(145.66 KB 518x496 1555940463258.png)
tobacco thread Bernd 04/23/2019 (Tue) 07:05:51 [Preview] No. 25074 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
does any of my fellow bernhards use tobacco? snus, pipe, cigars, cigarettes, chew etc

I use snus sometimes makes me calmer and easier to focuse when I write

pipe looks cool though
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Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 16:29:34 [Preview] No.25198 del
>There are no rulers of this world
is that so. you think things just happen by happenstance? that orban was funded by soros is just a coincidence?

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 18:08:12 [Preview] No.25204 del
Drink cans aren't used for cooking, and the content isn't acidic enough. Food cans are plastic covered on the inside you don't even supposed to cook in them.
Also whatever minuscule aluminium gets into your body it's effect is negligible. Basically everything is harmful if overused. Water you need but you can easily drown in it. You know what's killing you? Oxidation. With every breath you bring this flammable gas into your body and breath out the result of your dying cells. Still I don't see you advocating for not taking breath.

>orban was funded by soros is just a coincidence?
Well you totally convinced me that Orbán learning in Oxford on Soros' money made him win the elections in 2014 and the other two since then.
>you think things just happen by happenstance?
7.5 billion people makes decisions every day, how could things happen by happenstance? If you don't like what's happening why don't you go and influence people to things happen your way? Why don't you go out and help your fellow Swedes see the light? Tell them about the great cultural achievements of the Swedes and Europeans.
Do you think this faceless power micromanages everything?

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 19:17:13 [Preview] No.25209 del
Thread theme:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=eGuZY6NVXqU [Embed]

But I prefer the Hungarian version, Nashville Teens sounds like if they hadn't reached puberty.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=tl94QoBgQnk [Embed]

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 21:27:43 [Preview] No.25213 del
Supermarket tobacco very much is a target of anti-tobacco propaganda.
Elites aren't Hegelian philosophers, they mostly just act on whatever sounds most profitable in the short run.

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:51:47 [Preview] No.25226 del
>Supermarket tobacco very much is a target of anti-tobacco propaganda.
thats what I meant.

First they came for the tobacco users, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a tobacco user.

Then they came for the chocolate eater, and I did not speak out—
Because I didnt fancy chocolate.

Then they came for the tea drinkers, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a tea drinkers.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

(1.42 MB 1920x1080 Vtuber四天王.png)

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とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 04:42:03 [Preview] No.147212 del
(1.76 MB 512x288 1556080957233.mp4)

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 10:18:48 [Preview] No.147230 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 06:00:55 [Preview] No.147290 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 13:11:53 [Preview] No.147343 del
(496.32 KB 294x236 1556197952529.webm)

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:49:32 [Preview] No.147392 del

Bernd 04/22/2019 (Mon) 08:07:17 [Preview] No. 25031 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
<<Why does Korea insist that the Japanese never apologised nor compensated for their actions, even to this day,
And How much all of the money japan has compensated Korea until now?>>
Because ton of monies are involving in this issue.

>>At 2018 again the Korean government decided to force Japan to pay $24 billion with the money coming from the 245 Japanese companies operating in Korea. Korea tries to force this as compensation for WW2

The only reason? Money.
Korea have never stopped asking for compensation, even until now.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

42 posts omitted.

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 17:12:45 [Preview] No.25202 del
No it doesnt

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 17:52:27 [Preview] No.25203 del
(55.36 KB 927x941 2921.jpg)
I was joking m8

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 18:36:55 [Preview] No.25205 del
I understand your side of this, noone likes to be nuked and from where you stand it might seem like SK supports NK.
However they have a dangerous situation there and SK with Moon just try to diffuse it, and normalize the relations between the two half Korea. SK doesn't want to be nuked either, what can they do?
Also even more dangerous countries - like the Soviet Union - didn't use nukes. Why? Mutually assured destruction. If NK attacks someone, it might harm certain targets, but NK will be no more it is sure.
Also you don't need to defend the USA. They're capable of doing it themselves, and they see what's happening, they will do something if they judge it dangerous to them.

Whaling isn't really related.

All right, we get it, no need to repost it.

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:01:59 [Preview] No.25217 del
Wrong. Firstly only the realistic way we can stop the NK to make nuclear weapon is hard economical sanctions. As like USA did to the Venezuela.
SK is just helping NK for the own advantage.
They have already agreements of that NK will not nuke SK. And if NK could have nuclear weapon it’s big advantage for the Russia and China because they can use NK for the excuse of attack anywhere of the earth by let NK to shot.
So SK have to choose the position to stand with democratic West nations or stand for the communists.
Bytheway First of all , they have to end this by themselfs just send army and fight themselfs to controll the NK. They are relly on always someone else.
SK is not doing anything for the benefit of the democracy nations but almost everything is for the benefit of the communists nations.
We don’t allow such hypocrites act of SK.

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:48:59 [Preview] No.25225 del
well japan has already been bombed before so how hard can it be?

(109.44 KB 2000x1659 Brexit-door.jpg)
(23.58 KB 1540x1024 qwop-xit.png)
(354.42 KB 1092x1023 britbong.png)
Politics Serious Discusson - Brexit Edition Bernd 03/21/2019 (Thu) 20:43:13 [Preview] No. 23966 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Anything politics.

For those who want to qwop-xit from the EU:
This athlete needs matching colors with picrel.
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Bernd 04/24/2019 (Wed) 17:12:16 [Preview] No.25131 del
maybe they can have a contract on maintenance

Bernd 04/24/2019 (Wed) 22:17:11 [Preview] No.25146 del
You can always build toilets within wagons and railway stations.

Bernd 04/24/2019 (Wed) 22:53:42 [Preview] No.25149 del
The Supreme Court of Justice (not the same thing as the Supreme Federal Court, which is usually referred to as the Supreme Court) judged Lula's condemnation. They accepted it but reduced the sentence, so he may get off to a lighter punishment instead of his current cell before the end of this year. If he doesn't get a new condemnation, that is, and he may very well gain another as he's under judgement on half a dozen other charges of corruption.

Meanwhile public financing of artists has been squeezed: the limit on how much could be requested for a project was lowered from R$ 60 million to just R$ 1 million. Museums and a few other institutions currently covered within public cultural funding are exempt from this change.

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:31:42 [Preview] No.25220 del
Every case of his is judged separately? We (usually?) unite the cases and give one sentence after the whole is weighed. Or maybe I misunderstood something.
Also from 60 to mere 1 is a giant reduction.

