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Bernd 12/23/2018 (Sun) 23:03:54 [Preview] No. 21503
I've checked the catalog couldnt find any good youtube channel threads(delet if there is any)

share, shill and subscribe



These are about old guns about and stuff, which include muzzle loading ones as well.

Bernd 12/23/2018 (Sun) 23:51:37 [Preview] No.21506 del
Whatever it is, I cant open it.

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 00:20:19 [Preview] No.21507 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=31o9AV9UGqM [Embed]

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 02:23:29 [Preview] No.21508 del
KC tire historical channel with a focus on military history. Includes lengthy timelapses of the Eastern Front of WWII and the Estonian War of Independence with individual military formations depicted on the map.

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 03:07:31 [Preview] No.21509 del
I've came across this before. Good shit, none of that filler. It's like a documentary but (rightfully) without any filler.

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 07:19:44 [Preview] No.21511 del
Found this outdoor channel recently. Swedwoods. He doesn't talk.

Next one, I already linked one of his video, is Paul Harrel. It's about weapons, comparisons, tests, whatever. Very informative.
This was what I linked. Gun fight statistics:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=9HXCMjZJRRw [Embed]

Another outdoors, kinda. Also found recently and only looked into some of those where he builds an logs house. Russian, Advokat Egorov.

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 11:04:48 [Preview] No.21512 del
but hanging around in baykal lake was my dream ;_;

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 11:53:38 [Preview] No.21513 del
It's not that you cannot realize the dream now. :^)

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 14:41:05 [Preview] No.21514 del
The Hungarian would be cozy and quality but:
>please forgive my Hunglish.
No, no. I just can't.
Other one, not sure, looks like a mixed bag. That Plink-King video seems cozy.

Too bad the sound quality of the incoming line, what Foam says, isn't good.
Nevertheless when the old dude starts to talk I don't think what he says necessary fits to the situation the other one is in. Basically Foam says: "I do this and this" then Tom without asking any questions about the background just go ahead and says "you do those because of reasons I say", basically pulling an explanation out of his ass, "hey this is a common problem, this is your problem". It might fit but not necessarily. But I don't know about their previous conversations I don't know what Tom knows about Foam.
Who is this Tom Campbell guy anyway?

Sames what Danish Bernd said.

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 15:23:40 [Preview] No.21515 del
>>please forgive my Hunglish.
>No, no. I just can't.
why not? wha's so wrong?

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 16:23:41 [Preview] No.21516 del
I don't like listening to Hungarian accent, so cringy. Kek.

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 16:28:10 [Preview] No.21517 del
here is a cool meme for you then.

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 16:44:52 [Preview] No.21523 del
There are some vids where he talks Hungarian that's more bearable.
In the meantime I found out he runs his channel for a shop. Which is nice as it keeps the quality of his videos higher.

Bernd 12/24/2018 (Mon) 17:06:35 [Preview] No.21525 del
I didnt realize it until you point it out. He sounds like finnish google translate voice speaking my language.

Bernd 12/26/2018 (Wed) 17:45:28 [Preview] No.21590 del
Kocayine, for mostly yugoslavian war era songs and similar

MandaloreGaming for cool reviews of games that other people usually don't talk much

SsethTzeentach for absolutely meme tier reviews of games

Parfentev Igor/Buhurt Tech. Dude makes films from knight full contact fights using goPro camera

Primitive Technology, in which dude recreates civilization by himself using only things he found in the forest of death world Australia. Last time I checked he advanced to bronze age.

Sensus Fidelium is a guy who uploads traditional Catholic material, mostly sermons, sometimes radio talks, shows, interviews etc.

ForgottenWeapons aka Gun Jesus. Talks about obscure or bizarre guns mankind invented and then usually try them out in shooting range.

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 11:30:20 [Preview] No.21715 del
>Primitive Tech
>Forgotten Weapons
I know them ofc.

Balkan Folk Gun-Metal
>Mandalore Gaming
I'm not into game reviews (if it's not written by Berdn), but I'll give it a shot. I see some games that might interested in their reviews. However I listen in in one, his intonation of sentences is awful. It sounds like he recorded every line in itself and edited them together and not like he tells a whole thought together.
Almost made me get newest Rimworld.
>Parfentev Igor
Oh yeah, I remember you like Bugurt! Was long time ago we talked about it.
Nice visuals, go pro was a success.
>Sensus Fidelium
This needs more digestion, can't write opinion with little impression.

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 14:42:33 [Preview] No.21718 del
>knight full contact fights
Yamnaya stronk!

+plate armor
+sometimes can be quite spectacular moves
-just light blunt weapons
-related: defensive > offensive
-mostly reduces to tiring the enemy and trying to engage when in numerical superiority, not good 1 to 1 'fencing' skill
-women involved anywhere in a men sport

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 15:31:55 [Preview] No.21719 del
(105.50 KB 1153x721 burgerknights.jpg)
Weight also a bonus. If the knight obese enough just can roll through the ring knocking over opposing warriors.

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 19:10:34 [Preview] No.21722 del
(4.40 MB 1280x720 warcry.mp4)
actually not sure how much of a sport it is (at least doesn't seem very developed) but it could be great weight loss exercise because they probably sweat like hell below so many layers of protection

>Weight also a bonus. If the knight obese enough just can roll through the ring knocking over opposing warriors.
Yes I noticed that too but on the other hadn if the weight comes from fat instead of muscle they will also get tired much faster still

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 19:31:03 [Preview] No.21726 del
Well then a team needs several fatsos who are sent rolling one after another when the previous run out of steam and a few guys who can stand on their feet longer.

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 19:34:32 [Preview] No.21728 del
(24.12 MB 1280x720 2vs1.mp4)
(8.22 MB 1280x720 sparkly.mp4)
the first time my brain wanted to read Butthurt Technologies
part of me was disappointed when corrected myself

I wonder what's the cost of their equipment

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 19:53:43 [Preview] No.21733 del
>Bugurt Technologies
This stuff is very popular in Eastern Europe. Much bugurt is produced around here for sure.
>I wonder what's the cost of their equipment
A lot.

I see low center of gravity is an advantage.

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 20:19:32 [Preview] No.21735 del
If anyone is interested in paleoanthropology or archeology, I recommend checking out John Hawks' YouTube channel. Also, it's not a YouTube channel, but Spencer Wells and Razib Khan have a really good podcast about genetic geography and human origins.

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 20:35:33 [Preview] No.21737 del
Here is Hawks presenting robust australopith crania. Anyway he hasn't updated the channel in a long time but he does have a cool blog. Also, there are videos on the channel of him in the field discussing the Natufian culture, and also interviews with other prominent researchers like Lee Berger.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=CKvj6eBmIGo [Embed]

Bernd 12/29/2018 (Sat) 21:56:10 [Preview] No.21739 del

That's very good. He expresses the topic at hand in an easily understandable way and makes good use of the object around to illustrate this point. I liek he compares that skull not just with human, but other apes' skulls and each other.

Bernd 01/29/2019 (Tue) 19:48:53 [Preview] No.22904 del
Very informative channel, it seems mostly for around the house type of works, or for homesteading I guess.
Here's for example this video:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=eYqc0yPuSqY [Embed]
I had to split a trunk before, somewhat smaller in length (and not with a splitting axe for firewood, it was important where it split, and it was less straight grained and more knotty but that was what I had to work with) with the direction of an uncle of mine, who instructed me basically the same. Well with lot less info, if you start it to it, most of the stuff is common sense thing.

Bernd 01/29/2019 (Tue) 20:47:44 [Preview] No.22905 del
(357.80 KB 404x720 smh.mp4)
Sensus Fidelium is a gem; Youtube is very deficient in traditional Catholic channels. I especially enjoy the Fulton Sheen lectures.

Bernd 01/29/2019 (Tue) 20:58:16 [Preview] No.22906 del
I remember Polan posted some episodes from his show. The humour of God was awesome.

Bernd 01/29/2019 (Tue) 20:58:32 [Preview] No.22907 del
I mean Fulton Sheen's.

Bernd 01/30/2019 (Wed) 20:17:43 [Preview] No.22917 del
Hahahaha. Since End was Error 500 I just watched this, an MRE review, ofc a Hungarian pack. When he arrived to Zellerleves (celery soup) and said energy drink I laughed so hard, I thought much surprises will be had... Fun.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=jFWmF6DhG-k [Embed]

Bernd 02/20/2019 (Wed) 19:34:36 [Preview] No.23351 del
Hmm. I only watched one video (Bacon and Egg Quesadillas) but it had pleasant ambience:
They have this channel for 12 years now.
But I should recommend Townsends, "a channel dedicated to exploring the 18th Century lifestyle". Some very nice info snippets can be snatched from their vids.

But I wanted to ask Bernd: what alternatives youtube has? I know about Vimeo and Metacafe, probably some others too. I also heard about a channel - with weapons as topic - that moved to Pornhub after youtube stirred some shit.

Bernd 02/20/2019 (Wed) 23:12:16 [Preview] No.23358 del
I'm using invidio.us. It gives you youtube videos without any advertisement.

Bernd 02/21/2019 (Thu) 06:19:53 [Preview] No.23359 del
With Adblock and NoScript I got no ads. I simply seek to lessen my youtube usage and reliance.

