivering frozen pizza and ice cream directly to stores and transitions to a warehouse model that’s becoming an industry standard for Big Food companies looking to trim costs.

And we also recently learned that 3M is planning to get rid of about 2,000 workers…

3M plans to cut 2,000 globally as part of a restructuring due to a slower-than-expected 2019.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

THIS Again! Syrian Terrorists Attack Russian Air Base In Major Offensive Reader 05/23/2019 (Thu) 00:50:24 Id: d57b46 [Preview] No. 14759 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/endpol/1108

Some 500 Nusra-front militants, accompanied by seven tanks and about 30 pickup trucks armed with mounted heavy machine guns launched three major offensives against government troops in Idlib province on Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The counterattack focused on the town of Kafr Nabudah, which was recently captured by the Syrian government.

Militants also launched a missile attack on Russia's Hmeymim air base on Wednesday, but nine of the missiles were shot down, and another 8 didn't reach their target, the ministry added.

Northwest Syria, which runs along Syria's border with Turkey, is home to the last remaining rebel strongholds, including a swath of land dominated by the Al Qaeda-linekd Nusra Front, which has adopted a new name, Tahrir al-Sham, Haaretz reports.

The increase in shelling in the region has led to the displacement of 180,000 people, while the increase in shelling marked the most intense period of fighting between Bashar al-Assad and the rebels

According to RT, more than 150 rebels were killed during the morning offensive. Three tanks were destroyed, while 24 trucks mounted with heavy guns were also destroyed in the fighting.


Disease and Sickness Breaks Out After Illegals Flood US Processing Facility Reader 05/22/2019 (Wed) 16:49:08 Id: 146929 [Preview] No. 14754 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/endpol/1138

U.S. border agents have temporarily stopped taking illegals into the primary facility for processing illegals in South Texas, a day after a 16-year-old diagnosed with the flu at the facility died. In a statement to CBS News late Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said a large number of detainees in its processing center in McAllen, Texas had high fevers and were displaying signs of a flu-related illness.

The agency said it was working to provide medical treatment to all of those who had fevers. To avoid the spread of the illness, the CBP said, intake operations were temporarily suspended at the facility and illegals who would have been brought there will be taken elsewhere until the situation is resolved.

The processing center is a converted warehouse that holds hundreds of parents and children at a time in large, fenced-in pens.

After being diagnosed with the flu on Sunday, Carlos Hernandez Vasquez was transferred to a smaller Border Patrol station, where he was found unresponsive Monday.

CBS News spoke to one of Hernandez's brothers, in New Jersey, who wants to know what happened.

"The hardest part about it all is what happened to him because we never thought this would happen in a place where he's supposed to be in a better place," he told CBS News through a translation.

"Supposed to be in a better place?" Who's telling them to come here one must ask!?


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 05/22/2019 (Wed) 19:47:27 Id: ec4b0b [Preview] No.14756 del
immigration is not a system, its a tactic.

James Comey Joked About Being A Communist Before Joining FBI Reader 05/22/2019 (Wed) 13:26:36 Id: 022c81 [Preview] No. 14750 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
James Comey, who would go on to helm the FBI, joked in 2003 that he was a Communist before he joined the Bureau.

In an unearthed 2003 interview with New York Magazine, James Comey, who would go on to helm the FBI a decade later, joked about being a Communist before he joined the Bureau.

The news comes after it was confirmed that the head of Obama’s CIA, John Brennan, admitted to actually voting for a Communist candidate in 1976, yet somehow climbed the ranks within the same US intelligence community that had spent decades fighting that very ideology.

“In college, I was left of center,” Comey told New York Magazine, and through a gradual process I found myself more comfortable with a lot of the ideas and approaches the Republicans were using.” He voted for Carter in 1980, but in ’84, “I voted for Reagan—I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”

Of note, Comey’s wife and four daughters were all giant Hillary Clinton supporters who wanted her to win “really badly.”

WTF?! Former FBI Director James Comey started out as a Communist like CIA Director John Brennan in the 1970s: "I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now," Comey told New York Magazine in 2003https://t.co/nwJyyKOnjZ

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) May 16, 2019

“Former CIA Director John Brennan […] admitted in 2016 to voting Communist in the 1970s,” that outlet pointed out. Sure enough, CNN broke that story two months before the presidential election.

“I voted for the Communist Party candidate,” Brennan admitted during a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation conference. He revealed that during his 1980 polygraph test for admission to the CIA, he momentarily thought about covering up this fact before ultimately telling the truth to the examiner.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 05/22/2019 (Wed) 13:28:25 Id: 022c81 [Preview] No.14751 del
This does not surprise me much because almost every major university today has been radicalized by extreme leftism today, many openly having classes about Karl Marx and his ilk.