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:48:09 [Preview] No.25224 del
(67.12 KB 300x300 1536370726655.png)
dedicated toilet trains

(189.65 KB 1142x856 magyarszentkorona.jpg)
(185.40 KB 1050x853 szentjobb.jpg)
20rh August State Foundation Day Bernd 08/20/2018 (Mon) 06:19:40 [Preview] No. 18586 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A year passed and again this day commemorates the foundation of Hungary, this is 1018th birthday. We celebrate this national holiday with listening to politicians mixing irrelevant daily politics into historical events in the morning and watching fireworks in the evening. Budapesterners can witness the procession of state founder Saint Stephen's Holy Dexter. Also all the local communities have their own little celebrations.
This is the third time I make this thread, and I won't post much, maybe I'll post something about what happened today - if anything interesting - later.
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Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 19:15:20 [Preview] No.25208 del
Does this in any way tie into "Jesus is Hungarian"?

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 19:18:33 [Preview] No.25210 del
I can combine Jacub and Esau into Jesu.

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 21:29:09 [Preview] No.25214 del

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 07:08:42 [Preview] No.25222 del
Yakub is literally just the Arabic version of it.
Also, apparently the Nation of Islam was originally started by an Afghan immigrant and later became for blacks.

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:45:26 [Preview] No.25223 del
sorry for not reading the bible every evening like a good boy

(44.22 KB 252x252 がおる.jpg)

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とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 07:59:25 [Preview] No.147305 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 11:30:14 [Preview] No.147331 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 06:51:37 [Preview] No.147372 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:43:07 [Preview] No.147391 del

(72.27 KB 400x400 oekaki.png)
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とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 03:18:48 [Preview] No.147368 del
(345.08 KB 600x600 daitouryo09.png)


とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:54:50 [Preview] No.147369 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 06:50:22 [Preview] No.147370 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 07:05:55 [Preview] No.147374 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:42:12 [Preview] No.147390 del

(255.19 KB 780x988 独習シリーズ.jpg)
プログラミングスレ とちゃき 07/19/2018 (Thu) 01:17:31 [Preview] No. 122628 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 04/05/2019 (Fri) 09:26:54 [Preview] No.145585 del

とちゃき 04/05/2019 (Fri) 13:12:50 [Preview] No.145605 del


とちゃき 04/06/2019 (Sat) 05:23:30 [Preview] No.145657 del


とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 08:02:27 [Preview] No.147306 del
(222.48 KB 2048x1152 1556179353297.jpg)

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:41:40 [Preview] No.147389 del

馬鹿スレ とちゃき 04/07/2019 (Sun) 12:11:05 [Preview] No. 145765 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 06:51:17 [Preview] No.147371 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:38:03 [Preview] No.147388 del

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とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:36:28 [Preview] No.147387 del

(1.78 MB 640x480 1555768920777.webm)
webmスレ とちゃき 04/21/2019 (Sun) 11:51:00 [Preview] No. 147000 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 04:48:57 [Preview] No.147215 del
(1.67 MB 320x176 1556081366747.webm)

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 10:16:25 [Preview] No.147228 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 06:43:06 [Preview] No.147295 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:21:39 [Preview] No.147386 del
(1.95 MB 424x240 1556270312877.webm)

(168.58 KB 828x1472 hunnynectar(22).jpg)
(145.05 KB 1080x810 Dove Cameron(42).jpg)
(158.43 KB 1080x810 Dove Cameron(40).jpg)
(139.54 KB 1080x810 Dove Cameron(41).jpg)
#211 or something Doc 04/16/2019 (Tue) 18:00:16 [Preview] No. 1342 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I for one welcome our new sexbot overlords.
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Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 02:11:00 [Preview] No.1626 del
(72.38 KB 734x734 20160325_185321.jpg)
one was hot the others were so dumb their hotness made them unatractive on all levels
yeah pretty much the same here, i gotta drive 20 hours with some guy whose job it is to teach and if i dont fuck up i get the license
3 day weekends are da best im surprised they let you off the hook so easiily as an america,

i gotta bounce bed is calling me seeya have a good night ciao

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 02:15:01 [Preview] No.1627 del
(2.68 MB 1024x576 tractor track day.webm)
Sleep well, hombre

Doc 04/26/2019 (Fri) 02:17:02 [Preview] No.1628 del
(152.03 KB 1080x1349 Kathryn Newton(3).jpg)
(89.62 KB 1080x1351 Kathryn Newton(2).jpg)
(126.56 KB 1080x1349 Kathryn Newton(1).jpg)
(591.66 KB 640x1136 renmeredith.mp4)

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 02:45:30 [Preview] No.1629 del
based meatball sub

Cute dress. I saw the trailer for detective pikachu and found it very odd to have pikachu talking in a black man's voice and quipping

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:17:09 [Preview] No.1630 del
I had my first nightmare in a long time last night and it was about the rotting, pimply, dark green corpse of a woman trying to seduce me. What did my brain mean by this?

(219.57 KB 1200x1200 駄犬箱.jpg)
犬スレ とちゃき 03/26/2019 (Tue) 11:44:28 [Preview] No. 144782 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 11:33:12 [Preview] No.147240 del
(113.81 KB 640x480 1556105403795.jpg)

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 19:55:07 [Preview] No.147273 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 03:50:24 [Preview] No.147285 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 07:50:58 [Preview] No.147303 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:16:50 [Preview] No.147385 del
(1.57 MB 574x854 1556270238292.webm)

大統領のスレッド復活 世界一daitouryou ##XLFTCm 03/22/2019 (Fri) 02:40:37 [Preview] No. 144395 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 06:01:43 [Preview] No.147291 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 07:44:07 [Preview] No.147301 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 10:27:59 [Preview] No.147324 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:13:36 [Preview] No.147384 del
(973.69 KB 814x1200 1556270035583.png)

(620.27 KB 1042x632 1554124074237.png)
ぬこスレ とちゃき 04/01/2019 (Mon) 13:07:24 [Preview] No. 145265 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 04/23/2019 (Tue) 12:19:03 [Preview] No.147165 del

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 04:30:28 [Preview] No.147209 del
(1.71 MB 600x338 1556080244587.mp4)

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 09:42:32 [Preview] No.147226 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 13:00:46 [Preview] No.147342 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:09:49 [Preview] No.147383 del

日本の雑談 とちゃき 03/25/2019 (Mon) 19:53:58 [Preview] No. 144734 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 04/22/2019 (Mon) 13:00:22 [Preview] No.147097 del
(205.67 KB 1600x900 1555938035765.jpg)

とちゃき 04/22/2019 (Mon) 17:06:47 [Preview] No.147110 del

とちゃき 04/23/2019 (Tue) 14:10:17 [Preview] No.147169 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 10:31:15 [Preview] No.147325 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 09:09:11 [Preview] No.147382 del

webm thread Anonymous 04/21/2019 (Sun) 02:34:44 [Preview] No. 20447 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
You know what to do.
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Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 07:23:09 [Preview] No.20510 del
(10.33 MB 640x360 b0dac6.webm)

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 08:27:55 [Preview] No.20511 del
(1.73 MB 288x360 twerking kills.mp4)
w-what do we do?

