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Board spelunking Bernd 02/22/2019 (Fri) 01:19:01 [Preview] No. 23385
ITT: we explore small boards to find cool stuff and for curiosity's sake and then report on our findings.

My search area consists of non-porn 8chan boards with a poster count in the 10-100 range, but other boards are also welcome.

How do conversations proceed? Which memes are appreciated? Is any OC produced? What kinds of threads are made? What are the board's collective opinions on its subject matter? What is its relationship to other boards? What is the userbase's ideology and outlook? How is the moderation? These are some of the questions that can be answered.

I'll start with /doomer/. At 80 posters it's second on the list, just behind /ausneets/ with 84. The subject matter and the name are one and the same.

Most threads belong in one of three categories:

-Aesthetics threads on topics such as somber art, music and architecture. Art thread had this peculiar picture. The first page houses a good thread on brutalism, though it got derailed into a conversation about women. Even the board's CSS has this feeling.
-Sincere expressions of how posters are nihilistic, feel they've fucked up in life and dislike the people around them. Often start with greentext personal experiences. Drugs and family relations are common themes.
-Venting against society at large.

There's a lot of hate against people, but not much between individual posters. Ideologies span the whole ecosystem of online radicalism, with anarchists, fascists, primitivists and the like.

I'll post more findings later.

Bernd 02/22/2019 (Fri) 06:19:06 [Preview] No.23388 del
(1.12 MB 1092x1023 hongkong2.png)
I dig the title, /kc/-tier.
Not sure how popular this thread will be but we are all interested in imageboards - otherwise we wouldn't be here - so I say we have breddy gud chances, and I think any one of us can do this. Lurking a board for a while and put here our findings doesn't need other resources (except time, and not too much that one).

Bernd 02/22/2019 (Fri) 13:31:16 [Preview] No.23391 del

one board per site

there's also bunkerchan but its crap

Bernd 02/22/2019 (Fri) 16:16:56 [Preview] No.23394 del
I see 1 is about trains.
Do they have any memes?

Bernd 02/22/2019 (Fri) 16:38:09 [Preview] No.23395 del
i guess trains themselves are a meme

Bernd 02/23/2019 (Sat) 07:36:04 [Preview] No.23407 del
Well I saw "mods are sleeping, posts some trains" in the past. But it's the theme there.

Bernd 02/24/2019 (Sun) 19:35:14 [Preview] No.23435 del
(138.42 KB 610x615 ausneets catalog.png)
(124.19 KB 554x734 ausneets.png)
(171.00 KB 916x741 ausneets 2.png)
(55.19 KB 300x100 ausneets banner.png)
forgot to mention: /doomer/ has a modest interest in Gondolas, with a thread dedicated to them.

/ausneets/ is where 'Strayan NEETs congregate and have small talk.

Board aesthetic is the generic 8chan one. The only unique things are the banners. Moderation seems to be strict, judging by the pinned board rules, which include standards of conversation. Two of the rules are of interest:

>14. No posts which infer, either seriously or in jest, that the board is monitored by the Government or intelligence agencies, or which infer that any individual poster may be an agent of the government or an intelligence agency. These jokes are not funny and have a track record of stoking paranoia and chilling the free sharing of information on the board.
>16. All new NEET General Threads must contain an image which includes Pepe the Frog. This image must be visible from the Catalog. Non NEET General Threads may only be created after being suggested, considered and approved in the NEET General Thread. Non-approved Threads will be deleted.

Precisely as rule 16 implies, all threads except the rules are NEET generals. The current one is #301, started today. The first was made in November 2018 and contains hints of its past: it's mentioned that the community was exiled from somewhere else and "Monk"/"warehouse" (probably a major namefag or BO; one of the other generals mentions him) got doxxed. Several other namefags are also mentioned or appear. Every single one of those threads starts with a Pepe image, proceeds to 700+ posts and gets locked, producing a stale and bland catalog.

Userbase is 99,9% Australian but a single Brit appears in the latest general.

I examined thread #301. Most posts are short, hardly going beyond a single line and few have images. Some of the images are photographs taken and posted onsite. Actual conversation i.e. chains of replies to other posts are short and rarely go beyond 10 replies. Topics include food, abos and NEET/wagie lifestyles.
There's nothing deep or unusual about it: it's petty chatter and nothing more. It could be comparable to a pub because posters act like they're drunk, but a physical pub has longer interactions. A better comparison would be a group in a chatting app: posts are either some minor comment about life or a short, meaningless, low effort shitpost, and in either case other posters have very short interactions and then move along.

Overall this board is harmless and irrelevant, with no interesting things.

Bernd 02/24/2019 (Sun) 19:42:00 [Preview] No.23436 del
>November 2018
11th of January

Bernd 02/24/2019 (Sun) 21:15:45 [Preview] No.23439 del
Good review. Boards centered around being a NEET tend not to be very interesting, at least in my experience.

Bernd 02/25/2019 (Mon) 16:33:54 [Preview] No.23446 del
Both this and /doomer/ seems to be a peculiar subculture. One is superficial the other shows deep feelings but both kinda egocentric.
Interesting read. I think your reviews will be good basis for future ones.

Bernd 02/26/2019 (Tue) 00:30:33 [Preview] No.23455 del
(17.79 KB 300x100 1432371197934.png)
(213.37 KB 1498x680 animus.png)
(204.79 KB 1070x618 animus catalog.png)
(1.04 MB 876x2648 animus 2.png)
Whenever I saw /animus/ while scrolling through 8chan's board list, my mind immediately recalled ânimo -the spirit of action- and the kinetic, dynamic meaning of that word's root. That's certainly more exotic than just the plural of "animu". Though a banner has another take on the board's name.

The board's subtitle is "Avatarfag circlejerk", and that sums it up well. Every single poster is a namefag, tripfag, avatarfag or a combination thereof, and all of them are weebs. Flags are on, and most of them are predictably from the Anglosphere, though a Jap and an Israeli (possibly using VPNs are also present).

They interact in a similar manner to the userbase of /ausneets/: huge threads for general discussion, most of which is about weeb stuff and video games, but it can wander off into conversations about all sorts of things; there's this guy talking about cars and political discussions happen sometimes.

This conversation is fast, producing a PPH of 60. Only the top five boards have more activity! The community seems tight-knit. Insults are sometimes traded, but not in an angry spirit. The "dialect" is standard imageboard English rather than the strange Aussie lingo in the previous board.

Thread structure is looser: there's no standard format for thread openings, creating a more diverse catalog. Two threads sometimes overlap with each other for several hours. Some duplicate threads are maintained and used. The lifespan of a thread in terms of total replies varies wildly.

Moderation seems lax.

Overall it's still mostly light chatter and thus meaningless if you're not part of that small circle.

Bernd 02/27/2019 (Wed) 00:50:59 [Preview] No.23456 del
(754.52 KB 1280x720 original.png)
its not just boards
every shithole now looks like this, even somewhat-good-in-the-past linux boards/sites

its like these wide jeans of the 70s (or brain eating amoeba)

fuck normies

Bernd 02/27/2019 (Wed) 18:44:44 [Preview] No.23460 del
Anima and animus is what's came to my mind first. But I'm prepared for disappointment.

>wide jeans of the 70s
You mean those with wide ends at the feet?

Bernd 02/27/2019 (Wed) 22:30:32 [Preview] No.23475 del
(505.00 KB 1568x741 mde.png)
(218.77 KB 919x591 mde catalog.png)
You mean avatarfagging, or circlejerking within a closed community?

/mde/ has 105 active posters, placing it just barely outside my scope. But its population was right for a while and /imouto/ just dropped into the <100 threshold. /imouto/ is, for an outsider, almost a carbon copy of /animus/ and thus there's not much to say about it, so instead I'm covering /mde/.

The first thing you'll notice with this board is the atrocious CSS. The only conceivable explanation is that they're using it to ward off people who can't change the CSS.

/mde/ was formed by Redditors exiled from r/milliondollarextreme, an ayy right community banned for being too bigoted and intolerant.

As the name suggests, it's all about Sam Hyde and people around him. Most of the threads on the first page obssessively cover the tiniest details and news of their lives and art, such as this mention on Chapo Trap House (who they accuse in another thread of lurking the board). But shitposts and threads about the board itself and politics are also made.

The userbase are anything but fanboys and constantly criticize Sam's life choices and behavior, like being too greedy with his content's monetization. If anything, they hate him.
Their conversations are informal, with little use of capitalization. Insults are traded on a regular basis; it's not a happy community. Reaction and OP images can be very diverse. Ideological alignment is far right but not /pol/ tier.

The board is useful if you want updates on Sam or his friends, but -in large part because of its subject matter- is otherwise not a very nice place to be.

Bernd 02/28/2019 (Thu) 06:35:38 [Preview] No.23478 del
>The only conceivable explanation is
Some people just don't have taste. Maybe they like it as is.
>If anything, they hate him.
I noticed similar somewhere on 8 when just clicked through randomly the "recommendations" at the bar at the top of the page. I got the feeling the subject matter of the "hobby" was more hated than liked. In general on the internet (where comment section is available or it is a forum) haters are always all over the place and on many occasion they are well informed, ergo they spend much to study the object of their hate. But this type of congregation of haters who spend a considerable amount of time on their "hobby" is surprising.

Bernd 03/03/2019 (Sun) 18:23:11 [Preview] No.23538 del
/x/ is the catch-all board for the obscure, supernatural, abnormal and bizarre, and as such, its scope is very wide. Though it's all spookbait, it has the potential to be interesting.
I haven't found any information on its history, but I presume it was formed as a splinter of the original /x/ when 4chan migrants settled the site.
CSS is dark, with humorous banners. One suberb detail is that default names are constantly changed by the BO. As you check older and older threads, every poster will be called "Uncaring Cosmic Abomination", "Reptilian Overlord", "Nosferatu", "Kelpie", "Skinwalker", "The Master of the Monolith", "Kraken" and so on.
Rule #3 states that /x/ is an apolitical board. Conspiracies about shadowy elites and government tyranny are discussed but ideological themes only appear insofar as they're relevant to the board's topic.
Language and levels of politeness are standard, not different from any regular board. Despite the board's tone, many posts and even entire threads are made in either a realism-minded or a lighthearted mindset.
Threads are made about all sorts of things. I'll list a few I've examined:

">tfw no vampire gf" thread. The finer aspects of romance and sex with vampire women are discussed. Later on someone talks about killing vampies with stake-firing shotguns and holy water cannons, and the question of wheter vampires are material or metaphysical beings comes into fray.

A supposed Serial Experiments Lain-themed suicide cult imageboard. A link is actually given:
I checked it out and there are still living posters, so I guess they didn't kill themselves. I've earmarked that board for later examination.

Men in Black. Someone says they are supernatural but only exist in the viewer's mind, and are merely omens or messages.

"Reality glitches", small events in day-to-day living that don't make sense. Very banal.

Bernd 03/03/2019 (Sun) 18:27:09 [Preview] No.23539 del
"The Suicide of Saul was painted in 1562 by the Netherlandish Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Do you notice anything weird about it?" Someone makes an edit, see pic related. One savvy poster then points to the camel-like creatures being ridden by the figures emerging from the water just below the mountain with the buildings in the background and cites Marco Polo to claim they are dinosaurs/dragons:
> "Leaving the city of Yachi, and traveling ten days in a westerly direction, you reach the province of Karazan, which is also the name of the chief city….Here are seen huge serpents, ten paces in length (about 30 feet), and ten spans (about 8 feet) girth of the body. At the fore part, near the head, they have two short legs, having three claws like those of a tiger, with eyes larger than a forepenny loaf (pane da quattro denari) and very glaring."
>The jaws are wide enough to swallow a man, the teeth are large and sharp, and their whole appearance is so formidable, that neither man, nor any kind of animal can approach them without terror. Others are met with of a smaller size, being eight, six, or 5 paces long; and the following method is used for taking them. In the day-time, by reason of great heat, they lurk in caverns, from whence, at night, they issue to seek their food, and whatever beast they meet with and can lay hold of, whether tiger, wolf, or any other, they devour;
But someone else says they're just poorly drawn camels. And a third poster cites "The Life of Apollonius of Tyana" by Philostratus (40-120 CE) which speaks of dragons in India. That's covered in another thread.

Flat Earth. Lots of boomers who can't format their posts right and are likely sourcing their images from Facebook. One of them even copies what appear to be tweets verbatim. At the end, in a banal but down-to-Earth twist, a poster claims he's been to the shores of Antartica on a cruise and personally saw the midnight Sun.

Atlantis. A Chilean rambles on about ancient Aryans. Someone makes an interesting point about how the Richat structure ("eye of the Sahara") looks similar to ancient descriptions of Atlantis if its lower elevations were filled with water, but then shoots himself in the foot by claiming sea levels were higher in the last Ice Age and that this somehow translates to the water level of inland seas.

Freemasons. Some posters share their banal and unrevealing experiences on the subject. One of the first posts says they're just a seekrit club with no mysticism like some imageboards. Near the end, P2 (powerful Cold War Italian lodge) is mentioned and an Argentine says Péron was a member.

OP claims he and his father went spook-hunting on a graveyard and got a picture showing dimly lit amorphous shapes in the tombs, in which his father allegedly could see a child but he couldn't. This boring image somehow caught the attention of other regulars and got a lot of replies.

Greentext thread. Lots of /k/ screencaps I've seen before.

The board sometimes hosts cool content but it's buried among boomers (at least they're a minority in the userbase) and bland threads.

They wouldn't be on the board if all they felt was hate. At the very least, they have an active interest in the subject. Those people found something of value in Sam's work and that's what kept them interested.

Bernd 03/04/2019 (Mon) 20:51:27 [Preview] No.23575 del
Oh /x/. That was the first board I visited semi seriously beside /b/ when I was a beginner chan-user. It was on 4 ofc not 8.
>">tfw no vampire gf"
That's silly. They aren't interested in sex, they are dry as Sahara - unless they let some blood leak into their vagina, eww -, and the sucking also ain't what it should be. Can be platonic tho.

>dinos or camels
If they are camels they should be Bactrian ones and not dromedaries because the first is native along the silk road, the second can be found in Arabia and Africa. But Bactrians have two humps, dromedaries have only one.
Hate implies some level of interest. It can be paired with obsession.

Bernd 03/05/2019 (Tue) 20:51:34 [Preview] No.23597 del
End/horror/ needs more people.