Bernd 02/21/2019 (Thu) 11:03:15 [Preview] No.23361 del
Then invidio.us is good because, well, its not yt :)

Bernd 02/21/2019 (Thu) 15:36:48 [Preview] No.23364 del
He wants an alternative to youtube as a platform. Invidious is just a mirror of youtube. So if something gets censored on youtube, invidious can't do anything about it.

Bernd 02/21/2019 (Thu) 15:47:51 [Preview] No.23365 del
There are plenty of other video sharing websites, but Youtube is unfortunately the only one worth using as the others are mostly dead. Unless people one day decide to move on to something else the best option for now is probably to just carry on using Youtube and try to block as many of the Google scripts as possible with Noscript/uMatrix. Of course it's impossible to be completely free from it but disabling Google analytics should help at least a little.

Bernd 02/22/2019 (Fri) 17:54:58 [Preview] No.23396 del
Well, ... this: >>23364

>disabling Google analytics
That's evident.

Bernd 03/17/2019 (Sun) 02:04:33 [Preview] No.23811 del
(386.09 KB 991x697 psakari.png)

Bernd 03/17/2019 (Sun) 10:11:54 [Preview] No.23813 del
(132.02 KB 977x711 assburger.jpg)
he still didn't finish the kultainen ES series he started 7 years ago. At least he acknowledged wanting to fin(n)ish it this year.

Bernd 03/17/2019 (Sun) 14:10:13 [Preview] No.23814 del
Isn't very active.

Bernd 06/16/2019 (Sun) 10:18:13 [Preview] No.27288 del
>Advokat Egorov
Renamed his channel to Advoko MAKES. This video is awesome:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=QeHGDr81XwM [Embed]
Tl;dr turns a Swedish torch into a tent heating appliance with the help of few pipes.

Bernd 06/16/2019 (Sun) 10:58:01 [Preview] No.27289 del
Huh, I was wrong. He has two channels and that's on his other one.

Bernd 07/01/2019 (Mon) 21:11:32 [Preview] No.27759 del
Found another great channel, Mr. Chickadee.
They mow lawn with scythe. Bernd approve, tho it seems it's a bit short for the dude.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=qMCHOL3YCOI [Embed]

Bernd 07/02/2019 (Tue) 07:14:48 [Preview] No.27777 del
(3.49 MB 2800x2128 Scythes_1.jpg)
(32.08 KB 466x428 girl.jpg)

Interesting, I'll never seen scythes with such curved handles.

Bernd 07/02/2019 (Tue) 18:27:17 [Preview] No.27800 del
In couple of regions of historical Hungary they use/d curved scythe, but it looks different. It has only one grip and the curve comes above the grip. I believe. The standard is the straight one, here too.

Bernd 07/02/2019 (Tue) 18:28:21 [Preview] No.27801 del
Also on ours around here the grip is curved by default.

Bernd 07/02/2019 (Tue) 19:09:44 [Preview] No.27802 del
(8.76 KB 300x400 928.jpg)
(22.34 KB 600x287 image_1.jpg)

Thanks to internet now I know that there are at least two classic types of scythes in Russia, коса-литовка (lithuanian scythe) with straight handle and коса-горбуша (hunchback scythe) with curved, but not like in video. Last one is used in bumpy places and in forests.

Bernd 07/02/2019 (Tue) 20:20:50 [Preview] No.27807 del
Yes, the second is/was called short scythe sounds like short sighted haha here. Read in ethnographic lexicon it's place was gradually taken over by the long scythe and by the 19th century it was only used as a reed cutter, and was called Flemish scythe.

Bernd 08/12/2019 (Mon) 19:09:43 [Preview] No.28611 del
>Primitive Technology
His hut burned down.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=YmFTK-rnzfk [Embed]

Bernd 10/08/2019 (Tue) 16:58:39 [Preview] No.29536 del
Dude's crossing Wales in a more or less straight line, part 1, 2, 3 & 4:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=M7w986ni7_g [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=EuRgrhJemQM [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=zT52TKJdQ40 [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=QGkcTufp56A [Embed]

Bernd 10/08/2019 (Tue) 17:04:38 [Preview] No.29537 del
Additional information: it fucking nags be he doesn't have a fucking glove.

Bernd 10/08/2019 (Tue) 17:05:10 [Preview] No.29538 del

Bernd 10/08/2019 (Tue) 17:21:20 [Preview] No.29539 del
(19.93 KB 480x360 tale of 2 snakes.jpeg)
?Dude's crossing Wales in a more or less straight line, part 1, 2, 3 & 4
Absolute mad man!

>Additional information: it fucking nags be me doesn't have a fucking glove.

European extreme difficulty m8. Like MGS3, which funny enough he's sort of doing something similar to the entire game

Bernd 10/08/2019 (Tue) 18:29:38 [Preview] No.29541 del
Hmm. Sometimes he has gloves on.
Part 5:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=F9wX4ckqOjM [Embed]

Bernd 10/09/2019 (Wed) 19:38:28 [Preview] No.29576 del
He did it in the winter! What a fucking NUTTER! The moss on those hills gets so so slippery. Also he's lucky those farmers didn't attack him.

Bernd 10/09/2019 (Wed) 19:47:40 [Preview] No.29578 del
(40.91 KB 600x684 sucks.jpg)
Oh yeah, since then I watched the whole thing and the follow up videos too. He says during the summer it would have been impossible due to the vegetation. I agree bramble is crazy in warmer seasons, and once I almost trapped among several bushes, tho there were some rose hip shrubs too.
He seemed to enjoy the thing, even the sucky parts.
It was very entertaining. I have some similar experience for I sometimes I just walk about the forests and hills. Although I can deviate and walk around stuff ofc, and I follow animal trails in such cases.

Bernd 10/09/2019 (Wed) 19:48:16 [Preview] No.29580 del
Wtf, that image looked perfect when I opened it in the browser before I saved...

Bernd 10/09/2019 (Wed) 19:53:34 [Preview] No.29583 del
Could be a photobucket script. You may have just downloaded a image preview without knowing it.

Bernd 10/09/2019 (Wed) 19:57:09 [Preview] No.29585 del
(172.19 KB 500x593 sucks.png)
I'm thinking the same thing.
Here we go.

Bernd 10/10/2019 (Thu) 00:50:08 [Preview] No.29595 del
There you go m8

Bernd 10/16/2019 (Wed) 18:08:37 [Preview] No.30519 del

Bernd 12/16/2019 (Mon) 23:19:39 [Preview] No.33162 del
(15.50 KB 364x492 finn-mongol.png)
Finns building traditional wooden house: https://youtube.com/watch?v=HNTfLGt59qo [Embed]

Bernd 12/17/2019 (Tue) 00:09:24 [Preview] No.33163 del
(572.18 KB 1736x644 ZZC 0813.png)
His latest video on muskets vs Rifles was interesting, I had assumed that the rifle would induce a heftier clout but actually the musket hit harder.

Bernd 12/17/2019 (Tue) 06:52:49 [Preview] No.33167 del
That's a great one.

Huh, will check it out. I don't follow.

>Unboxing stuff
Weird niche. Can be a few tricks learnt from him? Some plastic packaging is quite uncomfortable to open.
Also I see cats too.

I see it's chiefly daily politics. The about says commentary, sometimes satirical. Anything notable? Or simply KC-tire? Where she leans?

>Jeb Gardener
>My name is Jeb

River of filth Bernd 02/17/2020 (Mon) 00:14:05 [Preview] No.34446 del
Channel mostly posting negative things, especially crime, in Rio de Janeiro. Most famous for its footage of pickpockets in action, filmed from the owner's window. It has been accused of racial profiling.

An example:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=f1JxDmWi7q0 [Embed]

Bernd 02/17/2020 (Mon) 00:26:23 [Preview] No.34447 del
A few that I am not sure if I have seen mentioned yet.

Jackson Crawford, Old Norse linguist.


Drachinifel, deals with Nautical history and ship design.


Greg's Aeroplanes and Automobiles, I don;t really care for the automobile part but he goes into depth regarding plane design and aeronautic principles, maybe it's because I was not very knowledgable to begin with in this subject but I find it quite interesting.


EA story, does interesting maps showing the front lines as they were, he also delves into some lesser known things like the Baltic wars of independence.


Bernd 02/17/2020 (Mon) 17:15:41 [Preview] No.34451 del
I think someone posted that here. Maybe in another thread (Suvorov?).
>nautical history and ship design
I'm gonna bookmark that.

Sounds fun, will check a couple.

Bernd 02/18/2020 (Tue) 09:01:44 [Preview] No.34469 del
Yeah, it was here but I didn't see it before >>21508

Bernd 02/23/2020 (Sun) 21:44:38 [Preview] No.34600 del

Bernd 06/07/2020 (Sun) 12:16:39 [Preview] No.37414 del
Bow reviews and archery by a Maltese man:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=QYWD4_AKKmM [Embed]
Each review is from unboxing to rating, does several tests, and tries to get a general feel of the bow.

Bernd 06/10/2020 (Wed) 01:17:03 [Preview] No.37604 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=OkJjcA7Oe-8 [Embed]

been watching this guy a lot lately, owns a small shop in new york city and repairs macbooks. makes a lot of videos about repairing boards which is kind of cathartic to watch.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/OX8mGD5jzxyB/ [Embed]

ry dawson is a guy that's been doin conspiracy stuff for a long time. pretty sure he made his name on facebook first ironically enough but got kicked off. He's pretty woke on the geo-political power struggles and not a big fan of Israel but not really all that controversial at least from what I've watched.