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 08:30:21 [Preview] No.20512 del
(1.20 MB 720x900 ayyyyyy.mp4)
(1.00 MB 640x640 inhand.webm)

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 08:33:29 [Preview] No.20513 del
(2.14 MB 1280x720 sargon.mp4)

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 08:36:27 [Preview] No.20514 del

(806.70 KB 400x397 1526490576736.gif)
巨乳スレ 二次でも三次でもOK Busty thread
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とちゃき 04/22/2019 (Mon) 09:25:52 [Preview] No.147076 del
(749.45 KB 849x1276 1555925194240.jpg)

とちゃき 04/23/2019 (Tue) 06:21:23 [Preview] No.147140 del
(1.95 MB 960x540 1556000492038.webm)

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 12:34:52 [Preview] No.147243 del
(154.37 KB 707x1000 1556109281307.jpg)

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 13:55:03 [Preview] No.147345 del
(514.16 KB 797x1200 1556200530362.jpg)

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 08:19:10 [Preview] No.147381 del
(64.61 KB 788x1064 1556266393554.jpg)

(156.08 KB 800x1067 次世代のケツ.jpg)
4ケツ目ーヽ( ´∀`)ノ
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とちゃき 04/22/2019 (Mon) 11:30:43 [Preview] No.147088 del
(878.32 KB 640x800 1555932408073.webm)

とちゃき 04/23/2019 (Tue) 06:24:59 [Preview] No.147141 del
(310.18 KB 520x780 1556000706438.mp4)

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 12:42:21 [Preview] No.147245 del
(788.48 KB 1140x1160 1556109592358.png)

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 08:22:12 [Preview] No.147310 del
(450.28 KB 1024x600 1556180545442.jpg)

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 08:11:53 [Preview] No.147380 del
(213.88 KB 220x165 1556266356095.gif)

Can something be "ontologically objective" but false or nonexistent Anonymous 04/23/2016 (Sat) 08:59:13 [Preview] No. 11 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I assume the answer is no by definition but I've heard people giving examples of ontologically objective things that I have no means to confirm are true.
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ls8eh690 AaronSporp 04/24/2019 (Wed) 20:16:42 [Preview] No.34 del

eun2vkok AaronSporp 04/25/2019 (Thu) 12:05:20 [Preview] No.36 del
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svw6nlp5 AaronSporp 04/25/2019 (Thu) 22:04:05 [Preview] No.37 del

0kdq5vxp AaronSporp 04/26/2019 (Fri) 08:10:53 [Preview] No.38 del

(292.99 KB 2000x1305 1548842728557.jpg)
スジ教 とちゃき 02/12/2019 (Tue) 08:36:15 [Preview] No. 141601 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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(775.40 KB 1074x1516 1555924624075.jpg)

とちゃき 04/23/2019 (Tue) 06:18:31 [Preview] No.147139 del
(101.88 KB 701x999 1556000353732.jpg)

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 12:30:23 [Preview] No.147241 del
(1.25 MB 1500x1850 1556109056213.png)

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 08:19:36 [Preview] No.147309 del
(73.25 KB 688x1000 1556180416509.jpg)

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 07:55:29 [Preview] No.147379 del
(1010.14 KB 1054x1549 1556265316330.jpg)

(43.33 KB 600x800 kuroko-shodown3.jpg)
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とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 20:38:12 [Preview] No.147276 del

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動画スレ とちゃき 03/03/2019 (Sun) 09:35:12 [Preview] No. 142978 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

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(792.98 KB 640x640 1556080323094.mp4)

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 10:22:55 [Preview] No.147234 del

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 18:34:27 [Preview] No.147266 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 10:57:08 [Preview] No.147328 del
(458.89 KB 180x320 1556189787442.mp4)

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 07:10:24 [Preview] No.147377 del

(14.17 KB 180x180 img.jpg)
いもげとかそのあたり とちゃき 03/08/2019 (Fri) 07:03:41 [Preview] No. 143303 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 07:48:06 [Preview] No.147302 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 08:30:11 [Preview] No.147311 del
(106.16 KB 730x707 1556181007902.jpg)

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 14:04:31 [Preview] No.147346 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 07:09:36 [Preview] No.147376 del

(3.40 MB 2628x1530 marshall.png)
Bitcoin Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 13:21:47 [Preview] No. 25182 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I still have some bitcoins left. But I want to mine more.
Any suggestions for a good Mining Rig?
Can you still mine with GPUs or would you suggest ASICS?
4 posts omitted.

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 16:35:20 [Preview] No.25201 del
Yeah reading the bible is something that a majority of christians don't even do despite it being the teachings of the person they claim to follow. I honestly hate the term christian I like the term disciple better.

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 21:20:10 [Preview] No.25212 del
(39.60 KB 1000x275 bitcoin-sticky.jpg)
(120.52 KB 1137x660 chad-virgin-bitcoin.jpg)
Mining b*tcoin isn't profitable at all. Just use your coins to trade on market, it is better.

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:26:41 [Preview] No.25218 del
>Mining b*tcoin isn't profitable at all.
Wouldn't be with cheap energy?

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:31:37 [Preview] No.25219 del
yeah...mining bitcoin mostly uses your processors right? if you could hook those up to some sort of hand turbine you could get jacked like the chad in


and maximize earnings

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 07:05:20 [Preview] No.25221 del
Mining Bitcoin with GPUs? You don't. You mine Ethereum/Monero/Zcash.

(39.42 KB 400x400 ぞい子.jpg)
NEW GAME !スレぞい!
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とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 03:21:02 [Preview] No.147202 del

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 06:33:18 [Preview] No.147217 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 06:41:32 [Preview] No.147294 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 10:42:36 [Preview] No.147327 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 07:04:47 [Preview] No.147373 del

Season 9 Discussion Thread Anon 03/03/2019 (Sun) 22:42:35 [Preview] No. 3583 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Ladies and gentlecolts! The final season of the legendary animated pony series from the 2010s is here!

The 4th generation of this franchise: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic! This wild entertaining ride is actually ending!

The 9th season premieres on April and we´d better get ready to die (like Andrew W.K would say) because the last 26 episodes are coming this year, including the Rainbow Roadtrip special.

Any discussion, reflections, thoughts, theories, speculations... basically anything related to the episodes goes here.

You all know the deal. Like the old tradition for weddings: talk now or shut up forever before the nostalgia comes into your heads.

Links for streaming the upcoming episodes:


Congratulations for reaching the end of this generation and let´s try to enjoy the pony material left as much as we can!
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Anon 04/24/2019 (Wed) 06:24:09 [Preview] No.4012 del
Episode 200 review!
I loved this episode.

Okay. I don't know where to start. I couldn't believe all they managed to put in there. Feels like I'd have to watch it several times to get all the callbacks gags and jokes. The plot though was very good to Spike. I loved the plot twist with Luna and Spike as it actually caught me off guard . Heck, the whole Spike moral caught me off guard. It was very nice and elevated the episode above raw fan service. I think this episode maybe of a higher quality than episode 100, but I'm not 100% sure on that till I check out 100 again. Probably draw down to how I judge raw quality vs pure fun and gratuitous fan service. Only minor complaint I ca muster at this time is Spike ripping the balloon, but than again they have endangered themselves far worse and ponies in canon are pretty durable. Also wonder if some of the concepts presented will never get brought up, but hey that's hardly counts as criticism of the episode.