Bernd 03/06/2019 (Wed) 14:15:03 [Preview] No.23605 del
>That's silly. They aren't interested in sex, they are dry as Sahara - unless they let some blood leak into their vagina, eww -, and the sucking also ain't what it should be. Can be platonic tho.
They actually mention this, aswell as the fact that vampiresses would transmit both physical and spiritual diseases.

>End/horror/ needs more people.
From what I can see that board has longer, more kc-tier posts, a more ideological theme and a sadly short catalog. Otherwise it's similar to /x/.

Bernd 03/06/2019 (Wed) 16:24:53 [Preview] No.23606 del
How can we kidnap some dudes and force them to use /horror/?

Not sure about that. This is a little vague.
I don't like the css. It should be dark but a little more... slick I guess? It's kinda rough now. Tho whole Endchan looks unpleasant.

Bernd 03/06/2019 (Wed) 18:26:19 [Preview] No.23611 del
>From what I can see that board has longer, more kc-tier posts, a more ideological theme and a sadly short catalog. Otherwise it's similar to /x/.
Which is why I like /horror/.

Bernd 03/08/2019 (Fri) 00:28:54 [Preview] No.23629 del
(207.35 KB 720x722 argentina.png)
(219.67 KB 770x614 argentina catalog.png)
(279.33 KB 922x619 argentina catalog 2.png)
(55.66 KB 300x100 1411613869675.png)
/argentina/ is /b/ for the Platine basin. Once the foremost Hispanophone board, Chileans in /choroy/ have overtaken it and are now 6 to 7 times larger. There used to be several Anglophone boards as "recommended boards", but now the only other boards advertised are two satellites: /uba/ for university students and /cybar/ for tech and cyberpunk aesthetics. Several other Hispanophone boards are also likely populated by Argentines. /argentina/ has been on 8chan for a long time and I can find no trace of the userbase's previous location, so for all intents and purposes it's an "autochtonous" community. By contrast, /choroy/ seems to have been populated recently by a large migration from some site called nido.org. A small population of foreigners -Americans, Dutch, Brazilians, Italians and Uruguayans, though the last aren't true foreigners- sometimes appears.

Default user name is "Barón" (apparently some Internet celebrity or namefag) and used to be "Feminista en el fandom", but regulars call each other "choris".
I thought "Observatorio del INADI" was a reference to surveillance from an intelligence agency, but INADI is actually the National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism. A few other details single out /argentina/'s aesthetics.

Choris are quite similar to their counterparts in anglophone boards. They make a lot of threads about how they've lost in life, can't socialize, can't get a gf, can't make a decent living, feel sad and so on. Many are weebs. Disagreements in threads are common.
There's an above average interest in food, Flat Earth and Varg Vikernes. The latest Flat Earth thread features a Hollow Earther, proofs of ties between a famous Third Positionist movement and Flat Earthers and some random poet being a Flat Earther.

There's a lot of political discussion. Choris were once enthusiastic about Macri but now despise him. They also hate Kirchner. Some follow offshoots of Péronism while others are less populist, and they have no consensus on who to vote in the next elections. There's a consensus in favor of private firearm ownership. They feel desolate about the state of Argentine society. Bolivian immigration is a major concern.

There's also a thread complaining about Argentines being portrayed as blacks in some anime. And another one criticizing therapists.

Bernd 03/08/2019 (Fri) 06:30:42 [Preview] No.23631 del
Can you tell if Schizo Argie frequents there?
>Varg Vikernes
No doubt they're saving the White Race with the lead of his wisdom.
What choris means Has anything to do with /choroy Is it like call each other nigger of faggot?
Is there an American country (minus Canada) without presidential system?

Bernd 03/08/2019 (Fri) 06:31:59 [Preview] No.23632 del
What choris means?
Has anything to do with /choroy/?
Is it like call each other nigger of faggot?

Bernd 03/08/2019 (Fri) 11:45:23 [Preview] No.23634 del
(82.94 KB 768x768 chorizo.jpg)
Chori comes from chorizo and informally means a thief or a scoundrel. Choroy is obscure: all I can find is that it's the popular name for a parrot species.

Bernd 03/08/2019 (Fri) 12:02:58 [Preview] No.23635 del
Several parliamentary systems exist in non-Latin America: many former Crown colonies in the Caribbean, and Suriname has a President elected by the National Assembly.
Brazil was parliamentary from 1822 to 1889 and again from 1961 to 1963. Under military rule Presidents were chosen by Congress, which was still democratically elected. I presume Hispanic America had its own experiments with parliamentarism.

Bernd 03/08/2019 (Fri) 17:04:17 [Preview] No.23636 del
The parrot is their mascot I think.

Bernd 03/08/2019 (Fri) 17:15:04 [Preview] No.23637 del
Can have some relation with Pinoy? Philippines were Spanish colony at one time.

Bernd 03/08/2019 (Fri) 21:16:14 [Preview] No.23641 del
Choroy is a Mapuche loanword. Pinoy is just the two final syllabes of filipino + the common tagalog suffix -y, and its earliest recorded usages postdate Spanish rule. But curiously enough, Wikcionário also lists "Pinoy" as a completely unrelated surname of Mapuche origin.

Bernd 03/09/2019 (Sat) 08:43:53 [Preview] No.23646 del
Thought it came from Chilero or something.

Bernd 03/10/2019 (Sun) 00:10:00 [Preview] No.23650 del
Chileno. -ero is almost nonexistant as a suffix in Spanish country-level demonyms. The exception is brasilero, a valid but not mainstram alternative to brasileño. -eiro is simlarly rare in Portuguese, but the two suffixes do appear with some regularity in city demonyms.

Bernd 03/10/2019 (Sun) 03:22:42 [Preview] No.23651 del
>Chori comes from chorizo and informally means a thief or a scoundrel
Sometimes choro is just used, but that can also refer to clams. IRL I hear choro being used more than the other.

Bernd 03/15/2019 (Fri) 19:30:06 [Preview] No.23755 del
(66.56 KB 971x467 8ch-hun-boards2.png)
(685.86 KB 1389x1161 voros-catalog.png)
Finally did a little board spelunking myself. Dipped into the depths of 8chan for a look see. I found my topic, /voros/ not long ago, but it's a young board (I think was set up in last October) so yeah.

But first let's take a look at the first screenshot, red marks Hungarian boards, they all have 4-3 users, I think they are mostly the same everywhere, our language sets a hard barrier. I'm not sure if other boards were made on 8 by my compatriots or only these. I think /kocsog/ and /turul/ are kinda usual random boards with assorted contents, /cicachan/ is animay and /feri/ us furry. Everything is infested with animay ofc, the few numbers of posters allow long dumps of similar contents in themed threads.

/voros/ is the most exciting among these, it's Hungarian politics viewed from far left angle. Voros, or correctly vörös means red, the crimson color of the workers' movement. The tone of discussion is half serious, half ironic, basically every political group gets it's fair share of bashing, even the Munkáspárt (Worker's Party) even who one banner was created out of it's logo.
One thing to note, the poster name is just simply Anonymous, no elvtárs (= comrade) or nothing (tovarish would even more better), it seems these commies can't do anything right.
Tho they sometimes call each other elvtárs during conversation.
Since it's a slow new board I was able to skim it through on one sitting, the whole Catalog comfortably fits in one screenshot. Most of the posts are short (just like the threads), there are some with a longer breath. The three most popular threads: about books, links to a far left news portal, shitposting general. The board also features a thread with assorted links to depositories of leftist literature, writings. Very useful. If you speak our language. But what's the chance for that?
Additional information: the great Hungarian philosopher, Stirner Miksa, is a popular meme there.

Bernd 03/15/2019 (Fri) 19:31:19 [Preview] No.23756 del
>/feri/ us furry.

Bernd 03/17/2019 (Sun) 01:16:55 [Preview] No.23810 del
(33.12 KB 1146x481 magyar boards.png)
They even have a NazBol thread.

>I'm not sure if other boards were made on 8 by my compatriots or only these.
You can search boards by language. As you can see, there are a few more but they're even deader. /voros/ has its language registered as English and therefore doesn't show up when doing this search. It is possible that other "English" language Hungarian boards exist, but they'd be hard to find and dead.

Bernd 03/17/2019 (Sun) 14:16:26 [Preview] No.23816 del
>They even have a NazBol thread.
They are very thorough.
That thread is about how the "national" party sold the country to the German capitalists. I think it's an opinion of the Munkáspárt (the Labour Party). It's not wrong.

Bernd 03/17/2019 (Sun) 16:19:19 [Preview] No.23818 del
Nice word play. The leader of the Hungarian Soviet of 1919 was called Kun Béla. With the routine of seasoned weeaboos they made Béla-kun out of him.

Bernd 05/26/2019 (Sun) 01:14:59 [Preview] No.26643 del
(293.03 KB 1500x563 schlop.png)
Just another day on /argentina/

Bernd 06/02/2019 (Sun) 23:48:18 [Preview] No.26852 del
>that building


Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 15:06:40 [Preview] No.26864 del
it was slovborg tier and it was on KC

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 15:28:25 [Preview] No.26867 del
the thread is not really funny tbh. these people are too bitter to talk with.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 15:34:57 [Preview] No.26868 del
>according to most metrics I think I should be drowning in pussy but I haven't had sex in years, idk am I reading something wrong?
Maybe it's his eyes.

It's funny if you know who the dude is.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 16:06:24 [Preview] No.26873 del
I don't follow kohl for months, idk which celebrity he is.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 17:12:15 [Preview] No.26877 del
He is not a Kohl celebrity (yet). He is a poster of uncountable international boards, he was a solid member here (and on 8/kc before we moved here), almost dependable weather and linguistic autist.
His weakness is that sometimes he cannot control himself and post pictures of him. According to his statement he doxxed several times himself on chans.
He is a weird one, but good conversationalist with many autistic interests, like beer brewing, cross country skiing and world building. Oh he is Slovenian who says his jew.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 17:17:52 [Preview] No.26878 del
So still better than %50 of chan dwellers? Now I disliked the thread even more.

Invite him back to here, you guys can have serious discussion about Trianon.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 17:24:57 [Preview] No.26880 del
I think we had. He's also a nomadboo, streamed mongol themed movies on Khantube (his cytube channel).
If he would wanna post here he did. He was involved of creating Mewch, this made him leave. I think he's also got bored here.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 17:31:52 [Preview] No.26882 del
wtf is mewch?

here if you're nomadboo as well

https://youtube.com/watch?v=bcoWHAP_JlE [Embed]

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 17:37:57 [Preview] No.26883 del
A now ceased imageboard.
A piece of chan history:
I think Megamilk too over 76chan then due mismanagement it was killed. Then a few months later he opened Mewch. It went maybe a year and this died too. The Slovene (whom apparently they call slovborg) was a solid member on 76, and participated in the creation of Mewch, supposedly he donated much too.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 17:40:35 [Preview] No.26884 del
I'm not. And steppe people ain't nomads. See another thread about this. :^)
But I'm interested in steppe people, yes.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 17:40:58 [Preview] No.26885 del
Actually, in nomads too.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 17:44:37 [Preview] No.26886 del
well I was referencing for nomadboo thing, dont get me being kc tier.

where is the slovene now?

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 17:56:01 [Preview] No.26887 del
Dunno. Maybe on Spacechan.
He was on the resurrected 76, on /int/. But died too, but it's getting resurrected again.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 18:21:43 [Preview] No.26889 del
Idk why I havent heard any of these indie chans.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 18:58:51 [Preview] No.26897 del
He's on 8/int/

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 19:06:58 [Preview] No.26902 del
That's not KC-tire at all.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 19:34:15 [Preview] No.26905 del
Maybe I shouldn't take this thread into that direction, but I have to address the fact that Sweden disappeared. He was a chatty one, which might have been a good addition to our board. Was I too hard on him I wonder.

Bernd 06/03/2019 (Mon) 19:42:22 [Preview] No.26906 del
> Was I too hard on him I wonder.

Bernd 06/08/2019 (Sat) 10:04:26 [Preview] No.27020 del
(48.08 KB 300x100 banners.php.png)
fringe isn't too bad

Bernd 06/23/2019 (Sun) 09:42:15 [Preview] No.27514 del
I wonder if that's kind of an exhibitionist fetish for those who like to show off with their jizz.
You should have shared links with titties instead or something, even tho any of this animalistic nature of humanity isn't really the profile of our board. There are plenty of chans with boards which are way more suitable for this kind of thing.

Bernd 06/23/2019 (Sun) 10:55:35 [Preview] No.27515 del
is the thread not to share interesting boards?

Bernd 06/23/2019 (Sun) 11:28:22 [Preview] No.27516 del
Practically we are an NSFW board. We know where we can find porn if we want.

Bernd 06/23/2019 (Sun) 11:34:18 [Preview] No.27517 del
im not sharing porn?

Bernd 06/23/2019 (Sun) 16:19:54 [Preview] No.27522 del
That chan contains literally fetishist material.

Bernd 06/27/2019 (Thu) 05:07:53 [Preview] No.27609 del
animus is where a lot of old circlejerk threads went to after being banned from 4chan, most people came from anime threads but some come from furry, pony, waifu, ks etc treads.

The Israeli is an American on a vpn but i'm not sure about the Jap, if he's a larp he's a good one

Bernd 07/05/2019 (Fri) 05:15:20 [Preview] No.27849 del
It doesn't seem too popular.

Bernd 07/05/2019 (Fri) 05:22:52 [Preview] No.27850 del
Yeah but it's an interesting idea

Bernd 07/05/2019 (Fri) 15:27:31 [Preview] No.27853 del
Well I can't say it isn't. It needs more popularization to gain content. And even normies can post.

Bernd 07/06/2019 (Sat) 08:26:07 [Preview] No.27858 del
What a word, what a lovely word!

Bernd 08/06/2019 (Tue) 15:37:03 [Preview] No.28494 del
Wowowowowow! >>>/ausneets/ moved here!

Bernd 08/06/2019 (Tue) 20:48:59 [Preview] No.28502 del
So many cool boards and a very dull, repetitive one immigrates.

Bernd 08/06/2019 (Tue) 21:41:32 [Preview] No.28504 del
/qresearch/ also came in. The Q boards were some of the worst on 8chan, they were populated by Infowars-tier Trump-worshipping boomers with tinfoil hats dedicated to exposing the plots of Nazi British aristocrats who rule the world and the Queen's direct control of the United States Marine Corps. And they took themselves so seriously they even thought Trump knew and cared about their existence.

