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(28.05 KB 1280x623 70.jpg)
Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 19:50:38 [Preview] No. 2
Holocaustianity debunked thread.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 19:54:03 [Preview] No.3 del
Typhus was spread by lice. This is a disease which caused loss of appetite. Combine that with Allied bombing of supply lines, and the result was emaciated corpses. First of all, you should be aware there's no such thing as "open air gassings". Yet the corpses "stacked up like cordwood" were outside, in the open as exampled by this British soldier. Such as these at Buchenwald, and German women being forced to handle corpses because the Soviets knew the bodies were diseased. Allied soldiers had a stockpile of outdoors, unincinerated corpses.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 19:56:04 [Preview] No.4 del
(30.01 KB 474x370 image084.jpg)
(43.94 KB 504x375 image086.jpg)
(35.55 KB 480x318 image087.jpg)
Where did all those piles of bodies come from? Aside from dying outdoors due to Typhus and starvation, a train of prisoners was machine-gunned by American fighters. The train was left for three weeks, wherein the prisoners inside starved to death. Soldiers of the 1st company ran this death train to enforce the false narrative of "gassed victims".

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 19:57:31 [Preview] No.5 del
(120.88 KB 1008x744 image0835.jpg)
(132.82 KB 1017x723 image0816.jpg)
(87.08 KB 985x717 image0817.jpg)
(82.63 KB 984x721 image0820.jpg)
(99.16 KB 1006x730 image0821.jpg)
At Buchenwald, nearby citizens of Weimar were forced to walk 4 miles to the camp to witness pre-prepared staged props. Among these were "shrunken heads", "strips of tattooed human skin", "a pelvis bone ashtray" and "a human skin lampshade". The problem was that the sun shone through the lampshade, proving it was not human skin. There were no tattoos on the lampshade, or stitching seams. This lamp has since conveniently disappeared. Prisoners' heads were all entirely shaved due to issues with lice, thus the shrunken heads would not have had hair. Among those at Buchenwald was Billy Wilder, the famous American film director who was born Samuel Wilder in 1906 to a Polish/Jewish family. He wrote scripts for many German films until Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. Wilder immediately realized his Jewish ancestry would cause problems, so he emigrated to Paris, then the U.S. After the National Socialists were defeated, he conveniently came back to Germany, to Buchenwald, with that grudge and a plot hatched.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 19:59:16 [Preview] No.6 del
(89.41 KB 998x756 image0822.jpg)
(140.49 KB 1018x730 image0836.jpg)
(81.86 KB 1007x725 image0823.jpg)
(131.73 KB 1405x998 image0825.jpg)
(76.99 KB 1006x723 image0824.jpg)
Professor Susumu Kato of the book "Pigment of the Imagination" actually collects tattooed human skin. It is described as a "soggy bundle of technicolour tripe", not hardened papyrus or construction paper. Note the lack of ashes or dark ash stains on the "pelvis bone ashtray". The alleged human pelvis ashtray conveniently disappeared after the presentation, along with many other props. Ilse Koch, the wife of Buchewald's Commandant Karl Koch, was blamed for these false atrocities. Konrad Morgen of the SS led an 8-month corruption investigation against Ilse and Karl. Lying allegations by prisoners were investigated and found to be untrue. For executing prisoners, Karl Koch was executed by the SS a week before Buchenwald was liberated. Why would "Nazis" execute one of their own for executing camp inmates, when the narrative was "their intention was mass execution of prisoners"? Ilse Koch was acquitted, for lack of evidence. Even so, she was later given the nickname "bitch of Buchenwald", which the same liars also claimed she wore "human skin gloves", had "human skin soap" made, and fashioned "human skin book covers". Inmates never referred to her by this nickname. It was applied later.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:00:28 [Preview] No.7 del
(52.48 KB 658x508 image0826.jpg)
(122.06 KB 944x763 image0827.jpg)
(61.03 KB 1018x763 image0829.jpg)
(189.48 KB 1017x764 image0830.jpg)
(183.56 KB 1014x670 image0831.jpg)
Commander Hermann Pister ran the Buchenwald camp from January 1942 through to the liberation. Before Ilse Koch was arrested, interrogators raped and impregnated her at the age of 41 years in 1947. The shrunken heads and tattooed skins were used as evidence to sentence her to life in prison. She comitted suicide in 1967, after 20 years in jail. Buchenwald was "documented" by the Psychological Warfare department. Daniel Lerner was a Sykewar department captain after WW2.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:04:19 [Preview] No.8 del
(74.75 KB 1015x762 image0832.jpg)
(189.90 KB 1014x735 image0833.jpg)
(168.75 KB 926x743 image0834.jpg)
(111.59 KB 959x673 image0837.jpg)
(87.10 KB 797x736 image0838.jpg)
CD Jackson of Psychological Operations went on to advise President Eisenhower for Psychological Warfare about the Cold War, as well as became VP of Time Life Inc.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:11:23 [Preview] No.9 del
(206.19 KB 1014x736 image0839.jpg)
(518.01 KB 767x1060 Page32.jpg)
(453.82 KB 795x1066 Page33.jpg)
(1.09 MB 760x1029 Page34.jpg)
As I'm sure you were never instructed in any history course, there Rheinwiesenlager (Rhineland) camps existed for German soldiers and civilians directed by Eisenhower to purposely withhold rations. Unlike the camps engineered by Germans, which will be covered later, Americans' camps provided Germans with no shelter. They sat behind barbed wire and slowly died in holes in the ground. http://truedemocracyparty.net/2012/05/was-there-really-a-judaic-holocaust/