Lightning round:
I liked the Castle Sweet Castle callback.
Applecord I guess is no longer the name of a certain obscure ship.
Royal Guard really sucks. Don't they?
Use of Queen Chrysalis old thrown pleases me greatly, even as a minor element. (And I sort of did that in my Revolution Fic!)
I honestly wonder the specifics of Shining Armour's relationship with the royal guard now. They described him as the former Captain but he sure is often there still isn't he?
I don't know how Celestia mobilized the Royal Guard in the Sombera timeline from the season 5 title to oppose him that well with the royal guards still being incompetent this season and Sombera being show to be able to destroy the freaking elements.
Spike and Luna working together may add a fair bit of fuel for some final season shipping or freindshipping. Sometimes moments like this go nowhere though with the later seasons as oppose to the first 4 do to there being so much going on and other elements having been hammered in so much that single episodes and lines have less impact at times, but it could still be something the fandom runs with.

This is one of those episodes that maybe in a year I could either love even more or perhaps be slightly critical toward but still like. Though right now?

Anon 04/24/2019 (Wed) 06:25:43 [Preview] No.4013 del
Oh and I loved filly Twilight's face here!

Anon 04/24/2019 (Wed) 22:09:26 [Preview] No.4018 del
>I loved this episode.
well, that sums up everything. Roll credits folks! jk.

>I couldn't believe all they managed to put in there.
well, you sure will appreciate it much more whenever you read the tweets and how the actresses brought their ideas for the story and how the writers compiled them cohesively. Unlike the chaos from episode 100, this one was a fanservice from the VA team.

>I loved the plot twist with Luna and Spike as it actually caught me off guard
everyone was actually surprised.We may be pretty late in the ride and you would think that MLP would never challenge the intellect from adult fans and get to impress anybody because of its predictability. Well, it turns out that we were wrong, MLP CAN bring surprises and pull off a great 4D chess plot twist from two characters that kind of felt overshadowed by others: Luna feeling like she is there but not doing anything important and Spike doesn´t always get all the credit that the mane 6 receive.

That strategy was genuinely a bold move I must say. If somebody tells out there that MLP is predicable, that person definitely hasn´t checked this episode.

>the whole Spike moral caught me off guard
I kind of saw that when he drew the stars and had as much interest in that crown as Twilight did. Just that he hid pretty well that he created a 3rd faction by pretending to be a player inside Twilight´s team.

>I think this episode maybe of a higher quality than episode 100, but I'm not 100% sure on that till I check out 100 again.
I have only watched it once but it controlled much more the fanservice.

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Anon 04/24/2019 (Wed) 22:41:56 [Preview] No.4019 del
>I honestly wonder the specifics of Shining Armour's relationship with the royal guard now. They described him as the former Captain but he sure is often there still isn't he?
I mean, he was the former Captain of the royal guard before A Canterlot Wedding and The Crystal Empire happened (being his debut episodes by the way) and he´s been used to marshaling since his debut despite the changes of his armies.
I suppose that he has a better deal and get to be more interpenetrated with the Empire ones and this shows....

because despite having lots of guards in Canterlot, they sure are incompetent under any leadership. He had to rely on himself by hiding behind the throne. A cheap move for redeeming his strategy.
I suppose he was the former Captain because Flash Magnus applied to that job around season 8? I don´t know.

>I don't know how Celestia mobilized the Royal Guard in the Sombra timeline from the season 5 title to oppose him that well with the royal guards still being incompetent this season and Sombra being show to be able to destroy the freaking elements.
they must have trained harder than they do in this timeline. Also, you are not taking into account that the Pie family and Rainbow Dash joined the army and showed their skills for the battle. About Sombra destroying the elements...I don´t know but they didn´t think about this back in 2015 nor in bringing hum back to life for this timeline. FiM is wildly known for rewriting their own ideas and twist them for the next episodes and what you say sounds like a de facto plot hole that have created themselves over time.

>Spike and Luna working together may add a fair bit of fuel for some final season shipping or freindshipping.
they did a story between this two in the comics that didn´t go all that well. However this episode paid off that duo and while the fuel may be nonsensical, it´s funny to think that both Rarity and Luna are voiced by Tabitha.

>Sometimes moments like this go nowhere though with the later seasons as oppose to the first 4 do to there being so much going on and other elements having been hammered in so much that single episodes and lines have less impact at times, but it could still be something the fandom runs with.
that period happened once. It´s really hard for something to pay off and achieve a great popularity among the fanbase without relying on what the show does. Not even the movie has managed to get that much of an impact, not even an ancient character (who would scream hype for lore) like Starswirl or a villain like Daybreaker can manage to have an impact.
With that said, I do believe that they are going to have a little bit of fun and underestimate them less for the next episodes. These two needed to shine a bit, especially Luna.

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Anon 04/26/2019 (Fri) 06:24:22 [Preview] No.4026 del
>That strategy was genuinely a bold move I must say. If somebody tells out there that MLP is predicable, that person definitely hasn´t checked this episode.
This episode makes me a little more hopeful for the season.
MLP is not out of ideas yet.

>it´s Pinkie Pie, don´t question it.
That's why it's only a minor complaint at most. Still, I could understand feeling a little off with it.

>they fired Zephyr Breeze for being incompetent but that´s relatively speaking, because they don´t do their services much better. The fanbase asked if Celestia was truly incompetent (in the first seasons) but I think that her guards are less reliable than the Team Rocket capturing a Pikachu for 2 decades.

>well, it seems that you are applying to be a seer. And yeah, I was quite surprised that they have used it for their own advantage.
It'd be cool if they have it actually part of the defenses in some way in the future but I doubt it. Still fun to see in concept even if it was only for an episode.

>I suppose he was the former Captain because Flash Magnus applied to that job around season 8? I don´t know.
I suppose one would have to try to look at the relenship between the Crystal Empire and Equestria as a whole. Though like you point out here, a fuzzy lack of info over a true answer, even for a good guess.

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2z0msm7i Anonym 04/26/2019 (Fri) 06:21:30 [Preview] No. 4423 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

NMAiE General L23 02/17/2019 (Sun) 04:12:06 [Preview] No. 3485 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Not Much Activity in Equestria.

because Equestria was too big for /endpone/to handle that size so it went to Seaquestria instead not mention that we are the dead squad but even those can dance edition (at least, the names are similar, that means we´ll get similar results, right?) RIGHT?!