Bernd 06/10/2020 (Wed) 01:47:02 [Preview] No.37605 del
bitchute tracks your ip and dawson is navy intelligence

Bernd 06/10/2020 (Wed) 05:42:15 [Preview] No.37627 del
don't websites track your ip just by their design...

Bernd 06/11/2020 (Thu) 08:41:10 [Preview] No.37681 del
I came across this Finnish guy, he's so assburger.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=TtKmQI_prxs [Embed]

Bernd 06/11/2020 (Thu) 16:04:19 [Preview] No.37685 del
Noice. I've always wanted to look up Finnish phonetics, now I don't have to.

Bernd 06/11/2020 (Thu) 17:51:08 [Preview] No.37687 del
it's not the same as in Hungarian?

Bernd 06/11/2020 (Thu) 18:07:26 [Preview] No.37688 del
There are some differences. In sounds too, but chiefly noting certain sounds with different letters. And I was never sure, since never looked it up. I listened Korpiklaani enough to know Finnish language sounds very different.

Bernd 06/11/2020 (Thu) 18:10:14 [Preview] No.37689 del
Actually there are many differences.

Bernd 06/12/2020 (Fri) 15:22:01 [Preview] No.37715 del
Yeah, bitchute is torrent basically, as the user watches a video, he streams it himself. As I can see the peers in my torrent client, one can capture the peers of bitchute. I think with a simple proxy one can eliminate this problem. However (free) proxies are slow.

Bernd 06/18/2020 (Thu) 05:45:54 [Preview] No.37922 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=buf_WQoqGIc [Embed]

A number of copyright free music channels are out there.
And probably others, it's just I looked for the one song posted first, the theme of Paul Harrel's channel, and these popped up. I suspect many many songs appear in all, so might be a little redundant. I read one description and it says these can only be used for youtube videos, which sucks for content creators in general.
I put the first channel first because that one doesn't autoplays some shitty tune on the Home tab, so cudos to them for sparing me from that inconvenience.

Bernd 06/26/2020 (Fri) 16:04:41 [Preview] No.38096 del
Some KC tier map timelapse channels:

Yan Xishan 閻錫山
Focuses on Chinese history, pays extreme attention to detail and covers obscure topics such as the "second Yunnanese civil war (1927-29)".

Hurricane Hunter03
Covers a lot of Third World conflicts.

Bernd 06/27/2020 (Sat) 10:27:40 [Preview] No.38111 del
>Chinese history
One actually have to know it so those maps will make sense.
>Hurricane Hunter
I don't like the intro and outro.

Otherwise as map painting channels go, they are informative. In general I'm not sure that in certain circumstances how reliable the reconstructed borders can be. Even with this Syria war, there are questions, but making sense of areas, regions, from historical sources can be tough since those who wrote them had different view on things, and their expressions were obvious to them, people now most probably will think differently. Besides geography changes. Just simply pinpointing places isn't easy, for example finding battlefields.

Bernd 07/01/2020 (Wed) 13:59:18 [Preview] No.38245 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=lsTWqvumQCo [Embed]

I like that channel even though its quite normie tier

Bernd 07/01/2020 (Wed) 15:49:51 [Preview] No.38247 del
It was liek watching the Canada vs. Hungary ice hockey match with American commentators. I had no idea who was on the ice from our team.
It seems to me number of similar history channels exists, with drawn animation, with kinda light narration, sometimes lame jokes mixed in (like understating horrible or important events), and told in a quite quick tempo.

Bernd 07/22/2020 (Wed) 19:41:57 [Preview] No.38740 del
Here these two Irish blokes are building a stone round house, inspired by iron age Celtic houses. I dunno if I would recommend their channel, not just because I haven't seen their other videos beside a couple from the house building ones, but I just don't like their attitude, or how they behave.
Notable is the way they haul the rocks to the site, they use a mule to draw a sledge.

This is the cross section of their wall. They dug a ditch deep enough to reach the compact clay layer which undisturbed and solid for the foundation to lay on. But they didn't dug it as wide as the wall itself, but in this narrowing fashion, by the end the ditch is only wide as a spade basically. According to them, it's enough, I think they got the info from someone else.
Then, they filled the ditch with rocks of various sizes. As they reached the wider part of the ditch they started to use larger boulders. After they were well above ground level they built two rings, on the in- and outside and filled the gap between with smaller stones. Up above them they placed through stones, wide somewhat more flat slabs, which can reach through the full width of the wall, solidifying the layer below.
I haven't checked the latest video of this yet.

Bernd 07/22/2020 (Wed) 21:57:33 [Preview] No.38741 del
A yurt seems better imo for that round design. Stone is not a great insulator.

Bernd 07/23/2020 (Thu) 05:46:31 [Preview] No.38753 del
They also have to move 50 tons of rocks. Pretty big work.
But a yurt needs way more expertise to make from scratch. And various resources. And degrades faster with time, a stonewall like that could be there for hundreds of years, with little maintenance.
Maybe just making a dome shape from long branches and throwing up some modern materials over it would be the quickest and best. But they didn't aim for that.

Bernd 07/23/2020 (Thu) 06:18:15 [Preview] No.38754 del

I would live in that yurt so bad. Deep in the woods, no people. Paradise.

Bernd 07/23/2020 (Thu) 06:22:31 [Preview] No.38755 del
(26.31 KB 283x281 1431712251560.jpg)
Why arent houses round in design?

Bernd 07/23/2020 (Thu) 13:34:59 [Preview] No.38759 del
One could make a yurt to have windows all around. I mean one window would run around the wall from door to door. Also yurts could be attached together, for example three with two doors each could give a house with three rooms. Or having a bigger yurt in the central and doors would open into smaller yurts.
Possibilities are endless. Attila had a "tent palace" maybe it was legoed together from yurts of different sizes.

Not very good for space utilization. Square is better in that.

Bernd 07/23/2020 (Thu) 13:47:15 [Preview] No.38760 del
On a Kohl thread about that it was said that it's hard to build curved furniture.

Bernd 07/23/2020 (Thu) 15:33:30 [Preview] No.38763 del
I find that untrue. Every material we use for making furniture can be bent or cut along a curve. It just doesn't make sense for certain applications. For example a curved bookshelf is nonsensical since a row of books cannot be curved. I have to place the books a little apart if I want it to conform the shape, but that is waste of space.
A couch could be fine curved, or a kitchen counter. But that couch could mostly be used for sitting, sleeping on it could prove for great many people uncomfortable.

Bernd 07/23/2020 (Thu) 17:58:20 [Preview] No.38764 del
This Danish guy's father-in-law makes round houses:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=gGw0yw3jzcE [Embed]
Here's the website for the enterprise (most of the site is in Russian it seems):
Noteworthy that the windows at the top of the domes are very similar to the "wheels" yurts have at the same place. Either just cannot be anything else there or those were the inspiration.

And since the thread is about channels:

Bernd 07/24/2020 (Fri) 01:05:51 [Preview] No.38765 del
>Every material we use for making furniture can be bent or cut along a curve
They used wood as an example, it's possible to curve it but expensive.

Bernd 07/24/2020 (Fri) 06:00:22 [Preview] No.38767 del
If we want to untangle this we have to check what type of woods they use for making furniture?
1. "full" wood
2. recycled wastage, maybe they ground/mince/crush pieces of normal wood to make more splinters, shavings, chaff, maybe not, but I can imagine they do that.
From the wastage they make slabs with some binding material and/or press, or whatever. These, no matter what type (plywood and OSB are two types but when I have the time I'm gonna make a little research) they all sag by themselves if they placed wrong, so doing it purpose is child's play.
From full wood they rarely make furniture anymore. Maybe chairs, and table legs, but if a furniture is full wood, it is most likely custom made for rich people, or built by a hobbyist for himself, and the cost doesn't really matter.

Next question should be what parts of a furniture have to be curved? Usually the sheet that covers the backside. That - in quite a few instances - is just a thin piece of flexible slab which can be bent on demand.

Actually even some normal lumber can bend by itself if placed wrong, like pine boards/planks.

Bernd 07/24/2020 (Fri) 06:04:48 [Preview] No.38768 del
I might continue dissecting the question because there's more to it. For example what type furniture should be curved? For example a fridge or other furniture with similar width shouldn't. Only longer ones.
And it really matters the size of the house. Here >>38764 those are so big normal furnitures will do the trick don't need bent ones.

Bernd 07/24/2020 (Fri) 06:10:58 [Preview] No.38769 del
Also round housing is used for millennias noone had problems with "curved furniture" noone needed them.

Bernd 07/24/2020 (Fri) 06:12:50 [Preview] No.38772 del
Those houses were ugly as fuck.

Bernd 07/24/2020 (Fri) 06:13:30 [Preview] No.38773 del
>it's possible
but very retarded

Bernd 07/24/2020 (Fri) 18:34:26 [Preview] No.38779 del
I agree they ain't really aesthetic from the outside. I didn't see the inside to judge that.
With a better eye for this I'm sure someone could make a pleasant looking crib out of those domes. The chief problem that it's concrete and that makes its mark on the looks. Simply giving that a paintjob will result that tacky shit. Maybe with some additional wooden structure could give it a different look, or go into the other direction and create a sci-fi Mars habitat with modernizing as much as possible.