Bernd 08/08/2019 (Thu) 05:36:32 [Preview] No.28519 del
And now they are the third biggest board here.
According to that list anons are interested in politics, anime girls, mindless droning and video games the most.
/rapport/ is the first board that doesn't fall into these categories.

Bernd 08/08/2019 (Thu) 09:12:40 [Preview] No.28526 del
> politics, anime girls, mindless droning and video games
/ausneets/ doesn't come under any of those.
We are UNNA supremacists and wank specialists.

Bernd 08/08/2019 (Thu) 11:23:07 [Preview] No.28528 del
i bet non of these is actually on-topic

just like /int/ on fourchannel is /intb/

Bernd 08/08/2019 (Thu) 15:26:22 [Preview] No.28529 del
(1.44 MB 1092x1023 boomerang.png)
They either talk about 8chan or are on-topic with minor deviation.

Gentlemen and scholars.

Bernd 08/08/2019 (Thu) 20:23:23 [Preview] No.28537 del
Small heda

Bernd 08/09/2019 (Fri) 05:15:43 [Preview] No.28541 del
/ausneets/ is second now, up to 75 posters. /pol/ lost like 20 yesterday and below 80. Will the former took over the lead? What an exciting race.

Bernd 08/09/2019 (Fri) 11:19:31 [Preview] No.28543 del
White dog cunts can't handle the big unna power.

Bernd 08/09/2019 (Fri) 18:50:00 [Preview] No.28545 del
What about /late/ and /cyber/?
They're some of my favourite 8chan boards.

Bernd 08/09/2019 (Fri) 18:57:40 [Preview] No.28546 del
Maybe it won't be ever spelunked, the future of 8 is uncertain.
If those were your favourits mayhaps you can give us a summary. It don't need to be as pro as Brazil Bernd's posts.

Bernd 08/28/2019 (Wed) 16:06:06 [Preview] No.28706 del
Megamilk created a site called chan pink after he killed 76. I pointed out who he was and he deleted the site within two days then a few months later created mewch which also lost its data like 76chan and like with 76chan this is when he walked away from the site

Bernd 08/28/2019 (Wed) 19:00:12 [Preview] No.28711 del
(3.68 MB 640x360 bump.webm)
Not a real a board spelunking post but I found something interesting:
The base concept is intriguing. Recording how media reports stuff (event, challenges, new phenomenons, memes I guess). This would be nice if it was done in a comprehensive way but probably it won't. Too bad.

Bernd 08/28/2019 (Wed) 19:05:11 [Preview] No.28712 del
Its not ultra obscure but older chans like 7chan and 420chan have some smaller boards with some good content. Probably more 420 because of how slow 7 really is these days. I do like the detail and effort posting on alot of 420chins topic boards. The unlisted futurism board is really cool its under wc or wildcard cant recall and my bookmarks are saved at home not on this phone

Bernd 08/28/2019 (Wed) 19:13:09 [Preview] No.28713 del
>How do conversations proceed? Which memes are appreciated? Is any OC produced? What kinds of threads are made? What are the board's collective opinions on its subject matter? What is its relationship to other boards? What is the userbase's ideology and outlook? How is the moderation?

Bernd 08/28/2019 (Wed) 19:34:27 [Preview] No.28720 del
Will do this when I get home

Bernd 08/29/2019 (Thu) 16:58:59 [Preview] No.28738 del
(44.21 KB 1217x741 gay sea.png)
The software update apparently ended up messing up text in the same way that it used to mess it up in the mobile version, though I changed browser from Palemoon to Iridium so maybe it's something related to that

Bernd 08/29/2019 (Thu) 17:15:30 [Preview] No.28740 del
Weird. It's fine for me in PM, FF and IceCat.
Except now I got "Connection failed" popup.

Bernd 08/29/2019 (Thu) 17:17:34 [Preview] No.28741 del
Let's see if I can restore thumbnails.

Bernd 08/29/2019 (Thu) 17:19:30 [Preview] No.28742 del
that's a problem I encountered on /kc/ before the update, I haven't so far since the update. It has to do with the style activated on /kc/ and how the webbrowser translates it, I blame lynxchan for it. nobody bothered to find the flaw and to fix it, I just did the work around by accessing endchan on the tablet with the dashchan app or on the browser there's the last 50 posts and preview function for each thread/post, that displays the posts without the kc style.

Bernd 08/29/2019 (Thu) 18:24:25 [Preview] No.28745 del
Asked on Discord. Maybe someone will have an idea.

Bernd 08/30/2019 (Fri) 01:47:50 [Preview] No.28753 del
Must be something of WebViewer or whatever was the thing that powered Google based browsers.

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 19:19:53 [Preview] No.28843 del
(135.25 KB 650x974 remy_pepe1.jpg)
Not sure where to post this. Maybe the a meta thread would be better. But since it's about another board, might as well just use this one.
After this shitshow with 8 and the shootings and refugees arriving here and reading some complaining about /pol/ and such, my thoughts sometimes just revolve around the topic.
I also watched this:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=yMlrBL1Tgmw [Embed]
It's just Hotwheels saying he has nothing to do with anything, it's Jims fault and take down pol. And this latter point which made me think if it's even possible taking it down. Beside the fact, that it's possible just to create another board (let's say 8 comes back, but even here) or just move to elswhere, or call it different, I don't think pol is "killable" anymore. I think it's more now, a meme in the original sense and not as it is usually used as a synonym of joke that it is a living idea, a incorporeal organism. No matter what imageboard admins do, and no matter what irl power groups, law enforcement, government, SJW institutions, whatever do it won't go away and can't be made to go away because at this point it's in people's head.
I said it earlier I think back on 8, after new BO took over and he was a faggot and banned for "polposting" that those ideas which are posted on pol or topics discussed aren't new, they are just dressed in other forms. Now pol itself is just an outlet where some things can be said which irl many of those dudes just couldn't say. It's not impossible to say these stuff irl, there were circles that did before pol existed and do it since then just fine, however those guys who use the pols of many chans just aren't the type who would fit in those circles. But they are used to say stuff now and want to say stuff now and will find a way to do it, even those who just post these stuff ironically or for trolling purposes, not only those who take the stuff seriously. They got used to the idea of being a poltard, the behaviour, the way of thinking which comes with it, and will continue to be poltards and think like that even if the whole internet gets closed down.

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 19:21:02 [Preview] No.28844 del
I don't think anyone will look into this.

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 19:46:38 [Preview] No.28846 del
i think everyone is poltard
politics is literally top10 topic

pol just was non-mainstream and sorta contrarian, in communist country pol would be capitalist etc
and even then its mostly retard posting

i mean can you think of something thats anti-pol? some anime maybe

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 20:05:26 [Preview] No.28847 del
I don't think politics equals to pol. Politics is simply the matters, affairs of the community - even if we here on /kc/ discuss where to move and such, that's also politics. As you pointed out pol is an expression of the interest in this in a "non-mainstream and sorta contrarian" way. Hmm, is leftypol is double contrarian?
It's really hard to evade the affairs of our community. Even the most shut-in Bernds meet the results of politics. If he orders something online - for example - odds are the price of the thing will contain VAT or if it comes from abroad it might be the subject of tariffs and he can have an opinion on this, what he might wanna express.

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 20:37:37 [Preview] No.28848 del
There's also the problem of what constitutes politics and not, and why some subjects are ok to debate while others are not.
Say someone wants to talk about rap music, superficially it's a form of entertainment, but due to a lot of the content it involves, be it thug life or black power, why would someone call someone disagreeing with the subject a /pol/tard when the very same subject is political in the first place? The same comes with the gays, why is being ok with them a non-political issue but not wanting to be there is automatically a political issue in the first place? It's wanting to layer the onion.

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 20:38:38 [Preview] No.28849 del
(142.13 KB 1271x895 14234873955682.jpg)
(278.59 KB 1266x818 1426972105329.png)
Did none of you ever find my board?
I might upload some archived pages from it in case anyone be interested..

Here's a front site I made for it at some point;

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 20:45:42 [Preview] No.28851 del
I don't have time to watch that video now but some time ago I went through copypaste aka hotwheels twitter and he was basically saying the same thing there.
You might remember from years ago on 8ch to have your board deleted you would have to dedicate it to something illegal. But some users doing illegal things wasn't eligible to have your board removed, rather the offenders should be banned. One of the boards I remember that got deleted was when the owner himself dedicated it for sharing nudes of children (not really pornography, it were photos from nudist beaches).
Now I don't really know if /pol/ would be eligible for deletion because I never really lurked it, but reading copypaste twatter really shocked me that he was suggesting such thing. He also attacked Jim and that other guy in charge and it seemed very personal, maybe his attack at /pol/ is somewhat related to that fact. I remember few years ago copypaste was making similar attacks on moot and I know for a fact copypaste had some kind of a grudge against him.
8chan have been said to come back in September btw. I was the so called ancient original 8chan users from before the exodus and in my opinion 8chan died in the day the massive flood of 4chan refugees arrived. Before it was a small but unique site run as a hobby project with few boards, not too different from endchan. Once the 4channers arrived they immediately demanded the site be changed to their wish and copypaste was very happy to meet those demands (probably fueled by his grudge against moot). Previous users voice was pretty much ignored (well it's kind of hard to have your voice heard when you're outnumbered thousands to one) and site effectively became 4chan 2.0 with different kind of moderation but same mindset, and all the uniques it has and what it could have was squashed. Tbh at some point I felt like we were betrayed by copypaste because we were a reason to some extent for his hobby project to exist, yet we were forgotten on the very fist occasion. Now copypaste suffers the consequences of his creation, even though he gave up his site long time ago he is still known as the founder and when 8chan shooter kills someone again he will be harassed by journalists and what not. The only thing that could be done to prevent this and save 8chan is if he said back in 2014 to all those refugees that he's sorry but he won't be able to handle all of them (which would be absolutely true, server back then couldn't handle all the new traffic) and that they would have to look for other places on the internet.
>complaining about /pol/
It's possible you might have seen me complaining, but really I wasn't being anti/pol/ there but rather I was worried that similar thing would happen again and turn endchan into 4chan the 3rd. I'm unironically very glad that the endchan was down at that certain time and for prolonged period.

I made some assumptions here in this post and I really hate it's ultimately what I think about this issue.

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 20:51:08 [Preview] No.28853 del
>8ch.net redirect
I think I found your issue

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 20:55:53 [Preview] No.28856 del
I'm confident alleged "/pol/tards" are specifically the modern day userbase of /pol/ offshoots who took the bait for real. I never saw the slur used until after there ware plenty of places that would ban you the moment you say anything that would make hitler cry.

/pol/ is great because it was casually permissive of literally anything, /pol/tards are almost the opposite because they shit all over any thread that benefits teh j00s according to some black magic circumstance they invented in their heads.

Bernd 09/01/2019 (Sun) 21:11:58 [Preview] No.28857 del
(117.70 KB 700x534 button-fix.png)
The board had tags on the 8chan site
When I made that neocities page in 2016 8chan was still up, now it isn't so I've thought about reviving the idea of the front site (using neocities), to host archived pages and stuff

Also seems like /hover/ is on the wayback machine, but without pics
I still have all the pics that were posted on it and saved most of its pages

I claimed the board in march 2015, revived it with a CSS I made and started actively posting on it a bunch of interesting stuff I'd found about advanced technology and other things I thought fitting

It was a fun board to run, since it was pretty obscure, low activity but high quality board

Early on a friendly connection with /miku/ was formed, some coders and electronics enthusiasts were in that group of friends, codemonkey also liked /miku/ and stated that openly at some point. /miku/ has since migrated to endchan (after 8chan got shut down in early august 2019) which helped me find this thread.

Another connection with /robowaifu/ also formed in 2017. That board was mostly focused on making robot girls. It became a pretty active and interesting board, with more posts and posters than /hover/

The main focus of hover was the theme of making life better with advanced tech and exploring other hover related things (like hover styles of stylesheets, natural things and also some lighter than air hovering like with steampunk airships)

My original idea for it was to make it like a cross between positive side of /x/ and experimental side of /diy/

Bernd 09/02/2019 (Mon) 16:36:34 [Preview] No.28861 del
>Did none of you ever find my board?
I dunno about the others but I didn't. I'm not an 8ch refugee for two years now and I rarely visited that place.

Bernd 09/02/2019 (Mon) 18:05:16 [Preview] No.28862 del
That actually sounds intriguing. Would you mind sharing your stuff? If yes, feel free to start a new thread or use the tech thread.
Sadly I don't have much to add but might be open to discuss one thing or another.

Bernd 09/02/2019 (Mon) 18:10:27 [Preview] No.28863 del
(33.16 KB 600x630 just-a-little-bit.jpg)
Hmm. Maybe the correct would be:
>If no...

Bernd 09/02/2019 (Mon) 19:57:30 [Preview] No.28870 del
>its mostly retard posting
The average imageboard level.

>why some subjects are ok to debate while others are not.
Yeah, the whole atmosphere of political correctness and "prudish" hushing up of certain topics what makes people want a place with actual freedom of speech. I think the origin of pol usually traced back to /news/ but actually it's rooted more deeply in the relative anonymous nature of chans and certain, themeless boards liek /b/ where people could freely spam "nigger", "faggot" and "niggerfaggot" all day long without being labeled as racist or homophobe - and most of them weren't just wanted a little less control over what they say or think.
Ofc, this freedom gets abused, and people forget it too that saying these things aren't mandatory but optional.

>I don't have time to watch that video now
It's fine, he just repeats the same thing over and over, which also are on his twitter I believe.
>He also attacked Jim and that other guy in charge and it seemed very personal, maybe his attack at /pol/ is somewhat related to that fact.
I think he tries to cover his own ass. In the report he says he doesn't want negative or unwanted attention, his health isn't good he doesn't need the stress. So he wants to direct the shit away from himself. I don't know him, I can judge by what he says there, but I don't think he wants to harm them, he just cares for himself more.
>It's possible you might have seen me complaining
I dunno.
>I was worried that similar thing would happen again and turn endchan into 4chan the 3rd.
You are right to voice your doubts and worries. It is good you wrote this post I see clearly what you try to convey. I hope it won't turn out such way (doesn't seem like it) but also we have to act if we see things turning out like that, and I'll help. But we have more awareness about End well that is kinda in my job description now anyway.