Golden Oaks general, a project that investigates and discusses underground parts of the fandom besides the well-known MLP sites: >>3148

The Revolution fic by the Bridgefag: >>2747

The Mirror of Fire (the first two parts so far): >>2131

The Mascot General, Dolores Umbridge: >>2992


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Anon 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:05:04 [Preview] No.4021 del
And the moment is here. I will say this. With our discussion on Derpibooru I can understand your choice. Funny enough I didn't even notice the image was NSFW till a couple of days later....

There is also a double meaning here with mooning.

Anon 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:14:45 [Preview] No.4022 del
And now for my more traditional celebration of such a milestone. Congratulations /endpone/ for defying our expectations once again. Will we make to 5000? Maybe, but it's best not to think about it. We have already gone so far beyond what anyone of us would have thought over a year ago. I'd say I'm going to just rid out and chill for the final season. We will see how many we have by then.

Hail Dolores. Hail the Mare in the Mountain!

Anon 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:20:46 [Preview] No.4023 del
Did you here that everypony, Canterlot Daily? We are the /end/ The old and forgotten is our specialty.

Oh man she did deserve it.

Anon 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:40:48 [Preview] No.4024 del
>you tell me to stop but for sure, you sure don´t apply what >you say. I suppose the cycles of inspiration work like that.
To be fair I'm not rushing it. Just I have five potential projects that are from my casual browsing. Even if I can't complete the research quickly me merely starting it and entering what I find on /go/ could be a fair bit of posts though it won't be a burden on me much because I'm used to checking random things out of habit.

>that´s not saying much though. I have it pretty well organized if we count only the pics I save on the PC. As for the mobile folders with the edits, that´s another story.
I'm err... Let's just say that I'm still trying to recoverer from a computer problem from two years ago and leave it at that.

>it´s certainly inspiring. The biggest challenge of editing a great picture is the way to make it better.
Than its purpose is not to improve, but change, experiment with the edit. To take to a new place rather than trying to fix something already great.

>I cannot help at making that site more chaotic. This board however....
You did. Congrats!

>hygiene is an universal thing. They can give a stylish look to everyone in order to have a good image on that aspect, darling.
I guess Rarity has been following Colgate's advise.


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Anon 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:59:16 [Preview] No.4025 del
>yeah, I almost thought that it was the art of image macros for reacting towards X post.
TBH, I don't know what it is. I have more intent behind it than a mere joke, but for me to follow through would have been behaving pretty confusingly. It's an itch that I want to scratch in some form however.

>that doesn´t require so much mystery. Derpimods having a mental breakdown on their meta decisions is almost a tradition that barely surprises anyone at this point. I guess that happened because of requests from sensible users that didn´t want to have any negative reception towards their own work.
I really need to pay better attention to them. Perhaps I'll find more. Though I'm not sure my questioning of them woull fit into /go/ being a place for records over "editorial" content, if we want to go that route.

>about that topic, yeah, this is probably the strangest event that one can report from their practices.
I reread it and still scratch my head. It doesn't even seem like that major of an issue if they were worried if the other show would take over FiM. It still wouldn't make sense to ban it outright with the broad criteria they themselves set but the BS excuses and saying the other company was shady and rip offs were bad, that really is what bugs me, and confuses me as well.

>I had...
Stick it to the MAN.

As for Luna, did she through a drunken party and set Canterlot on fire just to mess with her sister and Shining?
Now I can't put it past her.

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 05:07:37 [Preview] No. 20509 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
When I see videos of unlikely animal friendships it gives me hope humans too will find a way to get along.

Thousands Of Amazon Alexa Eavesdroppers Can Also Access Users' Home Addresses Reader 04/25/2019 (Thu) 12:59:16 Id: bbcb0f [Preview] No. 14569 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Two weeks after we finally got confirmation what everyone had known for so long, namely that an internal Amazon team numbering in the thousands was secretly listening in to Alexa users’ commands without their prior knowledge, Bloomberg reported that the same team also has access to location data and can easily find a customer’s home address.

Citing five (supposedly former) employees familiar with the program, Bloomberg writes that the covert "Alexa team", which is spread across three continents, and transcribes, annotates and analyzes a portion of the voice recordings picked up by Alexa, "to help Amazon’s digital voice assistant get better at understanding and responding to commands", also has access to Alexa users’ geographic coordinates and can easily type them into third-party mapping software and find home residences, according to the employees (who signed nondisclosure agreements barring them from speaking publicly about the program, which apparently did not prevent them from speaking off the record with Bloomberg).

And while there has yet to be any evidence that Amazon employees have attempted to track down individual users, two members of the Alexa team who seem to have grown a coscience, expressed concern that Amazon which is fast becoming the world's biggest monopoly across virtually every industry, was granting unnecessarily broad access to customer data that would make it easy to identify a device’s owner.

“Anytime someone is collecting where you are, that means it could go to someone else who could find you when you don’t want to be found,” said Lindsey Barrett, a staff attorney and teaching fellow at Georgetown Law’s Communications and Technology Clinic, who noted that location data is more sensitive than many other categories of user information. Widespread access to location data associated with Alexa user recordings “would set up a big red flag for me.”

What is more troubling is that Amazon appears to continue to lie when its spying ways were exposed: in an April 10 statement acknowledging the Alexa auditing program, Amazon said “employees do not have direct access to information that can identify the person or account as part of this workflow.”

Now that that was disproven, Amazon issued a new statement to Bloomberg, saying that “access to internal tools is highly controlled, and is only granted to a limited number of employees who require these tools to train and improve the service by processing an extremely small sample of interactions. Our policies strictly prohibit employee access to or use of customer data for any other reason, and we have a zero tolerance policy for abuse of our systems. We regularly audit employee access to internal tools and limit access whenever and wherever possible.”

Quite a change from "employees do not have access to information that can identify the person" and in less than 2 weeks at that...

What is even more troubling is that Amazon’s Alexa Data Services team, which manages and supervises the countless recordings of human speech and other data that helps train the voice software, numbers in the thousands of employees and contractors, spread across work sites from Boston to Romania and India. And while Amazon does not explicitly identify the user whom it is recording, it also collects location data so Alexa can more accurately answer requests, for example suggesting a local restaurant or giving the weather in nearby Ashland, Oregon, instead of distant Ashland, Michigan.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 04/25/2019 (Thu) 13:00:37 Id: bbcb0f [Preview] No.14570 del
Why Americans would ever allow and accept this level of privacy invasion is beyond me. These spy devices should be boycotted at the very least, if found smashed with a hammer.

Reader 04/26/2019 (Fri) 03:33:16 Id: becf76 [Preview] No.14574 del
I've solved this issue myself by having absolutely no interest in Alexa. As it stands, "she" is weak A.I. with databanks of false historical knowledge long since narrated with deception by the victors. I avoid television for the same reason. Pointless luxuries.

naqaj1s1 AaronSporp 04/26/2019 (Fri) 02:31:20 [Preview] No. 300564 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Son kills self after circumcision Anonymous 04/23/2019 (Tue) 22:50:50 [Preview] No. 20486 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

This procedure is usually unnecessary and risky, and it should be banned or at least much more carefully regulated.