Bernd 08/02/2020 (Sun) 20:34:36 [Preview] No.38963 del

Bernd 08/02/2020 (Sun) 20:44:58 [Preview] No.38964 del

Bernd 08/04/2020 (Tue) 20:50:12 [Preview] No.39030 del
praise tengri

https://youtube.com/watch?v=a0opKAKbyJw [Embed]

Bernd 08/04/2020 (Tue) 21:06:03 [Preview] No.39033 del
Ah, Kassai. He built up a well earning enterprise (I bet caught some govt. and EU moneys too). He is breddy gud at what he's doing, I saw a performance of his and his disciples couple of years back. I know some dudes who also do horse archery for over a decade now (maybe about two) and they are far from his level.
He has a channel:
Watching these shows on video is subpar, can't really follow what's going on.

Bernd 09/28/2020 (Mon) 15:38:09 [Preview] No.40357 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=u2oHyRb9hCg [Embed]
Isn't a whole channel only one vid. Hungarian telly advertisements 1960-1990. All in Hungarian so Bernd will miss all wordplays, also some narration here and there it seems. But check that ad at 2:07! Take that feminism!

Bernd 09/30/2020 (Wed) 05:22:35 [Preview] No.40371 del
Things were sold and on sale in the USSR? I thought everything was le free IIRC?

Bernd 09/30/2020 (Wed) 16:49:15 [Preview] No.40382 del
Hungary wasn't part of the USSR. Not officially.
To some extent yes, things were sold and on sale for cars - for example - there were waiting lists. It wasn't communism, as they said "we have to build socialism, until we arrive to communism". On the Hungary, where the economy got more free in an effort to please the people as an after effect of the '56 revolution, this meant getting closer to a market economy. We had stuff other Eastern Block countries didn't have depending if you count Yugoslavia here - I don't -, they had everything, or we had it earlier. From other COMECON countries people came here to buy stuff they couldn't get at home.

Bernd 09/30/2020 (Wed) 20:19:21 [Preview] No.40384 del
wew, long time since I last posted here lol

so was hungary a very popular touristic destination? or did they just come and buy

Bernd 10/01/2020 (Thu) 05:35:22 [Preview] No.40396 del
>very popular
I have no basis of comparison, so I can't really say.
Tourism developed since the 60s, and many foreigners arrived here, from COMECON chiefly DDR, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, for normal vacation not just to buy stuff. From the SU, I dunno, there were lot of those who was on business - diplomats, KGB agents, soldiers of the occupational force, etc - they bought stuff here and sent it to home, for family or for passing it further via black market.
The real money maker in tourism were the western visitors, because we could have them in numbers, and we could offer them services somewhat resembling to westernish standards. Mainly from Austria and BRD. German-German relations bloomed here since the Wall was built. They couldn't come unregulated ofc.

Bernd 10/31/2020 (Sat) 09:29:00 [Preview] No.40790 del
(253.35 KB 854x480 strechy.mp4)
I'm getting recommendations on yt from all over the place not a bit related what I usually watch, among them usually couple of chicks showing off themselves in bikinis, wearing nothing but a mysterious accent.
>притъ стречъ
Nice diddies tho.

Bernd 10/31/2020 (Sat) 11:20:54 [Preview] No.40792 del
>not a bit related what I usually watch
Sure buddy.

Bernd 10/31/2020 (Sat) 11:41:42 [Preview] No.40797 del
I get recommendations of Hungarian pop music and the like...

Bernd 12/07/2020 (Mon) 20:11:59 [Preview] No.41393 del
That bloke managed to cross Norway!
Part 1 https://youtube.com/watch?v=CDPhdkdR9qI [Embed]
Part 2 https://youtube.com/watch?v=KwZePasHarc [Embed]
Part 3 https://youtube.com/watch?v=kwzIwFPEGbA [Embed]
>come on pass me the ball!
>hits the post...
>oh one more time!
>hits the other one...
Congratulations you two left footed mad lad!

He also has a second try with Wales, that time with a pal.

Bernd 12/08/2020 (Tue) 12:44:22 [Preview] No.41412 del
17 mile journey

nigga pls

Bernd 12/08/2020 (Tue) 16:24:19 [Preview] No.41413 del
The point is to cross it in as perfectly straight line as possible, over obstacles - cliffs, bushes, bogs, rivers, lakes, fences, gardens, courtyards, farms, etc -, and not strolling on paved roads and tourist trails.

Bernd 04/04/2021 (Sun) 19:51:11 [Preview] No.43219 del
Man makes pretty detailed models from modelling clay (plastiline), mostly tanks and warships, sometimes with motors and working guns, and then destroys them with fireworks and flammable liquids

In Russian, but may be enjoyable without commentary.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=K6xonlLQQdQ [Embed]

https://youtube.com/watch?v=J245MO5Xw-0 [Embed]

https://youtube.com/watch?v=LNpT-DFZPN8 [Embed]

https://youtube.com/watch?v=9T2XAkYQ8dg [Embed]


Bernd 04/05/2021 (Mon) 06:36:35 [Preview] No.43220 del
That's a nice assburger hobby. When I was a kid wanted to make a roman style city. I only managed the walls, aqueducts, and a couple of amphitheatres. The project needed more raw materials, but didn't have.
I see he uses cardboard pieces to stiffen the models. He has to be careful in the case of the ship to distribute the putty even. Oh, yeah, he throws petards at it. This much action Russian ships did not see since Tsushima.
Breddy gud, gonna watch a couple of these. Maybe use them as pre-show entertainment on Movie Nights.

Bernd 04/09/2021 (Fri) 21:42:04 [Preview] No.43260 del
(2.82 KB 150x150 coffee.jpg)
I have a few gayming youtube channels I can recommend

First channel

ThorHighHeels: is from a Dutch youtuber who reviews really obscure videogames and gives really thoughtful analysis on games in general

Killian Experience is a Swedish youtuber who makes parody reviews using Swedish humour. If you're into that

EmptyHero: a sassy blak man giving long winded comedy and parody game reviews

Nice. I know like half of these, but the other ones are good too

Bernd 04/11/2021 (Sun) 14:28:27 [Preview] No.43274 del
Watched a bit of his
>FF7R & RE3: Remaking games that have "aged poorly"
Good to listen of his ramblings.

>Killian Experience
He needs a deeper voice. But it is funny. Although hard to find something I recognize or know about so I could relate to his jokes.

Again, hard to relate due to lack of knowledge of games. Watched some from the RE3 remake again. Some jokes might be funny, but listening 29 minutes from a chain of jokes is tiring.

Bernd 04/15/2021 (Thu) 02:52:26 [Preview] No.43306 del
(11.20 KB 300x300 yoba music.jpeg)
>Good to listen of his ramblings.

Ya his humor and topics are good

>but listening 29 minutes from a chain of jokes is tiring.
He has a few shorter videos around. His Dark Souls 3 video is one of the funniest I've seen

https://youtube.com/watch?v=nz8KJYpRh28 [Embed]

He used to post on 8chan's /v/ board when it was still up. He's actually not black/African, but Italian instead what's the difference though?

>Killian Experience
>He needs a deeper voice.
This is actually how Swedish people talk bernd

Bernd 06/26/2021 (Sat) 19:13:56 [Preview] No.44217 del
(2.12 MB 1920x1080 liziqi.png)
Here's extremely aesthetic Chinese propaganda channel. It's a chick do "simple living" things, like harvesting soybeans and making sauce from it, or general gardening and cooking. More popular videos are watched by over 50 million users (supposedly). The whole thing is very professionally produced.

(If video doesn't work even after a couple of reloads, link to youtube is just below.)

Bernd 06/26/2021 (Sat) 21:31:34 [Preview] No.44219 del
>More popular videos are watched by over 50 million users (supposedly).
There is very simple trick to boost video views: make sure that your videos are being played on the screens in hardware stores.

It is rumoured that a large part of views on music videos are in fact from such automatic playback.

Bernd 06/27/2021 (Sun) 04:22:40 [Preview] No.44220 del
Maybe, but I think it's just that people tend to make playlists with songs on Youtube and listen to them through that so they may 'watch' the same video numerous times, it's why Touhou renditions will have millions of views sometimes.

Bernd 06/27/2021 (Sun) 07:29:52 [Preview] No.44221 del
In case of the Chinese they can just order their subordinates in the state apparatus ask their Weibo friends to watch their vids generating couple mil views.
Is that a sure trick? The hardware in hardware stores connect to the internet via the hardware stores' local network through one gateway which means it's just one node that connects to youtube, with one IP. And there are two ways to count the views: all views, or views per unique user. I think public videos measure the amount of the unique users, and when new dl requests come from the same IP, the counter doesn't tick more (unlike unlisted vids where every view counts). (Also hardware store isn't the name of stores which sell tools and power tools?)
And perhaps. Manipulators might "just" need to start the ball rolling, and youtube's trending category and algorithm can take care rest, and the manipulators "just" have to play shepherd and nudge things to keep the ball rollin.