DELIBERATE DESTABILIZATION: Terror in Europe Has Increased 725 Percent Since Open Border Policies Reader 05/21/2019 (Tue) 20:04:57 Id: f94304 [Preview] No. 14748 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Islamic terror attacks in Europe have increased a staggering 725 per cent between 2007 and 2017, a new report by CSIS has found.

CSIS, a national security think tank, looked at both successful and unsuccessful attacks. Their findings highlight the fact that Islamic extremism remains the biggest terror threat to the west.

Islamic extremist attacks in Europe increased 725% between 2007 and 2017. Read the @CSIS_Threats report on European terrorism: https://t.co/BaIUW98rFd pic.twitter.com/1afnxxAA4w

— CSIS (@CSIS) May 19, 2019

Summit.news reports:

The numbers also show that 2017 saw the highest number of Islamic terror attacks in modern European history.

“Obviously nothing to do with mass migration,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr. in response to the report.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

DELIBERATE DESTABILIZATION: Mob of Somali 'Migrants' Attack Minneapolis Metro Riders with Hammers Reader 05/21/2019 (Tue) 20:03:56 Id: a8e3cc [Preview] No. 14747 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/endpol/1138

This will not make mainstream media and is already in the process of being expunged

8 - 10 Somali teens attacked Minneapolis Metro riders with hammers and crowbars A mob of eight to 10 males wielding hammers descended upon bystanders at the East Bank Light Rail station on Friday night injuring several, according to recorded police dispatch audio.


The incident was apparently reported to 911 just before 10 p.m. on Friday according to the audio and other social media police scanner reports. A 9:48 p.m. Facebook post on 2nd Precinct Minneapolis Crime Watch page said that University of Minnesota (U of M) police were requesting assistance from Minneapolis police (MPD) and Metro Transit police for "a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers" and that some people were injured. A Facebook post a minute later on Minneapolis Scanner page said that the three police departments were responding to "multiple [911] calls" about "10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers chasing people, " also with "several injuries reported." Both Facebook pages regularly post summaries of police scanner audio.

A person who claimed on social media to have been at the station when the incident occurred said that the group of males had "hammers and bars, " and that they seemed to be "attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white." The witness, who said he isn't white, said he didn't want to "[take] on a bunch of dudes with blunt objects, " and that he "hurried an older white lady away" and they walked a few blocks to catch a bus.

My comment: Let's see this make news. It won't. And the story SHOULD BE: Ungrateful "refugees" with ZERO class living on welfare attacked people in a country that "saved them" because the people who saved them were white, and because they were white, they did not need to be thanked after giving the somalis their free handout. FACT: You can throw a wild chimpanzee it's favorite treat and in the next second, if you are not careful and it gets ahold of you, it will rip your arm off. How much different from that was this incident in Minnesota? DEPORT THEM ALL.


The intent for treason is five-fold, to destabilize and destroy America by the following:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Iran Develops Firewall Against US-Israeli Anti-industrial Stuxnet Glow Worm Reader 05/18/2019 (Sat) 15:46:57 Id: 22956f [Preview] No. 14723 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Iran says has developed an indigenous firewall securing its sensitive industrial facilities against Stuxnet, a cyber weapon widely believed to be made by the US and Israel and used in the past to target the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi announced the development on his Instagram page on Thursday.

The firewall, he said, has been designed and developed by young Iranian scientists, and successfully tested on industrial automation systems.

The firewall “practically neutralizes industrial [acts of] sabotage, such as [those potentially launched by] Stuxnet, in electrical grids and suchlike,” he wrote, adding, “By relying on [our] youths, we will turn threats into opportunities.”

The Washington Post reported in June 2012 that the US National Security Agency (NSA), its spy service CIA, and Israel’s military had worked together to launch Stuxnet against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

In late 2015, Iran's then Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hossein Jaberi-Ansari, called the attacks that came in 2011 “illegal,” saying Tehran had never responded with “reciprocal cyber attacks.”

In November 2016, Iran’s top nuclear official said the cyber attack had worked against the US and Israel’s intended objectives and instead helped improve the Islamic Republic’s readiness against such acts of sabotage.


Reader 05/20/2019 (Mon) 10:42:24 Id: e680e7 [Preview] No.14733 del
whoever made this had to erase the chin
not the wheel

Reader 05/20/2019 (Mon) 10:44:49 Id: e680e7 [Preview] No.14735 del
((stux)) succeeded because of pics from the inside, why is this retard boasting on sm

Reader 05/20/2019 (Mon) 11:31:33 Id: f58ea8 [Preview] No.14736 del
That's an easy fix. Not the OP btw.
>pics from the inside

Reader 05/21/2019 (Tue) 07:02:45 Id: e680e7 [Preview] No.14744 del
((they)) needed some info from inside the plant for the worm to work
they got it by accident from tour pics in it
if the iranian retards kept their shit locked up they wouldn't have had issues