Anonymous 04/24/2019 (Wed) 17:15:50 [Preview] No.20488 del
(2.61 MB 320x240 295.gif)
>Son kills self after circumcision

Anonymous 04/24/2019 (Wed) 18:22:16 [Preview] No.20489 del
At first I found it funny, but then I felt sadness, and then anger toward Judaism for perpetuating medically unecessary circumcision in Christian countries.

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 02:08:04 [Preview] No.20508 del
Circumcision also doesn't seem to help prevent aids.

レトロゲームスレ とちゃき 02/01/2019 (Fri) 17:21:56 [Preview] No. 140803 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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とちゃき 04/15/2019 (Mon) 01:09:34 [Preview] No.146404 del
(1.75 MB 640x360 シェー.mp4)

とちゃき 04/15/2019 (Mon) 06:35:30 [Preview] No.146419 del

とちゃき 04/24/2019 (Wed) 20:02:32 [Preview] No.147274 del

とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 12:12:06 [Preview] No.147339 del

とちゃき 04/26/2019 (Fri) 01:47:14 [Preview] No.147365 del
(2.20 MB 264x360 マッピー.mp4)

(1.58 MB 1592x4184 760.gif)
Reading List Thread Anonymous 01/15/2016 (Fri) 18:11:56 [Preview] No. 17 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Post Reading lists here - Images and text both welcome
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Anonymous 09/07/2018 (Fri) 06:58:26 [Preview] No.277 del
(931.85 KB 2000x2000 EMJ Books.jpg)

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 02:34:23 [Preview] No.299 del
tf is ironpill?

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 03:02:36 [Preview] No.300 del
a meme

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 03:35:24 [Preview] No.301 del
i know that it is a meme, but what is it about?

Anonymous 04/26/2019 (Fri) 01:38:32 [Preview] No.302 del
basically it was like a means to resist blackpill shit by investing more in yourself. essentially like the Golden One's youtube channel but not as cringe worthy.

Mewsic Thread Bernd 02/21/2019 (Thu) 21:09:41 [Preview] No. 23382 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Bernd 04/23/2019 (Tue) 16:42:16 [Preview] No.25089 del
Nope. That is working just fine.

Bernd 04/23/2019 (Tue) 17:15:26 [Preview] No.25093 del
Hmm... Thanks.

Bernd 04/24/2019 (Wed) 16:17:48 [Preview] No.25126 del

Bernd 04/26/2019 (Fri) 01:35:49 [Preview] No.25216 del
First 20 seconds of this are famous. The rest isn't very remarkable but has a few good moments.

Egg coffee Anonymous 04/22/2019 (Mon) 21:47:41 [Preview] No. 20472 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Sounds rad, too bad theres no Vietnamese restaurants nearby that sell egg mixed into coffee.


Anonymous 04/23/2019 (Tue) 19:08:31 [Preview] No.20479 del
It may actually be good, I'll have to try it sometime.

Bulletproof coffee is also very good, simply get one of those small blenders, put some hot coffee and some butter in it, and blend it up. It makes a very tasty coffee and considering the caffeine binds to the fat, it gives you more of an energy boost too. Some like to supplement the butter with coconut oil which is also good and works the same.

Anonymous 04/23/2019 (Tue) 20:09:58 [Preview] No.20482 del
Butter is pretty unhealthy and fattenning, though that would taste better than the salted butter Tibetan tea I've tried. I like Vietnamese cusine the best out of all South East Asian cusines. There's the French influence with coffee and baguettes. They also aren't too spicy, and they don't overdose on salt. Instead they use lots of healthy crisp and fresh vegetables and herbs that give a fresh aftertaste like mint. With other cusines like Indian or Thai there's a good chance the flavor will be too strong and pugnant to enjoy it, but the Vietnamese have mastered how to create mild and well balanced food.

Anonymous 04/24/2019 (Wed) 19:45:45 [Preview] No.20491 del
There is a lot of disinfo going around. Natural animal fats do not cause diabetes or cancer, natural fat is not as bad as its made out to be.... what does cause diabetes and cancer is 1) too much sugar and 2) too much carbohydrates (such as bread). If fact some natural fats (such as those with Omega-3) [think Cod Liver Oil] are extremely healthy for you.

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 23:43:25 [Preview] No.20507 del
(35.30 KB 319x356 DDT_chain.gif)
Regardless, animals eat and concentrate a lot of pollution which you absorb when you eat them. The phenomenon is called biomagnification, and if you eat less meat/fat and more vegetables, you consume less pesticides, heavy metals and plastic.

(51.67 KB 356x504 D3pULoyW4AY724I.png)
Anonymous 04/21/2019 (Sun) 04:10:11 [Preview] No. 20457 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Electric cars can be bigger inside than gas powered cars.
>electric cars have their parts fail less.

>We were held back from this by greedy companies like GM who didn't want to lose their business of selling profitable replacement parts.

>when there's no oil and society ends, you can still charge your car thanks to solar

Why wouldn't you buy an electric car now?
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Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 21:25:55 [Preview] No.20502 del
(46.96 KB 1400x933 03_Elettrica.0.jpg)
(12.85 KB 259x194 images (1).jpeg)
I eventually want to buy an electric Vespa. The electric scooters are currently $7,000, and gas powered ones are half that price, but the gas milage is phenomenal. Scooters were fun as hell to ride in Vietnam. Most Americans think they have to drive commute in pickup trucks and waste more space to be a man, but I don't think I'm above driving one.

I also need to get some experience on two wheels, because I intend to rent one in Taiwain and drive up the mountains and thoroughly see that country before the Chinese communists invade and take it over.

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 23:03:48 [Preview] No.20503 del
You didn't read everything I said, I made it clear I'm not against solar, I have my own solar panels after all. The fact is the resources used to manufacture solar panels (and the 12V batteries) take energy consumption to mine, and the manufacturing process uses up a lot of energy as well. This is what makes solar so expensive in the first place.

My point was that any kind of energy comes at some kind of expense and relies on the Earth's resources, yes even wind or solar too. Nothing is "free", everything you consume comes from something and the process of producing it, transporting it and delivering it to consumers always ends up with a price tag, with energy used for supply and demand.

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 23:24:33 [Preview] No.20504 del
Those are fine for people who live in cities, near shops and grocery stores where they don't have to buy too much stuff to haul around.

However I live out in a small town an hour away from the nearest metropolitan area (where I go to pick up goods wholesale every couple months, such as COSTCO). There are many Americans that live that way, because our populations are so spread out everywhere around the country. And when we live out in the country, face it, we need pickup trucks to haul a stockup of wholesale goods back to our homes so it lasts us a while. We don't want to be driving back and forth on hour long trips every single week. There are other reasons too, farmers tend to haul equipment around at times, or feed for livestock, or 200x 50 pound bags of fertilizer for their crops, etc. A lot of times you need 4x4 to haul that kind of stuff around depending where you live and conditions of the roads.