>modern day userbase of /pol/ offshoots who took the bait for real
Well, Poe's law. But if there's a place where you can say freely stuff as a joke or satire, that can be done seriously too... I don't think it's a problem... as long as I don't have to deal with it, I can tolerate thins until they don't start to massage me with it. It's liek I can tell a priest I'm fine with his religion, but then if he wants to convert me, I cannot help but tell him to bugger off. So I'm willing to give my finger but won't allow my arm.
So anyway, why should those people be denied to express themselves who don't just niggering ironically? And frankly - due to poe's law - can we know if they're real or not? And this kinda leads to the shooters... can anyone know when they post they are for real?
It's very messy and I suppose great bunch of decision makers would just ban and close down everything.
It's a good thing that the crew on end/pol delets and bans posts which incites violence and such - but then again, those who post those as joges are kinda denied of their freedom of being dumb.

cont. Bernd 09/02/2019 (Mon) 21:12:38 [Preview] No.28871 del
Also made me think. Now that I visit Discord, I feel it uncomfortable (and not just because it's just a glorified chat). Since it's basically normienet it kinda makes me feel compelled to watch myself how I behave. On chans I have the freedom to decide of being a tard or keep my posts more civil, but there I feel that choice less mine.

Bernd 09/02/2019 (Mon) 21:47:26 [Preview] No.28872 del
(292.02 KB 834x725 1437656853993.jpg)
Sure I could share some things
To be honest I'm not exactly sure what krautchan is about or what the story with it is, being this new here

More relevant to the thread, there was a board called /machinecult/ on 8chan which flared up in activity because being advertized on either /pol/ or /b/ and stayed active for a bit, only to flare out and become a totally dead board in a kinda short time, it was interesting to watch

I explored a lot of boards, most of them 15000 boards were dead tho

Bernd 09/02/2019 (Mon) 21:49:14 [Preview] No.28873 del

Bernd 09/03/2019 (Tue) 05:38:47 [Preview] No.28884 del
I found the thread three times, but all gave 404. Deleted them because I don't know the "cure" for that or what's causing the problem (seen it on other boards too), not yet at least.
If it's isn't a hassle try once more please.

Bernd 09/03/2019 (Tue) 06:01:55 [Preview] No.28885 del
Btw you can report an error on /operate/.

So what /kc/ is about? We are an offshoot of the late Krautchan, one that grew earlier before KC main gave back it's soul to it's creator. International serious discussion what we have here. Some people say that int is just b with flags, some disagree, however much topics can fit, we try to diversify. This is basically an NSFW board without having that rule, so those aren't forbidden, we just know if we want porn where to find it, and I don't think we believe in the power gore and such either. Also personally I don't liek animay, but the others don't mind it, some might even into it to some extent.
Maybe will write more later.

Bernd 09/04/2019 (Wed) 05:48:14 [Preview] No.28916 del
(8.49 KB 155x146 Cerealguy.jpg)
I meant SFW...

Bernd 09/04/2019 (Wed) 19:46:43 [Preview] No.28925 del
/late/ made their own bunker at

Bernd 09/05/2019 (Thu) 07:17:48 [Preview] No.28935 del
>So what /kc/ is about?

Calling hungypsians gypsies.

Bernd 09/30/2019 (Mon) 02:21:27 [Preview] No.29431 del
I checked it out. Looks pretty cool. Reminds me of Lainchan

Bernd 10/02/2019 (Wed) 05:28:59 [Preview] No.29456 del
They have a radio station. Nice.

Bernd 10/05/2019 (Sat) 00:39:21 [Preview] No.29479 del
(35.28 KB 300x100 1454247993822.png)
Is Mintboard supposed to be a reincarnation of Circleboard? It has a similar look.


Bernd 10/05/2019 (Sat) 06:15:41 [Preview] No.29481 del
Well, at least you did not open a new thread for that.
And while at it how about replying some questions, like:
- How do conversations proceed?
- Which memes are appreciated?
- Is any OC produced?
- What kinds of threads are made?
- What are the board's collective opinions on its subject matter?
- What is its relationship to other boards?
- What is the userbase's ideology and outlook?
- How is the moderation?

Bernd 10/05/2019 (Sat) 13:57:06 [Preview] No.29487 del
I have always asked questions like this here,because you answered them with knowledge. You seem to know what's happenening all over the other boards, not just here on EC.
Sorry, I didn't know who else to ask.

Bernd 10/05/2019 (Sat) 14:02:35 [Preview] No.29488 del
>here on EC
That's the chan next door.
I know one thing about Circleboard: they used a webm to popularize it with a brown chick inviting people there.

Bernd 10/05/2019 (Sat) 14:14:11 [Preview] No.29489 del
Also, maybe if you lurk a little you could update us on Mintboard.
You saw a similarity between the two boards, since I dunno either can you tell me what stroked you as familiar?

Bernd 10/05/2019 (Sat) 14:30:34 [Preview] No.29490 del
Ok. I just appreciate your non snarky way of responding to questions. It's not easy to find people that aren't such imageboard know it alls that will take a moment to respond without all the ego.I will do some lurking in the future. Thanks.

Bernd 10/05/2019 (Sat) 18:52:19 [Preview] No.29492 del
I read this in a "oh no, we're all fucked" voice.

Bernd 10/25/2019 (Fri) 00:57:30 [Preview] No.30898 del
Where has /argentina/ migrated to besides their bunker here?
And where did it come from prior to settling on 8chan?

Bernd 10/25/2019 (Fri) 16:41:02 [Preview] No.30920 del

Bernd 10/25/2019 (Fri) 19:01:45 [Preview] No.30931 del
RIP ratwires, best textboard I've been on.

Bernd 10/27/2019 (Sun) 21:48:34 [Preview] No.31066 del

Bernd 10/28/2019 (Mon) 18:15:04 [Preview] No.31089 del
Turned out it isn't that bad. They keep to themselves.
I noticed one of their memes is that ancient word substitution based on the rhyming of thread and bread. I think they call OP baker.
Otherwise it's endless Trump and anything related. They bastioned the first three pages with pinned threads, and have the qresearch general pinned also (then they lock it after it's full or just after a while).

/ausneets/ have a spammer problem. It's interesting because the guy just posts as a NEET sometimes, indistinguishable from other posts, then he always have to post something that doesn't fit seems compulsive like Bogdan and that gets deleted, and he escalates with things that absolutely doesn't fit. He gets banned all the time, but resets router or gets new proxy or whatever and continues. Apparently he does this since forever, he posted here too, and probably lurks.

Bernd 10/29/2019 (Tue) 17:09:15 [Preview] No.31113 del
(11.93 KB 447x105 diy-surgery.png)
>DIY surgery
Well I wanna take out my appendix sometimes...

Bernd 10/31/2019 (Thu) 20:59:35 [Preview] No.31169 del
(18.09 KB 500x351 baided_against.png)
>inb4 someone makes the equivalent of "delete system32" as a step by step surgery infograph

Bernd 11/01/2019 (Fri) 05:55:58 [Preview] No.31175 del
Lez - yuri and lesbian
Board I recently created for all things related to female x female sex and/or love, real or fictional. Including discussion and porn. I am currently seeking volunteers for all positions.

Now, this tiny board gets attacked all the time by those who hate it for some reason, I suspect that it's butthurt trannies, polacks that breached containment, or just random people that see a new and inexperienced anon create a "homosexual porn board" on endchan (it allows porn, but that isn't it's only purpose).

I allow anything so long as all participants in sexual or romantic activity are female, and all rules are abided.

Rules are as follows:

All variations of trans "females" count as males, this includes all "females" with characteristics normally exclusive to biological males (such as a penis), futanari, hermaphrodites, etc.

Loli is allowed, be it western, eastern, 2D, or CGI but obviously nothing that would risk getting you v& in the USA, pr that would bring the board or site into danger.

Monster/Beast and furry/scaly stuff are ok too, so long as the creatures and their partners are female.

Robotgirls or AIgirls are ok, so long as the robots are anatomically female and the AIs are female in presentation.

No scat or ws, this includes anything relating to feces, vomit, urine, farting, belching, queefing, etc. Also spoiler any gory stuff.

Respect the other users, especially those with whom you disagree, I do not want to see this become a board where everyone who is not an SJW has been bullied off.

Bernd 11/01/2019 (Fri) 06:13:45 [Preview] No.31176 del
>You heard public service announcements and now... some music...
Couldn't find /lez/ here on End. Nor /les/.

Also there's a popular /yuri/ - refugee from 8, and popular for endchan levels - but it has it's own matured style. They use one general for their chat until it autosages then opens a new one (similar to /ausneets/). They post solely anime, maybe as avatarfagging on some level in a way but I haven't noticed that one poster would stick to one imaginary figure for long (or at all??).
I dunno if they have memes, I didn't lurk much.

Bernd 11/01/2019 (Fri) 21:38:38 [Preview] No.31195 del
OK, I made it on here not too long ago but it disappeared.

IDK what happened, it didn't break any rules that I know of.

Bernd 11/01/2019 (Fri) 21:43:18 [Preview] No.31196 del
found and fixed the issue, board is empty but I will begin creating the metathread right now.

Bernd 11/02/2019 (Sat) 08:33:30 [Preview] No.31202 del
Ok. Well, then I don't understand only one thing.
If it's just created, then how can it get
>attacked all the time by those who hate it for some reason

Bernd 11/03/2019 (Sun) 00:23:27 [Preview] No.31225 del
I made a mistake, I created it on 8channel, but thought that I made it here, I apologize for my confusion.

The version on 8channel was hit with some trollposts by anons about how much they hated the newly made board, no reason given, included was images intended to discourage posting on the board.

Between 8channel and here, I had no clue which of the two sites would be THE new place for anons to post on, so I had intended to make it on both. I apologize once more for my ineptitude.

Anyway, added a new rule, though I may try to change it's wording in the future, wording is key when it comes to rules. My English is not so good, so I use a site to help me out.

The board is currently empty and I'm waiting for someone to post something on it. I made the board because some other anons were frustrated with the lack of this stuff, and so I decided to provide a place for them to indulge themselves. I sensed a demand, and so I supplied. I'd be disappointed if the board dies and the complaints in question continue to be made. Maybe anons don't actually want problems solved because they just like to bitch?

Bernd 11/03/2019 (Sun) 08:18:45 [Preview] No.31232 del
I see.
I don't really know how to start an board from zero. Well, maybe you can supply the first batch of images, there's that saying "if you make it they will come" or something like that.
Tho I'm not sure how substantial is the demand for porn/erotic boards here on Endchan. As soon as 8ch/8kun comes back most users will leave and maybe a two dozen will remain all in all. And even until then most people are fine with the one board they visit (for example not many NEETS or qanons post elsewhere but their favored board).
>Maybe anons don't actually want problems solved because they just like to bitch?
That sounds like a fair assumption, yes.
>I'd be disappointed
Don't be, think of it as a test. You learn something out of it. Now you know how to create a board here for example. And maybe you can make other conclusions. For example if someone wants a board you reply to him with the suggestion that you two should make one (so it won't be an initiative of only one person) and ask in general if others would want such board, this way maybe the demand can be measured a little better. But main thing, that the complainers should get a reply to their posts and not just see them, leave them, make something than after that trying to chase them down.

Also much depends on numbers, just as in real life: if you have a product you can only sell it if large enough of potential customers see it and know about it. But on small chans, the number of potential posters is pretty low.
And it's not easy to attract new users to an imageboard. From what I see users tend to congregate on chans with large userbase to begin with, and them don't really wander around except if they have no choice.

One thing is also worth considering when opening a new board: even if there's a demand, maybe it would be enough to make a thread specialized just for that theme on an already existing board which allows that theme there. For example a generic porn board, or even /b/ is fine for it. This solution has the advantage that you can choose a board with an existing userbase. Then if fair amount of people posting in that thread, it has enough attention, you might make a suggestion what if you guys would make a whole board for it. But again for this Endchan might not be a good IB to start, and just keeping to that thread would be more than enough.

Bernd 11/03/2019 (Sun) 12:56:53 [Preview] No.31236 del
>As soon as 8ch/8kun comes back most users will leave and maybe a two dozen will remain all in all
The way things are going I don't think most posters will go to 8kun, because its cucked enough to have disclaimers on every single post and the site owners seem to have lost a lot of trust also for letting it be offline for 3 months after letting /pol/ devolve into a death cult that got the site killed in the first place. I think a lot of the users have already moved on by now

I just went onto 8kun /x/ and it had some interesting links relating to the time the site went down, so I looked up those links using the wayback machine (maybe there are archive.is links for these but I don't know where)


Bernd 12/10/2019 (Tue) 23:18:52 [Preview] No.32995 del
In my quest for learning brazilian portuguese, I decided to lurk 55chan.org
There is some content that I haven't seen anywhere else, and the userbase has an idea of a community that can talk about a subject without massive spergs shitting the table, something no spanish imageboard seems to be pull off.
Though it seems it that self-loathing and hate for their nation is a culture there, which removes some points from it.

Bernd 12/11/2019 (Wed) 00:06:20 [Preview] No.32996 del
It's not actually about being a Neet, most of them have jobs.

Bernd 12/11/2019 (Wed) 00:11:21 [Preview] No.32997 del
Do you know the Japanese military anime board? I think it was called Karlchan or something like that but I can't find it.

Bernd 12/11/2019 (Wed) 18:05:38 [Preview] No.33012 del
>learning [...] portuguese
That doesn't sound difficult for a Romancophone.

Bernd 12/12/2019 (Thu) 03:18:38 [Preview] No.33022 del
Sometimes there's real discussion but 99% of the activity is on /b/, board language draws from English in a way that is understandable but goes against all that is proper in Portuguese, wordfilters are used far too extensively, mods do it for free and there are pedos.

It can be a quirky language.