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:14:07 [Preview] No.10 del
(1.11 MB 780x1073 Page36.jpg)
(428.08 KB 789x1063 Page37.jpg)
(271.66 KB 800x574 RetrieveAsset.jpg)
(232.67 KB 576x418 Ohrdruf.jpg)
It should be noted that Eisenhower was the first to find dead, starved bodies (from Allied bombing of supply lines of food) in April 1945 at the Ohrdruf camp. Eisenhower found corpses in woodsheds at Ohrdruf, which were removed by German soldiers to keep from infecting the rest of the prison populations. Typhus was small bacteria in the poop of a louse, which are larger lice than average. Prisoners would scratch the bacteria into their skin. The lice died as well. Typhoid was from contaminated water, which caused chronic diarrhea and was the main cause of loss of weight. A fresh table was produced as a "whipping block", though Heinrich Himmler ordered all whippings to cease in 1942. This block was reconstructed for the narrative of tortured prisoners.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:16:47 [Preview] No.11 del
(224.05 KB 800x596 1.jpeg)
(51.17 KB 400x359 auscshwitz-real2.jpg)
(174.14 KB 1100x619 auschwitzliberation.jpg)
A great many survivors were liberated from these camps on Liberation Day.

These images are all of Auschwitz.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:17:34 [Preview] No.12 del
Bergen-Belsen camp.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:18:06 [Preview] No.13 del

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:19:36 [Preview] No.14 del

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:22:32 [Preview] No.15 del
Flossenberg (2de0019d22etc.), Gross-Rosen (hqdefault), those liberated from Majdanek corralled in Eisenhower's open prison after liberation (Majdanek6EO5_.jpg), Mauthausen (27).

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:24:05 [Preview] No.16 del
Dora-Mittelbau (Mittelbau1756.jpg), Ravensbruck (a564deb68517etc.), Sachsenhausen, and Westerbork.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:28:16 [Preview] No.17 del
That explained why there were around 900,000 survivors, estimated by the AMCHA (an organization in Hebrew for "your people/your nation)". What about the "6 million" who were allegedly gassed to death? You should be aware, 6 million is a Kabbalistic number. There has been record of them trying to push for a 6 million holocaust since 1869. Lets look at the worldwide population numbers to determine just how many died. 15,315,359 jews worldwide in 1933, 15,748,091 in 1938 and 15,753,638 in 1948.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:31:03 [Preview] No.18 del
Other estimates by even jewish sources don't even come close to the figure of a loss of 6 million. What of the gas chambers? Zyklon B certainly existed, and was used, though it is an insecticide for lice and not meant for mass extermination of humans. It was claimed that at first, the Majdanek camp used "carbon monoxide", when later Zyklon B was introduced. Both carbon monoxide and cyanide poisoning produce the "red livor mortis" effect on the human body.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:34:01 [Preview] No.19 del
(139.83 KB 545x485 Prussian blue.jpg)
(95.09 KB 505x334 showerlie.jpg)
(70.19 KB 1060x730 DCinA.jpg)
(93.02 KB 504x437 ceilinghole.jpg)
There were no signs of red livor mortis on any of the corpses, in any of the camps. The chemicals in Zyklon B were known to cause Prussian Blue staining of walls. This was never present in the shower rooms of any camps, because they were actually showers. The screenshot (DCinA) is from David Cole in Auschwitz, being told the ceiling holes were built post-war: https://youtube.com/watch?v=DFrJF-noN7A [Embed]