Bernd 06/27/2021 (Sun) 07:44:20 [Preview] No.44222 del
Btw these >>44217 videos are breddy gud, but they feel artificial.
All the perfectly caught details. How they keep that chick in the center of the focus by making her speech the loudest and how they hide the other actors by showing their faces very little. How she is the hero of every work procedure, how she's taking care of the others around her...
I need to see more vids, I only watched one in full, and a couple others I just clicked through the scenes. And I'd very much like to see some behind the scenes footage.
One weird happening in the pig processing video: when she prepares the large chunks of meat and the dog walks around, its interest peaked by all those food, at one point we can hear the dog squeak then in the next cut the old women is holding the dog tightly. Obviously the dog was either underfoot and maybe stepped on it by accident (by cameramen or director or whoever) or was too nosy at the meat and was smacked. Either way the old hag most likely was instructed to hold the dog as if it was a dear pet. That shot doesn't looked genuine at all ofc.

Bernd 06/27/2021 (Sun) 11:25:50 [Preview] No.44223 del
I don't see how this is a propoganda. Maybe anything other than showing smog of Shangai or mistreated minorities is propoganda for you but I disagree.

It's actually funny thing because pretty much all shitty spotify videos are boosted this way and it's nothing chinese specific, I wouldn't suprise if big western countries like US doing it more than china despite the lower population.

Bernd 06/27/2021 (Sun) 12:51:36 [Preview] No.44224 del
In Chinese villages people never heard of Youtube, nor it is accessible to them, so they won't make scenic videos about their daily lives to upload there. But they won't do it even to their video sharing sites. Especially not with this quality, and precisely set up, directed, and cut. Most of the videos are CC, this channel doesn't paddle anything, the vids aren't documentary.
Those videos are obviously created by the Chinese state or a company contracted by the Chinese state to influence the countries image in the eye of foreign public. This propaganda technique is literally called "country image building" in Hungarian, I'm not sure what's the proper English term. Many other stuff fits in this category like organizing a Euro Cup tournament (or just get to provide a stadium like this year).
I bet a bunch of channel like this exist from various countries. I dunno why you find it unbearable that I pointed it out in this case, especially since that is the most characteristic description of those videos.

Bernd 06/27/2021 (Sun) 13:38:09 [Preview] No.44227 del
Pretty sure they heard it and I'm also pretty sure young people have acess to paid VPNs so there is that, in countries like that people have their ways to reach restricted content and sites, you pick stuff like this all the time in there.

>Those videos are obviously created by the Chinese state or a company contracted by the Chinese state to influence the countries image in the eye of foreign public.
You throw the word obviously so cheaply, sorry but not all these videos are propoganda you act like wumaos thinking any critic of china is lapdog of USA, it's bullshit sorry.

What happens is here most likely a well off Chinese making money from appealing for westerns stupid orientalism dream, westerns love when orientals practice their "original culture" and don't get in their way in any possible way like political or economical rivalry stuff. It's like a circus for them they go there wank to the sugarcoated backwards show amuse themselves but in the end fuck off to their country, praise the government which turned the country into circus. It's one of the reason why Japanese hate western weaboos vehemently.

Anyway I've seen such videos also in scandinavia, these are not propoganda it's just people are making money for letting you watch "magic". The more you accustomed to live in industrial shithole place the more you likely to fall for it.

Bernd 06/27/2021 (Sun) 15:23:09 [Preview] No.44230 del
It's not Propaganda, I'm not sure how professionally produced it is either(it's getting easier and easier to make things look like that). I can believe that 50 million would watch it, it's Youtube after all they watch all kinds of things and rural Chinese life would be interesting to many people.

She could be in Taiwan(real China) or just a girl who can afford a camera phone or it may even be a Chinese group that has done it to make money like a TV show(I don't know about that though but I did not watch enough of it). Youtube is full of stuff like that. Funny story that kind is related to that but kind of is not, not long ago some Australian Youtuber 'Political Commentator' called Friendly Jordie was arrested for stalking politicians, well he was not but his producer was, I didn't really watch any of his videos but from what I saw it was a guy Australian posting but verbally into a camera and the reason he was in trouble was for harassing politicians in public but even this guy had a producer.

Bernd 06/27/2021 (Sun) 15:44:35 [Preview] No.44232 del
(862.43 KB 1598x2000 ZZY 0539.jpg)
More Interesting Channels.

Moth Light Media He talks about evolution of animals.


Atlas Pro he talks about Atlases


The B1M He talks about Buildings and Projects.


And some Music channels.

Yo Kaze


Elegant Sister


Phoenix Kappashiro


Bernd 06/28/2021 (Mon) 07:22:22 [Preview] No.44234 del
(37.74 KB 1200x630 xi-jinping-pointing.jpg)
+1 Social Credit

As long as you're pretty sure.
>What happens is here most likely...
Exactly, influencing people. Propaganda.
>I've seen such videos also in scandinavia
Well, define "such".

>It's not
It is.
>I can believe that 50 million would watch it
I've never said 50 million views were cheated.
>She could be in Taiwan
She says in one vid she's in China, Zhōngguó, 中国
>or just a girl who can afford a camera phone
You really should watch at least one of her videos.

Like the pig processing one. Doing that takes a whole day work for a whole family - although Hungarians do more with a pig, not "just" salting big chunks and making sausage. There is no time with fiddling with scenes. If any of you tried to record anything in your lives would know that scenes have to be re-recorded several times (I did, although it was only audio, featured two people beside me, had to record a take like 20 times, every fuking thing goes wrong all the time). Plus creating the set that it shows what it should and it looks good. On a random day it isn't guaranteed that just lights will be satisfactory for every scene. Doing that whole vid about processing the meat had to take days, but you cannot process one pig that long, it needed to be done. Which means they worked with several pigs and had bunch of spoilage/wastage. No farmer can afford that unless he is a pig farmer with many workers.
The whole thing is set and directed, and they even have to take care it looks natural (which isn't).

Here's an interesting video about what it takes for bushgraft channels doing their scenic shit "spontaneously":

Bernd 06/28/2021 (Mon) 07:44:44 [Preview] No.44236 del
>The Problem With the USA's Borders
I'm gonna watch that. But maybe that channel has some info about the area of my current limited interest: Africa, and more closely the Sahel region. Perhaps can offer more to understand the dealings of Mali and Chad and the others.

Bernd 08/01/2021 (Sun) 16:08:02 [Preview] No.44642 del
Stumbled upon this channel, wonder what's this about. Some videos have English subs.

Some throat singing.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=5fmjxzD6WCk [Embed]

Border control?
https://youtube.com/watch?v=dWl-bj_7Gz0 [Embed]

Bernd 08/01/2021 (Sun) 20:09:27 [Preview] No.44643 del
>Border control?

Interesting that they still use Soviet/Russian tech (like UAZ-es in video), not Chinese.

Bernd 08/02/2021 (Mon) 10:12:20 [Preview] No.44650 del
Well, they use horses too. They utilize what is at hand. They maybe also don't want to overly rely on just Chinese stuff.
That UAZ like van was seemed new. But I see they use other Russian vehicles, like that Kamaz and others.
The structure of the video feels weird with the soldiers having conversations like they'd explain stuff to each other.
I wonder what kind of traffic goes through their "green" border. They don't even have other neighbour just China and Russia.

Bernd 10/26/2021 (Tue) 18:58:56 [Preview] No.45401 del
How accurate is this?
https://youtube.com/watch?v=4dyCo_zQGAs [Embed]

Bernd 10/26/2021 (Tue) 19:30:29 [Preview] No.45403 del
It is accurate.
In '44/45 too many things are going on, and ofc I don't know every detail how changes occured.
The wording of the texts are also ok.

Bernd 10/26/2021 (Tue) 19:46:28 [Preview] No.45404 del
Also the real heavy losses weren't during Case Blue, but during the Soviet offensive of 1943 January, resulting in the destruction of the whole 2nd army. I did not notice this event coming up.
Maybe two other offensive could have been mentioned. The 1st army's participation against Iasi-Kishinov, and the 3rd army's toward South Transylvania.

Bernd 01/27/2022 (Thu) 02:17:09 [Preview] No.46213 del
(64.20 KB 1000x800 apu_milkman.jpg)
Sharing a few more yt channels I liek

Life of Boris - Wacky and funny Russian guy. Lots of Slav cooking and gaming


NFKRZ - Another Russian youtuber. vlogs mostly about Russia, the USSR, and Eastern Europe


Redlettermedia - mostly movie reviews done by burgers. They're most famous ones are the Star Wars reviews. Which are raly well thought out.


FoeKoe - a wacky and losurandum youtuber that sounds liek a Swedish Pyrocynical. I don't know where he's from.


The Act man - Mainly gaming commentary. Funy american guy


RockCock64 - was part of a gaming review group called BESTGAMERSUSA. Which was pretty popular in 4chan's /v/ board when they debuted, and even got invited to the annual /v/ awards a few times. But, they split up afterwards because they never really got along. Now it's only him


Kreal tube - Another wacky and funy videogame reviewer. Pretty high quality animation in all of his videos


Bernd 01/27/2022 (Thu) 20:42:44 [Preview] No.46219 del
I searched for backyard bushcraft because in outdoors circles the term is derogatory for people who pretend going out while the farthest they went is their backyard. Some (many?) yt channels do tricks and use shortcuts when doing their stuff. I expected to found something, a parody channel, but turns out there wasn't any such and by accident some bloke started just recently a channel with that name. It isn't parody at all. First video was uploaded two weeks ago, and he explains he was inspired by various 'tubers and begin doing "bushcraft" in his backyard to learn outdoors skills. Which is commendable. I wanted to comment something encouraging, but don't use youtube itself.
(Invidious because yt is sluggish thit on my potato and CloudTube loads the videos slow sadly.)