Bernd 12/12/2019 (Thu) 18:22:36 [Preview] No.33033 del
While this isn't close enough to "spelunking" but here's a list of some of the major Endchan boards.
>>>/ausneets/ - See here: >>23435 - unnas, wanking and Priscilla spam.
>>>/qanonresearch/ - Anons researching qanon, worship Trump and baking their breads. Oh Baker is the BO, as I realized later. Most of them moved back to 8coom finally this *oomer meme is god for something.
>>>/bbg/ - Bonbibonkers. Fanboys of a teenage tiktok grill with heavy makup, wigs and weird heda. They fled from the tyranny of 4chan mods.
>>>/yuri/ - Fat neckbeards posting cute lesbo anime grills. I think. It's a chill board.
>>>/pol/ - Promoting Hitler and German national-socialism, appropriating just about any civilizational achievement. 8/pol is banned there.
>>>/b/ - Repository of altchan spam.
>>>/AM/ - Anime, not /am/.
>>>/rapport/ - Female celebrity pics, short discussions
>>>/hydrus/ - Anonymous (media) file organization and sharing service.
>>>/news/ - It's tha /pol/ news.
>>>/operate/ - Complaints and suggestions ignored.
>>>/rus/ - is getting resurrected. Russian random. Other Russian boards exists like >>>/ca/ or >>>/ruspol/, and others. Most users left due to 500 errors, then the bunker times.
>>>/euzn/ - Fresh board for hapas. And any other Eurasians.
>>>/os/ - Online security. I really should browse this. And probably most of us.
>>>/tech/ - This one too.
>>>/v/, >>>/tv/, >>>/mu/ >>>/int/ - Mandatory, but almost no users.
>>>/horror/ - Need more users. This one too.
>>>/lv/ - Libre Vidya. Doing God's work. Reminded me to check Endless Sky again sometimes.
>>>/bubblegum/ - Chicks blowing bubblegums.
>>>/godscommunity/ - Weird diagrams and boobies.
>>>/argentina/ - Muh Malvinas.
>>>/britpol/ - Brexit any time now.
>>>/egy/ - Grills in burkas and doodles. Went back to 8kun.
Sometimes other boards are bumped but have little knowledge of them. Some just get spammed, like >>>/z/ or >>>/leftypol/.

Bernd 12/12/2019 (Thu) 18:23:18 [Preview] No.33034 del
Oh I forget to mention the cute dancing spurdao at egy.

Bernd 12/12/2019 (Thu) 22:13:40 [Preview] No.33053 del
(779.35 KB 1323x1360 1527464131456.png)

Bernd 12/15/2019 (Sun) 22:08:06 [Preview] No.33132 del
>mods do it for free
Yeah, I noticed that they really enjoy public banning, I got some myself and it's probably due to my portuguese still being broken. Still decent enough to have a different culture and tranquil enough for discussion to flow nicely

Bernd 12/17/2019 (Tue) 07:43:42 [Preview] No.33168 del

Bernd 01/05/2020 (Sun) 02:24:07 [Preview] No.33788 del
Do arabic imageboards exists? I think almost all of their "memetics" are just contained in typical social networks.
I also have some strange idea of learning arabic, but I don't know why, just because maybe. Maybe because of the possible war with Iran.

Bernd 01/05/2020 (Sun) 03:01:05 [Preview] No.33790 del
They have their own subgroups in imageboards, but they don't actually have their own imageboard
That's the wrong language.

Bernd 01/05/2020 (Sun) 07:13:20 [Preview] No.33791 del
They back on 8kun now I think, only some fags fagging up the board now.
I'm not sure which Arabic country would have own chan. I think as Muslim you might find Turkish.

To be honest he didn't say:
>Arabic language as Iranian
or something similar. Or maybe he used Arabic as synonym of Muslim.

Bernd 01/05/2020 (Sun) 08:34:09 [Preview] No.33795 del
They're Egyptian aren't they?

Bernd 01/05/2020 (Sun) 08:36:34 [Preview] No.33796 del
You have a knack for details.

Bernd 01/05/2020 (Sun) 13:33:59 [Preview] No.33803 del
haha, yes I notice the little details.

I really like their hover css, pretty clever.

Bernd 01/05/2020 (Sun) 17:32:49 [Preview] No.33807 del
It's fortunate the board name...
...and that dancing pharaoh couldn't trick you.

Bernd 01/05/2020 (Sun) 22:30:53 [Preview] No.33821 del
Yes, at first I noticed the strange language, not English if you hadn't noticed. Then I noticed the board name which was a word I didn't recognise but seemed familiar. I later left the house but couldn't shake the feeling the word seemed familiar. I wrote it down and showed it to some children but they didn't know it. I immediately rushed home, my intellect burning. I wrote it down and stared at it for hours suddenly it came, it was meant to read Egyptians. My 120 IQ I got from that online test was really challenged that day but I delighted in my own exuberance and self satisfaction.

Bernd 02/22/2020 (Sat) 08:00:53 [Preview] No.34546 del
(366.56 KB 1451x1320 neinchan-dot-com-main.png)
(167.40 KB 1451x1621 neinchan-dot-com.png)
Since that neinchan fellow was so nice to spam their imageboard here I decided to take a quick look. By this I can tell that is basically /pol/ the chan.
They recently changed their engine to Lynx, I dunno if they better of it, we have our problems with it, especially with the Mongo database.
So as I already foreshadowed the largest board is /pol/ and I don't really wanna take a dive in that one, probably that 8ch style alt-right moar liek fart-right amiright - we have so rare occasions to use this wallow every sane people should avoid. The other boards are small in comparison. They have usual ones, liek /g/, /v/, /biz/, some more centered around stuff rightist types interested in (neopaganism, fascism, self-improvement, eugenics, weapons). They host a rare Czech board, /czpol/, and they have a dedicated board for Tarrant, /btg/. By the numbers of posts these occupy the second and third places among the boards.
Seems like a fresh chan. On /pol/ the sticky bears the post number 983, and was posted on 2019 August 14, so they started out about a half year ago. When 8ch went down? About that time no? So I would assume they are 8 refugees.
Right now 76 unique IPs were registered in the past 24 hours, I dunno how many more users connects via Tor.
So here it is without lurking.

Bernd 02/22/2020 (Sat) 13:42:37 [Preview] No.34554 del
Thanks for the review. It should be mentioned it uses cloudflare what means that all data transfered between the host and the client is unecrypted.

Bernd 02/23/2020 (Sun) 00:11:18 [Preview] No.34570 del
Good thing they're there instead of dwelling on other boards.

Bernd 02/23/2020 (Sun) 08:57:22 [Preview] No.34582 del
Well it's just a handful of data scraped together, but you're welcome.
It would be better with some insights of memes or how the conversations flow, etc. But that really would need some lurking.

I wonder why haven't the moved back to 8coon.

Bernd 02/23/2020 (Sun) 20:15:41 [Preview] No.34597 del
That place had a crypto miner iirc

Bernd 04/10/2020 (Fri) 19:07:25 [Preview] No.35818 del
Question to BRbernd, you might now about this.
Brazil boards were set up here, most notable /dogola/ and /dogolachan/. Are these rival boards? Or what's up with them? Since posts are very few can't tell much.

Bernd 04/10/2020 (Fri) 19:51:27 [Preview] No.35824 del
Dogolachan is a lesser imageboard, I've never bothered to check it. From what I know it has an edgier bent and is only for onions. I assume it's down and those are bunkers. 55chan has no news on it at the moment. The second pinned thread on /dogola/ says there's an onion address in development and by May posts on /dogola/ will be restored there. Thus I presume it's more official. /dogolachan/ says "another board" was attacked, that's probably /dogola/ so they're not rivals. However /dogola/ also links to another bunker on 64ch. On 64/conf/ a thread from the 5th of April confirms an onion address is in development and adds that /conf/ is a backup of a board created on the 31st of March (/dogola/?) and that "another board" disappeared.

Bernd 04/10/2020 (Fri) 20:01:08 [Preview] No.35825 del
Yes, the "another board" which was attacked is /dogola/.
A /dogola/ was up earlier, got quite a lot posts and users, then disappeared. I guess it was deleted by BO, I don't think Odili did anything (it should be in the logs, so I can find out what happened). The new /dogola/ has little traffic.
On discord we got a couple of "warnings" that we're gonna have problems with these boards, actually they were sounded somewhat as threats. I don't see anything on those boards which would be illegal, probably someone has some beef with them or whatever.

Bernd 04/12/2020 (Sun) 13:49:23 [Preview] No.35853 del
I have this recurring thought to lurk on /librejp/ (the one on spartscham) and get to know it, their habits and memes, I never make an effort. But here is something. They are KC-tier.

Bernd 04/13/2020 (Mon) 23:04:19 [Preview] No.35904 del
I think some other boards were attacked during the weekend too, looking at the logs.

Maybe I'm going crazy, but it just seems so similar, at least in the posting style. Almost like it's the same person group. Fucking weird. Why are we being hit anyways?

Bernd 04/14/2020 (Tue) 13:49:28 [Preview] No.35910 del
The dogola boards seem to be fart-right places, someone came on IRC warning/threatening, that we're gonna have problems if we host them. Then both board was spammed. It was one dude, judging by the amount, with a couple of proxies.
They have a backup board on 64ch, and it seems they might be moving to an onion service or something.
Another fag spammed /baaa/, then banned him, then he continued to spam, and I banned all the proxies he used, then he gave up for the day. It was funny because he thought he is clever and declared he will go through a proxy list in alphabetical order, just to prove I can do nothing. However free proxies are turd, half of them ain't really working, half of them can't reach certain countries and websites, and half of them just slow as fugg. He started with... Australia and continued with... Bulgaria. Then he sweated for a while trying to find a working proxy, then he gave up and just picked random USian proxies until he pretended he had enough fun. Now he returns every day making one (1) post "proving" something probably even him can't comprehend. Funny thing for me to ban him is little work, for him picking a proxy, setting it, testing it somewhere if it works at all, and then making a post here... that takes an effort.

Bernd 04/14/2020 (Tue) 16:05:16 [Preview] No.35912 del
(617.89 KB 500x375 JannysAttack.gif)
Yeah I can also tell from my experience that meme that mods can't do nothing is not true.

Bernd 04/14/2020 (Tue) 16:07:45 [Preview] No.35913 del
Heh, just finished my stuff on Polish-Hungarian friendship. Gonna post it later today.

Bernd 04/14/2020 (Tue) 20:02:05 [Preview] No.35923 del
Der Kinder tend to be like this when they are bored at home. Hopefully summer school starts soon and they'll be away for a while

Bernd 04/14/2020 (Tue) 21:50:48 [Preview] No.35930 del
The dogola spammer was a Brazilian, he likely holds a grudge with that community. I doubt he attacked any other board. From the picture of a spammed catalog Hungarobernd had posted (still have it?) I could see the spam was in Portuguese, mostly a crude translation of Pumped Up Kicks. Dogolachan has something of a school shooter mindset and from what I've read the Susano shooter (just a few days before the New Zealand attack which eclipsed it) was there.
The doxxing showed everything down to the building the target lived in. OP had said this target was coming with threats and slander against him, and as he knew the justice system is a joke, he will solve it himself, so he gave out the phone number and requested more information.
A common conversation topic is Lola Aronovich, a fat feminist activist who has been a mortal enemy of Brazilian imageboards for years, to the point of showing posts against her to journalists on national television. She and Dogolachan are like caustic soda and sulphuric acid. Another equally fat figure is Psy or Batoré, one of their fellows, who was approached on the same program which interviewed Aronovich and famously dismissed the reporter saying that he'd quickly get out of jail if he were arrested.
I've found a source on them:
>On the 6th of February, soon after news that Psy would attempt to claim insanity to be transferred from a maximum security prison to a madhouse, Dogola went down.
>On the 31th of March /dogola/ was created on Endchan. The board was created by an unknown user and announced on most Brazilian chans.
>On the 4th of April the board was wiped from Endchan. The administrator had announced he'd do it because of the war with C.B. and the site's record of lulz, which could draw the police's attention.
>On the same day, the board returned in a new link https://endchan.net/dogolachan/ this time created by an anon who calls himself Maquinista33.
C.B. is a Discord group.
>War with the Confraria Braziliense
>After Poneifag was cut off from the RealChan moderation for doing baits with the police and other shit, he began to flood /dogola/ on Endchan, provoking wrath from dogolans. One of the regulars revealed himself as an infiltrator in C.B. and also in a secret server from C, the current moderator. Presently poneifag is also banned from C.B.

Bernd 04/14/2020 (Tue) 21:53:52 [Preview] No.35931 del
oh poneifag is the guy who showed up on endchan irc saying dogola is derrorisd organisation

Bernd 04/15/2020 (Wed) 05:58:18 [Preview] No.35937 del
(5.70 MB 1246x8481 dogolachan-spam.png)
This was the first page.
>Dogolachan has something of a school shooter mindset
For now what I bothered to translate, the posts are a bunch of retardedness (I guess they also use sland and chanspeech which isn't helping with translation), doesn't look organized or really alarming. Yet. So basically better to look out and boot them out if needed?

Bernd 04/15/2020 (Wed) 06:03:28 [Preview] No.35938 del
I'm gonna make a screenshot of your post and send it to admins. I hope you won't mind.

Bernd 04/15/2020 (Wed) 06:43:26 [Preview] No.35939 del
>qanon board
oh fucking christ, why here? as if /pol/ wasn't bad enough?

Bernd 04/15/2020 (Wed) 12:52:03 [Preview] No.35941 del
It dropped many places since then. Barely any posters hunt (they had 4 yesterday), maybe they are more active on weekends. They went back to 8coon, I dunno if they have any presence elsewhere.
In my experience they keep to ourselves, so if you don't visit, you won't get bothered. I've largely no idea what's going on because reading their board feels very tiring and would burn much time, which I could spend better.

Bernd 04/15/2020 (Wed) 14:06:04 [Preview] No.35942 del
>Todos os meninos com seus tenis bonitos é melhor correr bem mais que meu tiro.
That's what I was talking about, "All the other kids with their pumped up kicks better run faster than my bullet". He also mentions and praises "TCC" and I have no clue what that is.
>I guess they also use sland and chanspeech which isn't helping with translation
It's uncreative and unpleasant lingo, often direct translations from English, and they're strict in its enforcement. On 55chan there are wordfilters for everything. Wikinet might help if you try to read it yourself.
>doesn't look organized or really alarming
If they get their new site in May they'll leave soon, I doubt they'll cause any real trouble.

Bernd 05/07/2020 (Thu) 18:05:55 [Preview] No.36595 del
As nice as it is too have a small board, I do think it would be nicer to have some more people. Just so /kc/ isn't mostly dead every day.