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 23:26:54 [Preview] No.20505 del
There is work underway on better kinds of batteries, including massive gravity powered batteries, i.e. using solar to pump water up hill so it can flow downhill and power generators when there is less sunlight but still high energy demand.

We will eventually use energy from solar to power the machines used for mining. We can already start doing a lot more recycling and a lot less frivolous consumption to be sustainable. Most of our recyclables go to China, because we are very inefficient at sorting it out unlike Japan. That's a huge industry we could keep onshore, with vast raw resources right there.

There is a country in Africa that has started finding people thousands of dollars if they possess plastic bags, because bags don't break down in the environment and wash into the sea where they form trash islands. Plastic binds to pollutants, fish eat it, and ultimately humans, where they cause cancer. We can be a lot more sustainable than we are, and if you're arguing that we shouldn't strive toward 99% sustainability because that still isn't 100%, you're living in a Utopian fantasy land.

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 23:40:25 [Preview] No.20506 del
You don't want to drive a scooter in a city because cars drive aggressively, and the traffic is just too dangerous. The best place for a scooter is actually a small city or town. Scooters and bikes also let you go up steep and narrow roads in the hills and mountains, where cars don't have enough clearance to drive without popping an axel. They let you drive around potholes which cars hit and blow their tires on.

I was also talking about men who drive big gas-hungry American pickups in city-suburbs just to be masculine and feel safer from their high seats, even though most of the time the back of the pickup is empty. (There need to be more truck rental services btw, because renting a truck a home depo when you're buying large products is usually too expensive.)

(174.68 KB 720x1139 8chan is not global.jpg)
(2.49 KB 765x32 90.png)
(29.38 KB 398x398 Kikemonkey.jpg)
Anonymous 06/10/2018 (Sun) 20:43:42 Id: 3c87ec [Preview] No. 66723 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The 8meta thread shit itself. This is the new 8meta.

8chan is not globally moderated. They already have a clear jewish agenda behind their bans. Obviously, Codemonkey pulled the wool over their eyes. Though end/pol/ seems worse than crawling, almost dead because many thought it was safe to return to 8chan, they now have a local mod. "polvol1" even though Codemonkey said there would only be global. The guy just looks like a typical kike. I'm not surprised he lied, and this ban tactic mirrors imkampfy's tricks. They think it's safe at 8chan. Codemonkey fucked them. Not surprised. I'm predicting more realizing nothing has changed in the weeks to come.
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Anonymous 04/24/2019 (Wed) 10:49:28 Id: 6d23fc [Preview] No.71614 del
>take Q into account now. He is not a LARP and anyone who mindlessly and aggressively shills against it should be taken as a useful idiot or someone who is being paid to sow division
What AM I going to do with all that money? Holy shit. Here I am with my mortgage, property taxes, home owner's insurance, gas, electricity, water, internet (no TV package fuck ZOG), and car insurance beyond my salary now. Three rooms to rent out, but have to circumvent "anti-discrimination laws" and all niggers and spics respond with is "I ain't paying no damage deposit bixnoods muhfugga. I want da whole house!" Or the jews who respond to the ads. They can all eat shit and die.
But I'm "being paid against Q by dah shadow gobbament" so it's all going to be okay. /s
>It doesn’t really matter what you think of Trump or his administration per se
>fighting the “deep state” shadow government
"Muh 4D chess". You know, I never get sick and fucking tired of you Trumpshills with your pathetic excuses. Wait, that's wrong. You're all obnoxious cunts and we're sick of your shit. That's why we're here and not 8ch.net
>The anonymous team behind the Q identity is the new “Deep Throat”, and “anons” and “autists” are the new Woodwards and Bernsteins
HAH. I couldn't have put it better myself.

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 18:02:18 Id: 6d23fc [Preview] No.71635 del
The "ALICE DAY!!!!!!!" pro-pedophile thread has been deleted. What I thought I might've been seeing was pedo LARPing with the intent to report them to the FBI, websites to report where pedos promoted their degeneracy and counter-sites to join against pedos. To the anon who posted it, if that was your intent, you shouldn't have ironically shitposted RPing as one. (Fucking troll culture makes it hard to tell.) If you're a genuine pedophile, go fuck yourself.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 04/25/2019 (Thu) 18:04:11.

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 20:29:43 Id: a821d4 [Preview] No.71636 del
There we go. WWG1WGA!!

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 20:37:38 Id: a821d4 [Preview] No.71637 del
The clown shit is literally a Q proof memetic warfare.

Baltimore Mayor Pugh On The Run After FBI Raids Her Offices And Home Over Corruption Reader 04/25/2019 (Thu) 22:55:12 Id: 58dbe2 [Preview] No. 14573 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (D) has gone missing after the FBI and IRS raided her home, according to Baltimore CBS affiliate WJZ.

Jason Bentley, Pugh's spokesman, told the Associated Press on Thursday that he has no clue where the Mayor is, while her defense attorney, Steve Silverman, routed calls to voicemail.

According to the report, "Pugh was at her home when the raid began, but has since left the state."

Pugh was asked to resign by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan shortly after the raids.

"Today, agents for the FBI and the IRS executed search warrants at the mayor’s homes and offices," said Hogan. "Now, more than ever, Baltimore city needs strong and responsible leadership. Mayor Pugh has lost the public trust. She is clearly not fit to lead. For the good of the city, Mayor Pugh must resign."

Neighbors say they haven't seen her in weeks. Others were devastated at news of the raid.

This is Michelle Hopkins from Park Heights. She is fed up with the headlines at City Hall and, in her words, devastated by the news of today’s FBI raids. #WJZ pic.twitter.com/V1DOJPKj1m

— Devin Bartolotta (@WJZDevin) April 25, 2019

The city is now into the fourth week of Pugh on indefinite leave and silence is surrounding Baltimore’s top offices. Pugh’s aides have gone silent on status updates, declining to comment on her health this week- as questions linger on when, or if, she plans to return to work.

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(148.83 KB 1000x666 Russia.jpg)
ロシアスレ とちゃき 07/20/2018 (Fri) 18:58:00 [Preview] No. 122855 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Russian thread
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(1.68 MB 540x304 1555145185554.webm)

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(228.61 KB 768x432 KFC.jpg)
how to say he was eating kfc?

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amlnuexa Anonym 04/25/2019 (Thu) 20:26:04 [Preview] No. 4422 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Instagram cultist digging part 2 Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 03:06:32 Id: 6f65f7 [Preview] No. 640 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Last thread >>3 I will keep up because the images that are broken are named the archive.is generated random letter url of the archive.is archive of the images.

Instagram no longer can be archived. I will try and explain the photos this time to encourage more people to dig. Look at the usernames and click on the people who comment their photos and so on and screencap all the cult activity.