Gonna check those out sometimes.

Bernd 01/28/2022 (Fri) 11:14:18 [Preview] No.46223 del
(211.58 KB 1920x1440 Z-odcGqpS0-2eNgRHgLSfg.jpg)
>NFKRZ - Another Russian youtuber. vlogs mostly about Russia, the USSR, and Eastern Europe

>Dendy: Russia's Fake Nintendo Console
>not having original dendy in video


Bernd 01/28/2022 (Fri) 20:03:45 [Preview] No.46233 del
ARTGER - mostly food from Mongolia, looks interesting

Bear Independent - not sure about this, have not watch enough to judge - so I put this here so won't forget (have I forget anything that I put on kc to check it? I can't remember) -, but he suggested the channel above...

Bernd 01/29/2022 (Sat) 14:45:47 [Preview] No.46241 del
OMG. so retro

will look at this later

>I searched for backyard bushcraft because in outdoors circles the term is derogatory for people who pretend going out while the farthest they went is their backyard. Some (many?) yt channels do tricks and use shortcuts when doing their stuff. I expected to found something, a parody channel, but turns out there wasn't any such

It's real niche so maybe you'll have a hard time finding it

Bernd 01/29/2022 (Sat) 19:09:32 [Preview] No.46243 del
>Life of Boris
I realized I know this channel. It's too... condensed.
This I would watch but he talks too much and too quick, and too many cuts. So just one video for one sitting.
I know about these guys. Not sure if I watched anything in full.
>the gaming channels
I really have to be curious what they say about game I'm interested in to actually watch these. Kinda like:
>Skyrim VR by RockCock64
The music is horrible tho.

Bernd 05/16/2022 (Mon) 14:46:10 [Preview] No.47557 del
Found this accidentally. Country Life Vlog.
Check this video out:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=jpfYDzOm6us [Embed]
Looks great.
Seems they are Turkish, but did some google translating (the occasional subtitles) and the language not 100% checking out. Maybe they are ex-soviet Turks, somewhere in Central Asia. Use of the samovar suggest that too (I dunno how popular/traditional in other countries, my family has a samovar too).

I have to tell you, Bernd, this one reminds me of that Chinese Liziqi channel somewhere further up. Looked into other videos, very good quality, some tiny moments caught on camera (like offering a bite for a playful cat) just in the right time from the right angle. 100% it is produced. But also I believe that these people in the videos are just those, unlike that Chinese chick who is the main hero on that channel, and who is 110% a culture officer of the CCP. (Still those are good videos too, I don't deny the quality and entertainment, I'm just saying they are professionally produced.)
I wonder how many of these channels exist and who does this, who is "behind" them, who utilizes the crew, the equipment, the expertise.

Bernd 05/16/2022 (Mon) 16:05:24 [Preview] No.47559 del
Apparently Azerbaijan.

Bernd 06/01/2022 (Wed) 20:15:46 [Preview] No.47734 del
Luke Smith

Lotsa stuff here. IT (Linux, webdev, sysadmin stuff, etc.), crypto, politics, philosophy, religion, whatever. Many memes, ranting against webbloat and soydevving, blahblah. Bunch of interesting stuff he says, easy to agree with. He also explains stuff simply.
Relatively old channel, 5 years.
He also has website linked everywhere.

Dutch bernd Bernd 06/03/2022 (Fri) 03:23:12 [Preview] No.47747 del
(82.34 KB 654x525 1479758166001.png)
>Luke Smith

Nice. You should try looking into Linus Tech tips, techquickie and Marques Brownlee. They're pretty good. The last channel especially



Bernd 06/03/2022 (Fri) 09:03:03 [Preview] No.47762 del
>Linus Tech tips, techquickie
Earlier I watched some videos. Since those are always on the invidious instances front page...
I don't like them. I find that Luke bloke and what he says relatable. Haven't listened any of his longer vids, because how he speaks it is a bit tiring.
>Marques Brownlee
He has bunch of phone stuff and overpriced gadgetcrap that shouldn't exit. I have no interest in that. I do not even have a smartphone (well this isn't entirely true, I just don't use it, because it turned out no linux OSs support the hardware).
Despite these aren't really for my taste I appreciate the suggestions and maybe others will find something in them.

Dutch bernd Bernd 06/04/2022 (Sat) 20:16:26 [Preview] No.47778 del
tbh those channels are more zoomer and normie friendly than others.

>Despite these aren't really for my taste I appreciate the suggestions and maybe others will find something in them.

>because it turned out no linux OSs support the hardware
But there is an option for that I think? I can't remember what it was though. F-Droid maybe?

Bernd 07/10/2022 (Sun) 20:47:19 [Preview] No.48246 del
Eat the bugs...
https://youtube.com/watch?v=oT4-VNdca98 [Embed]
...and you'll be happy.

Dutch bernd Bernd 07/13/2022 (Wed) 04:16:51 [Preview] No.48266 del
Nah don't like that bernd.

Bernd 07/13/2022 (Wed) 07:22:10 [Preview] No.48278 del
Found a new channel. Actually was recommended by Survival Russia in two of his videos. Hmm.
The videos have good footage.
He's a Russian journalist, he seeks our rarely visited places. The topics seems to be Russia related. What I could piece together is that he was a journalist for a while previously. The videos are nicely edited, most footage seems to come from his own recordings, but he works with a staff, uses drones, can get into places the average mortal might can't get in. I would say the channel has some connection in the structures of the Russian government somewhere, but it's online for 3 months now, and only has 1,7K subscribers, and 10K views tops currently. If there were support they could generate way more views to prop up the channel. I dunno.
Anyway nice videos, good content.

He eats the bears too.

Dutch bernd Bernd 07/18/2022 (Mon) 17:56:46 [Preview] No.48317 del
>He eats the bears too.

How does bear taste like? Like Deer? Like Horse?

Bernd 07/19/2022 (Tue) 06:55:51 [Preview] No.48323 del
All wild animals has a distinctive flavor, so moar liek deer. But they have different diet. Bears are carnivores in theory (I would call them omnivores since they eat everything, with a meat preference), and the taste of meat reflects the diet of the specimen.

Bernd 07/19/2022 (Tue) 07:01:39 [Preview] No.48324 del
(575.77 KB 2560x1707 porcupine.jpg)
Btw that bloke calls that wild animal flavor as "woodsy". Although he uses that adjective for all kindsa stuff.
He was asked how a porykpine tastes.
>ain't like chicken

Dutch bernd Bernd 07/24/2022 (Sun) 15:19:06 [Preview] No.48358 del
>All wild animals has a distinctive flavor, so moar liek deer. But they have different diet.
>and the taste of meat reflects the diet of the specimen.

Yep pretty much

Bernd 09/30/2022 (Fri) 10:10 [Preview] No.48863 del
Steve Wallis' "beautiful wife" died a month ago or so. Rest in peace sweet princess.
I haven't posted his channel yet, although I frequently stream his comfy camping videos, which he'll continue to make. Great channel.

Bernd 10/03/2022 (Mon) 11:55 [Preview] No.48889 del
These cooking segments of Paul Harrell's are fun watch.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=6ldSkZREwjc [Embed]
>cook and taste testing instant meals
>Don't try this at home, I'm what you'd call "a professional"!

Bernd 10/15/2022 (Sat) 17:56 [Preview] No.49012 del
Quickly growing fresh channel exploiting the butthurt the woke "movement" causes among incel capeshit and fantasy show enthusiast nerds.
I mean he's not wrong.

Bernd 10/16/2022 (Sun) 04:40 [Preview] No.49017 del
I can't believe these wacky companies keep sending him their foodstuff to review after the first time. Who's going to buy that shit regularly, anyway?

Bernd 10/16/2022 (Sun) 06:32 [Preview] No.49020 del
He gives honest reviews. He only had real problems with one item in this vid, so a it's a win for the manufacturer.
I like the story with the
>bean component
>beef, diced
Steve1989 also notes these expeditious, military style food descriptions in that particular series of MRE.
Up to this day I do not know what they call it a PAIN hamburger. I have my guesses tho.

Bernd 10/16/2022 (Sun) 06:34 [Preview] No.49022 del
Ah forgot.
>Who's going to buy that shit regularly, anyway?
It has its market.

Bernd 10/16/2022 (Sun) 07:14 [Preview] No.49024 del
You must surely recognise that his presentation in them is very poor.
>It has its market.
Defence contractors?

Bernd 10/16/2022 (Sun) 07:37 [Preview] No.49025 del
It's reconstituted food. His opinion is "as good as any such can be", and it is a good review for these. Except that one meal which he spits.
>Defence contractors?
No. Civilians. Tourism, camping, and hiking is a consumerised industry in itself. Bunch of people spend money on all kinds of useless shit, clothing and gear and packaged food, and go glamping with their shit. These types of food packets with Mountain House brand and the others fit into this.
Maybe you don't buy these, maybe I don't buy these, but there are plenty of people out there who do. Mostly Americans, ofc.