Bernd 05/07/2020 (Thu) 18:29:44 [Preview] No.36596 del
Sometimes when daily poster number dropped, I struggled in the past to go on. But /kc/ seems to stay, people return, traffic perks up. There's some fluctuation not sure. But since we are few a couple of missing days from a couple of people really shows.
It helps when Endchan is stable, we lost people due downtimes. (End itself did too.)
What also helps: putting up content. But many days, I've no tiem, or will, or energy, or a combination of them. Sometimes I find very easy to write, sometimes I struggle. Sometimes just nothing to say. I believe others feel the same. It's also kinda disappointing if one uploads content he put effort in, work and time, and no replies, or barely any coming. Doing l'art pour l'art is nice, but if people react, that really give some boost.
I think if we would be double the amount, let's say 25-30 peeps weekly, it would allow a fairly fluid experience.

Somewhat related.
I'm worried about Turkbernd. He seemed to try contact us, but left it without following up. I hope he reads this.

Bernd 05/07/2020 (Thu) 19:25:03 [Preview] No.36598 del
Wrong wrong leaf, aren't I enough for you any more?

Bernd 05/08/2020 (Fri) 15:39:45 [Preview] No.36609 del
>I'm worried about Turkbernd. He seemed to try contact us, but left it without following up. I hope he reads this.

Yeah I'm a lil bit worried too. He's dealing with his gf last time he said. Hope he's ok

Bernd 05/18/2020 (Mon) 15:01:30 [Preview] No.36823 del
>Leftist Incels
I hate chan culture

Bernd 05/18/2020 (Mon) 15:15:07 [Preview] No.36828 del
(22.04 KB 550x342 leftist literature.PNG)
>leftist literature
You can't make this shit up hahahahah

Bernd 05/18/2020 (Mon) 17:53:33 [Preview] No.36835 del
>Capitalism causes Addiciton, not Drugs
>Sexbots General
I see why they call the board how they do.

Well, leftist not necessarily means Marxist. NSDAP's program offered alternative to Marxist leftism for the German workers. So in a sense, why not. Also Strasser offered a less flexible position in this question.
I think dividing political thought to left and right is a giant oversimplification, and impossible argue on this basis. For example if we examine communist countries we're gonna see a highly hierarchical society with great inequalities. Maybe not in wealth, but in status and power for sure. How can these be leftist? Makes no sense.

Bernd 05/18/2020 (Mon) 20:50:33 [Preview] No.36846 del
While I do agree that the use of left-right is an oversimplification that needs serious revisuion, I do also think that the people who consider themselves something near marxist/communist/socialist or whatever and that also think that hitler wasn't that bad of a guy are complete morons

Bernd 05/19/2020 (Tue) 05:36:52 [Preview] No.36853 del
From the Marxist line it's definitely weird. Another possibility is that those two were included for trolling purposes.

Bernd 05/27/2020 (Wed) 01:17:33 [Preview] No.36995 del
for portuguese there is ptchan (with /int/)


Bernd 05/27/2020 (Wed) 05:38:54 [Preview] No.36999 del
Quite a few of Portuguese language board exist. How this is differs from 55, for example? What is this one is about? What dedicated boards it has? How active this chan is? Do they have memes, own lingo?

Bernd 05/27/2020 (Wed) 12:08:13 [Preview] No.37002 del
the difference is that its not 55chan

Bernd 05/27/2020 (Wed) 15:30:20 [Preview] No.37004 del
PTchan is Portuguese as in from Portugal.

Bernd 06/22/2020 (Mon) 18:40:24 [Preview] No.38024 del
ratwires is still around

Bernd 07/13/2020 (Mon) 23:04:58 [Preview] No.38593 del
We actually have an /int/ and /v/ board here and I didn't even know they existed. Sadly, noone posts there.

I feel like so many boards get made on End just to end kek up dead and mothballed eventually. Like, where do all the people go to tbh?

Bernd 07/14/2020 (Tue) 05:44:16 [Preview] No.38597 del
I guess when a site goes down people getting shelter at places they know. Many are crossposters, but most only know big chans. Some who knows this place or can coordinate come here, set up a board, then fail to attract the userbase. I've no idea how the Qtards ended up here in numbers, or a better example /ausneets/ who stick (well most of them, back on 8 it was a board with 90+ users, here was 70+, but now they are ~30). And without dedicated userbase they wither and vanish.

Bernd 07/18/2020 (Sat) 12:42:20 [Preview] No.38677 del
Someone always make this question.
The site is all right. They have nice features and projects. I think my only complaint is that in a thread it remembers the postnumber what I replied to, and adds it into the textfield in the posting form. And with every reload adds it one more.
The userbase is mixed and sadly heavy on the awful end of the spectrum. Many, many 4chan crossposters, so instead of creating an original subculture they just import everything from there. I suspect there's also a handful of crossposters form alt-chans who have some agenda and sometimes direct the discourse. But this is just an impression.
>Why aren't the mods doing anything about pedophile threads?
On those threads I already wrote my opinion in length in another thread. I think it's still up, the whole thing is about this. Find it if you want.
But why they don't delete? Because what is posted isn't illegal in the strict sense. All the chans have trouble with this: everyone talks about freedom of speech, but there's illegal contents which even by US law isn't protected by free speech, so ok, they have to delete it unless they want to be closed down. But then there are content that close to that, not illegal, but the slippery slope easily can lead to posting that, so what they should do about it? If they delete, suddenly outraged voices on all the altchans scream that "they deleted muh [insert not entirely illegal degeneracy] this is censorship, they are alphabet agency".
>Is it compromised, like 4chan or 8kun?
What do you mean compromised? By whom and in what way?
4chan needs Google captcha, so ofc everything is basically sent to Google. That can be considered as "compromised".
And 8kun? Is it "compromised"? For example I dunno.
>Is the place glowing?
Go back to whatever pol you came from. And bring your lingo with you.
>I stopped going there
Good. If you don't like a place, don't go there.
I don't know who he is.
>boards are getting shut down left and right.
Are they? What I know that a bunch of little chans were opened up without little consideration. Whoever run those sites usually don't have resources, or don't even consider potential obstacles (like schizos spam whatever or even cp). They bound to fail in short time.
And "getting shut down" is a very lazily used term. There can be a million reason why an IB is "getting shut down". From legal through technical to the owner just got bored.
>The place has become more pedophilic now.
Again you can read my opinion in another thread.
>They've also blocked torposting
Good. By large what Torposters post is cancer, spam, and real cp. And cp spam.
Genius idea. Pay for ban evasion. It's not easy to control Torposting. By default one retard/schizo/bored person can just shit up a whole site.
>Very suspicious.
Suspicious of what?

Bernd 07/18/2020 (Sat) 20:25:38 [Preview] No.38695 del
That's a shame. We can only hope for the best when new communities arrive here tbh. It's up to them if they stay and keep posting

Bernd 08/31/2020 (Mon) 04:35:21 [Preview] No.39644 del
There's a new board here called >>>/404/ which looks pretty interesting. It reminds me of the old days of early Endchan

The most populated boards here seem to be related to anime posting in one way or another

Bernd 08/31/2020 (Mon) 12:01:22 [Preview] No.39653 del
>Pay for ban evasion.
How does that work?

Bernd 08/31/2020 (Mon) 16:11:49 [Preview] No.39654 del
404 BO went overboard a bit with the CSS. I don't like it when pics look like tv-screens from the '50s.
>The most populated boards here seem to be related to anime posting
That aint just imouto and yuri? Those are just the same blokes basically. Other popular boards are centered around women (bbg, the Lithua boards, rapport, ligamx - at the moment) and aussie neet lifestyle and banter. And then b, pol and us with varying traffic.
I wonder why turul's traffic dropped, they were liek 6-7 at one point.

I think when one uses onion on Kohl a script runs that mines coin, basically using the user's CPU for that. I read something like this.

Bernd 08/31/2020 (Mon) 16:40:37 [Preview] No.39655 del
>basically using the user's CPU for that.
Can they mine without your approval? I assume they can.

Bernd 08/31/2020 (Mon) 17:04:57 [Preview] No.39656 del
When a website loads scripts can be executed automatically. Or when clicking reply, I think they need to reply and not just browse.
Basically, when the user clicks reply, the click on that button initiates an upload of the contents of the form, the text, the image, etc, but other actions can be tied to the use of the button, it could tell the browser to change background color for example, or close the page. By that effort hypothetically they could run a script that do whatever to mine cryptocurrency.

Bernd 09/02/2020 (Wed) 22:59:09 [Preview] No.39722 del
Can they mine without your approval? I assume they can.

kohlnegers are above the law and rules bernd

If you can pay to be unbanned there, then you know what type of person that board wants around

Bernd 09/02/2020 (Wed) 22:59:59 [Preview] No.39723 del
(581.18 KB 1280x1280 cotton.gif)
>I wonder why turul's traffic dropped, they were liek 6-7 at one point.
They went to another site methinks

>404 BO went overboard a bit with the CSS. I don't like it when pics look like tv-screens from the '50s.

D O N T H A T E T H E V A P O R W A V E M 8

Bernd 09/03/2020 (Thu) 05:49:48 [Preview] No.39730 del
I don't actually know if they use a miner script. I just read some post that they do by a user and not a mod or something.
With Tor it could be checked, looked into what kinda scripts are running and what they do - by reading the scripts. There's even an addon for FF to make that easier.

Well, they came from another site. I think since the discussion is slow, they just forget to check back.

Bernd 09/03/2020 (Thu) 23:20:06 [Preview] No.39742 del
The proof of work on Kohlchan does not have any monetary value nor will it be executed without the explicit approval of the user.


That function in particular is relevant:

async function guessHash(payload, first, max, onSuccess) {
for (var cur = first; cur <= max; cur++) {
if (cur > max) {
alert("hashcash failure");
'event': 'progress',
'value': (cur-first)
var str = cur.toString();
var ok = await argon2
pass: str,
encoded: payload
.then(() => {
return true;
.catch(e => {
return false;
if (ok) {

inb4 I can't read code, I'm a nigger.

Yeah, then stop making shit up. It's embarrassing.

Bernd 09/04/2020 (Fri) 01:01:45 [Preview] No.39743 del
Choro? Lmao that is a music genre here.

Bernd 09/04/2020 (Fri) 20:22:41 [Preview] No.39773 del
A resurrection of long time dead Russian cyberpunk board made by god knows who and 3.5 assburgers posting.

Board of Lain thematic, as usual full of transniggerspeople. Cyberpunk & anime.

Bernd 09/04/2020 (Fri) 20:42:39 [Preview] No.39774 del
I get "untrusted" warning for chaos.fm. Maybe their SSL cert. expired.

Bernd 09/04/2020 (Fri) 20:55:30 [Preview] No.39775 del
Yes, it expired like two weeks ago and the owner seem to not care. Pretty sad tbh, it was a leading board in its topic once.

There is also hidden board on 2ch https://2ch.hk/crypt/ but it's full of retards.

Bernd 11/05/2020 (Thu) 20:20:29 [Preview] No.40872 del
(21.72 KB 670x428 Venn-Diagram.png)
I'm thinking about the formats a board can take. Quite a palette can be observed on Endchan itself.
Probably the first thing that would come to mind if the board is:
I. anything goes (NSFW content can be restricted) /b/ type;
II. themed.

Then the next division could be the:
A. single active thread;
B. many active threads;

The single active thread format, can be divided further:
A/1. preservative/archiving - where previous, now autosaging threads are left open (or sometimes locked), preserved, archived;
A/2. forgetful - where previous threads are deleted.
These sets could be applied to the many active thread format, but it kinda lose it's meaning as new threads will more quickly kill older threads than how the A/1 case does. Unless there is no page limit.

Then threads themselves can be themed or not:
a. arbitrary - when threads are opened on the users' whim
b. generals - when posts belonging to the same topic/theme are collected into specific threads.
I do not consider these type of sets which would make a basic divisions between boards, since these can be applied in a mix on one board.

At this point this is a very rough concept, just some observations thrown on each other. Tried to give it a structure but not a matured construct.
What Bernd thinks? What would he change, add, remove, redraw?

Bernd 11/09/2020 (Mon) 20:34:06 [Preview] No.40921 del
Somewhat related in the pdf and in this link:

A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy by Clay Shirky (this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clay_Shirky)
I wonder if he sees it the same, what would he add or correct. Probably he has some more writings on the topic.
I found all his points sitting well in the case of imageboards too. The difference is, that imageboards are intended to be anonymous. However on these small boards, it is unavoidable to identify personas after a while, and places like /kc/ or boards with namefags, IDs, the membership can be told apart from passers by.
Maybe will give a quick rundown what he talked about.

Bernd 11/10/2020 (Tue) 02:02:09 [Preview] No.40927 del
Sometimes even larger boards can shed away anonymity if certain posters are recurring enough, forceful enough, or just downright strange enough.
Though that's more of a learned skill once you're in a community, when you learn posting times, typing styles, certain filenames, etc. So it's a more insular identity.