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:37:49 [Preview] No.20 del
The chimney at Auschwitz, planted in grass, is connected to nothing. The door to the alleged "gas chamber" were flimsy wood with glass panels, and not hermetically sealed, as all gas chambers are required to be to prevent escaping gas.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:42:55 [Preview] No.21 del
Undeniable proof the chimney is complete and utter falsehood, as well as evidence it did not exist in 1945. This was created after WW2.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:45:51 [Preview] No.22 del
(847.03 KB 1129x2446 0.jpg)
(622.68 KB 1103x1560 notGerman.jpg)
(107.66 KB 497x579 SOVIETpropaganda.jpg)
(37.13 KB 1095x327 240.jpg)
(315.58 KB 500x607 1.png)
The Sykewar jewish holocaust fakery to villainize Germans continued, with falsified images. Giant flat "Stars of David" were Soviet propaganda. Other images from WW1 were mistaken for WW2.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:55:28 [Preview] No.23 del
(266.25 KB 1600x1045 whatholocaust.jpg)
(160.60 KB 1633x352 Nuremberglies.jpg)
(221.20 KB 480x723 bergen_bwelsen2.jpg)
(51.48 KB 640x496 BraceYourselves.jpg)
(996.36 KB 3816x3464 Death camps debunked.jpg)
Now for the actual percentage of jewish deaths at Auschwitz due to Typhus, Typhoid and starvation after the Allied bombing of supply lines.
Delousing at the Bergen-Belsen camp whom ran out of Zyklon B, yet still treated Typhus spread by lice. Every incoming inmate had to be stripped and deloused. Mexico knew this at the time (BraceYourselves.jpg) but you don't see Mexicans claiming a Kabbalistic number of 6 million "gassed"

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 20:58:55 [Preview] No.24 del
(751.15 KB 1600x1120 LIE.jpg)
(42.85 KB 479x383 No-bar-codes.jpg)
(93.53 KB 556x400 1946WalendyHHrecht.jpg)
(33.98 KB 206x271 cropped.jpg)
This deceptive hand-drawn image is based off of an actual photograph of children revealing their arms and displaying NO barcode tattooes.
This image of Germans waiting for a train in 1946 was cropped and explained as "jews waiting to be executed".

Anonymous Board owner 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:08:14 [Preview] No.25 del
The frequent story is that "women and children were gassed first". Against this is the fact that hair was allowed to grow back after it was shaved, due to lice infestations. "Holocaust" survivors love to tell frequent lies about their lives in the camps.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:13:24 [Preview] No.26 del
(122.61 KB 945x665 image0841.jpg)
(76.27 KB 936x610 image0842.jpg)
(81.32 KB 930x662 image0843.jpg)
(70.55 KB 936x614 image0844.jpg)
(21.93 KB 419x282 Auschwitz-theater.jpg)
Compare to those who only had good accounts of their time in the camps. Yes, that type of witness exists. No, they do not want these accounts in the mainstream. This video was flagged as "inappropriate", despite the fact these are only witnesses saying nice things: https://youtube.com/watch?v=YVmIaBW-HjI [Embed]

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:15:50 [Preview] No.27 del
(70.04 KB 630x640 902.jpg)
Here is another very famous image of the holohoax, the man transposed onto the image, and the older one without him. This image has been falsified for the false narrative.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:16:38 [Preview] No.28 del
(8.00 KB 350x263 Aus062_85.jpg)
(6.76 KB 350x263 Aus062_86.jpg)
(15.67 KB 550x394 Aus063_33.jpg)
(18.66 KB 550x419 Aus063_34.jpg)
(18.46 KB 550x361 Aus063_35.jpg)
Time to tour pre-invasion Auschwitz. These depictions are of the children's bunk-beds, obviously. The large brick building was their theater.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:17:56 [Preview] No.29 del
(26.44 KB 550x703 Aus063_36.jpg)
(14.94 KB 512x341 Ausch063_86.jpg)
(14.51 KB 555x416 Ausch063_91.jpg)
(51.99 KB 596x404 Aus central bath.jpg)
(22.43 KB 600x450 AuschMAIN064_19.jpg)
Fliers for the theater, the sauna (easy to pass this off as a "gas chamber") yet here's a large group of women after using the sauna. Here is also the main entrance to Auschwitz.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:19:25 [Preview] No.30 del
The narrative is that hundreds of corpses were burned and buried in this swampland with a water table of 6 feet. While a certain amount did die (15% of which were jewish), the primary causes were lice and starvation due to Allied bombing of supply lines, as covered earlier.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:23:09 [Preview] No.31 del
Prisoners were not terrified of arriving at Auschwitz. The intention was to be a labor camp with then modern entertainment and luxuries. Compare to Eisenhower's Rhine fields with no shelter whatsoever. It was meant to be an industrial complex for the purpose of producing goods.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:24:58 [Preview] No.32 del
Here's another of their disinfection chambers, as well as the not so infamous block 24. It was a heated library and reading room with storage of musical instruments and a brothel. Heinrich Himmler wanted brothels specifically to combat chances of homosexuality of male inmates.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:27:00 [Preview] No.33 del
Auschwitz had a nursery. This goes against the lie that women and children were immediately gassed. The complete opposite, it was clearly for expecting mothers. Laborers engaged in carpentry and metalworks, the camp had a dentist, and there was an office for lodging complaints about prisoners or guards. Such complaints were brought to the attention of Commander Hoess.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:28:13 [Preview] No.34 del
There was a kitchen and large dining hall, greenhouse, and large area for gardening. Here's more on the musical scene.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:30:41 [Preview] No.35 del
Here's another image of the nursery. If you were going to gas people in large quantities, why would you have a hospital with nurses to care about their well-being?