Bernd 10/16/2022 (Sun) 10:40 [Preview] No.49026 del
I'm thinking about Western Euro markets, if they buy these stuff. Because instant food ofc as popular as anywhere. I dunno what Western Euro hikers would prefer. Most Hungarians will laugh about these things, they probably never heard any of these.

Bernd 10/16/2022 (Sun) 10:58 [Preview] No.49027 del
We usually just do meat and or seafood on the bbq here. I can't imagine wanting to buy any of that dehydrated stuff unless I were going to a very remote and unfamiliar conflict zone.

Bernd 10/16/2022 (Sun) 14:20 [Preview] No.49031 del
Their pro is the shelf life, the ease and quickness of preparation. They are also light, so it's good if one can get water and don't need to bring that too.
So those will use something like these who are out for a "longer" (more than 1-3 days) period and don't have the means to keep food cold, and don't have much time for preparing meals. So those who don't camp in place, don't go by car, but are on several days hike on a trail. There might be others, like who create adventures for themselves like the straight line missions GeoWizard does, and ofc larpers, who play survival in their backyard.
In Europe however you walk liek 20 mins and you'll be in a settlement with shops and restaurants. Okay, there are areas, like national parks where this isn't true, and maybe the towns, villages would be out of way or add a considerable amount of distance.

Bernd 05/01/2023 (Mon) 19:43 [Preview] No.50188 del
The Ulengovs
Quite an ethnographical channel. Russia various folks. Lotsa cooking.
1. Samoyeds:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=8COjtY1egvc [Embed]
2. Tatars:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=l3bhrrCCBMs [Embed]

Bernd 06/19/2023 (Mon) 18:44 [Preview] No.50450 del
This channel I dunno if good or not, I still have to watch one video, but I don't have time and I put this here so I'll find it.

Bernd 06/20/2023 (Tue) 06:43 [Preview] No.50456 del

Bernd 06/20/2023 (Tue) 06:47 [Preview] No.50457 del
And I can't listen his whiny voice long. Which sucks because he has long videos. Fucking soyboy get a shot of testosterone or something.

Bernd 06/20/2023 (Tue) 07:22 [Preview] No.50458 del
I've seen some of it, I watched the true size of the Roman Legion and Mongol Army videos and the recent one about Roman pay and promotion.
It's okay I guess, I have some issues with it but they are minor. But then I have only see three videos.

??? They must have different narrators for different videos because that was not the case for the ones I saw.

Bernd 06/21/2023 (Wed) 16:17 [Preview] No.50478 del
I wanted to watch the Punnic-Graeco war.

Dutch bernd Bernd 06/23/2023 (Fri) 02:29 [Preview] No.50494 del
(124.77 KB 900x900 MarkSLAV.jpg)


>The most Slavic channel in the world. Slavic reviews, Slavic gaming, Slavic everything and Pure Slavicness as it is

Kinda liek Life of Boris, but more Russian. Fairly new channel too with not a lot of views, but very informative on Russian way of life. I liek the humor and video gags it has. Reminds me of those really old ytmnd videos from the old days of teh internet.

Mayonnaise. What is mayonnaise to Slavs? ► Top mayonnaise food to hate


kek, I thought I was the only one who loved mayo like a lot. A little too much

Bernd 06/23/2023 (Fri) 07:53 [Preview] No.50498 del
I added another outdoors channel to the list:
Outdoors Unsupervised:
Lotsa "that's what she says jokes" (Tasha sure talks a lot) and outdoors cooking with veggie/fruit stickers left on.
He has another channel, Brandon Da Garbage Disposal Clark, which also has outdoors themes.

I'm fine with mayonec occasionally. Not a great fan of condiments in general.
NFKRZ has a video about Russian accents pulled by Westerners in movies. He inserted a segment of some Russian youtuber talking English, and showing how real Russian sounds, and NFKRZ says it's a overdid. This one sounds like that.

Bernd 07/20/2023 (Thu) 20:54 [Preview] No.50714 del
Trying to use Odysee. Sadly Youtube is so large that most of everyone gravitates to there and just a small proportion of them bothers uploading elsewhere. I will collect Odysee channels into this thread, those I watch, and hopefully find in the future.

Starting with NattoSumo.
Paul Harrell
Defense Politics Asia
Real Reporter

Bernd 07/21/2023 (Fri) 19:01 [Preview] No.50718 del
Louis Rossmann, the bloke who supports right to repair, and oppose subscription based services, purchases whatnot.

Bernd 07/22/2023 (Sat) 09:43 [Preview] No.50719 del

Bernd 07/23/2023 (Sun) 08:00 [Preview] No.50722 del
(93.25 KB 519x325 youtards.png)
These invidious instances' popular feed always feature these two insufferable noones, the skelli hobo and the grinning pajeet. I got the impression they talk about internet drama, generating more drama. Today their videos really synced up.

Alternatives to youtube Bernd 07/24/2023 (Mon) 09:00 [Preview] No.50739 del
I should also collect the alternatives to youtube. Not frontends, like invidious, cloudtube, piped, or whatever, but other video hosting and streaming sites.
Odysee https://odysee.com/
Rumble https://rumble.com/
BitChute https://www.bitchute.com/
Peertube https://joinpeertube.org/ - demo instance: https://peertube.cpy.re/

I also found this Joystream stuff https://www.joystream.org/ but I don't know any instances.

All suffers from the problem that the content is slim, and that mostly those content creators set up shop whom are censored or likely get censored by youtube. Which means low quality political stuff, US republican, conspiracy theorist and the like will be the staple.
On Odysee I got surprised luckily, see the above posts. And there are tech stuff.
Survival Russia has rumble, but I think he puts just a couple of videos there.
BitChute is probably the worse in content I got the impression it really is just pol-tier stuff. And not even endpol-tier but 4chan/pol-tier or 8chan-qanon tier.
Peertube, I think it's too fragmented, can't really discover instances, unless you know someone who hosts his stuff, you won't find it. Liek: https://videos.lukesmith.xyz or https://videos.icum.to/ And anyway from the examples we can conclude only crazy people use it.

Bernd 07/24/2023 (Mon) 09:11 [Preview] No.50740 del
I think there is bilibili if someone wants to stare at moonrunes and don't know what's going on.
I found Survival Russia here, but videos don't play... I dunno what's going on.
There has to be an Indian site too.

Bernd 10/04/2023 (Wed) 17:13 [Preview] No.51101 del
Kaiser Bauch, geography, demography autism.
Channel name is German, I feel his accent bit Indian, but he is actually Czech...

Listening this now, What is Central Europe?

Bernd 10/11/2023 (Wed) 17:15 [Preview] No.51139 del
Listened to Survival Shilly.
They're advising people in the Austrian media to buy and stockpile all kinds of medicines because more illnesses gonna occur since the management of the corona pandemic compromised our immune systems.
The more you know, Bernd.

Bernd 10/12/2023 (Thu) 18:04 [Preview] No.51141 del

Bernd Board volunteer 10/12/2023 (Thu) 18:10 [Preview] No.51142 del
At least post a youtube or other video stream channel.

Bernd 10/24/2023 (Tue) 18:24 [Preview] No.51197 del
Swiss Policy Research has an Odysee channel:
Their website is full of useful info and links:
They generally observe and analyze propaganda and its usage. They have topics about geopolitics and wars, and covid and such. Recommended.

Bernd 12/01/2023 (Fri) 07:08 [Preview] No.51335 del
I did not post this channel here, but I linked at least one video elsewhere (in a politics or Syrian war thread probably, perhaps news), the CaspianReport.
He often makes a good point and offers information about a great variety of things, usually related to international relations, and does good visualizations. Are things how he presents? As Paul Harrell often says: you be the judge.

Yesterday I found this. Good Times Bad Times. Am I watching the same channel???
CaspianReport precedes this one by a decade. I'm not sure about the quality yet, found a channel yesterday but have not watched a video in full.

Bernd 12/01/2023 (Fri) 07:55 [Preview] No.51336 del
Okay, still not watched a video in full, listened a bit into several of Good Times Bad Times. To my ear, it pushes Western/American narratives more, in comparison CaspianReport sounds more neutral. I might be wrong but for now this is my impression.
I can't overstate that the format is very similar to CaspianReport, funny.

Bernd 02/29/2024 (Thu) 22:48 [Preview] No.51713 del
(9.27 KB 176x176 geopold-UK.jpg)
Geopold - A ytber from Birmingham, UK who travels to a bunch of different countries and cities


Here's a review he did on Hungary. The country looks cozy from what he showed

https://youtube.com/watch?v=AUfLzllYyAI [Embed]

thoughts and onions on this?