Bernd 11/11/2020 (Wed) 20:22:13 [Preview] No.40947 del
So that dude is into software that helps people to engage in group behaviour, ie social media. That pdf/article I posted collects some observations, and the main point is for developers the software cannot be detached from the human factor. For us however the rest what is interesting, also he notes that most of these stuff is the same irl, not specific to online communities.
So first he draws up the difference between one way communication, broadcast, and group communication. Chief example of that would be forums, IBs essentially are these.
The first interesting point is the three abnormal behaviour which a groups tend to default to and which prevents the group from doing the "work" which was the cause which the group was created to do in the first place.
1. sex talk - pairing up and getting lewd with each other
2. hating on external enemies - go back to reddit/4chan/wherever, but
3. worshiping idols - his example is a Tolkien group, just try to go there and criticize Tolkien, I can't
These are very normal human behaviour patterns. But counterproductive. The group needs to be kept on track otherwise derails itself. The group needs structure, this is what defends the group from its own members.

cont. Bernd 11/11/2020 (Wed) 20:49:09 [Preview] No.40948 del
This one is a fun part. He talks about an old, defunct BBS - Communitree (tried to find a trace of it but there's some other stuff now with this name) - which core idea was freedom of speech. Well, liek imageboards, no? But some users wasn't interested in "adult conversation" but in "fart jokes" and obscenity. And they flooded the BBS with their inane bs. So in the end the message board was killed off by its administration. It was shut down by people logging in and posting, which is what the system was designed to allow.
Then he goes to other examples and related ramblings to turn back to the structures: groups need rules, and rules about making rules, constitution, a baseline they can orient themselves. He really can't wrap his head around a place which is unmoderated.
And to be honest he is kinda right in that. Even imageboards have some rudimentary moderation. Maybe those which only run on onion service can ignore this, but on the clearnet it's not that simple. However compared to an average forum IB moderation tend to be very lax - no matter how much some users complain (the usual pitfall here is consistent moderation, and oftentimes it's hard to draw a clear line what is allowed and what isn't). And imageboard discussion tends to be all over the place, if it's flame war then it is. On the other hand chans rarely have a goal which the users should work towards.

cont. Bernd 11/11/2020 (Wed) 21:19:38 [Preview] No.40949 del
Gonna start this post with a fun line, a quote:
So there's this question "What is required to make a large, long-lived online group successful?" and I think I can now answer with some confidence: "It depends." I'm hoping to flesh that answer out a little bit in the next ten years.
Here's the Three Things to Accept:
1. you cannot completely separate technical and social issues - well, for developers
2. members are different than users - there's a core group that for me seems to be self-organizing, they are the ones who really care about the place and the group, everyone else is basically a passerby, even those who use the place regularly
3. the core group has rights that trump individual rights in some situations - basically it's liek a citizenship, anyone newcomer can't just have a say in the local politics, change shit for their leasure, else a bunch of newcomers could outweigh the locals and destroy the community
He calls these things to accept because a functioning group will present these on it's own. It's not something a developer has control of, users find a way.
He also lists Four Things to Design For:
1. handles - we might call these personas, basically the fictional person that comes to be around usernames
Here IBs differ. He says: ''It's pretty widely understood that anonymity doesn't work well in group settings, because "who said
what when" is the minimum requirement for having a conversation.'' Not on chans it's don't. But here we can connect the above point: sometimes depending on circumstances people become recognizable.
2. make it possible to recognize good members - on IBs let's say those posters who put OC up there, but chans aren't the places to gather kudos, since ideas are more important than identities. But you all know this, karma and upboats.
3. barriers to participation, a cost to join or participate - this also falls at imageboards, here anyone anytime can chime in and this is consciously part of the design
4. spare the group from scale - conversations need dense two-way conversations, otherwise the flood of stimulus and interruptions kills the conversation; this is partially true for IBs, because meaningful exchange of thoughts can be done even at the pace of 4chan/b, tho not very long; indeed quantity will kill quality. People can and often do have the need for the first one, but not everyone and not always. He draws some analogy with IRC, and we can too, here on End a couple of boards are used in IRC style.

cont. Bernd 11/11/2020 (Wed) 21:23:19 [Preview] No.40950 del
At the time when that writing I posted was born 4chan did not exist, imageboards were largely unknown formats on the internets, evidently what the author had in mind were the "normal" forums. But I think the stuff worth a read by any IB user. Food for thought.

Bernd 11/12/2020 (Thu) 21:06:16 [Preview] No.40954 del
(10.74 KB 140x1226 Users-End.png)
Another notable quote:
The normal experience of social software is failure. If you go into Yahoo groups and you map out the subscriptions, it is, unsurprisingly, a power law. There's a small number of highly populated groups, a moderate number of moderately populated groups, and this long, flat tail of failure. And the failure is inevitably more than 50% of the total mailing lists in any category. So it's not like a cake recipe. There's nothing you can do to make it come out right every time.
We can observe the phenomenon on any IBs that allows to see the number of users per board.
But I believe successes and failures should be viewed more shaded. For example a themed board can easily out of league compared to an "everything can go" board. The overwhelming majority of 4chan's boards cannot compare to it's /b/, only certain topics, like gaming can only compete there.
A twist of fate shows otherwise on End, where communities settle and they rarely roam about to other baords, they have their own interests and they are here for that. They could visit /b/ but not many do.

Bernd 11/13/2020 (Fri) 20:13:47 [Preview] No.40969 del
(110.03 KB 1167x544 kc-1.png)
>But you all know this, karma and upboats.

That may be dangerous for community, because it enforces echo chamber and groupthinking. Especially when community is large.

Bernd 11/13/2020 (Fri) 22:14:29 [Preview] No.40970 del
Seems to lead to a paradox. It holds the danger #3 from here >>40947 (echo chambers practically worshiping an idea) and maybe even no #2 (tho that's more circumstantial, when the topic comes up). Still implementing it can help to avoid those dangers.

Bernd 11/13/2020 (Fri) 23:28:48 [Preview] No.40975 del
Another thing I've noticed is that you really can't predict what will get popular and what will not. It's kinda random tbh

Bernd 11/14/2020 (Sat) 04:23:01 [Preview] No.40978 del
That cube is legit the worst poster in kohl

Bernd 11/14/2020 (Sat) 19:50:43 [Preview] No.40990 del
Well judging by the current top boards on End, sexuality (women and assorted beings) is a good bet: imouto, yuri, vlnmrg, rapport, and bbg.
And the need to just chat live with someone about whatever: ausneets, imouto, yuri.

Were you the Frenchball in that thread?
I'm not sure what to think of the cubes on Kohl, or the late Krautchan. I remember that autist who liked words and languages. Otherwise they seem pretty bland to me.

Bernd 11/22/2020 (Sun) 00:55:40 [Preview] No.41111 del
>Were you the Frenchball in that thread?

>I remember that autist who liked words and languages. Otherwise they seem pretty bland to me.
That one cube is just so boring. He posts redundant threads there everyday and all of his threads bore everyone to tears.

Bernd 11/27/2020 (Fri) 01:41:02 [Preview] No.41198 del
(23.78 KB 447x686 starapu.jpeg)
I went back to kohl to give it a try. Still the same disappointing experience as the last time I went. I'm just glad kc split into smaller and better communities after it diedes

Oh, and the "Romanian Poster" still haunts that site to this day and has not left

Bernd 11/27/2020 (Fri) 01:47:22 [Preview] No.41199 del
Also, we're having another infinity cup for Football (That's soccer for American bernds) around different boards here. Maybe they forgot to invite us

Bernd 11/28/2020 (Sat) 09:47:12 [Preview] No.41217 del
/ausneets/ was on.

Bernd 12/18/2020 (Fri) 23:32:13 [Preview] No.41658 del
(91.50 KB 364x191 bog.png)
(102.07 KB 1585x67 obssesive.png)
Apparently bogdan cause so much ire in kohl that they know have an entire board dedicated to him called the /bog/ board. And he has over 36 pages inside the board. Now that's something

The only advice I can give the guy at this point is:
Just stop posting there, and going on imageboards in general. Move on with your life, improve it, make it better, get a better job or something, take care of your gf, and just stop visiting a place where you are regarded as a annoying pariah every single day. It's getting sad at this point.

Bernd 12/18/2020 (Fri) 23:59:18 [Preview] No.41659 del
with that amount of energy gypsies could reach the moon

Bernd 12/19/2020 (Sat) 10:21:25 [Preview] No.41672 del
Hmm, many of those threads were opened by Bernds just wanting to make fun of him. Yes, he is obsessive autist but Bernds generate drama for their own entertainment. They need a hobby. Bogdan too.

Bernd 12/20/2020 (Sun) 06:28:07 [Preview] No.41683 del
Maybe doing that instead of being the literal butt of the joke would be a better thing for him

>Hmm, many of those threads were opened by Bernds just wanting to make fun of him.
>They need a hobby.

Bernds only want to have fun and engage in joges.

>Bogdan too.
It's not even kc tire at this point. That man is legit unstable and unhinged. Does he still browse our lil board?

Bernd 12/20/2020 (Sun) 07:46:38 [Preview] No.41688 del
>Does he still browse our lil board?
Browse? Nah. Probably appears time to time to post something about Hungarians, but at this point I'm not sure it's him or a Finnish impersonator.

Bernd 01/05/2021 (Tue) 19:06:48 [Preview] No.41930 del
I more or less finished with the Time Travel Thread pdf. Hopefully this is the final. Since the thread relied on screenshots it is very rich in images, which made my life considerably more difficult when I tried to make the thing aesthetic.
Enjoy. Criticize.

Note: for the second pdf I used 96% jpg compression to reduce file size. I don't think there's much quality loss.

Bernd 01/06/2021 (Wed) 03:04:11 [Preview] No.41948 del
(38.08 KB 579x663 49847894.jpeg)
Bernd.group is back online. But it's still a little buggy.

Does bernd know of any imageboards that have a dedicated "Precision engineering" board inside of it? Krautchan used to have one IIRC

Bernd 01/06/2021 (Wed) 06:45:25 [Preview] No.41951 del
>little buggy
It was always little buggy.
>Precision engineering
If Kohl or Ernst doesn't sport such, then nothing. That's stereotypical German thing. There was another German board but can't remember the name and/or url. Sorry.

Bernd 01/06/2021 (Wed) 18:12:51 [Preview] No.41957 del
Easy to read as it's so image-heavy.

Bernd 01/06/2021 (Wed) 18:34:33 [Preview] No.41961 del
Yeah, I think the text is only 20 pages long. The rest is screenshots. And those don't need much reading - especially on behalf of foreigners - basically just pretty colorful images.

IRS gets more relief payments out after delays Bernd 01/14/2021 (Thu) 03:19:00 [Preview] No.42052 del
IRS gets more relief payments out after delays - The IRS said that after initial problems, it is getting more of the second round of relief payments to taxpayers.

Bernd 03/03/2021 (Wed) 00:39:45 [Preview] No.42778 del
(16.46 KB 953x141 1455535996710.png)
Someone ressurected old 8/int/. And not the board as it was when 8chan fell but the /int/ of August 2017.

Bernd 03/03/2021 (Wed) 01:09:48 [Preview] No.42779 del
Wow, I can even see my old posts.

Bernd 03/03/2021 (Wed) 16:24:12 [Preview] No.42785 del
hory shit

Bernd 03/03/2021 (Wed) 17:45:58 [Preview] No.42786 del
August 2017 8/kc/ is also back. I think the pig farmer and his acolytes restored in bulk a number of old boards from an old backup.

Meanwhile, this is the board list. Q boards can be safely assumed to be populated by newcomers, so pre-Q users i.e. the actual 8chan userbase are just a residual demographic, maybe 10% of the population.

Bernd 03/03/2021 (Wed) 17:53:38 [Preview] No.42787 del
Those Poles pushing the pedal to the metal I see.
End has an >>>/atenszon/ board, with mysterious porn/news dumps.

Bernd 03/05/2021 (Fri) 00:18:27 [Preview] No.42805 del
(77.55 KB 658x518 pondering apu.png)
berndgroup also did a mass bernd recruiting campaign lately, so there's some more users now. We could try something similar here. Maybe

Bernd 03/06/2021 (Sat) 12:06:12 [Preview] No.42821 del
I used to like Floridachan

Bernd 03/14/2021 (Sun) 06:36:02 [Preview] No.42900 del
(24.29 KB 1486x673 Cloudflare-k*hl.png)
Just dropping this off here. In case anyone still browses kohl poo here

Bernd 03/14/2021 (Sun) 06:39:00 [Preview] No.42901 del
You need something for DDoS protection. Supposedly there are some tricks which can alleviate the problem to some extent, but by the end of the day - probably with enough "botpower" - they don't mean much and have to resort something like CF. Even End has one domain behind CF.

Bernd 04/07/2021 (Wed) 18:15:39 [Preview] No.43234 del
(117.36 KB 768x1138 Q-Into-the-Storm.jpg)
Another docu-like tv-show was aired about Qanon movement and Q, speculating who could be. It's a hueg advertisement for 8kun ofc, but just now I've checked the active ISPs shown on their home page, it's actually kinda low, especially for the Q board. Some time ago they had ~5500, now it's ~1700.
The dude who made it seemed to look into IBs quite well, what he presents about them, it isn't horrible at all, although they aren't in the center of the focus ofc, so they aren't introduced in earnest.
Maybe needs another watching, but maybe not, the topic is somewhat outside of my interest.
Ron is Q - according to this show.

Bernd 04/22/2021 (Thu) 23:04:18 [Preview] No.43380 del
Truily an interesting if not knockoff 4chan-y imageboard.
Refreshing to see that there isn't too much namefags/tripfags.
It seems like they dont have too much OC, perhaps it's because of the semi-dead userbase?
All threads are of good (a user even said wiki-teir) quality, besides the posts on /sewers/ (their shitposting board) and /pol/ which is an absolute dumpster fire.
The users are xenophobic, (They dont like the "big 5" sites like twitter, reddit and such) and they havent said it, but they seem like they dont want to talk about other imageboards? Personally i feel like they want to avoid talking about other boards, so they dont attract unwanted attention and problems other communities have, but really i'm not sure. perhaps it's because of the "no advertising rule" that they have.
The userbase are polite unless they see content that breaks the rules, then they harass the person that broke it. Other then that yeah, calm, relaxed and weirdly smart people with plenty to say. Sadily, a slow board that only proves how quality content comes at the price of posting speed, perhaps with more posters the site will really shine? Time will tell.
Moderation on the site is pretty good, infact there's no content on the board that breaks the rules that they set whatsoever although their rules (although quite understandable) are MANY.
Also looks like they used to have a discord, but some shit went down so they nuked it and the people who posted on it. They have a irc/discord knockoff site with the same rules, but for light, quick discussion. Here's the link : https://livechan.org
Also, here's some other interesting links from the site
A markov chain bot the admin made that collects user posts and uses them to "speak"
A pixel art thingy?
Video game the admin made about farming.

Bernd 04/23/2021 (Fri) 10:44:04 [Preview] No.43384 del
>their rules are MANY.
They are.

indiachan.com Bernd 04/28/2021 (Wed) 23:29:29 [Preview] No.43434 del
(9.53 KB 420x420 poojeet.png)
It is, well, an imageboard for pajeet. Interesting place to visit and observe them in natural behaviour, when they aren't just out for bobs&vagene or answering calls in a call centre. Fairly comfy and civil place.

It has the usual boards: /a/, /b/, /g/ if you need help with your windows, /pol/ which is GREAT for caste discussions, /ent/ertainment board for your criket and bollywood needs, /yoga/ because pajeets do this instead of going to gym, and /dhan/ for the memecoiners. Oh and /meta/.

Bernd 04/29/2021 (Thu) 03:51:58 [Preview] No.43439 del
>even India has an imageboard knowadays

World Superpower 2030

Bernd 04/29/2021 (Thu) 18:54:42 [Preview] No.43444 del
Nice find, checked it out. Needs time to soak that authentic feeling.
I got the feeling others found that place too.