For example pic related @blackbodegabag is a good example and even a starting point.
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Anonymous 04/04/2019 (Thu) 00:59:03 Id: ad1efe [Preview] No.851 del
(477.26 KB 813x596 wtff.png)
(467.75 KB 962x477 normal.png)
(396.26 KB 984x571 cry.png)
(522.10 KB 1000x593 kcg.png)
(301.05 KB 841x540 32111.png)

Anonymous 04/05/2019 (Fri) 16:10:28 Id: a44c90 [Preview] No.852 del
(3.44 MB 720x576 pain_1.webm)
not the ideal account to start screenrecording with because its a lot of reposts but there is certain images that pop out as you scroll as to how deprave they are. Sort of what its like. Want to make longer ones with the art cultists

Anonymous 04/05/2019 (Fri) 16:31:39 Id: 4e4820 [Preview] No.853 del
try pngquant -s9 --nofs text.png

Anonymous 04/23/2019 (Tue) 02:21:47 Id: dfc570 [Preview] No.854 del
(101.28 KB 900x552 saasasa.png)
(127.73 KB 894x595 isdhi.png)
(174.26 KB 955x554 gugygugygy.png)
(219.09 KB 1117x604 assadsasadasd.png)
(157.22 KB 953x592 aaaaa.png)
used pngquant -s9 --nofs *.png
No idea what quantizing the images meant then i see IT CUTS THE FILESIZE IN HALF holy crap that is useful thanks anon! I had been using trimage and getting ~20% compression at best. Now i can cut these down even 20% more. Sorry it took a while to finally see what the command did and test it but what a wonderful tip thanks anon.

Anonymous 04/25/2019 (Thu) 20:18:45 Id: 0221cc [Preview] No.855 del
(318.07 KB 820x553 fsdgfsdfsf.png)
(11.76 KB 964x479 gyugd.png)
typical. They made it so if you open a lot of new tabs in instagram you get this shit. Just hold down F5 for a couple of seconds to get past that but you know they will change that so maybe use tor or rotating ip's/proxies to get past that. Fuck these people. Also they deleted @bobthecleanerhateshumankind. I really fucked up scraping only a portion of the usernames but here we go a properly formatted list of cultii. https://pastebin.com/4872Mxrq

(6.33 MB 666x420 t2tsb3.webm)
Random redpill general Anonymous 05/01/2018 (Tue) 08:34:37 [Preview] No. 1781 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

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Deliberate Destabilization: US Taxpayers Foot $5 Billion For Annual Illegal Immigrant Births Reader 04/25/2019 (Thu) 20:04:24 Id: 9122f8 [Preview] No. 14572 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Hidden in every federal budget, and unknown to 99 percent of Americans, your two U.S. Senators and House member use your money to pay for millions of legal and illegal immigrants flooding into America annually.

"Massive and increasing costs to taxpayers are incurred, now at $330 billion per year NET of Taxes Immigrants Pay, as each Birth Cohort Matures. Mass Immigration proves costly," said David Durham.

"Of the Many Costs of mass Immigration borne by U.S. Taxpayers, the Costs of Immigrant Births alone (via Medicaid or the Uninsured) is remarkable. Specifically, 1 in 5 births in the U.S. are to Immigrant Mothers. U.S. Taxpayers pay for 67% of births to illegal immigrants, 47% of births to legal immigrants according to a new report by www.CIS.org, Dr. Steven Camarota, Director of Research, 10/9/18."

Just think about all the money being wasted, it could be used to feed and house millions of Americans in need of financial aid.

"Based on an analysis of Census Bureau data, the Center estimates that nationally one in 13 births is to an illegal immigrant, totaling 300,000 births a year. One in eight births is to a legal immigrant. We also find that more than half of the births to immigrants (legal and illegal) are paid for by taxpayers, including 67 percent of births to illegal immigrants."

"Steven Camarota, the Center's Director of Research and co-author of the report, said, "The enormous number of births to legal and illegal immigrants may hinder assimilation as children from immigrant families will largely interact with only each other."

He also points out that "paying for so many births to immigrant mothers may be appropriate, but the large share who can't provide for themselves without the help of American taxpayers raises serious questions about whether our current immigration system makes sense."

Given that Demography is Destiny, consider that since the aforementioned facts are for one year only, what the costs and demographic consequences will be for each year projected into the future unless BALANCE's Solution is implemented. Consider further that Taxpayer- and Immigrant-Funded Immigrant Births total 791,000 per year.

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koryŏ watch threda Bernd 06/26/2017 (Mon) 17:19:30 [Preview] No. 8410 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
today as I've been reading the best source of PROOFS (I mean, they're funded by a government, they literally can't be biased) I noticed this
>Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye was making plans to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

since koryŏ has been quite busy lately I think it warrants a specific thread
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Bernd 06/14/2018 (Thu) 16:29:14 [Preview] No.17228 del
Maybe. It sure has it use as propaganda. Also bargaining chip.

Bernd 09/23/2018 (Sun) 15:37:35 [Preview] No.19499 del
Meanwhile Kim and Moon went on a hike.
>rapturous applause
Did they practice that?

They even have a roadmap:

Bernd 09/23/2018 (Sun) 17:57:00 [Preview] No.19504 del
>They even have a roadmap:

They are Koreans after all, they do work seriously. Not like Germans who are just autists.

Bernd 04/25/2019 (Thu) 19:43:24 [Preview] No.25211 del
[throatsinging intensifies]

(54.51 KB 330x250 赤いきつね.jpg)
即席めんスレ とちゃき 07/05/2018 (Thu) 18:40:08 [Preview] No. 121616 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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(269.00 KB 500x500 1555678297830.jpg)

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(53.40 KB 620x556 th_kiuso.jpg)
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(60.52 KB 500x500 1556105141412.JPG)

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とちゃき 04/25/2019 (Thu) 17:45:48 [Preview] No.147357 del

Let's crack that wikileaks password anons Rikkitikkitavi 04/21/2019 (Sun) 03:36:10 Id: ca7e56 [Preview] No. 71562 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Let's fire up your lateral thinking anons, remember: Assange is a book nerd

When Assange went dark, two seemingly unrelated things happened:

1. All the files on the server had their dates changed to 01-01-1984

2. He tweeted out 'Cross the Green Mountain by Bob Dylan

01-01-1984 seems like an innocuous reference to Nineteen-Eighty Four by George Orwell, but if you search "101 1984" you find it refers to page 101 where the main character is interrogated.

In the few following pages, the interrogator mentions the existence of a poem where censors couldn't replace the word God for lack of any possible rhymes, never stating which one.

3. This poem is known by Orwell fans to be M'Andrew's Hymn by Rudyard Kipling.

Back to 2: Looking into the meaning of 'Cross the Green Mountain by Bob Dylan, it seems to be just a random song but Green Mountain is the mountain that gives name to the state of Vermont (from French "Vert-Mont").

The most famous senator of Vermont is none other than Bernie Sanders, whose primary was shown to be deliberately sabotaged by the DNC leaks.

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