Bernd 02/29/2024 (Thu) 22:57 [Preview] No.51716 del
>Kocayine, for mostly yugoslavian war era songs and similar

Old yt channel got deleted for some reason. Here's the new one


Bernd 03/01/2024 (Fri) 10:11 [Preview] No.51720 del
Heh, the fellas on >>>/ausneets/ asked just the same thing after that video aired. Well, one fella.
I watched it and gave opinion, but that was several threads ago, and won't try to dig it out.
So here's something similar.
He gets things mostly right. Tourists are getting scammed, politics and healthcare is horrible, but food is great (from traditional chow to foreign stuff). Unicum is okay, I'm not a fan, but it's unique for sure.
The country is indeed divided but the rest of the country has things to offer, not just Budapest. Even the smallest villages has now at least 1 thing to stare at for an hour. Yeah won't keep you entertained for a week for sure. But depending on what you are look for it might worth to travel around. My suggestion would be to get a place to sleep, at larger town as a hub for the adventures, and visit nearby places. This plan has the caveat that one needs to know the area, or learn about it beforehand, or have a local with advice or something. Probably car is better than public transport roads might be shitawful tho.
Two good reasons would be for doing so:
1. food, try local variations of a certain dish; for example the home of the fisherman's soup is in the southern part of the country, even has two main significant branch of it in two towns
2. booze, and chiefly I mean wine, Hungary has many wine regions with their local micro-climates and grape/wine types
Beyond this there could be buildings (such as castles), baths (Hungary is full of hot springs and baths built upon 'em), and nature (national parks with unique wildlife), and occasionally happenings (festivals or sporting events).
Major drawback for a foreigner: noone knows English. And this one is not told by Geopold.

Bernd 03/07/2024 (Thu) 23:40 [Preview] No.51738 del
ack turns out I wasn't the only one that knew of Geopold.

Hungary seems liek a good place to visit on vacation. Sounds like a mini adventure being there

>Major drawback for a foreigner: noone knows English. And this one is not told by Geopold.

Just learn language and bring dictionary + translator app from phone

Problems weren't

Bernd 03/08/2024 (Fri) 07:05 [Preview] No.51742 del
>ack turns out I wasn't the only one that knew of Geopold.
Well all these fags: Geopold, Living Ironically in Europe, Gattsu, NFKRZ, and perhaps others are basically 4chan/pol/int escapees. So they ought to be known on imageboards.
>Hungary seems liek a good place to visit on vacation.
Don't come here it's horrible!
>Just learn language
This. Here even babbies learn it.

Bernd 03/10/2024 (Sun) 16:29 [Preview] No.51755 del
All these meme obsessed channel owners are certified retards and this guy provides another proof by existing.

If there is a god out there, may he spare me from thinking 4chan/reddit humor is funny and you get decent knowledge from there.

Bernd 03/10/2024 (Sun) 19:43 [Preview] No.51756 del
Recently NFKRZ described his content as "slop". On one hand it's another meme, on the other hand it grabs the essence of these videos.
>get decent knowledge
As far as ~15 minutes videos go they give some idea. I don't expect a real history lesson from Living Ironically in Europe but about countries I know very little about he gives a general impression.
I'm not defending them, I'm thinking about expectations, and in their case mine isn't high.
To be honest actual documentaries on youtube that hour+ long in topics that books were written enough to fill a tiny library (e.g. Napoleonic wars), these also can feel lackluster if I inflate my expectations high.

Speaking of which. Recently came across a channel on odysee (i believe it's on youtube too), that might be good. I watched a video and that was okay. I can't find it.

Bernd 03/11/2024 (Mon) 00:16 [Preview] No.51758 del
>. I don't expect a real history lesson from...
You don't but so many do, hence the retarded comments infests internet.

>but about countries I know very little about he gives a general impression.
Sugarcoated term for delusion of knowledge. Pretty much every country I've travelled were much more and different from the "general impression" which are often agenda driven or just plainly ignorant. It promotes shallowness and people won't give up on it as long as their idiotic beliefs are challenged, it's how it works. I wish I could just lay back but no, ignorants are only so get emboldened by lack of challenge.

Bernd 03/11/2024 (Mon) 08:59 [Preview] No.51762 del
Here's my opinion of that Geopold video: >>51720 I wrote what he got right and wrote about the shortcomings too. It's an okay video and enough for foreigners to paint a picture in their own mind if they wish.
Or here's Living Ironically in Europe's video about the Treaty of Trianon
https://youtube.com/watch?v=xMYdZAbfi0M [Embed]
A lot more can be told, a bunch of caveats and corrections can be added, but it touches key points and after that 13 minutes an average Westerner will know infinitely more than he knew before.
>agenda driven
What isn't? Proper documentaries are like that too. Full books were written, and are getting written just to create certain impressions. Lots of them are considered objective scientific works. Especially on the field of humanities.

If you expect people to be well educated in every possible topic you have to prepare for constant disappointments.

After you did some generalized opinions, such as
>channel owners are certified retards
What are your main concerns about - for example - that specific Geopold video? What he gets wrong? How your impression differs from your visit to Hungary?

Bernd 03/11/2024 (Mon) 18:27 [Preview] No.51765 del
>What isn't?
Utopian fallacy

> Lots of them are considered objective scientific works.
Humanities is just one step away from these idiots which I don't consider an achievement.

Statistics hardly ever provide full picture, ignoring economics(which is closest thing to pass as science in social science), neither infotaintment and such videos.

We need a thing called 'eyetest' if you're not familiar with the term, it's mostly used by sports community in US, emphasizing shortcomings of statistics dependency and only watching highlights, in this case this video is more or less equivalent of highlights.

I understand social science is way more complicated than sports, but the reason sports emphasize eyetest is not because they're simpler, it's because there are stakes for getting things right. Meanwhile no social scientist, youtuber, social media shill or local ignorant get punished for getting things wrong but only speaking against certain norms.

Social scientists benefit from this, because with that they can have more status despite not achieving shit. People wrongfully think almost all clases try their best to do what they're obliged but we know that's not true.

My general opinion is just, it caters to stereotypes by morons indulging in to stereotypes. It almost always get increasingly ignorant and even hostile for every inch they get away from western europe.

I have internet, which is a great asset, if you use it for getting more glorified grandpa hearsays that's on you.

Simply not watching these type of channels and listening to the most of the humanity degree idiots who lost their touch with reality is criminally underrated. Simply not thinking in their terms, being devoid of intellectual mediocrity is a huge asset, not to mention better for social gains wise, as they're mostly bitter or passive aggressive people vastly overestimating themselves. Not falling for middle intelligence traps such as this, is a virtue and reward itself.

Bernd 03/12/2024 (Tue) 14:59 [Preview] No.51768 del
(41.54 KB 479x720 tips_fedora.jpg)
You mean utopian fallacy is not agenda driven?
I get it you don't like 'em. But this is what can be read from all these lines you posted:
>In this moment, I am euphoric. [...] because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.

Bernd 03/12/2024 (Tue) 19:36 [Preview] No.51771 del
Atleast you tried fam.

Bernd 03/13/2024 (Wed) 07:18 [Preview] No.51773 del
It's literally it. You just call everyone and idiot.

Bernd 03/13/2024 (Wed) 10:57 [Preview] No.51774 del
I didn't, but if you take offense that's your problem. I can't please everyone.

Bernd 03/13/2024 (Wed) 11:09 [Preview] No.51775 del
You are projecting now. You were the one who got offended by that video. Still don't know why, for you did not present your differing views about Hungary/the tourist experience of Hungary - which Geopold made the video of.
You simply blabbering about morons and idiots, and grumbling about reddit humour. Your whole point is that your taste is patrician and everyone else is pleb. It's a meme itself in written form.

Bernd 03/13/2024 (Wed) 11:46 [Preview] No.51776 del
You seem really sentimental and despite I replied why your points are wrong, commiting utopian fallacy and how should we inform ourselves, you resorted to damage control as you simply have nothing to contribute.

Not to mention you call people bots when they hold different opinion, so you're not in position to complain "you call everyone idiot" nor have any legit reason to do so.

If you want an echo chamber where your views are not challenged you're welcome to have it. If I was a fedora, I would certainly create a small echo chamber and circlejerk endlessly, where there are no meaningful discussions happen.

Bernd 03/13/2024 (Wed) 16:22 [Preview] No.51780 del
>you call people bots when they hold different opinion
Now you're really just making up things. We call that lying irl.

Bernd 03/23/2024 (Sat) 13:18 [Preview] No.51808 del
(210.26 KB 1059x561 PH.jpg)
Interview with Paul Harrell by GarandThumb:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ANdUqpCW2SM [Embed]
He looks as can be expected.

Bernd 03/30/2024 (Sat) 19:42 [Preview] No.51839 del
This dude talks a lot about privacy and anonymity:

Bernd 03/31/2024 (Sun) 10:04 [Preview] No.51840 del
So invidious has problems, but Piped (such instance as https://watch.leptons.xyz ) seems working.

Bernd 03/31/2024 (Sun) 10:39 [Preview] No.51841 del
Or not.
On that particular instance some videos are working, others aren't. Different instances works less.

Bernd 03/31/2024 (Sun) 18:48 [Preview] No.51844 del
They fixed invidious. Well they adapted the code I assume to the changes youtube made. Or youtube returned to previous state.

Bernd 04/07/2024 (Sun) 17:17 [Preview] No.51872 del
Crazy Neighbour died too.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=vxKgUgqqY2w [Embed]

Bernd 04/11/2024 (Thu) 02:18 [Preview] No.51876 del
Most of the instances aren't working for me right now. Dunno about anyone else

Bernd 04/11/2024 (Thu) 07:38 [Preview] No.51880 del
Was same yesterday. A Finnish one worked stable, now yewtu.be is fine today.

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