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:33:36 [Preview] No.36 del
Auschwitz's kitchen from the outside. It was a sprawling complex a block long, used solely to feed guards and prisoners. Compare to Eisenhower's Rhineland camps. Another of the theater, and one of the sports facility. There was fencing.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:36:02 [Preview] No.37 del
And soccer teams. Here are Auschwitz personnel on vacation at Solahütte, and then the tailor's workshop plus others where they made armaments / munitions.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:37:51 [Preview] No.38 del
(68.42 KB 600x439 auschwitz-workshop.jpg)
(83.58 KB 583x807 Aus063_31.jpg)
(35.93 KB 607x423 Aus063_32.jpg)
(11.40 KB 358x251 camp-post-office.jpg)
There was a post office, where letters and postcards were permitted to be sent in and out.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:41:24 [Preview] No.39 del
The Monowitz factory was for synthetic rubber and liquid fuels. Inmates were allowed to be married. (auschwitz1rm) is labor camp money they earned, and exchanged for food and items. I'll finish off this camp with evidence of the solid pillar which Zyklon B was supposed to be dropped through, the problem being that it wasn't hollow.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:43:46 [Preview] No.40 del
(30.02 KB 400x277 birkenau-hospital.jpg)
(53.75 KB 687x570 dachau-library.jpg)
(68.62 KB 504x550 dachau-shower.jpg)
(151.69 KB 709x527 Dachau-delousing.jpg)
These are the beds at Auschwitz-Birkenau hospital, and here is what Dachau had, a library, actual showers and disinfection chambers for lice.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:48:14 [Preview] No.41 del
Intricate fumigation devices were created to deal with the lice problem. Germans did not want their camp workers to come down with disease or die. That would have meant less production. Adding to this, babies were born and taken care of in the camp at Dachau as well.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:53:42 [Preview] No.42 del
This is how Finnish troops handled Zyklon B. It could not be opened and dropped down a hatch into a room with a flimsy door and glass panel. Very protective gear had to be worn. Rudolf Hoess was tortured for his confession and forced to sign documents in English when he spoke German, as were all of those at the Nuremberg Trial.

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 21:59:59 [Preview] No.44 del
(90.93 KB 530x742 scratched-walls.jpg)
(84.39 KB 815x224 rudolfvrba.jpg)
(503.60 KB 1334x2465 Survivors lies.png)

Anonymous 02/27/2018 (Tue) 22:08:28 [Preview] No.45 del
David Cole in Auschwitz was referenced here: >>19

On the Madjanek "gas chambers" myth:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ATMqauoTskI [Embed]

On the Buchenwald dumb portrayal of evil seen near the beginning of this thread: https://youtube.com/watch?v=3HlPcaP9x5o [Embed]

Anonymous 07/08/2018 (Sun) 04:28:05 [Preview] No.56 del
(172.88 KB 1080x766 dresden3.jpg)
(337.81 KB 900x570 main_900.jpg)
(531.42 KB 1500x958 main_1500 (1).jpg)
(479.48 KB 1500x1079 main_1500.jpg)
On the evening of February 13, 1945, a series of Allied firebombing raids begins against the German city of Dresden, killing as many as 135,000 people. More than 3,400 tons of explosives were dropped on the city by 800 American and British aircraft. The firestorm created by the two days of bombing set the city burning for many more days, littering the streets with charred corpses, including women and children. This affected eight square miles of the city.

Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 05:37:16 [Preview] No.57 del
Replying to the /news/ post

Here's the vid I mentioned. It got scrubbed off the internet, but I got a copy on bitchute
https://www.bitchute.com/video/dMx19v8xmhqo/ [Embed]

The timestamps would be at the end of the video I believe. It's an old video so I don't remember it too well. You can delete the post after you get the url

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