Bernd 05/23/2021 (Sun) 23:45:28 [Preview] No.43766 del
(2.73 MB 600x396 1444788328492.gif)
(11.48 KB 664x132 RIP---myfrens.png)
(99.74 KB 1060x404 1447352786666.jpg)

Today, a board on endchan that I raly raly liek has sadly been kys by the board owner. It was one of my favorite boards here and I even remember being one of the first people mentioning it around a few months ago >>39644. And now they're gone and I never even managed to say goodbye to them due to workings.

R.I.P /404/ board. You will be missed.

At least I had a lil bit of thing with them while they were here.

Bernd Board volunteer 05/24/2021 (Mon) 06:50:05 [Preview] No.43768 del
Bloke there did breddy gud drawings. But crazy css, it felt like a "what can be changed" experiment gone too far.
>R.I.P /404/ board. You will be missed.

Bernd 05/24/2021 (Mon) 10:28:55 [Preview] No.43773 del
doomer banned me for asking if the BO was gay due to his posts.
They only sad because it's a meme

Bernd 05/24/2021 (Mon) 10:33:52 [Preview] No.43774 del

Bernd 05/24/2021 (Mon) 10:37:06 [Preview] No.43775 del
Psychology isn't real.

Dutch bernd Bernd 09/19/2021 (Sun) 00:22:24 [Preview] No.45053 del
(51.92 KB 713x448 inception.jpeg)
Came back from a birthdays a few days ago. Thought I should gift you sumthing Hungarybernd


I heard you like taking Hungarian, so we put Hungarians in a Hungarian imageboard. So now you can talk Hungarian with other Hungarian while posting in an imageboard that's completely Hungarian unless you already knew about this site

Bernd 09/19/2021 (Sun) 08:02:21 [Preview] No.45057 del
Yes, I'm aware of its existence. I think it's the third iteration of Hungarian chans. I don't use it. I think I could count the occasions I posted on Hungarian chans on the fingers of one of my hands.
Check out their /int/ board.

Dutch bernd Bernd 09/29/2021 (Wed) 23:32:02 [Preview] No.45141 del
>Check out their /int/ board.
Lot of self hating Poles that love Hungary and Hungarian memes all over. r8ted

Bernd 09/30/2021 (Thu) 07:33:18 [Preview] No.45146 del
They have a banner which says:
>/int/ where Hungarians talk to Hungarians... in English

Dutch bernd Bernd 06/03/2022 (Fri) 03:39:29 [Preview] No.47755 del
(33.29 KB 680x541 apu f.jpg)
Just bumping this old thread to say this
Hispachan is dead now. Lots of people are migrating from that site to other chans

Bernd 06/03/2022 (Fri) 17:18:38 [Preview] No.47771 del
Yes. I invited 'em on bernd.group. Also another from the staff hopped on their discord. It doesn't seem like they want to come here.
Now they are on 8chan.moe (or whatever is that, it was Mark of 8chan/v's site) mostly.

Bernd 06/04/2022 (Sat) 20:55:57 [Preview] No.47784 del
(42.83 KB 600x600 enter könig.jpg)
(42.82 KB 565x354 dang.png)
>It doesn't seem like they want to come here.

They are mostly in bernd.group now. It's probably the most active the site's been in a while but it's still buggy sometimes

Bernd 06/05/2022 (Sun) 18:12:18 [Preview] No.47798 del
>Yes. I invited 'em on bernd.group.
This is good

>Now they are on 8chan.moe (or whatever is that, it was Mark of 8chan/v's site) mostly.
But this is bad. That site is full of CP and spyware. Mods leave CP there for days, and even weeks It's probably one of the worst choices imageboard wise.

And the site owner is the worst. He practically ruined /v/'s board culture forever when he was in 8ch.

>It doesn't seem like they want to come here.

Any choice is better than the one with the CP posting site owner. Even not using chans at all. This is a very concerning matter.

Bernd 06/12/2022 (Sun) 02:54:01 [Preview] No.47864 del
I have stopped lurking imageboards (lie) as of late.
It is sad to see, but people repeat themselves a lot, and after seeing so much the same stuff over and over I just got tired.
I ended up becoming a discord troon and trying to add people on that platform. Had much more luck there, but my behaviour does repulse many and I also came across a lot of assholes.
The issue now is to see if I can find a place where I feel comfortable. I tend to lurk 8chan.moe and /sp/ now, any other place is unbearable to me now.

Bernd 06/12/2022 (Sun) 02:57:45 [Preview] No.47865 del
CP isn't really that much of an issue, back when the bunker wars were happening after Voxed shut down it was fairly common to see it prop up.
And even then after they found a stable website CP was still posted.
Realistically it's just people fucking around and trying to get boards shut down. I stopped caring about that kind of stuff a good while ago

Bernd 06/12/2022 (Sun) 11:15:13 [Preview] No.47871 del
>my behaviour does repulse many
too normal or not enough normal?
From my personal experience most places on discord aren't good places to be in. But then I think same of imageboards.

Bernd 06/12/2022 (Sun) 16:14:02 [Preview] No.47874 del
(72.59 KB 540x301 ZLOfQqRmKRE.jpg)
Let's just say people get tired of me because if the things I believe in.
Some mock me and are more rude so that i get rid of them, others just remove me.

Bernd 06/12/2022 (Sun) 20:46:07 [Preview] No.47880 del
This is basically the only imageboard I've cared about for the past couple of years. The post-8chan migrations tired me out.

Bernd 06/12/2022 (Sun) 20:52:29 [Preview] No.47882 del
Scrubbed the broken image. You can repost if you want.

Bernd 06/12/2022 (Sun) 21:22:18 [Preview] No.47884 del
It doesn't matter much.

Bernd 06/12/2022 (Sun) 22:08:39 [Preview] No.47888 del
This place isn't too bad, a tad slow but it's easy going and you can't find a lot of the typical tussles that I got tired of.
My mother was watching a Netflix show and the narrator said 'Zoomers'. It ruined my night.
Unrelated? Could say so, but that word is massively spammed on imageboards today and I hate it, hated it when it popped up, hate it today.
All *oomer words are a gay

Bernd 06/12/2022 (Sun) 23:07:36 [Preview] No.47890 del
>This place isn't too bad, a tad slow but it's easy going and you can't find a lot of the typical tussles that I got tired of.
Well, you're used to it, it's comfortable.
>My mother was watching a Netflix show and the narrator said 'Zoomers'. It ruined my night.
I miss when Keins were completely ignorant of such vocabulary.

Bernd 06/13/2022 (Mon) 03:10:04 [Preview] No.47891 del
(839.29 KB 1000x1142 KF Fennec 009.png)
Kakashi Nenpo just died.

Bernd 06/13/2022 (Mon) 13:27:33 [Preview] No.47899 del
Yeah, all these memes are sipping into Normieland. Sometimes it's annoying.

I'm sorry to hear that. I dunno who he is.

Bernd 06/13/2022 (Mon) 13:38:03 [Preview] No.47902 del
It's not a person it's an image board.

Bernd 06/13/2022 (Mon) 14:08:49 [Preview] No.47909 del
Invite them to Endchan. They can make a board (or couple of boards) with custom css.

Bernd 06/13/2022 (Mon) 14:38:01 [Preview] No.47911 del
I don't think that they would like it because of the spill over that would happen from other boards and the culture this board had. That's part of why I never even mentioned it before, because I didn't want people finding it.
In the closing notice Nenmin said to go to kissu.moe and work things out from there. Seems like the site won't be kept together and some are talking about leaving imageboards, there is another site that was mentioned as a refuge though. We'll see.

Bernd 06/13/2022 (Mon) 21:31:57 [Preview] No.47925 del
>I don't think that they would like it because of the spill over that would happen from other boards and the culture this board had. That's part of why I never even mentioned it before, because I didn't want people finding it.
On Endchan? I don't think the different boards bother each other.

Bernd 06/15/2022 (Wed) 07:12:21 [Preview] No.47961 del
Mostly this >>47925
But there is one miscreant who meddles with boards. Stirs shit and dish blame on the staff. To counter his bs that would need deanonymization of users and keeping documentation of his activity.

Dutch bernd Bernd 06/19/2022 (Sun) 03:06:09 [Preview] No.48013 del
(24.93 KB 398x428 1489958906001.jpg)
>I don't think that they would like it because of the spill over that would happen from other boards and the culture this board had

I'm sure it'll be fine if they just come to bantz. We've had anime themed boards before. So you can invite them if you want

>But there is one miscreant who meddles with boards. Stirs shit and dish blame on the staff. To counter his bs that would need deanonymization of users and keeping documentation of his activity.

Ach bernd. Every time people are having fun and enjoying themselves, there just has to be a stinker or 2 that doesn't like it. Because misery always loves company.

But the staff is always innocent, so it's/we will be ok.

Bernd 06/19/2022 (Sun) 03:22:31 [Preview] No.48021 del
Not all anime themed boards are the same. Anime is huge in the west now and there are all kinds of people that watch it(or that don't watch it but post them anyway). This board wasn't about bantz or memes or anything like that, it was incredibly civil. It was the kind of board that is so civil that spill over from other boards could easily kill it as the posters would not want to appear rude or aggressive even to people like that so they don't really have that inbuilt resilience other boards have where if posters go against the board culture they get abused by the other posters.

Well, there is another site that is being used as temporary residence and there is talk of making a new site. But many also are saying this is it for them and they are done with imageboards now, as I said it's very unique so many of these people only posted on Nen and now feel that there is no way another imageboard can replace it.

Bernd 06/20/2022 (Mon) 05:00:52 [Preview] No.48034 del
I can't be the only one that thinks that imageboards kill any sense of wonder from the world.
Having a group of people that know every nitpicking detail of anything chastizing you for not knowing very fringe knowledge may be a reason for that. You punish lack of knowledge, you disincentivize people from learning more about certain stuff. Have this repeated endlessly for many years and you kill whatever wonder for the world may have existed before.
There must be a better way for this to be dealt with, I have dealt with communities that are gatekept and don't devolve into this kind of behaviour where those who want to learn are ostracized. But then again, those communities aren't accesible unless the admins let you be in them.

Bernd 06/20/2022 (Mon) 05:57:17 [Preview] No.48037 del
I never found that.
I don't think image boards have people that know everything and criticise every detail, if anything I find that most of them are ignorant and often those with knowledge get drowned out by those that lack it and then due to the nature of image boards memes get formed around that false information so that false information only spreads and then because those memes are popular and usually the reason that the false information gains such traction is because it appeals to popular imagination in some way people will defend it so it could be that you are more likely to be abused for being right than wrong. And of course images boards really don't do nuance well so that can easily get lost on them.

And I think if there are environments where people actually do know what they are talking about, they won't criticise others for not knowing about it. Not unless they are asking to be spoon fed anyway.

Bernd 06/20/2022 (Mon) 16:22:34 [Preview] No.48040 del
(55.21 KB 550x344 dickwadtheory.jpg)
>You punish
>you disincentivize people
I'm not sure who the "you" is. Maybe a specific person, maybe Bernds on this board, maybe chanpeople in general. I'll pretend the last case because the post started out about
People irl does that all the time, no matter if they know the subject or not. It has to be taken into consideration that the less someone knows, the more he believes his knowledge is sound, and the more one learns, the more he sees how much he did not know previously, and can guess that how much he still does not know. And then those who mastered the topic can arrogant or not depending on their temperament.
On IBs people frequently generate arguments, some contradicts others just to troll them, some are just contrarian by nature, some has the "someone is wrong on the internet" mentality, etc. And they go into nitpicking too. Reasons are many, since all kinds of people can and do use imageboards.
I don't feel that IBs are special in this regard, as I started I think irl is similar.
>those who want to learn are ostracized
Shouldn't those who want to learn ask questions?
I always seen rude, arrogant replies (not answers) to questions on quicker boards, until someone answers in earnest. Those bashing type of comments are made by those, who: 1. just want to hurt OP; 2. is curious about the answer and want to bump the thread (being rude on IBs is common); 3. OP himself bumps his thread like that (he doesn't want others to think he selfbumps the thread, so pretends to be others, rude people).
But in the end, someone will reply with the best of his knowledge, and OP can learn, or directed towards some other place where he can gain knowledge.

As I mentioned few lines above, being rude is a common occurrence on IBs. Maybe for the fact that many Anons gets their social norms on 4chan/b. But the anonymous format of imageboards also guarantees harsher replies. It is told over and over: chans aren't hugboxes. If you use them, you need a bit tougher skin to avoid getting hurt (hurting yourself). During the many years, I meself, I frequently thought, fuck this shit, but then I let the fumes go away, and now it's quite easy to step over the bs.

Bernd 06/20/2022 (Mon) 16:42:53 [Preview] No.48041 del
Imageboards were designed to share anime. Which is just information, so with little cleverness it can be used to other purposes, like learning.
They are just social media, platforms, with their basic tools and shortcomings.

Bernd 06/20/2022 (Mon) 20:35:48 [Preview] No.48042 del
(64.70 KB 820x623 hyperwar graph.png)
In my experience, big boards are full of ignorants who have overly confident opinions on things they shouldn't be certain of, and are rude if someone disagrees.

Dutch bernd Bernd 07/13/2022 (Wed) 04:13:13 [Preview] No.48264 del
Wuts this?

Bernd 09/17/2022 (Sat) 06:06 [Preview] No.48751 del
I woke up early in the morning and I thought if Indians had imageboards. I mean pajeet Indians.

Bernd 09/17/2022 (Sat) 16:52 [Preview] No.48760 del
I'm not sure who's trolling who in that pic.

Bernd 12/03/2022 (Sat) 21:35 [Preview] No.49373 del
(155.05 KB 564x1001 reflection.jfif)
Not that familiar with various imageboards so I can't contribute at the moment. Just driving by to inquire if anyone ever found any imageboards(or even forums) primarily targeted towards ex-yu countries or slavic history/culture discussion.

Bernd 12/03/2022 (Sat) 21:50 [Preview] No.49374 del
There was an Eurasian board here, they came from somewhere else.
>ex-yu countries or slavic history/culture discussion.
Nod really. Wherever Russians are, you can get slavic discussion, no?

Bernd 12/04/2022 (Sun) 17:51 [Preview] No.49376 del
Bummer. Guess I'm fated with cyrillic.

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